How to keep your virginity for Dummies

Be Anon.
>Live in a world full of monsters.
>Monster girls, to be more exact.
>Monster girls who are proficient in performing non-consensual acts of depraved intercourse with actually willing and occasionally masochistic unwilling young men.
>Especially with virginal young men.
>Since they apparently get more satisfaction out of it or some shit along those lines, pretty damn weird, if you ask me.
>Personal opinion aside, back to this shitty greentext.
>Run from your fate.
>The fate of the weak.
>At the current moment in time, you seem to have found yourself being chased by a horde of P’orcs.
>Why is that the case? Well, of course, because the author is shitty at introductions.
>But do not fret, for you have something to get you out of this mess.
>Because of course, you do.
>Pull out your phimotic dick handy guide.
>’How to keep your virginity for Dummies’.
>Flip to the P’orc page.

>Have you found yourself being chased by a horde of porcine girl with thick thighs?
>If your answer is yes, and of course it is, dummy, you just need to follow these simple steps.
>Step 1.
>Assume your dominance by fucking each and one of them into submissive little piggies.
>Step 2.
>Live your life as a tribal chief.
>Oh, you don’t have the physical strength to do that? And you also want to keep your purity?
>Why didn’t you say that from the beginning? You did? Now, ain’t that something. Since you can’t do that, I guess plan B will be enough
>Step 1.
>Run as fast as you can in a straight line.
>Step 2. >Don’t fall down a cliff.

>Proceed to fall down a cliff.
>Who told you that running while reading was a good idea?
>Break both of your legs. >Scream in utter pain. >Attract some slug girls.
>Flip to the Slug page.

>You are trying to get away from a Slug girl? Well, that’s quite a simple task.
>Step 1.
>Walk away at a slow pace.
>Step 2.
>Repeat step 1 ’till you escape your predicament.
>Now, if you happen to be crippled, that isn’t a problem.
>Just crawl away.

>Literally crawl away from the snail girls.
>Damn, they’re slow.
>Have yet another faithful encounter in a lovely place!
>A wild human girl and an Imp have appeared!
>What is this, a discontinued porn game?
>No, it’s just a shitty reference. And not even a MOTHERFUCKING JOJO one. >Slowly descend into the depths of despair.
>Listen to the frightened cries of the fair maiden as her clothes are being ripped apart by the Imp.
>What are you waiting for? Do something about it, from here, it won’t be long to get out of this mess of a story.If you can even call this a story.
>Pick up a stick.
>Beat the Imp with the stick.
>You have gained 1 exp and 2 gems for defeating the Imp!
>Walk up the naked girl.
>Press the interaction button[x]
>”Oh my hero! You have saved me from that vile creature! You deserve a reward!”.
>Step 1.
>Stop Resisting.
>Look at the girl again.
>She is now making obscene gestures towards you with her fluffy tails
>She’s actually a fox girl, go figure.
>If she grows a dick, I swear to god, I’ll punch myself when I’m conscious again.
>Grasp the book firmly in your shaking hands.
>Hit the Fox girl with it until she’s unconscious.
>Throw the book away.
>Drag your broken body into a cave while relying solely on your unwavering determination and fingernails.
>Prop yourself up on one of the walls.
>Oh look, there’s an Ushi-Oni in here. What a coincidence.
>Flip to the Ushi-Oni page.

>Oh boy, you truly are in trouble right now! However, do not be afraid! For the ‘How to keep your virginity for Dummies’ guide has the best solution for your dilemma.
>Step 1.
>Just give up, there’s nothing you can do.

>Fade into unconsciousness as the rape spider finally notices your presence.
> Fin

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2 thoughts on “How to keep your virginity for Dummies

  1. This was complete nonsense and I loved every part of this.

    Porcupine Monster Girl… That would be interesting.

    A fox girl and an Imp… Nah, I’m thinking too much into it.

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