Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 7

A few hours later Emily’s youngest sister is snoozing in her father’s lap, and everyone but you and Emily takes that as a queue to leave the couple snuggling under the blanket alone for the rest of the night, and they head to their respective beds somewhere else in the home.

“Hey Anon, can I ask you a question?” Emily asks a few minutes after everyone leaves, the orange and yellow glow of the sparking fire reflecting in her pupils.

“Of course.” you respond, sipping the last of your drink, a loud *snap* coming from the fire when you place the empty mug on the endtable beside you. The cowgirl next to you looks back into the only source of light in the room for a moment, perhaps pondering something before looking back at you.

“Do you like me Anon?”

“Of course I like you Emily. You’re smart, you’re funny, not to mention very pretty. I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t like my best friend.”

“Thank you, but that’s not what I meant. Do you ‘like’ like me?”

“Well, that’s kind of a serious question to ask someone Emily. If they ‘like’ like you.” you say, using air-quotes around the first ‘like’. “But I think that yes, I do ‘like’ like you. Or if I was using proper English and grammar, I’d use some other words.” you smile, pausing just long enough for the effect for what you’re about to say sink in.

“Emily,” you start, peering into her intense blue eyes. “I admire you. I cherish you. I truly care about you. I want you to know that I think you’re the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me and that with every fiber of my being, and from the bottom of my heart…I love you.”

Her cerulean eyes light up, and a wide smile creeps across her joy-stricken face as she wraps her arms around you affectionately and kisses you deeply. You follow her actions, returning her kiss with a slightly more tantalizing one, your tongue parting her lips without effort to tangle with her own long, broad one. Your hands roam over her back, neck, and face tenderly as you continue to make out with the cowgirl. Emily subconsciously pushes against you, and the force causes you to fall on your back onto the fluffy couch, and since the two of you are still locked together in a loving embrace you bring her down with you.

The holstaurus above you breaks the kiss for but a moment as her soft hands grab your own and guide them to her monumental breasts. You look at her questioningly, and she gives you an approving nod before locking her lips with yours. You slowly strip off her shirt, revealing the same purple lacy bra from when you were helping her pack earlier. Emily giggles softly when you finish removing her top before she resumes her kisses. The squishy orbs in your hands easily yield to your fingers when you grab them making the cowgirl gasp when skin meets skin. Taking her lustful moans as your queue to start you begin to gently knead her incredibly soft bosom through her lingerie while still passionately kissing your sighing and moaning lover. A few minutes of foreplay later, the holstaurus with you stops your caressing to peer in your eyes, her expression telling you exactly what she’s thinking.

You smile at her before pulling her in for an incredibly deep and romantic kiss. Wiggling out from under her, you rise up from the couch and offering Emily your free hand before gathering up her discarded shirt and suggesting that maybe the two of you should go to her room. With a lascivious smile on her face she tugs you along behind her, guiding you to her old room near the back of the house.

Thankfully her family is on the other side of the house, and Emily slowly opens the door to her childhood room. The large king-size bed controls the room, its undisturbed sheets tempting the two aroused beings inside with their tenderness. Emily closes and locks the door behind her before shimmying out of her pants and down to nothing but her frilly brassiere and matching panties.

Electing to keep the lights in the room turned off, you follow her lead and strip down to your own undergarment before walking over to the half-naked cowgirl in the room and embrace her affectionately, giving her a profoundly intense and passionate kiss. You hold her there, rocking back and forth slightly before slowly creeping your way towards the large mattress, kissing each other all the while. You find yourself falling on top of the soft bed with Emily under you, and you carry on with your foreplay from before, kissing and nibbling her all over and massaging her breasts gently with your hands. Finding yourself under the sheets with the rest of your clothing removed and on the floor, the now entirely naked holstaurus stops you a minute or so later to whisper in your ear what her heart, mind, and body most desires.

“I-I think I want to go all the way this time. I-I think I’m ready for this.” she breathlessly declares. With tears in her eyes, the holstaurus below you says something you’ve always wanted to hear her say since the day you shared your first kiss.

“W-will you make love to me, Anon?”

Rather than voice your answer you simply give her another amorous smooch. With the barest hint of a nod from her you shift your lower body and enter Emily’s most intimate part of her, taking both of your virginities when you do. You take it extremely slow, allowing the two of you to adjust to the new sensations near and in your nether regions. Her arms wrap around your torso lovingly and you do the same, cradling your partner’s upper body adoringly. Her immense bosom compresses between the two of you, and you can feel her dusky nipples harden from the sensation of rubbing against your chest, making Emily moan out in pleasure.

You begin pulling out of her sex gently before rocking your hips forward again, plunging yourself back into the monster girl. You deliberately start to move in and out of her snatch at a leisurely pace, enjoying the cowgirl’s hot breath on your face as she moans out in bliss in between the moments where your mouths are locked together. Picking up the pace, you start to move a little faster, making Emily gasp continually in euphoria, loosening her grip on you at the same time. The mattress and bedframe start creaking and groaning in time with her cries of pleasure, her hypnotic breasts wobbling salaciously whenever your body meets hers, her thick thighs and tremendous posterior mimicking the motion of their two friends as best they can. The cowgirl is practically moaning your name constantly, encouraging you to keep at it as you continue making sweet, sweet love to her. With increased fervor, you begin moving just a tad faster than before, feeling your orgasm rising from deep within you. With one final push, you bury yourself up to the hilt inside Emily and coat the inside of her walls white as best you can. Her breath catches in her throat as she too feels you shooting inside her, and the sensation of you ejaculating inside throws her over the edge, and her tight walls clamp down on your member buried deep inside her as she screams your name out in ecstasy as her body convulses in orgasm.

Coming down from your shared orgasmic highs, you collapse on top of Emily, jostling her bountiful chest as you land on it. Sighing deeply, you breathe in the sweet-smelling aroma of the holstaurus and you move closer to her, cuddling with her fondly while gently resting your head on one of her vast, pillow-like orbs.

“I love you, Anon.” she whispers in your ear as the two of you drift off to sleep, still naked and with you still inside her.

“I know.” you reply.

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