Knotty Hellhound 4

Sybil had gone out for the evening with a friend, a large dire wolf by the name of Jelena, but hadn’t actually met her. A night to myself meant some peace and relaxation for once, though Sybil’s ravenous libido had me accustomed to doing it at least once a day. Sometimes more.

I settled down onto the couch with a blanket and a good movie, fully expecting to be sound asleep by the time she stumbled home at her usual hour of two or three in the morning.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the garage door open and two voices, one familiar and one not at the early evening hour of nine. Curious, I hopped up and checked to see what was going on.

No sooner did I reach the side door through the kitchen than she appeared.

“There he is, right on cue,” Sybil said, her eyes lighting up upon seeing me.

Standing beside her was a slightly taller and fuller grey wolf that I presumed to be Jelena. Like Sybil, she was dressed for comfort rather than to impress, wearing baggy pants and an untucked blouse.

“Oh, you’re right, he is cute!”


The presumed-Jelena’s paws came together in a clap, her blue eyes sparkling under her long black bangs.

“So, what are you two doing home so early?” I asked, though given their reactions I had a pretty good idea.

“Well, Jelena and me got to talking, and came up with a great idea,” Sybil said, sauntering towards me with a flick of her hips.

I knew it. “And that great idea involves me, doesn’t it?”

Sybil shot a look over her shoulder towards her friend. “Told you he’s quick on the draw.”

“Does that mean we can get right to it?” Jelena said, full of eager hope. I hadn’t noticed it at first, thanks to her paws – she was built very much like Sybil, based on the bulge nestled in her pants.  

“You’re still all horned up?” Sybil said, then turned her attention to me. She brushed up close and curled her tail around me. Leaning in, she whispered in my ear, “How about it? Or do you need a little time?”

Two at once, huh? Well, it was new. And exciting. “Sure, ready when you are.”

“That’s what I love about you,” Sybil said with a light laugh, the kind most unbecoming of her. “Always down to fuck.”

“Am I to refuse two lovely ladies?” I said, earning myself two bemused glances.

Dispensing with any further pleasantries, along with our clothes, the three of us made our way to the bedroom and the king-sized bed within. The dire wolf practically leapt onto the bed from the doorway, the streak of white from her skin broken only by her red flesh. 

I crawled onto the sheets after Jelena, shuffling towards her on my knees. She licked her lips through a predatory grin. Already she’d spread her legs and laid against the pillows. Just a few strokes from her paw was all it took to get her revved up and hard. Her bright red cock throbbed in time with her heartbeat; she was bigger than Sybil, but not by much.

Matching her grin with one of my own I leaned in and took a sample lick of the slightly salty pre-cum oozing from her tip. One taste, then three – she was good.

“That’s not all you’re gonna do, is it?” She said with a touch of playfulness.

Rather than say anything, I took her thick prick in one hand and gave it a good squeeze. A fresh gush of her arousal drooled out, along with the barest of whimpers. Locked in my grip she pulsed with need, and I was certainly not one to keep her suffering.

Planting kisses from base to tip, making her shiver as I worked my way up, I opened wide and swallowed. Her girthy dick tested my limits; I could only open my jaw so far. Slow and steady I worked her deep into my mouth, using my hands to stroke whatever I couldn’t stuff down my neck. Her pre pooled at the back of my throat and I squeezed her urethral bulge flat with my tongue, urging more of her salty goodness forth.

Sybil had apparently grown tired of being a spectator and gave me a swat on my behind. Ready and willing, I obliged her by hiking my ass up and spreading my legs.

“You’ve got such a great ass; I can’t wait,” she said, giving my other cheek a sharp spank for good measure.

I moaned with a throat full of wolf cock, sending vibrations through her entire length.

“Oh he’s goooood,” Jelena said in a gurgle, her head canting back just so.

Sybil rummaged around the nightstand, no doubt looking for the lube. And sure enough, something damp and cool pressed against my backdoor, building up pressure until it slipped in and swirled about. She withdrew her digit, only to deliver a second helping of the cool gel. Good and satisfied I was ready, Sybil wiped her fluffy finger off and positioned my butt just right, barely hanging off the edge of the bed.

 “You think his mouth is good,”  a fiery hot tip lined up at my entrance, and with another smack to get me nice and tight she thrust forward, spreading me open on her pointed prick and sliding after inch inside, “Wait until you fuck his ass!”

The initial penetration froze me stiff, save for letting out a hiss between my teeth and bottom lip. My ass fought in vain against the intruder, only to surrender as her entire shaft buried deep inside me up to the bright red ball of flesh at its base. I could feel my guts squirming and grabbing at her cock, and it only made Sybil all the more anxious to get started. She rocked her hips side to side and made her dick jump and twitch inside me, working me loose until she felt she could start riding me.

Two dicks, one in my mouth and another in my ass – I was in heaven. Once I got used to Sybil’s forceful intrusion I got back to work on her friend. Bobbing my head, working her shaft with a free hand and tumbling her heavy, laden sack with the other, I sucked and hummed, working her just how I liked it. Earthy, musky – wolf cock was delicious. More of her juices flowed, spurring me on to suck out every last drop – and she hadn’t even cum yet.

Wrapping her paws around my waist, Sybil drew herself out at a slow, relaxed pace until she’d completely pulled free and let my pucker close, and then mercilessly speared me open. I gasped, almost gagged on Jelena’s wonderfully stiff dick, but somehow it opened my throat up and let me take more of her in until my lips could kiss her knot. Sadly anymore was simply beyond what I could handle, but from the happy sounds Jelena was making, she was more than pleased with my efforts; her cock jumped and bucked in my throat, exactly in the way Sybil did when she was about at her climax.

Pulling and pushing me as much as she was thrusting her hips, Sybil slammed her hips into mine over and over, wasting no time turning me inside-out. My asshole burned from her furious pace and my guts strained under the assault, but hearing her pant and gasp made the pain well worth it. That and the way her pointed dick mashed straight into my prostate with every thrust before continuing on made my hips shake with more than the impact of her frenzy. A steady trickle of whitish milk drooled from my erection, so much so it felt like I was in a constant state of low-level orgasm.

Over and over she slammed into me, howling and yipping her joy even as I brought her friend to a rapid climax.

Jelena’s whole body began to tense “F-fuck, gonna…!”

Just in time I pulled her from my throat and mouth, and holding my jaw open and rolling my tongue out I aimed her right at my face. All it took was a couple more strokes and she exploded.


She bucked hard in my hard, gritting her teeth as the first thick load of hot wolf spunk splattered against my cheek. The second salty ribbon found its mark on my tongue, as did most of the rest. She spurt long and hard, gasping and shuddering with every long streamer and her knot swelled up until it was larger than my fist. Long tendrils of creamy goodness dripped from my face, some onto her but most on the bed.

Sybil was at her edge, grunting and howling in delight. “Your ass is so sweet, I can’t get enough!”

Her intense slamming filled the room with the claps of flesh and drove me head-first into Jelena, leaving me a panting and moaning mess. Looking under me, I could see an endless stream of precum pouring out of my cock. Her ceaseless battering left my legs weak; it was all I could do to remain kneeling. Pain had sublimated to pure pleasure, even when I knew the worst – or best – was yet to come.

With one final triumphant growl she threw herself forward, bending forward and wrapping her paws around my chest and stomach as her knot sought some place hot and tight to bury itself. Her massive, soft tits covered my back and she gripped tight, muscling against my sphincter. “Ready for it?”

I let out a cry of pain and collapsed completely onto Jelena, dragging my semen-slicked cheek against her shaft.

“Take it! Take my fuckin’ knot!”

My asshole strained under Sybil’s tie, but just like that she passed the halfway point and my ass gobbled her down. The sudden lump of flesh squeezed my prostate even more, bringing me right to the cusp and another dollop oozed from my dick.

“You like that, don’t you? A thick, hard cock locked into your ass, pumping you full of cum?” She said in a loud, gasping whisper, ending in a grunt as her first salty load exploded into me. With every shot she humped in a little, making sure to get her seed as deep as possible.

I could only moan in response, relishing the sensation of heat spreading through my guts. She went on for what felt like an eternity, ejaculating and wiggling and bucking and filled me so fill it felt like I could taste her at the back of my throat along with her friend.

Finally she calmed down and just let herself relax, running her paws up and down my back and sides and thighs, but avoiding my cock.

I looked back at her, half in disbelief and half in anguish. “What about me? I was so close…”

“Don’t worry,” Jelena said, ruffling my hair. “She’ll take care of you.” 

“She better,” I grumbled.

Seeing as I wasn’t going anywhere for a while, Jelena decided it’d be a good time to clean my face with her broad, powerful tongue. In surprisingly short order she removed most of her alabaster mirth. “I taste pretty good, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” I said, dragging a finger across her balls to scoop up an errant blob and then sucked it clean. 

“As much as I want to stay locked in,” Sybil said, testing my hold on her knot, “The night isn’t over with just that…”

Sybil took hold of my hips once again, though for a different purpose this time around. Using me for leverage she lurched back, making both of us gasp in a mixture of pain and over-sensitivity. I still hadn’t gotten over the tenderness of being stretched so completely and having her full orb pushing me to my limits in such short order was almost more than I could take.

Mercifully, after two or three yelps, her knot popped free and the rest of her slid out without any resistance. A hot tide of wolf cream oozed out, covering my taint and balls before dripping onto the bedding. Tired of kneeling I flopped over and rolled onto my back.

“Oh, you are hard! Look at all that pre,”’ Sybil said, her eyes widening. “Don’t mind if I do…”

Guiding me backwards along the bed, Sybil scoot after me on her knees. Jelena shifted off the bed, leaving a vacant place for me to get comfortable. Once I’d propped myself up on the pillows, Sybil went to work – spreading my legs and diving in with her tongue, cleaning up the mess she’d left.

She lapped up her seed wherever it’d spread, even probing deep into my asshole. Her tongue flicked against my prostate, keeping a steady trickle flowing from my cock. Once Sybil had finished licking me clean, she jumped straight to the fun part, taking my balls into her mouth as a paw wrapped around my shaft.

Warm, squishy, soft – her pads squeezed and massaged just so, just right. I sank into the pillows, which got her humming happily. Smiling with her eyes, as her mouth was full, Sybil enjoyed the fact that even though she was servicing me, I was still just putty in her paws.

The look of smug superiority, however, was not to last long. Jelena had taken her spot and was stroking herself to full-mast. Much as Sybil had done to me, Jelena didn’t waste much – that is, any – time on warming the hellhound’s ass up. Lining herself up she gathered up Sybil’s tail in one paw, dug her claws in with the other, and rammed home.

Sybil’s face flashed shock and pain and she tried to moan, but all she succeeded in doing was gargling my sac. Spitting me out she tried to bare her teeth and snap her head around, but a sharp spank and heavy thrust got her groaning blissfully instead.

“Just gotta ride her hard,” Jelena said, tossing me a wink.

“I’ll have to remember that…”

Every time Jelena slammed home Sybil let out a cute moan and gasp, but never once did she falter in stroking me off with her paw. “Come on, use your mouth,” I said, testing the waters.

She gave me a smoldering little look, but nothimg more – seconds later she opened wide and sucked me down.

Gulping and gagging she took me deep into her throat, kissing my base in a single go. Unable to contain myself I grabbed hold of her ears, holding onto them like handles as she bobbed up and down, her long tongue coiling all around my shaft and even flicking out give my balls attention.

My breath caught in my throat; try as I might to hold on, I was racing off the edge. I was so turned on and close from her assfucking me, but even so, it felt shamefully short. My fingers dug in and pulled her head down to meet my lurching hips.

Boiling heat surged within, fast chasing all my taut, clenched muscles. With a quiet grunt the first rope blew deep into her throat; my eyes rolled back and I quivered with every powerful jet. Sybil cranked it to an eleven, sucking and licking with all her might to encourage me to cum even more. Firing off over and over, my body kept trying to pump out semen even when I’d run dry. I slid down bonelessly and Sybil drew my cock from her throat, looking very proud of her accomplishment –  until another sharp crack of thrust pushed her further forward.

Over and over she was thrust forward until our lips could meet, and Sybil being Sybil, she immediately kissed me – and pushed what remained of my jizz in her mouth into mine. My sexual fluid mixed with our saliva and spread out, filling my mouth with a tangy saltiness.

Jelena had shifted her stance, holding onto Sybil’s back for support as she thrust down into the hellhound at a more languid pace. “Her ass is perfect, I could do this all day,” Jelena said, her tongue lolling from her mouth.

“Better enjoy it while you can,” Sybil growled.

“Aw, don’t be like that,” I said, giving her an affectionate little pat on the head – which earned me a glare. “If you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be so hard…”

Sybil’s cock was hard as ever, sliding back and forth across mine in time with Jelena’s assfucking.

“Didn’t say I didn’t like it…”

It was just she liked being on top, I mused, though she wasn’t so bullheaded as to protest every little thing – sometimes it was nice to let someone else take control. Reaching down with both hands I took her cock and mine and squeezed, doing what I could to hump against her hot flesh. I had been going soft, but the surge of warmth and stimulation got me rock hard in no time.

Sybil got into the rhythm quickly, rocking her hips opposite of my own, ensuring our cocks had nice, long strokes to grind against each other. Both of us dripped pure excitement, ensuring things stayed well-lubricated and sticky. No matter how often I held or sucked her, I could never get over how much hotter her flesh was compared to mine.

Rubbing and slithering together, I couldn’t help but imagine I was getting the better end of this deal. Then again, though her big, bulbous knot had finally deflated some, she twitched and struggled for breath whenever I rubbed over it.

“Hey, I got an idea,” Jelena said, slowing her pace to a standstill – though she never pulled free of Sybil.

Before I could ask what she had planned, she shoved Sybil forward even more, until her big tits were pressed into my face. My dick sprung free and up, no longer pressed against my stomach by the hellhound’s. 

Jelena jammed Sybil’s butt down and took hold of my cock. “Easy does it…”

“Wait! I can’t—“ Sybil’s words died right then when Jelena guided my crown into position.

So that was it. I had to grin – it was just the kind of thing Sybil would love, even if she’d never admit it. One hand on each of her full, soft ass cheeks, I pulled the hellhound down and thrust up at the same time.

Gliding along the bottom of Jelena’s throbbing red shaft I hit the soft, tender flesh of Sybil’s already-strained sphincter. Not one to be defeated so easily I pressed on and Jelena rocked back and forth, aiding my entrance. Bit by bit the ring of flesh began to yield and accept a second intruder.


Sybil’s entire body shook with tension, agony, and mind-blowing bliss. Further and further she spread open – first accepting the entirety of my glans and then every inch of my shaft, along with Jelena. I could feel Sybil’s cock buck and spurt on my chest as her prostate was mashed flat, until both of us were as deep in her ass as possible.

Our cocks twined in her ass, squished and clamped together by the incredible tightness and heat of Sybil’s guts; so much better than using my hands. And even better, with Sybil’s tits on my face as they were, I had no choice but to suck on them, my hands roaming from kneading her ass to her breasts.

“Just when I didn’t think it could get any better…” Jelena said, almost in needy whine, starting to pump in and out without waiting for me. “This is fantastic!”

Matching Jelena’s timing proved difficult and we wound up pistoning into Sybil’s ass like a machine, one of us slamming deep while the other pulled out. The hellhound above me moaned and gasped like I’d never heard before; even thrashed so much both Jelena and I had to hold on tight to avoid getting bucked off.

Again and again we drilled Sybil’s ass, deep and hard, opening and stretching her in ways she’d never been before. The stimulation of her walls on one side and Jelena’s throbbing dick on the other got me painfully hard – along with the dirty thrill of sharing a hole with someone.  

Soon we were in a frenzy, both of us fucking Sybil for all she was worth. Jelena’s thick knot constantly bumped against me as her balls and thighs slapped wetly against Sybil’s asscheeks, threatening to overpower the chorus of cries from the hellhound.

Suddenly Sybil’s paws wrapped tightly around my head and her whole body went rigid. A long, building howl rolled from her open mouth at the same time her pulsing prick bounced hard against my chest and her ass cinched tight around us, making it almost impossible to keep thrusting.

She came hard, blowing what felt like a never-ending stream of lava across my chest. Somehow her balls managed to find deep reserves, forming a sticky lake between us – and even shooting up between her breasts to hit me in the chin.

Even though I’d just cum not all that long ago the rush of smells and tightness and heat and everything else got me to the limit in a rush – and Jelena as well.

“Fuck, gotta, gotta get it in!”

Heedless of me or Sybil Jelena bore down on us, getting her knot into the fray. The incredible tightness turned painful and Sybil screamed, accompanied by another weak spurt from her still-raging erection.

Though she hadn’t fully knotted Jelena began to cum, her flood of jizz rushing back out across the gaps between our cocks and poured out onto me. In a series of harsh, frantic thrusts she brought me to a peak, but I couldn’t cum – no matter how hard I clenched my muscles, her massive knot was pinching my urethra shut. Finally, humping away madly, she fucked her great sphere inside Sybil’s ass.

Jelena’s fat cock throbbed against me with every load and before she finished I joined in, pumping whatever my balls had left after the first orgasm. I bit down on Sybil’s nipple and dig my nails into her flesh, following my deepest instinct to plant my seed in her hole, useless as it may be.

Both of us sought to bloat Sybil full of our love, practically in competition for who could unload the most, but the painfully stretched hole seeped, giving me a liberal coating.

Spent and exhausted, the three of us collapsed into a messy puddle. Jelena’s knot continued to throb, serving as a reminder I had yet to pull out. And, I didn’t much feel like it. It was honorary knotting, in a way.

Only when our fluids and the afterglow cooled did we find the energy to disentangle and roll off the bed. There was only so long one could linger in a pool of jizz before it just become something… undesirable.

Being with Sybil was enough a mess itself, but adding another wolf into the mix meant there was no avoiding the wet spot. The entire bed was ‘the wet spot.’

“That was great!” Jelena said, running a paw through her hair.

Sybil rubbed at her ass, and I noticed she wasn’t quite standing normally. “You nearly split me in two! Don’t think I’m going to forget this.”

Jelena’s eyes held a playful, hopeful glint to them. “Oh, I hope not. I haven’t been double stuffed in forever. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like…”

“Don’t look at me, I’m spent.”

“Spent or not, we’re fucking her ass together,” Sybil said, shoving me out of the room and towards the bathroom. “That, or yours. Pick.”

One knot was bad enough, but two? Well, my decision was made – it was Jelena’s turn.  “At least give me some time…”

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8 thoughts on “Knotty Hellhound 4

  1. It’s like… You would be forgiven for thinking that Jelena is just an actual dire wolf in clothes with hair. You mention white skin like once? Does she have breasts even? You don’t really describe anything human about her. It’s basically: “She’s a direwolf, she wears clothes but not anymore, and she has a dog dick. And you fuck.”
    The audience has no conception of what she looks like beyond what you describe, and you only really describe her animal bits really, apart from that one mention of skin from memory? At least at the start.
    Probably should make more of an effort to discuss, at least in broad strokes, what she looks like; beyond just >Wolf >Dick >Orifice.

  2. I also mentioned longish black bangs and blue eyes along with grey fur. I like to keep descriptions short and sweet to better give the audience an opportunity to draw her in their mind.

    Knotted wolfdick smut is serious, thought-provoking stuff.

  3. Yeaaah, but you could provide at least an armature to hang those imaginings on beyond just the basics of her monstrousness.
    It’s not like it’s a problem in your longer pieces, I think, but I don’t think it’d hurt to sprinkle a little extra detail.
    Or not. What do I know about writing hermaphroditic werewolf smut?

  4. This is turning into quite the delectable little mini-series, Bob.

    Harbouring a faint, faint hope that someday you’ll turn this into a full story arc (more on Anon’s criminal past, why Sybil took the rehab office job, et cet, et, cet) but fuck if I’m telling you what to do with your writing. At least you and the rest of the lads and ladies here are putting your stuff out there.

    You’re doin’ good, lad.

  5. Typos:
    > hard in my hard
    > She spurt long
    > Sybil scoot after
    > nothimg
    > flicking out give
    > before; even thrashed
    > enough a mess

    I am enjoying this series probably more than I should but that’s okay

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