Knock knock.


            ‘Oh, go away..’

            Knock. Knock. Knock.

            The knocking at your door is becoming hard to ignore.


            It seems to have stopped now though; a few moments of silence pass as you grit your teeth hopefully.

            KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.

            Whoever it is, they don’t seem to be leaving.


            You hate visitors. Why can’t people leave you alone? Now that you own your grandparents’ old house, you get a lot of solicitors. Your grandparents had been extremely wealthy; their neighborhood is prone to humans and monstergirls alike who are looking to dig for some gold.

            You live alone, obviously. Your grandparents had willed you their house (as well as a small sum of money) as a final ‘fuck you’ to your mother, whom they disowned when she married your father. You had never been very close to your grandparents, as family relations were always minimal and generally hellacious. Your parents had urged you to sell the large, almost mansion-like house when you received it, but you refused. Family relations be damned, a free house is a free house. Having a house just fall in to your lap like that is the easy option; you are perfectly content to sit at home on the Internet and slowly drain away at your inheritance. The mansion is your little oasis of isolation; comfortable, quiet and lonely.


            THUMP. THUMP.

            That definitely sounded like a foot. Not an extremely strong one, but a foot nonetheless. You grudgingly tear yourself away from your bright computer screen. It’s darker in your room than you thought. Now that it is wintertime, light fades fast. You leave your bedroom and flip on the light in the hall, ignoring the dust and grime caking the furniture and the floor as usual.

            Cleaning is not your thing.

            Ignoring the sorry state your home is in is fairly easy; you only use your single bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen anyway. Someone could easily be using the whole rest of the house and you probably wouldn’t even know about it.



            You strain your eye to see through the peephole in your large, ornate front door and your hand instinctively drifts to the gun you keep hidden on the underside of your hall table. It’s too dark to see much of anything, as your porch light has been burned out for several months. You can see the outline of something, but it is far too hard to make out.

            Knock… knock…

            You jump in surprise as whoever-it-is knocks again, just as you start to turn the doorknob. That knock was definitely quieter than the previous ones. It seems almost like the person on the other side is about to give up.

            ‘Good. They’re about to leave.’ You don’t know why you still want to open the door though. Your white-knuckled hand is still clutching the half-turned doorknob. The bastard has gotten you out this far, it would piss you off if you didn’t have a chance to chew them out for it.


            The heavy wooden door creaks as you open it. Frigid winter air rushes inside your house and you shiver slightly. It doesn’t usually snow where you live, but it still gets extremely cold. Your left hand tightens around your gun as the dim light from the back of the hall casts a faint glow over the figure on your doorstep. The figure seems to be in the process of leaving, but they whirl around as they hear the door open behind them. An odd, rustling noise comes from them as they move.

            “Hello?” you call.


            The pale, emaciated, ghost-like face of a woman locks with yours. She looks like she hasn’t eaten in days, or even weeks. She is shivering uncontrollably in the cold, and the dirty, shredded rags of what used to be a dress hang off of her skinny form. Even more dirt covers her face and neck. She is carrying something too, something fairly large. Her arms seem to be wrapped in a massive, feathery bundle that’s covered with a large coat. Why the hell isn’t she wearing it? A coat that feathery seems like it’d be extremely comfortable at this time of year. Her desperate green eyes dart over you as she takes in your scrawny, slightly disheveled appearance.


            The frail woman on your doorstep blinks furiously, and smiles at you. It’s the kind of forced smile that you know is most definitely fake. It reminds you of a salesman’s smile or a butler’s smile; well practiced, and probably fairly convincing to most people.

            “Sir, if you don’t mind my asking, may I please come inside?” Despite her professional tone and choice of words, her voice is weak and quivers as she tries to hold herself together.

            “Ummm…” You have no idea how to react to people like this just asking to come into your home, especially at this time of night.

            “Please, Sir? Or would you prefer I called you… Master?” The tiniest hint of a blush crosses her sickly face and her eyes are full of hope and desperation. That last, optimistic word makes your heart jump and your memory spark.


            This is a Kikimora; she speaks in almost exactly the same way as your grandparents’ old maid had. You had only met that maid a few times, but the two of you had been very friendly with each other when you were young. You try to push away the nostalgic memories of one particular night from your youth when you’d stayed the night in the house you now own.

            “Sir? Master? My daughter and I are so cold…”

            “Daughter?” You definitely only see one Kikimora in front of you.


            The woman in front of you struggles to support her feathery coat-bundle with one arm. Your stomach seems to spiral into an endless pit as she flips the corner of the thick, tattered fabric up for a second. A tidal wave of understanding smashes in to you as you catch a glimpse of the almost gray face of a tiny girl. Her eyes are closed and she shivers like a leaf in a hurricane as the cold wind blasts in her face. You aren’t sure, but she doesn’t look any more than five years old.

            “S-sure… Come in I guess.”


            The Kikimora covers her precious daughter’s face again and bows her head to you frantically.

            “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…” She repeats herself several more times and gratefully steps through the doorway. Once she is inside, you close the door, pondering your next move. You have to get them warm, somehow.

            “Um… follow me. Let me see if I can get a fire started or something.”


            You lead the Kikimora down the hall and into the living room. As you turn on the light, the familiar musty smell of old wood and fabric meets your nose. God damn, it’s been a long time since you’ve been in here. The antique furniture of the living room is exactly as you remember it. Well, it’s a little dustier than you remember it, but everything is in the same place. There’s even some firewood still in the basket beside the fireplace.

            “Come sit here.” You point to the large, plush armchair right by the fire. Wordlessly, the nervous, trembling Kiki obeys you. She still seems shocked and awed at her new surroundings. She can barely believe her luck. Even though she’s probably about two or three inches taller than you, the mature Kikimora looks terribly small and weak as she huddles around her daughter and shivers pitifully in the big chair. You waste no time in pulling your lighter from your pocket and getting the fire started. The old, dry logs in the hearth catch very quickly and the fire roars to life.

            “I’m gonna go find you some blankets. You should stay here and warm up.” The still shivering Kiki looks up at you, her face stained by tears of joy and gratitude.

            “Y-yes, Master!” You walk back into the hall and in to your bedroom.


            How did it come to this?

            The show you had left playing on your computer has long since ended. A while ago you were just enjoying your show, without a care in the world. Now, you have two half-frozen Kikimoras to take care of. You have always had a soft spot for their species; you’ve never really gotten over your grandparents’ maid. You’re only noticing it now, but you think about that sweet, old, deliciously busty Kiki more than you realize. You always find yourself wishing to go back to that one time. Whatever happens, you aren’t sure you really want the new Kikis to leave. You are definitely aware of how humble and selfless Kikimoras are; the fact that the one in your living room is allowing you to care for her probably means a lot.


            Blankets now in hand, you pause in front of the barely open living room door. You can almost hear the low murmuring of the older Kiki’s voice over the crackling of the fire, but your ears adjust as you stand there.

            “…so lucky Maya… we’re so lucky… Master is going to care for us now… Master… Master has to… He’ll love us, and protect us and…” You knock on the door before entering.

            “I’m back.” The older Kiki’s words were a little unnerving, especially now that you notice that her daughter is still unconscious. She’s drawn the coat away from her daughter’s head and is caressing her little face with her hand. You chalk her earlier words up to exhaustion and emotion and push them out of your mind. She should be fine once she’s healthy.


            Now that you’ve had a chance to look at the little Kiki, she actually seems to be in a little better shape than her mother. She isn’t nearly as skinny, but her complexion is just as pale, gray and dirty. The poor mother must have been sacrificing her own health and hunger for her daughter’s sake for who knows how long. You drape blanket after blanket over the pair until they are merely faces in a mountain of soft fluffy fabric.


            “So. What brings you here?” You figure it’s time to get some answers.

            “Master doesn’t want to know that…” The Kikimora’s sad green eyes stare steadily at the floor. She seems to have finally stopped shivering, but that’s just a tiny step.

            “Master DOES want to know that. He also want’s to know your name, if it’s not so much trouble.” She nods.

            “Hera is my name. My daughter is Maya.”

            “I’m Anon. Now, I do want to help you, but I need to know about you first.”


            Hera takes a deep breath.

            “I apologize for my selfishness, Master. I was involved in a rather unfortunate contract after I graduated from the Maid Academy in this city.”

            “I see.”

            “I was contracted by a young, wealthy businessman to be a maid for him, and sometimes his associates. We lived alone together for many years. I thought we were so happy… At first, he was normal, but he grew distant after he… married.” Hera’s expression is bitter, but her words are flowing freely now.

            “Even though I was pregnant with his, he still married that… whore of a human girl. I didn’t know what to do… so I just stayed. I stayed and hoped that someday…” She is struggling to control the tears now slowly trickling down her face.

            “That someday he would love me again. I raised our baby in secret, even HE didn’t know. He thought I had gotten rid of her until…” The Kiki rocks back and forth as she holds her little daughter close, sobbing quietly for a moment.


            You do your best to remain calm and inviting, looking at Hera with a kind look on your face as she struggles to continue her story.

            “One day he found out. He told me to ‘fix’ things that night, or he would do it for me.” Tears are falling freely from her eyes and staining her blankets and her emotional gaze meets yours for a single moment before returning to the floor. You have no idea what to say, but that single look from the distraught Kiki tells you that just listening to her is enough.

            “I… terminated that contract, but my former employers were not happy that I acted on my own and without orders. They… they tried to take my Maya…” Hera squeezes her daughter tightly and stares tearfully at her unconscious face.


            You can feel your heart almost ripping apart inside your chest. After years of being emotionally withdrawn, your feelings have been thrown into overdrive. Your desire to help and protect these two is overwhelming.

            “I left. I took her and I left, before they could take her. I couldn’t go back to the Academy, I had illegally ended my employment. I made sure to leave no traces… nobody knows we exist anymore. We’ve been alone on the streets for months now.” Her story makes you feel a mixture of awful, heart-wrenching sadness and hot, boiling anger.

            “Well, you can stay here as long as you want. Thank you for telling me that. I’m here to help.” Hera smiles weakly at you, genuine hope beginning to shine in her eyes again.

            “I do want to know one thing, though. Why here? I mean, there are a lot of other, probably richer people on this block.”

            “Yours was the only house that didn’t smell like other females.” Her blunt, straightforward reply makes you blush a little.


            “Well, uh… Let me get you some food, hmm? I’m sure you two are hungry.”

            “No, Master… I can get it myself. You shouldn’t have to bother with feeding your maid.” Her infinitesimal blush returns as she struggles to extricate herself from her blanket nest and stand up. You aren’t quite sure what to think about the fact that she called herself ‘your maid’ already, but it definitely made part of you happy.

            “Nonsense. If nothing else, you can at least repay me later, right? You’re going to stay here and rest.”

            “Y-yes, Master.” Unable to resist your command, she stops moving and settles back down looking somewhat disappointed that she has to let Master take care of her.

            “Right then. Does soup sound okay?” Hera nods, and you go into the kitchen to cook.


            It doesn’t take long for the canned chicken noodle soup to heat up on the stove; you decide to make a pot of tea as well. You don’t drink tea, but your grandparents had a cabinet full of rare, imported teas that you’ve been eager to get rid of. All the teas have been packaged and stored with care, so they’re still somewhat fresh. Once everything is done, you pour the soup into two large bowls and the tea into some cups. From there, you put the food on a tray and take it into the living room.


            As you set the tray on the table, you hear the growling of two empty stomachs. Maya stirs a bit, but her eyes remain closed.

            “…Mama… hungry…” The little Kiki’s voice is barely audible; she seems far too weak to feed herself. As starving as you know Hera is, she completely disregards her own soup. She dutifully picks up a spoon, fills it from the smaller bowl, and brings it to her daughter’s lips.

            “Here’s some soup, little one.” Maya’s dark brown hair feathers rustle ever so slightly as she opens her mouth for the food. Hera lovingly feeds her the soup, tiny spoonful after tiny spoonful. The little Kiki’s eyes never open, but she laps at the soup gratefully with her small, pink tongue. You are content just watching the adorable display of Hera’s affection for her daughter. Her free hand strokes Maya’s face and fondles her soft, feathery ears while she whispers sweet, sometimes inaudible things to her with each spoonful of soup.


            Eventually, Maya’s soup is gone. She quickly falls asleep again, snoozing peacefully on her mother’s lap. Now able to think about herself, Hera looks at the second, larger bowl with a deep hunger in her green eyes. Ignoring her own spoon completely, she wastes no time in almost chugging the still hot, delicious soup you prepared for her. It disappears down her throat in no time at all. With a deep sigh of contentment, the Kikimora sets the empty bowl back on the tray and almost melts into the plush armchair. Now that she’s eaten, she wears a content, almost hypnotized expression. She shows no sign of movement as she reclines happily in the large chair.

            Evidently these Kikis aren’t fans of tea either.

            Oh well.


            The fire is low in the hearth, and the ancient light bulb in the ceiling had flickered out while you were away in the kitchen. You hear Hera snoring in the dim light of the embers, and can’t help but feel sleepy yourself. It’s been an eventful evening; a little bit of sleep would be nice.


— — — — —


            You don’t sleep very well. After about an hour or so, you are awake again. The embers in the fireplace are just barely glowing, and the only sound in your living room is the quiet breathing of the two sleeping Kikimoras. Everything seems so uncertain to you now. What the hell are you going to do with two Kikis? You don’t have nearly enough money to support three people; hell, you barely have enough left to support yourself. Despite this, you have no intention of getting a job. That’s too much of a pain. You can’t just turn Hera and Maya back out into the cold though, you like to think you still have some shred of empathy. Empathy is a pain too though; in the past you often found yourself doing things you thought were annoying or unnecessary because you felt obligated to. Sure some would call that maturity, but you still try to avoid anything you don’t feel like doing. You won’t feel the need to be responsible if you just… don’t let yourself be around people.


            All that aside, you can’t deny your excitement at the prospect of living with Kikimoras again. As cripplingly lazy as you are, once you actually DO set your mind to something, you are damn good at seeing it through. You’ll figure all the other shit out… later. The steady, nearly synchronized breathing of the Kikis calms you, and sleep takes you again.


— — — — —


            The next time you wake up, the early light of morning streams through the windows. An odd rustling noise accompanied by a faint humming has replaced the Kikis’ sleepy breathing. As you open your eyes, you immediately see where the sound is coming from.


            It seems Maya woke up before you. She is seated on the floor, happily dragging her small, feathered wrists across the dusty coffee table between your chair and theirs while humming a little tune. Her mother’s large, tattered coat is draped over her petite shoulders like a cape.

            “Morning…” you say.

            The young maid stops and her eyes come up to meet yours for a brief moment. Her bright green eyes are almost exactly the same as her mother’s, save for the youthful innocence that sparkles in them. She grins at you pleasantly before going right back to ‘dusting’ the table with her arms. The thing is so dusty that Maya’s dark brown feathers are already completely saturated with the dirty gray powder. She doesn’t seem to care that she’s just spreading the dust around now though.


            Hera is still sprawled out across the armchair across from you, covered in disorganized blankets and sleeping soundly.

            “Did you sleep okay?” you ask.

            “Mmm!” Maya nods, still focused on her cleaning.

            “That’s good. I’m glad you’re feeling better.” The little Kiki nods again. Her dark brown ears and hair feathers sway back and forth as her arms move from side to side. You are happy to just sit there and watch the tiny piles of dust get pushed back and forth on the table. You know full well that cleaning is a lot like therapy to Kikimoras. Every now and then, light gray down flashes from behind Maya’s ears or from under her hair as her movements become more animated and vehement. Her bottom lip begins to stick out further and further as she gets more frustrated. Soon enough, Maya is fed up that the dust isn’t going away anymore. She looks up at you, pouting ever so slightly.


            “Sir, may I please have a bath? My feathers are dirty.”

            “A what?” You are taken aback by her request.

            “A BATH, Mister!” She holds up her feathery wrists to show you how gray the dust has made them.

            “Sure. Let me show you where it is I guess.” The little Kiki’s pout instantly turns back into a smile as you get up and lead her to your bathroom. It isn’t the biggest one in the house, but it’s definitely the cleanest. You can’t stand dirty bathrooms.


            Once you get to the door, you open it for Maya.

            “Here it is. You can wash yourself, right?” She nods, but stands in front of you expectantly.


            “Mama says someone needs to watch me.”

            “Oh. Well…” You don’t want to go wake Hera up, she needs her rest. Maya’s pout is slowly returning.


            It looks like this is one of those times when you won’t be able to say no.

            “Alright, fine. But make it quick.”

            “Mmmm!” The young maid nods in satisfaction and you follow her into the bathroom.


            Despite being only about five years old, Maya is very confident as she adjusts the water temperature and plugs the drain. You gulp as she drops the old, dirty coat from her shoulders. Her miniature maid outfit is almost completely shredded. It hangs off her body in ribbons; the left side of her flat, pale chest is completely exposed and you’re sure you saw the pink tint of her panties before you turned your head and sat on the lid of the toilet. You hear her dress flop to the floor beside the coat.


            The rush of the water from the faucet is abruptly stopped as Maya turns it off.

            “Misterrr! You’re supposed to WATCH me!” It dawns on you that a girl this young would have no idea why you’re acting this way. In all honesty, you’re probably just being silly. All of your experience comes from shows where the male protagonist gets his shit kicked in any time he sees a young, naked female while she’s bathing. You slowly turn around, just in time to see Maya’s pout disappear again.


            Almost all of her soft, immature body is streaked with dirt. Light brown patches of mud and grime dot her little arms, flat tummy, and barely chubby legs. She whirls around and bends over to test the water. The way her dark, feathery tail wags to and fro as she leans over the tub pulls your gaze to her tiny white butt. You aren’t sure, but the way Maya moves seems a little too seductive for a five year old. Whatever. Maybe your mind is just playing tricks on you or something. Thankfully, she is in the warm, steamy bath fairly quickly.


            The little Kiki splashes and plays happily in the water for several minutes. Her dark brown wrist feathers quickly regain their color as the dust that covered them is washed away.

            “Ara~ What do we have here?” You jump. Hera’s voice is mere inches from your ear.

            “Is Master planning on doing lewd things with my little Maya?” The mature Kikimora’s bony hands curl powerfully around your shoulders. Welp. Maybe this is going to turn out like one of those shows. Now you’re screwed, no matter what you say. If nothing else, you at least want to go out with confidence. Living your last moments as a stammering bitch is not in your plans. You whirl around and stare Hera directly in the eye.

            “No, I wasn’t.” Your voice is a little louder than you had wanted it to be, but your gaze doesn’t falter. The smug Kiki just grins down at you as her hands drift to her hips.

            “You’re no fun, Master.” She winks at you, an odd look lingering in her bright green eyes.


            Now that she’s had a meal and a good night’s sleep, Hera already looks a lot healthier and full of life. Her dark brown hair and feathers are the same dark brown color as her daughters, save for a light sprinkling of gray. There is also an odd aura around her that definitely wasn’t there yesterday. Even though she’s your maid now, it almost feels like she is the one in control. Maybe that’s just an exaggeration, you’ve really only known her for a few hours. If anything, you’re glad she’s already becoming comfortable with you.

            “Maya love, Mama is going to join you!”

            “Mmmm!” The mature Kiki completely ignores you as she steps out of her ruined clothes. You are unable to force yourself to look away this time.


            Hera’s curvy hips sway erotically as she bends over the bath with her back to you. Her tail bounces from side to side in an arc shape; you can almost see the puffy folds of her pussy through her salt-and-pepper feathers. You feel a lump in your throat as you can’t help but ogle her large, round ass bobbing in front of you.

            Damn, it seems like she’s taking forever to get in the bathtub.

            Her C-cup breasts hang down under her and dangle to and fro, in rhythm with her plump rear. Despite her delicious proportions, you can clearly see the outline of her ribs on her back through her soft, pale skin. You can’t help but wonder what her body would look like if she were well fed.


            Eventually, the older maid submerges herself behind Maya in the warm water, still completely disregarding your presence. You shuffle around on the lid of the toilet and adjust the uncomfortable tightness in your pants. Hera is an interesting woman indeed. She seems completely lost in thought as she absently rubs your shampoo into her daughter’s hair-feathers. Maya whimpers sweetly as her mother fondles and massages her little feathery ears, lathering soap into them too. Hera’s boobs squish against and rub up and down the little Kiki’s back as she lovingly massages the white foam into her silky hair.

            “M-Mama…” Maya whines and squeezes her eyes shut as her mother pinches playfully at her tiny nipples.

            “Huhuhuhuu…” The older Kiki giggles mischievously as her daughter squirms under her touch.

            Just what kind of Kikimoras have you stumbled upon?


            That’s it. You can’t take this any more. You have to go… clear your head.

            “I’ll… leave you two alone for a bit. I’m gonna go wash your clothes… or something.” You distractedly gather up the maids’ various dirty clothes from the floor and leave. Hera looks rather disappointed; whether because you’re leaving or because you’re doing chores for her, you can’t tell.


            You don’t know what Hera’s game is, and you’d rather not fall in to any traps.


            Once the Kikis’ clothes are in the wash, you head to your room; you want to give them ample time to finish their bath. The Internet sucks you in for far longer than you expected though, you get into a long series of articles about a Neo-Paladin serial killer. When you finally look up, more than two hours have passed. At least your guests should be done by now. Thinking that they’ll probably be hungry, you head to the kitchen to figure out some breakfast. You are completely unprepared for what is there to greet you.


            The first thing you notice as you open the door is the smell.



            The delicious, sweet aroma of freshly cooked waffles tickles your nose, beckoning you inside. As you gradually walk inside, you take many slow, deep breaths and your mouth starts to water. You pause, mid sniff as you see who was cooking. Well, you knew who was probably cooking; it’s what they’re wearing that surprises you. Hera and Maya turn sideways to face you, both wearing absolutely nothing except your grandma’s old-fashioned frilly white aprons.


            Hot damn.

            Hera’s small, tight apron exposes almost all of her large, alabaster breasts; it seems almost a miracle that you can’t see her nipples through the sides of it. Her wonderfully pale boobs hang down and bounce and jiggle a little as she is waves her curvy hips in same, hypnotic way as she had in the bathroom. Her wide butt seems to call out to you; again, you can only imagine how delightfully huge and squishy it would be if the mature maid was fully healthy.


            Maya’s apron is far too big for her. The shoulder straps are tied up in large bows and the front of it grazes the floor. Her tiny pink nipples are fully visible through the top of her apron. She must be a little chilly wearing so little; her small pink nubs are stiff and erect. Her round, chubby butt and happy, feathery tail wag very quickly together as she grins at you with excitement. Everything seems right in the world as the two maids smile beautifully at you in their naked aprons.


            “Well, I was going to offer you two breakfast, but it looks like you beat me to it.” Hera giggles.

            “Uuhuuhu~ It’s the least we could do, Master. Maya and I owe you so much…” Her gaze turns distant again for a second.


            You look from Hera, to Maya, to Hera again, then to the stove for the source of that intoxicating smell. You had no idea the sparse ingredients you had could produce such an aroma. The Kikimoras have even accurately predicted that waffles are your favorite breakfast food.

            Aah, the power of Kikis. An odd sense of nostalgia hits you as you remember the waffles that your grandparents’ maid had prepared for you on a few occasions.


            “Please have a seat, Master, and allow your maids to serve you.” You wordlessly sit down at the square kitchen table, eager to get a bite of the Kikis’ delicious waffles. Maya sits next to you, excitedly bouncing up and down in her chair. Her mother busies herself at the stove for a few more seconds before balancing three plates in her bare arms. She sets a beautiful, golden brown waffle at each of your places and takes a seat across from you. You eagerly reach for the bottle of maple syrup in the middle of the table and pour a generous amount onto your waffle. Maya happily pulls the butter towards herself and eventually all three of you have what you need.


            The first bite of waffle makes your eyes flutter a little. Sweet, delicious flavor explodes in your mouth, the piping hot waffle is complimented perfectly by the melted butter and the thick maple syrup. Everything around you falls away as you take bite after bite of the heavenly meal Hera and Maya have created for you. Each bite seems better than the last as you greedily stuff your face with food.


            Your waffle is gone all too soon, but it has satisfied you and filled you up perfectly. You and your Kikis lean back in your chairs in a daze as you savor the afterglow of your amazing breakfast. This meal has made you feel alive again. You feel more energetic and enthusiastic than you have in years, maybe even more than you have ever felt before. From what you can tell, your new maids have enjoyed their food just as much as you had. The identical ecstatic expressions on their faces remind you a little bit of that face some girls make when they orgasm.

            That’s neat.

            You can already tell that Maya and Hera will have no problems at all with paying you back.


— — — — —


            Having Hera and Maya around is pretty fantastic. Now you don’t even have to leave your room to get food. It’s been so easy to just lose yourself on the Internet now that you don’t have to get up or think about your appetite really at all. Hera does all of your shopping and seems to automatically know how to make the small, cheap meals that you like infinitely better. Over the past several weeks, your life has normalized and become almost exactly like it was before the two Kikimoras moved in. The excitement you felt after your first meal with them had faded almost immediately. It was more of a high than anything else, really.


            You know you should probably be getting a job, it’s kind of hard to ignore when Hera keeps asking you about it. Since you’ve given her free reign over your finances so she could shop for you, you are sure the older Kiki is aware of how poor you are becoming. Part of you is vaguely aware of Hera’s growing frustration with you and your obsession, but when you’re on the Internet you just… don’t care. It is so easy to just ignore her sad, longing eyes and her usual, disheartened questions.

            ‘Are you hungry, Master? Are you sleeping well, Master? Can we please just talk together for a while Master, Please? Are you SURE you’re not hungry Master?’ Nothing matters to you once you lose yourself in that familiar, hypnotizing screen. Time melts away and you can escape from the thoughts and feelings that constantly loom over you when you’re fully lucid. Save for the faint rustling of tail feathers and pounding of scaly yellow feet that dash by your bedroom from time to time, you have almost completely forgotten that Maya lives with you too.




            Hera is at her breaking point. No matter what she does, Master just ignores her. No matter how much tender, loving care she puts into his meals, she is sure to see them sitting on his desk for hours, barely touched. He hardly seemed aware of the time she even tried to seduce him. No matter how much her wide, firm butt shook tantalizingly, inches from his hand, and no matter how much her low blouse revealed more and more of her large, firm breasts, Master just ignored her. Did his nose even work? He had even completely disregarded the thick, musky aroma of her arousal that had fully soaked her panties and dripped down her leg because of the vibrator hidden deep in her pussy. She was sure it had been way too obvious; even Maya had noticed.


            Things have to change. Sure it’s against her training and morals as a maid to interfere with Master’s wishes and act without orders, but since when has she REALLY cared about that? Hera did not move in with this man to let him waste away doing nothing. If Master ignores her just one more time…




            “Good morning, Master!” Hera puts on her usual, fake mask of cheerful and happy innocence as she brings breakfast to you.

            “I brought you some breakfast, Master, are you hungry?” No answer. You don’t even look away from your computer screen.

            “I’ll just… leave it here for you. You’ll eat them, right?” The Kikimora maid sets a plate of hot, delicious looking pancakes with syrup and butter down on your desk. If only you could see her face, from the look she is wearing you’d think her poor heart was breaking. Still no answer. Hera has put so much hope into this new life you had offered her. She’d felt that there was so much beautiful, happy potential on the night you had taken her in and fed her and her daughter, but now it’s just… vanished. The Kiki’s mind is made up though. Today is the day. She is going to fix things.


            “Hey!” You call out in surprise as your screen suddenly goes dark.

            “Ara ara~ I’m terribly sorry I had to do that, Master…” Hera stares at you smugly as she twirls your computer’s power cord in her hand. Her brown and gray feathers flutter a little in the wind created by it. You don’t even know what to say, you are still somewhat stuck in your trance. The mature Kikimora drops the cord and strides over to you, radiating that odd, commanding aura again. As you come to, you realize that you’ve never seen the new maid outfit she is wearing. The traditional, modest, floor length dress looks fantastic on her. From what you can tell, she has also gained all of her weight back, maybe even a bit more. Her already large breasts have swelled to double Ds, and her thick, insanely curvy hips sway seductively as she walks. Her wide, bouncy rear bobs erotically behind her, in time with her long, feathery tail. The feathers on her ears, wrists and tail all shine healthily in the light from the ceiling. Save for the same sad, hungry look in her startling, green eyes, you can hardly tell that this is the same emaciated, starving Kiki that you had brought in all those weeks ago. How the hell haven’t you noticed her all this time?


            “Does Master like what he sees?” You gulp, unable to answer. Hera is almost on top of you now. Her slender hand falls in between your legs, her feathery wrist mere centimeters from your crotch. A lewd, almost feral grin adorns her face as it draws ever closer to yours.

            “It’s time to come back to reality, Master. It’s time to come home…” You feel as though Hera is either about to pull you in to a tight, loving hug, or wrap her hands around your throat and choke all the life from your body.

            “Do you know what they taught us at the Maid Academy, Master?” You can only shake your head fearfully.

            “Never… ever… ever…” Her plump, rosy lips are almost touching your ear as she whispers.

            “Let… Master… suffer…” Each intense, deliberately slow word sends chills down your spine.


            “Do you want to know something about suffering Master?” You nod infinitesimally, somehow unable to pull your eyes away from your maid’s ample, dangling cleavage.

            “Masters aren’t always aware of their own suffering, but we are. Maids are trained to understand their Master’s deepest, darkest feelings. I-I feel it…” The Kikimora’s voice breaks slightly, but she recovers her agonizingly even tone almost immediately.

            “I feel how much you are hurting Master. I feel it more than you could ever know…” You see her green eyes barely begin to well up out of the corner of your own.

            “I’m going to help you, Master. Whether you like it or not, I’m going to make you better.” You jump and shy away a little as Hera’s other hand comes up and starts to gently caress your cheek. As unnerving as this whole situation is, you can’t help but enjoy the feeling of her soft, smooth fingers against your face.


            You shiver as the Kiki breathes out softly into your ear before drawing away from it. Now, she is face to face with you, your nose only inches from hers. Her sharp-looking teeth are bared in a demonic grin as her intense, passionate gaze seems to keep your eyes locked on hers.


            You are terrified. Where the hell did this come from? Have you really let yourself go so far? Ignoring and denying your problems is supposed to make them go away, dammit!

            “I have just two more things for you, Master… what you choose to do after that is up to you.” Hera’s frighteningly calm and serene voice pulls you away from your thoughts.


            “One. Ignoring things does not make them go away. All ignoring things will do is get you hurt. Like this…” Your heart flies into your throat and seems to choke you as Hera takes your hand in hers and pulls it up to her mouth. Her strong, domineering grip holds your fingers together and your hand in place as she opens her mouth wide and cocks her head. You wince in pain as she gradually rakes one of her razor -sharp, pointy fangs across the back of your hand. A single, ruby drop of blood drips from the inch long cut; the curvy, dominant Kiki licks it away with the tip of her soft pink tongue. The cut stops bleeding almost immediately, but the long, red line across your hand is hard to ignore. It isn’t very deep, but it stings more than any cut you have had before.


            “Two…” she continues, “… Maya and I love you very much, Master. We need you. We’re counting on you to help us, and we want to help you too. Please, Master. Come back to us…” These words seem genuine and hopeful. As terrified and confused as you are, you can’t help but feel Hera’s begging and pleading tone tug at you, deep inside. Your heart jumps into your throat once more as the Kikimora plants a long, passionate kiss on your lips. For a moment, you just sit there in shock as you feel her soft, full lips pressed tenderly against your own while she lightly caresses the back of your head. She eventually breaks from you, unable to conceal her blush.

            “T-the rest is up to you, Master.” Your maid bows shakily and hurries from the room.


            You have a lot to think about. The unspoken emotions that transferred between the two of you with the cut and the kiss whirl around in your head as you try to make sense of what just happened. You can tell that Hera definitely cares about you, and the borderline insane way she approached you definitely got your attention. Now that you’ve been forced to think about it, maybe you have been being selfish and immature. You decide to go to the kitchen for a drink and to clear your head.


            The two Kikis are nowhere to be seen on your way there. A piece of paper stuck to the fridge catches your interest as you go to open it. It’s a crude drawing of sorts featuring three stick figures. The two on the left are smiling and happy under what is probably supposed to be a house. Two arrows point to them, and at the end of each arrow is a name, scrawled across the page in big block letters: ‘ME’ and ‘MAMA’. Now that you know who they are, you recognize awkward, frilly dresses and straight, stick figure tails drawn on them. An odd, straight line connects the smaller one’s neck to the larger one’s arm, but it looks like a mistake more than anything else. Off to the right is the third figure. It sits alone, hunched over and facing away from the first two with a big, dark raincloud over its head. The frown on its face is almost comically sad and is accompanied by a large, blue tear shape under one of its eyes. The word above the arrow pointing to it says ‘MASTR’.


            Fuck. That drawing feels like it hit you harder than all of your ‘conversation’ with Hera a moment ago. Even little Maya is aware of what’s truly going on. After all that she’s been through, there’s no way you can just waste away in front of her, or her mother. Even though she’s not your daughter, you’ve still taken responsibility for her. At the start, you had told yourself that you were going to be far better than the Kikis’ old master.


            The Internet has distracted you enough. True change has to come from oneself; you’ve been trying to ignore that for far too long. You’re done ignoring it though. Sure the path ahead of you is full of shit and uncertainty, but if you take things slow, they don’t seem so bad. First thing’s first. Time to look for a job.


— — — — —


            Fuck getting a job. Looking for and actually finding a job is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. The vast majority of the ads you’ve found online are thinly veiled attempts to lure men into prostitution. Most of the legitimate offers require a college degree, something you never bothered to get. You have considered giving up almost every day, but the memories of Hera’s warm, humid breath against your hand followed by the searing pain and pressure from her canine fangs keeps you on track. As much as job hunting sucks, whatever the mature Kikimora might do if you don’t get a job seems far, far worse. Part of you feels like Hera’s ‘encouragement’ was a dream; ever since then she’s been perfectly normal.


            She still brings you your meals as usual; sometimes she’ll even pat your head and stroke your cheek gently with a wide, happy smile on her face and a misty look in her bright green eyes as you take a break to eat. You wonder how you were able to just ignore the delicious food that the Kiki prepared for you during your Internet binge. Now that you’ve come back to reality for a while, you’ve realized just how depressed you’ve been. Nothing interested you before; sometimes you still feel like nothing ever has. You had felt so empty, like you were watching your body slowly destroy itself on autopilot while your consciousness was trapped behind nigh impenetrable walls made of painful, unexplainable feelings.


            In addition to getting a job, you’ve also been trying to spend a little more time with Maya. That picture she drew still haunts you every time you go into the kitchen. You are sure that she can sense your improved mood though. Instead of just hurrying by your closed door, sometimes you’d hear her little feet and rustling feathers pause for a while before running off again. You’ve been leaving the door cracked open now too, sometimes you can catch a tiny glimpse of the five-year-old Kiki before she runs away, giggling.


            Today, Maya is lingering for longer than usual. You hear the old, wooden door creak a little as she unconsciously pushes against it.

            “Would you like to come in, Maya?” you call. You don’t want to scare her away, but you’re almost positive that she won’t act on her own. Sure enough, the little Kikimora excitedly throws the door open and bounds over to you, feathery tail wagging nonstop. So she WAS just waiting for an invitation.

            “Hi-hi, Master!” Your heart flutters; she’s calling you ‘Master’ now too.


            “What are you doing, Master? Can I see? Please?” You smile as little Maya stands on her tiptoes and cranes her neck to see your computer screen on top of your tall desk.


            You’ve always preferred a high desk and chair. The Kiki’s tiny white fingers clutch tightly at its edge as she jumps and hops up and down, trying to pull herself higher.

            “Here…” You push your chair back a few inches and wrap your hands around the Kikimora’s tiny, petite waist. She squeaks in surprise and blushes a bit as you set her down gently on your lap. You had to do something about her jumping, there’s no way you could have concentrated on your search with her moving around so much.

            “Better?” Maya nods, grinning wider than you thought possible. Her incessant tail finally slows down as she settles in, delighted with the honor of being allowed on Master’s lap. Her small, soft feathers drag across your shirt as her tail lazily swishes back and forth across your chest, stomach and crotch. You ignore it and return to your work. Aside from shifting her chubby little thighs around every so often, the Kiki is content to sit quietly in your lap with her scaly legs dangling over yours. The presence of her small, warm body so close to you is very calming, even if she is a little restless.


            You absently scroll through page after page of job listings, waiting for something to catch your eye.

            “What about that one, Master?” Maya points to an ad looking for a part-time web developer.

            “Hmmm? This one?” You click on it, “…I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

            “But you’d be good at it, Master! You would!”

            “Really? What makes you say that?”

            “I… I don’t know? I just feel it!” She turns around and cocks her head, smiling innocently up at you.

            “You think? I guess I can send them an e-mail or something…” Lost in thought, you begin to compose your e-mail. Part of you feels obligated to, you can’t just disappoint your little maid and ignore her advice. The Kiki makes a short, happy humming noise as she turns back around. Her pale, slender hand adjusts something under her butt before she settles in again.


            You pause. You’re sure you heard a soft, rubbery snapping sound as Maya repositioned herself.

            “You ok?”

            “Mmm-hmm!” She nods; neither her posture nor her innocent expression tell you anything. She just sits normally on your lap, wagging her tail every so often. You certainly didn’t feel anything when that noise happened. You try to stifle your curiosity and focus on the computer again. The little Kikimora’s floppy canine ears perk up a little under her frilly white maid’s headdress as you gently rest you chin on her small, soft shoulder. Your new position doesn’t help your focus either. You type and retype the first few words of your e-mail, unable to stop thinking about that damn noise.

            You just have to know. What the hell was it?

            No. You have to work. It was probably just your imagination, Right?


            The way Maya is still acting just as normal as ever should tell you as much. You finally pull your shit together and finish your e-mail, then go on to other listings.


            Eventually, the little Kiki in your lap gets restless.

            “Master? It’s almost time for dinner! Mama is waiting for us…” You look at the clock.

            “You’re right. Let me finish up here, you can go on ahead.”

            “Yes, Master!” You push back from your desk and swivel around in your desk chair as Maya jumps off of your lap and bounds for the door. Before she gets too far, she trips over an uneven patch in the carpet. Your heart jumps into your throat; the lacy white hem of Maya’s miniature maid’s dress flies up over her head as she slides a few inches after her fall. You sit on the edge of your seat, bracing yourself for her inevitable wailing and tears. You have no idea what to do with yourself around a crying child. However, no tears come. The little Kiki picks herself up as quickly as she fell and happily disappears into the hall.


            You sigh heavily and sink back into your chair. At least she can take a fall. Her fall barely registers with you now though, something else is completely inundating your thoughts. Something you saw before Maya had picked herself up and fixed her dress.



            Maya is wearing shiny, high-cut, black latex panties. You don’t even know what to think. Sure it’s none of your business how Hera chooses to dress her daughter, but there is just something so… erotic about the smooth, sticky black material wedged deep between the little Kikimora’s tiny, plump butt cheeks. Still slightly shocked, you stand up and walk to the kitchen. You do your best to act normal all through dinner as thoughts of Maya’s small, bouncy, latex-covered ass dance through your mind. Despite your distraction, dinner proceeds just as usual. You have always considered yourself good at maintaining a normal outward appearance. The meal ends without a hitch, and once you’re through you go right back into your room for more research.


            A pleasant surprise is waiting for you when you sit back down. The people who are looking for a web developer have already replied to your e-mail! All other thoughts disappear from your mind as you eagerly open it; only three other places have ever replied to you. Excitement almost boils over as you read through the black text on your screen. They want to set up an interview! You enthusiastically type out your response and they reply back almost immediately.


            You now have a video interview scheduled for tomorrow morning. It’s probably still too soon to celebrate, but this is the furthest you’ve ever gotten. The company seems damn eager as well, you can tell that they are very interested. Looks like Maya was right after all.


            Instead of looking for other jobs, you decide to research web development for a while. It all looks extremely easy to you; from your countless hours on the web, you are already familiar with almost everything you read about. This is fucking fantastic! You jump a bit as your door creaks open behind you.

            “Uuhuuhuu~ I’m sorry I scared you, Master!” Hera’s sweet, melodic voice calls out to you. You should have been expecting her, really. She comes in every night after dinner is through to clean your room.

            “Don’t worry about it. I got an interview!” The mature Kikimora’s face brightens as she smiles at you. Genuine happiness fills her eyes, and she drops her cleaning supplies on the table by the door. Her long, feathery tail wags faster than you’ve ever seen it as she hurries over to you.


            “Here, see?” you bring up the e-mail, “It’s for web development. We’re going to meet over video chat tomorrow morning!” Hera’s green eyes grow watery as she hears your enthusiasm. This is everything she’s been hoping for. Master is being Master again!

            “Congratulations, Master! I’m so happy for you!” The yellow rubber cleaning gloves your maid usually wears squeak a little as she clasps her hands together in excitement, barely able to restrain herself from hugging you.

            “Thanks. I’m glad you’re happy with it.” You look nervously at the mature, deliciously curvy Kiki.

            “Oh please, Master. You know I’d never REALLY hurt you, right?” A tiny hint of that sharp, intense gleam returns to Hera’s eyes and her smile gets a little bit smugger.

            “Right…” You aren’t fully convinced. At your expressionless reply, your maid’s expression turns a little sadder. You think you may actually have hurt her feelings.

            “Sorry, I just-“

            “No, Master.” She cuts you off. “I’M sorry. I just had to give you a little push, that was all. You understand, right?” She looks at you, genuinely hopeful.


            You DO understand. You’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but there was no way you would have broken from your old habits without ‘persuasion’ as jarring or unavoidable as what she had given you. As scary as it is, Hera’s crazy side is something you feel you really need in your life right now. She seems to know exactly how to bring out the best in you; you are only realizing that now.

            “I do.” You finally meet the older Kiki’s gaze. “Thanks, Hera.” She blushes a bit and pats you on the head with her gloved hand.

            “That’s my good Master!” She happily returns to her supplies and begins to clean your room. You turn back to your own work and contentedly lose yourself in it for a while.


            Eventually, you become aware that the rustling of Hera’s long maid’s dress and salt-and-pepper feathers has stopped. The sun has fully set by now, the only light still in the room comes from the dim yellow bulb in the ceiling. Your heart jumps as you hear your Kiki maid’s voice, inches from your ear.

            “All done, Master.”

            How is she so good at sneaking up on you like this?

            “Thanks…” You feel a little nervous, Hera usually just says goodnight to you from the door when she’s done cleaning.

            “Your happy news distracted me, but there is something I need to talk to you about…” Her voice is as low and sweet and devilishly commanding as it was when she had cut you and kissed you. A small chill runs through your body as her warm breath tickles your ear. God, she is fantastic at turning this persona on and of whenever she wants.


            “Maya told me about her little spill earlier.”

            Oh no.

            Hera’s strong, gloved hands grip your shoulders from behind firmly.

            “From your smell and face at dinner, I couldn’t help but wonder…”

            Had she really noticed? The Kikimora’s chin rests on top of her right hand, which is still on your shoulder. Her plump lips are almost touching your ear.

            “Just what did you see, Master?”

            “Umm… uh…” You struggle for words but Hera’s slow, steady breathing in your ear is far too distracting.

            “What’s that, Master? Could you really not stop thinking about seeing Maya’s lewd panties? Ara~, what a little pervert you are!”


            The dominant Kiki’s hands slowly slide down, under your shirt to your chest; the smooth yellow rubber of her gloves teases against your skin.

            “I know what you were thinking, Master. You just ached to see her little latex butt again, right? I’m sure you would love to sink your big hands into her soft, baby cheeks and see her squirm and blush?” Hera digs her fingers lightly into your pectorals.

            “What kind of a dirty pervert are you? I bet you’d just love to strip my little Maya down to nothing but those tight, lewd latex panties and lick… and grope… and molest her all over, hmm?” Her wet, pink tongue barely teases along the rim of your ear each time she pauses.


            You lean your head back and stifle a sigh as her powerful hands dance and massage across your chest.

            “It wasn’t hard to tell at all, really… You really want her, don’t you?” No reply comes.

            “Answer me!” Hera’s powerful, hypnotic voice rises sharply and she twists roughly at your nipples.

            “Y-yes!” Your scared, stuttering reply echoes throughout your room and you blush deeply. You can’t deny it any more. You love little girls.

            “Oh Master, you’re such a dirty boy! I don’t blame you though… It’s not your fault in the slightest that you find my little daughter so beautifully erotic.” The Kiki’s feathery arms and gloved hands retreat from under your shirt.

            “It’s okay, Master, don’t worry. I understand how you feel, but Maya isn’t ready yet. In the meantime though…”


            Still leaning over your shoulder, Hera points to your pants. An almost painful bulge has formed inside them; your maid’s brutal, dominant teasing has really gotten to you.

            “You deserve a little reward for all your hard work, Master. I’ll give you that. If you play your cards right…” she nibbles the nape of your neck with her firm, velvety lips. “…Maya and I will make you so… incredibly… happy…” Her voice slows deliberately as she takes your zipper in her gloved hands and tantalizingly lowers it. Your cock pops free of its fabric prison and Hera coos devilishly.

            “Uuuhuhuhuu~ Master… Such a little pervert…” She teases the very tip of your member with a single, rubber-clad finger.

            “First you get hard to me talking about lewd, little Maya and now look at you.” She shows you the shiny bead of precum on her finger.


            “Stand up, Master. Now.” You obediently comply with Hera’s command.

            “Good boy… Shirt off.” You pull your plain, white tee shirt off of yourself and let it fall to the ground, trying not to blush. This whole situation is making you feel vulnerable and exposed. Not that you don’t sort of enjoy it though. The mature Kiki pushes your chair away and drapes herself over your bare back again. Her massive breasts squish up against your back as she pulls you in tight.

            “You just relax and let me take care of you, Master…” Your maid reaches for her supply bucket on your desk and pulls out a small bottle of lube.

            Does she always keep lube with her cleaning supplies?


            Her chin never leaves your shoulder as she squirts a generous amount of the clear, viscous liquid into her tightly gloved hand and sets the bottle back down. Anticipation builds as you hear lewd squelching and squishing noises as Hera erotically rubs her hands together. Finally, her slippery, rubber-covered hands wrap around you. Your mind goes blank as her grip tightens and sends waves of pleasure through you. You close your eyes and lean back into her shoulder as she begins to pump her hands up and down along your throbbing girth.


            The slick, shiny yellow rubber of her gloves slides easily along your shaft despite her intensely powerful grip. You feel as though her hands may become fused with you if she squeezes you any tighter. It doesn’t take long for ecstasy to erupt from within you, the dominant Kikimora coos and lovingly kisses your cheek as rope after rope of your cum splatters the back of your chair. You shiver and tremble, moaning softly as your beautiful maid tenderly forces you to orgasm. You feel as though you’ll go insane and explode as she gives your cock three more heavy, incredibly strong strokes. As her gloved hand grazes your extremely sensitive tip, you buck your hips wildly as electric jolts spasm through you. Thankfully, she stops after those three agonizing pumps.


            Satisfied with her work, Hera stands up straight and strips off her tight, yellow, extremely messy gloves. She deposits them in a pocket of her frilly white apron and turns you around by your shoulders. She giggles as she catches a glimpse of your face; your eyes have glazed over and your mouth is still hanging open after your amazing orgasm.

            “Such a lewd, dirty Master… You really enjoyed my hands that much?” You nod weakly.

            “Uuhuuhuuhuu~” Hera giggles again and bends her head down to kiss you. Her full, rosy lips intertwine with yours for a brief, passionate moment as she hugs you tightly to her ample chest. You feel like you could spend eternity wrapped in her warm, tender embrace as she kisses you like this. As dominant and teasing as she is, you can tell your mature, voluptuous maid cares for you very deeply.

            Kikis are wonderful, aren’t they?


            “Goodnight, Master…” she whispers. She releases you and starts to wheel your desk chair out of the room.

            “Where are you going with that?” Your strength has returned, and Hera’s actions are making you curious again. She pauses and blushes, unable to meet your gaze.

            “T-to clean it, of course. Master got it all dirty!”

            “Right…” Despite your skepticism, you make no effort to stop her as she hurries to her room with your cum-stained chair. As you pass her door on the way to the bathroom, you are sure you can hear a muffled moaning along with the frantic rustling of tail and wrist feathers. You try the door, but it is locked and you don’t want to disturb Maya if she is asleep by calling out. Whatever Hera is doing now, you are sure the unfortunate chair will be clean and waiting for you in the morning.


— — — — —


            Sometimes, you just have to take a moment to stop and marvel at how wonderful Kikimoras can be. Since Hera and Maya have moved in, your life has changed so much. You finally have a job now, one that suits you very well. Maya’s gut feeling on the web development position was startlingly accurate. The duties your new employer has set out for you all come very easily, and you usually really enjoy them. You’ve had this job for two months now, but it only seems like a week has passed since the interviewer hired you immediately after your first video meeting. The pay is fairly decent as well.


            Hera seems more than happy with you; she has taken to humming little tunes while she cleans and she smiles much more often. Now that you think about it, you smile a lot more often as well. Maya still loves coming in to your room and sitting in your lap as you work. Although you haven’t checked, you are sure she still wears her latex panties very often, if not all the time. There are times when it becomes very difficult to conceal your erection between your legs when you hear the squeak or the snap of them as the little Kiki adjusts herself.


            You had suggested enrolling Maya in the Maid Academy next fall, but Hera had immediately vetoed it. ‘I am more than well qualified enough to teach her on my own, Master. Besides, I’m not exactly welcome there after what happened with my last contract.’ she had said. You don’t mind though. It’s very cute to see little Maya closely following her mother around while she cleans. Seeing the way the young Kikimora’s bright green eyes light up in excitement whenever Hera teaches her something new just makes your heart melt. It feels like Hera teaches her in a lot of other ways too, their door is usually locked as soon as Hera’s duties are done. Sometimes you can even hear that familiar, frantic rustling of feathers behind it. You can’t help but wonder how many times a room can be cleaned, really. It happens very often.


            A week or so ago, you and Hera got together to order a bunch of miniature cleaning supplies for Maya. Now that she’s starting to do some sweeping and dusting of the lower places in the house on her own, she needs her own tools. You can tell that the older Kiki has been getting frustrated that Maya is constantly ‘borrowing’ her things, especially when she needs them. Your package arrived earlier this morning; you can’t wait for your maids to take their usual pre-dinner break so you can surprise the little Kiki with it. Now that you aren’t addicted to wasting time on the Internet, the three of you have gotten very close. It has taken you awhile to realize it, but you’ve definitely been starting to think of Maya as your own daughter.

            Wait, would that make Hera your wife? You guess it would.


            Being in a relationship is an utterly foreign concept to you. You’ve never been in one before and you had resigned yourself to the single life many years ago. Relationships are for other people, you’ve never imagined yourself actually having one. Still, you wouldn’t mind getting… closer to Hera. Being around her is so easy, and she always seems to know exactly what’s on your mind and how to talk about it. Her way of talking about it is almost always sexual in some way, but that’s just fine. Having to repress her basic, natural urges for years and years after being all but abandoned by a man who she once loved must have been really rough.


            Your thoughts are interrupted by a knock at your door.

            “Come in!” The door opens with that familiar creak and Hera strides in, closely followed by her daughter.

            “Good afternoon, Master!” Their sweet, happy voices harmonize a little as they greet you in unison. They stand there in front of you in their matching black and white frilly maid uniforms, tails wagging expectantly.

            “Hey ladies.” Your eyes lock with Hera’s and you exchange a knowing smile.

            “Maya? How about you come over here, Mama and I got you a little something.” You slide a large, plain-looking cardboard box out from under your desk with your foot. The little Kiki cocks her head to the side with a curious expression on her face as she eyes the box. Hera strips off her tight rubber cleaning gloves and takes a seat on the edge of your bed.


            The smell of cardboard, packing peanuts, and plastic wrap wafts up as you cut the top of the box with your house keys and open it. The tiny, excited Kikimora on the other side of the box gasps audibly as you take out the first item. A rectangular box covered in black velvet; inside of it is a small, child-sized feather duster. The little tool inside is very well made, it has a polished wooden handle inlaid with gold lettering that says ‘MAYA’. The dark brown feathers flecked with gray in it look extremely similar to Hera’s, because that’s whose they are.


            It is customary for Kikimoras to use their own shed feathers in the dusters that they pass down to their daughters. It’s also common for an old Kikimora to request that upon her death, all or a portion of her tail feathers go in to the dusters of her descendants. You had sent some of Hera’s feathers to Feathery Memories, a company that specializes in creating dusters from Kikimora feathers. Each duster comes with a certificate that has the names and a family tree of all the Kikimoras who have a feather in it. Maya’s certificate is fairly blank; the only maids listed are Her, Hera and your grandparent’s old Kiki. Hera had chosen not to divulge her lineage for whatever reason, and you have no idea of your grandparents’ maid’s heritage. Since she and Maya moved in, your older Kikimora has been using the late maid’s duster that had been on display over the hearth in your living room; both of you agreed that it’d be appropriate if one of its feathers was included as well.


            Maya takes her duster reverently into her tiny hands, green eyes shining with happiness. She is fully aware of the traditions surrounding feather dusters; you can tell just by looking at her adorable, awestruck face that she can hardly believe such an honor. Neither you nor Hera can conceal your grins as the young maid slides her duster into her apron pocket and clutches it tightly to her chest.

            “T-thank you, Master!” Her dark, feathery tail waves back and forth quickly as she looks to you with a beautifully happy look on her face. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Hera wipe a tear from her face. You aren’t quite sure what to say, so you reach into the box again.


            The next item isn’t nearly as fancy, but the happy, squee-ing noise that Maya makes tells you it is no less meaningful. A miniature broom. Maya hops up and down excitedly; her scaly yellow feet tap loudly against the hardwood floor as you slide the little broom out of its clear plastic sleeve and hand it to her. She holds it upside down by its slender wooden handle and inspects the bristles. The stiff straw of the bristles spring back to attention as the five-year-old Kikimora bends them with her tiny fingers. She gives the bristles a sniff and makes her short, little humming noise as she nods in satisfaction. Even though most of your house has been cleaned already, you can tell Maya is just seconds away from taking off on a cleaning frenzy as she turns her new broom around and gives it a few practice strokes on your antique floor.

            “We still have one more thing for you, Maya. Then I’ll let you go.” You smile warmly at her.

            “Right!” The little Kiki nods and watches you take out the last item.


            A package of tiny yellow cleaning gloves, just like her mother’s. You could probably find the same exact gloves at any grocery store, but these had been included with the broom as a bonus.

            “Ooooh! Can I please put them on now? Mama? Master?” Maya coos happily and looks from Hera, to you, to Hera again. The older Kikimora nods in agreement with a bemused smile on her face. Your young maid eagerly thrusts her left hand at you as you pull the plastic package open. You take one out and gently slide it over her little hand; once it’s on, the glove extends almost to her elbow to fully protect her delicate wrist feathers, just like her mother’s do. She flexes her fingers inside the thick yellow rubber. The glove is a little too big, but she’ll grow into it in no time.


            Once you help her put the second glove on, Maya rubs her rubber-covered hands together excitedly. The yellow material squeaks a bit as the little Kiki interlaces her fingers and strokes her plump little cheeks with her hands, savoring the feeling of the soft rubber against her skin.

            “What do you say, Maya?” Hera calls from the bed.

            “Thank you Master! Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou-thankyou!” Her high, excited voice goes a mile a minute as she tries to express the gravity of her thankfulness by repeating those two words as much as she can. You sit back in your desk chair and sigh a little, however Maya cuts your relaxation short almost immediately.


            She jumps into your arms and hugs you tightly, still happily repeating her little mantra. Blushing and smiling awkwardly, you wrap your arms around the tiny maid and hold her close for a moment. Even though she is rather loud and very wiggly, you really enjoy holding her small, warm body so close to yours. She pulls away from you after a bit and directs her thanks to her mother now.

            “Uuuhuuhuuu~ I was afraid you’d forgotten me!” Hera smiles smugly as she pulls her daughter onto her lap and tenderly cradles her in her arms.

            “Mama, No! I don’t forget about you!” Maya stares her mother in the eye, pouting indignantly.

            “I know, little one… I know.” Now Hera’s smile is a lot more genuine. She pulls her daughter’s feathery head in close and fondles her floppy ears and the little Kikimora hums happily and affectionately nuzzles against her mother’s neck. You just sit there smiling and watching them for a while.


            Eventually, Hera breaks the content, peaceful silence that has fallen over the room.

            “Are you hungry, Master? Would you like us to cook you some dinner?”

            “Sure!” You nod enthusiastically, giving Maya her gifts has taken a lot longer than you expected. The two maids extricate from each other and stand up. Maya takes off running for the kitchen, brandishing her broom and her feather duster wildly. Hera bows to you with a smile and follows, tail swishing happily through the air behind her.


            Once dinner is ready, Hera calls you in and the three of you eat the spaghetti that your maids have lovingly prepared. Maya clutches her duster and broom together in one gloved hand as she awkwardly shovels the delicious, saucy pasta into her mouth with the other. From the sour look on her mother’s face and the tapping of her scaly, high-heeled foot on the floor, she seems none too pleased with the crass and animalistic way the little Kiki is eating.

            “Honestly Maya, sometimes I think I should still make you wear a bib…” You try to conceal your smile by shoving a large forkful of noodles into your mouth. The way Hera gets frustrated when things get unnecessarily dirty is very endearing to you. The older Kikimora is able to contain herself after her little comment though, and the rest of the meal is uneventful.


            You return to your room to finish off your work for the day after Hera clears the table. A lot of time passes, and you begin to wonder what happened to your older maid. Usually she is in here cleaning by now. Curiosity builds as the seconds drag by, what the hell is going on? This deviation from the extremely consistent norm has you more worried than you’d like. Eventually, you are just about ready to get up and try to find your Kikis. Right as you begin to stand up though, you freeze.


— — — — —


            Knock knock.

            ‘There we go!’

            Knock. Knock. Knock.

            “Come in!”

            It seems like she’s ignoring you; a few moments pass in silence.

            KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.

            Does she want you to answer it or something?

            That must be it.

            You go to open the door to your room. It creaks open, and the sight before you makes your heart attempt a set of Olympic backflips.


            You are dumbstruck. You just stand there for a long time, taking in the sight n front of you. Hera is there of course, but Maya is too. Light from your room and the hallway shines off of the twin, black, latex maid outfits your Kikimoras are wearing. Their bulky latex dresses are almost exactly the same as their cloth counterparts, save for the material they are made with. These dresses seem a lot tighter though. They are also wearing black latex opera-length gloves that end in white latex frills just below their armpits. Their wrist feathers hang out through what seems like slits in their gloves, giving the gloves an almost painted on effect. Hera grins at you lustily; her large, ample bust is being squeezed and beautifully accentuated by the tight black latex that fully encases it.


            A faint jingling, clinking noise distracts you from the first latex maid. The noise is coming from around Maya’s head; a thick leather collar is buckled strictly around her neck, the jingling is coming from the metal clasps of the leash attached to her collar as she wags her tail excitedly. Her mother holds the other end of the plain black leash with part of it wrapped around her wrist. Maya’s latex maid uniform is just as tight as her mother’s. Her tiny, puffy nipples poke into the shiny black material and stand out on her otherwise completely flat chest. You can only assume that her little hands are tightly curled into fists under the thick, child-sized leather bondage mittens locked around her wrists.


            The little Kiki also wears a black latex gimp hood that completely encases her face and head. Her feathery ears stick out in little latex pockets that were designed for them on either side of her hood. The sound of Maya’s breathing is emphasized by the only two holes in the hood, which are at her nostrils. You can’t see them but two slim, centimeter-long hoses sit in each of the little maid’s nostrils to keep the hood in place over her cute nose. You can tell from the thin and incredibly skintight hood that Maya is also wearing a large ball gag underneath it.


            “Good evening, Master!”

            Maya tries to greet you along with her mother, but what comes out from behind the gag and the hood is only ‘mmphnn mmhhrmhrrrm Mmrnhh-hrrr!’

            Why is that so adorable?

            You are still fully in shock from what you’ve been presented with. So this is how Hera takes out her frustration then. You feel like you should probably be at least conflicted about this, but you’re not. You’re positive that this is just another of your maid’s ways to bring out the best in you, right? Right.

            “Master, are you ever going to let us in?”


            You finally come to your senses and force out some words.

            “Yeah. This is just… a little surprising.”

            “Oh, I understand, Master. You don’t have to explain yourself at all.” The dominant Kiki pats you on the head with her slender, latex-covered hand. You step aside and close the door behind your maids as they head for your bed. Hera picks her daughter up and gently sits her in the middle of the bed. The way the older Kikimora positions her daughter’s small arms and chubby, scaly legs in a cute, seductive position makes Maya look almost like a little, latex doll.

            “Now, Maya said she wanted not to see you until the last minute so you’d be a surprise. She can’t hear anything, by the way. I had an enchantment put on this.” Hera grins at you devilishly and fondles the little Kiki’s latex covered ears.

            “A surprise? What’s supposed to be the surprise?”

            “Master, please. YOU are!”


            The mature maid drops the leash from her hand and strides quickly over to you. Before you have time to resist, she has your shirt over your head and your pants and underwear around your ankles.

            “THIS is her surprise!” She gestures to your thin, naked body. You can’t help but smile; as dominant as Hera is, she cares a lot about the wants and needs of both you and Maya.

            “You couldn’t just use a blindfold, could you.” Hera grins at you, the faint hint of red tints her cheeks.

            “Master already knows me so well…”


            The motherly Kiki returns to the bed, sits behind Maya, and places her hands on either side of the little maid’s head, under her ears. The maids’ tight, frilly latex dresses rustle and squeak as they move and brush against each other.

            “Come closer, Master. I want Maya to get a good, long look at her first real penis…” You obey her, moving forward until your thighs touch the side of your bed and your half-erect manhood is inches away from Maya’s latex-encased face.


            Hera slowly starts to unzip the tight black hood at the back and you see it slowly start to loosen. Maya’s ears slide out of the pockets that had deafened her and the thin tubes slowly glide out of her nose. You can hear her breathing grow heavy around the tight gag in her mouth as the hood is finally lowered.

            “Mmmmmmhhhmmhhhhmmm…” The young Kikimora gives a deep, erotic sigh through her red ball gag as she takes in your now fully erect member. Moments of silence pass as you just stand in front of your tiny maid as she watches you, blushing heavily with lusty, eager eyes. It’s hard to tell from the strict ball gag buckled firmly between her small, drool-covered lips, but Maya is definitely smiling.

            “Well Master? My Maya is finally ready. She’s all yours now, what are you going to do with her?” Hera winks.


            What an offer. What ARE you going to do? Your body seems to move on its own as you sit down on the bed and pull Maya close to you. The smooth, sticky latex of her dress and gloves feels fantastic against your bare skin as you hug the helpless, gagged Kikimora tightly. Hera clips Maya’s arms together behind her back via her bondage mittens before scooting out of your way. Trembling a little in anticipation, you stretch out on your back with Maya on your chest. With your head propped up on a pillow, your faces are merely centimeters from each other.


            Your large, strong hands dance all over her tiny, helpless body; you grope and squeeze at everywhere you can think of. Her sensitive sides, her plump, squishy stomach, her delicious flat chest, petite shoulders, adorably chubby legs and thighs and butt; nowhere is spared from your rough, loving touch. The little Kiki moans pitifully into her strict ball gag as you continue to mercilessly molest and grope at her whole body.


            You make sure to pay extra attention to her chest and nipples, as well as her buttocks. Each time you pinch and pull at her tiny, stiff nipples she makes the most delightful little ‘mmmmnn!’ noise. These moans and coos only escalate as you knead and twist your palms against the incredibly tight, thick latex covering Maya’s flat, adorable chest.

            “MMmmmnnnh! MMMmmm!” You lightly slap your hand across the little Kikimora’s butt. Her feathery tail flops around uselessly and her little hands struggle in vain inside her leather bondage mitts as you tease her immature body.

            “MMMMM!!” Maya shivers and wiggles around on top of you as you gently pull on the base of her tail. Her eyes are squeezed shut and her face is the color of a tomato as she starts to buck her hips against you.

            “Oh Maya, you really want it that bad?” Your words only seem to make the little maid hornier.

            “Let’s get this dress off of you, hmmm? It must be awfully sweaty for you under all that latex.” Maya nods weakly. It takes some effort, but you finally manage to remove the tight latex maid outfit from the Kikimora’s trembling little body. She isn’t exactly free from the deliciously restrictive embrace of latex just yet though.


            Under Maya’s dress is a black latex leotard. The leotard covers her whole body and torso all the way up to her neck; you can barely see the edge of its collar under the thick leather pet collar above it. Now that one layer is off, the curves and contours of the loli Kiki’s body stand out even more. You can’t help but go back to massaging her again. Without the long, bulky frills of the latex maid’s dress in the way, you can see a lot more of her. Her soft, slightly pudgy belly bulges out infinitesimally through the tight black latex. Yellow scales fade into pale, unmarked skin halfway up her deliciously chubby thighs.


            You squeeze and lightly pinch Maya’s legs, slowly edging your hands closer to her crotch as you plant tender, delicate kisses all over her sweaty, drool-covered face. She moans desperately at you through her gag as you finally hook your thumb around the bottom of her latex leotard and pull it out of the way.

            The bound little maid’s tiny, hairless pussy gleams with arousal in the light from above.

            “Look at you Maya… It looks like you want Master to treat you like a big girl, hmm?”

            “… mmhmm…”

            “Ara ara~ Master, you’re just going to have to wait for that I’m afraid…”


            Hera breaks her silence and you stop, seconds from lifting Maya up and parting her tiny, puffy lips with your manhood. You look at her; she has shed her latex uniform as well, and wears a shiny black leotard very similar to her daughter’s. The latex leotards are exactly the same except for the fact that Hera’s has two large holes for her huge, alabaster breasts. Her deliciously mature teats sag a little, but they still look amazingly firm and fun to play with.

            “I’m sorry Master, but I just can’t wait any longer…” Hera waddles over to you on her knees; the crotch of her tight latex leotard digs in to her smooth, sopping pussy, parting her lips ever so slightly.


            You gulp as she throws one leg over your head, positioning her crotch directly over her face. Her amazingly wide, squishy looking ass sways over you as her tail wags slowly to and fro.

            “I’m not letting Maya have all the fun, Master.” With that, the older maid slams her amazing butt down on your face.

            “Be a good little Master and lick me!” Her voice is a bit muffled, but you have no complaints. You slide your tongue out of your mouth and eagerly push the latex crotch of Hera’s leotard away from her pussy.

            “Oh, Master! You greedy, dirty little boy!” The tantalizing, musky scent of the dominant Kiki’s arousal fills your mouth and nose as your tongue plunges into her tight, slippery folds.


            “Hmmmmmnnn… M-Master… good boy…” Your hands instinctively wrap tightly around Hera’s thick, squishy thighs as she starts to buck and grind her hips against your face. Every time she slides across you, you have just enough time to sneak a quick breath in as you enthusiastically tongue-fuck Hera’s pussy. You are only vaguely aware of what your two maids are doing above you, all you care about is the beautiful, delicious Kikimora ass filling your everything. Maya still sits low across your stomach, but now she seems to be moving.

            “Maya, love… come here a moment. Let Mama take your ball gag out and take your mittens off so you can make Master feel good…”

            Oh, well that’s nice of her. You have been getting a little… frustrated. Before too long, you feel the little Kiki’s heavy, warm breath around your crotch. Her soft, tiny tongue delicately laps at the precum leaking from your tip.


            Almost immediately after that, a hot, wet, beautifully slimy feeling envelops you as Maya greedily takes you into her small mouth. You do your best to keep focused on licking Hera’s folds and occasionally nibbling at her clit, but her daughter is making it very difficult. Soon, you feel the little maid’s mouth shudder around you as she almost gags on the girth now throbbing at the back of her mouth. Her latex covered hands slowly wrap around the bottom of your shaft and she begins to jerk them up and down, in time with her head. The semi-polished motions of Maya’s mouth as well as those of her small, gloved hands aren’t mind blowing, but that’s to be expected. This is the first time she’s ever held a man in her mouth; she’ll learn.


            Hera’s moaning and sighing have slowly increased in volume as your devilish tongue slowly brings her closer and closer to the edge. It doesn’t take long for her walls to shudder, clench, and force your tongue out as her orgasm explodes in your face. Her pillowy, voluptuous butt slams down and smothers you as you continue to squeeze and grope her delicious thighs.

            “MaaaaAAAster!” She calls out for you as she cums; her latex-covered fingers dig into your chest and she presses down on you to hold herself up. Now starved for air, you frantically tap on Hera’s thick, soft thighs. Thankfully, she lifts herself from you and allows you to sit up.

            “Master… You’re such a good boy!”


            Hera’s fragrant juices have soaked your hair as well as the rest of face, but that doesn’t stop her from giving you a loving headpat. This tender, unspoken thank you she gives after she dominates you always makes you feel warm and happy inside. Maya lets you fall from her tiny mouth and looks up at you. Sweat glistens off of the parts of her petite little body that aren’t covered with tight, black latex. Her mother is equally as sweaty; you long to bury your hands into her beautifully large and mature breasts.

            “Now, Master. You may have your fun with us. Feel free to do what you like, as long as you DON’T…” Her green eyes seem to drill into you, “… cum inside my Maya. Y-you can cum inside me though…” Hera blushes a little with those last words, but her gaze remains as commanding and powerful as ever.

            “Fair enough.”


            You take a moment to figure out what you want to do with what is before you. “Hera, you lay on your back… and Maya… Lay on Mama’s belly like this.” As the older maid lies down, you tenderly pick her daughter up and place her gently on Hera’s soft, squishy belly. Maya lays on her own stomach, low enough to where her pussy barely touches and grinds against her mother’s. Standing on your knees, you position yourself behind them, your manhood barely grazing the latex-covered pussies of the horny Kikimoras in front of you. The two of them smile lewdly, excitement and anticipation building as you slide the crotches of their tight, latex leotards aside. With your other hand, you gently spread Maya’s small, puffy lips and line your shaft up with her. Her tight, tiny insides are deliciously pink and shine at you as minuscule beads of arousal drip down her thighs. Her juices coat the tip of your member as you slowly, slowly slide into her.


            “mmmmAAAAAHH!” The little Kiki cries out and tears start to fall from her eyes as you gradually tear through her hymen. You stop, a trickle of ruby colored blood leaks out around you.

            “You tell me when you’re okay Maya. I won’t do anything until you tell me to.” The young maid nods, eyes still screwed shut in pain. Hera lovingly strokes her daughter’s head and fondles her ears and whispers softly to her as you wait for the pain of losing her virginity to subside.

            “You’re such a good girl, Maya. Mama is so proud of you. Pretty soon Master’s big thing is going to feel so good inside of you, you’ll see. Master loves you, and Mama loves you so, so much Maya… You’re our little baby.” You know her words are meant for Maya, but you can’t help but feel calmed by them too. You really are a family now.


            You reach your hand under yourself and between the Kikis to Maya’s tiny little clit, your girth still halfway inside of her. She sighs softly as you trace circles around it and gently, lovingly pinch at it, slowly making her feel pleasure again.

            “I-I think I’m ready now…” The small Kiki’s sweet, trembling voice is faint, but full of passion and longing. You resume your slow, steady push into her indescribably tight, pulsating depths. She whines and cries out passionately as you fuck her as gently as possible. Pleasure builds faster than you expect it to, Maya’s tiny pussy seems to suck you in and want to milk you for all you’re worth. The only thing on your mind is pleasuring her though; every fiber of your being is intent on giving her first orgasm with a man. You are surprised and nearly fall over on top of your maids when you accidentally cum. Fuck, you’re completely inside of her! Unexpected jets of hot, creamy seed explode deep inside of the tiny Kikimora. She screeches and wails passionately as her little pussy clenches around your shaft, shuddering as she climaxes with you.


            You’re screwed. Metaphorically and physically, you’re just screwed. You close your eyes and wait for the inevitable. How will you die, you wonder? Will Hera rip your throat out with her teeth, or will she torture for weeks until you beg her to kill you?

            “Master? What are you doing?” There it is. Hera’s voice will be the last thing you hear.

            “MASTER. I can tell you just wanted to make my little Maya happy. Accidents happen all the time, why did you stop? I thought you knew that?” You hesitate a little, but eventually breathe out a sigh of relief. Of course she wouldn’t punish you for an accident, she’s not completely evil.


            “Sorry. Sorry Maya.” You apologize to your maids.

            “That’s alright, Master. Now that you’ve filled her though, you better not waste it.” Hera’s bright green eyes stare at you knowingly.

            “Right. Of course not!” Maya shivers and gives a cute whine as you pull out of her. Before any of your massive load has a chance to leak out of her, you move the crotch of her latex leotard back into place and pull it up tight around her neck and shoulders. The leotard slides up between the little Kiki’s small, plump, sweaty butt cheeks and stretches around her crotch. All of your cum is kept inside of the little loli by her deliciously tight, black latex leotard.


            “Now then, I think I owe you something, Hera.”

            “Ara ara ara~ Master… Be a good boy for me, hmmm?” Nodding, you pull Hera’s leotard aside and line your still erect manhood up with her soaked, shining pussy.

            “Mama…” Maya sluggishly crawls up on her mother’s squishy, latex-covered belly a little ways until her blushing face is level with her breasts. The older Kikimora sighs passionately as her little daughter’s lips wrap around one of her large, stiff nipples. You stroke your tip up and down Hera’s puffy, dripping slit as Maya begins to suckle tenderly at her mother’s breast with her eyes closed.

            “Hmmmm… hhhaaannhhnnn…” Hera is doing her best to stifle her sighs and moans, but she is far too aroused and desperate for that.

            “OoooOOOOooohhhh!” You shiver at her deep, throaty cry as you thrust into her hot, aching folds.


            The older maid’s pussy is different from her daughter’s; it seems to have a mind of its own as it presses and squeezes at you in all the right places. As you push forward, you reach your hands out to your Kikis. Your left hand fastens itself around Maya’s small, round, deliciously soft butt, and the other one sinks in to Hera’s open, slightly sagging, yet deliciously firm breast.

            Heaven. You are in heaven.


            Powerfully intense waves of pleasure surge through you as you fuck Hera as hard as you can. Your groping and teasing of mature breast and loli butt never fade as you slam your hips faster and faster. The tight, shiny latex of the Kikimora’s black gloves and leotards squeak and slide against each other, lubricated by a mixture of sweat and arousal. Soon, you and Maya switch breasts. You switch your hands as well, a little symmetry never hurt anybody.


            Your pelvis slaps lewdly against Hera’s ass, sending ripples through her delicious, pale flesh as you repeatedly hilt yourself in her wet, welcoming depths. Finally, you climax again. A load, just as big as the one you had given Maya spurts repeatedly into the mature Kiki.

            “Oooohh Master! MAAAAster! YeeeeeessSSS…” Hera’s cooing, impassioned voice trails off as her eyes roll up into her head. She clenches down on you, the spasms of her own orgasm vibrate through your whole body. After a few moments, you remove yourself from her dripping pussy and quickly cover her crotch with the latex of her leotard. Hera pulls her leotard up and wriggles down into it, making sure it wedges deeply into her butt and tightens across her plump lower lips.


            You get up to turn out the light and give your maids a little bit of time to adjust as they come down from their highs. Maya seems a little reluctant to stop nursing at her mother’s beautiful boobs, but she eventually rolls off of her. As you return to the bed, you can’t help but wait to get in it. The light was old and dim enough to not really affect your night vision at all, so the scene in front of you is perfectly clear. Two spent, cumflated Kikimora maids wearing tight latex leotards and gloves lay on your incredibly messy bed. Sweat and arousal cover your maids as they pant and absently pat and rub their cum-filled bellies with half lidded eyes.

            Now that you think about it, you’re pretty damn tired yourself.


            You lay in between the little Kiki and her mature mother in a three-way spooning cuddle pile, disregarding the messy sheets and the discarded latex maid uniforms, gimp hood, ball gag, and bondage mittens strewn around you. Maya is clutched tightly to your bare chest, her feathery tail rests on your side, occasionally twitching or wagging. The warmth of her tiny body is extremely calming as you feel her breath and her heartbeat through her latex leotard. Hera’s soft, silky breasts are pushed up against your back and shoulders as her arms wrap around you, you can hear her tail thump happily against the messy sheets. Her heartbeat echoes into your back and her tenderly powerful hands inside their tight latex gloves softly caress your head and rub your ears. Your legs and thighs are intertwined with the Kikis’; their smooth, yellow scales are pleasantly warm against your skin and their chubby, pillowy thighs are just perfect. Here you are, sandwiched between your two beautiful, latex maids as you all slowly drift off to sleep together.

            Having Kikimoras is wonderful, isn’t it?


— — — — —


            “Master! Master! Wake up Master! Maaaasterrrr!” Maya’s uncontrollably excited voice assaults your ears as sleep leaves you.

            What the hell?

            “I’m deeply sorry Master, she ran in here before I could stop her. As soon as she saw it she just…” Your eyes aren’t open yet, but you can just imagine Hera’s face after her words trail off into that exasperated sigh.

            “Saw what?” Your curiosity piques as you sit up and open your eyes, usually your maids let you wake up on your own. Maya is standing eagerly by your bed while her mother stands in the doorway with her hands on her mature, curvy hips. You were right about Hera’s expression, it is as frustrated and barely bemused as it usually is when the little Kiki gets excited like this.

            “Snow, Master! SnowsnowsnowsnowSNOW!” Maya twirls around happily, her frilly maid uniform and feathery tail rustle around her as she spins.



            Snow at this time of year is extremely rare, winter officially ended last week.

            “Yes, Master! Hurry up and come see! It’s snow!” Maya’s small hands pull impatiently at yours and her scaly yellow feet thump loudly against the floor as she tries to tug you off the bed.

            “Alright… alright! I’m coming.” You yawn widely before letting the young maid pull you out from under your nice, warm blankets.

            “Want to let me get dressed so we can go out together?”

            “Mmmm!” Maya nods and hums happily as she lets go of your hand.

            “Come on, Maya love. Let’s go get ready and let Master wake up.” The little Kikimora obeys her mother and the two disappear from your room. As sudden as your morning wake-up call had been, you can’t help but smile. Maya has never seen snow before. The way she can get so excited over the littlest things always makes you really happy.


            You quickly dress yourself in your warm winter clothes and go to meet your Kikimoras in the hall. They are already there waiting for you, wearing matching brown, woolen coats. Now that you’ve finally replaced all of the dim and burned-out light bulbs in your house, you can see everything much better and life seems so much brighter.

            Who knew?


            Hera smiles thinly as the warm gaze of her green eyes meets yours. Her feathery arms are crossed neatly beneath her thick, brown, wool-lined sleeves and a fuzzy green scarf is wrapped around her pale, slender neck. Maya stands next to her, excitedly twisting back and forth with her whole body. Her floor-length coat and wide green scarf are exactly like her mother’s, but she also wears a pair of fuzzy pink mittens. You always love seeing your Kikis wear new outfits; you’ve gotten very used to their usual black, frilly maid uniforms in the two and a half months they’ve been living with you. You feel your own excitement start to rise within you as you walk over to the maids by the door.



            They nod, and you slowly open your heavy wooden door. The iridescent white light from outside almost blinds you. As you focus though, it doesn’t take long for you to take in the rather picturesque scene in front of you.

            Several inches of fine, powdery snow coat your lawn and gleam brightly in the early morning sunlight. No snow is actually falling now; it must have all passed through while it was still dark out. Leafless tree branches sag slightly under the weight of the white flakes piled upon them and only a very thin layer of snow lies on the street and the sidewalks. You look up to the roofs of the other mansions on your street; the startlingly uniform snowfall coupled with the old-timey buildings make you feel as though you stepped back in time for a moment. Everything is calm and serene, at least for now. Nobody around here knows how to deal with themselves when it snows since it is so uncommon. As you recall, a lot of people just stay inside and ignore it.


            Maya tears off out through the open door and into your yard. Her loud, happy laughs and yips and giggles seem to echo up and down the street. Your heart starts to beat faster as Hera gently wraps her arm around yours and interlaces your fingers with hers. She sighs softly as she rests her head on top of your own, watching her daughter pick up handfuls of powdery white fluff and excitedly toss it into the air over herself. Wonderfully content and happy feelings well up and swirl around inside of you as you watch the happy little Kiki play as you tenderly hold hands with her mother.


            “She’s so happy, Master…” The mature Kikimora’s melodic voice vibrates against you.

            “Yeah. I’m glad she has this, you know? I’m glad I… I’m glad we… I’m glad we’re together.”

            You’re glad you finally found the right words.

            “Me too, Master. Me too.” Out of the corner of your eye, you see Hera reach up and brush something away from her face.

            “Want to join her? I haven’t seen snow since I was really young.” You know it may be a bit much to ask of your older maid, but the snow is calling to you.

            “Yes, Master.” She sounds a little skeptical, but she follows you out into the yard all the same.


            The three of you play together in the snow for several hours. Eventually though, you notice that Maya’s lips have gained a soft, blue tint and that she can’t stop shivering. As Hera ushers her soaked, panting, unfathomably happy daughter inside to dry off, you take a moment for yourself before going to join them. A broad grin paints your face as you gaze over the small makeshift igloos, dozens of snow-angels, piles of snowballs, and patches of green and yellow grass where the snow has been scraped away. You’re surprised at how much Hera had loosened up and let herself go as you all enjoyed the rare snowfall together. Her tail had almost never stopped wagging; neither had Maya’s.


            At your and Maya’s coaxing and teasing, she had even made a snow angel. Just one though; you’d thought her glowing red blush could have melted the snow all around her before she got up and hurriedly brushed the flakes from her coat and tail feathers. She had gotten you back pretty good though, you are sure that you’ll have a nice round bruise in the middle of your lower back from that snowball she threw.

            Damn she can throw.

            As much as Hera had tried to hide it, you had definitely noticed her smiling with a youthful innocence that you’d never really seen in her before. Both of them have come so far and become so happy since the day you met them; you have as well. Not a day goes by now where you don’t ponder your luck at finding wonderful Kikimoras like these.


            You finally turn to go inside, but something catches your eye first.

            Wait a second… you don’t remember making any snowmen. Maybe Maya had made them while you and Hera were at each other with your snowball fight. The three, small snowmen have been placed several inches away from your front walk, facing it. The biggest one stands on the left and is about a foot tall. The one to the far right is just a little smaller, and the middle one is only half the size of the other two. The largest one and the smallest one have twigs in their hands; you can only assume that they’re supposed to be brooms. The third one has a leaf in front of it that’s been ripped into a rectangle and bent up in half.

            A computer? That has to be it.

            All three of them are smiling almost up to their eyes, but the third one still seems to have the faintest trace of a tiny teardrop below it’s left eye, almost like a scar.

            Maya’s attention to detail really is amazing.


            Your heart leaps like it never has before when you catch sight of what is below them. Three awkward lines, three arrows, and three blocky names carved into the snow with a tiny finger.


            “MAMA”, “ME”, and “PAPA”.

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9 thoughts on “Kikis

  1. Just wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! You had me on the edge of my seat, not to mention my pants as well, and the story was just so touching. Thank you very much for a very good read.

  2. Someone has been caught by depression and found his way out. Not an easy task.
    Not quite my cup of tea story wise- but all in all an interesting story to read.
    I do like the domination aspect.

  3. You know I can’t get over how good you are at setting up these touching, seemingly sweet and innocent premises, and then turning them into these twisted stories that undo everything that came beforehand and pervert the whole concept. Seriously, it’s impressive how well you set up the facade before turning it on its head and corrupting what should be pure and good in such an incredibly depraved way, this and the Hellhounds story.

    To elaborate? This one’s set up so that the protag just so happens to a wife and daughter in the process of taking in these two Kikis, and that’s very sweet. He even decides to better himself so he can provide for them, and he even starts to see Maya as his daughter. That’s all very heartwarming and all, but then it suddenly all gets thrown out the window when not only does Hera reveal she takes out her sexual frustration by doing BDSM with her own five-year old daughter (seriously, what the actual fuck???) she invites the protag to fuck her and do whatever he wants with her. And he actually AGREES, despite stating that he thinks of her as a daughter now.

    That just undermines EVERYTHING IN THE STORY. You can’t have a sweet, touching family story if they all end up being incestic, it doesn’t WORK that way! And even worse is after the depraved child-fucking threesome, it all ends with Maya making a little drawing in the snow calling the protag her dad. In other circumstances it would be incredibly heartwarming, but again this just came after a damn sex scene; it’s extremely disturbing to see that would should be a childish illustration of a child and her parents is actually a drawing of three lovers.

    But why should I even bother saying all this? You knew EXACTLY what you were doing, and you intentionally set up this seemingly ideal family story just so the eventual perversion and depravity of the setting would hit even harder. Absolute proof of this being the case is when the MC thinks to himself that they really are a family now – while he literally just tore the hymen of the little girl he is planning to raise from now on.

    You’re a sick, sick man, Mr. Quicksilver! But as much as I hate this story for being twisted, disgusting, and morally depraved beyond all redemption, those same qualities are what make all your loli stories so hot. It’s ironic that something being filled with things you know you should hate can actually make you love it instead.

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