If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 4)

Chapter 4: Thunderous Roar! The Slovene Raiju Rises!

The Balkan States were perhaps the most bizarrely effected areas after the rise of monster girls. Overrun with mythical spirits and bands of werewolf packs. Vampires subverted the Romanian government while Serbia fell into extreme chaos not seen since the Yugoslav Wars. However, they were all unprepared for a sudden, violent and super horny individual rising in a quiet community in Slovenia…

>Be your average Slovenian girl
>Code Name: Fluffy
>Supreme Lesbian
>Honeymoon Horniness incarnate
>Currently sperging out in the middle of the street
>You’re hornier than you’ve ever been before
>It feels like your nerves are filled with lightning
>Considering you got struck by lightning when you walked outside…
>This is not normal
>Especially since it feels like your ears are being pulled to the top of your head
>And that your spine wants to escape from the top of your ass
>One final surge  courses through you body before your finally back to normal
>Pathetically roll around until you can finally stand on your paws
>Wait, what?
>You into a near by car window and discover that you’ve become a Raiju
>Rub your pointed ears
>Wew lad
>Surprising, it doesn’t leave you drained as usual…
>Also your hair color is grey now
>Greased Lightning, maybe?
>Here some terrified whimpering coming from your left
>You notice your bitchy neighbor is looking at you, absolutely scared
>You’re on her in a flash of lightning
>She screams out as you look deeply into her hazel eyes
>Strangely…this girl still seems to hold your lust
>A lusty smile breaks on your face
>Looks like you didn’t change from a pussy muncher to cock gobbler
>You give her a wink as she tries and fails to get away from you
>”You and I are gonna have lots of fun…”

-Sometime later…-
>Holy shit, this monster girl thing is fucking awesome!
>You’re on your seventh…er, twelfth girl
>You lost count sometime ago
>Some of them tried to run, but a quick shot of lightning put them down real quick
>You currently have some brunette bent over your knee
>You electrified tail tip flicks back and forth over her clit
>”P…please…n-no more!”
>The now slightly unhinged lusty grin comes to your face again
>”Give me five more orgasms and maybe I’ll consider it. Here, I’ll give you a hand!”
>Channel all your power into her clit
>She lets out an ear piercing orgasmic scream before squirting all over you leg
>She promptly passes out
>”Fuck’s sake…”
>You gently roll her off your knee and survey your handy work
>Multiple girls are lying spread eagle around you
>Their little moans fill you with pride
>Your extreme clitoral stimulation techniques are unrivaled in this world
>With your neighborhood down for the count, might as well move on to greener pastures
>First things first though:
>Time to gather some shit
>You head back into your house
>[Insert Suit Up Montage Here]
>Adidas Tracksuit? Check
>No underwear for greater range of movement? Absolutely
>You’re fucking excited already
>You shout in the air:
>”Slovenija nad vsem!
>You set off in the search of more pussy

-Even more time Later…-
>Holy shit, this is fun as fuck!
>Being a Mamono is actually fucking awesome
>You’ve ran rampant toward Ljubljana
>Leaving many passed out girls in your wake
>There is little that can stop you now
>Outside the blockade that has formed ahead of you
>Looks like the military is stepping in!
>You put your hands on your nips, smirking
>This should be easy
>A bunch of dudes decked out in riot gear stand in your way
>The sound of megaphone being adjusted graces your ears
>”Uh…you! Yes you! By decree of the national assembly, you are ordered to stand down right now!”
>You give a hearty laugh at their tough guy act
>Well, at least its just riot gear instead of guns
>Then things might has been a problem
>You start masturbating again
>The electric charge builds within you
>Some of the men are looking a bit uncomfortable
>”Don’t you boys get it? I’m on a mission!”
>Lightning starts to arc from your body as a small halo of electricity forms around you
>”I’m on the hunt for the one girl that I know can take everything I can give and not pass out within the first 3 minutes!”
>Your eyes glow as you feel an energy unlike any you’ve felt before well up inside you
>With a triumph roar, you finally cum, the words of moonspeak leaving your person
>”Ore wa Studo: Kanto Sutoppu Shisu Fiiringu!”
>A blinding flash fills the area as a chorus of screams fills the air
>By the time you come down from your pleasure high, the blockade has been toasted
>All of the them are idly twitching on the ground, looking like they just got a dick up the butt and liked it
>You sigh, casually walking over them as your final destination comes into sight
>”I know your in there…these other girls can’t hold a candle to my prowess, but you’re designed for me…”

With the Slovene Raiju’s march unhindered, she terrorized Ljubljana for weeks, searching for this perfect girl that was “designed for her”. Little did she know, darker forces were being to make their move in the chaos that had inflicted the world. What are these darker forces…and what lies in ahead in the future for the “Stud” users? Find out next time on “If Monster Girls Took Over the World!”

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