Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 8

You wake up the next morning spooning Emily, your erection nestled between the buns of her naked backside, your arms wrapped around her bare torso hugging her affectionately, and your hands gently gripping her unclothed bosom. She stirs in her sleep and you pull her in closer, burying your cock even further into the canyon of her pliable ass. You breathe in deeply, smelling the creamy floral scent of her hair mixed in with the tangy lingering odor from last night and soft cotton sheets. Her cowtail curls up towards your hands and you release one of her glistening melons to stroke the fluffy fur. You attempt to shift your grip on her chest and hold two very large orbs with only one hand but fail horribly, waking the sleeping holstaurus beside you instead.

“Good morning Emily.”

“Good morning Anon.” she says, turning around to give you a light peck on the lips. Your boner slips from between her asscheeks with a quiet but lewd *pop* when she flips around and it pokes her in her soft, pudgy stomach, making her giggle.

“Well well, someone else is sure happy to see me.” Emily says, her hand dragging its way across your chest, a finger snaking across it erotically before she moves it lower and lower to circle around your pelvic area.

She traces patterns up and down and around your hardened shaft before gripping it in a dainty hand, grinning suggestively when you writhe about in pleasure. At first Emily starts to slowly pump up and down on your rod, teasing you when her hand winds around the tip for a few moments before she continues her ministrations. Pumping faster and faster, her hand nearly finishes you off before both of you hear footsteps coming closer and closer to the door. Snatching her hand back, the cowgirl dashes back under the sheets to cover what little modesty she has right now while you work to hide your raging hard-on as best you can. Just as the two of you finish hiding your nakedness, Emily’s mother opens the door. She decided to put on some form-fitting sweatpants that hug her curvaceous legs as opposed to loose ones that don’t, and her tacky Christmas turtleneck sweater stretches around the swell of her bosom.

“Oh good, the two lovebirds are awake.” she starts, smiling slightly when she yet again embarrasses her oldest daughter as your monster girl girlfriend squirms under the sheets. “Come on, everyone’s waiting for you two to come out and help decorate the Christmas tree.”

Thankfully Emily’s mother doesn’t notice that her deflowered daughter is laying nude under the sheets next to next to the man who took her maidenhood, or at least saying anything about it, as she turns around to head back to the living room. The door snaps closed, and you and Emily look each other in the eye, your faces beet red. You stare at each other for a few moments before bursting out laughing and you throw the sheets off of you, exposing your still hard shaft and her stiff nipples to the open air. Emily untangles herself from the sheets and gets off the bed first, yelping when you smack her fat ass hard; the reddened, jiggly flesh quaking pruriently as the loud clap echoes throughout the room. Rising up after her, you spend about three times as long getting dressed, ogling Emily’s pythonic derrière as she bends over suggestively to dig through her numerous bags to find something to put on. You also waste time passionately French-kissing the voluptuous cowgirl after she sauntered over to you and gave your own rear end a biting pinch, exploring every curve of her breasts through her red, white, and green Christmas sweater and large red bra. Grabbing yet another handful of delicious ass through red velvet pants and red panties, you follow Emily’s oscillating figure out to where her father’s just finishing assembling the tree.

“Well look who finally decided to join us.” her father says, straightening out the last few errant branches. “Little miss impatient here wanted to start without you.” he finishes, nodding to Emily’s youngest sister who’s sitting on the couch bouncing up and down anxiously.

“Nuh uh!” the young holstaurus pouts. “I’m a good little girl! Santa would never give me coal!”

“I don’t know, it’s not nice to not wait for someone.” Emily adds, and her youngest sibling starts to sniffle a little. “But I’m sure he’ll forgive you for being so excited about decorating the tree.” she says, crouching down to give her sister a hug. “In fact, I think he’d like it very much if you could put the very first ornament on for him.”


“Of course. After all, you are the bestest little holstaurus in the whole wide world.” Emily says, pulling away.

“Yaay!” her little sister shouts before jumping off of the couch and diving into the box of Christmas decorations.

After about thirty seconds she finally settles on one of those green ball ornaments before spending yet another fifteen seconds deciding where to put it, finally settling on a spot about a few inches above her head. You, Emily, her father, and her youngest sibling spend the next hour or so decorating the tree, and more than once you ‘accidentally’ brush your hands up against Emily’s large chest or husky legs and substantial buttocks, and she ‘accidentally’ grabs a handful of your crotch in return. For the final ornament, Emily’s father gives you the honors of placing the gold star on top of the tree, and of course Emily’s sister whines that she wants to do it. Being a fine gentleman you compromise, and instead of arguing with a toddler about who gets to put the star on top you hoist Emily’s giggling sister onto your shoulders and together you complete the tree. After a filling breakfast, you help your holstaurus girlfriend, her little sister, and her mother bake some delicious sugar cookies. Of course Emily’s sister doesn’t really do much other than sit on the counter and lick the spoon, rocking back and forth whimsically while humming to herself.

“Hey Emily.” you say while mixing up some more cookie dough.


“Surprise!” you shout, and plant a big fat glob of unbaked cookie on her nose.

“Anon!” the holstaurus pouts, and you can’t help but laugh at her expense. “Hey Anon, you got something on your face.” she says, hands hidden behind her back.

“Oh do I now?”

“Yeah, you do. Right HERE in fact.” Emily laughs, smacking you in the face with an even bigger clump of dough. You closed your eyes right before she hit you, and when you open them the cowgirl is a scant few inches away from your face.

“You have something on your mouth too Anon.” she whispers before giving you a full kiss on the lips. You reach up and caress her cheek with one hand while reaching around with the other to hold her just a tad closer.

“Ewwww! Gross!” the young monster girl sitting on the counter shouts, interrupting your embrace with Emily. You look over at Emily’s sister and chuckle before pouncing on her and attempting to tickle her to death as best you can. Emily’s mother lets you have your revenge for a moment before giving you a wet dishrag to wipe your face, a knowing smile on her face when she hands the damp cloth to you.

Later in the evening you find yourself sitting in the same spot as last night, yet again snuggling with Emily under a blanket. This time though instead of confessing your love to her and shortly after showing her just how much you care about her, she’s leaning up against you with half-closed eyes while your arm draped across her shoulders. You’re content with just sitting there with her, and a few hours later she’s snoozing lightly, her chest gently rising and falling in time with her breathing. Getting up and being mindful of the fact that your monster girl girlfriend is using you as a pillow, you tenderly lower her down onto the couch and she curls up into the fetal position, smiling softly when you give her a kiss on the forehead and whisper goodnight to her. Of course you knew you wouldn’t be sleeping alone in Emily’s room for long, and just a few short minutes after you change into your nightly attire and crawl in bed the cowgirl joins you, cuddling up with you in nothing but her underwear, nuzzling her face affectionately into your chest.

“Goodnight Anon.” she murmurs.

“Goodnight Emily. Sweet dreams.” you respond, and you lean in to give her a goodnight kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” you hear her mumble before the two of you drift off to sleep while she hugs you lovingly.

A week later you’re rudely awoken by Emily’s youngest sister jumping up and down on the bed.

“Big sis wake up! It’s Christmas!” she shouts.

Both you and Emily groan and try to shove her sister off the bed, but she expertly dodges out of the way before pestering you even more.

“Come oooooooon! I wanna open presents and mommy and daddy won’t let me until you’re awake!” she pouts, shaking her older sister in an attempt to make her get out of bed faster.

“Fine! Just get off me!” Emily shouts, trying to throw the bedsheets off of her and onto her sister.

“Yaay! Presents!” the little monster girl shouts in your ear, quite loudly in fact, before dashing out of the room. The cowgirl next to you sighs heavily before rolling back over to go to sleep.

“Come on Emily, wake up.” you say, rocking her gently. “You know she’ll just be back in thirty seconds if we’re not out there. Are you really going to be the person to disappoint an eight-year-old on Christmas?”

“No, I’m not.” she says. “Dammit, why can’t present time come later in the day, or even at night when that brat is asleep?” she groans.

“Oh come on, don’t be that way. Besides, I have to go out with you.” you say, leaning over and give her an affectionate hug.

“Well, now that you put it that way Anon, I guess it’s not so bad.” Emily muses, smiling at you before giving you a peck on the lips. “Come on, we shouldn’t keep her waiting.”

You both get out of bed and you can’t resist giving the sexy cowgirl’s buttocks yet another sharp blow, receive a sultry look and a little wiggle from her in return.

Present opening was never really an exciting ordeal for you, but that didn’t this one any more hectic. Emily’s youngest sister practically shreds the wrapping paper on all of her gifts, squealing with delight every time she discovers what she got. You didn’t purchase a lot of gifts, but you still got something for Emily and her parents. Emily got a one of those heart necklaces that have the two pieces that fit together, and she nearly broke your spine and giving you a sloppy kiss in response when she read the sappy love note that came along with it. You got her father a quality Leatherman™ and her mother got a beautiful pair of earrings which got you a chest-compressing hug from her, those exceedingly massive breasts ballooning out around you as she embraced you.

A few days later you pack your bag, and ‘help’ Emily pack hers, and you head back to the college but not before getting another generous hug and kiss on the cheek from Emily’s mother, much to Emily’s embarrassment. The taxi ride back takes a little bit longer than the trip to her parents’ house because of traffic, but you don’t mind. It just means you get to be with the cowgirl a little bit longer, holding her hand some more or making out in the back seat. You also gave her an intense and erotic kiss in front of her dorm while copping a feel of that abundant ass of hers before heading back to your room when you got back to campus.

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