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Authors note:

Hi kids, your pervy, retail working uncle Bonodono is back! I want to thank our authors out there that have been posting, they really encouraged me to jump back into writing. Our story brings back a fan favorite – Regina the Alraune. My plan is to release a story for each department in the Home Improver store so please be on the look out for more! I sincerely hope you all enjoy and that Volcano doesn’t find that many errors!

PS: as usual from my lawyer: names, places, incidents are all fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity is purely concidental and unintended … blah blah blah, enjoy the show folks!


“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” Adam thought franticly as he hid behind a pallet of tile clutching the department phone to his chest. The bad news- he was stuck in the flooring department, being hunted by the stores biggest, most infamous slut, the Kejourou cashier named June. Tales of her exploits were mamono legend around the store; from blowing an entire group of contractors in the parking lot, to fucking 5 different male associates in a single night, she was the stores alpha slut. Now she had her sights set dead on Adam and his preciously guarded virginity.

“Aaaadam, I know you’re heeeeere.” June sang from not too far away.

“I’ve had a boy from almost each and every department except yours. Don’t you want to help me complete my collection?” she giggled. “I promise I’ll be gentle, you’ll never even miss that pesky virginity when I’m done.”

That was the bad news. The good news- he was fairly close to the sliding doors to his own department- outside garden. If he could make it, he would be safe. His department head, Regina, had a very strict no rape policy and luckily enough for him she was working today.

“Aaaaadam…. ohhhh Aaaadam, this little game is making me VERY wet. I can’t wait to fuck you!” June said huskily as she slid by the flooring design desk, her hand up her short skirt, rubbing herself.

There was no way in hell he could outrun her as it was, she was too close and too fast with that hair of hers she could grab him instantly, then game over. Adam had one desperate hope however, as he dialed a number on the phone.

The design desk phone rang its usual annoying tune, distracting June for a split second, enough for Adam to make a break for it. Running as if his life, well… virginity, depended on it, Adam made good distance to the sliding doors. 50 feet…30 feet…. 10 feet… 5 feet, almost there! The automatic doors opened, as if they were welcoming him home. Adam could feel relief in his heart building step by step until a rope of hair shot out grabbing his left foot and sending him crashing to the hard concrete ground. His arms and hands out stretched, fingers just touching the doorway. The bitter taste of being captured filled his mouth.

“Almost lost you,” June laughed as she began pulling Adam back to her awaiting embrace. “You have noooo idea how wet I am right now, but you’re going to find out soon my naughty little garden boy.”

Tears began to stream down Adams face as he desperately tried to claw forward, fighting a losing battle against the Kejourou’s superior strength. Flipping himself around he saw June sadistically smiling, standing legs spread, skirt pulled up, franticly masturbating in front of him. He didn’t want it to be like this, he wanted his first time to be special, romantic and tender with someone he loved and that loved him back. Not violently stolen from him by a selfish whore that was trying to meet her own personal sex achievements. Just as Adam thought that all was lost, a southern Atlanta accented voice called out.

“Bitch, what the hell did I tell you about raping my associates?!”

A pair of thorny green leafy vines shot out grabbing the hair that ensnared Adam. Another vine, but without thorns, wrapped its way around his waist keeping him from moving any further. Twisting himself around, he saw his savior. Regina the Alraune stood at the doorway, hands on her hips and a look of pure rage in her eyes.

The Kejourou paled and froze. Releasing her hair from his leg and letting her skirt fall back into place. She quickly plastered on a fake smile and waved.

“Oh hiiiii Regina, no, no no Adam and I were just playing around!” June said with mock cheerfulness. “I wasn’t going to do anything, honest! We’re just friends.”

“Playing around, my green derriere, if I EVER find out you tried to rape one of my associates again, I’ll be testing out my new titanium garden sheers on that mess of rags you call hair, understand me darlin?” Regina threatened making a scissor cutting gesture with her raised fingers .

“But I didn’t rape him,” Wined June.

“Get your promiscuous behind out of here now!”

“Ok, Ok, jeeze! What a prude.” She huffed “I’ll see YOU later babe,” June said winking down at Adam as she turned and sashayed away.

“Not if you know what’s good for you,” Grumbled Regina as she pulled Adam up with her vines, gently setting him on his feet. “Are you ok Sugar?”

“Thank you Regina!” Adam gushed as he held the Alraune tight in a bear hug.

“Easy…Easy now Sugar,” Comforted Regina, patting him on the back. “She didn’t hurt you did she?”

“I got a little banged up when she tripped me, but I’m ok.” Adam smiled

“Hmmm,” Regina frowned, deep in thought as she glanced at him up and down. His head had a nasty gash on it, and his fingertips were scratched and bleeding she could also see and smell blood from the knees of his jeans. “Megan and Monica are over by the soil, they should have the first aid kit and some herbs that will fix you up right as rain, Sugar.”

“Um sure… but is everything ok Regina?” Adam asked timidly.

“Its nothing, Sugar. Li’l ol me is just worried about you. But don’t you fret your pretty little head bout it,” She said smiling.

“Go on now, go see the girls,” Using her vines, Regina pushed Adam out the door to the garden area. After watching to make sure he was on his way, she sighed.

Having the biggest department in the whole store meant that she had the biggest staff. While they would all come and go, the store manager Rayla would hire anyone as long as they worked cheap, she considered them all her flowers and like flowers they all had their individual quirks, flaws, shades and colors. Also because they were hers, no one, and she meant NO ONE fucked with her flowers!

She never really liked doing things like this but, it was for his own good. If she left well enough alone, June would for sure find him sooner or later again, then finish the job. She doubted that June would be gentle or even caring about taking his virginity. Just another conquest in her book, nothing meaningful or even loving about it.

There was no realistic way Adam would keep his virginity in the store much longer, and when it was taken, more likely then not, it would be against his choice. Regina then had a choice to make herself; do nothing and let nature take its course so to speak or choose the lesser of the two evils. The troll twins- Monica and Megan. Two of the sweetest girls you could ever meet, both had eyes for Adam for a while now, but were both afraid of making a move due to risking their friendship as sisters and of course Regina’s wrath. Thus they both came to her one day for advice. Not wishing to see her garden in discord, Regina gave her blessing and suggested they both ask him out together for coffee or lunch that way he could slowly get to know them and they him outside of a work setting.

She had honestly hopped things would develop naturally and Adam would enjoy his first moment on mutual terms, but alas that would not be. All in all though Adam could do much worse, Regina reconciled, the girls were beautiful, kind and they would be gentle when they took him. It was a much better scenario then if June got her hair on him and them taking him would also protect from that sluts further advances. Besides didn’t flowers grow best when fertilized?

With that, Regina flicked her wrist, sending a signal to the plants near by. Soon they would release pheromones near the trio and what happens after that… well… Regina smiled


Adam found Megan and Monica right where Regina said he would. Although they were suppose to be twins, Adam could spot slight differences between the two. Of the two Megan tended to be more outspoken and had dark chestnut hair decorated with leafy herbs, red hibiscus and a sharply pointed nose. Monica on the other hand was more demure with a rounder stubbier nose and dyed blonde hair to match the sunflowers that grew from her head. Both were slightly plump with large hands, feet and a furry tipped tail denoting their troll heritage.

The two were stocking a soil pallet brought down from a forklift. As he neared, Monica was the first to see that he was injured.

“Adam! Oh my Maou, are you ok?”

“Yeah,” He smiled wirly, “I got a little messed up by June, but Regina rescued me.”

“Ugh! I hate that slut,” Megan growled as she joined her sister. “She didn’t…you know do anything to you right?”

“Nope everything’s still the way it is…” Adam trailed off, he could see the perspiration soaking through their shirts underneath their purple work apron, it was a hot day and they’d been working for hours to restock the soil run. One thing he always noticed was both sisters tended to have a strong musky body odor when they worked hard. Although not unpleasant, quite the contrary, he always found it distracting when he worked with the pair. Perhaps it was because of the gash on his head but their smell was even more distracting and intoxicating then ever before. There was something else too, the air itself seemed sweeter, it was hard for him to describe.

“Hey, Regina said you guys had a first aid kit or some herbs or something?” He said as he forced himself to snap out of his daze.

“We do, but the first aid kit is over in the Cool Down Area,” Replied Megan whipping her brow. “Its too hot out here anyway, lets take a break, we’ve been at this all day.”

“Umm Adam, would you like a drink of my water?” Asked Monica as she shyly held out her water bottle to him.

“Sure,” he said grabbing the bottle and taking a large swig. Monica flashed Megan an excited smile about sharing an indirect kiss with Adam. Rolling her eyes, Megan grabbed both Adams and Monica’s hand and pulled them towards the Cool Down Area.

During construction of the store, long before Druella ever had eyes for retail or home improvement, the workers were faced with an architectural problem. As they neared the corner of the outside garden area, constructing the racks and beams as they went, they found the final corner area was much too short. In fact there would be a semi large empty space. Rather then bother the foreman with such details and risk his berating for things well out of their control, they simply let it be and hoped no one would notice. Later when Regina and a few other associates found the enclave, she declared it would make a wonderful shelter during the hot summer months. After all, it wouldn’t do to have her flowers wilting. Using her abilities, Regina commanded a thick growth of ivy to cover the walls and ceiling to provide both privacy and shade. Her associates furnished the insides with chairs and amenities to help relax in. Thus, for lack of a better name, the Cool Down Area was born.

Pulling aside the thick ivy, Megan led the two inside. Adam groaned with relief as he sat down on one of the chairs, while Megan grabbed the first aid kit from the wall. Taking alcohol pads and bandages out, she handed some to Monica.

“Can you get his fingers and knees? I’ll get his forehead.” Monica nodded as she began to tear the alcohol package open.

“Say ahhhh,” Megan quipped plucking a larger leaf from her hair. Adam opened his mouth as she placed it on his tongue. “Chew, it should help with the pain.”

“Does it hurt?” Megan asked as she began to clean the blood from his head.

“No, I don’t feel anything,” replied Adam, in fact he felt amazingly comfortable as he chewed on the leaf. Soon however the confined space began to fill with the girls heady musk. Adam felt flushed and hot again as the twins bandaged him. It wasn’t all business for the twins either, tending to an injured boy you like was a common fantasy for all young Mamono and they were no exception. Their cheeks and bodies began to burn with every touch. Finally Megan had enough.

“Screw this,” She said as she stood up, took off her purple apron and her shirt, revealing a quite plain, conservative black bra holding her large breasts.

“Me-Megan! What are you doing?!” Squealed Monica.

“What? It’s fuckin hot in here, and it’s not like anyone can see us right?” Said Megan nonchalantly.

“I-I guess so…” Said Monica as she slowly stood up and did the same revealing, instead, a sexy pink lace bra.

“Wow, someone was feeling it today, huh?” Teased Megan.

“Sh-Shut up! I need to do laundry and this was all I had!” Monica huffed as she tried to raise Adams pant legs.

“Umm Adam,” Monica began, “I can’t pull up your jeans high enough to get to your knees…is-is it ok if I take off your pants- y-you know so I can get to the cuts and stuff?” Monica was blushing fiercely as she finished her question.

“Well yeah its fine, we don’t want him getting an infection, right?” Megan answered glancing at Adam.

“Uh yeah, I mean, I guess, I guess she’s right,” Said Adam uncertainly as he unbuttoned his jeans. He knew Trolls tended to have problems with buttons. With Monica’s help, Adam slowly pulled off the jeans to reveal his skinned knees.

Adam could feel Monica’s hot breath on his neither region as she worked to clean the wounds causing him to harden. When Monica realized this and gasped, reality finally came down hard on the twins. They were in a hidden, confined area with the boy they both liked, sporting a hard on. The three each exchanged glances in silence until finally Megan spoke.

“Hey Mon, remember when we were kids and mom and dad got us that doll for our birthday? And we both liked it and had to share…” Megan glanced down at Monica still kneeling between Adams legs.

“Do you wanna share?”

Biting her lower lip, Monica looked over to Adam who was mesmerized by the whole situation unfolding before him. She nodded slowly but then spoke.

“He needs to be ok with it though.”

Both looked to Adam.

“So?” Megan asked, peering at Adam.

Glancing back and forth between the two, Adam couldn’t fight the lust building within him. The whole situation was too much; the musky smell, the heat, having two beautiful girls in front of him wanting to share him, his body would except no answer other then yes. Adam simply nodded to them.

Megan was the first to act, pulling off her bra to reveal 2 hefty globes topped each with a reddish brown nipple. She then quickly kicked off her large sneakers and pulled down her pants and panties in one shot displaying her trimmed moistening womanhood. Monica stood and quickly followed her sisters example but where Megan’s neither regions were neatly trimmed, hers were more bushy and wild.

Megan bent her head down over Adams until their lips were just about to touch.

“Megan, its my first-” Adam began.

“Shhh,” Megan whispered staring deeply into his eyes. “Just let this happen.”

As she kissed him hungrily, Adams brain exploded with pleasure. Never before had he felt like this, his whole body felt like a live wire.

Staring at the two kissing, Monica felt a tinge of jealousy until she realized there was something very hard in front of her. If Megan was going to kiss his lips then she would just have to kiss something else. Kneeling down between his legs, Monica pulled off Adams underwear and tried remembering some of the things the other girls would try to coach her on: Use long lapping licks, suck gently and above all else, don’t use your teeth! Moving closer Monica inhaled deeply his scent and, throwing caution to the wind, took him in her mouth.

Adam moaned into Megan’s mouth as a new stimulation hit him. Breaking the kiss Megan looked down to see her sister licking and sucking nosily on his member.

“Someone’s eager,” She joked as she pulled off Adam’s apron and shirt. Megan returned to kissing him while using her hands to explore his chest. Kissing and sucking on his neck, she could tell that Monica was quickly bringing him to orgasm.

“Mon, stop for a minute..”

“Ugh why? He tastes so good,” Monica groaned as she slurped her mouth off his straining cock.

“I know, but we don’t want him to pop without the main event,” Megan said huskily. “Do you wanna go first or?”

Peering up at her sister between Adams cock, Megan once more became bashful, “Umm you can go first, its ok…”

“Are you sure? I mean you’re down there already.”

“N-No its ok you go, I’ll take over up there and watch.”

As they got up to switch, Megan noticed an unused tarp in the corner.

“Hey let’s use this, it’ll be more comfortable for all of us,” she said as she spread it on the ivy covered ground creating a comfortable bed for them to use.

With Adam now laying down, Megan straddled him, and was about to move to insert him when she hesitated.

“You’re sure about this right? No refunds,” she joked shyly.

Adam turned to see Monica sitting herself next to him.

“Hi,” she quietly said, smiling warmly.

“Hi,” Adam replied, reaching out he grabed her hand and returned the smile and turned to answer Megan.

“Yeah, I’ve always liked both of you, I just couldn’t figure out how to ask or even if I should…”

“Well cowboy,” Megan said as she finally slide him inside, “That’s not a problem anymore.”

Adam groaned in pleasure only to be silenced by Monica’s kiss. While Megan’s was hungry and aggressive, Monica’s was gentle and calm.

“Fuuuck this feels so good!!” Moaned Megan as she rode him, tail lashing back and forth. Drunk with lust, she grabbed onto her own breasts as she ground against his pelvis trying to get him deeper into her.

“I guess it’s true what they say,” she mumbled to herself, “Virgins really are the best rides.”

She could feel he was close, he just needed a little more. She clamped down on him squeezing as hard as she could before demanding, “Cum for me! give me your virginity! Fill me with your seed!”

Adam was still kissing Monica as he groaned loudly, eyes rolling into his head, thrusting his hips into her sister as he released his pent up load.

“Shit that was a lot,” Megan breathed as she collapsed off the side of him. Her hairy quim leaking with his freshly discarded spendings.

Breaking their kiss Adam could only lay there gasping, still clutching Monica’s hand. The whole experience had been unlike Adam could have ever expected. It wasn’t as he feared it would be, violent or painful. To the contrary, he felt comfortable and loved, even light hearted with Megan’s sense of humor adding to the experience. Adam could feel love for both of them swelling in his heart.

“Mon!” Megan slurred, drunk off his pure spirit energy, “your turn.”

“Umm…I..” Monica placed her free hand on her mouth.

“Oh fuck, my bad,” realized Megan shooting up, “Bitch move, I’m sorry, Mon.”

Quickly sobering, Megan moved to Adams slick flacid member and began to suck him clean. Nosily she sucked and slurped on him and in seconds he was hard again.

“Ok,” she said brightly, “he’s all clean and ready to go!”

“I’m … a virgin too..” she murmured through her hand.

“Da fuck?” Exclaimed Megan, “What about that guy Chad a while ago? You said you fucked him!”

“W- we almost did but he said my feet were too big a-and I smelled a-a-and he didn’t like my hair down there…” she said quietly tearing up

“So I lied and said I fucked him so you wouldn’t think I was such a looser.”

“Ohhh Mon…”

“That’s some bullshit!” Said Adam raising himself up and turned to her in righteous fury, “You- both of you are beautiful, who cares about your feet? They are sexy, your smell is amazing and… I um think your hair down there is a turn on…”

“You think so?”

Adam answered her with a hungry kiss of his own. Afterwards he asked, “I gave Megan my first. Would you do me the honor of giving me yours?”

“Yes, I don’t think I’d have it any other way,” she sniffled

“Oh my Maou, this is too romantic!” Megan gushed tearing a little herself.

Adam laied Monica down and positioned himself between her legs, his hard cock waited at her moistened hairy enterance.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yeah, she’s sure,” Megan said matter of factly, answering for her sister, suddenly pushing him into Monica’s  waiting snatch. She had snuck behind Adam when he was kissing Monica and while all this was romantic and heartfelt, Megan wanted to see some damn fucking. It was her sisters first and by Maou she wanted to be in on it.

“Oh fuck!” Monica moaned.

“Are you ok,” Adam froze concerned that he had did something wrong.

“No- it’s fine just don’t pull out!” She begged. Reassured that he hadn’t hurt her, Adam began to awkwardly thrust, his inexperience showing. Grabbing onto his hips, Megan began to teach him how to thrust.

“Just get a good rhythm going and be gentle, she’s super sensitive right now,” Megan whispered into his ear, breasts pushing up against his back.

“Good you’re doing real good,” she praised gently biting his earlobe, “Now bend down and suck on her nipples.”

With Megan’s help and coaching, he soon had Monica squealing in pleasure. A naughty thought then formed in her head.

“You know,” Megan, mused out loud, reaching around and grabbing onto his chest, “After all this, I bet both of us will be pregnant with your babies, Adam.”

Both Adam and Monica’s eyes popped open but it was too late, the thrill of impregnating and being impregnated was too much as Adam unloaded into Monica’s sobbing pussy. Monica echoed Adams orgasam with her own as she squirted her juice around his throbbing cock and stomach.

“Wow Mon, I didn’t peg you for a squirter! I guess we can count being knocked up as a turn on for you?” Megan teased as all three collapsed onto the cushiony tarp.

“Shut up, Megan,” Monica giggled.

The three laid there, resting, inhaling the rich, musky smell of sex. Monica snuggled on one side of Adam, Megan on the other. Each holding his hand. Eventually Monica snaked her free hand over his chest to grab Megan’s. Together they held hands over his heart. All of their relationships had changed with each other. They were deeper then sisters now and they each had the shared love of a man.

Adam himself signed contently. Never in a million years could he imagine losing his virginity like this but he wouldn’t have changed it for the world. He realized he loved both of them. Megan’s firey personality and Monica’s gentle, laid back nature.

“Together?” Monica asked

“No jealousy,” added Adam.

“Only love and us,” finished Megan.

The three continued to bask in their shared love when Monica broke the silence again.

“Hey do you think Regina’s looking for us?”

“I don’t think so,” said Adam, “She’s the one who told me where to find you two and to have you patch me up.”

“I think we did a little more then that,” Megan teased. “But hey, seriously, do you think she’s pissed we took like a 3 hour break?”

Thinking about it for a moment the trio broke into laughter.


Regina lounged on her flower enjoying the mid day sun. A combination of it being a Tuesday and unusually hot ensured that there was no one out in the garden area but her. Well… almost no one. She smiled at that and inhaled deeply. The air always did smell sweeter when her flowers were cross pollinating.


June sat in her car fuming. That clit blocking, stupid green bitch! How dare she steal her prey then hand him over to those big footed, dumb cunts of hers! She’d make Regina pay for this. She loves all of her precious little flowers, but she can’t be every where all the time to protect them.

All I have to do is wait, June thought. She couldn’t wait to see Regina’s face when she finds out that one of her precious flowers was ravaged, broken, bleeding and fucked. June laughed maniacally as she shifted into gear and drove away…

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  1. Trolls, eh? Interesting choice. I suppose that it’s a pretty legitimate idea in this world to feel pressured to shack up with a nice girl before you get raped and claimed by someone who isn’t so gentle…

    1. Well Trolls are supposed to be great gardeners so I figured it would make sense for a garden department. As far as pressure… we’ll Regina may have had a hand in it… haha

  2. I think this story is interesting I like it a lot. This might be one of the best stories that I’ve found on here. I’m new to this site so I still have a lot to read and more writers to check out but I just thought it would be nice to let you know 🙂

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