If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Demonic invasion! Flash of killer power!

One of the places hit hardest by the advent of monster girls was none other than Louisiana. Home to centuries of disposed corpses and occult practices, the area was quickly turning into a Dark Demon Realm. The undead roamed freely while the demonic terrorized the pelvises of those unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. It is here, however, that this mysterious power emerging in individuals all across the world shall once again reveal itself…

>Be Louisiana man
>Code Name: Alche
>The Vore Guy
>Literally that’s it
>Decide to make a dangerous search for a Hellhound
>There’s just one problem…
>Your home state is Demonic central
>Fucking occult bullshit is probably to blame
>Also the undead are everywhere
>You’re starting to wish that people didn’t think swamps are the best way to dispose of a body
>It’s not just demons and the undead either
>All kinds of fucking slimes from the dankest parts of Louisiana are running around
>In addition, all the fucking birds
>Jubjubs and Black Harpies are every fucking where
>There’s only one thing on your mind, though
>You just have to get through all this bullshit first
>Peak your head out of the window of the gas station outlet you’re hiding in
>Outside of all the sexual fluids, the area looks clear
>If you can make it out, you might be able to get that Hellhound waifu you want
>Lucky things have sort of calmed down in recent days
>Carefully leave from the gas station
>Ensure that you keep your head down
>You can get dive bombed by Harpies AND/OR Jubjubs
>Weave your way through parked cars
>A chill runs up your spine
>Quickly duck into bush and hide
>Small horde of Zombies wanders through
>Notice that they seem more coherent than usual…
>Holy fuck
>Big ass, ultra muscly Zombie  seems to be the centerpiece of the horde
>Muscle bitch has to be at least 8 feet tall
>Dear God…
>”That’s quite the impressive little hunting party, isn’t sweetie?”
>Do everything in your power not jump and scream out
>Turn towards the source of the voice
>A Blueberry Demon and Devil are knelling right behind you
>They both look identical to their depiction in the Encyclopedia
>Although they’ve traded the leather for a matching set of unreasonably tight tube tops and ultra short mini-skirts
>Seriously, those skirts do nothing to cover their pussies, let alone their asses
>”Oh dear Misha~! You seemed to have startled him!”
>The Demon lets out a lusty chuckle
>”My dear Delilah, it’s only natural~! The humans of this world are just like those of any other…though more reliant on technology than magic…”
>This is not good at fucking all
>Demon and Devil on one side and giant ass Zombie on the other
>You didn’t even get that far!
>The Devil moves closer to you
>”Now now…onii-chan, we don’t want to hurt you…unless you’re into that~! All you have to do is come quietly and we won’t be too rough on you.”
>Her Demonic companion reaches across and pinches the Devil’s nipples through her top
>”Ah yes~! You should join us dear. You have nothing to really lose…well, maybe sleep and stamina, but we can fix that easily enough…”
>The Devil moans and licks the corner of her friend’s lip
>”Yes onii-chan! Come join us in a world of divine debauchery!”
>The pair move closer to you
>Quickly running out of space
>There’s only one thing do
>A risky thing, but a thing nonetheless
>Take big gulp of air
>The pair of demonic girls gasp
>The horde snaps toward your location
>Roll out of the bush and make a break for it
>”Come back here onii-chan!”
>The massive Zombie lets out a bellowing roar
>The windows of the cars you pass by shatter
>Massive Zombie charges after you
>Cars are destroyed left and right
>Break out into full sprint
>That fucking thing is fast for a Zombie!
>She’s already closed the distance
>Throw your arms behind your back and lean forward for more speed
>[Insert Naruto Opening Theme Here]
>Zombie Goliath screams louder
>Car goes flying over your head
>It lands and rolls over a view times before coming a violent stop
>Your only escape path is fucking blocked
>Come to the realization that your pelvis is probably gonna get broken in half
>Not even Batman got it this bad
>The area between you and the Zombie lights up
>Ethereal pentagram appears
>The Zombie yells out in shock as it is chained to the ground
>The Demon and Devil appear out of nowhere
>”Hahaha! Now now dear, there is no escape from us…
>”Try not be too long Misha! I can only hold this Zombie for so long…”
>Demon laughs and struts toward you
>You’re cornered in the worse way possible
>”Alright now, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. The choice is yours…”
>Let the power of deviance build in your body
>”Go fuck yourself you blueberry bitch. I’m not stopping until I get the fluffy, soot skinned glory that is the Hellhound. Miss me with that fucking contract shit.”
>Shock and rage flash across the Demon’s face before she gives you a sadistic grin
>”Oh, I love it when they struggle against fate!”
>The Demon launches toward you faster than you can immediately preceieve
>Time seems to slow down as something odd builds in you
>Suddenly, you shout:
>”Kiraa Insutinkuto!”
>You suddenly find yourself to the immediate left of the Demon
>Her face is dripping with shock
>”W-what? How did you…?
>Notice that she’s looking just above your shoulder
>”What the fuck is that? How does a puny human like you have a familiar? I didn’t even sense it!”
>You raise an eyebrow and follow her gaze
>A Flaming Wolf skull is floating around your person
>”What the fuck!?”
>You are just as surprised as she is
>The Devil screams out before it’s drowned out by the roar the enraged Zombie
>Looks like she couldn’t stop her after all
>The Zombie pounces on you
>You’re suddenly compelled to yell again
>”Konbo Buriakaa!”
>Your right arm is filled with power as your fist launches into the chin of the super Zombie
>Your powerful strike carries you and her at least 14 feet into the air
>It’s an uppercut Ryu and Ken would be proud of
>You stick the landing gracefully as the super Zombie lands on her ass, unconscious
>The Devil and Demon stare at you slack jawed
>”We have to work together for this one. Hold nothing back.”
>”A-are we really gonna fight him Misha? He-“
>”No doubts Delilah! A man this powerful will allow us to rise in the ranks! Think of it!”
>The Demon quickly breaks into a fighting stance as her Devil partner reluctantly joins her
>You are filled with a mighty spirit
>Determination, if you will…
>”Your power is nothing compared to ours! We are the mainstays of the Radical Faction!”
>The Devil seems to steel herself before giving you a cocksure grin
>”Don’t cry too much if we hurt you, onii-chan. It’s nothing personal…”
>You scoff
>”Are you really gonna say a cringy ass Original Character line like that? No wonder you two can’t get a man.”
>”Oh…now I’m really going to hurt you love…”
>The two charge at you
>The floating skull draws closer to you as your body acts on its own
>You dodge every one of their attacks
>Jabs, elbows, tail whips, kicks, sweeps…
>Nothing they do will hit you
>The frustration of the Demon becomes evident as she leaves you an opening
>Time to strike
>”Konbo Buriakaa!”
>Strike the Demon with a flurry of punches
>Send the Demon flying down the street
>”Misha! Man fuck this shit, he’s not worth it!”
>The Devil runs toward her fallen comrade and opens a portal
>She quickly grabs the Demon and hops in
>Well shit, you showed them who’s boss
>”Hehehehe, that was quite the impressive display…”
>You turn around and spot a figure on top of a nearby building overlooking the battle
>Your eyes widen in shock
>It’s a Hellhound!
>Fuck’s sake, not just any Hellhound either, a shiny one!
>She hops down before casually strutting towards you
>”Maybe you’d like to try your luck with me? Perhaps even have chance to try and tame me?”
>You give her a smirk
>You fall down at her fluffy footpaws, begging her for protection
>”I don’t care about all that taming bullshit! I went through days of hiding and ducking and dodging to try and find one of you!”
>”Uh, w-well that’s nice and all-“
>”I thought I would have to hike all the way to fucking Yellowstone to find one of your kind! I’ll do whatever the fuck want girl!”
>”J-jeez, what a strange guy you are. You just bodied a massive Zombie and a Demon by yourself. Now you want me to protect you?”
>The shiny Hellhound blushes as she’s filled with pride
>”I must just be that good! I’ll make you proud mom!”
>Wait what?
>Your revelry is broken by the low moans of Zombies
>You and the Hellhound look down the street
>Looks like the rest of them have caught up
>The Hellhound gives you a cocksure grin before pushing her behind you.
>”Don’t worry my mate! I, Midnight the Shiny Hellhound, will protect you!”
>You slam your palm into your face
>That’s almost as bad as Coldsteel the Hedgehog
>Well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

With Alche successful in his quest for a Hellhound, he, like many others, drowns in the pleasure and love of monster girls. Yet however, it seems that this mysterious power and its capabilities are becoming clearer and clearer. Will the answer to this power and its capabilities ever be answered? Find out next time on “If Monster Girls Took Over the World!”

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  1. Personally, I’d have told the demon and devil to find me a hellhound and maybe a few other types to form my harem before they can consider that they have a part in it…

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