If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: Thunderstruck! A Bizarre Day in Brazil!

As the world fell, people looked to guidance from religious figures. Nothing really came of it has many of the ultra religious believed that the apocalypse had come and [Insert Returning Prophet Here] is coming to lay judgement. Not everyone shared this doom and gloom. In fact, some saw it as a new age for Humanity. These opinions are not the focus of  this story however. Let us go to Brazil and see the story of one such man…

>Be Brazilian man
>Code Name: Shock
>Master of None, Lover of Raijus
>Dispenser of the Wahahaha laugh
>Strange Inception Boawm passed over your house
>Now living with 7 Cockatoo Harpies and 2 German Shepard Kobolds
>Surprisingly don’t want to rape you
>Like…at all
>Fucking weird

>Wake up
>Could have sworn that house shook in the middle of the night
>Probably dreaming
>Drag self out of bed
>Rub eyes
>Head to Bathroom
>Take Piss
>Average bathroom actions
>Go to living room
>Something is…off
>Cockatoos are missing
>What the fuck?
>Muffled footsteps
>Turn arou-OOF
>Tackled by two girls….
>Dog girls
>Face smothered in licks
>”At least let him a minute to breathe, yeah?”
>Look up to the right
>5…no, SEVEN harpies that look suspiciously like your Cockatoos
>O H D E A R
>Realized that you’re probably about to super gang raped right know
>Make final request
>”Can you at least be gentle?”
>Former pets look at each other
>Break into boisterous laughter
>One German Shepard Kobold speak
>”Silly master! We’d never rape you!”
>”Yeah master, don’t be a silly beaner…”

-Return to Present-
>Life continues as normal
>More lewd moans though
>Blackouts increase in frequency
>God Damn it
>Walking to Subway
>Walk by dude having consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation with a Werecat
>Gives you curt nod before returning to work
>Shrug. Just the way things are now, you presume
>Make it subway
>Random people here, as always
>One dude is carrying a JubJub around
>All Pigeons became JubJubs for some reason
>One in the same you guess
>Stupid and drips on everything
>Though its pussy juice on everything now instead of shit
>Not sure if any less annoying
>JubJub is making strong eye contact with you
>Pretend that her eyes aren’t trying to bore into your soul
>Make generic subway order
>Thunder rumbles in the background
>Pays for sub
>Temporarily blinded
>Everyone around you is screaming in ecstasy
>Rubs eyes
>Come face to bust with tall ass girl
>Look up
>It’s a Raiju
>A Brown haired Raiju
>”Hello there, cutie! Looks like you got lucky, now didn’t you?”
>Raiju laughs
>”Of course you’re lucky! Don’t you know? Your chances of getting struck by lighting is 1 in 960,000! Getting struck twice is a 1 in 9 million chance, which is still more of chance than winning the Power Ball!”
>Deadpan stare
>”The fuck is a  Power Ball? Isn’t that something you use to catch Pokemon?”
>Raiju looks indignant
>Points accusatory finger at you
>”The lottery, dumb ass! It’s obvious isn’t it!?”
>Raiju’s indignant look turns a little lusty
>Licks her lips
>Realize you may have bit off more than you can chew
>”Well…there is a way I can punish you~!”
>Puts clawed finger on your forehead
>Collapse on ground
>Foot twitching like you got hit with that good dank
>Raiju laughs and takes your sub
>”Ahahaha! That’ll teach you to not be a beaner!”
>Lusty smile returns
>”Of course, if you need….extra punishment, you know where you can find me honey. Ciao!”
>Punished Shock: A Man Denied his Subway Sandwich

>Finally stop cumming enough to drag yourself back home
>Massive crotch stain on your pants
>Multiple monster girls give you lustful looks
>Limp home faster
>Small gang of Werecats start following
>Go from limping faster to nope’ing out
>Werecats give chase
>Your legs are too jelly for this shit
>Barely make it home
>Get tackled
>Fuck, game over man
>Werecats surround you
>”Hehehe, look at that crotch stain girls! This guy has more than enough for all of us!”
>All you wanted was a fucking subway sandwich, for fuck’s sake
>The runty looking one looks up
>Lewd face changes to one of shock
>”What the fuck is that!?”
>Other werecats look up
>Faces turn to shock then horror
>”Man fuck this shit! He ain’t worth it!”
>Werecats scatter like illegal immigrants in the US
>Look up
>See nothing
>Well, you’re not gonna kick this good fortune
>Fail to notice small thunder cloud following you…
>Door slams open and you get dragged inside before you can reach for your key
>Pets worried sick
>Explain what happened
>Oldest Cockatoo becomes indignant
>”Fucking lightning weasels! They think they can just go around and zap people and take whatever they want! FUCK THEM!”
>Too tired to care
>One Kobold looks at you with puppy dog eyes
>”Don’t worry master! We’ll protect you!”
>”Oi master, what did she look like? That way I’ll know who’s eyes to claw out if I see them…”
>Wow that’s edgy
>”Er, girls? I’d rather just rest, please?”
>”No way! That bitch tried to ruin master’s purity! I won’t stand for it!”

-Next Day-
>Relaxing in living room
>Had to wash pants 3 times to get the cum stains out
>Fucking hell
>Cockatoos are watching the windows
>Kobolds are at the door
>It’s like martial law has been established in your house
>Kobolds star growling
>”Someone’s at the door!”
>”Some dude and a Lizardman…”
>”Let them in…”
>”B-but master…!”
>”No butts.”
>Walk towards door and open it
>Random dude and dark skinned lizard girl
>Wait a minute…
>”Hello friend! I know this is a bit random, but I have some information that might interest you.”
>Man looks awfully familiar
>Invite them in
>Pets look at them with suspicion
>Lizard girl looks around
>”…Quite the harem you have here. You must have amazing stamina to please nine girls…”
>Have massive coughing  fit
>All pets are blushing prefusely
>Smallest Cockatoo speaks up
>”It-it’s not l-like that!”
>Lizardman scoffs
>”…Sure it isn’t…”
>Everyone calms down and random dude gets down to business
>”I know you may not quite remember, but I was there when that Raiju busted in…”
>Now you remember! That dude was at the back of the line when you got your sandwich
>You wanted that fucking sandwich
>”Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ernesto, and this is my girlfriend Katja.”
>Katja gives you a curt nod
>”As you know, the world order as changed. Many animals and mythical beasts have become what we’ve dubbed ‘monster girls’. All of them are female as far as we are aware and-“
>”Get to the point.”
>Second biggest Cockatoo looks annoyed
>”Jeez, no respect for the the build up?”
>Katja sighs before speaking up
>”That Raiju is the source of the increased blackouts around the city. She’s been hording power and telling pointless trivia facts to people before shocking them into ejaculatory catatonia. I was surprise that you were able to even drag yourself back home…”
>”Why the pointless trivia facts though?”
>Katja sighs
>”She gets off on it.”
>That’s fucking ridiculous.
>”You sir, are the only one that can stop her. That Raiju’s bullshit has agitated a tribe of Amazons on the outskirts of town. If you don’t put an end to her antics, they’re gonna invade the city and stop her themselves. I’m sure you don’t want all the collateral damage that such an action will bring, yes?”
>Rub your chin
>That would be pretty annoying
>Your pets don’t look so thrilled
>”Why put him in necessary danger? Why can’t you guys stop him?”
>Katja turns toward your biggest Cockatoo
>”Because he’s one of them. He can resist her powers and defeat her.”
>One of them?
>”What do you mean by ‘one of them’?”
>Katja stays silent for a minute
>”…You’ll know when it hits you.”
>Wow, that’s not fucking cryptic at all
>Totally extreme helpful, right? T-o-t-a-l-l-y
>Big Cockatoo looks suspicious
>”Why should we trust you?”
>”Because, I’ve seen what some people here a capable of. This is a new world now, friends. You’re monster girls like me trying to protect your lover, but he has the power to protect you just as easily…”
>Pets blush even harder
>Well, looks  like you don’t have a choice…

-Following Day-
>Wondering why you agreed to do this
>Pets cuddled you to death telling you to be safe
>Katja and Ernesto directed you to an old power plant
>You feel like your about to die anyway
>Make the long trip to the power plant
>Over two fucking hours
>Beholding to much of the new wild life
>Get harassed by Kakuens
>Get scared off by the whatever those Werecats saw
>You’re still not sure what they’re even scared of
>Finally make it to power plant
>Place looks fucking dilapidated as shit
>Sneaks in through hole in fence
>Wander around for a bit
>Thunder rumbles in the background
>You already know what’s about to go down
>Place lights up with lightning
>Raiju appears, already fingering herself
>”Oh hoho~! Looks like the little man came to get punished again~!”
>Give her deadpan stare
>Remember the pain your stomach felt when you she took your sub
>Rage awakes
>”You took my fucking sub…”
>Raiju half-laughs and half-moans
>”It was fucking delicious, unf~! I bet you taste better though…”
>Raiju charges toward you
>Something clicks in the back of your mind
>The Lightning is dispelled and the Raiju falls face first on the pavement
>The Raiju quickly gets up before falling on her ass
>She’s flashing her puss-puss at you
>”How did you even…? Gah!”
>Your face turns into the Smug
>You might not be sure what the fuck you did, but it worked
>Only one thing left to do now…
>”Why are you looking at me like that? What…wait, I get it you naughty boy~!
>The Raiju gets up on her knees with a lusty smile
>”You want to punish me because of the sandwich, don’t you? Well, to the victor go the spoils, as they say…”
>Aww Yiss

And so the victory went to Shock in the end. However, he found himself in control of a power he didn’t know or understand. What does this new power hold, and what does it mean for the others like him? More importantly, where did it come from? Find out next time on “If Monster Girls Took Over the World!”


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