Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 5

Smiling softly to yourself, you drop back onto the bed, sighing heavily. As much as you want to ignore it, Emily’s right. You steel yourself and try and study just a little bit before you fall asleep, textbook still open on and draped across your torso.

You’re dreaming of drifting down a river. The water’s relatively calm, and the plants along the banks occasionally whisper to you as small breezes pass through. The boat lazily floats on the water, but something starts to rock it.


Something, or someone, calls out to you, and you peer over the side but can’t see anything. The rocking gets worse.

“Anon, wake up.”

There it is again. You start looking around the boat and to opposite sides of the river, trying to find out who, or what, is saying your name.

“Come on Anon, wake up. You’re going to be late.”

You can’t help but forget that you should be doing something right now. Was it with work or something else?

“Anon. If you don’t wake up now, you’ll miss the test, and I’ll be very, very sad.”

You recognize that voice, and you remember what you were supposed to be doing. You jolt out of bed, startling Emily in the process, and you rush over to the closet to find some clean clothes to wear. Forgetting that there is a cowgirl behind you, you strip down to your boxers and pick out some jeans and a plain t-shirt before putting them on. Spinning around, you try and dash out of your room, but run into the monster girl standing behind you, bouncing off of her sizable chest.

“Anon, wait.” Emily says to you as you try and slip past her.

“No time. Gotta go take that test.”

Strong hands grab you by the shoulders and pin you in place before turning you around. The holstaurus’ skin is a little flushed from observing your little show, and if her massive melons weren’t already spilling out of her maroon top before she came, then when you smashed into her certainly moved them around. The jiggly flesh pours around the edges of the shirt, nearly making the point of wearing a shirt to cover her modesty completely useless. The barest hint of her swarthy areola is showing, suggesting that she either chose to not wear a bra or that the one she is wearing is incompetent at its job in supporting her hefty bosom.

“Anon, calm down. We still have about an hour before it starts.”

“Well them why didn’t you let me sleep in for another fifty five minutes?” you ask slightly annoyed.

“Well I was thinking maybe we could go and get breakfast together.” Emily replies, a little crestfallen.

“Actually, now that you mention it, that actually sounds lovely! Sorry about snapping at you.” You apologize, and give her a nice big hug, compressing her tits between the two of you and making the gel-like flesh surge out of her shirt even more.

“Don’t worry Anon, I forgive you.” she affirms. “Ready to go?”

Of course you’re ready to go, all that you need to do is put some shoes on and get the rest of your stuff ready. Whether it was intentional or not, the cowgirl fixes her slight wardrobe malfunction, successfully hiding the forbidden area of her udders but still makes sure they push outward, amplifying her cleavage to obscene levels. Shouldering your bag, you offer Emily your hand and she gladly takes it, intertwining your fingers together. Hand in hand, the two of you make your way to the school’s cafeteria and get some food, despite how unappealing it can be sometimes.

An hour later, you’re in the classroom taking that damn test. The only sound is the ticking of the clock on the wall and the faint scratching of pens and pencils as everyone works. Occasionally someone either rubbernecks or leans over and asks a question to the person sitting next to them, and the professor immediately smacks the yardstick on the table in front of her, telling the offending student to do their own work, not rip off the answers from someone else. Nothing is too hard for you being a human and all, although one of the essay questions gave you a little trouble. By luck of the draw, you and Emily somehow finish at about the same time, and are let go to enjoy the rest of the day. Not being able to think of anything else, or really caring about what you do, the two of you head back to your dorm to just hang out and spend time together. Also you can get chance to rest some more since you’re still feeling a little ill.

“I can’t imagine what the final is going to be like for that class.” your holstaurus friend declares, walking over to the mattress and sitting down on it.

“Eh, it wasn’t too bad. Granted I did have a bit of an advantage over you, being a human and all.” you reply, closing the door to your room after you and join Emily on your bed.

“Are you calling me stupid?”

“Of course not.” you grin. “Stupid.”

Doing that may have been a bad idea, as Emily’s brow furrows, and she tackles you. Even though you know you’re going to lose, you still try and shove her off of you, but she’s having none of it. You try and wrestle her off of you, becoming tangled up in the sheets in the process, but her unnatural strength wins. She inevitably pins you by your arms under her curvy body, chest heaving slightly after the impromptu wrestling.

“Anon, you of all people should know that upsetting a woman is a bad idea, especially if she’s a Mamono.” she pants, still trapping you below her.

“Well maybe that just makes me the stupid one then.” you retort.

“Maybe it does.” she laughs. “Hey Anon, can I tell you something?”

“Sure, go ahead. But can you get off of me first?” The grip on your wrists finally relents, and you rub them a bit as the cowgirl rises off of you and you sit up after her.

“I was just thinking that since the winter break is coming up soon, starting this weekend in fact, and that I’m going to go visit my family, I was wondering if maybe my boyfriend would like to join me.” Emily says, fidgeting a bit and blushing slightly.

“I don’t know, I’m still kind of sick and I wouldn’t want to give your family any—wait, did you say ‘boyfriend’?” you ask, looking over at her and when your eyes meet her cheeks turn an even darker shade of crimson, and she looks at her hands in her lap, wringing them.

“Dammit Emily! I’M the one who’s supposed to ask you out, not the other way around!” you shout, making her wince a little, possibly making her start to cry a little too. Leaning over, you gently hold her chin and turn her head so you can look at the sparkling jewels of her eyes, caressing one of her cheeks when you do so. In a much gentler tone you smile and respond, “But yes, I would love to go and meet my girlfriend’s family.”

Beaming, your new monster girl girlfriend hugs you tightly, crushing your torso and nearly breaking a rib or two. Fortunately, she relents before you pass out from a lack of oxygen and lets you go, holding you by your shoulders so she can look you in the eye.

“You’re the best, Anon.”

“Well that’s not entirely true, Emily. I may be the best boyfriend, but you’re the best girlfriend.” you say. With a broad smile on her face, she pulls you in for another caring hug, receiving a kiss from you after breaking the embrace.

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