Home Improver Stories: Summer Camp!

Hi kids,

It’s your estranged uncle Bono here. I know it’s been a while and a lot of things have happened but I’m slowly hopping back into the saddle of writing. I’m a little rusty but, I hope you enjoy the story and you all are doing well. I look forward to continuing to provide something to read when you’re bored!


The Home Improver Store: Summer Camp!


It was a typical hot summer day at the Home Improver Store. Customers flowing in and out of the store, buying plants, soil, sprinkler supplies, lumber, concrete mix and the like. Angel sat in her office going over the mountain of reports on her desk. Customer Satisfaction reports, Out of Stock reports, Pro Service reports, reports for other reports. She swore, one day they would find her dead under all the damn paperwork.

A knock interrupted her thoughts as the door opened to reveal Annie, the Orc HR supervisor. Her arms were laden with various colored notebooks and papers.

“Got a moment?” She asked, sitting down with a smile.

The Succubus grunted as she threw down a print packet showing an update of the top selling 40 merchandise classes for the week.


”What is this?” Angel asked as the P’Orc slid a flyer into her hands.

“It’s called ‘Kids Camp,’ it’s a free summer camp for Human children. They’re asking if maybe we can come on by for a day or two with some easy wood working projects for the kids to put together. I was thinking that we could use our kids workshop stuff that the store does once a month.”

“I don’t know know Annie… It’s summer, the store’s really busy…” Angel mumbled as she looked at the colorful piece of paper showing adorable children swimming, hiking and having fun.

”Did I forget to mention that all these kids are from either orphanages, homeless, were burned in fires or were abused?”

“Fuck, why don’t you just stab me in the ovaries with a box cutter while your at it?!” Angel growled sharply while glaring up at her.

It was no secret that for many Mamono, kids were a huge weakness- especially Human kids whom they considered weaker and more vulnerable than any other. Throw in words like orphan or abused and they were sold on anything, which was exactly what the kind hearted P’Orc was counting on.

“Well alright, I’ll just call and say we can’t do it…” Annie said with mock sadness as she pulled the flyer out of Angels hands.

”Wait!” Angel all but shouted as she grabbed back the paper. Looking back down to it, at the children’s faces, she slowly said, ”I… think that maybe with some reworking of the schedule…we could… perhaps do it. It would be a good will gesture… to give back to the community that is…”

She finished, stumbling over her words, as she fought to justify her backtracking.

“Really? Are you sure?”

“YES! I mean… Yes, It would be good publicity for the store.”

“Okay! So it’s next Monday, who should we have go? Aside from us of course.”

”Hmm,” Angel leaned back in her chair in thought, “They should be parents or at least have some background with kids… I’ll have Anon with me, but a few more would be helpful…”

”Matt and the Jenny’s?” Annie asked.

”Just one Jenny. We still need coverage for 69.”

”Sure, Matt and Jenny the Living Doll.”

“Automaton.” Angel corrected.

“…I thought you and her were ok now?”

”We are, but she’s still a bitch and I’d rather have the robot.”

“Karem and Edward?” Annie asked, ignoring the pointed comment from her store manager.

”Aren’t they both going out on maternity leave soon?” Angel frowned.

Flipping through the pages of a blue notebook, Annie checked.

“At the end of the month, yes they are.”

”Then yeah, that’s good.”

”I’ll add in Diana too. If we don’t, I think she’ll just show up anyway.” Annie laughed.

“Don’t. They’re not together with her anymore.”

The P’Orc raised her eyebrows at that and pinched her lips together in an ‘O.’

Angel sighed and rested her head on a hand, “She ended up falling for another cashier and there was some drama… They eventually made up and now everyone’s friends again but no threeway marriage anymore.”

”Workplace relationships, huh?” Annie said with a knowing smirk.

Angel snorted a laugh and rolled her eyes as her spade tail kinked to the side behind the chair.

“Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But the seven of us should be enough.”

“That’s totally awesome,” Annie said excitedly as she jotted down the names in another notebook.

”What about Regina? I’m sure the kids will love her growing flowers for them!”

“No.” Angel said firmly, her face darkening.


“Regina is… still recovering. She wouldn’t do well there.” She replied quietly.

”Oh…” Annie mumbled in a small voice, “Well it’s okay, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Angel nodded solemnly, “That should do it?”

Clearing her throat, the P’Orc forced a smile and replied, “Absolutely, I’ll get the changes done right away.”


“Dual power reserves, capable of storing both alternating current from standard forms of electricity and direct current from spirit energy.” Jenny the Automaton stated as she pushed Matt’s hands against her firm yet slightly soft, bare nipple-less breasts.

“You know, when I said I wanted to know more about Automatons, I didn’t think you would teach me like this.” Matt said as he met her blue robotic eyes. The two were on the California King that took up most of the bedroom the married foursome slept in.

In a rare moment, when it was just the two of them in the shared apartment, he commented that he was curious about the workings of Automatons. Somehow things ended up with both of them naked in bed.

”In what manner did you conceive being taught?”

“I donno… Um, I was thinking on the computer or something?” Matt blushed as he looked away from her piercing gaze.

“Inadequate. Humans retain a greater amount of information when physically interacted with the subject they are learning about.”

He looked back at her with a disbelieving expression and asked, “Then why am I naked too?”

The Automaton fell suspiciously silent, almost as if she didn’t have an answer to his question but then remarked,

”I calculated that you would be less uncomfortable if you were without clothing as well.”

“…That makes absolutely no sense.”

Ignoring his comment and forcefully moving his hands down to her flat stomach, she continued albeit in a seemingly more annoyed tone.

”Regulator core, reinforced with a triennium alloy weave for flexibility.”

Suddenly Jenny’s head turned slightly as she made an electronic chirp.

”What was that?”

“Our work schedules for tomorrow have been modified.”

“Oh… That’s weird. I wonder why?” Matt no longer questioned that the Automaton had a permanent link to the internet and regularly checked everyone’s schedules.

“We have been directed to an off-site area along with multiple other associates for a community service event.”

“Hmm, that sounds like it might be fun.”

Jenny simply stared at him in response. Well it did seem like a nice change of pace anyway.

Looking back down to her stomach, Matt took a silent moment to admire the pale, grayish skin that contrasted with her deep blue eyes and short platinum hair. It had always attracted him and matter how many times he saw her nude, she was gorgeous.

Dragging his hands more downward over her body, he felt Jenny insert his fingers into-

“Semen collector.”

She looked directly into his eyes as she said it, as if daring him to protest. Although they had been married for a number of months now, he was still a bit uncomfortable with her directness. Even with her cold sounding name for it, that part of her body was basically a vagina in Matt’s mind. It was hairless and warm with soft folds leading to a slit opening. He could feel a slick wetness and thousands of tiny nubs caressing and tickling his digits.

“You are becoming sexually aroused.” Jenny stated bluntly.

“N-no I’m not.” He lied.

“Your body temperature has risen by two degrees and heart beat by three percent.”

Damn it, he couldn’t fool her, not with all of her high tech sensors and the like. Jenny then turned her attention downwards.

”You also have an errection.”

‘Well there’s no denying it now’, Matt thought with his own annoyance.

“Yes, okay! I’m-I’m horny okay? It’s a little hard not to be when you just shoved my fingers into your… Semen collector…”

With Matt admitting his state, Jenny aggressively pushed him to his back on the bed. The Automaton crawled over top and began to kiss and fondle him as he moaned in pleasure. He was still amazed that she knew every weakness, every erogenous point of his body perfectly.

”What about my lesson?” He breathed teasingly.

“It has been over a week since you have inputted your spirit energy into me.”

Matt felt bad about that one but still, work had been crazy busy and she knew that.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled.

”The time span is unacceptable.” She said irritably as she took his hardened member and forcefully inserted inside her.

“Okay, okay! How can I make it up to you?” He begged as she began to ride him. Matt really didn’t need his Automaton wife cranky because if she was, then his other two wives would certainly follow suite.

“Eight energy inputs,” she stopped and demanded but then blushed slightly while adding, “and forty-five light strokes to my cranium.”

“You want sex eight times and forty-five headpats?!” He exclaimed while instinctively grabbing hold of her hips.


“O-okay, I’ll try!” He moaned in agreement to her as the nubs in Jenny’s semen collector began to vibrate faster against his cock.

”But… B-But I’m not sure if I can do it eight times in a row!”

“Irrelevant. Resistance is futile.”


It was a lazy mid-morning as Sam, the Ocelomeh, laid in bed on her phone going over what was new on Fuckbook. Her black banded tail waving sleepily about as she saw the latest news being the Gandharva pop super star, Ariana Grandeboobs, had toppled fellow singer Selena Jizzmez in most amount of followers. An incoming picture popped up on screen that showed it was her bestie, Sage the Jinko calling.

”Yo, what up bitch.”

”Hey slut, what you doin?”

”Nothin, just on Fuckbook.”

”Coo, coo. Hey Kids Camp is next week, but they haven’t released the councilor list yet, you going?” Sage asked.

Streching her lithe, muscular body out on bed, Sam groaned in both thought and pleasure.

”Damn hoe did you just cum or what?”

”Shut up, I was streching!” Sam giggled, then huffed, “I donno, I signed up again this year but it’s always the same shit. Babysitting some group of Human brats, pretending to care about what bullshit they’ve been through. Daddy hits me, mommy burns me, uncle Frank touches me in the bad place. Like I give a fuck.”

”I heard Jerry’s gonna be there again, now that’s a fine piece of fuckmeat right there! You two did kinda hit it off last time.”

”Ha, you can have that, I already fucked him.” She laughed tartly.

”Shut up! How was he?!”

”His dick was the same size of the little boys we look after.” She sighed as she switched to speaker and grabbed an emery file to do her nails.

“You’re kidding me?! Wow and he’s like super buff and all macho too!”

“I know, totally disappointing. I still did him anyway though. Thought maybe he’d give me a decent fuck but no, couldn’t feel anything, just a little squirt of his cum before he passed out at the end. Total loser. I donno Sage, it’s just every year we see the same people, between you and I, I think we’ve fucked almost every single human councilor there.”

”Mmm, remember when we double teamed Lucy?”

”Oh fuck yeah! We had to gag that slut she was moaning so loud! Almost woke up all the brats!” Sam remembered gleefully. Lucy did have a delicious tasting pussy. Too bad her and Sage fucked her so hard and rough she had to go out for medical. Bitch got it so good, she probably turned into a Mamono.

“Well, I hear there’s gonna be something new, they got some people from a Home Improver Store to come by for a week- do some art and crafts shit for the kids. Might be a few juicy cocks there, you know construction worker type guys.”

Sam paused in her filing. That might actually be worth checking out. It had been a while since she had a good sized dick in her…

”Fuck, you just sold me chick. I’ll see you there.”

“Alright! See you soon bitch, stay slutty for me.” She flirted.

“You too whore, don’t husband up just yet, your cunt is still mine for the summer.”

“Oh baaaaaby it’s allll yourrrssss!!” Sage moaned loudly into the phone before hanging up.

Sam grinned at that, Sage was such a fucking hoe. Hmm some big, fat construction worker cock. Yeah, she could definitely go for some of that.


For human woman, the third trimester of pregnancy can be especially uncomfortable. However for a Mamono, it is quite easy as their bodies readily adapt in anticipation of child birth. Ironically,  it is their husbands that become quite exhausted as the libido of their wives triples or even quadruples. When men with Mamono wives hear this, they tend to scoff as they already have a high sex drive to satisfy their wives. They soon realize nature is not to be dismissed nor is a horny pregnant Mamono…

“Fuuuuuck, I love your cock,” Karem moaned into the pillow as Edward thrusted inside her from behind. It was their fourth round of sex that day and the Raiju only seemed to want more and more. Unfortunately, because of her pregnancy, they were down to one position to have sex in but it didn’t matter to either of them.

“And I love your pussy,” he grunted, slowly quickening the pace as he held her hips steady. Her pussy was already drenched and sticky from his previous loads in her and he was loving every moment of it.

He could sense the charge between them building and building towards her orgasm. Suddenly he grabbed the base of her tail and with that extra stimulation, Karem howled in pleasure as electricity discharged all around them. Edward could feel her tightening around his shaft trapping him inside. The incredible sensation and electricity combined with the lust and love he felt for his wife caused his own peak as he released inside her quivering slit.

They collapsed together in bed, their bodies soaked in sweat from the love making. Gasping, they pulled each other together in an embrace as they rode the high that comes after amazing sex. The room itself had a slight ozone smell to it but it was overpowered by the musky smell of intense fucking.

“Maou, I love being pregnant and I love being pregnant with you fucking me.” She panted, her engorged breasts heaving. They were eagerly awaiting the day she would start to lactate as it would be another element to add to their pregnant sex life.

Edward knew she wanted more but needed some time to recover. Deciding that maybe some finger play was called for, he reached down past Karem’s enlarged stomach to play with her dripping quim. Feeling some stubble there, he made a note to shave her next time they took a shower together. She was so wet it was easy for him to lubricate his fingers as he found her clit. She gasped as he began to rub and tease it. Grabbing the bed sheets in her hands, the Raiju moaned and whined at his ministrations of her overly sensitive nub.

Feeling her charge building up again, he latched on to a nipple and began to suck gently. Rubbing faster and faster on her soaked clit Edward started to nibble on her enlarged nipple.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Karem mumbled, her voice strained as she neared her climax. He could feel her bud getting stiffer as she came close.  A bite on her nipple pushed her over the edge as her body stiffened and electricity shot out around them. Convulsing slightly, Karem kissed Edward deeply as she bathed in the aftershocks of her orgasm.


The two laid together cuddling as time lazily drifted by. Their room was darkened and sounds of their breathing lulled them to take a short nap.

When they awoke nether could tell if it was day or night nor did they care. Edward’s parents were watching both their children for the whole day, giving them some much needed alone time.

They started to talk about random things, whatever came to mind.It was something they loved about being with each other. That they could talk about anything and just be themselves. It was a far cry different from their previous partners.

“I wish my grandmother was still alive so she could meet you two.” Karem said suddenly with one hand on her belly and the other nestled in Edwards.

”I would have really like to have met her too. I know she helped raise you when you were younger.”

”She did. She was like a mother to me when my parents couldn’t be bothered. Did I ever tell you about how she came to have a Wererabbit for a step mother?” Karem asked.

Edward shook his head no. He knew Karem had a rough up bringing and he usually waited until she was ready to share things about her past.

“When she was just a child, she lived with her parents in a small house nestled in a forest of the old world. Her father was a lumberjack and would sell firewood to nearby villages while her mother grew and sold herbs from their garden. They were poor but happy. Then one day a couple Order soldiers discovered their home. They killed her parents right in front of her eyes and were about to kill her, when this stranger broke through the door.”

Her grip tightened as Karem told more and more of her story.

“He pointed something at them and BOOM! They were dead! It scared her half to death and she ran from him, but he never hurt her.”

“So the guy had, like, a magic wand?” Edward asked.

”No! That’s the crazy part! The way she described it, it sounded like he had a gun!” Karem exclaimed.

”So you’re saying some guy with a gun, way back when there weren’t any guns at all… Saved your grandma when she was a kid?” He replied skeptically.

“Yes. Then his friend that was a princess, took her to Wonderland to live where she met her stepmother.”


”I’m being serious!” Karem cried as she smacked him on the thigh.

“Okay! Okay! Fine! I believe you!”

”You better, mister,” She said while poking him in the chest, “soooo, ready to go again?”

A chime on her phone interrupted her plans as she begrudgingly reached down from the bed and rustled amid the thrown clothes on the floor. Digging into her jeans, she grabbed it out and saw that Angel had texted her.

“Huh, looks like we’re not gonna be working at the store tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re doing some community service event. At a… Kids Camp?” She questioned.

“Never heard of it.” He muttered as he began to kiss her back. She shuddered as the phone was dropped back to floor and said,

”We’ll worry about it tomorrow. Time for round five.”


Located in a secluded area called Wonder Valley, the trip to Kids Camp took about an hour with Angel, Anon and Annie arriving first. Matt and Jenny arrived soon after with Karem and Edward trailing behind.

As they got out of their respective vehicles, everyone took a moment to gaze at the lush forest and serene views surrounding them. Large trees and brushes everywhere with noticeably cleaner air, this was a far cry different than city living.

Gathering together in a group, everyone greeted each other.

“Hey guys,” Anon said with a smile to Edward and Matt.

“Bro,” Edward said with the same.

“It’s good to see you two.” Matt said warmly.

The three shared a tight group hug in greeting until it was interrupted by the four Mamono going,


The three turned to see Angel, Annie,  Karem and even Jenny all grouped together, staring at them with hearts in their eyes.

”There really is nothing better than a true bromance scene.” Karem said while flicking a tear away in her eye. The others all nodded emphatically while warmly smiling at the trio.

The three men shared a glance at each other briefly before Anon said ”Seriously? Can you four just keep it in your panties?”

“I’m not wearing panties!” Karem stated proudly as the group turned to stare at the Raiju.

”What? Edward shaved me last night and wearing panties chafes me.” She said nonchalantly while everyone groaned at her shamless response.

“So who are we looking for again?” Angel sighed at Annie, ignoring her electrical supervisor.

”His made up name is Sparts, he’s the head councilor for the camp,” Annie explained as she typed on her phone, “I just sent him a text that we were here.”

A few moments later, a man in his late 50’s came strolling up through a trail. With a dark tan, salt and pepper hair paired with a muscular physique, he bore a remarkable resemblance to the late Jacques Cousteau.

“Annie and the Home Improver Store?” He asked with a friendly smile.

“That’s us!” Annie exclaimed as she took his out stretched hand.

“Great to have you! Let me show you around.”

They followed him back through the winding trail to the camp grounds. In the very center was a small, picturesque lake and next to it sat a great tented pavilion with various wooden cabins surrounding the area. It wasn’t the natural scenery, however, that caught their eyes.

The crew looked around in wonder and awe as attractive Human men and women along with Mamono of all species walked about in the shortest and tightest of shorts, muscle shirts, tank tops, sports bras, and other revealing summer wares. Some didn’t even bother with underwear as could be seen by their almost transparent tops and bottoms.

“Wh-Wh…h-hot guys… m-m-muscles…” Annie stuttered in a daze as she temporarily lost the ability to speak coherently.

“Query, why are your camp councilors lacking clothing?” Jenny asked of Sparts .

“JENNY!” Angel shouted in outrage at the Automaton. They were guests there and she did NOT want the group kicked out for insulting anyone. 

“It’s okay!” Sparts laughed at the group as he held up his hands,“For one, as you all know, it gets really hot during the summer and we do a lot of sports and physical activities with the kids, so keeping cool is very important! For another, we want to show that there’s no shame here! It doesn’t matter who or what you are or where you come from, when your here at Kids Camp, you’re accepted for being you!”

“I see. That’s very… progressive.” Angel said with a frown, although she had lost much of her conservativeness when she became a Mamono, she still wasn’t happy with all the skin being shown around her Anon. If he was going to be looking at a piece of ass, then it better be her ass that he was looking at! She instinctively wrapped her spade tail around his waist and looking from the corner of her eye, she could see Karem had the same thoughts as well. The Raiju grabbed Edward by the arm possessively and held firm. It was only Jenny that seemed to be oblivious to the semi-erotic nature of things as she unemotionally took in her surroundings.

“Well, let me show you folks the area we have for you to set up at!” He said cheerfully as he walked by. Angel glanced over to Annie and saw that she was still in stupor from all the eye candy. Sighing, she grabbed the P’Orc by a floppy ear as they followed the head councilor down a short, winding trail to a series of cabins. He opened the door to the largest one and turned on the lights.

“It hasn’t been used in a while,” he said embarrassed by the heavy sheet of dust on the plastic tables and chairs that were strewn about, “but it should be big enough, yeah?”

“Jenny?” Angel asked of the Automaton.

Jenny’s robotic eyes darted to each of the four corners of the cabin as she calculated, “1,829 square feet of area. The space is sufficient for the projects.”

“Great!” Sparts exclaimed, “Well, I’ll let you all get situated. The first group should arrive in an hour, they’re the younger ones so be ready!”

After he left, everyone looked to Annie for direction, after all, this was her show. As if sensing their eyes on her, the Orc finally snapped out of her befuddlement.

“Ah um… Yes let’s see… Angel, Karem and I can start cleaning and organizing the tables and chairs if Jenny and the boys can get the stuff outta the cars?”

Everyone nodded and mumbled in agreement as they set off to their tasks. But then Annie’s eyes widened and she shouted,


All looked to the HR P’Orc as she suddenly remembered, “Sparts told me one thing we need to do before anything! Due to the nature of how the kids came to be at the camp, they can get pretty attached. Remember some of them have been abused, some victims of fire or being homeless. An adult that treats them right and is nurturing can really draw them to latch on. Because of this he recommends that we make fake names for ourselves. The camp counselors all do the same. It’s happened before where sometimes the counselors would get stalked by the kids they take care of after camp is over. This kinda helps prevent that.”

Everyone looked to everyone else in thought as they pondered what they could call themselves. It was sad that they had to do such a thing but they consoled themselves that perhaps they could make a small difference to the children.

Annie’s words especially affected Karem and Edward. Karem having been a victim of abuse herself and Edward saving his daughter from a similar fate from her biological mother. They looked to each other in comfort as they squeezed their hands together thinking of how lucky they were to escape and find each other.

After a few moments, Anon was the first to speak, “Okay, I’ll be… Mr. Incognito,” he said with a goofy smile.

“That’s a terrible name!” Angel gently laughed as the group chuckled.

“Alright, if you’re Mr. Incognito, I’ll be Divinity then,” Angel announced with a playful slap of her tail on his rump. True it might sound like a stripper name but it was the only thing she could think of. Besides, maybe her and Anon could do a little roleplay later that night, she thought gleefully.

“I guess I’ll be Tech Guy,” Matt said with a sidelong glance to Jenny and ignoring the smirks of his fellow coworkers.

“My new designation shall be Unit 10998746218,” Jenny replied effortlessly.

“Thats- That’s a little long and probably hard for the kids to repeat Jenny,” Remarked Annie.

”How about Unit 1, Jenny?” Matt asked. He was used to sometimes shortening her long winded responses for others.

“That is sufficient.” She agreed.

“Dang this is hard.” Edward mumbled, his hand cupping his chin, deep in thought. Then an evil smile spread across his face as he said,

”You can call me…Lighting Rod!”

“Oh my god you dork!” Karem exclaimed as she punched him in the arm playfully. It wasn’t lost on Karem that that she would sometimes refer to his member as such. Just thinking about caused her to become aroused but there was no way she could act on her urges right now. Maybe later she could grab him for a quickie in the woods. Karem drooled slightly thinking of fucking her husband out in the middle of nature.

“Karem…Oh Karem… KAREM!” Angel finally shouted, interrupting her fantasy.

“What? What? Yes?” Said the horny, bewildered Raiju looking around quickly.

“…Your name?”

“Oh! Unmm…”

What to call herself? Well she was a Raiju. Electricity was her game. What was it that Edward once said about her? Ohhh yeah. It was kinda embarrassing but also cute in a way…

”Energizer.” She said with a slight blush.

“Like the battery?” Asked Anon.

“Exactly!” Karem said puffing her chest out in pride. It was true, she could hold an impressive charge, even more so being pregnant and with the consistent sex she was getting.

Mmm sex… No! Later! She thought to herself feverishly. Tickling the inside of Edward’s palm with a finger, she glanced over to him. He had no idea what was coming.

Now that they were all suitably renamed, Annie, Angel and Karem got to work dusting the tables and chairs off while moving them about to create work stations as the rest of the crew walked back to their cars for the supplies.

The day progressed surprisingly fast, with children coming in small groups based off of age range. Each group had a few councilors that were so positive and happy, Angel was thrown completely off guard. She normally didn’t deal with people that were so incredibly “cheery.”  Most were just plain assholes demanding unreasonable discounts because they were “pros” claiming to spend thousands and thousands of dollars at her store.

“So, how much hooking up do you think happens at night here?” Annie whispered from the side of her mouth to Angel as they handed out miniature purple aprons to the children. Some of the crafts had painting involved and the aprons were supposed to keep their clothes clean, or as clean as kids with paint could possibly get.

Angel paused and looked around at the all the councilors in the cabin. How they smiled at each other when they talked, the light touching here and there, the overly long hugs. Then of course there was the scent in the air. No one but a Manono could smell it, but it was the odor of arousal. While it wasn’t incredibly strong, it was blatantly there and coming from every single one of them.

“Pretty damn sure that if this place wasn’t already a Green Demon Realm, it would be after the first night. That’s how much.” Angel mumbled back.

They gave each other knowing looks as they continued in their task.

As Angel and Annie gossiped, Matt found himself deep in thought as he showed a girl and boy how to assemble a small bird feeder. He was used to taking care of children as he took care of his younger sister, Lucy, albeit things were much easier with the Jenny’s helping out now. Still, the thought of kids and raising them came to mind. He felt he was too young to have them and Lucy was almost a daughter to him anyway but still. Would he ever want to have some of his own? Would it even be possible with any one of the Jenny’s?

Matt glanced over to the Automaton. The subject of birth control definitely never came up with anyone of them. Would that mean they didn’t have to worry about that? It was an embarrassing question to ask and he wasn’t too sure if he actually could bring it up to any of them.

‘Maybe in a few years,’ he consoled himself, after all, it wasn’t like he was in a hurry or anything.

Looking around again, Matt noticed that quite a few of the kids looked thin and malnourished. Some had scars on their bodies and others even had healed burn marks. He knew what it was like to be starving and he didn’t know what he would have done if the Jenny’s hadn’t helped him and Lucy out with food.

It seemed that this camp was a respite in their lives. A safe place to just be kids and not have to worry about the harshness of reality. He got lucky with the Jenny’s and felt even more grateful to them. Matt resolved that he would do his best for these kids and help add to what the camp offered them.


“Okay guys, in you go,” Sam said with a forced smile and upbeat tone as she ushered a group of children inside the cabin. She was put in charge of the 8-10 year olds, and fuck they were needy little brats. Asking stupid questions and acting up, she personally hoped a few of them would drown in the lake later.

You would think that them being all poor, abused and all that other crap would teach them some self reliance, but no. They all wanted her attention for some dumb shit. I don’t give a fuck about your drawings or whatever. I couldn’t care less about what any of you do, she thought disdainfully.

Sam didn’t know how much longer she could take of it, but at least the moment finally came, she’d find her self some fine beefcake in there and fuck out her frustrations on him. She smiled evilly to herself as she walked in after the last brat entered.

Peering around, the cabin was filled with the noise of talking and laughter but also something else. She wrinkled her nose at the scent. Bunch of children stuffed into a cabin in the middle of summer with half of them not wearing deodorant. Fucking gross. Most wouldn’t really wouldn’t notice the smell but as an Ocelomeh, her nose was more sensitive. The things she endured for a decent fuck, she thought to herself.

The kids were sitting at long plastic tables hammering, glueing and painting little wooden toys and trinkets. Sam spotted a few councilors peppered here and there.

Fucked him, fucked her, fingered her in a bathroom stall, gave him a bj behind a cabin…  She also noticed a few new faces as well. There was an Orc and a Succubus, a Werewolf? No,maybe a Raiju and what looked like a… robot girl? What the hell? This was a weird bunch but then there were a few new guys there too, three of them in fact.

The first looked in his mid 30s and had some faint scars on his face. Okay, she could work with that. The second was super young looking, but definitely do-able. She’d probably break him in half though, he was pretty skinny. The third was thicker and looked like he could take a few fuckings. Hmm which to go for first?

Holding up a claw she pointed her new interests and began to rhyme,

”Inney meeny miny moe, catch the Jinko by the toe, if she hollers let her go… that one.”

Sashaying over to the table across the cabin, she edged up close to the thicker of the three.

“-okay remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Edward reminded the boy he was helping as he worked to screw in a wheel into a little wooden firetruck. Both were concentrating intently as a shadow fell across their table.

“Hi, I’m Sam… er I mean Stripes” She said with a smile while looking over their work. She didn’t want to go full on aggressive with so many brats around so she would try just a friendly little introduction then maybe see if she could lure him out of the cabin for some fun.

“Oh hey, I’m Lightning Rod,” he said politely as he looked up and pointed at the name on his purple work apron. It felt weird to be using a fake name in everyday conversation to him but it was required to be there.

“You’re new?”

“Yep, I’m with The Home Improver Store, just here for a few days to help out with some stuff for the kids.” He explained.

“That’s cool! I’m a councilor here, I help take care of the 8 to 10 year olds.”

“Oh, um that sounds like fun?” Edward wasn’t really sure where all this was going. Maybe she was just being friendly?

“Not real- I mean yeah totally!” Sam corrected with a fake smile, “This place is so beautiful, I really love it here. Maybe a little later I can show you the sights? When’s your next break?”

‘Next break?’ He confusedly thought, ‘Why does she… Oh. Oh god. She’s hitting on me.’

“Um I’m really sorry but I’m married…”  he said apologetically while removing his work gloves and holding up his left hand to show  a black wedding ring with a gold lightning bolt on it.


Shit! She thought to herself. Looking around it suddenly occurred to her that all the new comers could very well be married.



“Hey, excuse me, but who is that…. person over there?” Karem asked, interrupting a fluffy Weresheep councilor that was helping a couple young girls paint their wooden trucks. The sheep looked from the sloppily colored red and blue mess to the direction Karem was pointing.

“Oh her…” She answered in a hushed voice that was hinted with a mix of awe and fear, “That’s Stripes. You wanna stay away from her.”

“And why would I want to do that?” The Raiju said, her anger barely contained as she watched the smiling Ocelomeh inch closer to Edward as he held a nail up for a little boy to hammer into a toy firetruck. From the outside it looked like the two were engaging in small talk, but Karem knew better. She was definitely flirting with him. 

“She’s a Chad.”

“…And what the hell is a Chad?”

The Weresheep quickly wrapped her hands around each of the girls ears as she whispered in fear,

“That girl lives to fuck and fucks to live. Her and her Jinko friend are the top Mamono around here.”

“Well it looks like she’s after my husband.” Karem rumbled.

“If she is, than you should just pretend like nothing’s happening. Ocelomeh’s are scary and don’t do well with competition…”

“That’s really funny, because I’m the exact same way.” Karem growled as electricity crackled around her clenched fist. Turning away, she made a beeline towards the jaguar girl intent on taking care of business.

“Hi, can I talk to you outside for a minute?” Karem asked bluntly as soon as she reached  her.

Fumming at the embarrassing situation she found herself in, Sam followed the Raiju out of the cabin.

Okay, so what do you want… Energizer?” Sam asked with a sneer as they walked a few feet away. This was some bullshit, how the fuck was she supposed to know he was married?

”Actually the names Karem… Mrs. Karem. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to slut around with my husband.”

”Serious?” Sam answered with barred teeth.

”You’re damn right I am. You see, I enjoy being pregnant and getting fucked every day and night, I’m greedy like that. And not that you would ever see, but right above his cock is a name that I personally tattooed. Wanna guess whose name it is?”

“That’s a little TMI,” Sam sighed throwing a hand up to her face.

“No, I think that’s exactly the right amount of information. So with that being said, keep away from him unless you want to end up knowing what a few thousand volts feels like.” She threatened with an upheld, sparking finger and vicious smile. When met with a stony glare and silence from the Ocelomeh,  Karem smiled even larger as she turned and walked away back inside.


In the woods nearby, the tip of a scythes blade appeared out of mid-air. A high pitched curl sang out as it tore itself down creating a gash and from within the gapping wound in reality, out stepped a baphomet dressed in the traditional, ancient attire of her people. Bands of metal strategically placed about her body giving the look of a bikini, but there was more than fashion to her choice of clothing. Embedded throughout, were various runes and stones, each shimmering with power in their own right. Looking around, an angry sneer formed on her face as she spat aloud,

“Curses! It’s not here either! That damn location rune said it’d be around the general area though…”

Belphegor sighed deeply as she leaned on her scythe.  She was one of the oldest Baphomets in the new world, although she would never openly say it aloud. She was alive when the previous Demon Lord was in power and saw the bloodied battles, the carnage, the pride and viscousness that Mamono once had. It was something she badly wanted to return to. The current Maou had done nothing but turned everyone into sex starved weaklings that would rather prostrate themselves in front of the Humans than rule over them. She had a duty to end the absurdity.

For many, many years she had been slowly gathering followers, powerful objects and artifacts that would finally allow her to challenge the pathetic Succubus that sat as the Maou and now as the new Chief God.

There had once been a man teaming with power and exotic abilities that would have been the crown jewel of her collection. She had plans to enslave him, bend and twist his will to her own whims. And of course there was the fact that he was quite handsome and virile. After all, a girl does have her needs while conquering the world…

A smile spread across Belphegor’s face before she remembered his poise and manners. He was intelligent, too intelligent really. It made him stubborn as he would balk at her advances and continually discovered her tricks. If only he had realized what they could have accomplished together, the power they could have had! And what had become of him? He choose to end his life! What a waste. She snorted as she grabbed her scythe and began to walk. It would take a few moments for the rune to re-coordinate itself.

California. By the 7 circles of Hell, she hated the place with a passion. Too many idiots that thought they were geniuses, too many damn hippies, beatniks and liberals. She told herself that she would wipe the whole state out of existence when she got the chance. A frustrated growl nearby interrupted her musings.

“Ugh! This is some bullshit! They all have wives! I was supposed to have some fucking big sweaty contractor cock and this is the shit that shows up?!”

A large rock shot out in rage from the source and lodged itself into a nearby tree trunk.

Curious, Belphegor followed the sound to where she found an Ocelomeh pacing angrily back and forth.

“Seriously, fuck this shit! All I want is a little fun with some new guys and I can’t even get that in this stupid place! UGH! Mom said back in the day, we didn’t have to deal with this shit.  We could take anything we wanted! Now there’s all these rules and laws and… uggghhh!!!”

She huffed a sigh and mumbled in defeat, “Wish things were like how they were before…”

Well now, this was interesting, Belphegor thought to herself. A young, strong and sexually frustrated Ocelomeh that longed for how things once were, she could make use of this. If not for a possible tool, then for at least some entertainment and it HAD been a while since she had a good laugh…

Emerging from the forest, Belphegor called to her,

“Maybe you don’t have to wish, my friend.”

Sam turned sharply and regarded the Baphomet with suspicion. Her razor sharp claws flexing in readiness for any kind of attack.

“Relax! I’m not here to fight,” Belphegor chided with a wide smile, “I’m here to offer you your hearts desire. You said you wanted things to be how they were back in the old world. My sisters and I are trying to make that happen.”

She spread her arms out wide and proclaimed, “Might will make right in my new world! No more laws made by men! The Humans will serve us! And you will have all the men you could ever desire!”

She watched as the last part changed the Ocelomeh’s visage from that of suspicion to glee.

“I’m so down with that.” She replied with an evil grin.

Belephgor aimed her scythe at Sam and said, “Good, then allow me to help you with your current problem…”

Immense demonic energy shot from the scythe into Sam. Her already impressive muscles budged larger and her eyes took on a dark purple shade.

Power! She never felt this powerful before in her entire life! She could do anything! Fight anyone and take whatever she wanted!

“Now go and do what you were always meant to do. What your instincts tell you! Be free!” Uttered Belephgor as she lowered her scythe.

This was going to be very interesting and very fun she thought to herself as she never had any dealings with Ocelomehs.

I wonder what she will do first, Belephgor idly wondered as she watched her latest creation flex her claws.

Sam grinned evilly and let loose a deafening roar. She had now become the undisputed alpha predator in these woods.


It was the busiest time in the afternoon with the cabin being full of kids. Everyone was working diligently on their own project when a loud roar made everyone stop what they were doing. Many of the younger children started to tear up as they looked around in fear of the frightening noise. Even the councilors looked scared as they tried to console their charges.

”What the fu…ork was that?” Angel awkwardly exclaimed as she stopped helping a younger boy paint a small basket. Standing, she looked across the room to the Automaton and asked, ”Jenny?”

Pausing from helping her own child, she replied, “Unknown. The sound originated approximately 60 meters northeast of this location.”

Angel frowned, that was damn close then. She motioned for the Automaton to follow as she made her way out of the cabin.

Outside, the duo peered around as they tried to locate what made the noise.

”I don’t like this. Whatever that was is near and we’ve got a bunch of kids with us.” Angel said aloud both to herself and to Jenny.

“Shall I contact the police?”

“No, they wouldn’t come all the way over here for just a noise,” She sighed, “I think we’re on our own for this.”

“What’s going on?” Karem asked as she emerged from the cabin. Matt, Anon and Edward followed after her.

”We don’t know but you all should stay inside with everyone else.” Angel replied. Karem was pregnant and she didn’t want to risk having her hurt or worse nor did she want to endanger all of their husbands. Not after what happened before with June…

“Staying inside won’t help you.” Growled a voice as the bushes shook and gave way to reveal a muscled Ocelomeh.

”Aren’t you one of the councilors?” Angel asked warily, she then noticed that her eyes glowed a dark purple and Angels stomach sank. They were the same as Junes had been.

“The names Sam and I was. Now I’m so much more. I’m queen of this forest and I’ll take whatever I please,”  She said as she leered at Anon, Matt and Edward, “and right now, I think I’ll take your men.”

“The fuck you will!” Angel retorted as her sharp fingernails grew longer. She might not have the great sword of the Maou’s husband anymore but she wasn’t defenseless.

Jenny’s own arm transformed to that of a blaster cannon. In the months before, Matt had managed to find a Gremlin that was familiar enough with Automaton technology to reattach and repair her severed appendage.

”I am detecting large amounts of demonic energy emanating from her.” Jenny said as she prepared for attack.

“Get back inside! We’ll handle this.” Angel ordered. At hearing her tone, they quickly piled back into the cabin. She’d be damned if that woman laid a single finger on anyone.

Sam laughed loudly at Angels command and jeered, “You all think you’re hot shit, huh? Let’s see.”

Crouching, Sam lunged at the Succubus with claws extended. Angel was barely able to react by using her extended own nails to parry.

The Ocelomeh’s attacks were lighting fast and strong as Angel struggled to keep herself from being slashed to ribbons. A sudden whining noise and a flash of light followed by an explosion of dirt made both pause.

“You will cease your aggressions against us. This is your only warning.” Jenny threatened while aiming her arm cannon.

Sam hissed at the Automaton and recklessly threw herself towards her. Jenny was now forced to be on the defensive as she used her cannon to shield herself from the Ocelomeh’s savage foray.

Panting, Angel forced herself to attack Sam while she was distracted but soon both her and Jenny were defending themselves from Sam’s berserk onslaught. It seemed that the jaguar girl had endless energy and though perhaps Jenny could match, Angel could not. She was tiring and one wrong move could find her disemboweled.

Sam abruptly seized and started to convulse as strands of electricity danced around her body, forcing her to stop. Angel turned to see Karem had her arms outstretched and was using her electrical energy to help them.

‘Damn it Karem, you’re supposed to be inside!’ Angel angrily thought to herself.

Unbelievably, Sam started to move again despite the voltage running through her body. Thankfully it seemed to slow her actions but it was still unimaginable that she was able to keep fighting. How was she able to do this? Was it another piece of the Philosophers Stone that was doing this? That was giving her this kind of power?

It had now become a four way battle with Angel, Jenny and Karem against Sam. Karem was forced to stop as she panted, it seemed that she was drained of electricity. Angel hopped she would recover soon as that was the only thing that appeared to stop the Ocelomeh.

The three looked to each other then to Sam as she looked at each of them. It was a Mexican standoff with each one waiting for the other to make a move.

“That’s all you got?” Sam sneered at them.

“Why don’t you just stop this, we don’t want to fight you.” Angel replied.

“Heh, well I do!” She exclaimed with a dive towards the Succubus. Once again Angel was on the defensive against her attacks but then a loud noise and flash caused Sam to suddenly stagger.

It seemed that Jenny had scored a direct hit on her back from her arm cannon. An attack like that would have completely knocked out any normal Human or Mamono but Sam still stood.

Taking her chance, Angel started her own attack with slashes of her nails. Sam was forced back but was rapidly adapting to her strikes and beginning to gain ground. Jenny joined in with more salvos from her cannon and once again Sam was forced to slowly retreat. Insanely she was absorbing the bolts. A blast of electricity from Karem enveloped the jaguar girl sending her into convolutions. Not wasting the opportunity, Jenny continued firing over and over directly into her chest.

Karem was forced to stop as she ran dry of power again. Jenny paused in her attack as Sam stood still. It was quiet as everyone waited for her to move. The purple hue in her eyes faded as she collapsed on the dirt.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and the girls were quickly enveloped in the embraces of their worried husbands. It was finally over.


”What happened?”

”Is she dead?”

All were questions from the children as they piled out to see the outcome. Many were watching the action from the cabins windows.

“I am no longer reading elevated demonic energy. Her breathing is stable. She is alive.” Jenny reported as Matt still clung to her side in worry.

“Just what the hell is going on? How did she get like that? Have that much power?” Angel asked as she stared at Sam’s unconscious body.

”Once was bad enough but twice? Call me crazy but seems like someone is targeting us.” Karem said as she held her pregnant belly. Edward nodded to his wife. It was too weird.

“Affirmative, the odds of a similar event happening to us are 17,946,981 to 1. This does not appear to be a coincidence,” Jenny agreed.

“Damn it!” Angel growled, how much more until their luck ran out? She had to find out why this was happening and unfortunately the only one that might have an inkling of an idea was their CEO, Druella herself. She wasn’t looking forward to that conversation.

She let out a loud sigh and said, “I’ll try to find out something from my end, but if anyone else has any ideas, let me know. In the meantime, let’s drag her ass to the doctor here then she can be their problem.”

“Is- Is it over?” Squeaked Annie, peaking out of the doorway. She certainly wasn’t the bravest Orc out there and besides, Angel and the others had it, right?

”Yeah, it’s over.” Angel called back as she took one arm of the Ocelomeh and Jenny, the other.

“Make sure all the kids are okay, we’ll be back in a minute.” She said as they began to pull Sam down the path to the medical cabin. She sure as hell wouldn’t be doing any more community service after this fiasco.


Belephgor frowned as she watched how easily her newest minion was dispatched. Who the hell were those people? She peered through the bushes at the purple aprons each of them had on. Purple… Didn’t Druella own a business that used purple aprons? Yes, she was sure of it now. They worked for that bitch princess. The coincidence of it all was becoming too much to ignore. First that idiot human, Donnie, that she took in and now this. Was Druella on to her? Stomping the base of her scythe against the dirt, she sneered. The time table would have to be moved forward before anything else could happen. At least one of her familiar’s found out that Donnie was going for the last piece of the Philosophers Stone. He just needed a little motivation on who to give his new toys to.

“Looks like I’ll have to pay that moron another visit.” Belephgor mumbled to herself before turning and slicing a rift into the air.


It was well late into the afternoon when the group finally returned to the Home Improver store. The sun was beginning to set as the sky began to take on hues of orange and red. Everyone exhaustedly staggered out of their cars and grabbed a shopping cart from the nearby stalls.  They just had to return the unused kids work shop stuff and then they could go home. Angel had told them that they could take the day off tomorrow and she was going to do the same. They all needed the rest after what had happened.

“Is it ok if me and Edward cut out? I really need to put my feet up,” Karem winced as she finished loading their cart with the painting supplies.

“Yeah, get out of here, you definitely earned it.” Angel nodded. She could only imagine how exhausted Karem was with going though that ordeal while pregnant.

Both Edward and Karem said their thanks as they pushed the basket off to the side and returned to their sedan. They waved good bye as the car pulled out of the parking lot and sped home.

”Well, that was… an event.” Anon remarked as himself and Angel pushed the carts through the lot. Jenny and Matt had their own plus the one with the paint following behind them.

“That’s mildly putting it,” She added tiredly, “I just want to pick up our daughter, go home and shower.”

“I’ll cook dinner?”

“No, let’s just do take out, It’s been a long day, love.” Angel said as she kissed the side of his head.

A loud cracking and sharp pop made the pair turn around quickly as they saw a  woman lying on the asphalt amidst some waifing smoke. Rushing over to her, they found that she was actually a Cheshire Cat dressed in an old style Wonderland outfit.

“Miss! Miss are you okay?!” Anon asked as he knelt down and shook her gently. Angel could see slight scorch marks about her body and dress.

‘What the hell could have happened to her?’ Angel thought while grabbing her phone to call 911.

The woman moaned slightly as her eyes fluttered open. Deep purple irises met their own as she weakly pulled herself to sit up and asked softly,

“Can… can you help me please?” She asked, seemingly disoriented as she looked around at her surroundings.

“Try to take it easy, the paramedics are on their way.” Angel said gently.

“Please, I’m looking for my husband.”

“What’s his name, maybe we can call him?” Anon asked as he grabbed out his own phone.

“H-His name is Donnie, c-can you help me?”

”I have canceled incoming emergency services.”

Angel looked over to see Jenny the Automation standing nearby with a confused looking Matt by her side.

“Order 12 is now in effect. Princess Romilia,” Jenny knelt down on a knee, “I am to provide service and support to you.”

”Oh I do love a good cross over.” Chortled a voice.

The group turned to see a seemingly innocuous human man in his 40s leaning up against a car.

“Please go on, don’t let me interrupt.” He said with a smile.

“M-Mr…. R?” The Cheshire stuttered with a paw on her head.

She was obviously in pain but who the hell was this man? Angel wondered.

“Wrong letter my dear but that’s alright, dimensional travel can be a bit rough on mortals.”

“I-I don’t see Donnie…” The cat girl said as she tried to rise to her feet. Jenny moved by her side to help, gently lifting her.

Just what the fuck was going on? Who was this woman? Who was this man? Why did Jenny call her a princess and kneel to her?

“Unknown inter dimensional entity detected. Extreme caution recommended, Princess.” Said Jenny looking to the man as the Cheshire held on to her arm.

“I’m much more than that. But good advice nonetheless.” Replied the stranger peering at her dangerously.

”Please, you said you would take me to him.” The Ches- no the Princess interrupted.

“I simply said I would take you to his world, not him.” The mystery man seemed to remind her.

Ears flattened and eyes downward, she looked to be on the edge of tears when he suddenly exclaimed, “Oh fine! Ever since I read all those Laska and Me, bobanon stories, it seems like I just can’t say no to a Cheshire.”

Pulling away from the car he huffed at himself and raised a hand but then paused and grinned evilly.

“I want you to let Donnie know that his best friend in the whole wide multiverse helped save his life. And that he owes me one.”

With a snap of his fingers and a flash, a battered man appeared laying unconscious in front of them in a pool of blood.

Just what the hell was happening?! Angel looked to Anon and Matt for some kind of answers but only saw they were equally confused and appalled about what was going on.

Another flash and the man who started the whole thing seemingly vanished without a trace.

“Donnie! No! Please no!” The Princess howled as she collapsed to the man’s side, scooping up his head in her arms, she began to sob begging him to open his eyes.

Angels own eyes were torn from the horrific scene by a mechanical sound and she saw Jenny bathing him in a blue light from her transformed arm. It suddenly occurred to her that she recognized the man. He was the very same that saved her from June! The cowboy! Maou damn it, what kind of mess had landed in her lap now?


Far away from the tragedy that was transpiring, Belphegor sat atop of her own throne in the Church of the Black Sabbeth. Homed in a rather rich and well to do area of the city of Los Gatos, they had a large following, although much of it was in secret. It seemed that many of the areas wealthy and elite had quite a discreet loli fetish.

Every Sunday night they would arrive in secret, with masks on, to hear the sermons and take part in the rituals. They would give generously to the coffers and enjoy the ‘blessings’ afterwards of the loli Witches and Baphomets.

It was one many places she dwelled and over the years she gained wealth and prestige. She gathered her followers and her sisters, those that wished a return to the old ways. With the stone that Donnie would deliver to her, she would finally have enough power to challenge the pitiful Maou.

She being attended to that night by a young Witch, one of her most loyal followers, and her thoughts turned to the past. In a moment of boredom, she turned to her and asked,

“Do you know how Mamono came to be like  how they are today, Sarah?”

“I… I know of the tales, Mistress.” She replied cautiously. Everyone knew not to mention the Maou in front of her. Was this a test by her?

“Would you like to know how things lead to that?”


“I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was there that fateful day, just a young imp, fresh to the world. The Humans champion, Arthur, had stormed our Lord’s fortress and the two met in battle in the throne room. He was no match for Master. A puny Human against a God. We all gathered to watch him die. Master toyed with him for a while in sword play, then used the Philosophers Stone that hung on his chest to turn Arthur’s armor to dust. There he stood, naked save for his little blade. Everyone was looking forward to watching Master behead him and skin him alive, a new trophy for his wall and some delicious fresh meat to eat.” She smiled fondly but then it faded, to replaced with that of a scowl of fury.

“But then that damn wizard appeared! Merlin! He shot fireballs into Masters face, blinding him. A swing of Arthur’s sword shattered the great stone of power around the neck, another into Masters heart, then another took his head. Every demon and monster in that room was stunned. A lowly Human had defeated the greatest Demon Lord of the era!” Her hand tightened around the armrest of her throne.

“It was chaos after that. Everyone fleeing for their lives. Before I ran, I caught a glimpse of a waif of a Succubus falling to her knees before the two Humans. It looked like she was pledging her allegiance to them but even then, I knew better. She was gathering the broken shards of Masters stone.” She glanced over to her sister and asked, “Do you know what that Succubus would later become?” Belphegor asked.

Sarah dared not answer.

“The new Demon Lord! The Maou! A pitiful, weak excuse for a ruler. Unity through love?”

She turned her horned head and spat on the ground in disgust.

“Sentimental nonsense. We should be ruling the Humans! They should be our slaves to do whatever we please with them! Instead we are their “friends,” their “lovers,” their “equals.” WE are stronger, faster and smarter! WE are the superior race! I have endured this insult to our kind for over a thousand years. No more. Once that idiot brings me the last shard and with Arawn’s stone, I will be unstoppable! I will kill her and take my rightful place as the new Demon Lord… no the new God! Then I shall usher in a new age unto this world. The time of Humans has ended, the time of Mamono is upon us again! Our time! Our rule! All under my rightful sovereignty.”

“Wh-What of her husband, my lady?” Sarah asked fearfully. She had never seen her mistress in such a state nor had she ever told her such secrets. 

Belphegor’s sadistic grin reappeared as she answered, “I will first break him in front of her and then, as she morns over his corpse, my scythe will ensure she joins him in death.”


To be continued in the next Connecticut Yankee chapter.

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