Leona and Cute Cuts

Leona watched intently from the other side of the table, studying my reaction carefully with every bite. The steak was passable; somewhat overdone and the cut of meat was less than ideal. She’d need to learn how to better choose, but compared to when I picked her up she’d improved her cooking markedly.

“How was it, master?” Leona asked once I’d set my silverware down after the last bite.

She’d certainly tried her hardest, I could see that. But effort alone couldn’t overcome a lack of experience or knowledge.

“Needs work,” I said, dabbing my mouth with a napkin.

Leona’s eyes tightened for a moment. She then looked down and away. Her paws balled up into fists and her lithe frame trembled, but she managed to avoid banging the table as she’d often done in the past. Still, I could see her milky white flesh flush crimson across her entire body.

“But,” I began, “It’s better than last week’s.”

Tension bled from her paws and she brought her head back up, meeting my eyes. This time she searched for signs of deceit, or so I assumed. “Y-you really mean it, master?”

“Of course – when have I lied to you?” I replied as I leaned back in the chair.

Her vermillion eyes twinkled, and in a flash she’d disappeared from view. Moments later those same eyes peeked at me from under the table, along with her hungry smile. It wasn’t due to a lack of food, no – she’d eaten nearly twice as much as I had. It was the sort of hunger that only a monstergirl like Leona possessed.

“May I, Master?” She said, licking her lips.

Normally I’d decline her request, but I was a good mood. “I suppose. Yes, you may.”

Her fluffy paws fumbled with my zipper, but with some careful claw usage she managed to pull it down and unbutton my pants. Soon as I sprung free her lips wrapped themselves around my cock and she began to suck and lick, all the way down my shaft and across my balls, bringing me to full attention in a hurry.

“Use those tits of yours,” I said, poking the top of her head.

Reluctantly, but obediently, she let me slip from her mouth. She looked up at me, a bit of saliva trailing from her lip to my cock.

“As you wish,” she said, arching her back to push her breasts against my length.

With a bit of gentle pressure from her paws, she squished her soft, silken mounds against and around me. Leona’s silken, warm skin glided up and down with ease, lubricated by her spit as she rocked back and forth.

Her paws pushed with varying pressure, wiggled her breasts up and down, side to side, and even caressed my shaft with her pads at various points. Sadly she lacked the endowment to really encompass me, but it was more the effort that counted – along with her willingness that really got me off.

As my dick slid through the valley of her chest, I placed my hands on her head. “Now your mouth.”

Obeying, she craned her neck, reaching out with her tongue to caress my glans as it drew near with every motion. Her tongue flicked across me, under the ridge, and lapped up the beads of pre-cum that were just beginning to form. Her motions grew deeper, more needy, and she started sliding me through her breasts far enough that she could take me into her mouth. She sucked and hummed and ran her tongue everywhere she could in the short time I was in her mouth before she rocked in the other direction, pulling me free from her warm mouth. She held her mouth open, letting her drool spill out to ensure plenty of lubrication as she worked to titfuck and suck me off at the same time.

Harsher and harsher I forced her head down against me, bucking my hips up into her at the same time. It was a bit unfair to her, but she did her best to accommodate.

Soon she could feel all the signs of my impending climax; the trembling and jumping of my dick, the increasing shallowness of my breath. Craving her treat she knead and rocked faster, sucked harder and longer, trying to draw everything out. She sucked so hard her cheeks pulled inward and her lips were so reluctant to let me free.

With a groan I could feel my balls clench tight and churn, signaling Leona. She dropped her breasts and jammed her face down, her lips meeting my crotch. My cock forced its way down her throat, but that’s exactly what she wanted. Humming happily she kneaded my balls as they pulsed and unloaded their seed. Thick wads wicked their way through, exploding out into her throat.

Gulping noisily she swallowed every salty rope. Even when I was finished she continued to suck and squeeze, hungry for every drop she could get. Finally, with a pop, I pulled free of her throat and mouth. A little bit of semen mixed with drool trickled from the corner of her lip, plopping down onto her bare breast. She wiped it from her breast with her furry finger, then stuck it into her mouth and sucked, staring up at me like a sated beast.

“You’re getting better,” I said, ruffling her hair and ears.

She giggled happily in response. “Thank you, master.”

“Now then, clear the table and draw a bath, would you?”

“Certainly, master!” Said Leona excitedly, clapping her paws together.

She then disappeared back under the table and appeared from the side. In a flash she’d cleared all the plates, rinsed them clean, and placed them into the dishwasher. Her segmented tail wagged back and forth like a happy dog’s as she worked, the tip blooming and closing all the while.

I left Leona to her tasks while I went to the living room to relax for a few minutes. I could hear the clatter of dishes, followed by the sound of running water. Just a moment later my manticore appeared in the den.

“It’ll be ready in a few minutes,” she said, standing at attention like a maid just inside the doorway.

Her tail curled and uncurled around each of her bare legs in turn, alternating between them. Getting her to control that thing was going to be the hardest challenge of them all, but I was confident she would be able to do it with enough training.

“Good. In the meantime, why don’t you sit with me?” I said, motioning towards the empty spot on the loveseat next to me.

Though she was wordless, the smile on her face and bounce in her step gave her away. Settling down next to me, she curled up on the cushion and laid her head on my lap.

“You’ve been a good girl lately, Leona,” I said while I stroked her ears and hair.

“Thank you, Master,” she responded. “I’ve been trying my hardest to be good.”

“So I’ve noticed. Because you’ve been so well-behaved, I thought of something special for you tonight. A little something to solidify our… relationship,” I said with a half-grin.

Her ears perked up and she rolled over to look at me. “Special? Like what?”

“Well,” I said, resting my hand on her breast, squeezing and flicking her nipple gently. “You’ll have just to wait until after our bath.”

She let out a soft gasp at my touch, then moaned as my hand slithered down her toned, flat stomach towards her crotch. “Please, don’t keep me waiting, master,” she moaned, wrapping her paws around my hand when I stopped at her pubic mound.

I flicked her nose, resulting in a startled gasp from Leona. She released her paws from my hand and looked up at me like a scolded puppy.

“Now now, I just said you’d been good lately, and then you go and get impatient.”

“Sorry, master,” she said quietly, averting her eyes.

With a sigh I lifted her head and stood, then looked down at her. “Come, Leona. The bath should be about ready now.”

Some life returned to the girl at the prospect of bath time. A bit of animation played across her face and she sat up. “You’re not mad with me?”

Gently I pat her head, then cupped her chin. “You always were headstrong, but you’ve gotten better. A little slip up here and there isn’t reason to punish you.”

“I’ll – I’ll try harder in the future!” she said, sitting upright and smiling.

Sliding my finger under her collar I gave a little tug, bringing my manticore to her feet. “Good, that’s exactly the sort of thing I want to hear,” I said, planting a light kiss on her lips.

Leona’s face lit up like the dawn and her whole body flushed a deep red. She did her best to hide her face, which only made me grin. A few more months and she’d be perfect. Without further ado I began towards the bath, Leona falling in step behind me.

After helping me disrobe and throwing my clothes into the laundry hamper, she then waited for me to get in the bath. “Temperature’s nearly perfect,” I said with a relaxed sigh as I took my usual position at one end of the large tub.

Taking that as her cue, Leona slipped into the water and took her spot opposite me. Routine took hold and she moved for the soaps and other things – always in a rush to do things – but I figured I’d let her have a little bit of fun, make her feel gratitude towards me.

Taking hold of her paw, I pulled her over towards me. “No need to rush. Why don’t we enjoy ourselves for a bit?”

Already red from the hot water, her cheeks flashed even deeper when I pulled her onto my lap and rested her back against my chest. She looked up at me with a most curious and hopeful face. I grinned at her and moved my hands to her perky, if not particularly grand, breasts. The hot water’d softened her nipples, but all it took was a few flicks and pinches before they hardened and stood erect.

“M-master?” Leona gasped, trying her best at playing innocent – as if it wasn’t her deepest desire.

“Yes, Leona?” I asked plainly, then took the tips of one of her ears into my mouth and nibbled on it lightly.

The combination of ear nibbles and my caressing of her breasts and nipples melted Leona. “N-nothing,” she said, going all but completely limp. All her reservations and doubts fled as she placed herself in my care.

Carefully I’d drop a hand down her tummy towards her waiting crotch, but pull back just before touching her pussy. Her breaths quickened and she fought to keep her paws away from herself, fought to keep her tail away from me. Such admirable efforts.

“Go ahead,” I whispered into her ear. “I’ll allow it.”

Immediately her paws ceased their strained fidgeting and roving and dove straight at her crotch. In one loud moan she slid one furry digit inside her tight snatch and forced another into her asshole. Ever since a vibrator in her ass had been the trigger to set her off into endless orgasms that one night, she craved having both her holes filled at once.

“Master…Master…Nnhnn…” She moaned quietly against me, barely keeping her head above water as she melted further and further down, fingering herself deeply and quickly. “I…want..Mmmm…you to touch…me…”

I alternated from ear to ear, nibbling on the tips and along the sides of each one. My hands continued to massage and tease her soft mounds. I relished the sounds of her pleasure, thoroughly enjoying watching Leona pleasure herself.

From her breasts my hands roamed down her stomach, across her toned thighs, cupped her firm ass, and explored every inch of her sensitive, milky skin. Carefully I hauled the panting, moaning manticore out of the water so I could kiss and lick her neck, taking small love bites that left tiny marks. “Don’t forget who you belong to,” I said quietly. “Who lets you pleasure yourself like this?”

“Y-you do, m-master…” she gasped. “I love only m-master,” she moaned. “I b-belong only to master…”

“That’s right,” I said, biting more harshly on her ear that made her yelp in surprise. The sudden burst of pain was also the trigger for her; her yelp turned into a long, low moan as her climax shook her body in a dull shiver. Her muscles tensed for several long seconds before relaxing, the intense expression on her face morphing into quiet contentment.

“Now that you’re done dirtying the water,” I began, pinching her nipples harshly and drawing another surprised gasp from Leona, “Let’s get cleaned up.”

“Yes, master,” she said quietly, yet still enthusiastically.

Picking up the shampoo and other things, she washed my hair, scrubbed my back – along with my front – and then presented herself to me so that I could do the same. Leona took a fair bit longer owing to her paws and long hair, and I did have to swat away her paw once when she tried to guide my hand into her pussy. A quick scolding corrected that action, but also made me think that maybe I was being too lenient with her lately.

Once we were dry, I guided Leona into the toy room by her collar. I hadn’t drug her around like that in quite some time, but it got my point across.

“I’m sorry, master,” said Leona as she laid down on the table.

“Don’t be sorry. I suppose it’s partly my fault for being too lax with you lately,” I said with a resigned sigh. “But don’t worry, this isn’t punishment. It’s just something new I want to try.”

Leona’s brows relaxed from their high arch and her lip ceased its quivering. She took a deep breath, regarding me curiously, following me with her eyes as I fastened the straps around her arms, legs, and tail.

Of course her worry returned instantly when she saw me click open a small case and set it down on the table next to her. Worry quickly turned to fear when I lifted one of the items from the case. I gave her a reassuring smile, but it did nothing to calm her agitation.

This was all new to me, but I’d gotten some advice and tips from a fellow. I’d even practiced a little on a dummy to make sure I got the pressure and depth correct. No sense in having some fun with your manticore if you wound up permanently damaging her. My hope was that the experience would have an interesting effect on someone as sensitive as Leona, in addition to serving as a reminder.

After unfurling a map of sorts and giving it a careful study, I turned towards my Leona. My own heart began to race in excitement – why, I felt almost giddy. New experiences were always something to look forward to. I was worried about scars – but I was assured that so long as I kept things shallow as possible and kept things clean and sharp, there would be little risk. Wouldn’t want to damage her soft, silken skin after all.

Her eyes were locked onto the scalpel in my hand, her ears pressed flat against her head. She was trembling now, struggling to speak. “I-I thought you s-said this wasn’t punishment, master?!” Leona nearly shouted, going completely tense.

“It’s not, my dear. Like I said, this is going to be fun. Don’t you trust me?” I said, sticking out my lower lip in a mock pout.

“I…Master…” Leona trailed off, still shaking.

“I’m hurt, really,” I said, running my fingers down her cheek. “I’ve even made sure to sterilize these blades. Do you really think I want you to be damaged?”

Turn back around, I picked up the ‘map’ and showed it to Leona. “See? I’ve been told it’s like an acupuncture map. Supposedly it’ll feel good after you get used to it. So I’ll ask again – do you trust me?”

Nervously she licked her lips. “Y-yes, master.”

Sadly, my explanation did little to calm her fears; her words rang a little hollow. I felt a bit sad, but also a bit angry. I’d hoped the last of defiance had left by now. But, getting upset won’t help anything, especially when I was about to engage in some play that required a very delicate touch. She’d just need to be shown how much fun things could be.

One last glance at the ‘map,’ and I began my work. Leona squirmed against her bonds, but was powerless to free herself. The steel came down onto her shoulder in a tiny, shallow bite. Leona let out a short cry and her blood began to flow. Her wonderful, red blood.

“Now now,” I began, pointing the blade at her. “Good girls are quiet girls. Aren’t you a good girl?”

She bit her lip and nodded, clenching her eyes shut tight.

“Such a good girl,” I said, looking down at her arm.

A little tendril of red had trailed down her arm, leaving a tiny drop hanging at her elbow. The vermillion of the blood contrasted nicely with her skin, and I just couldn’t help myself. Dabbing at it with my finger, I spread the liquid across her skin, covering her in a wonderful blush that was unmatched by any makeup. The perfect shade to compliment Leona’s beautiful skin.

Then came the second cut, just below the first, carving a lazy S down her arm towards her bicep.

She jumped against her binds, hissing and clenching her teeth. The bite of steel no doubt stung, but I knew she’d get used to it – enjoy it in time. I knew she would, considering she hated almost everything I’d done to her the first time around. It sometimes took a while, such as with the rope and clamps, but now whenever I felt like using them she couldn’t wait to get started. First manticore I’d owned that could climax from spanking, twisting, and a little bit of electricity.

The second tendril of blood merged into the other, adding its drip to the one on her elbow, falling free to the bed in a crimson splat upon the white linen. I hooked my lips into a half-frown. Though the contrast was nice, the sheets were just a little too white. Without the subtle hues and tones of Leona’s skin, it didn’t look quite as good. It lacked the beauty of life, in a manner of speaking.

Three, four, five cuts down her arm. Quick and fast, just entering deep enough to draw blood. She jumped each time, yelped each time. Things were getting tiresome.

“Leona,” I said firmly, tapping the point of the blade to her stomach.

A few tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as she opened them, fixing them to mine.

“Leona,” I repeated, leaning my face closer to hers. “You act as if you’re afraid. Why?”

“I… I’m…” she stammered, eyes flicking to the blood dripping down her arm for a moment.

“Oh, I understand. You don’t trust me. Haven’t you gotten past that by now, Leona? You need to put all your faith in me,” I said, pressing in harder, making her yelp again.

“Need I remind you who is in control? I have all this control, yet I’ve never harmed you, have I? Answer, Leona.”

She gasped as blood began to well around the point, trickling down her chest towards her navel. I pressed more firmly, driving home my point.

“N-no, master,” Leona said quietly.

“No what?”

“No! You-you haven’t… hurt me…” she said, another round of tears trickling down her eyes.

I withdrew the blade, allowing another rush of blood to flow free before it staunched. “Good. And I won’t. Trust me – I do love you Leona, you just don’t fully understand that yet.”

“Y-yes, master…” She said weakly, wincing as I drew another vermillion line, this time across her other arm.

“Terrific,” I said, taking note of how she prevented herself from jumping as she’d been doing. A few words were all it took.

“A-am I a good girl?” Leona asked, looking at me like a timid kitten as I admired the rosey hue of her flesh.

“Yes you are, and isn’t this fun?” I said, adding another slice to underline my words – this time on her forearm, just above where her fur began.

She winced, though not quite as sharply as before, and a hiss slid from her throat.

“See? It’s not so bad anymore, is it?”

Leona nodded her head. Such a good girl.

By now her whole arm was covered – tinted – with her bloody dye. Ah, if only she could have that look all the time. And if only I didn’t have to wash her skin clean with sterilized water after a few minutes. Having clotted, caked-on blood was quite hideous, and from what I knew, could cause complications later.

I moved across her body, nicking and slicing according to the chart. Her skin dyed in that wonderful, wonderful shade. More than that, Leona had almost stopped jumping. Her eyes just focused on me the entire time, though they did occasionally dart to the scalpel. Every cut revealed beauty like a blooming rose on her skin, and every cut solidified her trust in me.

“See? You’re just fine,” I said after the fifth cut on her other arm. I smiled as I watched the blood flow and cavort down her supple skin, etching and filling all the tiny gaps between her pores. “How does it feel?”

Something like reluctance played over her face, then guilt. “I-it stings, but… I’m getting used to it,” said Leona with a measure of embarrassment.

“No need to be so shy,” I said, waving the scalpel like a conductor’s baton. “If it feels good, it feels good. Just place your pleasure in my hands, as you’ve always done.”

I could tell she still had reservations, but they were quickly fleeting. Just as I’d trained her to do.

A sixth brush of the steel instrument against her skin stole away any words from her response. What came out instead was a hiss, but one of a note I’d heard before. A note of acceptance, and even enjoyment. Such sensitivity had its benefits; almost made me jealous.

So many little streams and rivers had cascaded and drawn their own map across her skin before being smeared by my touch. I think I even heard her gasp when I trailed a fingertip across one of the staunched incisions, though gasp of what I couldn’t say.

Sliding the blade across the top of her breast made her gasp and arch her back. Not the sort of reaction one would expect, but such a very, very good response. The dark, ruby liquid flowed freely, staining her deliciously perky mounds. Watching the blood flow down her perfectly shaded areolas and nipples, I licked my lips. A drop formed on the end of a hardened nipple before falling free, shaken loose by the heaving of her chest.

Taking her nipple and breast into my mouth I sucked and licked, relishing the tart fluid that coated her skin and made her hardened nub all the most irresistible. Leona let out a quiet moan as my tongue flicked across her nipple, moaned again as I sucked deeply, and then let out a loud gasp as I bit. Not enough to cut through her skin, but enough to let her know. Fresh blood trickled around my lips from the cut as I enjoyed her breast, causing me to pull back some and allow the fluid down and around. I suckled on her like a babe, though drinking her blood rather than milk.

Leona was letting out moans with every rise and fall of her chest, then a sharp gasp as I cut her other breast in the same place.

“Ahnn.. M-master… it.. Nhnn…” she moaned softly while I tweaked her neglected nipple and breast in my hand.

Pulling free, though still caressing her lovely, reddened mounds in my hands, I smiled at her. “You what, Leona? Your body’s becoming so very honest,” I said.

“I… it feels good,” she said, looking down at the streams of red covering her chest. Drip by drip little red flowers appeared on her thighs, then ran down the inside. I could hardly wait to get down there myself. But, how could I expect patience from Leona if I had none myself?

“See, Leona? You just need to trust me. I’d never hurt you,” I said, brushing away her hair from her cheeks. She gave me an earnest, trusting smile.

Then I cut on the underside of her breast, but I may have gone too deep. Leona let out a loud cry, and so much more blood than I’d expected bubbled out.

“Shhh, shh, it’s okay,” I said, hushing her. “Just a little slip. Remember, good girls are quiet. Good girls are trusting.”

Her lip quivered, but she nodded, taking in short, shallow breaths.

So much blood stained her taut stomach, running from the breast that had a nice pattern of my teeth around the areola. So many of my little marks covered Leona; she really was becoming mine bit by bit.

Using the white linens I dabbled the extra. We didn’t want a mess, after all. Sadly I also decided that a bandage would be required for the last one. One butterfly later and that little accident was fixed. But, as I looked closely over her body, I spied evidence of her enjoyment. A nice little puddle had formed underneath her.

Sticking a finger in her fluid, I brought it up to her face and pressed it against her lips. “My, you are enjoying this, aren’t you?” I said, sliding it into her mouth.

She gently cleaned her honey from my finger with her tongue, sucking and licking like a kitten. “I just love your touch, master,” Leona groveled when I removed my finger from her lips with a pop.

I grinned, then continued about my work to really make her love it.

A few cuts here and there on her waist, then the outside of her thighs and calves. Gasps and moans spilled from her throat as I gently rubbed and licked her toned legs, cleaning up the little messes I’d made. The tartness of her crimson blood accented the flavors of her skin and sweat; such a tasty manticore in so many ways.

The best, however, was along the inside of her thigh and across her mound. As the little nicks got closer, more and more of her honey gushed out, cascading out and down the chair in thick, sticky streams. Her pussy trembled when I got close, as if it was drawing to draw attention to itself to sate its hunger. My tongue roamed her inner thighs, across her mound and labia, darting across her little love bud. The sweetness of her nectar and tangy blood mixed together to form a delicious concoction, one I could see myself getting addicted to.

But, I knew that such play would have to be a very rare occurrence in order to prevent any lasting blemishes. Not to mention her milky skin was looking a touch paler than usual, probably a result of the many love scratches.

I was raging hard by the end, something Leona could detect even as her consciousness began to fade. Her tail, bound and tied, still pulsed and bloomed hungrily. Her woozy eyes played over my erection and a little smile formed on her face before it faded and she hung her head.

“Master…I…have been good…haven’t it?” Leona said slowly.

“Yes you have,” I said, patting her ears.

“Can I have…a reward?”

I paused to think, looking down at her. The white linens were stained deeply, and I’d licked my share from her skin. She’d probably lost a fair amount of her blood; rest was likely due by now. After I gave her a little treat.

“Yes you can, Leona. What would you like?” Obviously I already knew the answer, but I wanted her to say it.

She smiled weakly. “You, master.”

“Haha, of course – I should have known,” I said, returning her smile. “Time for your rewarded.”

A bit of confusion darted across her face – at least until I freed her tail from its bindings. An expression of raw hunger crept across her weary face. Well, as raw as possible considering her state.

As if it were the greatest weight in the world and she was Atlas, she lifted her tail free and pointed it at my dick. A feeble thrust forward and it half-planted on my cock before going limp, nearly falling off. Poor thing. I supposed I ought to help her out. Taking her lithe, delicate tail in my hands I began to pump it up and down my length. Though she lacked the energy to make it pulse, squirm, and undulate around me, it was still hot and tight as well.

All the succulent folds and bumps caressed and licked at me, squirming and squelching around me as I used her fleshy vice as an onahole. Pumping it up and down I bent down to lick and suck her nipples some more, savoring the lingering taste and scent of her blood.

“Master…” Leona whispered lewdly, breathing heavily and throwing her head back.

Her back arched weakly and she let out a low, rolling moan as she climaxed. Compared to her others it was so weak and sedate as to almost have not happened at all, but her tail still managed to clamp down.

Biting down on her other nipple I pulled the tail deep onto me, my crown hitting the little cervix that lead into her segmented tail. The most sensitive part of her organ was being battered by my cock, driving her wild, or, she would have gone wild. Another orgasm forced her body to spasm, albeit gently. The aftermath left her limp and placid, staring at me as if she were in a dream.

But I didn’t stop, grinding and fucking her wet hole to my own end. Its thick, syrupy lubricate spilled out in great globs, covering the floor as I thrust into it over and over. Despite my effort, I wound up letting out a little groan while I battered the thing.

Leona’s ears flicked, and with what was probably the last of her strength she made her tail constrict around me and even made it suck lightly. Pulling out caused its interior, fleshy folds to cling to me from the vacuum. They drew out with my cock, then were forced harshly inside the leathery bulb as I plunged in.

So tight, so hot, and with textures that drove me crazy. In one final, guttural thrust I forced myself into her tail’s cervix and blew my load straight down its throat. The tail pulsed in time with my ejaculations, drinking everything down and wringing every drop free.

Leona rolled her head to the side, eyes closed. “Master… I love you…” she whispered, then fell asleep. Her tail went limp, unable to continue its sucking, but no matter – she’d drank her treat completely.

Undoing the remaining bindings I then picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. I wasn’t about to put away my favorite toy all dirty and scuffed. A bit of iodine, bandages, and liquid sealer and she was good as new. The cut under her breast worried me some, but I’d just have to keep an eye on it.

I then took the unconscious into bed with me – she’d earned it, after all. I tucked her in and laid down next to her, brushing her hair and stroking her skin. What a lovely girl.

In the morning I awoke to Leona cuddling me intensely. She was remarkably warm, though that could be due to us both being under several blankets. Her warm breath washed out across my chest and the soft fur of her arms and legs tickled against mine.

Couldn’t help but stroke her soft ears and hold her closely, relishing the sensation of her soft skin against me. Leona began to stir in my grip, yawning and stretching.

“Oh, good morning, master~” Leona said in a happy sigh, smiling at me. She checked herself over, poking and prodding at all the bandages.

“Feeling a little more lively this morning?”

She nodded, then as if to highlight her words she crawled on top of me. Her eyes yearned for something, but she knew by now to ask before taking. “C-can I?” She mewled.

“Since you were so well behaved yesterday, sure.”

Leona let out a happy gasp, then closed her eyes and moved forward ever so slightly. Her soft lips met mine and she held still for what felt like minutes. I’d expected a full, deep kiss, but she was happy with this little affectionate peck.

When she finally broke away and beamed, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.

“See, Leona? I always keep my word,” I said, kissing her cheek.

“I’m…I’m sorry for doubting you,” she replied, unsure if she could be slinking away or meeting my eyes.

“I forgive you… just this once, but don’t let it happen again,” I stated firmly.

“Yes! I’ll never doubt you again, master.”

I ruffled her ears and gave her another squeeze. “Good girl,” I said.

After a few more minutes of lazing about in bed, Leona got up to make us breakfast – which I allowed her to eat in bed with me. She cuddled up against me for the rest of the morning as we watched TV and movies, nuzzling her head against my hands for pets and rubs.

Ah, I indulged her too much, but it was my right as her master. Such loyal pets deserved to have their love and affection returned.


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