Kiki and Brianna

Ice shifted in the glass as it was placed upon the countertop followed by a long, relaxed sigh. A pale, delicate hand reached out and gently caressed the strong, masculine one which set the glass down. The touch was for the briefest of moments, barely enough to be noticed. Moments later the pale hand took the glass behind the bar and a sultry voice asked,

“How was it, Master?”

The man, this Master, nodded his head to his addresser. “Excellent as always, Brianna. I don’t know how you manage to make whisky taste better but whatever you do between the bottle and the glass is magic.”

“Oh, you flatter me.” Brianna chuckled, her slender hand covering her mouth. Fluttering long eyelashes at him, she leaned over to expose an indecent amount of cleavage and asked, “Is there any ‘other’ service I can provide for you, Master?”

The Master considered before shaking his head. “I think that will be good for this evening. I need to be up early so my ‘before bed’ whiskey will be sufficient. Thank you for your concern, Brianna.”

She smiled and pulled back before nodding her head. “Of course, Master. Please, have a good evening then.” Dumping the ice from the glass she began to clean it with a rag.

“I will do so, good night.” He nodded to her and rose to go.

Brianna watched him walk down the plush carpeting of the bar toward one of the larger hallways of the mansion which would lead to the master bedroom. He turned one last time to look at her as he rounded the corner. She merely waved at him until he walked out of sight. The moment her Master was gone she grit her teeth and set down the glass with an angry “thunk.”

“Gee Brianna, you’re going to break another glass if you set it down that hard.”

Brianna narrowed her eyes and turned toward the new voice. Standing at the entrance to the bar was woman of slender build and average height. While she had a lovely, feminine face and pale skin her French maid attire wasn’t enough to hide everything that made her inhuman.

From her wrists sprouted pure white feathers which matched the long, plumed tail protruding from her backside. While she had scaled feet like those of a bird she also possessed droopy, canine ears the same color as her silver-blonde hair. Not the most monstrous of the Monsters, Kikimoras like her were still certainly not human. Of course, neither was Brianna.

Being a Satyros, Brianna was possessed of brown, goat-like legs beginning at her feminine hips and a short goat tail. Atop her head of long, brown hair were a pair of curling ram horns as well. If she’d worn a hat then along with unbuttoned suit that showed a little too much of her chest, the tall, feminine Monster could almost have passed for a human. Almost.

Brianna grunted and crossed her arms under her breasts. “Where have you been, Kiki?”

“I was dusting the attic.”

“At this time of night?”

“Yep, best time to get the spiders while they’re asleep.”

The Satyros groaned. “You ignoramus, that’s not how that works at all.”

Kiki pouted. “Gee Brianna, that’s rude to call me a moose. I’m a Kikimora.” Before the unsurprised Brianna could make a response, she leaned her elbows on the bar and asked, “So, Master’s gone to bed. What are we going to do tonight?”

Brianna smirked and touched her fingertips together. “Same thing we do every night Kiki. Try to get into Master’s pants.”

“Ohhhhhh.” Kiki said, eyes going wide. A look of confusion came over her face a moment later. “But I already did Master’s laundry today.”

Brianna reached forward and flicked Kiki’s forehead, making the shorter Monster pull back and yelp. “No you nincompoop, I meant have sex with Master.”

“Ohhh, I get it now.” Nodding her forehead, Kiki crossed her arms under her breasts to match Brianna’s stance. “So, when are we going to do it?”

“That’s the ingenious part.” Brianna said, rubbing her hands together. “It’s already begun. You see Kiki, I slipped a little something extra in Master’s drink tonight: Powdered Manticore spine. He’ll be producing so much semen here soon that he won’t know what to do with it.”

“Aww gee Brianna, that sounds great!” Kiki said, eyes sparkling. “I’ve always wanted to try Master’s semen but it’s always dry on his underwear by the time I get to wash it!”

“Yes Kiki, I understand. Tonight however we’ll make sure not a single drop is wasted!”

“Oh boy!” Kiki clapped her hands until Brianna grabbed them to keep her still.

“Quiet you dunce. We don’t want to spoil it all.”

The Kikimora’s eyes went wide. “Ohhh, right, sorry Brianna. I’ll be real quiet. You won’t even hear me.” She made a zipping motion across her mouth.

“Good.” Brianna said, placing a hand on the bar. With a single push she leaped over it and landed with her hooves on the plush carpet. “Now then. Let us make for the second stage of the plan. I expect Master should begin to feel the effects shortly.”

Kiki gave a thumbs up and the two traveled down the hallway toward their Master’s room. Before leaving they paused to don slippers as not to scratch the marble floor with their inhuman feet, but it also had the extra effect of muting their footsteps. They ascended the stairs up toward the master bedroom before standing on either side of the door.

“Kiki.” Brianna whispered. “What do you hear?”

The Kikimora took one of her canine ears and placed it against the door, holding it there with one hand. She nodded her head once, twice, three times, before whispering back, “Master’s getting out of bed. He seems agitated for some reason.”

“Good, good, that’s the Manticore spine.” Brianna said, rubbing her hands together. “Now then, when he goes to the bathroom, I want you to knock on the door and ask if he needs ‘any help with that.’”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to stand over there.” She pointed down the hall. “When he lets you in, I’ll join you.”

“Right-o, Brianna.” Kiki gave her a thumbs up.

Chuckling softly, Brianna walked down the hallway, back toward Kiki. “Yes, soon enough Master will no longer be able to resist my charms. Tonight, I’ll finally get a taste of that delicious dick!”

A knock sounded behind the Satyros followed by Kiki asking, “Master! Are you alright? Do you need any uh… ‘help?’”

“Yes, good, good, all according to plan. Soon enough Master will open the door and be unable to resist Kiki’s girlish charms.” Brianna said while rubbing her hands together. Something tapped her shoulder and she jumped, turning about to see Kiki standing behind her.

“Y- you? What? Why aren’t you in there sucking his dick!”

Kiki shrugged. “He said he didn’t need any help.”

Brianna slapped her face and groaned. “Kiki you simpleton, you’re not supposed to take no for an answer!”

“Aww gee Brianna, he sounded like he didn’t need help. Besides.” She lifted her ear and cocked her head. “He just flushed the toilet and sounds much better!”

“Nrrrgh.” Brianna growled. “He just jacked off and wasted some of OUR semen!”

“Oh no!” Kiki gasped, placing a hand to her mouth. “I wanted some of that!”

Taking a deep breath, the Satyros calmed down. “It’s fine Kiki, I thought perhaps something like this may happen.” She turned about and walked towards the stairs.

“Where you going, Brianna?” Kiki asked, following behind.

“To the bar, Kiki. I won’t let this chance get away from us.”

They returned to the bar where Brianna began to mix together a cocktail of various liquids with such speed that Kiki’s eyes were spinning. Finally, she slammed the drink on the counter and said, “With this, our plan will succeed.”

“Looks yummy.” Kiki said, reaching out to take it. Brianna slapped her hand before she could reach, however.

“No, you imbecile. This is for Master.”

“But he already had his night time drink!”

Brianna rubbed her temples. “This is a special drink for him. It’s designed to lower his inhibitions. Soon after drinking it, he will be unable to resist us any longer and we’ll finally have what we want.” Placing the drink on a tray, she pushed it toward Kiki. “Just take it up to his room and say it’s to help him sleep. Make sure not a drop is wasted.”

“Right you are, Brianna.” Kiki said, taking the drink. She vanished down the hallway a moment later, feet muffled by her slippers.

Brianna folded her hands together again. Unable to keep herself from smirking she said, “Not even Kiki can mess this one up.”

The mansion grew quiet as Brianna waited. It wouldn’t take very long for the drink to take effect. Surely he must have let it into his system by now, right? Feeling agitated and horny, Brianna shifted to leave the bar when Kiki appeared, holding the glass in her hand.

The empty glass.

Brianna clapped her hands and laughed. “Yes! Yes Kiki! Good work! Now we shall go and reap the rewards of our labors.” She made to walk past Kiki when the smaller Monster grabbed her arm, stopping her in place.

“Brianna… I feel weird.”

“Yes Kiki, that’s just the lust roiling within you. Come now, before Master finds another way to relieve his sexual tensions.” Trying to pull away, she found herself unable to break the iron grasp of the Kikimora.

Kiki slid forward and sniffed Brianna’s neck. “Gee Brianna, I never realized how good you smell.”

“What are you talking abou-“Brianna cut off as she noticed a thin dribble of aromatic liquid at the corner of Kiki’s mouth. Eyes going wide, she said, “Kiki you nitwit, you drank the drink!”

The glass dropped to the floor as Kiki pressed herself against Brianna and chuckled. “Aww gee Brianna. You told you me not to waste any of it and Master only drank half.” She traced a finger across the pale skin of the Satyros’s breast. “Tasted really good too.”

“Oh confound it.” Brianna said, trying to break the contact. She had forgotten that despite her simple demeanor, Kiki was strong. Her struggles only seemed to fuel Kiki’s own, making Brianna more desperate. “Kiki, listen. If we don’t hurry now, we may lose the chance to get to Master before he relieves himself again.”

“Aww, but why do we have to break each other up like this. I kind of like it, Brianna.” She giggled again and leaned forward, pushing the two onto the floor. Her dress began to slip, exposing some more of her skin.

Brianna looked about in panic when thought occurred to her. Stopping her protests, she calmed herself again and said in a seductive voice, “Very well then Kiki. We can do this.”

Kik beamed. “Really, Brianna? Oh boy this will be the best-“

“But! I need to powder my nose first.”

Kiki cocked her head, confusion in her eyes. “Powder your nose? What for?”

“Why, to look my best, of course.” The Satyros gave her best fake smile, thankful that Kiki couldn’t tell the difference.

Kiki thought for a moment before pushing herself off Brianna. “Gee Brianna, you’re right. A lady should always look her best.”

“Indeed.” Brianna said, picking herself off the floor. “Now then, if you will wait here, I shall retire to the powder room for but the briefest of moments.”

“I’ll be waiting right in this very spot!” Kiki said, planting her hands on her hips.

Nodding to her Brianna slowly walked toward the end of the bar room before turning the corner and dashing quickly away. “Idiot Kikimora.” She muttered, making her way toward Master’s bedroom. “But while she’s distracted, I’ll make my own play.”

Hooves softly thumping up the stairs, she reached Master’s room. A few moments to adjust her hair and clothing was enough to get ready. Quietly, she placed her ear on the door to listen in. On the other side she could hear muted moaning. Was Master relieving himself again, or just looking for a source of release? Well, either way she had to take the risk.

“Master? You sound ill! I’m coming in!”

Not waiting for a response, she opened the door, stuck out her chest, and strode into the room. There were no lights on, casting the room in complete darkness. Fortunately, Satyros had excellent night vision and she quickly found the man under his covers, breathing heavily. Feeling a hunger stirring in belly, she walked toward him and knelt down beside his bed, her chest at head-level.

“Oh, my poor Master.” Brianna said, placing a hand on his head. He shivered at her touch, which sent a shiver down her spine as well. “Is there any way I can help you?”

“Brianna?” He asked, words slurred. Pausing for a moment to consider, he asked, “Why are-? Ah, well, whatever… Can you hold me stable for a moment?”

“Anything for you Master~.” She said, pressing herself up to him. With gentle hands, she then laid his head upon her chest. He sighed into the gesture which made her shudder at feeling his warmth. Oh yes, Brianna finally had what she wanted. Best of all, she didn’t even have to share with that bumbling Kiki!

Licking her lips in anticipation she asked in her sultry voice, “What are you feeling, Master?”

“I’m feeling warm…” He said, eyes closing. A sigh of relief passed from his lips. “I was feeling a little weird after Kiki gave me that drink though.”

“Oh my. Perhaps I can give you a hand with that?” She reached toward his crotch, excited to take hold of his certain to be rock-solid rod.

“Actually, I’m fine. I took some sleeping pills. I was a little woozy but with you here I’m starting to drift off.”

Her hand froze, hovering over his bulge. “What.”

Her master let out a loud yawn and rolled off her chest back onto his pillow before curling up under the covers. “Thank you for the help Brianna… Your drinks are… the best.” Moments later he began to snore.

Brianna stared at him in horror before pressing down on his crotch to find no traces of the diamond hard dick she dreamed of. Tears began to well in her eyes as she bit her lip. Slowly, she stood up, turned about, and walked toward the door. Giving one last look behind her, she sighed, “Good night, Master.”

As she closed the door, she slid her back against it and rubbed her temples. Of all the things to do, he went and took sleeping pills? If only that bumbling fool Kiki hadn’t ruined the plan, she’d be plugged full of cock right now.

“Wait a second.” Brianna said, remembering something important. Her eyes shot up to find Kiki standing over her, a glazed over expression on the Kikimora’s face. Maid outfit slipping off one shoulder, the Kikimora leaned down and put strong hands on Brianna’s shoulders.

“It occurred to me Brianna. We don’t have a powder room in this mansion.”

Brianna began to sweat in the face of Kiki’s hot breath. “Kiki, I think I should go to bed. I have a lot of thinking about what to do tomorrow night, after all.”

“Gee Brianna, what are we going to do tomorrow night?”

“Same thing we do every night Kiki. Try to get into Master’s pants.”

Kiki cocked her head in thought before shaking it. Leaning forward further to nuzzle Brianna’s neck, she whispered, “We can always take the night off.”

Brianna slumped, unable to fight off the uninhibited Kikimora. Even if tonight’s plan had some unintended consequences, someday she was going to get what she wanted. She just needed time to think of a new plan, something not even Kiki could screw up. She WAS going to get into his pants or die trying! Oh well, there was always tomorrow night.

Assuming she survived this one.


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  1. Loved it! Great adaptation from a favorite childhood cartoon of mine… although I don’t think I would have minded if Briana and Kiki were actually the characters…. yeah I was a horny kid… don’t judge me…

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