Kitsch The Loli Kitsune

Kitsch in all of her goodness. [X] Touch Fluffy Tail
Kitsch in all of her goodness.
[X] Touch Fluffy Tail


Jackson Greer groaned in the mid-day humidity, his entire body felt sticky with sweat and the wind in his face didn’t do anything to abate the grungy, unclean sensations. He could hear the shower running and sighed, knowing that the occupant would be at least another twenty minutes.

How did he end up here? He asked himself. All he could remember was being offered a “Zombie” cocktail at the local tiki restaurant, paid for by some kind of… some kind of…


His hand reached up to his forehead, straining in trying to remember who had offered him the drink. He knew it was a lady, dressed in one of those tacky aloha shirts. She had been on the shorter side, which didn’t bother him, but he remembered the bartender’s smile as she lit another patron’s drink with the fire from her fingertips.

There had been something about the girl he’d spirited off with in the Californian night, but it was all a foggy haze. All he could remember immediately to this moment was waking up in the nude, passed out on a bamboo matted floor in some beach house, his clothes awkwardly discarded nearby. There were several used condoms tied off to stipend their leaking, tossed haphazardly in the direction of the nearest trash bin.

The sound of running water stopped.

“Oi, shower’s free.” A young woman’s voice said, snapping Jackson out of his trance.

She was standing there, a white linen towel wrapped around her midriff extra tight. A tanned young girl with blonde hair and two fox ears on top, probably some kind of eccentric Japanese headband. But what really drew his attention was the six bushy tails behind her that moved with her as she padded forward.

“I said the showers free, lover boy.” Grinning as she put a petite hand on his shoulder, blue eyes staring at him. Christ, she looked like she was in middle school with a flat chest and wide hips. Was this some kind of serial joke by the bartender to get him arrested? Were the fuzz on their way?

“W-we didn’t… did we?” He asked, his voice quaking a little bit. Jackson’s heart fell into the pit of his stomach as the girl laughed at him, the fox ears wiggling. Oh shit, they were real. She slapped his shoulder as she stopped laughing, nearly doubled over.

“Oh yeah, we did, all night long.” She said, grinning to him as she hoisted up one hand with her thumb between her index and middle fingers. “We can even go again as soon as you’re out of the shower, or if you prefer…”

The towel began to slip off her body, showing off her petite breasts. The shower sounded great right about now.

“I’ll be right back.” He stammered out, rushing towards the bathroom door. Suddenly, he felt a grip on his midriff, the foxgirl having lunged forward to grab him. She giggled softly as her hands found his morning wood, well, afternoon wood all things considered. A silent moan of pleasure escaped his mouth as he felt her hands running up and down the length of his shaft rubbing and caressing.

“Surely you didn’t think you’d take care of this yourself after such a wonderful night, did you?” She purred to him, speeding up her caresses and rubs. Gently, she gripped his balls with one hand, juggling them as she moved to his front. She was in the full nude now, her skin a pale alabaster down the middle of her petite body. Jackson could feel his heartbeat speeding up as he took in her naked form, his cock responding by throbbing once, twice. A tail brushed against his balls as she turned, letting him sample the supple apple shape of her buttocks.

He was falling, the gentle touch of her tail making him lose balance, the air leaving his lungs as he hit the matted floor again on his back. His cock was standing up like a fleshy flagpole as the foxgirl gave him another toothy grin, holding up a bottle filled with a bright orange liquid. One, two, three twists and the cap was off.

“You’re going to love this. Shame we couldn’t do it last night while you were too busy fucking me like a beast.” She teased, pouring the strange liquid straight down her front, a tangerine waterfall that crested the folds of her pussy and began to drip onto the floor.

“W-we should really stop this. You’re just a ki—!” Jackson tried to husk out, his chest heaving as he was cut off by the sudden impact of her genitals meeting his face, the tarty smell of the syrup and her own body mixing together to cloud his thoughts.

He could see her pouting as she sunk lower, smothering his face in her syrup covered sex.

“I expect to feel your tongue on my pussy, lover boy. You’re not taking another breath until I’m satisfie—Mmn!” She purred. Jackson’s tongue lapped at the syrup slathered lips of her pussy, suckling on her clit. She began to find her rhythm, grinding her groin into his face as he tongue continued to work at cleaning her.

“N-not bad, lover boy.” She mewled.

Jackson could barely think, much less breathe as he continued to lick and kiss at the petite foxgirl’s pussy, his nose buried into her vulva. She tasted sweet, but also had the tang of sweat. Her juices flowed into his mouth and trickled down his throat as she continued to ride his face. He could feel his cock beginning to ache with the want of release.

He stuck his tongue out like a sword, trying to dig up where her sweet spot may have been last night. He gave a small lick to her clit, causing her to lurch up quickly with a small yelp of pleasure before resuming her seat on his face.

“Oho… trying to play rough are we? I think I’ll do the same then.” She cooed teasingly, lifting herself off of him as she turned to face his painfully erect penis. He could see her ass give a soft wiggle as more of her juices intermingled with the syrup and dribbled onto his mouth. Jackson winced as a hot warmth enveloped his member.

Her weight shifted slightly to allow him to view an impossibly long tongue wrapped around his cock like a constrictor snake, coiling around it from glans to base. There was a pleasurable tug as she jerked it, grinning wider at him. With each twist and jerk of her tongue, he could feel himself coming closer to orgasm. She lowered her hips onto his face again, completely smothering him in the warmth of her pussy.

There was another tug this time, more insistent and wanting, and Jackson could feel his hips involuntarily jerking upwards as the orgasm wracked his body, spewing his semen all over her tongue. There was a trembling mewl of pleasure as the fox girl’s body shook, warm fluids splashing onto his nostrils and lips, the fur on her tails standing on end. She stood up, looking down at Jackson’s heaving chest, his eyes glazed over from the power of the orgasm.

“Not so much of a kid now, am I?” She purred. His erection showed no inclination of going down, and her blue eyes had a look of feral hunger to them. She smiled to him and padded over to the small table in the room, looking for any more condoms in the small box marked with a grinning Lilim’s face.

She had bent over just slightly enough for Jackson to see the pale slit of her pussy against the backdrop of her tanned body, moist and ready for the fun they were about to have. Bestial thoughts clouded his mind, forbidden taboos shattering.

He uttered an inarticulate grunt, coming to his feet and grabbing the supple buttocks of the small girl. She made a yelp as he thrust forward, burying himself to the hilt inside of her hot and sticky sex. His cock felt like it was going to bend in the virginal tightness of her pussy, the hot and sticky walls clinging to his member hungrily.

“Aha… taking the initiative are we?” She mewled, bouncing herself off his cock once, moaning with the fullness of his member buried deep inside her. “Well then, go on then, show me what you’ve got, lover boy.”

Jackson continued to thrust, gripping her buttocks and holding her close to him as he gauged out her pussy as it continued to lap at his cock with gentle undulations. She had bent over fully on the table, casting a smug smile back at him with her blue eyes. She even had to lift herself onto the tip of her toes.

The smug smile irritated him, acting as if she was in full control even as he was fucking her like a wild animal. He could feel his right hand shaking, and without a second thought he slapped it across her twin tan buttocks hard, the loud crack of the slap echoing across the room. She practically screamed as the skin turned red from the impact, her pussy’s walls convulsing around his cock in orgasm.

“N-… Not bad, lover boy.” She wheezed back at him, smiling back at him. Jackson grinned as he bounced her off his girth again. More, he needed more. She keened as he continued to pump into her, the smell of sex permeating around them both. Reaching forward, Jackson grabbed both of the foxgirl’s arms and pulled them back towards him like a pair of handle bars and slammed his hips into hers, the slapping noise intensifying.

“Not so rough!” She bleated, almost pitiably. But her cries were lost to Jackson as he pounded her unrelentingly. He let go of her arms, folding himself on top of her as the small wooden table was pushed out of the way. She really was small, his chest easily folding on top of her as her ass reached for the sky. He didn’t care about any difference in their age any more, he was going to fill her with so much of his seed she’d might as well have his kids.

He could feel the familiar tingling of his glans as he thrust as deep into the smaller girl as hard as he could right to her cervix, the tip of his glans acting as a stopper. Her tails were going ballistic as Jackson’s balls drew close to his body.

“Don’t you dare, you idiot!” She yelled at him, falling on deaf ears as his hot and sticky white stuff flooded into her, the flow unabated. The orgasm wracked them both as her stomach began to become distended in the massive amount of semen flowing into her, rushing into her womb. Her moans were animalistic and inarticulate as her tails stiffened, the final weakening twitches of his cock pumping the last of his seed into her.

Jackson pulled out, the excess seed squelching wetly and dripping onto the floor from the ruin of the small fox’s cunt. His head ached, and he recoiled when he saw the look of absolute bliss on her face. Half thinking, half in a panic, he grabbed a tissue from the paper box nearby dabbing at the semen flowing out.

Jesus Christ, what did you do, he thought to himself.

There was a small tiki statue nearby, like one of those from the Hawaiian resorts. There had be some way to stop dirtying the floor any further. He barely thought of how pissed the small fox would be once she came to her senses, awkwardly wrapping it in a condom from his wallet and putting it into her pussy, stopping the flow. She moaned softly at the penetration.

He barely had time to shower as he dressed and ran out the door, leaving behind the small kitsune, still in the bliss of her rapture.

“Another Blue Hawaiian, Ea.” Kitsch said, grumbling to herself. The aloha shirt clung to her small frame as she stared off into the night past the tiki torches. The Ignis behind the bar’s counter smiled.

“That’s unusual of you, Kitsch. Typically you avoid these.” She said, snapping her fingers to light up a cocktail for a customer, handing it off to one of the waitresses. As the primary bartender, the patrons of the establishment often loved to see her pyrotechnic skills.

“Well I have my reasons. I mean, what kind of an asshole fucks me and plugs me up? I may not be human but I can still get pregnant, you know.” She snapped back, her hips and ass still ached from the activities earlier. It had been a nightmare to get all of the man’s seed out of her cunt as well.

“So, where’d lover boy go?” Kitsch asked.

Ea shrugged and then lit up, grinning to herself.

“He’s a lot closer than you think, Ma’am.” Holding up a hand and beckoning to one of her assistants farther down the counter. Jackson moved towards Ea, and freezing as he locked eyes with Kitsch. She grinned, stepping back and switching places. “All yours.”

Jackson’s throat dried as he watched the kitsune down her Blue Hawaiian, never once taking her eyes off him. He’d felt like a scumbag ever since he had panicked and ran out of what he found out was her beach house.

“Look, I’m sorr-“Cut off as she put up one hand to stop him.

“So you work here now, do you?” She asked him, tails swishing behind her. Outside of her Hawaiian shirt, she was completely naked from the waist down. It wasn’t nearly as much of a problem as it’d have been in most other locations, most of her patrons being extraspecies women and their mates.

“I do.” He replied back.

“Mm. Good.” She said, leaning forward, pulling his head closer to her as she whispered into his ear, inaudible to anybody else.

“Be sure to use me to your heart’s content after work, lover boy. Ea doesn’t even have to know.”

Kitsch’s laughter pouring out as Jackson’s face flushed a bright red. It was going to be a fun night.

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