Jinko Trainer Ch. 1

I have been introduced to heaven. Or hell, I am not sure yet. To think that just a minute ago I was lying in my bed, trying to get sleep. My rest was disturbed however, when Meilin, my Jinko roommate bursted in. She often trains late into the night, so this would have been nothing special, if in her exhausted stupor she would have not tipped into my bed, right on top of me.

Unlike Meilin, I have not gotten out too much myself and would even go as far as to say I am weak, so I have no way of lifting two meters of muscle from top of me. Being trapped under a monstergirl really gives you some time to get acquainted with her body. Despite her muscular build, Meilin does feel very soft on top of me. Her fur, which I had though to be coarse from constant training is actually very smooth and warm. Of course, she had not showered after training, so her sweat is dripping on me, making me sticky. While I do not dare to cop a feel, Meilin’s ample breasts had conveniently fell on my face, letting me get extremely familiar with them. This is not necessarily a good thing, since it makes it hard to breathe for me. The strong smell of her sweat does not certainly help either, even if it is more womanly than bad.

Since Meilin is mostly muscle, I do fear what she would do to me when the morning would come. Even then, I need to sleep and being as stiff as a plank wont achieve that. Slowly and carefully, I let my arms wrap around her, taking extreme care so she would not wake up. She still has her leotard on and I can feel her muscles under it. They still feel surprisingly soft, despite looking rock hard. Maybe it is that she is relaxed. While wrapping my arms around her, Meilin unexpectedly responds in kind, her large palms starting to caress me. For a second, I fear she has woken up and do not even dare to breathe. But it seems like she only has grabbed me in her sleep and I let my body relax. Finally, I can let myself drift into uneasy sleep in her arms, fearing what morning would hold.

I open my eyes to see Meilin, who has just noticed she was sleeping with me. She grips my shoulders with her paws, pushing me into my mattress. She has not mangled me yet and looks more surprised than angry, so I feel like I might make out of this alive.
“Why Aaron sleep with Meilin?!” Meilin questions me with her usual heavy Chinese accent.
“U-u-uh… T-the thing is t-t-that this i-is my b-b-bed.” I stutter as usual when nervous. “You j-just fell on t-t-top of m-me y-yesterday.”

Meilin looks around her and finally realizes she is in fact lying on my bed.
“Aah! Sorry!” She yelps, gracefully leaping from top of me. She lands on the floor and looks apologetic.
“I-it’s nothing. Not like I-I minded.” I explain, rising up from my bed.
“But Meilin, how you say, took Aaron’s first!” She tells me, looking surprisingly worried.
“What? No, you just fell asleep on top of me. If anything, it is my fault for not being able to get away.”
“Huh? Aaron can’t lift Meilin? But Meilin really light! No fat, see!” Meilin starts doing handstand push-ups to emphasize her point.

For a second I consider explaining her that muscle weights more than fat, but decide not to. Even if Meilin was not pure muscle, I probably could not have lifted her from top of me. I can barely carry groceries, let alone lift people.
“I am just really weak, ok?” I say bit more sharply than I intended.
Meilin stops her push-ups, standing back up again. She seems to be thinking about something.
“Aaron train with Meilin then!” She seems to command more than suggest. “Meilin make up for taking Aaron’s first too!”
Oh god, I am not really getting dragged into this, am I? I try to quickly think of some way to escape her horrifying apology.
“I-I have g-g-glasses! I c-c-cannot t-train or they’ll b-break!”
“Silly Aaron! Glasses no stop training. Frida have glasses too and lift more than Meilin!”
At this point Meilin is leaning over me, her face right in front of mine. She seems to be pressuring me to come at this point. Since she has the situation right in her paws and might even turn around and say it was my fault after all, I really don’t think I have a choice. Maybe I can flee during school.

“O-okay then. But I-I need t-to go to sc-school you know.”
“Of course. Training always after school. Meilin come get Aaron then.”
Meilin sniffs me for a second.
“Aaron better shower too. Smell like smelly Meilin.”
Before I even have chance to say anything, she drags me into the showers. Thankfully she does not force me to shower with her and looks like there are some school towels left in here. Even if I doubt the hygiene of them, I prefer some cover over running naked in a dorm with monstergirls. While I doubt a person like me will ever find a girl outside of monstergirl raping me, I do not feel like I am quite ready for it yet. I eat my breakfast, consisting of a slice of tomato, small rice bowl and a piece of chicken. I rarely eat anything else than breakfast, but I barely use any energy anyway, so it does not matter. After quickly clearing my plate and bowl I leave, before Meilin shows up again.

The worst part about punishments is waiting for them. It is like mental torture. And being forced to train is definitely a punishment. I really cannot focus for the whole day, dreading what the end of school brings and coming up with ways to avoid it. In the end, I decide that the only option is to leave on the last recess. But as I am about to leave, I am stopped by my teacher.
“Aaron, boy, I am so happy for you.” Old Miss Pines tells me with tears of joy in her eyes. “I did not think you could ever find a woman, but you went and proved me wrong.”
“W-what do you mean, Miss Pines?” I ask carefully, fearing for the worst.
“Oh, darling little Meilin told me everything about how you slept with her last night. Now she is going to train you to be a husband, right? You can have the last class free for training for today! Now, Meilin is waiting for you outside. You do not want to disappoint her, do you?”

I have a small inner breakdown. Little?! Miss Pines you race traitor senile perverted old woman! You ruined all my hope of escape! Of course, as weak person I have developed an amazing self control over the years and say nothing, deciding just to walk out instead. Meilin is waiting there, smiling brightly. Looks like she swapped out her leotard into school uniform too.
“Aaron ready for training now?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I answer, pretty much honestly.
“Lets go then!”

Meilin leads me to the sports halls. This a dark land, unknown to the likes of me. She leads me to the back of one, to a door labeled ´Gym, monstergirls´. Meilin pulls out a pair of keys and opens the door.
“Hey all! Meilin bring friend this time!” She greets her friends.
Inside there are over a dozen of fit monstergirls training who answer Meilin’s greeting. Most of them seem to have rather skimpy clothes too, leotards being most shrouding of them. One of the girls, an Ogre with glasses in sports top and hotpants, stops lifting and walks to us.
“You brought some new blood Meilin? What is she, a zombie?” The ogre asks.
“Ahh, no. Aaron a m-” Meilin looks at you for a second. “-A boy.”
“Hmm, is he your boyfriend then? Looks cute.”
“Nonono! Aaron just friend. Meilin owes Aaron. So Meilin train Aaron.” Meilin becomes a bit flustered.
“What?! Such a cute boy all alone here?” The ogre licks her lips, looking at me with a lewd glint in her eyes.
“How about me and you get some ´training´ after this, huh?” She asks me, giving a punch to my stomach.

Let me retract my previous statement about the wait being worst part of punishment. The punishment is definitely the worst part of punishment. The ogre’s fist feels like a rock into my gut. My ears start to ring and I lose balance, falling to the floor drooling. It is like one of the FPS games I used to play. Am I dying?

“Aah! No hitting Aaron, Frida!” I hear Meilin yell in panic.
“But… It was just a light greeting punch.” Frida says, as shocked as Meilin.
“Aaron very weak, ok? He can not even lift Meilin.”
“What, he cannot lift little Mei?” This voice sounds lot more gentle and cheerful than Frida or Meilin, but I cannot really turn to see who it is at this point.
“Aah, no time for Meilin lifting now! Need to, uh, fix Aaron!”
“I guess you have to carry him to nurses office then.” Frida says.

This sends off completely different bells ringing in my head. Nurse is bad, even I know that. People that go to her office, they change. Girls become as lusty and strong as orc in heat and men become broken, glass eyed hollow shells. Of course nothing happens to the monstergirls going in there, but monkey wont kill monkey, right? I remember last year, when some ruffian had punched my locker in and broken his hand, he was so broken after returning from nurses office that he ended up as a love slave to the shy nightmare that had just mustered up courage to confess him. Of course, they ended up as happy couple later on and the ruffian has fixed his locker punching ways, but still. They even say the nurse has no face.

Even then, this might be my only chance to escape. Am I not enslaved already anyway? Then again, I would probably just end up listening to Meilin blindly after the nurse’s treatments. Yes, I must find the strength to rise back up or I will end up in even deeper piss.

“I… I am fine.” I manage to say weakly while rising on my knee. A miracle, really, considering how bad shape I am in.
“You sure? You really do not look fine.” Frida asks.
“No pushing too much, Aaron! Is dangerous! Nurse fix you!” Meilin frets.
“It. Was just a greeting. Like she. Said. I’ll be fine.” I still gasp for air between words.

Maybe the spirit of the gym has infested me or I am just really good at lying to myself, but I somehow am able to rise back on my feet. I look at the three girls in front of me. Meilin and Frida still look worried, but the third girl, a Holstaurus taller than Meilin, yet shorter than Frida just happily looks at me from behind Meilin’s shoulder, her arms still around Meilin.

“Even if you wont be going to the nurse, you still wont be training today. You looked real bad there for a second and I don’t want anything real tragic to happen here.” Frida tells me with her hands crossed.
“Okay.” I do not even try faking disappointment at this point.
“Just rest a bit and get to know the other girls, okay?”

Frida walks away and only now I notice the crowd of girls that had formed around me, hidden from my sight by the three giantesses before. They too start to disperse, seeming to be relieved about me not being dead.

“Aaron hear Frida. No training now. Watch and learn only.” Meilin tells me. “Meilin go train now. Make up for time.”

I decide to just take a seat on a bench next to a wall. Too tired to even bother walking back to dorms at this point. Also the way Frida looked at me before the punch worries me. I feel like she might try to rape me if I wont stay close to Meilin. If nothing else, I have time to look around the gym and take note of who to avoid. Unexpectedly, almost half of the girls in the room seem to be normal sized. I expected everyone here to be giantess like Meilin, but I can see many normal girls like Yuki-Onna and Dryad, even a group of dwarves and Hobgoblin. Oddly enough, there seems to be arachne training here too. Are they even able to build muscle mass, with all that chitin? Other than that, the bigger girls seem to be mostly consisting of ogres, onis and both kinds of tauruses. I am sure I will have plenty of time to get to know them, should I actually be forced to do this. Which I truly hope will not happen.

While I sit and look around the gym, Frida sits next to me. I notice how poor quality the bench is as it bends under her weigth, pulling me towards her.
“Aaron, right? Take this. It oughta make you feel better.” She hands me a sports bottle.
I accept her gift, not wanting to make my situation more awkward. The contents taste like milk mixed in with flour, but make me feel oddly warm.
“I still feel bad, you know? I didn’t know I’d hurt you so bad. We can sta-“
Something is not right. Between Frida punching me earlier and this strange brew my stomach seems have decided that it has had too much stimulation today and is now rebelling. Without even daring to open my mouth, I quickly rush into the bathroom holding my hand in front of my face.
“Did I say something wrong!?” Frida asks at my running back.

I manage to barely get inside one of the booths before spewing my breakfast into the toiled. Takes only one gag, but I still feel like there is more to come. I hear the clicks of Meilins claws while lying on the edge of the toiled. She slowly walks closer to me, until I feel her loom right behind me. Yet she says nothing. Maybe she is expecting me to react in some way. I manage to turn around and look into her eyes. At this point I am beyond giving a damn and let my general dislain show. Meilin herself looks very small and sorry.
“Meilin sorry. Aaron no train if Aaron no want it. Meilin just leave Aaron alone.” She tells me, bowing down.
Something about the way she apologizes just makes my soul stir. For some god forsaken reason, I just want to get up, lift her chin and tell her that I can go on. But I am not going to do it, right? That would be stupid. Yet, like in a dream, my body raises back up. Here we fucking go again. Thankfully I do not lift her chin up, opting to hold myself up against the wall of the booth. Yet, what I say next is something horribly stupid.
“Apology accepted. But I do not want to give up just yet. Would you still like to try training me?”
WHY WOULD I ASK THAT?! My words seem to cheer up Meilin, even if they were stupid. And lies. I never want to be here again.
“Really? Aaron still want to try?” She asks me.
Actually no, but it was nice to see her cheer up. I have had it with this place and getting fucked over this whole day. I just want to return to my room and to my computer and never leave it again.
At this point I just give up on myself. I am an hopeless idiot and will probably die here. Is this why women call men stupid?
“Ah! Okay then! Meilin will give Meilin’s best too!” Meilin seems to become her usual self again.
“But Aaron need rest now! Meilin carry Aaron back, okay?”
“No thanks. Just go on with your routine and I’ll go back to dorm alone.” I would like to at least avoid further embarrassments today.

So now I am tied to this. No backing up anymore. Fuck.

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