Home Improver Stories: Mechanical Difficulties

Authors Note: Hiya kids, this time we’re swinging by one of the more heavily shopped departments in the store, Department 69, otherwise known as the Sex Toy department! At over 10k words this is my longest story to date as well as the most challenging due to the uniqueness of the girls involved. I hope you all enjoy the read. 

From Bob the lawyer: names, places, incidents are all fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity is purely coincidental and unintended.



Rayla signed as she drummed her fingers on the desk, she had a problem. Another one of her department heads had just upped and quit on her. This one went to go travel the world and fuck her husband in every single country they visited. The only issue was she couldn’t be replaced very easily, as the department itself was rather unique.

Department 69,  A.K.A.  the sex toy department, hands down, it the highest profiting department of the store but also the smallest, having only 3 associates and a DH. Rayla knew she couldn’t just throw anyone in there. For one, any Mamono she put in there would be more than tempted to try all the merchandise, which would be bad for profits. Second the associates themselves were rather… unique as well, consisting of an Android, Golem and Living Doll. They weren’t the easiest to adjust to for the flesh and blood girls out there.

“Rayla,” called Annie the HR P’Orc. “Your 2’o clock interview is here.”

“Huh? You never said anything about an interview today?”

“Yes, I told you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I reminded you yesterday…” Annie said in a matter of fact tone.

“I don’t remember the one yesterday,” The Danuki grumbled.

“You were huffing the bag full of hundreds we just got from the bank…”

“Ohh yes, now I remember,” She smiled, distantly thinking back to that moment. Damn, there was nothing that smelled better than crisp, new hundreds fresh from Cums Fargo.

“…Your interview,” reminded Annie gently.

“Fine! Send’em in!”


“Age 19, going to college for business, taking a semester off to learn out on the field… look kid,” Rayla began as she crumpled up his resume and threw it in the trash.

“I can start you off pushing carts for minimum, if you survive long enough I might be able to bring you into a department with a two-cent raise if you’re lucky!” She said smugly,  she never did give those two-cent raises.

This wasn’t good, Matt thought. He needed something better then minimum wage if his sister and him were to survive…

“Please Ma’am,” Matt began as he started to squirm a bit.

“I’ll be a good worker, I learn fast, I’m good with computers… don’t you have anything else? Something that might pay a little more?”

Rayla was about to tell the boy to go kick rocks for  daring to ask about more money when a realization hit her. An evil smile graced her face as she asked,

“Hey kid, how are you with robots?”


It was morning the next day and Matt suppressed a yawn.  His giant of a neighbor had brought someone home last night and decided to get freaky. He didn’t mind, he just wished that they were more quiet about it. The other person kept shouting about jizz and healing her or something.

Rayla had Matt come in early so that he could get acquainted with the new department and so that Angel could introduce him to the new associates. As they walked Angel fumed. Rayla’s done a lot of fucked up shit before just to save a dime but throwing a kid, barely out of high school, into a sex toy department to run it took the cake, she thought biterly.

Peering over at him from the corner of her eye, she took stock. Decently tall, about 5’10, average size, not too fat, not too slim, sandy brown hair and green eyes combined with the fact that he was young and obviously a virgin… Maou, might as well just throw a neon sign around his neck that says “RAPE BAIT”.

As they reached the department, Angel threw on a fake smile and called over all three associates to introduce them.

Jenny the Living Doll; she was short about 4 foot even with long luxurious curly dark hair. Her eyes were brown and almond-shaped that gave her a slightly Asian appearance. Her porcelain skin looked so delicate, Matt wondered how she actually moved about. Under the trademark H.I.S. purple apron she wore a grey frilly dress.

Jenny the Golem was taller about 5’ 5” with blonde hair down to her waist. Aside from the hair she had matching yellow eyes and skin denoting her clay background. Having on brown pants with a grey t-shirt, he could see her arms were rather strange as instead of appearing to be flesh they were made up of many small pieces of bricks, Matt couldn’t make heads or tails of the fact that she could move them as if they were made flesh. He wondered briefly if her entire body was made up like that or just her arms.

Jenny the Automaton was even more striking. With short platinum hair, and curious black horn like protrusions on either side her head, she interested him the most. Clearly artificial with grayish skin and balled joint, her features both alien and alluring at the same time. She wore a simple black jumpsuit under her apron that accentuated her slim body.

Hi’s and greeting were all exchanged between the four when-  Wait… there were 3 Jenny’s?

“Er… yeah,” Angel looked abashed.

“The HR P’Orc was too retarded to realize that throwing all three of them with the same name in the same department might be a problem.”

“It’s ok Ma’am,” Matt said with a smile, we’ll figure things out.

Angel stared at him for a moment before asking,

“Matt, could you give me a few moments with the girls?”

“Sure,” He said with an even bigger smile.

Snapping her fingers she gestured for the three girls to follow her. After they walked a few feet away Angel turned to face them. Dropping her own fake smile, she turned deadly serious.

“Alright, listen up robo bitches. This poor bastard, I mean kid, is young, inexperienced, smells like a damn virgin and is pretty much rape bait around here. Your job is to keep our rape happy customers AND rape happy sluts of associates off his dick, got it? No rape, no molesting, just keep him safe, got it?”

All three silently nodded at her. Angel took a moment to glare at each of them before satisfied. Fuck it, she thought, it was the end of her shift anyway. Mikaela, the other ASM, was here already to relieve her. Anon was at home cooking breakfast, hopefully wearing nothing but his kiss the cook apron. A slight, dreamy grin spread across her lips as she walked away.

As all three Jenny’s watched Angel leave, Jenny the Living Doll finally spoke up,

“Whatever bitch.”

The other two Jenny’s turned to stare at her.

“What? Ever since she’s turned succubutt, she’s been an even bigger cunt then before.”

“What about him?” Asked Jenny the Golem, referring to Matt as he stared at all the different sex toys, a heavy red blush spreading on his face. The three of them turned to consider their newest Department Head. 

“I say we do what she says, keep him safe, but he’s ours. This is our chance girls, a man… well boy, but a steady supply of spirit energy and head pats we can’t let this go to waste.” Said the Living Doll.

The other two nodded in agreement before Jenny the Automaton finally spoke.

“I request to be first to register with him.”

“Damn, Circuits, just say you’re horny.” Joked the doll.

“Negative, authentication registration is required for recognition of new command structure. Furthermore, collected data suggests he is attracted to me the most as he looked at me for 15.23 seconds longer during introductions. I am the most logical choice for his recruitment into our collective.”

Jenny the Golem simply nodded going along with her silicon sisters assessment, while the living doll was about to call bullshit when she stopped herself. The damn Automaton was rarely wrong on things like that. With all her calculations, she made the three of them a killing on the stock market with money from their shared account.

“Psh, fine, I’ll take sloppy seconds. Bricks, you’re third, does that work?”

“Yes.” Simply said Jenny the Golem.

“Alright, now that we got all this figured out let’s go properly introduce ourselves to our new man, ladies.” Jenny the Living Doll said as she took the lead toward Matt that was now holding up the 60” Big Mambo no.5 dildo.


The three introduced him to the department, the aisles, products and so on. To say Matt was uncomfortable around all the sex toys was an understatement, but it was the best job he could get and he desperately needed the money.

Pushing aside his embarrassment, he listened intently to Jenny the automaton explain the differences in the vibrators, their RPM’s, charge capacity and so on. Matt tried to reason it was kinda like his mechanics class in high school… except with sex…

It didn’t help matters that Matt found himself attracted to each of the girls. Wait, they did count as girls, right? Well they looked like girls, kinda. They talked like girls, well…sorta. They were all cute in one way or the other and seemed to have their own quirks just like real girls. After a few moments, Matt decided that girls was the correct term to use.

Jenny the Automaton first caught his attention. Platinum hair, striking blue eyes and curiously greyish skin, she was the most exotic and beautiful girl he had ever seen. Sadly, even he knew going out with subordinates was a no no, though.
Well he wasn’t there for a date anyway…


That night, Matt stared into the pantry. 3 cans of soup, a couple of pieces of bread, some peanut butter, little bit of jelly and… that was it. How could he even hope to make this work, he thought miserably. Payday wasn’t until next week.

Sighing, he took a can of soup out and put it in a bowl to microwave for his sisters dinner.

“Matt, is dinner ready? I’m so hungry!” Called his little sister Lucy.

“Yeah, Lucy, it’s cooking,” Matt called.

A knock on the door startled him. Who could that be this time of night?

Opening the door, he saw that it was Jenny the Automaton standing there wearing her form-fitting black jumpsuit from earlier.

“Jenny? What are you doing here?”

“Department Head Matt, I must request your assistance.” She said bluntly.

“Uh, just call me Matt and ok,  but its a little late…”

“This will not take long, but privacy is preferred, may I enter your domicile?”

“Sure,” he sighed as he made way for the Automaton. I guess this is what being a supervisor is all about, he thought gloomily.

As she passed, he glanced down, her jumpsuit accentuated her ass perfectly, causing him some very unsuperviserly feelings.

“Matt, who is that?” Lucy said as she peered at Jenny from around her door.

“Her name is Jenny, she’s… a friend from work. Jenny this is my sister Lucy, Lucy this is Jenny.” Matt answered as he made introductions.

“You cohabitat with a sibling? This will be problematic.” Jenny said as she looked to Matt. 

“You look weird…” Lucy said staring at Jenny as she slowly crept out of hiding. 

“LUCY! That is not how we talk to guests!” Matt admonished his sister.

“It is fine,” Jenny said turning to smile at the child. She knelt down to be at Lucy’s level.

“I am an Automaton, an artificial life form. I may be different from you, but I do wish to be your friend.

“Really?” Lucy asked, warming to her.

“Yes, my kind are actually programmed to protect children and animals.”

“That’s neat,” Lucy said as she approached the machine.

“Can I touch you?” She asked shyly.

“Lucy, this is not how we treat guests…” Matt warned.

“It is acceptable, she is simply curious.” Said Jenny looking over to Matt, still smiling.

As Lucy touched and explored Jenny’s face, Matt frowned, he didn’t like her doing that, but if Jenny was fine with it, he would allow it. 

“Ok, that’s enough, Lucy. Jenny came here because she has to talk to your big bro about something, could you give us a moment please?”

“Ooook,” Lucy said dejected as she left to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry about that.” Matt apologized.

“I was not aware your sister cohabited with you, where are your procreators?” She asked directly.

“Uh, that’s a long story.” he began when a scream and crash from the kitchen stopped him dead.

Running, he saw in horror Lucy crying while clutching her hands over a broken bowl of soup.

“It hurts!!!” She wailed.

“What happened?!” He demanded as he took her hands to look. They were an ugly beat red and  burned from what he could tell.

“I-I was h-hungry I just wwwwanted the soooooup!” She cried.

“Allow me,” came Jenny’s voice as she strode up behind him. Hearing a series of clicks and whirls, Matt looked over to see her hand had become something that looked like a flashlight.

“What are you-“ He began as a pale blue light shined from it, bathing Lucy’s hands. After a moment, the light switched off to reveal they had been completely healed.

“How is that possible…” He mumbled in awe.

“I am equipped with a dermal regenerator,” She said simply as she transformed her hand back to normal. 

“Her hands will be tender for a time but they are completely healed.”

With the pain gone, Lucy stopped crying. Matt gently picked her up and set her on a chair.

“Are you ok?” He asked. Lucy sniffled and nodded. 

“Thank you, for healing my sister… I can’t thank you enough…”  He said, voice rough with emotion, while turning to the Automaton. She had been watching the the interaction with interest. 

“I was just following my programming.”

“Still… thank you…” He said with a small smile.

“You are welcome,” She replied, returning his smile.

Matt took another can of soup from the pantry and warmed it, only this time taking it out of the microwave himself and spoon fed Lucy to ensure no more accidents. Jenny seemed to watched the entire scene with the same intent interest as if studying him. Later, after he cleaned up everything, he was able to put the 10-year-old to bed and finally relax.

Jenny had taken a seat on an ancient looking brown leather sofa in the small living room. Collapsing down next to her, he signed in relief.

“Query, you are Lucy’s sole caretaker?” She asked him.

“Yeah,” He said gruffly staring blankly at the turned off TV in front of him.

“Where are her procreators?”

He sighed and took a breath,

“Well good old dad was never really in the picture. Mom raised Lucy and I on her own. Couple years ago I get called into the office in school. They told me my moms in the hospital. I get there, they tell me she’s got stage 4 cancer and probably won’t last the year…”

Looking over at her, Matt saw she was still watching him. Looking down at the floor he continued.

“After that, well, it was pretty much the worst year of my life. I barely managed to finish high school, tried to go to college, that didn’t work out because I had to take care of things at home. In the end, she lasted a little more than a year. I had to bury her, try to explain everything to Lucy as best I could. We don’t have any other relatives around, so I managed to get this apartment with what was left from her bank account and what I could sell… been trying my best ever since.”

Matt tried his best to keep the tears in. He didn’t want to cry in front of her. He just wanted this day to end. Jenny moved closer and embraced him, it felt like such an odd gesture coming from what seemed like a machine, but he didn’t question it. He felt himself relaxing into her hug and breathed in her scent. He expected her to smell like oil or lubricants, but was surprised to find the comforting scent of lilac. He breathed deeper her scent and felt himself becoming more at ease.

“You find me attractive.” She said suddenly.

Pulling out of her embrace, he stared at her, his face growing red.

“What do you mean?” He asked. How could she know? He asked himself frantically. It was only his first day on the job and this had to happen?!

“You stare at me longer than others, and when you do your heart beat increases as well as body temperature. Also, when I came in earlier, you stared at my posterior.”

Matt could feel his body betray him with a deep blush. He had never been so embarrassed in his whole life. Here was a beautiful robot girl in his living room basically calling him out for having the hots for her.

“Your behavior is acceptable.”

Wait, what?

“Now that your sibling is dormant, I may complete my mission, although I must modify it due to new parameters.”

“What the hell are you tal-“ He began, but Jenny moved quickly and straddled Matt. He felt an odd electrical current travel from her fingers to him as she held him down.

“Upon analysis from touching you and your sister; you are both suffering from minor malnutrition. You more then her. Checking records, your bank account is over withdrawn . Your food storage is also nearly depleted. You and your sister cannot hope to continue optimal operating efficiency at current conditions.”

She paused to allow him to contemplate what was just said. She saw with curiosity his continued shocked and distressed expression and notated it before continuing,

“As a representative of the others, I extend an offer to you. The other Jenny units and I have formed a cooperative unit, you would greatly benefit from fully joining us. We would be able to provide you with nutritional supplements, monetary support and even labor assistance. You would only need to provide us with your available spirit energy and,”

The Automaton stopped and seemed to redden, “your affection…”

“Am I really that sad?” Matt said after the shock of hearing the machines brutal truth. He started to weep, the past couple of years of stress and now this had finally brought him to his breaking point. Watching his mom die, taking care of the funeral, his sister, trying his damnest to keep himself together and now he couldn’t even take care of the last bit of family that he had. Now he had to survive off the charity of… them. He really was pathetic.

“Why do you cry?” Jenny asked confused.

“I’m such a loser, I can’t take care of my sister, myself. I try so damn hard but at the end I’m just a failure.”

Jenny reached over and cupped his face with her hands. Her neutral expression seemed to soften with concern and the contact with him seemed to focus his attention back to her.

“You are not. Current parameters prove that you are not at fault for your situation. You have tried the best you can with your available resources; your situation was unavoidable. The pro-offered arrangement is beneficial for all parties. You have done an admirable job in caretaking Lucy, but you have reached the limit of your abilities. You need our assistance. Besides,”

She paused as if embarrassed by what she was about to say,

“Have I become that undesirable to you because of what I have offered?”

“N-no just wish things were different.” He sniffled as he looked away in shame.

“Circumstances aside, your situation will improve with us, you will be happy, I have already calculated it.” Jenny said with a certain degree of smugness. She then turned his head towards her and gently kissed him.

Matt had never felt more vulnerable in his entire life, sadness, self-hatred and depression filled him, yet this mechanical angel offered and promised him happiness. All he had to say is yes. Maybe this really was for the best. In the last year of high school, he once asked one of his teachers what it meant to be an adult. Putting others needs before your own was what he got told. He had to take care of Lucy now, maybe this was what it really meant to be an adult.

He broke the Automatons kiss and nodded saying, ”Ok, I’ll join.”

Jenny felt a proud rush flood through her circuits. Kissing him again, she contemplated that things were progressing as she had expected. Now for the next stage, she activated her vibration function where her lower abdomen was. She knew it would stimulate him for what she came to accomplish. 

Matt moaned quietly into her mouth. Waves of emotions and needs rushed through him, eventually he settled on the basic need for love and companionship that he’d been lacking for so long. She was beautiful and offered both along with so much more. Why not accept it? He could feel himself hardening as the vibrations spread through his body both relaxing and arousing him.

Jenny peered into his eyes and calculated he was ready. She began to remove his clothes,  from his shirt, exposing his slim chest to his pants revealing cheap department store white briefs tented with his erect cock.

Pulling off his underwear she finally was able to see her main objective, the tool needed for her authentication registration protocol.

“W-wait” He asked. She paused and looked up at him expectedly.

“C-could you take off your clothes too?” He asked stumbling over his embarrassed words.

She cocked her head to the side in confusion as she said, “Why? I do not posses sexual organs that biological females have.”

“Well I guess because I’m naked and… you’re really beautiful, I want to see you naked too?” He fidgeted.

For some unknown reason his words pleased her as she stood and undressed. Baring herself to him, he saw the how both fully strange and beautiful she truly was. Her greyish skin contrasting with deep blue eyes and short platinum hair. Each of her joints had an exposed black gear mechanism furthering her robotic appearance. Her breasts, while full, had no nipples. Matt was truly mesmerized by the mechanical beauty before him.

“You’re gorgeous,” He breathed.

Matt saw a shy smile emerge on the automatons face but was quickly replaced by a look of lust.

“Enough talk, you must register with me,” She commanded as she sank to her knees and took his penis in her mouth. He moaned quietly as she began to felate him. Matt found that she could also vibrate her tongue as she assaulted his neither regions, licking, sucking and teasing every inch of his rod.   Drowning in euphoria, Matt had the intense need to reach out and grab something as the pleasure was so great. He looked to her head and saw the black horn like protrusions, hoping that she wouldn’t mind, he grabbed them as Jenny continued to bob her head up and down upon his shaft.

“I’m close, I’m gonna-“ Gasped Matt

Jenny never did mind it as her tongue increased it’s vibrations causing Matt to buckle his hips, shooting wad after wad of cum into the Automatons eager mouth.

If Jenny’s eyes could widen, they would have as her internal circuitry came alive with his energy. To her initial understanding, authentication registration was just to accept a new owner, but this was so much more. His likes, dislikes, joys and sorrows, all were imprinted on her central circuit. It would be a mistake to say she felt alive, but it was an exhilaration of emotions she never felt before including an intense love for Matt and an urge to protect him and his sister. There was no mistake, he was her Master now.

Licking him clean of his spendings, she found satisfaction in hearing his shuttering breaths and convulsions of pleasure. While that alone should have been enough, she found herself wanting more.

“That was amazing,” He gasped, “Wait , what-“

Jenny climbed back atop and continued kissing him. At first he was repulsed as she had just finished swallowing his cum, but he found that there was not a trace left in her mouth, having completely consumed it all.

Pleased that he was still hard, she reached down to insert him inside her folds.

“I thought you said you didn’t have sex organs?” Matt said as he twisted his mouth away to talk, fighting through the pleasure.

“That is correct, it is a semen extractor,” She said huskily, “you are now my dear Master, I wish to give you more pleasure as well as store more of you within me…”

Matt could see the change in her face. It was no longer cold and expressionless. He could see warmth now, lust and pleasure.

Although she made no movements, Matt could feel his cock being massaged and manipulated by her extractor. It had an amazing feel to it, like hundreds of tiny soft fingers caressing and rubbing him, her skin was so incredibly soft and warm. He could feel her stare at him as he gasped and moaned quietly.

“I love your expressions, Master.”

Matt felt guilty that he was on the receiving end of so much. He reached up and grabbed on to her breasts and began to squeeze and massage them eliciting a moan from Jenny. Although firm, they felt soft and even warm in his hands.

He knew she had no nipples but would she feel it if he…?

Matt craned his head forward and began licking the area of her breast where the nipple would be.

She responded in turn by clamping on to his penis tightly and eliciting a throaty moan. Pleased that she liked it, he continued licking around the area switching back and forth between her breasts enjoying her mews of pleasure. The ministrations from Jenny’s extractor however became too much as he warned,

“Jenny, I’m gonna cum!” 

“Yes Master, fill me…let me carry you inside me…” She hummed to him, throwing her arms around his neck. 

Matt grunted as he erupted inside, filling her chamber with what she desired the most. Reaching up, Matt grabbed the automaton and pulled her to him in an embrace.

“…You …you …were my first…”

Jenny found herself reaching down to caress his face and hair. Her entire purpose now to love and comfort the man who was now her Master.

“You were my first too, Master.”


“Yes, you are now my Master,” She said.

“M-maybe just call me Matt?”

“You will always be my Master, but I will do as you ask.”

“Will you stay with me tonight?” He asked hopeful.

“I do not sleep, but,” She looked at him shyly, cupping the side of his face with a hand.

“I will watch over you…”

As they raised themselves off of the beaten sofa, Matt took her hand and guided them towards his room.


That morning, Matt struggled to explain to Lucy the exact reasoning why Jenny was still there as he made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her lunch using the last of the bread.

“Your brother and you, by proxy, have joined a collective.” Jenny interrupted as she stood by Matt.

The 10-year-old eyed them suspiciously.

“Does that mean you’re married?”

Matt coughed violently as he couldn’t believe what his sister just said. Grabbing a glass of water, Jenny answered,

“It is similar, however there are more units involved then traditional human or even Mamono marriage.” Jenny said matter of factly.

“Soooo…you’re married and we’re all going to be a family?!” She said in a hopeful voice.

“A family unit would be a fitting description.” The Automaton said looking over to the child with a brief warm smile.

“So you’re my big sister?” Lucy exclaimed with a huge smile on her face, she had always wanted a sister. Running over to Jenny, she held her arms wide open.

The Automaton started to fluster and even looked embarrassed but a shy, smile spread back across her lips as she said,

“I would like that very much…”

Kneeling down, she accepted Lucy’s hug. They were a family now. 

Matt finally finished gulping down the water and was about to deny the whole thing when he looked at his sisters hopeful face. She had lost so much. He wasn’t sure about how the other Jenny’s were but, this one,  she seemed very kind in her own way. Throughout it all, she had their best interest at heart or maybe circuit?

Looking to Jenny, who was once again staring at his face, he smiled, “Yeah I guess we are a family. But, uh, Lucy – um there’s some more uh girls that you’ll probably be meeting ok?”

“There’s more big sisters?” She shouted.  At that point, Lucy was about to lose her mind with excited glee.


Matt walked the aisles with Jenny the Automaton on one side and Jenny the Living Doll on the other. Their heads bent up as they peered at the upper beams, they were looking for a missing pallet in the overhead that supposedly contained five dozen boxes of the new Clitty Master 5000 stimulator.

Since last night Jenny the Automaton had become very clingy to Matt, never letting him out of her sight.

“Sooo…” The Living Doll started, “Seems like you fucked Circuits here to the moon and back for her to be  acting all lovey dovey towards you.”

Matt came to a screeching halt as she said it. He had a good idea that she knew, they all knew, but to have it said like that, just… wow…

“Hey,” The Living Doll pulled him down to whisper into his ear, “I’ll be stopping by later today, Ok?”

Matt swallowed and nodded. He knew this would probably happen. The other Jenny would probably  be doing the same too…


As Lucy played in her room, Matt stared into the almost empty pantry. 1 can of soup left and that would be for Lucy’s dinner. His stomach growled, he hadn’t eaten for 2 days now. He had to do something, because neither of them would eat tomorrow. An odd knock at the door interrupted his depressed, hungry musings.

Matt opened the door to see a strange sight of a large bag of groceries standing on 2 legs.

“Little help here?”

Snapping out of his daze, Matt grabbed the bag to reveal it had been Jenny the Living Doll. Wearing a frilly back and silver dress, she looked more like she was going to a formal party then delivering groceries.

“Mind if I come in?” She asked amused that he was staring at her for so long.

“Oh, um sure, please,” He said stepping aside.

“Circuits said you were light on food and gave me a list of what you liked. I figured I’d stop on by with some stuff, you know kill two harpies with one boulder,” She said as she looked around his meager living room.

“Who’s at the door, brother?” Called Lucy as she ran out of her room.

“…She didn’t say you had a little sister,” Jenny whispered more to herself than Matt as she stared at the little girl.

“Lucy, this is my, uh, friend from work Jenny, she’s also a friend of the other Jenny,”

“Two Jenny’s?” Lucy giggled as she stared back at the Living Doll.

“Wow, you’re so pretty” Lucy said enraptured by the dolls beauty, “Do you wanna play?”

“Oh I, um…” Jenny faltered, things weren’t going exactly as expected. There wasn’t suppose to be anyone else there, especially a little girl. Buried feeling and emotions began to surface as the two girls continued to stare at each other. Jenny flustered even more when Lucy held out her hand for her to take.

“Go on,” Matt said with a smile, “She’s been kinda lonely besides, I’ve got some groceries to put away!”

“I’d really like that…” Jenny said shyly as she took the  girls hand and let her be led into the room.

Matt took the bag into the kitchen and set it on the counter. He fought back tears as he pulled the food out. Steak, vegetables, cereal, eggs, bacon, bread, milk and so on. Enough to last a week, maybe two. He could eat, Lucy could eat.

Quickly composing himself before anyone saw, Matt began to cook dinner. Putting the steak in the broiler, he diced some vegetables and threw them in a pan with some oil to sauté.

He threw the perishables in the empty fridge and checked the bag to see if he missed anything. Matt found a wine bottle tucked into the side corner. Lifting it to the light, he saw it was lighter colored wine then he had always seen on tv shows. Looking at the label, he found it was mostly in an odd language, but from what he could read it just said “Loves Fire”. He wasn’t sure how Jenny could have gotten a hold of alcohol, seeing as how she looked like an elementary school kid. Shrugging to himself he put the bottle in the fridge.

Matt paused to think about Jenny the Automaton. It was odd, they really had just met and, well had sex but, he missed her. That made Matt think about what was to happen tonight. The Living Doll was there for more than just to drop off food. He was sure they would end up having sex tonight. But could he do it? Could he have sex with a girl… doll…that looked to be the same age as Lucy? Maybe if he just closed his eyes?

Soon the kitchen filled with delicious smells and Matt’s stomach complained loudly, but he had to wait. Setting the table he paused, did Jenny eat? He wasn’t sure but it would be rude not to include her.

“Girls, dinner!” He called.

Lucy ran out of the room and saw the food on the table,

“WOW!!! Steak! It’s been so long since I’ve had that! It all looks so yummy!!” She exclaimed.

“Hey go wash your hands.” Matt said sternly.

When Jenny walked out, Matt had to bite back his laughter. It seemed that Lucy had given Jenny a make up make over using her moms old cosmetic kit. She looked more clown then doll but strangely enough she seemed incredibly happy. Despite her adult personality and talk, maybe she just missed being a playmate for a girl.

Walking over to the table, she silently peered at the setting for three.  Picking up a fork, she stared at it before  saying, “You know I don’t eat right?”

“I didn’t know,” Matt shrugged, “But it would be rude not to include you for dinner, besides you’re our guest…and savior…” He added quietly.

“She didn’t know that there wasn’t any food, did she?” Jenny asked as quietly, already knowing the answer.

Matt didn’t get a chance to respond as Lucy ran back in and jumped into her chair.

“Let’s eat!”

That evening was the happiest the tiny apartment had in a long time. As they ate, Jenny opted for a glass of water. Lucy entertained them with stories of her day at school, Matt was amused to see that Jenny hung on her every word.

Later as Lucy brushed her teeth, Jenny helped Matt clear the table and wash the dishes. With a full belly, Lucy fell asleep as soon as Matt tucked her into bed.

The two relaxed that night on his old leather sofa. Jenny had washed off the excess makeup, but kept on the deep red lipstick. Matt had to admit, she looked older, more sexier with it on then he would have ever thought. She was the first to break the silence.

“Lucy’s a wonderful little girl.”

“You two really seemed to hit it off,” He smiled.

“Yeah,” Jenny said looking away, embarrassed.

“I’m glad though, she really doesnt have too many friends, I think she just misses playing with someone. Thank you… for spending time with her.. for everything I mean.” He stumbled.

Chuckling at his own embarrassment, the silence settled upon them once more when she spoke again,

“You’re a great big brother too…” She said softly.

Matt gave a sad, short laugh, “No I’m really not. I’m some kid that had to grow up fast to take care of his little sister, and did a crappy job of that. In the end I couldn’t even keep her fed.”

Resting her head on her arm she stared at him and said, “Circuits told us what happened, it’s not your fault, you did the best you could.”

“Yeah, everyone keeps telling me that,” He said bitterly, “But it doesn’t change what happened in the end.”

“Do you have that wine I brought?” She asked with an odd smile.

“It’s in the fridge…I, um… I’m not 21… “

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“I uh don’t have wine glasses either.” He said lamely.

“I don’t mind drinking from the bottle. Just go grab it!” She laughed.

Grabbing the wine, he discovered with relief that he didn’t need a cork screw, it was just a simple twist off. Returning to the living room, a thought came to Matt,

“Hey, there’s been something on my mind, isn’t all of this…you know,” He gestured to her with the bottle,

“Like a company no, no? I’m pretty sure I’m  not suppose to date or have um relations with my people…” 

“Oh, it happens more than you think it does at the store,” She said with a glint in her eye. 

“Really? So all of this …it’s ok?” 

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“I see, so anyway, I guess you know my story, what about you?” He asked as he set the bottle on the old wooden coffee table in front of them and sat down.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she grabbed the bottle, took a swig, then handed it to Matt.

“Well I mean, tell me about yourself.” He replied as he took a trial sip. It was fruity and smooth. Deciding that he liked it, he took a bigger swallow. Handing it back to the doll, he listened to her tale…

“A long time ago, I belonged to a little girl. She cherished and loved me with all her heart. But then that little girl grew up and forgot me, I came alive with that sorrow.” She paused pained by the memory. Matt was about to say something when she started again.

“So I set out alone and wandered the world, did some things that I’m not proud of in hindsight, eventually Druella- the owner of the Home Improver Store- found me and offered me a place to go and settle down, where I would be safe and maybe even find someone… and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“I guess it seems like she collects people like us huh?” Matt mused out loud.

“People like us, huh…” She repeated with the same odd smile as she took another drink.

Matt reached for the bottle but she held it back from him.

“Oh you want another drink do you?” Jenny said mischievously.

“Well yeah, it’s good.” he said as an incredibly warm fuzzy feeling flowed through him.

“I don’t know, I think you’ve had enough…”

“No, Immgood I swear.” He slurred sightly.

“Well then, if you want a drink then you’ll have to take it from somewhere else.” She said seductively. Taking a gulp and holding it in her mouth she sat the bottle down. Sliding over, she placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. As their mouths locked,  Matt drank the wine from her.

“Wow,” Matt said quietly as they finished, “that was hot…”

“Mmmm you like that?” The doll teased.

Matt nodded his head dumbly, he was a bit light-headed but he felt so warm, so good…his pants felt too tight and she looked way too sexy. Dispite her childish appearance she was clearly the older one in the room and he wished nothing more than to be hers.

“I think you were probably wondering how something that looks like a little girl, could play with you?” She asked playfully as if reading his thoughts.

“Oh, don’t worry,” She breathed, her voice turning husky, “I know all the adult games to play…”

“Take your clothes off.” She ordered.

Jenny watched intently as Matt pulled off his T-shirt, then unbuttoned his jeans but hesitated for a brief moment before pulling them down to reveal he had not worn underwear that night.

“Ohh going commando are we?” She said with a grin.

“I, um, I kinda knew this would happen,” Matt said with an embarrassed smile as he sat down, his erection straining in the air.

“Mmm really,” She said sensually as she pulled off her dress, “well I suppose that makes two of us.”

Matt was in awe as he gazed upon the naked doll. Dark curly hair contrasting porcelain white skin, small breasts each topped with a pink nipple. As his eyes trailed down he could see her neither regions were hairless and dripping with arousal. The only thing that betrayed her appearance of being a real girl was that each of her joints were separated and balled. True to her name- a Living Doll.

“So beautiful…” He whispered.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” She said as she eyed his cock hungrily.

Crawling over, she took him in her mouth. Sucking on his head slightly then licking him up and down with long strokes of her tongue, Matt gasped at how the doll could make him feel so good with just a few simple strokes of her tongue.

“Mmm , you know that wine is special, it has a tiny drop of Manticore venom in it,” Jenny said almost conversationally between licks.

“Hope you don’t plan on getting sleep tonight.” She said as she stopped felating him and pulled herself up to mount his stiffing erection.

“I think we’ve had enough foreplay, let’s get to the main event.”

Impaling herself on his stiff cock, she began to quickly ride him. The small doll eagerly and forcefully thrusting herself up and down his rod. She wasn’t as gentle as Jenny the Automaton, he could tell she was more aggressive, more forceful. Matt would have never believed that she could feel so soft, so tight… so wet.

As he bent down to kiss her she paused her movement. He could still taste the wine in her mouth. Reaching up he pinched her pink nipples and felt her moan into his mouth. He could still feel her moving her hips and grinding into him as he continued to roll her tiny pink nubs between his fingers.

“I want it…” She muttered as she placed her hands back on his shoulders she began to thrust herself even harder up and down upon him.

“I need it… give it to me…give me your love.”

“Jenny, it’s too much I’m gonna…” He gasped.

“You know where to shoot that cum of yours, fill me, make me yours, I’ll belong to you. Your very own doll,” She panted with lust.

Thrusting his own hips up, he emptied into her with a suppressed moan. Shot after shot, Matt seemed fill her with an impossible amount of semen. 

As they rested, Jenny laid on him hugging him tightly.

“Holy Maou, that wine was worth it, I’m practically over flowing,” She said with a satisfied smile.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much in my entire life!” He gasped, still trying to catch his breath. She was right, he could feel a large sticky mess of cum on his crouch being sandwiched between himself and the doll.  

“Mmm you’re still hard too,” Jenny mumbled as she shifted her hips, enjoying the full feeling of Matt’s hard cock being lubricated by his own cum inside her.

“Before round 2, could you do something?” She asked suddenly turning shy and hiding her head in his chest.

“Sure, anything.” He said blissfully.

“Pat my head?” She mumbled, peeking up at him from her mess of curls.

Smiling, Matt reached up and started to pat her head, he saw with amusement that she closed her eyes in pleasure.

“Thaaats the stuff… ahhh…a nice guy to be a big brother to fuck, give head pats and a cute sister to play with, I think I’ve died and gone to Pandemonium…” She purred. 

“Big brother?” He asked confused.

“It’s a doll thing, ignore it…” 

“Hey, um, did you mean what you said earlier? That you were mine?” He asked suddenly turning serious.

“Yes, why?” She said, eyes still closed as he continued to pat her head.

“Just- I’m not too sure how any of this is going to go but… I promise I’ll do my best for all of you, each and every one.”

Opening one eye she stared at him and said,

“I know you will, Circuits said you had a good heart, maybe that’s why we are all attracted to you too. We know we can trust you and I think you know you can trust us now. Just like she said, we’re a family now…”

“Yeah, we are aren’t we?” He sighed contentedly, hugging the doll.

“By the way,” She added suddenly, “I’m fucking you until you pass out.”


Matt grimaced in pain as he hobbled around the kitchen cooking breakfast that morning. She was so tiny, so light, why the hell did it seem like she broke his pelvis last night?

Maybe later at work he could ask Jenny the Automaton for a quick hit of that healing ray she had?

Lucy was ecstatic that the Living Doll was now “apart of her family”. As they sat on the sofa together watching tv, she had her arms possessively wrapped  around Jenny’s waist, treating her like her own toy doll. Matt had to smile at that despite Jenny saying that she belonged to him. All in all though, they both seemed quite happy as they watched cartoons together.

Making a quick-lunch for Lucy and himself, he called the girls to the table for breakfast, they had to hurry to catch Lucy’s school bus and work was in an hour… assuming he could walk correctly…


As they waved at Lucy riding away on the school bus, Jenny asked Matt,

“Hey have you checked your bank account recently?”

“No,” Matt frowned, “Its over withdrawn any way.”

“Check again,” She smiled as she began to walk away.

Pulling up his phone, he checked. What was once showing at -$157.23 now showed $4,842.77. Five thousand dollars had been transferred into his account.

“H-how?” He asked as he ran to catch up to her.

“Well, Circuits doesn’t actually know the meaning of ‘invasion of privacy’ so when she broke into your bank account and found out you were in the red, she asked us if it was ok to dump some money from our shared account into yours. You know just to help out. We all agreed and silicon tits made it happen.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, how to thank you…”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something.” She smirked

She was caught off guard when he knelt and took her in his arms. Kissing her passionately, the doll became limp with pleasure. After what seem like eternity, he broke the kiss.

“Yeah, that’ll do nicely,” She mumbled euphoricly. Her irises in the shape of tiny hearts.

“…Fucking rode him for hours, Bricks. That’s how you gotta do it.” Said Jenny the Living Doll casually to Jenny the Golem. The two were breaking down empty stock boxes at the beginning of aisle 72, the BDSM aisle (AKA Dark Elf heaven), when they noticed someone stalking Matt in the next aisle over.

As they approached, they noticed she wore a purple apron like they did and her long black hair seemed to move on its own.

“Employee 61782- June Nakamoto, what business do you have here?” Jenny the Golem said bluntly.

Whipping around, June smiled at the two and said, “Oh nothing, I just heard you got a new DH, and that he was young, cute and,” She paused to lick her lips, “a virgin.”

“Not anymore, Jenny the Automaton got him a couple of nights ago, I got him last night, and Bricks here is gonna bang him tonight,” Jenny the Living Doll said, proudly crossing her arms.

“He’s our man, so skank off.”

June snorted, “Please, fucking robots and dolls doesnt count.”

“You wanna make something of this slut?” The Living Doll threatened.

“You are outnumbered.” Chimed in Jenny the Golem.

“Oh, I could take on the two of you easily” June countered as her hair flailed wildly around her. Choosing her target, she was about to cut down the doll when she felt something hard touch the back of her head.

“Any further aggressions against our collective will be met with force.” Came the voice of Jenny the Automaton, her wrist cannon’s muzzle pushed against the Kejourou’s head.

Feeling the cold metal against her, June knew she couldn’t win. She let her hair fall down about her. Rage and hatred glowed in her eyes.

“Department Head Matt is in our collective and under our protection. You will not make any advances upon him, this is your only warning.”

“Fine, he’s yours.” She conceded. Taking a moment to glare at each of them, June turned and hurried away.

All three looked down the aisle to see if Matt had seen the confrontation. Thankfully he was both too busy and embarrassed trying to explain to an Incubus the advantages of purchasing the more expensive Vibramax vibrator over the cheaper Bunnybanger for his wife.

Sharing a glance at each other. They would have to make sure to keep a closer watch on him. Sluts like June were dangerous to piss off.

Later that day as Matt was speaking to Jenny the living doll, Jenny the Golem approached him.

“… Try to remember it all ok?” The Living Doll said quietly to Matt. Smirking, she walked away to give them both some privacy.

“Could I request to visit your residence tonight, Department Head Matt? I wish to have your inscription.

Matt laughed, “Jenny, just call me Matt, ok? And sure, I know, the other Jenny’s told me you would um, need my help…”

It would be another long night for him…


That night, Matt made sure Lucy was in bed early. He still couldn’t get over the past few days. Was this all just some crazy dream? He went from a desperate penny less brother turned parent that never had a girlfriend to a…? An employed supervisor of a sex toy department, a playboy that has 3 girls wanting him?

A light knock on the door pulled him from his nostalgia. Opening it, he found Jenny the Golem holding a bouquet of roses. Handing it to him, she saw his confusion and said,

“I was told it is custom in this world to give a romantic interest rose flowers?”

”I, um, yeah but usually it’s the guy that gives the girl flowers…” He explained as she came in.

”Oh,”’She said, suddenly looking depressed.

”But these are beautiful , I really love them!” He said hurriedly.

”Here, have a seat, let me put them in water.”

As he worked in the kitchen, Jenny sat down and looked around. The other two Jenny’s said he had been very kind to each of them. But in each instance they were able to be the aggressor leading up to intimacy. She was not sure if she could be so brave.

“Sorry for the wait,” He smiled as he sat down next to her.

“You said you needed me to write something?”

“Jenny the Living Doll told me that I should ride you for hours!” She outburst suddenly.

“I-well, I think that maybe she was just speaking of her own experience,” choked Matt looking away, thinking of the previous night. His groin still ached slightly even with Jenny the automatons healing beam thingy.

”Oh,” She said looking down, seeming dejected.

“What would YOU like to do, Jenny?” He asked turning to her.

She figited as if not sure how to respond to such a question. Looking left then right she searched for some kind of inspiration. Finally looking down, she spoke in a heartbreaking depressed tone.

“I do not know. I am not good at this kind of activity . I was programmed to cook, clean and do labor tasks by my original owner and creator. When the time came to harvest spirit energy for her, I could not. I was deemed useless and defective. I was thrown away…”

Feeling his heart break at her answer, a protective instinct overtook him and he embraced her in a tight hug.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to do anything. We can sit and talk, or watch tv… I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Pulling away she shook her head and said firmly,

“I wish for more. When Jenny the Living Doll, told me of her night with you, I wished for that. I wished for your warmth, your energy… just I do not know how… that is why I am so useless…”

A single tear fell from the Golem’s eye.

“You’re not useless Jenny. You’re the hardest worker I know. I always see you doing things around the department. You’re bad at this kind of stuff, so what? To be honest, I am too. Please don’t cry, you’re too beautiful to be sad,” Matt said with a small smile.

“You think I am hard-working and beautiful?” She asked hesitantly hopeful.

“Absolutely,” He breathed as he kissed her. She moaned slightly into his mouth. Instinctively he knew she wanted more.

Matt gently began to undress her between kisses, beginning with her top. As he removed her shirt he was pleasantly surprised to find she wore no bra, her dusky brown nipples small and erect with arousal. Taking one into his mouth, he began to suck gently.

Moaning, she pulled his head closer to her breasts. Reaching to her waist, Matt grabbed her pants and pulled them down. Although he couldn’t see it, he could feel she wore no panties. Perhaps being a golem, she didn’t believe in underwear?

Reaching up, he rubbed her moist slit eliciting an even louder moan from her. Luckily, Lucy was a heavy sleeper he thought briefly.

“P-please,” She begged. Matt stopped his sucking and looked up at her. Want, need and lust filled her normally stoic face.

“Take me, please.” She urged him. Remembering what Jenny the Living Doll told him, he sat her down on the sofa. Taking a moment to satisfy a curiosity, he saw that indeed her legs were made up of the same brick like material as her arms. Getting onto his knees he began to lick her bare, oozing slit, earning more moans from her.

He was surprised to discover that her juice tasted sweet almost like honey. Trying his best to recall what the living doll told him, he licked slowly up and down, pausing to suck upon her clit. Enjoying her mews of pleasure, he was not prepared when a gush of golden  liquid erupted from her along with a very throaty moan.

Matt did his best to swallow it all, but much of it ended up on his face, her stomach and the abused sofa. Determined to enjoy her taste as much as he could, Matt began to lick her stomach clean of her spendings.

When Jenny recovered from her orgasm, she began to chant over and over, “Please take me, please,”

Satisfied that he had licked up as much of her nectar as he could , Matt pulled himself up and quickly undressed. As lust fueled his thoughts, he desperately wanted to show her that she was desirable, and she was special to him in every way.

Jenny gasped as she saw that he had positioned himself at her entrance. Looking down , Matt took a moment to gaze upon her beauty. Her long blonde hair flowed around her naked, tan body . Meeting her yellow eyes, he saw the pure want and need in them. Requiring no other encouragement, he slowly plunged himself into her.

The Golems eyes bulged as she felt him filling her. She had heard  how good it felt from the other Jenny’s, but to finally feel it…

At that point he diverted from the living dolls advice. She had told him when he finally got inside her to just “fuck the clay out of her”. He opted for what felt right to him, starting with a slow gentle rhythm. As he picked up speed, the golem grabbed his hips as if encouraging him .

“Jenny,” He began, words coming to him in the heat of moment,

“I want to be your new owner. I promise to never abandon you, to love you.  I want us all to be together as a family.”

As if compelled, Matt reached over and grabbed her forearm. He could see the odd writing on it shift and change to something more recognizable – his name. Releasing into her, he felt Jenny convulse in equal pleasure. They had cum together with his claiming of her.

Collapsing down on her, the golem wrapped her arms around him protectively.

“My owner…” She cooed happily into his ear.

“My perfect golem,” He replied, earning a shy smile from her.

“Could we do it again?” She asked hopeful.

It was going to be a long night for Matt…


Those Maou damn bitches, Angel fumed. She told them to keep that kid from getting raped and what the fuck do they do? Fucking rape him themselves! She was about to write-up all their asses for insubordination when a folded letter on the managers desk caught her eye.

Probably another two-week notice, she thought as she opened it…

”To whom it may concern, I have noticed a fellow associate acting very strange, from overhearing her, I believe she has been making plans to…”

Angel paled, she had to tell Rayla about this…


Matt called all three of his associates to the back of the store, there  was something very important he had to ask the three of them. As they stood in front of him he took in their unique beauty. They all had rescued him and in turn captured his heart. Clearing his throat he began,

“I know it’s been a short time since we’ve all met and, well a lot of things have happened since then…” Looking at each he was comforted in seeing a loving expression on each of their faces.

“Each and every one of you took me, my sister into your hearts, you cared and provided for us. After everything, I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with each of you…

He knelt before them and took out 3 rings. Each was made of copper and had 4 lines of white gold intertwined running though to symbolize the 4 of their lives together.

“I know to most Mamono, we’re already a thing but, I want to make it official. Jenny the Automaton, Jenny the Living Doll, Jenny the Golem, will all three of you do me the immense honor of marrying me?”

The three approached him, Jenny the Automaton on his right, Jenny the Living Doll in the center and Jenny the Golem on the left. They each took a ring from his hand and put it on.

As he rose, Jenny the Automaton grabbed him and locked him into a passionate kiss,

“My Master, my husband,” She said happily.

Jenny the Living Doll pulled him down for the same. “My big brother, my husband.” She said huskily.

Jenny the Golem perhaps shocked all the others by wrapping her arms around his head for her own steamy kiss. Afterwards she declared to him,

“My owner, my husband.”

With the ritual ended, the three came together for an embrace with Matt in the center. They were now truly a family.


“Um, are you all sure about this?” Matt asked as he sat nude in his bed. The other Jenny’s equally as nude around him.

“Don’t worry about it, all of us have a ton of sick time, why not use it for something…fun” Jenny the Living Doll said as she held three Manticore spines in her tiny hand.

“I’m gonna die, aren’t I?” He asked nervously as he eyed the venom dripping from them.

“No, Master,” said the Automaton as she turned his head for a kiss, “I will heal you afterwards.”

“And don’t worry, I’ll pick up Lucy from school and keep her company,” added the Living Doll as she pricked his thigh with a spine.

“And I shall cook dinner for all,” finished the Golem as she took his hardening cock in her mouth.

Putting the remaining two spines away for later the Living Doll crawled up past her Golem sister to Matt’s other side. As he was still kissing the other Jenny, she took his free hand and guided it towards her waiting slit. Feeling his fingers enter her, she busied herself by kissing and sucking on his neck. Whispering into his ear she said,

“Hope you’re ready for some overtime, big brother…”


Druella hummed in pleasure as she held the destroyed smoking vibrator. She had to admit, the Clittymaster 5000 did an admirable job for the small amount of time it lasted. It also had been a sheer stroke of genius to have her maid, Molly, put a now hiring flyer in Matt’s mailbox. She was glad that the poor boy and the Jenny’s were able to match up. If that idiot raccoon didn’t hire him, well… Angel might have ended up the new store manager. All’s well that end’s well, though. Besides, there was still so much more to her little experiment…

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  1. Needs a good bit of spelling checking. Understandable, but, while the “words” may sound correct, they aren’t necessarily real words.

    BTW, what is in aisle 77? LOL

    1. Yeah spelling was never my strong point. I am not sure what you mean by real words? If you are referring to Jenny the automatons manner of speech, I just tried to use a more technical style of speaking. I don’t think I mentioned aisle 77? D69 runs pretty much from 69 to 73- it’s a small department for the store.

    1. Thanks! I made the corrections, I didn’t realize I had so many… I tend to write at really odd hours, speed write or, hell, even write at work sometimes when my fairy muse kicks me in the nuts.

  2. Good base for the story; the base concept framework is interesting, and the emotional areas are decently fleshed out.

    That said, it also needs a fair bit of editing:

    Loose =
    1: The opposite of being tight.
    2: To let an animal out to attack or an arrow fly.

    Lose =
    1: To not win.
    2: To make a person tracking you go off in a direction that you are not.
    3: To misplace something.
    4: To no longer have an object or feeling available.

    They are not interchangeable. You used “loose” in several places where you should have used “lose”.

    Raped =
    1: past tense of rape

    Rapped =
    1: Past tense of of rap ( verb: to lightly strike something – generally with the knuckles of a hand ).
    2: past tense of rap (noun: musical style of rhythmic rhyming lyrics and and bass beat based musical accompaniment).

    You wanted to use “raped”, but used “rapped”.

    I know there were other issues, but I didn’t take notes. I only made notes in my head for the issues above since they are gregariously misused all over the internet.

    1. Thank you , I made the changes to the words you’ve found. While not perfect, I have edited enough to where I feel it is a fairly decent, entertaining read for the audience.

  3. Cringing the moment the Living Doll showed up at Matt’s doorstep. I was expecting his kid sister to get turned into a succubus by her.

    Glad it didn’t quite work out that way

    1. To be honest that might be in the works later on, as Lucy’s now… doll…sister? I could foresee maybe that Jenny quitting to go to middle school with her as a type of Guardian/sister deal… so many stories to write , so little time…

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