If Monster Girls Took Over the World… (Prologue)

This is a story all about how Touch Fluffy Tail got flipped, turned upside down. Now let me take a moment to hook you in and tell you all about how shitposts allowed monster girls to take over the world!


>Be a nuclear technician sitting in one of the hidden nuclear silos in the United States
>Everything is pretty fucking normal, nothing out of place and the radiation levels are in the safe zone
>Yawn and stretch, looking around
>Daniel is sitting in the lower levels, looking like the faggot he always is
>Total Dandy, and not the good kind
>Fixing his super greased hair in a pocket mirror
>What a fucking faggot
>Johnny is sitting a few seats across
>He’s just another white guy like Mike Pence, nothing really notable
>Look to your left
>That qt Selena looks just as bored as you
>Nice, silky brown hair down up in a bun
>Pinch-able cheeks on her face and her ass
>Top tier wife material
>Look to your right
>Rahoul the Indian
>Literally a walking stereotype
>He’s alright, likes cows a bit too much
>There’s a difference between religion and fetishism, right?
>Other than that, nothing of note
>The others are just bobbies like you
>From the far right
>”Uh, guys? Guys! Some of the readings on silos are off!”
>Everyone looks at their screens
>Pressure is rising
>Oh shit

-Floor of the nuclear containers
>Be Joe Everyman working on silo floor
>Chemical Soup keeping the warheads cool is turning purple
>It shouldn’t be turning purple
>Viscous purple gunk starts building on warheads
>Metal warheads start breaking down
>Runs toward meltdown alarm
>All pools start glowing purple
>Nope to meltdown alarm faster
>Almost there…!
>Inception Boawm
>Every glass pane breaks
>Purple light blinds you

-Back at the Control Center-
>Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!
>Everyone is down, ears ringing
>Fucking Inception Boawms…
>”Is everyone alright?”
>Sudden screaming and moaning graces your ears
>Look to your lef- WHAT THE FUCK!?
>One of your colleagues is getting raped by another one of your colleagues
>She’s really riding that dude raw
>Notice horns, bat wings and spaded tail
>Before you can even question it, two pairs of hands land on your shoulders
>Turn around
>Selena’s beet red face is staring back at you along with some other waif chick
>Wait…overly greased and combed hair, punch-able if (now) adorable face
>Daniel is a fucking girl
>Both have the same horns, wings and spaded tail as the other chick
>Selena licks her lips
>”Us. Your dick. NOW!”
>Clothes ripped of your body as you join the opera of moans
>Fucking hell

The massive Inception Boawm travels across the planet. Ever nuclear facility across the planet experienced similar events. Those not deafened by the waves of Inception Boawms suddenly found themselves under assault by an army of dark balls carrying nude girls across the sky. But that was the least of their worries…

-New York City-
>Be random ass in New York City
>Fucking hate Pigeons
>Be so fucking edgy about hate of Pigeons
>Waste life away throwing moldy and stale bread at them
>”Ow! What the fuck?”
>Where there was a small flock of Pigeons is now a bunch of really busty girls
>Bird girls, to be exact
>All of their faces are flushed and look high as shit
>All their feathers are fluffy and shinny as shit
>Almost pinkish
>Oh nononono it’s time to go
>Getting chased by extreme busty bird girls
>Jiggling breasts make a chorus of “jub jub” sounds
>Briefly look back
>See random homeless man with face shoved between the legs of giant rat girl
>Random hipster teen gets dived bombed by more bird girls and carried into the air
>Gate didn’t prepare you for this
>Join massive crowd of people running for their lives
>Watch as everyone gets picked off one by one

-New York Zoo-
>Be annoyed teenager tasked with watching your brother during his school trip to the zoo
>Little brother is being a shithead, as usual
>Weird Inception Boawm just passed by
>”Hey big brother! Why is that weird lady looking at us? Why she in the tiger pen? Why is she naked?”
>”Fucking hell, what do you- huh?”
>Random tiger girl is staring intently at you
>She’s butt ass naked
>Damn, you can grind meat on those abs
>Cover little shit brother’s eyes
>”Aw, I wanna see, I wanna see!”
>Tiger girl slightly taps glass
>Whole pane shatters
>Stalks toward you
>Screams hit your ears
>Crowd is getting dive bombed by dozens of colorful bird girls
>Too much chaos
>Bird girl tries to  take your brother
>Gets roundhouse kicked by Tiger Girl
>Your noes starts bleeding as you get an eyeful of the pussy’s….pussy
>Tiger lands slams paw on your shoulder
>”You and your brother should stay close to me if you don’t want to get raped”
>”So cool!”
>Fucking shithead brother

-Arlington Cemetery: Civil War Section
>Be undead WWI Soldier
>Shambling around with your brothers in arms
>Er, sisters in arms
>All of you are women
>Part of your face that got blown off is suddenly fine
>Massive craving for dick
>Hear cackling laughter
>More undead WWI Soldiers run past you
>Skin is not gray like yours
>Weird red paint on their legs and arms
>Spot group of people, weird ass clothes but only one thing us on your mind
>Shamble faster
>”Hey! Control yourselves, you ruffians!”
>Voice has weird commanding presence
>Turn towards voice in spite of lust for cock
>Weird, chubby pale skinned girl in nice suit dusts off monocle
>”I am William A. Taft, and as Commander in Chief of these United States, I command you to have more class!”
>Low murmurs of agreement spread throughout horde
>”B-but sir…the cock is getting away…”
>Mr. Taft gives loud laugh
>”Wahahahaha! Fear not men..er, women! That cock shall be ours! But you WILL act like proper soldiers about it, understand?”
>”Uhh….yes sir!”
>Things are much clearing in your head
>Half shamble, half march toward white house…

And so the world was overrun by monster girls. There was little that could be done, as many places were complete unprepared for them to strike. Several people have for more interesting stories about their time after the rise of monster girls, each with their own story and conflicts. Will these people find happiness and new direction in this new world, or shall they become nothing but cum pumps for these monster girls? Find out next time on “If Monster Girls Took Over the World!”


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