Just a Little Shy

I’ve watched him from afar for more than a year.

At first, it was a simple thing, a glance between us in the hallway at school that sent a shiver through my legs. I knew right then and there that I had to have him, but just going out and talking to him? No, no that would never do. When I make him mine, it must be perfect down to the very last detail.

And so I’ve waited, biding my time, getting to know every intricate little detail about him. Daniel O’Reily, seventeen years old, 6’2″, brown hair, strong jaw-line, likes to work out with his friends, never misses leg day, loves to eat What-a-Burger after 11pm on Thursdays, and loves his dog more than his parents. Yes, yes, I know about him, perhaps more than he knows himself. How could I please him fully if I didn’t know these things?

It was only when I watched outside his window that cold, October night, that I realized there was nothing more I could gain by watching him. I knew his routine, the layout of his room, his house, even the way he organized his…his underwear drawer. That was a special day indeed, one that I will never forget, eheh.

Unfortunately, because I never forget, there was no more to learn, nothing left I did not know. Troubled, I crawled down from my hiding spot, the tree outside his room, my legs digging in for purchase as I slinked away into the night. My mind filled was with concern, however. If I knew everything, then surely, surely I could create my plan to make him mine? With no details left, it should be easy to formulate what I need to do, yet no matter how hard I tried, I could not come up with a plan.

I found it very difficult to sleep that night, and I had to curl up in a ball, my legs wrapped around me protectively as I thought what to do next. I had the information, but not the knowledge of what to do with it. Surely there was someone, anyone I knew who could help me. Despite my charming personality however, my list of contacts was very slim, yet… wait. Kelly, the Dormouse. Of course, she’d know! Tomorrow, yes, I will ask her tomorrow at school, ehehe.

Then everything will fall into place…


“Uhm, well, you see, uhm.” Kelly began, her short stature hidden behind a large book on napping protocols at the lunch table. The only part of her that was showing were her little, brown mousey ears poking up from her head. She shifted uncomfortably, her tiny furred hands grasping the book. “You could go and talk with Daniel, right?”

“No!” I cried, rising into the air, my height enough to see her over her book. She squeaked and hunkered down further, though I could see her long, brown hair covering up her adorable little face. I always found it amusing how her large, round glasses made her eyes look huge. She reflexively curled her thin mouse tail on herself as she whimpered. I sighed and lowered myself down, shaking my head.

“I think you’re scaring her.” Ulricha said, sitting next to me. She was a Basilisk and an acquaintance of mine, as well as a friend of the erstwhile Kelly. I always found the masks she wore to be unnerving, especially since she never seemed to run out of new masks. Today she wore the mask of a tabby cat, the eyeholes fully covered up and replaced with very anime looking cat eyes. The mask contrasted oddly with her gorgeous curves and serpentine lower body of glimmering green scales, though I was not one to judge her. Not to her face, anyway.

“I didn’t mean to.” I said, lowering my head. “I am sorry Kelly, but that is something I cannot do without a plan in place.”

“W…why?” Kelly asked, the poor, innocent girl.

“Because if I went in without a perfect plan, it would never work! Look at me!” I said as I waved my black, chitinous hands over my torso, my modest chest hidden under the folds of my black hooded jacket.

“I…I think you’re pretty.” Kelly said timidly.

Ulricha nodded her head, “I concur.”

I frowned deeply as I looked to both of them, seeing that Kelly was still hidden behind her book, and Ulricha her mask. Clearly, they were just trying to make me feel better, and yet all they did was make it worse. Some friends they are, huh? I sighed and ran my hand through my long, black hair as I said, “Your words are kind, but not helpful. I need a better plan, which is why I came to you!”

“W… what makes you think I’d know what to do?” Kelly squeaked.

“Y… you’ve had a boyfriend, right?”

Her book began to shake. “Uhm… well, yes, I suppose, but he uhm…”

“Then tell me, how did you do it?” I said, leaning my body close to her over the table, placing a sharp finger on the edge of her book. I pulled it slowly toward me, revealing her shivering form behind. It took me a few seconds to realize it, but she wasn’t shaking from the cold of the season, no, she was shaking because she was sobbing.

“H…he looked so cozy when he was napping one day and I just… just curled up next to him and… and from there it sort of…” She blushed heavily and snapped her book back up, the spine quivering in time with her little mousey paws.

“She inadvertently forced herself onto him.” Ulricha said, shrugging. “It is a rather effective technique.”

“It… it is? H…have you ever done it?” I asked, bewildered. Little Kelly, doing something like that? It beggared belief!

Ulricha smiled and shook her head. “No, I have not, though I have considered it.”

Was I the strange one not to have thought about wanton rape? Clearly, it is effective for some Monsters, but for someone like me? I… I couldn’t… could I? The thought gave me pause enough for the bell to ring, signaling the end of lunch. Kelly scrambled away as fast as her little mousey legs could propel her, leaving Ulricha to wave to me before slithering after her terrified friend, somehow managing not to run into anyone. How she managed to do this with that mask on, I will never know, but it creeps me out sometimes.

“Some help they were.” I muttered, my mind racing with possibilities as I scuttled off to my own class. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and ran right into someone, bowling them over and causing me to falter in my path, my head smarting as I turned about, angered. My rage subsided however when I beheld that the one I ran into was none other than the object of my attention, Daniel, his form sprawled onto the ground as he rubbed at his forehead.

I gasped and shrunk back, trying to fold in on myself as he stood, shaking his head. “Hey, watch where you’re going.” He said, a hint of annoyance in his voice which tore at my heart. Already, I could see things breaking down, my year of study gone to waste. Not seeing anything but the inside of my hands, I felt a small tap on my arm and I pulled back reflexively, looking up to see Daniel standing there, a look of concern on his face.

“Uh, are you alright?” He asked. My only reply was a shaky squeak as my embarrassment rose. He blinked in response before frowning. “Hey, you’re in my Physics class, right? Yeah, kind of hard to miss you, huh?” He rubbed at his chin a moment as he took on a look of concentration. “Ah, what was your name… Nera, right?”

Oh, because that doesn’t make me feel self conscious. Although… he remembered my name! The two conflicting feelings warred for control of my facial expression and I had to turn away as I battled to come to an agreeable face, which ended up being a shaky little smile. Well, it was better than nothing.

He smiled back with those gorgeous teeth, his green eyes sparkling in the lights of the hallway as if he was some kind of Greek God wearing a Hollister shirt. My legs felt weak at the sight, but I kept myself strong, shifting my weight around. We both stood there for a few moments as an awkward silence grew until he coughed into his hand and said, “Ah, uh… you want to uh… come to class? We’re going to be late.”

Oh shit, he’s right. There was only five minutes left until class and it was upstairs! I nodded my head, perhaps a little too vigorously and squeaked out, “O…okay.”

Oh my God, I talked to a boy.

He gave me a strange look before shrugging and walking toward the stairs. I kicked my body into motion, trying to stay close to him, which was more difficult than it appeared as I had a tendency to walk a little quickly, what with my stride. Still, walking to class side by side with a boy? Talking with one? Clearly, I must have died and gone to Heaven, because this was just too much for me. Of course, when he started talking to me again, I felt the anxiety return threefold.

“So uh… Nera, you in any clubs or anything?”

“Uhm, no, I’m not in uhm… no.”

“Oh, alright, that’s cool.”

I closed my eyes and through sheer force of will managed to blurt out, “You’re in Football…t..that’s cool.” He turned to me as I said this, his expression a little startled.

“Oh! Uh, yeah, I’m on the team. You uh… come to see the games?”

Only every single practice and game. “Uhm, you know uhm, maybe a few.” I said, twirling my hair as it covered my face.

“Huh, well cool. Maybe I’ll see you in the stands sometime, but yeah, here’s the class.” He put his hand on an unassuming door with trite newspaper clippings from physics themed comics taped all over it. He coughed and then opened it, gesturing me to go inside. I knew he would do that, he’s such a gentleman, but it still made me flush, and I hung my head before crawling quickly inside and scurrying to my desk, which was one of the lab stations due to my size.

He sat down at his desk without any concern and I sighed shakily, resting my arms on the table as my heart pounded furiously. Oh my God, we just carried on a conversation! Sure it was only like, six lines, but it WAS a conversation! It became very hard to focus on anything else but him the rest of the class and when it was over, I knew I HAD to have him even more than before, and for that, I redoubled my efforts to devise the perfect plan…


I found myself going over my notes after school, hiding in my spot under the bleachers where I always did, feeling safe and secure in the relative darkness as I observed the varsity football team running about the field, doing their training. It was nice to be able to hide somewhere shaded,  as if some kind of instinct drove me to it, though the cool air made me shiver every now and then. I figured it was worth it though to watch them… I mean, HIM, run around getting all buff and sweaty.

I wiped the drool from my chin and cross referenced by notebook. Yes, today was pretty standard training for him, nothing I haven’t seen before, so I merely leaned back and tapped my chin, thinking about how to put this all together. We’d talked, briefly, but we had that going, so maybe I could just try to get closer to him like that, then spring on him at the perfect time? No, no that could go wrong fast, and I didn’t think I had the stomach for it, especially if something went bad. I’d probably wet myself and then go vomit, something I was not particularly fond of.

As far as other options, well there was always rape, but… I don’t have the fortitude for that. Taking such a leap toward him? It could only end poorly, I knew it. Sadly, this put me back in the place I was before, mildly panicked enough that I didn’t notice the cheerleading team come to the field at first. It wasn’t until one particular cheerleader, a busty, blond, human named Nicole, walk up to Daniel and chat with him that I snapped back into reality.

When I noticed, I raced to the front of the bleachers, my eyes trying to bulge out of my head as I saw them k…k…kindly talk with each other! It made my legs weak as I watched her giggle at something he’d said, all the while her eyes screaming that she wanted to control him, that BITCH! I grated my nails across the bleachers, creating a discordant screeching noise. I only remembered my incognito status when someone looked to the seats, forcing me to pull back, my heart pounding. They didn’t seem to think much of it and turned back around however, which was very fortunate for me. I have escape plans for such things, but… going unnoticed would be wiser and far, far less embarrassing.

After a few moments, I scuttled back to where I could observe the two, and I saw that whore getting closer to Daniel, trying her seductive charms. I wonder sometimes if human women weren’t the true Monsters, but when Daniel rubbed the back of his head, looking awkward, I knew that she’d failed. Good for you, my sweet!

Nicole giggled something before putting a hand on his arm and walking off, trailing her fingertips down before whispering them away. He stood there for a few moments, judging her ass, which she swayed noticeably, before he returned to his practice. Ugh, the worst part of it was, her ass was damn near perfect so I couldn’t exactly blame him for looking. Hell, even I looked a little, damnit.

Nevermind that, this changed everything! If “Chokes on the pole Nicole” had her eye on him, then I had to act fast to make him mine. Imagining her sinking her teeth into him, rubbing up all over his body… ugh, it just made me sick. I needed to do something! But the only thing I could think to do in such a short period of time was… was…

I took a deep breath and looked through my notebook, nodding my head grimly as I resolved to do it. I looked at him one last time before gently pulling away and scurrying as fast as possible out of sight in order to prepare for later…


I sat in the alley, hidden there on the wall, my legs dug into the brick of the buildings. It always gave me a certain sense of vertigo to do this, but it was going to pay off soon. In fact, it would pay off in… exactly ten seconds. In that time, I heard loud, powerful footsteps coming toward me from the sidewalk, just one set, of course. This was where Daniel walked home by himself every day after practice. He always came around the same time, and I had hidden here on more than one occasion, writing in my notebook as he walked past day in and day out. I waited for the full ten seconds and began to lower myself, my heart pounding furiously at what I was about to do. I was utterly terrified of my action, of being so forward, yet another part of me, a deeper, more primal part, was positively bursting with joy. Instinct, I had to conclude. I had the instinct of a predator and the body of a nerd, how comical.

Daniel passed by the mouth of the alley and I took the chance to strike, reaching out with all my strength and wrapping my arms around him, using my legs to leverage him back into the alley, where he gasped before I could put my hand to his mouth, wrapping my legs and lower body tightly around him. He twitched and spasmed in my grasp, and all I could do was hold him, my mind racing too fast to come up with words to say. I felt him kick between my legs, but it didn’t do much, as Monsters had more strength than humans, even ones such as myself. Still, I tightened my grip on him until he stopped struggling and merely looked up at me with scared eyes.

I took in a ragged breath and said, as gently as I could, “H…Hi.”

He stared at me before narrowing his eyes and trying to say something, but he couldn’t due to my muffling. With a start, I released his mouth and he spat out, “What the fuck, Nera?”

“H…how did you know it was me?”

“You’re the only fucking Oomukade I know!”

I looked down at my many centipede legs, all of them pressing against his tight body as my harsh, green, chitin-clad abdomen snared him in place. Yes… yes, I supposed he would have known it was me, no matter what I did, huh? It wasn’t like I could hide with just my more human torso either, the antennae coming from my forehead saw to that. I laughed, perhaps a little more maniacally than intended as I said, “D…don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Then what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m going uhm… to well… You see, I…” I took a deep breath before saying quickly, “Kindofamgoingtorapeyou”

“What? You’re going to rape me?!” Daniel shouted and I had to put my hand over his mouth again, his hot breath tickling my chitinous fingers. Uhn… it felt good… but no time for that yet! I nodded my head and began going through what I’d practiced, running my legs gently over his body while rubbing my torso against him, feeling horribly embarrassed. He must have liked it though, because against the underside of my abdomen I felt something begin to stiffen, making my heart race further. He… he liked this? He liked this!

Gulping, I let go of his mouth and quickly pulled off my hooded jacket, revealing the black T-shirt underneath. Sure, it had a cute little kobold face on it, but it wasn’t like I was planning on raping anyone today, right? Still, the shirt was a little small and it revealed the curve of my breasts, though that wasn’t saying much… Stupid body.

Daniel opened his mouth to say something, but I pressed his face into my chest, feeling his protestations that much closer to my skin. J…just one more layer to go before that face of his would be touching my b…bare skin! I heard him say something along the lines of “Stop!” and “God Damnit!” But I kept holding him, running my legs continually over his muscled form. Ehehe, he felt so nice.

With a shuddering breath, I resolved to go the final step. Slowly, I put my hands to my shirt and began to pull it up, revealing my pale flesh inch by inch. Daniel’s eyes grew wide and my breathing became fast and heavy. T…this was it! Th…this is how I’d make him mine! Yet as I got the shirt to the level of my bra, I froze, arms unwilling to move any further.

N…no! Not when I was so close!

I couldn’t do it though. I just… I couldn’t. I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes as I let everything I worked for slip away from me. Damnit, damn this weak will of mine! Now he’ll hate me, or even report me to the police, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing!

Slowly, I lowered my shirt and uncoiled myself from him, dropping him to the ground, where he staggered backward as I pulled away into myself, unable to control my tears. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I thought, curling into a ball and crying.

I wasn’t expecting to feel a warm, gentle hand on my arm though, and I gasped as I looked up to see Daniel before me, a look of concern on his face. “Hey… are you okay?”

“W…what? Why…why didn’t you run away? I… I almost raped you!”

He rubbed the back of his head and sighed. “I mean… look, no offense, but it was pretty obvious you weren’t going to be able to rape me.”

I choked back a sob and huddled up again. “F…fuck.”

“Aww, come on, it wasn’t that bad of an attempt!  I mean, you had me pretty good there.”

“It’s all ruined!” I wailed, tears flowing like waterfalls. “I never should have listened to Kelly, but that damn hussie! When I saw you two together I…I…”

Daniel blinked in surprise. “Wait… hussie? You mean “Going down on the pole, Nicole?” He chuckled a few times before shaking his head and saying, “Hell no, she isn’t my type! Besides, I think she has a disease, you know… down there.”

I sniffed, rubbing at my eyes. “R…really?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Look, there’s nothing between us.”

“That… that still doesn’t change the fact that I fucked this all up.”

“The rape attempt? I mean, it was a little-“

“No! Not the fucking rape…” I buried my face in my hands, my antennae dropping low. “I fucked up any chance of being with you! All for a fucking misunderstanding.”

“Uh…ah, being with me?” He said in a way that made my heart break. “You uh… you liked me huh?”

“W…why else would I try to rape you?”

“Well, I kind of thought Monsters just sort of… you know…” He trailed off before shaking his head again. “Look, Nera, you could have just like… I don’t know, told me or something.”

“Would you have said yes?”

“Shit, I don’t know. I mean, you’re cute and all, but I don’t really know you or anything, so… what could I have said?”

I blinked some tears from my eyes and looked up at him blearily. “C…cute?”

He blushed some and rubbed the back of his head. “Ah… yeah, I mean, you have really pretty eyes you know? And the whole centipede thing is pretty cool. I always kind of liked bugs.”

I rubbed at my eyes, my heart beating faster. “R…really?”

“Yeah, always used to catch them when I was a kid. Would go flip over rocks and… ah, sorry.”

I smiled, a slight giggle escaping my lips, “That’s fine, I used to hunt for spiders too.”

“Really? Hah, see, something in common.” He held out his hand to me and I looked at it sheepishly before hesitantly taking it, allowing him to pull me up, which pretty much meant he raised my torso above my abdomen until I was at his height. He looked about and picked up my jacket, handing it to me before saying, “Look, Nera, let’s just forget about all of this, alright? Maybe tomorrow we can just, I don’t know… walk to class together or something?”

My cheeks flushed and I looked down, horrifically embarrassed as I twiddled my thumbs together, my tail moving back and forth. “Y…you mean that?”

“Yeah, sure.” He paused then and coughed, “Well, as long as you don’t try to rape me again.”

“I won’t! I promise!” I said hurriedly, my tone positively ecstatic.

“Well then,” He said, chuckling. “I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

” 7:13am at the east wing entrance, like always.”


“Oh, nothing.” I said, looking off to the side, yet smiling broadly as I whispered, “It’s a date then…”




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  1. More love for the Oomukade?
    Don’t mind if I rate it.

    Plot ain’t bad. Didn’t spot any typos. Characters were neat. Dialogue stayed to the character.

    All in all, it was a great story in my opinion.

    Maybe a sequel might be in order, maybe.

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