Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 9

Of course since winter came early, summer decided that it should make up for it by coming in full force. It’s unbearably hot, even with the A/C on full blast inside the library where you’re studying for finals with Emily. You’ve spent nearly all of your free time with your monster girl girlfriend since that week around Christmas. She had asked if her boyfriend would like to meet her parents, and a few days later the two of you confessed your feelings to the other person before sleeping together in her old childhood room for the first time soon after. Although you’ve toyed with the idea of having children with the holstaurus, you’re definitely not ready just yet and thankfully that lovemaking session over the winter break didn’t bear any fruit. Much to your disappointment though you haven’t had sex with Emily since then; just a lot of making out and heavy petting.

Finally finding the book on Cervidae you were looking for, you walk back to the corner where Emily is, behind several bookshelves and sitting down on one of two large beanbag chairs. Because it’s scorching out, the cowgirl splayed out on one of the soft sacks isn’t really wearing much, not that you mind of course. Her pants, if you can even call the ‘shorts’ she’s wearing pants, constantly hike up her shapely legs and expose way more sweat-glazed skin than is appropriate. The shining surface of her thick and juicy thighs reflect the light above her, and her spacious hips and monumental derrière stretch the poor fabric further than it was meant to be, and her top isn’t fairing much better either.

She chose to wear only a blue plaid button-up shirt, but as the day went on and the temperature kept rising, she unbuttoned the blouse all the way and instead tied the bottom two corners into a knot in front of her bountiful chest, exposing plenty of jiggly flesh and showing off her bottomless cleavage and perfect midriff. The rough fabric continually rubs against the front of her 34K breasts, and her nipples stiffen from the constant pressure and motion of her unbound tits, slightly tenting the front of the shirt. More than once you catch a glimpse or two of her dark areola or even her entire nipple as she regularly adjusts her top, trying to get her immense boobs to stay in one spot. Your own outfit isn’t as revealing of course, the plain t-shirt and shorts doing their job well enough to keep your decency levels in check as your sandals protect your feet from the burning concrete walkways outside.

Flopping down next to Emily, you sight heavily before searching through the pile of books between you for something else to help you study for your American History class. The hours drag on and the only thing keeping you company is the woman next to you, the insufferable heat, and the ticking of the clock on the wall behind you as you and Emily study, and study, and study before you fall asleep in each other’s arms in a messy, tired pile atop one of the beanbags.

Several hours later you wake up, and you’re still in the library on top of a nice, large cushion next to the cowgirl you call your girlfriend. Removing the blanket of books atop you with a clatter, you rise from your improvised bed before looking around. Something seems off to you as you walk around the library slightly confused. There’s no noise apart from the faint ticking of clocks and no one is in with you as far as you can tell either. All the lights are off as well, and according to one of the clocks on the wall it’s about one thirty in the morning, judging by how dark it is outside. Walking around some more you search for any sign of life, going through several aisles and rows of undisturbed books.

“H-hello?” you call out. “Anyone here?”

Nothing. The only reply you get is the pulsating clicks from the wall-mounted chronometers. You shuffle slightly faster over to the front door and tug on the handle. Locked. You try again. Still locked, and you jerk the door harder but all you do is make it clang louder. Heart beating a little faster in your chest, you go to every door you can find and test each and every one of them, only to find that they’re all in a similar sealed state as the one you first checked. Now panicking, you jog over to the front counter and ring the service bell, and no one comes. You ring again, and still nobody comes to your assistance. Banging the metal buzzer once more you wait about five seconds before vaulting over the desk and seeing if you can’t find anyone in the back. You don’t, and resigning yourself to being locked in for the night you trudge back over to where Emily is and drop dejectedly next to her.

“Something wrong Anon? I heard a bunch of banging noises earlier, and you’re not looking too hot.” she asks you, a slight look of concern on her face.

“Well Emily. I tried all the doors, or at least the ones I could find, and they were all locked. I think we might be stuck in here.”

“Oh god that’s horrible!” Emily gasps.

“Yeah, well, not much we can do about it now. My phone’s dead and knowing the school, there’s going to be shit service in here if you try using yours, if you could even get service.”

“What are we supposed to do then Anon?”

“I’m not really sure. The only thing I can think of is either bust open a window or wait for someone to come and unlock the doors.”

“But that’s not going to happen for another six or seven hours!” the holstaurus cries, panic starting to set in her as well.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” you reassure her.

Sighing again, you pull Emily closer to you a bit and hold her hand tightly, attempting to calm her down a little as the two of you settle in for what’s probably going to be a long and boring night. You hug the monster girl tightly, and she nestles in your lap as best she can while you stare at the bookshelf in front of you. What seems like hours pass in deathly silence, although realistically it’s only minutes. You shift the holstaurus’ weight a little and right at that moment your stomach decides it would be a good time to break the stillness with a loud grumble, reminding you that you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.

“Hey Emily, got any snacks with you?” you ask her.


“Any money for the vending machines?”



You lean back in the cushion, stomach still growling. You look down at the cowgirl and wonder how hungry she is as well, although currently it looks like she’s thinking of something. A few minutes later Emily speaks up again.

“Hey Anon?”


“When I said earlier I didn’t have any snacks with me, I was sort of lying. Sorry.” she says with a sheepish grin.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t that hungry anyways.” you say, and on queue another noisy rumble comes from your stomach. “Okay, maybe I am that hungry. So, what kind of goodies were you hiding from me young lady?” you tease, making Emily fidget in your lap.

“W-well I don’t actually have anything like chips or something with me.”

“Then why say that you have food?”

“I-I meant myself. I was wondering if maybe you would like to, um, suckle from my breasts.” the cowgirl confesses, her skin flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and mild arousal as she alters her position in your lap so she can face you.

Thoughts of wrapping your mouth around one of those cream-filled tits and nursing from the monster girl quickly fill your mind, and you unconsciously tent your shorts. She glances down and blushes when she notices the growing bulge in your pants and gasps out in shock when you dash forward to lock lips with her, wrapping an arm around her to cradle her head while the other moves of its own volition to untie her straining shirt. The holstaurus starts audibly moaning in your mouth as you start to passionately kiss her, your tongues pirouetting with each other as you caress her entire body, kneading her squishy form as you work to remove her blouse. You pull away from her painfully before peering into her lust-filled eyes.

“Do you mind if I sit in your lap Emily?” you ask quietly.

“O-of course not.” she pants, and you let her up before lowering yourself into her lap to be held like an infant after she sinks into the empty cushion.

With a motherly smile spread across her face, she gently grasps the back of your head before positioning your face right in front of her bosom, utterly (heh) filling your vision with soft, velvety titflesh. Reaching forward, you grasp the heavy orb with both hands and bring it to your lips and latch on. You play with the pert bud of her nipple, running circles around it with your tongue and occasionally nibbling the tender skin before you gingerly start sucking on her breast, making Emily gasp in pleasure. At first nothing comes out but that doesn’t stop you, and instead you pull harder on her udder, finally drawing out her sweet milk. The sugary liquid explodes across your taste buds, completely drowning out any feelings other than her body’s heavenly elixir or the warm breast compressed against your face.

Grabbing a hold of her breast, you start squeezing it while increasing the suction on her nipple, drawing out even more cream from the monster girl. She starts cooing in your ear, encouraging you to drink all that she has, and soon she starts gasping and moaning quietly in times with the spurts of milk that fill your eager mouth or when you gently squeeze her gargantuan mammary in your hand. Several minutes later the flow from her boob has slowed to hardly a trickle, and you’re pulled off her chest with a wet *pop* before her other hefty mound is stuffed in your face. You grin before immediately locking onto her overburdened mound and resume nursing from the cowgirl. You can feel Emily’s legs start to rub together as you continue breastfeeding from her, and her soothing voice and words of encouragement are replaced by steady moans and cries of pleasure as the erogenous zone covering one of her tits is stimulated by your thirsty maw. Sadly though her second breast is also drained of its milk and you’re gently plucked from Emily’s bosom, and she gasps again as you flick your tongue across her moist nipple as you try to get the last dregs of her honeyed nectar.

“Hungry now Anon?” she asks, her cheeks quite rosy now after you toyed with her breasts.

“Not anymore, thanks to you.” you smile, giving the cowgirl a loving kiss.

“Y’know Anon, I’m getting kind of hungry too.” she says seductively, her sensual voice pleading with you silently as her hand trails across your chest before moving down to tug at your shorts.

“Are you now? Well maybe I’ll just have to feed you then.” you grin before shifting over to the empty beanbag next to you, her hand over your crotch the entire time.

Pulling it free, you let your hard shaft flop in the open air and the holstaurus wastes no time in descending on your prick, engulfing it entirely in her mouth in one go and grasping your hips at the same time. Curling her long, broad tongue around and around your shaft, she wraps it entirely in her wet and eager mouth before bobbing up and down on your length, constantly shifting the direction in which her tongue moves. Rising up further than before she pauses right at the tip, swirling her tongue around the glans as she lets go of your legs before shifting her attention to her still-dripping chest, heaving the heavy spheres up to and around your twitching rod. Enveloped almost entirely in pillowy titflesh, your cock pulsates in time with your heartbeat before Emily again goes down on you, your hard member now either inside her warm cleavage or her wet mouth.

She continues bobbing her head up and down while squeezing and moving her breasts in rhythm with her skull, giving you the best, and first, blowjob/boobjob hybrids you’ve ever had. Her colossal chest surges around your pelvis whenever she presses up against it, and her sucking has starting producing some of the most pornographic slurping noises you’ve heard. Moving your own hands up to her horns, you grasp the ivory nubs and help guide the horny cowgirl in pleasuring you.

Sooner than you’d like though, you feel a tightening in your loins as the motions of Emily’s mouth and breasts on your dick become too much to handle. You roughly shove her all the way down to the base, her sizable bust compressing hard against your pelvis and squirting a little milk on you, and you blow your load. Your excessive emissions fill her mouth to the breaking point, her cheeks bulging out obscenely with your seed before you can hear her swallow a mouthful of your cum, and you’re not even done. The next few spurts completely overflow the cowgirl’s mouth and she struggles to guzzle it all down before the next batch fills her beyond what she can hold, small runnels of your jism creeping from the sides of her lips before running down her chin. Gulping one more time, Emily pulls off your still hard rod and lets the last few meager jets cover her face and drip down onto her bare chest.

“A little warning next time would be nice!” she pouts, although you can tell she didn’t mind deep-throating your cock and having her mouth filled with your seed.

Smiling to herself, she extends her fat tongue from her mouth to lap up the last few bits of semen covering her breasts and face, humming as she scoops up the salty surprise to consume every last drop.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what got into me.” you say. “Normally it’s a lot smaller, but I think my little ‘snack’ did something.”

“I didn’t mean to, honest!” the cowgirl cries, swooping in to give you an apology hug.

“It’s okay.” you say. “Besides, who says I didn’t enjoy it?” you mutter into her ear, making her blush heavily.

“Well if you enjoyed that so much, then maybe you might like this even more.” Emily says, lewd intent flowing with each spoken syllable.

Wordlessly, she pulls you up by the hand before catching you in a warm embrace, kissing you deeply. Breaking the kiss, she leads you over to an empty table before letting go of your hand. Bending over suggestively, she reaches down to her waist to undo the zipper and button on her ‘pants’ before slowly shimmying them down off her gigantic, hefty rear end, exposing her bare buttocks to you as her bosom flattens itself against the hard wood surface. Knowing what she intends to do, you follow suit, removing your sandals, shirt, shorts, and underwear and close the distance between you and her swaying backside in a single step. After helping her remove her soaked panties you grip your shaft in one hand, poking her half-moon cheeks a bit to tease the randy monster girl.

“Come on Anon, stop teasing me!” Emily calls to you, wiggling her hips back and forth a little and trying to tempt you further.

“If you say so.” you reply before aligning your stiff prick with her backdoor.

Prodding the entrance, you gently start pushing against her tight hole before you ease into her, the two of you groaning out lewdly as the sensation overwhelms your senses momentarily. Thankfully the remnants of her saliva and breastmilk are more than adequate in acting as lube as you push further and further into Emily’s dark recesses before you eventually bottom out in her ass.

“Well come on Anon, ravish my poor rear end.” the cowgirl mewls, clutching the sides of the table in preparation for what’s about to come as her tail swishes back and forth at the bottom of your vision, tickling your chin with the fur.

Not one to disappoint, you slide your cock out from her mighty posterior before gradually thrusting back into her. You don’t stop moving when you reach the end of the line, and as soon as your nether regions meet her squishy butt you immediately start pulling out again, making the cowgirl you’re ass-fucking moan profanely; almost mooing out in ecstasy in fact. You can’t help but gasp in pleasure yourself as you continue to exit and reenter the monster girl’s back entrance, relishing the feeling of her other tight hole hugging your manhood. Sufficiently satisfied that she’s now used to your ample member, you grasp her wide hips and squeeze the elastic flesh in your hands. Emily can only shiver in delight as she learns what’s about to come, and you waste no time in increasing the speed and power of your thrusts. Copious amounts of genital fluids coat her inner thighs as you bruise the holstaurus’ poor backside and soon your own legs are coated in the stuff, hollow clapping sounds reverberating throughout the library as your crotch meets her tremendous backside. The cowgirl’s practically begging you to fill her up with your seed, moaning your name out in between the breaths that catch in her throat.

All too happy to indulge her, you piston in and out of her at a breakneck pace, trying to fulfill her depraved wishes. Feeling another orgasm welling up deep within you, you call out Emily’s name before shoving yourself in as far as you can go. You erupt for a second time in less than an hour, and this orgasm is even larger than the last. You shoot load after load into Emily’s ass, pumping your hips in time with each release. After the first few blasts, you can feel her strong legs quivering with pleasure before they give out, a fresh wave of feminine fluids coating her furry legs as she climaxes purely from the sensation of being completely and utterly filled. Your emissions stuff the poor cowgirl, so much in fact that her once-flat midsection starts protruding a bit, growing a little larger each time your cock discharges another thick mass of jizz into her. Her distended belly grows rounder and rounder with each of your thrusts, and before long it’s brushing up against the top of the table.

Reaching forward, you lift up Emily’s heavy torso, releasing the pressure on her tits and swollen belly, a small mixture of breastmilk and fluids from her sex sitting on the wood. You gently nudge her shoulders and she bends forward, resting the palms of her hands against the top of the wood as you continue to pound her over and over. You start to worry a little when your body refuses to go soft and you’re still forcing out more and more ejaculate, making the monster girl’s gut stick out far enough that she looks about sixteen weeks pregnant and growing. In fact it pushes outward just a tad further when more of your semen enters her. You really start to feel uneasy as you lose control, brutally mauling her ass as you pack Emily so full of your seed that you can hear her stomach audibly gurgle with each deposited load. Thrusting over and over, you pump more and more of your cum into the cowgirl, enough to stretch her stomach out extremely far and make her whimper in pain a little, her abdomen now expanded to the point that she looks like she’s about to give birth. Much to your relief though you finally feel yourself slowing down and growing softer after stuffing Emily chock-full of your sperm, and you collapse onto one of the delicate cushions that you called your bed earlier with the cowgirl atop you.

“I didn’t mean to, honest.” you whisper in her ear, grinning slightly.

“It’s okay. Besides, who says I didn’t enjoy it?” she giggles, twisting around to give you a wet and clumsy smooch, still slightly drunk with pleasure.

“I love you Emily.”

“I love you too, Anon.”

The two of you lie on the beanbag chair for a few minutes before both agreeing that the two of you should probably clean yourselves and the table up before someone sees you. Emily awkwardly shuffles to the bathrooms to take care of her ‘problem’ and you do the same, although you don’t have to worry about being stuffed with cum. Finishing in about thirty seconds, you put your boxers and shorts back on before grabbing a massive handful of damp paper towels to clean up the small puddle of sexual fluids still festering on the table. Your monster girl girlfriend joins you about five minutes later, her naked midsection now remarkably more flat. She doesn’t entirely clothe herself at your request, instead putting on just her underwear and ‘pants’ over her lower body before sitting back in your lap. You hold her close, reaching around to hold her considerable bosom, using your hands as a makeshift brassiere. You enjoy the warmth of her exposed back on your bare chest as the two of you drift off to sleep in each other’s arms for the second time.

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