Jinko on the Prowl

A flash of lightning arced from ground to sky and just a moment later deep thunder rumbled, shaking the house walls.

“Damn, what a downpour,” I mumbled, setting the groceries atop the kitchen counter.

I left a wet trail from the entrance to the kitchen, thanks to the sudden storm. Earlier when I left to go shopping, it’d been a warm summer dusk. As I exited the store, I found the sky had become alarmingly dark, and the air thick with moisture. The rains were held at bay while I drove home, but no sooner did I pop open the trunk on my car than did the heavens open up and pour down.

With the last of my bags on the counter, I kicked off my soggy boots and stripped off my soggy clothes. Throwing my clothes into a pile on the floor, I began putting everything away.

Another blinding bolt flashed and again the walls shook – though this time the power was knocked out as well. While it was quite dark outside, there was still enough light coming in through the windows for me to keep putting everything away. Once I finished putting everything away, I sought out a few candles and such that I kept for just such an occasion.

Unfortunately the interior rooms were a bit more difficult to navigate. I found myself stumbling through the hallway in the nude, running my hands along the walls to find my way. Even though it was just a simple hallway with a few rooms off of it, being totally blind made it feel treacherous to walk through.

Another peel of thunder rumbled and growled, giving me pause as I turned my head towards the source of the noise. Something about that last rumbled hadn’t sounded quite right – since when did thunder growl? Playing it off as nerves or something, I continued feeling my way down the hall.

After several more steps, I figured I had to be close to the utility closet. I also noticed that the sound of the storm was becoming increasingly loud as I drew closer to my bedroom. “Must’ve left my bedroom window open,” I whispered to myself.

I finally managed to fumble my way towards the closet door and slide it open. For some reason my heart beat became more rapid, and I could feel anxiety building – like I had forgotten something important. Or that my body was aware of something my mind was not. Moments later, my mind became aware of it as well – a low growl originated behind me.

All the hairs on my body stood on end. I didn’t even have time to turn around before something big and heavy crashed into my side and knocked me to the ground. A yelp of surprise escaped me as I impacted the floor and furry paws instantly found purchase on my arms. I kicked upwards at the shadow looming over me. The soles of my feet struck firm muscle and fur, but my meager attempt to fight off the beast did nothing.

Greenish-yellow eyes shimmered in the darkness as her face drew closer to mine. “Huhu~ I like it when they have a bit of fight in them,” the woman said with a hint of triumph to her tone.

She then shifted her legs to pin mine, leaving me to struggle impotently in her grasp. “Can’t we talk things over?” I mewled, adding nervous laughter. Again I tested her grip, and again I was held fast.

The imposing figure growled at my words, then trailed off into a light chortle. Her face dipped lower until I could feel her breath against my skin. I turned my head to the side to avoid her, but it made no difference. She gave me a few appraising sniffs, then licked my cheek a few times with a rough, cat-like tongue.

“Mmm, tasty,” she said in a low rumble, not unlike the thunder outside.

Through the dark, I could see a row of teeth reveal themselves as her lips pulled back. I let out another nervous laugh and made myself as small as possible.

Another flash of lightning struck and gave brief, backlit illumination to the beast pinning me down. Thick, course, striped fur covered her arms and legs almost to where they connected to her body. She had long hair that spilled across her back and hung at her side, almost touching me. I was just barely able to make out her tail twitching about in the air and the smallish ears that capped her head.

“Can’t we please just uh, resolve this… peacefully?” I pleaded.

Rather than say anything, she squeezed down on my arms. Her face was still so very close to mine; her breath continued to wash over me. She then gave me a few more exploratory licks all across my face as I trembled.

“I have… th-things I need t-to do,” I stammered out. “P-please just let me go.”

The jinko gave a short bark of a laugh – moments later the weight on my arms and legs vanished, and I believed that maybe she’d reconsidered her assault on me.

“Th-thanks,” I said quietly, moving to sit up.

I heard the shuffling of fur and paws on the floor, and figured she’d stood up. Due to the adrenaline surging through me, or maybe the fear, I didn’t notice that the shadow of the woman still hovered over me. As I sat up, my head bumped against something soft and pliable. Immediately I felt her paws clamp down on my legs and then the soft thing rocked down and forced me back into a prone position. Her legs splayed out to pin my wrists down.

Nearly instantly I realized I’d headbutted her ass, and now she was forcing me down by resting her crotch against my face. The odors wafting from her nethers were feral, salty. Yet, there was something appealing to them, as much as I was ashamed to admit it. I then felt something drip onto my lips. The liquid had a strong, tangy flavor, yet had a hint of sweetness to it.

I could hardly believe she was already dripping wet.

A hot breath then began to wash over my crotch. I imagined her lording over me, grinding her snatch into my face as she dipped her head lower and lower towards my cock. Through desperation I fought to think of anything but what was happening – I hoped that if I kept flaccid she’d get bored and go away. Unfortunately it was not to be.

Her breath grew hotter and hotter, closer and closer. I felt something hot, wet, and rough begin to run along my length.

“Mmm, very tasty indeed,” she said luridly then laughed.

There I was, being raped. And I started getting hard.

I fought desperately to free myself and get away from her, but my efforts only drew more laughter from her. “Poor thing~” she cooed as she began to rotate her hips in a slow, lazy circle, grinding her cunt across my face. Her sticky juices covered me; her scent was overpowering – intoxicating.

Despite my fear, my erection reached full height, much to my shame. And much to her pleasure.

“Mmhmm hmm~ I knew my scent would be irresistible. If you like it that much, then you’ll certainly enjoy this!” She said and then mashed her crotch into my face.

Either through pure luck or experience, her slicked labia was perfectly aligned to press against my lips. Her ass and cunt completely covered my face, making it most difficult to breath. No matter how much I trashed I couldn’t budge her off me. I tried to plead with her again, but only succeeded in letting out muffled cries into her pussy.

The jinko gave another throaty laugh, grinding her sex into my face. Her honey coated my lips, finding its way past them and into my mouth. The more I tasted of her, the more I desired her sticky liquid. I could feel my mind growing foggy from her powerful, musky scent wafting off of her, and heat practically radiated from her cunt, warming my face.

Her tongue once again renewed its trail up and down my length, occasionally wrapping around my entire shaft and pausing to dart at my cumslit. The rough texture forced shudders from my hips; especially when she focused on the rim of my cockhead. Just as I was beginning to lose myself to her tongue, she abruptly halted and shifted her weight.

“Like that, do you? Mmmm, a few licks is all it takes to make you pliable.” Her tone was unmistakable haughty. Victorious. “If you want more, you’ll need to make me feel just as good.”

She pumped her hips up and down slightly for emphasis, rolling her labia across my mouth. I continued to resist her commands, but I could feel my will fleeting as her tongue took another few quick licks on my crown.

“Don’t you want to feel good? Let out all your hot, thick cum? I bet it’s so tasty… and all you have to do is slide your cute little tongue inside me. Lap at me, suck my lips. You like the flavor, don’t you?” She paused to laugh and give my cock another slurp. “I bet you do. Go on, tongue-fuck me. Do it,” she commanded. “Or else… well, I’m afraid you’ll be waiting to cum for quite some time.”

My throbbing erection held full sway over me now. I convinced myself it’d all be over more quickly if I just gave in to her demands.

With a gulp, the last of my resignation faded and I reached out with my tongue. A wave of her juices flooded as I opened my mouth and my tongue parted her lips. Pushing aside her delicate flesh, I began stretching open her surprisingly tight entrance. She let out a gasp and then gave a pleased moan as my muscle pushed further and further inside.

Her honey was thick and plentiful on all her interior folds. Driven on by lust, I searched for every drop with my tongue, lapping at all I could find. The ridges and ripples of her interior seemed to be sensitive. Every time I flicked across one of the bands, her hips would shudder and she’d let out a quiet moan.

Soon I began to suck as I darted my tongue in and out of her, focused entirely on obtaining all the fluids she could provide.

“Oh fuck yes,” the jinko moaned happily. “You’re quite good at that…Nnnmmm”

The closer she came to an orgasm as she rode my race, the more my cock pulsed with need. I began to slow my oral ministrations as my thoughts focused on my own desire. It pulsed with need and desire, and I began to slow down my oral ministrations.

“Don’t you dare! Not when I’m so close,” she growled.

Before I even knew what was going on, she’d released my legs and in a single, smooth motion managed to spin herself around so that she was on her knees with her crotch still firmly on my face. She leaned back, grinding her pussy against me with renewed vigor. One of her large paws slithered down her stomach to her clit and began flicking and rubbing her clit.

“Keep going,” she demanded, bucking her hips against me.

Quietly obeying her, I resumed splitting her folds with my tongue. Her legs still had my arms pinned, leaving me to strain my neck forward to comply. Her fluids were becoming stickier, sweeter, and much more plentiful. Her breathes became short gasps. Timing my tongue to her breaths, I probed in deeply with every one of her sharp inhalations, and retreated as she exhaled.

A minute or so passed and then she let out a loud growl – almost a roar, and went completely tense. Her entrance clamped hard around my tongue, and her entire snatch seemed to throb and convulse for several seconds before she went slack.

“Good job,” she said with a content sigh. “Been a while since I came like that.”

I attempted to mutter out a ‘thanks,’ but my mouth was still full of her cunt.

She leaned forward to gaze down at me – I could only make out her glowing eyes and the show of her teeth from what was probably a malicious grin. With one paw she forced my head into her crotch yet again. “Who said you could stop?”

Almost whimpering, I again thrust my tongue into her. Her hips shivered, though I also felt her shift. A moment later I felt something soft, warm, and furry wrap around my dick. The paw pad’s squishiness made them more pliable around my dick, and the soft fur that lined her palms and furry digits poked through the gaps in the pads to add their silken texture to the experience. She began to slowly pump my length, using her thumb to rub my glans.

“You did so good, I think you deserve a little reward,” she cooed, relaxing the pressure on the back of my head.

I cursed myself for falling so quickly to her ploy at the same time I lapped at her folds and sucked on her clit. I cursed myself, but at the same time it was almost a relief to simply comply with her demands. Especially now that I knew she would be rewarding me for making her climax.

Gradually she wicked up her tempo and alternated which paw-finger gripped tightest around my shaft, starting with her finger nearest the base and working towards the tip. Her thumb slathered my precum around my glans, though her fur was quick to absorb it. Whenever she hit the rim on my crown it made me shudder, and soon she was alternating between fast, short strokes and long, slow ones.

This time around she seemed to be relishing her control over me more than my tongue in her cunt. Her gasps and moans were quiet and through her nose, and her eyes never broke from mine nor did he smile ever fade.

Her gel-like pawpads and ticklishly soft fur felt great, and I could feel myself nearing orgasm several times, but then she’d slow down. “Not before me,” she growled.

I mumbled into her snatch again, and worked my tongue into a lashing frenzy. She gasped in pleasure and faded into an almost constant stream of quiet moans. Soon her hips began swiveling and rocking. Then her paw sped up remarkably, making me gasp at the sudden, intense pace. Bucking my hips up into her paw, I continued to eat her out, wanting to reach my own release.

Finally, after one particularly intense suck on her clit she reached her peaked. Her body tensed and tightened for several long seconds accompanied by her loud, growling roar. Just before I could cum along with her, she suddenly ceased her pawjob and let go of me, leaving me to stand free and unsatisfied.

She licked her lips noisily and raised her crotch off my face. The rush of cool air was a welcome relief, and for the first time in a while I was able to breath in air that wasn’t heavy with her musk.

“Do ya want to cuuum?” She asked, still leering at me.

I nodded my head. She tilted hers, then wrapped her paw around me and gave another few quick pumps.

“Mmmm, it’s throbbing…” She then leaned to the side, taking all her weight off one of my arms. “I bet it wants to spew your semen all over,” she continued, turning around so that her crotch was still over my head, but now she was facing my cock. Bending over slightly, I felt her other paw lift up my ballsack and tumble the orbs within.

“Oh my!” she gasped in fake surprise. “They feel so heavy! Poor thing, when was the last time you came?”

“Just ask me, and I’ll let it all out for you. And, if you ask nicely, I might even drink it all up~”

I bit my lip. She continued to roll my balls in her paw and give me short strokes that forced me to stay on edge with her other paw.

“F-fine,” I mumbled.

“Fine what?”

Damn her. I clenched my eyes shut. “Please let me cum,” I begged. She laughed.

“Huhu~ Very well.”

Her grip on my balls tightened and she tugged lightly on my sac, but her grip on my dick slackened as she took her paw off until only one finger remained. Wondering why, my unvoiced question was answered as I felt her hot tongue contact my glans then slide down the top of my shaft. Stopping halfway, she clamped her lips tight around me and began to suck and run her tongue across all of my length that was in her mouth.

Then she began pumping her paw in short, fast, hard strokes and giving my balls light tugs with the other, then squeezing them.

Already close to the edge, I came in seconds. Throwing my head back and letting out groans of my own, my balls pulled against her grasp as boiling warmth rose within me and exploded out. My hips bucked in time with every thick wad of white-hot semen I loosed into her mouth. Her tongue greedily lapped everything up as she flicked it across my cum-slit, each of my powerful jets splattering across the organ.

She exaggerated her gulping noises, and after the last of my ropes coated the inside of her mouth she rolled off of me. “MmmMmm! Very tasty indeed. See, all you had to do was ask.”

Laying in a fluid-covered heap on the floor, I regarded her wearily as she lorded over me. “Are, are you done?”

She laughed. “Not yet.”

“Please, just stop,” I begged. “Leave me be…”

And, just as I’d said my pathetic words, the power returned and the hallway was brightly lit. The sudden light caused me and her alike to wince and close our eyes for a moment to re-adjust to the light. Though I’d gotten a good idea as my eyes acclimated to the darkness, I was now able to confirm the woman standing over me was indeed a jinko. At least seven feet tall with well-defined muscles. Largish breasts, and a firm, taut ass. Powerful thighs that were slicked with her own juices. Her fur coloring was a little different than the typical tiger markings – white fur with black stripes. It looked odd in contrast to her lightly tanned skin.

Once she’d gotten used to the brightness, she looked down at me with narrowed, sliver-like pupils. “I’d leave you be, but you’re just too. Much. Ffffun,” she said, flashing a fang-filled smile.

I shivered. Which seemed to only make her happier.

Bending down, she grabbed hold of my waist and hauled me into the air with hardly any effort. Looking over her shoulder into my bedroom, her tail then began scything through the air. She tossed me a devilish glance, and then carried me into the room and threw me onto the bed – quite literally threw, as she flung me from the doorway.

As soon as I hit the sheets, the jinko took a few steps and vaulted onto the bed. The entire frame shook as she came crashing down next to me. On my back, she wasted no time maneuvering over me and again pinned my arms down. Since my legs were still free I kicked out at her. And, much as before, my feeble blows didn’t do anything to her. Or, almost nothing.

“You like it rough? What a coincidence. So do I!” She growled, and dropped her head in a flash with her mouth open.

I let out a shrill cry as her teeth seemed to be heading straight for my throat. Then my cry was silenced.

Fortunately not by my throat being torn out.

She locked her lips onto mine and forced her tongue in my mouth, stealing greedy, hungry kisses. There was little I could do by writhe as she forced her will on me. Further kicks only caused her to laugh, and then pin my legs into place with her own. She was far too heavy and strong for me to lift off myself.

The fight bled out of me as she sucked, licked, and lightly chewed on my lips in some of the most ravenous kisses I’d ever experienced.

Breaking away, she looked down at her crotch as it hovered above my own. She then smirked at me.

“N-no, you’re not planning… please don’t,” I pleaded with her.

The jinko’s smirk turned into an open-mouthed grin. “I know you liked the smell and my taste,” she whispered, bringing her face close to mine. “Do you know why it was so good?’

I shook my head frantically.

“Huhu, how cute. It’s because I’m in heat.”

I blinked several times. “Couldn’t you have… couldn’t you have just gone to a brothel to… take care of that?”

She snorted, blowing a rush of air across my face. “But then I couldn’t see that look on your face.”

Suddenly aware of my own expression, I did my best to comport myself. It didn’t work; in fact, I think it just amused her further.

“And because I’m in heat, you get to be a daddy~ Well, if you aren’t already…” she whispered, now licking and nibbling on my earlobe, rubbing her breasts against me at the same time.

Panic washed over me. “W-what? No! I don’t want to be a father,” I shouted, railing against my captor. No matter how much I struggled I couldn’t even get her to budge an inch.

She laughed into my ear and licked the side of my face. “We’ll just have to change that attitude, won’t we, daddy?”

Her legs began to move, and she dropped her crotch so that her sodden lips were resting against my cock. The warmth, moisture, and softness spurred a wave of bloodflow to my groin, but I was adamant about keeping myself soft this time around.

She was just as adamant about getting me hard.

Sliding herself back and forth, her vulva parted to envelop my cock. Her firm clit ran the length of my cum-vein and her lips squeezed my flaccid shaft. Her warm, soft breasts and hardened nipples dragged across my chest.

“Mmmm, I want your cum inside me so bad,” she whispered into my ear. “Right now I’m so hot and so very fertile.” Giving my ear one last lick, she pulled up and stared into my eyes as she rocked back and forth.

The jinko’s words were having the desired effect; awakening a primal instinct with me. I looked from her eyes to her snatch grinding on me. I was so close to her depths. And if she was in heat as she claimed, it’d be easy to impregnate her. Fill her womb up with my seed. I’d just need to let her insert me into herself. Plus, I remembered all the folds and ridges in her cunt that I probed with my tongue. Along with the muscular control she displayed when she squeezed me as I ate her out. She’d probably milk every seed-laden drop from my cock as I fucked her pregnant.

“Huhu! Look who’s up,” she said feeling my surging erection pressing back up against her.

“Please! Don’t-“ I shouted, finally forcing my lewd thoughts away. But it was too late.

Heaving her hips up, my erection sprang up without her weight against it. Then she dropped herself down, impaling herself on my length. We both let out gasps of pleasure as my cock pushed aside her flesh until she came to a rest, her crotch against mine.

Without waiting for any words or time to get used to it, her pelvis began surging up and down, pumping me without mercy. Her hot depths were full of ridges just as I imagined; each one would squeeze tightly against me, slipping around my inches like a tight band. She was so tight a seal formed between my cock and her honeypot. Every time she raised her hips, her womb would suck on my cock, as if seeking to draw out all the seed it could.

Hammering down onto me, I twitched as her blazing hot folds enveloped and squeezed me. Occasionally I felt something block the head of my cock for a moment before giving way and pinch tightly against me.

“Mmhmm,” she laughed through her nose. “Aren’t you an eager boy? Piercing my cervix like that…You really must want to empty your balls into my womb!”

Her face was reddened in a deep blush, and her eyes focused on mine – until she began another round of ravenous kissing. I summoned the last of my strength to try and fight her off as she raped me. I attempting to scream and shout, but her own mouth absorbed my pleas. Even returned them with moans of her own.

The jinko’s hips never stopped. In no time at all she was riding me like a wild beast, her ass clapping against my crotch and thighs as she slammed down over and over. My cock was milked and wrung by her ridges and folds that made me shudder and shiver. They grasped and sucked on my glans, and the entrance to her womanhood would wring me more tightly than the rest of her.

Gasping for air and in pleasure, I felt like I was going to pass out by the time she whipped her head back and gave another roar. Her cunt clamped down around me like a silken, soppy vice to tight it almost hurt. Over and over she slammed down, and even started laughing in between her moans as her orgasm set her nerves alight with bliss.

Wet, squelching noises filled the room as her orgasm released another wave of her honey. The spasming, random contractions of her around me proved too much for me to handle. I desperately wished to hold it back, but biology and the knowledge that I would be impregnating her proved too much. Clamping my muscles down as hard as I could apparently gave me away, and the jinko slammed down hard one last time.

“That’s right! Fill me with your cum!” She demanded, her face inches from mine.

With equal parts shame and pleasure, I groaned as my seed lanced up into her womanhood. Every jet poured directly into her womb, splattering the inside with a sticky, alabaster coating. My urethra distended as the thick streams were pumped and forced through. My contracts had to fight against her incredible tightness, furthering the duration of my orgasm as I fired off multiple hot streamers.

Her face shone with brilliant triumph. She gave me a few licks on the cheek, then settled down on top of me; my cock still buried in her snatch. We laid there panting and huffing for several minutes, her weight completely immobilizing me.


“That was great,” she said after a while, rolling off me and smiling. “Thanks for playing along, sweetie.”

I sighed. “You sure picked a hell of a time. Were you just waiting for me to get home?”

“Yeah. The power going out was a nice touch.” She smirked and ran her paw through my hair.

“I didn’t think it was you at first. Scared the shit out of me.”

Scooping me up into her paws, she hugged me tight like a daki. “I know. I could smell your fear. You’re such a good actor~”

I peeked up at her, struggling to move within her grasp. “One question. You’re not really in heat, are you?”

She simply grinned at me and hugged me tighter.



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