/K/ Worldbuilding Journal Excerpt

This is an overview based on the /K/ Fantasy Thread Archive I, DocAnon, keep in the hopes of constructing a full world based on the contributions of the many anons before me. Enjoy the condensed autism and references to those who came before me.

Archival Log on Artifacts from New Georgia, Item #22401, Description: Journal with a label printed over top, hand writing over top of label. Bottom half of journal encrusted in dried mud.
Excerpt from 'Unidentified Kommando Journal, written 2028 by the supposed Kommando Elias.'

Archival Tech Note: the word Convergence had a K written over top of it in sharpie. The beginning half of the journal is covered in mud, the rest of the text likely unrecoverable. It looks like someone dropped it in the mud. It's a miracle that the last few pages are even legible.

One day in the mid 2020s Earth suffered a cataclysmic event of an unknown cause and nature.

This event was physical in nature, having caused large spatial anomalies to manifest across regions of the solar system. Some of the anomalies that grew near and on earth allowed for sections of another world to begin seeping over. Anyone or anything caught in these rifts would swap places with a section of this other world. Some regions had more stable anomalies than others, leading to the manifestation of six strategic portals to this other world. Electromagnetic pulses caused by these anomalies messed with global communications and in some cases such as the Vancouver portal stabilization event, it caused a permanent deadzone of electronics.

In the immediate aftermath of this event, hundreds of millions were reported missing with only thousands confirmed dead. About one in three hundred locations by size were exchanged, where in a small home would be exchanged with a village home, or in a particularly well covered case central park would be exchanged with an orc encampment.

These events quickly established, in our world, the other world we had been inexorably linked with.

From elves to orcs, dragons and harpies, this world was alight with fantastical creatures and magics beyond our understanding. The problem with this was the sudden and drastic way these worlds had been linked. For us, it would rend our society forever and cause countless deaths due to the sudden loss of access to infrastructure. To them, it was a magical cataclysm that shook their world but killed few in civilized areas.

Their world was quickly named through the few first friendly encounters with the faefolk, Frankasia. This world in the first few weeks drew countless people into it, the hopeless dregs of the world hoping to get a new start threw themselves into less stable undocumented portals, some rushing for the main six. Those who went for the hopes of something better were given a slang name of Kommandos, given by their often armed and armored states. Those who went for their own desires, hate and depravities were called Walkers, given the way they walked out on this world for the next. Great stories of heroes and villains began to spring up around these myths of people who had survived long enough to establish a way of life on the other side.

Within a year of this event, families began to reunite with their lost ones one way or another…

Some found shallow graves to mark the end of a journey, some found their relatives and friends ready to rejoin society. Some found people they hardly knew anymore who had began building an entire life somewhere new. Cross-species tensions were hard and there was significant favoritism on which species would begin to receive favor by our world. Elves, the closest to humans, integrated well with their appreciation for our relative cleanliness and culture. Dwarves with their infatuation for engineering and machinery were brought into intellectual circles. Orcs, the ones at least that showed some degree of civility were recruited into militaries and mercenary groups across the world. Dragons and monster-men were not received as well, given their strange features and degenerate allure by others. Goblins, kobolds and the ‘lesser races’ as described by Elves were often seen as pests more than sentient creatures. Though the UN published a list of sentient races required by law to be treated as such added them to their list (not that I listen to it anyway). 

Interspecies relationships were shunned immediately in our world, while in Frankasia, it had been less common but acceptable. The Kommandos who had made lives across Frankasia either became myth and recluse or lived outward and legendary lives. They began the trend of ‘wife’-tourism or traveling to Frankasia to meet someone. It was obviously shunned on this side but with all the stories and legends made by Kommandos, it gained a cult following.

One major difference that made itself known to our world was the presence of magic. Their magic, in it’s many forms of runes, energy and devices, began to infatuate most of our world. A race began to control these forces since baseline humans were all but numb to the senses required to wield magic. The first company to harness it is now the largest company in Frankasia, Balthazar’s.
Other companies and factions have sprung up as well;
Dragon King Gun Works is one of the most prestigious armories on either side, started by an old man with a story of how he barrel-stuffed a tank in to a dragon’s mouth.
The Cape of Humanity is considered by Kommandos as terrorists or settlers, specifically pro-humanity and don’t take kindly to the new species, but do like the new land and resources.
The ever-present Church of the /K/ube is a loosely-defined religion based on the worship of weapons and a piece of art called the /K/ube, a box composed entirely of scrapped weapons.
The Union of the Iron Coast is an organization in the aforementioned Iron Coast region that all but controls most of the business in the region through company-run towns.

Those are some of the more important groups, household names of Frankasia with other smaller companies, factions, and splinter groups of militia have propagated across regions like Benard and Warren, Kaskadian Wanderers, Radiomen of the Deadfront, Riders of the Black Forest, Gangs of the Tax Collector, Doc Seward’s Innawoods Clinics, the 1st Modern Imperial Corps, 4th Hussars Regiment, Anon’s Burger Stand, Frankasian Rangers, Nugget Security Inc, Guild of Bunker Busters, and the Heroes of Neumagh.

But I am besides myself, those are the names of those I encountered, those I met and documented. In my time in the Federal States of Nortlande, I met an elf. I don’t know her name, she clearly never encountered our world before, and appeared to have just been dumped into the wilderness. There are still uncontacted portions of Frankasia, so it’s entirely possible there is an unstable portal around. Whatever the case, this is for her.

One of these days, she’ll pick up our language, our reading, and begin to learn as I did when I first fell through the portal in those first days. Even though I have never heard her dialect, never seen the markings she wears, we travel as one to make it back to the tip of the Iron Coast, where I have business.

Take care,
Elias, Journeyman of the Frankaisan New World

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