Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 4

You’d be lying if you said you knew what kissing Emily would feel like. Despite it being a surprise though, it was a pleasant one. The feeling of her lips on your own, the faint sensations of her hot breath right before your mouths met, how she didn’t push away or try to stop you. The only way that the evening could have gone better is if you were able to hold her hand more closely and intertwine your fingers with hers earlier. Whatever, you still got to hold hands, you still got some nice hugs, and you kissed her at the end of it all. You send her a goodnight text, smiling face emoji included, before wasting a few more hours of your time on the internet and going to bed. You can’t help but feel though as if you forgot something right as you left the holstaurus in front of her room. It’s probably nothing, though. Just some silly joke or whatever that you wanted to tell her but didn’t.

Your dreams are plagued by the previous night’s events, but in a good way. Your mind played those last few minutes over and over. It was nice being able to kiss her like that in that moment, and you don’t think that it could have been any better. Waking up in the morning was awful though. Your head hurts, you can barely breathe through your nose if at all, your lungs feel like they’ve been filled up with jelly, and then someone decided to sit on top of your chest and stay there. You thought you were prepared enough last night, but apparently not. You have the flu, a really bad one at that, and you go back to the few hours before you went to sleep last night. Shit, hopefully you didn’t give Emily the same thing since you kissed her right on the mouth. The only real upside to this is that you won’t have to show up for classes for a few days and be slowly tortured to death by the professor droning on and on about stuff no one cares about. This of course is heavily outweighed by the fact that you’ll probably have to play catch up on homework assignments later on, plus you’ll be unable to ogle your sexy cowgirl friend either. Speaking of sexy cowgirl friends, yours has sent you a good morning text, but instead of a smiley face at the end, she put in a ‘<3’. You shoot her a reply before laying back down in bed and trying to get a little more rest.

It’s almost impossible to get any sleep though as your headache is keeping you from relaxing, and it’s damn near impossible to breathe comfortably either. You manage to find the strength to get up and trudge down to the cafeteria and grab about five or six different microwavable bowls of chicken noodle soup before shuffling back to your dorm where you’ll most likely be staying for the next week. About four days into your suffering, Emily calls you on your cellphone.

“Oh thank god you’re still alive Anon. I haven’t seen you at all since the weekend and I thought you got lost in town or something.”

“Well, as you probably can hear, I’m sick. I’ve also been lying in bed for the past three days.” you croak.

“Oh god Anon. Hang on, I’ll be right over!”

“Wait Emily, I don-” and she’s hung up on you. Goddamnit. You already have enough chicken noodle soup to last you another week, and you’re certainly not going to be doing anything other than sleeping or going on the internet or playing video games if you can get out bed during that time. Oh well, at least you’ll be able to talk to Emily for a bit face-to-face instead of over the phone or via text. True to her word, the holstaurus is right at your door in a matter of minutes. She doesn’t even bother knocking before she barges through the door and over to your bed. Emily nearly faints when she sees your ghostly expression.

“Jesus Anon, are you alright?”

“Well now that you’re here, yeah.” you say, smiling wearily before a small coughing fit overtakes you. “Ugh, I hate being sick.”

“Well don’t you worry about a thing!” the cowgirl says. “Nurse Emily will take care of you!” You smile a little at the thought of not having to do anything for yourself while she fusses over you, however emasculating it may be. “First thing’s first though, you need to take a shower. You smell terrible.”

The thought of taking a nice, long, hot shower definitely raises your spirits, not to mention the image of doing so with the curvy cowgirl raising something else. Emily’s luscious breasts, her flared hips, those substantial thighs, the abundance of her ass, the plump curve of her stomach; everything about her is making you feel a bit better all over despite her physical features not actually doing anything.

“Are you listening to me, Anon, or are you thinking about something completely different?”

“Right, uh, sorry.” you apologize. “A little assistance, please?”

You try to adjust the sheets and your pajama pants to hide your growing erection but it’s no use. Emily hauls you up from the bed and you face plant into her deep cleavage, your stiff member poking her in the stomach. While you certainly felt it prodding her she doesn’t seem to notice, or show that she did, as you are helped towards the showers. The cowgirl trusts you enough to not die, and she heads back to your room as you ready for a much-needed shower. The scalding water quickly fills the room with steam and you stand under the stream contently, just enjoying the relief that the water running over you brings. After letting the hot, humid air clear your head and sinuses a bit, you actually do what you came here for and wash your body all over, worried that Emily will be able to tell if you didn’t properly bathe.

Toweling off, you redress and walk back to your room, thankful that you can at least breathe through your nose for once and your headache has actually receded a bit. You find the cowgirl bustling around your room, trying to clean the mess up a bit and you cough a bit to let her know you’re back. Doing so wasn’t the smartest thing to do as you start uncontrollably hacking up phlegm as you brace yourself on the doorframe.

“Anon!” Emily gasps before rushing over to hold you as another coughing fit wracks your body, and she practically carries you over to your bed before tucking you in. She even went as far as to fluff your pillow, and in doing so her massive breasts are thrust right into your face, letting you peer down her shirt past her abyssal cleavage.

“You really should be more careful Anon. You really are sick.”

“Yeah well, I feel fine. And if I’m not actually fine, I at least have you to look after me.” you say.

Emily nearly suffocates you as she hugs you tightly after internally debating whether or not to kiss you or give you a hug. You DO have a nasty cold after all. Pulling away after nearly asphyxiating you with her massive bosom, the cowgirl reaches over to the bowl of soup she prepared while you were bathing and starts feeding you like a baby. For the next few hours, Emily sits on the edge of your bed, taking care of you and helping you recover while making sure you don’t suddenly keel over dead.

Looking at the clock on the nightstand and noticing that it’s becoming quite late a few days later after yet another session of you lying in bed while Emily spoon-feeds you hot soup and fussing over your sick form, you suggest that she go and get some rest of her own.

“You get better now, you hear?” the holstaurus commands after giving you a kiss on the forehead.

“Yeah, sure thing. Oh, and Emily?” you stop her right as she’s about to get up from the mattress, still leaning slightly over your torso. You reach up to gently hold her and pull her in lightly before giving her another deep kiss.

“Thanks.” you say, smiling up at her after letting her go. Forgoing any inhibitions she may have had earlier, Emily leans back in and reciprocates, locking her lips with yours. With a bit of effort she embraces you yet again, lovingly caressing your head as she passionately, but tenderly, repays your affections for a few seconds.

“I-I’ll come get you tomorrow in the morning Anon. We still have that test in Human Biology, remember?”

“Ugh, thanks for reminding me.” you groan. The cowgirl smiles before giving you a delicate see-you-later peck on the lips before finally standing up, yelping slightly and jumping a bit as you give her squishy butt a pinch. Her bovine tail slaps you in the face, and she leaves the room to let you rest, but not before giving her lovely behind a little sensual wiggle as she closes the door behind her.

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