Home Improver Stories: Electrical Situations

Authors note: This story is dedicated to K- wishing you a happy belated birthday. I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope you’ll love it. So many things to say, even after so many have been said… 

To everyone else: I gave the lawyer the day off so take it for what it is. Due to this story’s… special nature I have disabled the comments.  Read it for what it is, like it or hate it, it’s written from the heart. 


“Yeah… that’s right you down stock those light switches…” Breathed Karem to herself as she watched her prey. Hiding behind an endcap, the Raiju spied on her own associate as he began to fill the shelf.

Karem was not only one the newest supervisors, she was also one of the youngest at 20 years old. It was a promotion she had badly needed, as being a  single mother wasn’t exactly the easiest to pull off financially. Being newly promoted came with its fair share of difficulties but she was more concerned with a personal one at the moment.

“Hey… what are you doing?” Whispered a voice behind her.

Karem let out a surprised squeak as she weakly discharged small sparks around her. Turning, she found that her friend and fellow co-worker, Diana the Cheshire Cat, had snuck up on her.

“Damn bitch, what’s up with you?” Diana said jokingly.

“Oh nothin, just checking out a potential someone,” Karem replied, giving her a quick hug as she peaked around the corner to see if he had heard anything. Thankfully, the oblivious associate was still downstocking.

“Hashtag: Creeper.” Diana remarked jutting out her hip, “Come on chick, let’s go to lunch!”


In the break room, the two unpacked their lunches as they began to chat.

“How’s Stacy?” Diana asked, referring to her friends cute 4-year-old kit, as she took out and opened a large container containing her favorite food.

“She’s good, her hair’s been such a pain though,” Karem replied taking out a sandwich from her bag.

Stabbing a fried mouse with her fork, Diana pointed it at her friend,

“So spill it, why were you all creepin on that guy?”

“Well, you know I’ve been kinda on this dry spell since Darnel and I split,” Karem began.

“You mean since you dumped his abusive ass.” Diana interrupted.  Diana always hated her friends boyfriend. Over a year ago, when she found out that he had been hitting her as well as other shit, she pleaded with Karem to dump him, if not for her, then for Stacy. Luckily, Karem agreed and with her help, managed to secretly move into an apartment across town and get a new job. 

“Well, yeah, but anyway I’ve been trying to get my groove back but I haven’t had any luck until I saw this.”

Taking out a magazine, she laid it on the table for Diana to see.

“Sexmo? Really? You still read that high schooler trash mag?”

“Just look, please!” Karem begged as she pointed to the cover.

”Fiiiine,” Diana rolled her eyes as she peered down,

”5 easy steps to get your fur silky smooth?” She asked intrigued.

“Below that!”

“Top musts in a man to fuck to get your groove back…”

“Exactly! And he meets 4 of them needed to make it happen!” Karem exclaimed.

“Seriously?” Diana asked in disbelief, biting into crunchy, deep-fried mousey goodness.

Holding up her hand, she listed off the musts with her fingers.

“Ok, so one; he works for me, means we’ll have this whole forbidden romance thing going on. Two; he’s older- I checked his records he’s like 10 years older then me. So, yeah, an older man. Three; I hear that he’s a single dad too, so we have comparable backgrounds. And finally four; according to rumors, he’s never had a Mamono, sooo I’d be the one to bust his cherry! When I’m done and got my groove back, this fuckin store won’t need an electric company, they’ll have me!” She proclaimed, chest heaving with excitement.

Diana eyed her friend, chewing slowly. Finally, when she swallowed, she pointed the empty fork back at Karem and said,

“You a crazy bitch.”


As Edward finished stocking the light switches, he looked around. For the past couple days he’d been getting the strangest feeling that he was being watched. Well, normally, it was not an unusual feeling working at the Home Improver Store. He got eye raped on a daily basis, but this had a different feel to it…

Shrugging it off, he supposed that he was just being paranoid. The day was going well enough after all, no harassment unlike yesterday when a Red Oni slapped him on the ass and called him Bob Vila. It wasn’t his fault he tended to wear flannel when he worked, was a little thick and had a beard… wait maybe it was… Damn it….

His phones alarm stirred him from his musings. Lunch time! Looking around he wondered where his boss was.  Working for the H.I.S. for a few years, he’d seen supervisors come and go. His current one though, just got promoted after only a year on the job.  He really didn’t care, being a supervisor seemed like a pain in the ass anyway.  She seemed nice enough, a little young though, definitely bratty, but it seemed to add to her charm maybe?

In the break room he took out his lunch, a salad this time. He had will power! He wasn’t going to Burger Queen and order a Double Flopper like last time. Although they were so damn good… NO! WILL POWER! Salad, YUM!

Stabbing at the greenery with his fork, he was surprised when a figure quickly slid into the chair in front of him. Looking up, he saw that it was his boss, Karem wearing a fuzzy red sweater that seemed to compliment the red streaks in her wavy, dark brown hair.

”Hi!” She said with a friendly grin.

“Karem, hi, um what can I do for you, ma’am?”

”Come on Edward, I told you not to call me ma’am, makes me feel old and I know I’m way younger than you!”

”Sorry ma- er Karem…” He said embarrassed as he looked down at his salad.

“Thats better! So hey, tonight I’m hosting this thing at my place, for the department. It’s nothing big or crazy just a little get together and I was really, really hoping you could come?” She asked in a way that was somehow both sultry and pleading at the same time.

”I’ll have to get someone to watch my daughter,” He said thinking about it,

”Pleassssseeee,” She pouted, evoking her bratty powers of cuteness.

“Ok. Yeah, I should be able to make it.” Said Edward,  smiling at her display.

A wide, semi-evil smile spread across Karem’s face that would have made Diana proud.


”You know, the way you said that was really creepy.” He said conversationally as he bit into a leaf of lettuce.  


Peering at all the liquor bottles in front of her, Karem began to take count.

“Let’s see…vodka, whisky, brandy, tequila, rum, sake, absinthe, gin…da fuck? Moonshine… is this actual moonshine? Fucking Diana…”

Karem swore her friend had to be part Satyros with all the booze she had and usually drank. Being only 20, Karem technically couldn’t buy liquor which was why she regularly relied on Diana for that. She just sometimes she went a bit… overboard… but it did work for what she wanted to accomplish that night. She had on a short, red silk kimono,  no underwear of course , that accented her shapely legs and allowed a very nice amount of cleavage to be shown.  Light jazz music played in the background to complete her trap. 

“If all this doesnt get him, nothing will!” She grinned to herself. 

A knock on the door interrupted her scheming. Opening it, she saw Edward dressed in his usual fair of jeans and a flannel shirt. 

“Hey sorry if I’m late? I had a little troubling finding parking…” He trailed off as he stared at her kimono. Mission partially accomplished, Karem thought gleefully. 

“Hey, um, the other guys, they all canceled so do you wanna just have a drink and chill?” She said as she pulled him inside. 

Putting a red plastic cup filled with alcohol in his hand, she sat him down and took an opposite seat while grinning. 

“Soooo,” Karem began as she lounged seductively on the sofa in front of him, her cleavage dangerously displayed, ”We never really had a chance to get to know each other, tell me about yourself.” 

Edward shrugged as he tried his best not to stare at her display. Clearing his throat, he said,

”Nothing too much to tell I guess. I’m a bit of a closet nerd, I like sci-fi, um I have a daughter, Sabrina… she’s 4 and well  pretty much the most important thing in my life…” 

As Edward said that, his face fell slightly as if thinking something painful. 

“Well what about your…wife? Girlfriend? Baby mama? I mean if you don’t mind me asking?” Karem knew she was prying. The adult in her told her to stop being so rude. The brat in her told the adult to STFU and keep digging, she wanted details!

“Ah, um well… We didn’t exactly have the best relationship. It was rocky, but I hoped we could work through things especially when we had Sabrina. In the end it just got worse, I donno maybe I changed? She changed? But she started saying things she knew that would make me feel like trash. Talking down to me. Then she started doing some scary stuff,  dangerous things around Sabrina. I couldn’t let it go on anymore so I took my daughter and got out. Managed to get a divorce and full custody. I got a little place over by work. My mom helps me out with bills and babysitting sometimes.” 

Edward chuckled sadly, “Guess I can really pick em huh?” 

Looking over, Edward saw Karem had a strange expression on her face. While he spoke she had started listening intently to his words as he finished, she was no longer trying to be sexy and seductive. 

“W-wow I’m… sorry.” She said eyes misting. 

“No, I’m the one that’s sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that. I know I killed the atmosphere, I don’t really have any friends, it just felt nice to… talk to someone.” 

“I don’t think I can do this…” Karem mumbled to herself, feeling depressed. His story echoed painfully similar to hers, it wasn’t right to use him for her own gains. 

“I know what you were planning.” 

“Huh?” She looked at him in surprise.

Smiling wiry he replied, “Its not hard to figure out Karem. Somehow, mysteriously, all the others didn’t show up, the alcohol, low lights, jazz music playing, you wearing that… amazing…whatever it is. It’s pretty easy to guess.” 

Looking down, Edward sighed, “Maybe I wanted the same, it’s been… a long time, for everything, I guess. But stupid me killed things. I’m sorry…”

Depressed, he stood up to leave when Karem stopped him. 

“Wait! It’s not you. Would you like to listen to my story? I think you’ll understand after.” 

“Sure,” He nodded as he sat back down. 

“A long time ago there was a girl named Karem. She was a happy little girl, but her parents weren’t happy together, they fought all the time and never paid much attention to her. So Karem learned to take care of herself and grew up very quickly. In high school she  discovered the wonders of sex and was honestly quite promiscuous. Then Karem met a guy that she thought was the one. He gave her the attention she craved. They had a beautiful baby together but he had a bad temper, he would drink and get angry at her for stupid reasons. He would hit her and kick her and…” Karem paused as she began to sob. 

Edward rushed over to her and took her in his arms. 

“It’s ok, you don’t have to continue…You’re safe, ok? No ones gonna hurt you..” He whispered to her. 

Sniffling she shook her head and said,

”No, I need to continue. He took her dignity, he took her self-worth. He even took away a Raijus most precious thing, her ability to use electricity. In the end she was nothing. Her best friend was able to help her and her daughter escape him. After a while Karem felt strong enough to maybe try again. To get with someone to get back what she had lost. That was why I invited you here, but when I heard your story… I couldn’t… I couldn’t use you like that…”

“I … I didn’t.. I’m so sorry Karem…  no one deserves that, especially not you.” Edward said softly as he began to cry as well. 

“Jeeze, look at us,” She laughed, “We’re suppose to be having sex but instead we’re crying in each other’s arms!” 

“We really are a pair huh,” He said laughing with her,

”Hey, lets watch some TV? No expectations, just you, me and some stupid tv show?” He asked.

”That sounds really good,” She sniffled while smiling. 

“You really like red, huh?” Edward asked, changing the subject, as he sat down while glancing over to her kimono. 

Taking a glance down at her clothing she smiled as she looked back up at him and admitted, “Its my favorite color.” 

As they sat next to each other watching late night TV, Karem rested  her head on his shoulder. At first it felt nice, relaxing even but then Edward found himself becoming more and more restless. He could feel the heat coming from her, smell her perfume, even the softness of her body next to him.  It had been many years since he was intimate with anyone, it was hard not to respond to such a beautiful girl next to him, his body ached to touch her. Glancing over, he could see Karem staring intently at the TV but could also feel her figiting slightly, as if restless herself.  

Sensing that he was watching her, Karem turned her head. Their faces close, Edward decided to take the plunge. 

“Can I ki-“ Edward began to ask but was interrupted  as Karem skipped the formalities and kissed him instead. Small currents danced and sparked around them as they kissed deeply.

”Wow…” Edward breathed as the kiss ended, “I’ve never felt anything like that…”

”You’ve never had a Raiju.” Karem grinned. She didn’t want to admit it, but she felt the same. Kisses with Darnel never made her spark like that before. There  was something strange about the way her body reacted to his touch, like it craved for more…

“Do you wanna go to my room?” She asked quietly.

Edward nodded dumbly as they stood. Karem grasped his hand in hers and led the way. 

Once inside her bedroom, she closed and locked the door. Edward suddenly became nervous it really had been a long time since he’d been intimate with anyone,  he didn’t want to disappoint her.

“Um, it’s uh, been a while since…” He trailed off, unsure of himself.

Throwing her arms around his neck, Karem whispered into his ear, “Just do what comes natural,” And bit his earlobe playfully.

Spinning around she wrapped herself in his arms, grinding her ass against his hardening member. Taking a condom out from seemingly no where she tucked it into the palm of his hand. 

“A condom?” He asked confused. 

“Just in case you need it.” 

“Do I?” He asked.

”Do you?” She answered seductively.

Grinning, he threw it away as he began to kiss her neck. Breathing deep her scent, he found her perfume intoxicating, making him even more aroused. Sucking her neck gently he reached inside her now open robe to cup her breasts. Finding her nipples with his fingers, he gently pinched them eliciting a gasp and a moan from her. Both could feel an electric current travel between them with each touch, further heightening their desires. 

“You are way too good at this,” She breathed. 

“And you taste way too good,” He replied back as he continued to worship her neck. 

Breaking from his hold, she turned around and pushed him onto her bed. 

“My turn,” She said aggressively as she pulled off his clothes. Finding him fully hard and straining in the air, she licked her lips.

”Looks delicious,” She purred as she took him into her mouth. Positioning his cock head to the roof of her mouth she put her tongue below it and let a small amount of her electricity flow between. 

Edwards eyes bulged, never in his life had he felt something like that! Gripping the sheets, he let out a loud moan. 

“Holy shit,” He gasped 

“You like that?” She giggled,  “I call that ‘The Kar Battery’.  I told you I was a bit promiscuous in High School, so I came up with some of my own special moves for fun.”

”That was insane.” He said as he tried to get a grip on himself, he did NOT want to cum from her just putting her mouth on his dick, no matter what kind of special move she just pulled. 

As she continued to suck him, she refrained  from using anymore special abilities, she didn’t want him popping right away. It was odd however, the current she felt between her and him felt so different than anything before. It had an odd comfort to it, like something that she never knew was missing, suddenly was returned to her. 

Reaching down, Edward caressed and played with her hair. The gentle gesture confused Karem, she was used to her past partner being so rough and demanding. He was neither and seemed almost…loving?

”Do you mind if I lick you?” Edward asked gently.

Releasing him from her mouth, she gave a puzzled look and said,

”You want to lick me? Most guys don’t like doing that…”

Pushing her onto her back, he replied, ”I’m not like most guys,” as he dove his tongue deep into her dripping pussy. Hungrily lapping her juice and sucking her clit, Karem was soon moaning loudly under his assault.  Edward found her nectar delicious, it was unlike anything he had ever tasted, sour but with a hint of sweet. He was rapidly growing addicted with every lick. Grabbing his head, Karem pushed his face against her sobbing quim in lust. 

“Holy Maou I think I’m gonna… I’m gonna-” Karem let out a throaty growl as she squirted into Edward’s  thirsty mouth. Bolts of electricity shot out from her, electrifying all around the intimate pair.  As Karem slowly came down from her orgasmic high, she could see sparks flashing in her eyes. Realizing that he was still lapping her spendings, she shuddered then lightly smacked him on the shoulder and breathed,

”How the fuck did you do that to me? No guy has done that to me…”

Pausing, he looked up, met her eye and smiled,

”Maybe I’m not just any guy.” He said smugly.

“I classify anyone who can make me squirt as dangerous and you sir, are dangerous.” She said as she peered down at him between her legs.

”Glad to know,” Edward replied as he crawled up to kiss her. 

Hungrily meeting his lips, Karem enjoyed her own taste on him as their tongues played in each others mouth. 

Crawling up further, Edward positioned himself between her legs. Still kissing, he slid into her drenched slit. As he pounded away at her hungry pussy, Karem found that she was now very well charged. Mischievously, she reached up and took each of his nipples in her fingers and sent a jolt through.

“Fuck!” He moaned as he came inside her suddenly  from the intense pleasure.  

“Ohh someone likes their nipples played with,” Karem remarked playfully. 

“You’re gonna pay for that,” Edward laughed as he began to thrust into her again. 

“Wow, you’re still hard?” 

“Something about you… I can’t explain it, I feel like I can go forever….” Edward mumbled as he continued his fucking. 

“I know what you mean…” She said tenderly, grabbing his sides Karem pulled her weight sideways and flipped her lover below her. 

“But it’s my turn to be on top,” She grinned as she looked down at him. Grinding her soaked pussy into his crouch, she groaned in pleasure as he reached up to capture her nipples in his fingers again.  

Throughout the night as they made love, their bodies responded to each other in a way that neither of them could understand. Every touch, caress, penetration, and kiss caused them more pleasure than with any other partner they had ever known. 

Late into the night/ early morning while they rested after another round, Edward held Karem in his arms. She had never felt so safe and secure in all her life.  She didn’t want to give this up, she couldn’t. Ideas formed in her head but she wanted to know something first. Turning, she gave him a small kiss and asked,

”I was your first, huh?” 

“Ugh, why is that such a thing with you guys?” He groaned. 

“I was, wasn’t I? I knew it!!!” She exclaimed as she kicked her feet up and down on the bed like a little kid. 

“Yes, yes, you brat,” Edward sighed, “Congrats on being my first Mamono.” 

“Mmmm” She hummed, entirely pleased with herself. Karem turned suddenly to him, grabbing his hands in hers, she said,

“Hey, I know this sounds crazy, but …I’ve never had anything like this before, felt anything like this before. Look, we’re both single parents… we both have a lot in common, a lot that’s both happened to us, I think that we should, you know… be together… “

”Together how?” Edward asked as he brought her hands up to his mouth and kissed them.  

“Girlfriend, boyfriend?” She asked blushing, “I really just wanna go all old school, like they did back in the day and just say the M word but, I know times are different, worlds are different… I mean it’s cool to take it slow.” 

Kissing her gently, Edward replied, ”I’d be honored to be your boyfriend.” 

Squealing with glee, Karem jumped up and mounted him. 

“How about a celebration fuck?” She grinned playfully. 

Grabbing her, Edward flipped her over to where he was back on top and whispered into her ear,

”How about a few celebration fucks?” He asked he dove his now hard cock into her overflowing pussy. 

Bolts of electricity shot around them as she moaned,

”Best. Night. Ever.”


That morning, to further celebrate, the two decided to take their respective daughters out for a late group breakfast together at Karem’s favorite diner in town. 

“Your sure we won’t get in trouble for both calling out?” Edward asked tiredly as he looked over the menu. The pancake breakfast did look tempting…

”Its fiiiine, everyone in Department 69 called out the other day, and I doubt anything’s gonna happen to them.” Karem said happily as she watched the two girls color their placemats together. Since meeting, the two seemed to hit it off quite nicely. Stacy even showed Sabrina the little sparks she could make with her fingers. 

Karem had to admit, this was one of the best morning she had ever had. Glancing over at Edward, she felt a flutter in her heart. Was this love? Everything was moving so fast but it all felt so right. Feeling her eyes on him, Edward looked up from his menu and smiled warmly at her,

”Are you ok?” He asked.

Looking at the girls then over to him she gently  smiled back,

“I’m perfect…” 


“The ‘L’ word? Seriously? “ Diana asked her friend as she took a shot of tequila. They were at Karem’s place that night, Stacy had just went to bed so Diana broke out the Josephina Cuervo and a few shot glasses. 

“Don’t you think maybe you’re just sprung on his dick or something?” 

“I… I don’t think it’s like that. It’s different. This morning at breakfast he paid the bill, he held the door open for me and Stacy, he pulled out the chairs for us all to sit, he made me feel like a person… he…”

”Treated you with respect,” Diana finished softening slightly.

“Yeah…” Karem said smiling at her friend, “… I really like him.  When I’m with him, I feel happy, when we touch, there’s this  current between us, it’s like we’re connected on a whole nother level.  Before with Darnel, I couldn’t even hold a charge, now I’m practically overflowing with electricity!”

Karem stared off into the distance with a dreamy smile on her face.

“Electric current? Charges? This is some Raiju bullshit, isent it?”

”Yeah…” Karem said still smiling happily as she downed her shot.

The Cheshire eyed her friend, on one paw she was happy that Karem had finally found a man that was good for her. On the other paw, She was getting so sweet on him that Diana was at risk of getting diabetes from her… She had to admit, though, she was a tiny bit jealous, it had been a while since she, herself had gotten laid.

”The sex that good?” She asked pouring another shot.

“I had to replace every single light bulb in here  because I blew them all out while we were fucking” Karem said smugly.

”So that’s why it smells like someone was marathon fucking during a lightning storm in here?”

“Oh girl, You have no idea.”


Edward sighed as he walked to the copy room.  Having called out yesterday,  he found a mountain of work waiting for him in the department today, including  a recall notice. It seemed that the new Honeypot smart thermostat was on recall due to the fact the damn things were evidently a little “too smart” and decided to sexually harass the occupants of the house it was installed in. Fucking technology, he thought as he had to make a dozen copies of the recall notice to post around the entrances alerting customers that they may have unwelcomed sexual advances coming  from a little box on their wall. 

Rushing into the darkened room to make the copies, Edward paused above the machine. Taking a few sniffs of the air, he was reminded of Karem’s perfume. Taking a deep breath, he was sure it was hers  but how? Where? Turning his head he was shocked to see her seated at a nearby table, watching him intently. 

Locking eyes, she smiled seductively at him.  Neither spoke, but each knew what the other wanted. Closing the copy room door, Edward took a chair and leaned it against the knob. 

Standing, Karem silently removed her clothes as Edward did the same, words at that point were useless to them.  He approached her and cupped her face in his hands, taking a moment to gaze at her face, he kissed her deeply.  Wrapping her arms around him, Karem held him tightly. Grabbing her by the hips, Edward lifted and sat her on the table. Hands still on her hips, he gazed into her deep brown eyes as he entered her. Karem let out a small gasp as he began to thrust gently at first but then faster and harder as time passed. Biting her lower lip, Karem snapped her head upwards as she came, lightning erupting from them frying everything in the room. Edward soon came soon after, filling her with what she craved most. 

“Fuck that was the most amazing sex ever…” Karem said, breaking the silence. 

“I think we fried the copier,” Edward breathed as he kissed her.

“It needs to be replaced anyway,” She said returning his kiss. 

“Do you think anyone is looking for us?” He asked as he realized that he was half way still in her. 

“The only thing I care about is round 2,” She smiled as she wrapped her legs around his midsection, beginning to thrust herself back into him…


Later that day, Karem was humming to herself as she finished printing out the price tags for the new ceiling fans that she just stocked. Mind blowing sex and work really did go together so well, she thought cheerfully.

Hearing someone walk up behind her,  Karem turned with a smile and said, 

“Can I help….”

Karem froze in terror as she saw the man behind her was her ex, Darnel. 

“Bitch, no fuckin slut leaves me!” Darnel growled as he grabbed a hold of the Raiju’s hair. 

“Fucking let me go!” She yelled as she pounded on his chest with her fists. She wanted to fry him but deep in her dwelled the same fear as ever, his abuse, fists against her face, kicks to her. She was still terrified of him. 

”We’re back together now and I promise you, you fuckin skank, when we get back to my place I’m gonna teach you some fuckin respect.” 

“Fuck no! I’m with someone else! He loves me and respects me. He’s more of a man then you’ll fuckin ever be!” Karem cried as she tried desperately to escape his grasp. 

“What the fuck did you just say bitch?” Darnel asked as he tightened his grip on her hair,  forcing Karem closer to him.  Rasing his other hand, he was about to slap her when a voice called out behind him. 

“Get your hands off my woman.”

Turning, Darnel’s face came into contact with Edwards fist as he let go of the her hair. Edward continued his assault on Darnel, rage fueled him with every blow. Karem’s stories of abuse by his hands echoed in his head. 

For a short time, it seemed that Edward had the upper hand until Darnel shot out with a low punch to his stomach.  Edward doubled over, gasping in pain as the blow hit. Darnel took advantage of the situation and rained his own punches down on him. Unable to defend himself from the onslaught, Edward collapsed on the ground in pain, bleeding heavily from his head. Grabbing a nearby heavy metal conduit, Darnel hefted it over his head to land a killing blow.

Karem watched the scene in horror. He took her dignity, her pride, her sense of self-worth, now he was going to take the man that she loved…

Holding her hands up, Karem summoned every ounce of her resolve, if she didn’t do this, Darnel wouldn’t stop until he killed him. Taking a breath, she sent a powerful blast of electricity toward him.  Eyes bulging, Darnel convulsed as he was electrocuted. After a few tense moments the conduit fell from his shaking hands and he collapsed to the ground, body smoking in front of her injured lover.  

Crying, Karem ran to Edward. Stepping over Darnel, she helped to hoist him up, then grabbed him in a tight hug. Tears falling, she cried into the nook of his shoulder,

”I thought he was going to kill you!” 

“I couldn’t let him lay a hand on the woman I love,”  Edward breathed into her hair as he steadied himself on her. 

“Marry me, just fucking marry me right now!” She cried as she shook him. He said it! He said that he loved her! 

“Only if you marry me first,” He laughed shakily.

“You bet that sweet ass I will,” She smiled, sniffling as she grabbed his bloodied face and kissed him deeply. 


The two turned to see an enraged Angel staring at them over the body of Darnel. 

“We just got engaged!” Sang Karem happily still teary eyed. 

“Well congrad-u-fucking-lations,” Angel said sarcastically, 

“Wanna tell me why there’s a fucking body on the floor of your department?”

”Oh…um… that’s kinda a long story…” Karem said putting a finger on her lips, embarrassed.

”Oh, I’m all ears…”

While Karem and Edward explained the details leading up to the altercation, another figure distantly watched, silently seething. 

“How romantic, the weasel not only got her Prince Charming but they are getting married too? Everyone’s getting a happy ending… what a shame it would be if it were all torn apart…”  June whispered to herself.


”Now normally I don’t share,” Karem looked pointedly at Diana, “Buuuut the girl I love is hurting for dick and  sharing is caring, soooo I’m gonna let her have a go at the best damn dick there is!” 

 “I’m not so sure about this, I mean-“ Edward began.

Giving Diana the go ahead look, the Cheshire teleported them both on Karem’s bed, without their clothes. 

“Wait, can’t we at least discuss this?” Edward pleaded  as Karem pushed him down.

“Does he always talk this much?” Diana asked as she positioned herself between his legs. 

“Oh girl, his mouth is one of the best parts, trust me on this,” Karem replied as she straddled his face. 

Taking a trial lick of his cock with her grainy tongue Diana said,

”Hmmm, not bad. A bit salty.”

”You’ll love his dick, trust me,” She moaned as Edward had given up trying to protest and instead, dived his tongue deep into her moist slit. 

“Oh damn, did you jolt him?” Diana exclaimed as she stared at his now rock hard cock.

”No, he just loves my taste, now are you gonna hop on or what?” 

Mounting her best friends, now turned husband, she cooed,

”Been a while since my kitty’s been filled like this.” 

“Told you, best dick there is.” Karem said smugly as she grinded her pussy against her husbands mouth, enjoying the fact that he was loving every drop of her juice. 

“Hmm…” Karem hummed in thought  as she turned herself around on her mans face. Karem bent down and took her friends nipple in her mouth. Sucking it roughly, Karem pressed her tongue against the bottom and sent a small jolt though it. 

”Oh you fucking bitch,” Diana breathed as she came suddenly, “I didn’t think you were a lezzy.”

Popping her nipple out of her mouth she reached up to Diana’s lips,

”Technically bi, but for you, I would be,” She said seductively as she kissed the Cheshire. 

“Mmm ya but then you’d have to give up him,” Diana said as she gyrated her hips on Edwards cock. 

“Oh fuck no, he’s going lezzy along with me,” She laughed, “I wouldn’t give him up for anything or anyone.”  She said lovingly.

“Well, nothing like a lesbian threesome.” Diana joked as she returned the favor and started to suckle on the Raiju’s nipples.  

“Maou, that tongue of yours is dangerous,” Karem breathed and she cradled her friends head against her breast enjoying the combined pleasure of both her pussy and breast being attended to.

For Edward, the pairs erotic conversations combined with his wifes delicious juice and her friends tight pussy were having a toll on his resolve. Grabbing onto the cats hips, he began to buckle violently trying to get his cock deeper into her needy cunt. 

Breaking her seal on Karem’s nipple, Diana began to moan loudly as his cock rammed up into her. Karem simply grinned as she watched her normally arrogant friend experience the pleasure she’d been having for the past few days.  Diana squeaked as Edward made one last violent thrust, and came deep into the Cheshire’s pussy. Rolling her eyes back onto her head, Diana let out a yowl as she came with him. Falling back onto the bed, Diana breathed heavily, basking in post orgasmic bliss.

Eyeing her mans still hard cock, slick with cum and cat girl juice, Karem pulled herself forward and took him in her mouth. Savoring the flavor she enjoyed hearing his moans as she throughly cleaned his rod.  Hungry for more, Karem spotted her feline fiends pussy oozing with her husbands spunk. Crawling between her legs, Karem began lapping at the cream pie.

“Fucking lezzy,” Diana mumbled as she grabbed Karem’s head, enjoying her friends tongue on her battered pussy.

Feeling movement behind her, Karem smiled  and thought to herself, ‘Round 2’

Peeking between her legs, Diana saw Edward had taken up position behind Karem and was already beginning to thrust into her. 

“He’s going for another round so soon?!”

”Oh girl, we went 10 rounds last night before I had to tap out, with you here we can see how many times he can really go.” Karem boasted from the cats neither regions as she was being pounded. 

Diana’s ears shot up on her head, this was supposed to be a quick fuck and off to the bar. She had a feeling it was now going to be a long fucking night.

”There’s another reason why we wanted you here…” Karem said as Edward slowed his thrusts to let her talk. 

“Since we’re getting married, Edward and I wanna have a kit together, we were wondering if you would be, like, her auntie?”

“Sure,” Diana said faintly, she was so high on pleasure, she would agree to anything at that point, “When are you guys gonna start going for it?”

Clamping down on Edwards cock, Karem sent a jolt through her pussy. She was soon rewarded with his moans as she felt his cum shooting into her. 

“Oh, right about now,” She grinned as she concentrated, causing  herself to go fertile.


Peering at her monitors, Druella chewed her lip in thought. 

“Your highness, I thought you would be… pleasuring yourself by now. Your new electrical supervisor is having a threesome with her associate and co-worker…” said the Mantis maid as she entered the room bowing. 

“I’m worried Molly,” admitted Druella staring at a monitor showing the outside of a Home Improver Store , ”June is becoming unhinged, and I fear the aftermath of when her sanity breaks.” 

“Surely the letter you had me deliver to Angel will solve that? Angel is extremely competent for someone of her… stature…” 

“I hope you are right, it’s still too soon, I cannot risk interfering personally,” the Lilim sighed as she rested her head on her arm.


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