If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Side Story Collection C)

While our heroes bum around, other forces have began to move around the world…

-The Way to A Man’s Heart! Yung Simba!-
>Be a loving Ushi Oni
>You’re currently watching your husband play dice with his friend
>He’s still nice, but his mannerisms have taken a dramatic…shift
>It all started when he randomly mumbled ’21, 21, 21′ throughout the day
>And then he went from Polos and Khakis to baggy pants and do rags
>Luckily, you found a way to rectify this
>Y’know, outside of pelvis shattering sex
>”Honey~! I have good news for you!”
>Your man sighs before turning to face you
>”Woman, can’t you see I’m out’chea getting this paper!?”
>You smirk
>”I know, I know…but Yung Simba just announced he’s dropping a new album!”
>His eyes widen as he looks at you with incredulity
>You sigh and let out a little chuckle
>”Yung Simba is dropping a new album.”
>He looks between you and his shirtless friend before returning to his ‘paper’
>”Man, quit lying…”
>He idly shifts the paper around before turning back to you
>”One time for my L.A. sisters, two times for my L.A. HOES?”
>You go blank for a second
>Those must be the lyrics to one of Yung Simba’s songs…
>Your man turns back to his money, the faint sound of sniffling emanating from his person
>”First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil, for real!”
>You shake your head and close your (visible) eye
>”Yes, that Yung Simba.”
>He tries to hold up a brave face before immediately breaking down
>He pulls off the do rag before suddenly going into a crazed elating
>”This isn’t even me! This is not me right here! I only started listening 21 Yachtman because everyone else was doing it and Yung Simba hadn’t dropped shit in years!”
>You notice he starts gathering up the money real quickly as his rant goes on
>”Err’body was like ’21, 21 ,21′ and I was like ‘What? This shit ain’t even that cold’, but they kept going ’21, 21, 21′ and I thought ‘This shit is kinda catchy…I guess’, then the next thing you know I’m going ’21, 21, 21′ thinking about killing niggas, guns and shit!”
>He stops and points to associate
>”You can go nigga!”
>The man sucks his teeth but leaves without much issue
>Your man picks up with the ranting as you move to place your claws on his shoulders
>”…And then my girl left me, then Bernie lost but then I found you! Now I feel like I can really get my life back together because my nigga is back! My nigga is ba-aa-ck!
>He buries himself in your cleavage while you gingerly pat his head
>You make a mental note to never underestimate the power of music ever again.

-Silence is golden and red hot!-
>Be a no name lurker
>Code Name: Haus
>Nothing really to note here
>You’ve awoken in pool of cooled volcanic ash
>You remember acquiring a Lava Golem by the strangest means necessary
>She came from some kids Science Project
>The good old, classic volcano one
>You notice she’s looking at you again
>Lava drools from her mouth
>”Uh, so….what now?”
>She gives you no response but smiles wider
>”I see…I need to warm you up, yeah?
>The Lava Golem leans down and gives you a  kiss
>Yep, this indeed the life
>But you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten about a community you were apart of…
>Ah, whatever! It’s not like you’ve ever really said jack shit that much to begin with!
>Besides, you have a nice Lava Golem to take care of anyway…

-Conditions and Preparations! Gather the Six!-
>Back in the United Kingdom…
>Be Rem
>Currently sitting in a circle with Gywn, Elizabeth, Sami and Rashid Jamal Kamer Allah Muhammad
>”Alright Emir Rem, now I need you go out and gather your fellow paths. The dark forces have obviously noticed your presence, so time is of the essence.”
>You sigh
>”Are you sure that its them that are leading this shit?
>Fatima comes out from the backroom, a grim look on her face
>”I would not put it past the Fourth to commit to something like this. She would do anything to achieve her mother’s goal, no matter how extreme.”
>You shake your head. You’d hope that you could avoid getting Fluffy and Riyori involved in this, but it seems that they are paths too, if Fatima and Rashid Jamal Kamer Allah Muhammad are to be believed.
>Gywn places a reassuring wing on your shoulder
>”No need ta worry, luv. I can handle dis kinda trip! Just make sure ya give me ‘noth of yer energy to do so!”
>You smile
>”Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.”
>Your Arabian host laughs
>”Well then, my friend! The back rooms are prepared for you to move through with this. Time is of the essence.”
>Sami tugs on your shirt
>”M-me and Elizabeth will get all the supplies ready. Just make sure we get our turn too…”
>You pat Sami on the head and tell her not to worry about it
>Gywn starts moving toward the backrooms and you soon follow suit.
>”Alright then, lets get down to business!”

-The Wiki Akatsuki Assembles!-
>At some high rise building in Japan…
>A trio of goblin sisters slowly walk to the office of their boss
>The one on the left looks the least enthused
>”Man, you know Daisuke-sama is gonna be really angry..,”
>The Middle Sister sighs
>”We have no choice. The Maidens of the Fourth made her orders quite clear.”
>The Right Sister says nothing, opting to open the door for her siblings
>Relaxing comfortably in a massive, black and purple chair is a super weeb of a man
>He’s styled himself to look just like Sasuke
>The Middle Sister falls on one knee, her head lowered
>”Daisuke-sama, we have new orders from the Fourth…”
>Daisuke laughs
>”What? We have to shit stomp some more dissenters? Easy! Get Ani and Omi on it!”
>The Left Sister takes a big gulp of air
>”The Six Paths of Shitpost are gathering, Daisuke-sama…”
>Daisuke’s eyes widen before he leaps out of his chair
>He starts rapidly pacing back and forth, oozing unbelievable anger
>”No fucking way! Those dobes couldn’t possibly know their vocation! This world will was suppose to be easy to take over! THIS AIN’T GOOD!”
>He points toward his chair
>”Selena! Get William and Brent on the phone!”
>With a shudder, a long purple tentacle emerges from the chair before transforming into your typical iPhone
>A thick British accent comes from the phone
>”Why hello Daisuke! What warrants this cal-“
>”I don’t have time for gaijin bullshit! The Paths are gathering together!”
>”Impossible! You said-“
>Daisuke changes the line to his next associate before William can even respond
>”BRENT! The Six Paths are gathering together!”
>Daisuke slams the phone down on the chair before pulling his Akatsuki Cloak and Katana from under the desk
>”These guys wanna fucking ruin everything!? FINE! I’m show the power of my Sharingan!”
>Daisuke storms out of his office, an ominous red glow coming from his eyes…

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