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Authors Note: Hi kids, this time we’re over at the Milworks department. There will be a delay with the next chapter as it has now become a special request from one of my biggest fans. She has requested to have a role in it and demands nothing but perfection so stay tuned!

From the lawyer: names, places, incidents are all fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity is purely coincidental and unintended.

Michelle groaned at the sight that lay before her. 10 pallets of doors that just came in off the replenishment truck. Rika the burly Ogre receiving supervisor dropped them all in front of the department with a gruff laugh, “Good luck Alp.”

She hated working there, just because she was an Alp, all the other Mamono were cunts to her. She didn’t have massive tits, she didn’t have an ass that could stop a bus, she didn’t even have a clear face as even though she turned 18 months ago, puberty was still kicking her behind. She blew a stream of air up at her short dirty blonde hair.

“Damn it.”

Michelle unwrapped the nearest pallet and lugged the door upright into its home.

Shit, these are heavy, she thought, when suddenly the door became feather light. Confusion gave way to exuberance as she gasped,

“This is it! I’m getting my Mamono super strength! It’s finally come!”

Her excitement came crashing down however when she noticed a burly hand holding the door up. Peering around the other side she looked up to see her giant co-worker Kurt smiling brightly at her.

“Hiya little buddy!”

Letting out a loud, frustrated growl Michelle threw her hands up and stomped away. Stopping when she reached the Milworks desk a few feet away, she paused and bunched up her fists at her side. Turning herself around she stomped back to the large man and threw her arms around his barrel chest in a hug.

“Hi Kurt,” She mumbled grumpily.

“Tough day, little buddy?”

“They’re all tough days Kurt.”

“Where’s old flame tail?” He asked looking around.

“Who knows? Probably off banging her clown. She talks a good game but when there’s work to do she’s never around.”

“Well,” He considered, “How much are we lookin at?”

“10 pallets,” Michelle said unhappily.

“Aww that’s nothin for us. You just bring em over, cut em open, and I’ll toss them in the homes. We’ll be done in no time!”

Ok, you’re on,” She smiled, grabbing the pallet jack.

Michelle took a moment to watch Kurt. At 6’8” he was a good foot and a half taller then her, combined with an enormous frame he was nicknamed “The Mountian” by pretty much everyone in the whole freaking store. He had the strength to go with the body too. She remembered the time a Wurm tried to molest him. Michelle had never before seen a human take on and win against a Wurm, but she was pretty sure it scared the poop out of her. He was also older then her too, she didn’t know exactly how old, but she guessed maybe 10 years.

Still, he was the kindest guy she knew. He always helped her out, was there to listen to her and always took her pissy additude and occasional yelling at him with nothing more then a smile on his face. He really was a great guy… The weird thing was one knew a thing about his past. Some said he was an ex marine, others said he was a body guard that let a high end client die, that’s how he ended up at the H.I.S.

She really didn’t care, he was awesome that’s all that mattered. She couldn’t tell him that of course, being a wanna be tsundere, she couldn’t let him go all getting a big head or anything…

True to his word, both the time and the pallets disappeared as they worked together, laughing and talking about life’s daily abuses. As they finished, the two realized it was quitting time for both of them.

As Kurt walked ahead of her in the parking lot, Michelle realized she parked next to him without knowing. For some reason it warmed her that even their cars seemed to hang out together at work. A screech of tires snapped her out of her thoughts as she saw a car speeding towards Kurt. It was going way too fast, there’s no way it could stop in time!

“Kurt!” She screamed as she started running.
Kurt stood frozen like a deer in the headlights as the car barreled toward him. Using her small wings for an extra push, she threw herself at him shoving him out of the way.

Pain exploded throughout her body as the car slammed into her, throwing her over it.

“Michelle!” Kurt screamed as he picked himself up off the ground and ran to her side. Sparing a glance up, Kurt could see the car speeding off into the distance.

She was still breathing, no blood that he could see, “Michelle! Talk to me! Open your eyes please!” Kurt begged, “I gotta get you to a hospital.”

Coughing, Michelle opened her eyes and said, “No…no hospital, don’t have insurance, can’t afford it…just put me in my car I’m ok.. I’m a tough chick…” she smiled weakly.

“The hell I’m going to just leave you in your damn car! What about your parents? Can I take you to them?”

“No… dad hates me… don’t want to worry mom… I’m ok, just need rest…”

Looking around frantically, Kurt finally said, “Fine, I’ll take you home with me damn it! I’m not just going to abandon you.”

Easily lifting her up, Kurt gently placed the injured Alp into his pickup truck. Making sure she was buckled in, he slid into the drivers seat and drove them as fast as he could to his small, modest apartment nearby.

By either great luck or a miracle, he managed to juggle a half passed out Alp and working the lock enough to get inside and close the door. Laying Michelle gently down on the sofa, Kurt ran to get a towel and warm water to wash her off.

Fluttering her eyes open, Michelle took in his abode. An old leather recliner sat adjacent from the sofa she laid on, in the corner was an ancient tube tv sitting on an older wooden stand. It all kinda had a Salvation Army Store bought feel to it.

Returning to her, he began to wash her face with the damp cloth.

“Are you sure I can’t just take you to the hospital?” He asked. She shook her head no, and Kurt sighed deeply, “Then is there anything I can do for you? I feel so damn helpless, I don’t want you to die!”

Turning her head she thought back to what her Transformation Councilor said to her in high school when she had turned into an Alp.

“…irt energy.” She mumbled.

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“Spirit Energy…” She said louder, her embarrassment growing.

“What’s that? Can I get it at the drug store?” He asked hecticly.

He really didn’t know? She thought to herself in disbelief. What the hell, is he that dense? Her embarrassment and anger grew as she watched him.

“Can I get it at a grocery store? Come on Michelle you gotta tell me so I can get you better!”

“YOUR CUM!” She erupted, “I need your cum!”

Her face burned as she realized that she just asked her co worker and pretty much only friend in life for his jizz.

“O-oh… ok um… ok sure.” He stumbled.

“Are you serious?” She asked half in disbelief and half hopeful.

“Well yeah, I mean you saved my life, it’s the least I could do?”

As Michelle stared at him she couldn’t figure out if he was joking, being serious, or if he was just so stupid he couldn’t see how messed up this situation was and just took it all for granted.

“You DO realize that I am asking you for your cum right? Your jizz, baby batter, leche, your semen, your-”

“I get it! I get it!,” He interrupted reddening himself, “But how is that gonna help?”

Michele sighed, “My Transformation Councilor once told me that cum- spirit energy Mamono call it- it’s like a cure all. If you’re sick or injured it makes you better almost instantly.”

“Uh ok so how does this work? Do I just, uh you know, put it in a cup and hand it to you?” Kurt asked, his embarrassment showing more and more.

Michelle thought about it. It could work, sure there would be some awkwardness after, maybe even for a couple days after but it would fix her up and that would be the end of it. It was the perfect plan…

If it was so perfect then why did every fiber of her being rebel against the idea of him simply jacking off in a cup and handing it to her when she could have it from the source…

“N-no, it won’t work like that,” She lied, “I have to have it… d-directly…”

Kurt froze for a moment contemplating what was just said. He would have to basically have oral sex with his friend and coworker to save her life. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to take that step, sure they were friends and he always thought she was really cute even with the acne on her face but to do this. It felt so soon after what he had been through before. But she saved his life and they were friends, he had to do something and if this was the only way…

Wordlessly he stood up and began to take off his clothes. If he was going to do it, it would be done right.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Michelle squeaked.

“If we’re going to this, we’re going to do this proper,” he said firmly as he took off his shirt revealing a muscular hairy chest.

“I’m not going to treat you like some cheap whore, you deserve some kind of respect.” He finished as he pulled off his jeans.

Michelle covered her eyes as he pulled down his boxers. This was her first time seeing a naked guy after the transformation, her first time alone in a guy’s house, her first everything. She was beginning to panic, everything was going so quickly. Why the heck did she have to lie to him?

“L-look we don’t have to do this I’ll be ok, I’m feeling better I promise!”

“Michelle, open your eyes,” Kurt said gently.

“I know this is probably the last thing you imagined that any of this would happen but, you’re my friend… my only friend. I don’t want to lose you. I promise we’ll go slow I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

“A-and you’re ok with the fact I’m an Alp? The fact that two years ago I used to be a guy? You’re ok with that?”

Kurt took a deep breath before he answered, “Why would that matter for anything right now. I care for you as a person. What you were, it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is you getting better.”

As much as she hated to admit it, his words touched her heart as true. He really didn’t care what she was or used to be, he just cared about her as a person.

“Fine,” She relented as she opened her eyes. Kurt was a large man and the same followed suite for below the belt. Gasping she asked,

“It’s that big and your not even hard?!”

Kurt simply shrugged proudly then said,

“May I?” As he reached over to undress her.

Michelle hesitated before slightly nodding.

“I’m warning you, it’s not much,” She mumbled.

He gently lifted her top, taking care not to hurt her small wings, revealing a slim flat chest, plump cherry red nipples with almost no areola, as well as no bra. Kurt guessed that with no breasts, she really didn’t need one. He could feel himself hardening as he discarded her top. He then reached for her pants.

At that point a part of Michelle wanted him to stop, it was good enough with her topless, she didn’t want him to discover her secret but things had progressed too far already. The air itself was charged with sexual excitement and her Mamono instincts had already kicked in, there would be no stopping, no going back.

Slowly he pulled off her black sweat pants that she would always wear to work. It was a bit tricky with her thin spade tail but he managed. A pair of black boy shorts lay beneath. Kurt looked up at Michelle for signs that he should stop. He found her staring at him, heavily breathing, lust in her eyes.

Kurt took both sides of the final bit of fabric and pulled it down. What met his eye shocked him. While Michelle no longer had a penis due to becoming an Alp, her clitoris was roughly almost the same size as one. As he continued to pull past, he found she was quite wet and completely hairless, a stark contrast from his hairy body.

“I hate it,” She said bitterly snapping out of her haze, “I’m such a freak, it’s so huge and nasty.”

“I think it’s beautiful,” Kurt said staring at her large, engorged clit as if hypnotized.

“Seriously?” She snorted.

Kurt bent down and took it in his mouth in answer. Michelle gasped and grabbed his head to try and yank him off but with every lick, every suck of her clit in his mouth, weakened her strength to do so. She had never felt anything like it before. Eventually she surrendered to his ministrations and ended up cradling his head as she moaned in pleasure.

Kurt played with her engourged clit in his mouth as it was large enough to fully suck on and tease. Gay, straight, Alp or not, he didn’t care. Her smell was a bewitching combination of musk and sweet. Her juice was both tangy and delicious. He found that he fully enjoyed having her clit in his mouth. Kurt raised his head to look at Michelle. She could see his face still wet with her juice.

“Kiss me,” She demanded.

Needing no other offer, Kurt met her waiting lips. Michelle could taste herself on his mouth and while it should have disgusted her, it now only fueled her lust more.

Breaking the kiss she said huskily “My turn. Let me suck you.”

Kurt moved himself up to present to her his giant swollen cock. It was her first time doing such a thing, thinking back to a porn she once watched, she took it in both hands. She knew there would be no real way to fit it all in her mouth. She settled on licking the shaft and head while pumping with both hands. Her Mamono instincts well taking over, she found she could at least fit the head of his cock in her mouth to suck on like a giant ice cream cone. The taste of his precum further fueled her pent-up desires.

Soon Kurt was panting and groaning, and finally grunted, “I’m gonna cum.”

Upon hearing that, Michelle’s instincts kicked into over drive increasing her rhythm until he exploded into her mouth. Desperately she tried to swallow it all but with it’s volume and her inexperience she started to choke and cough. Looking down Kurt saw his young friend gasping for breath with cum spattered over her chest and mouth. While entirely sexy, he noticed something odd as well. Her chest began to swell slightly forming now recognizable breasts.

Realizing the change herself, Michelle began to spoon up the spattered cum with her fingers and shove it in her mouth to swallow. Kurt watched the erotic display with fascination as her wounds healed and her breasts swelled. Soon he hardend again, a fact not lost upon Michelle as she finished swallowing every last drop spilt on her body.

She could feel new found energy coursing through her. Never had she felt this amazing! All her pains, her aches from the trauma, gone! She had to have more.

“Get in that chair,” She said pointing to the old leather recliner.

“Why?” He asked as he sat down upon it.

“Because, I’m gonna climb me a mountain.” She replied as she scaled his bulk. She knew it would hurt; her small frame, it being her first time and him being so large, but she didn’t care. The tsundere part of Michelle was now gone, in its place was a lusty sucubus, and she was going to lay her claim on the mountian.

Positioning herself above his phallus, she grimaced in pain as she slowly took him inside. Her wetness helped some but not enough, her sucubus body struggled to accept him. Finally she bottomed out, feeling his cock all the way up to her stomach inside her.

Kurt’s hands gripped the recliner tightly. Despite just coming, her tightness enveloping him was almost too much. He had to get himself under control least he risk cumming inside her before they even started.

Finally Michelle started to lightly move her hips, getting a feel for him, she gradually began to thrust herself up and down riding atop of him, moaning loudly with her awakening of now being a true Mamono.

Eventually Kurt’s willpower failed him as he moaned that he was close.

“Fill me with that delicious jizz, Kurt. Heal me, make me whole.”

Kurt grabbed her hips and crushed her down upon his cock as he erupted inside her. Michelle’s eyes bulged as she felt him ejaculate with every part of her body.

As he finished she collapsed down on top of him in a sweaty mess. Both breathing heavily after their intense love making. He could feel a puddle forming on his groin of cum and girl juice but he didn’t care.

“How come you didn’t want me taking you to your folks place?” Kurt asked in their post orgasmic bliss as he cradled her in his arms.

Michelle sighed and hugged him tightly. “Ever since I Alped, things got bad at home. I mean my mom, she was accepting and cool with it but my dad… he pretty much disowned me. Said that his son was dead and he wanted nothing to do with some slut monster in his house. Ever since then, is been like a Cold War at home. I just stay in my room like a prisoner or something. All my friends from high school pretty much did the same to me. They were afraid that I would rape them and crap. They wanted nothing to do with me.”

“I’m sorry babe, trust me, I know what being abandoned is like.” Kurt said sadly.

“Babe?!” She said shooting him a glare, her tsundere part returning.

“Well we did just have sex, I think I’m due that!”

Still glaring at him she mulled over his argument until she finally mumbled, “I’ll allow it.”

“…So what’s your story? In all the time we’ve known each other, I don’t really know much about your past.” Michelle said as she rested her cheek back against Kurt’s chest, her tail lazily wrapped around his right leg.

“Well… contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t special forces, I’m not a former pro wrestler or even a washed up football player. I’m just a normal guy. Well a normal big guy, I guess. A while back I fell in love with a human girl, got married, bought a house, things were good, then we had a kid, started arguing a lot, things got bad, we had another kid, things got worse,” Kurt signed painfully he as recalled the memories.

“Next thing I know, she divorced me, took the kids, the house, the money, everything. I lost my job, ended up on the streets with no where to go. One day I was sitting on the corner, about an hour away from doing something real stupid when this big black limo pulls up. The window rolls down and there as plain as day was a Lilim. She stared hard at me for a minute then the door pops open, she says get in. I get in and its just her and this scary looking Mantis chick dressed in a maid outfit. She wanted to know my story so I tell her. She gets on her cell phone, starts talking real fast in some weird language I can’t even understand and next thing I know we arrive at this place here, she hands me the keys and says welcome home and not to worry about the rent. The next day, the scary looking Mantis chick shows up alone. I’m thinking she’s gonna off me but she just hands me a key and a couple of letters. The key was to the truck I drive now, the letters… Well one was addressed to me, it said for me to go to the address below and I’d get a job, just hand the manager the other letter- which is how I ended up being at the Home Improver Store.”

Kurt swallowed hard fighting back tears, “That Lilim saved my life that day. I was planning on jumping off a nearby bridge, just to end it all, but she gave me a new lease. I later found out her name was Druella. And, well I guess you know the rest.”

“W-Wow,” Michelle said quietly fighting back tears of her own as she rubbed her face on him. “Right now I am totally sorry for anything mean I’ve ever said or done to you…” she said into his chest.

Kurt laughed, “Don’t be! you’re the only one who ever acts real towards me. Everyone else, they’re either afraid of me or they wanna fuck me. You treated me like a real person from day one. I’d never want you to change who you are for some dumb sob story of mine. You’re too special to me for that Michelle.”

Shooting up, Michelle glared at him, “You can’t just say something like that to me, you big dummy!” Her whole body blushing red.

Kurt simply shrugged and smiled sadly.

“It’s true, you’re the only friend I have in this world, if I lost you to something stupid… I-I-“

“Hey,” She softened and reached up to cup his face, “I’m not gonna leave you like she did ok? You’re stuck with me, you’re all mine! You’re my mountain now,” She grinned.

“So does that mean you’re mine too?” Kurt asked grinning back.

“We-Well,” She faltered, but after seeing Kurt’s grin beginning to fade she shouted, “YES! Fine! I’m all yours! …You big meaney.”

“But are you really going to be ok with a guy that’s twelve years older then you?” He asked concerned.

“I donno, are you really going to be ok with an Alp- I mean a girl that’s twelve years younger then you?” She countered as her pussy squeezed his still hard cock.

Kurt groaned in appreciation as she once again began to slide up and down on his shaft.

“Damn, your still not satisfied after all that?” He asked.

“You’re the one that’s still hard, I think you should ask yourself the same question.” Michelle said huskily as she began to pick up speed, her tail excitedly swinging back and forth.

Reaching up with both hands, Kurt cupped the Alp’s ass and lightly squeezed.

“That feels good,” She mumbled eyes closed, lost in pleasure.

“Do you wanna try something?” Kurt asked.

“Ummm hmmmm,” Michelle replied.

“Put your hands on my shoulders and hold on,” He commanded as he stood up. Michelle squeaked in surprise grabbing on.

“What are you doing?!” She panicked.

“Trying something,” Kurt replied calmly as he held Michelle up by her ass and started to rapidly fuck her.

“Ohhhh my Maou, this is craaaaaazy!” She yelled as he continued to use her as an oversized fuck toy.

“I’m gonna cum,” He grunted.

“Do it, I want more, give me more!” She begged.

Roaring, he released his third load of the day into her. Once again he could see the effects. Breasts growing slightly more to a B Cup now and he could feel her ass plumping out just a bit. Exhausted, he collapsed back onto the recliner with her.

“This has been the most amazing night of my life,” he breathed.

Michelle opened her mouth to say something insulting, but stopped herself. She couldn’t, not to him, not anymore. Glancing down for a moment in thought, she peered up at him, meeting his eyes.

“Me too,” she hesitated slightly before continuing, “Look, I know you’ve had a lot of bad shit happen in your life, me too, and I know I’m really young but… if you’re ready I wanna start a new life…together.”

Kurt closed his eyes briefly and swallowed hard. Opening them he crained his head down and kissed her passionately.

“I’m ready.”


Druella signed contently as she watched one of the many monitors in her massive study. Grabbing the now destroyed, soaked dildo between her legs, she spared it a glance before tossing it in the trash. This had been quite the plot twist. If she were honest with herself, she would have bet a sizable chunk of her fortune that Kurt would have ended up with her mothers more…larger framed girls. A Lizardwoman, Minotaur, even a Dragon would cream herself over such a man, but no; he ended up with an Alp. Well, that was why she loved humans so much, they always surprised her when she least expected it. Besides there would much more entertainment to come, she suppressed a shiver, soon, very soon.


2 days later…

It was a beautiful Thursday morning at the Home Improver Store. It was the perfect hour between the morning rush of the contractors and the evening rush of the home owners. A quiet lull encompassed the store as the associates worked in their departments. Cody the paint associate was checking the all the paint tints when his friend Tommy rushed up to the paint desk.

“Dude, it happened!” He exclaimed.


“The Mountain’s been conquered!”

“Shut up, by who?”

Looking around to make sure no one could hear, Tommy leaned forward conspiringly and said a single word,


“You’re fuckin lying bro, no way Michelle’s little Alp ass could take on that.”

“No man it’s true!” Tommy insisted, “Girly in Lumber said she saw them holding hands yesterday! She said she nearly shit a coal!”

“Holy crap, that’s insane, well good for them I guess,” Cody admitted adjusting the tint dispenser, “Hey have you seen June recently? She’s been acting kinda weird, well, more weirder.”

“Nah, but that chicks all kinds of crazy, you know that.”

“Yeah,” Cody laughed, “Well whatever, not like she’s gonna do anything, anyway.”

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