Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 3

The sun is just now dipping below the horizon, painting the sky a deep mixture of oranges and purples, making the few clouds out glow with fiery colors. Although it’s a little difficult to tell, the holstaurus walking with you blushes a little and giggles when you flirt with her, comparing nature’s beauty to her own. It’s also incredibly cold, and Emily’s breath along with your own fog in the chill air while you walk. A few cars are parked along the tree-lined street, their windows frosting over and the bare wood on the trees is cold to the touch.

“Are you sure you know where you’re going Anon?”

“Of course. I know this town like the back of my hand.”

The truth is, you can barely get around on campus, let alone a college town. Luckily though, you manage to stumble on the main street and find a small pizzeria that isn’t crowded with a bunch of people. Thankfully you step out of the cold and into the relative warmth of the café and find a table near the window.

“See, I told you I knew where I was going Emily.” You say, grinning at her from across the table.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m just glad to be inside where it’s warm instead of freezing my butt off outside.” She responds, pulling off her coat and draping it over the back of her plastic chair, the curvature of her massive breasts now plainly visible beneath the two thick shirts the cowgirl is wearing; the bumps of her nipples only just showing through the fabric.

Yeah, freezing your tits off as well you think to yourself. Looking over the menu, you decide on a plain pepperoni pizza to share, and for your beverage you order a nice tall, refreshing glass of Coca-Cola to drink. The good kind. The one made with the real cane sugar, not that high fructose corn syrup shit. Unsure of what to have herself, the holstaurus sitting across from you just orders the same thing, and you strike up a conversation while you wait for your food.

“So what made you want to study here instead of someplace else Emily?”

“I dunno, just thought that it seemed like a good place to go. It has a good reputation, from what I read Mamono and humans mix well together, and that it had a really good nursing program, which was what I’ve been wanting to do.”

As soon as the cowgirl uttered the word ‘nursing’, your mind is immediately filled with images of a topless Emily nursing a young child with her massive, oversized, cream-filled tits rather than what she meant of: the whole doctoring thing where someone takes your temperature and whacks your knee with a small triangular rubber mallet. Your mouth begins to water at the thought of suckling from her yourself, but fortunately the greasy pizza arrives right around the same time as when your mind is filled with perverse thoughts so your cowgirl friend doesn’t notice you drawing a blank as you stare hungrily at her chest. Shaking your head, you dive into the piping hot pizza and start eating.

“So what made you come here Anon?” she asks through melted cheese and fatty dough.

“Not really sure. I thought, ‘What the hell.’ and applied for a scholarship and managed to get one.”

“Oh really? What’s it for?”

“Well apparently they said that since I was raised by a human father and Mamono mother, I should study here.”

“But I thought monster girls only had monster girl children, not humans.”

“She’s actually not my biological mother. From what my father has told me, something happened between him and my real mother when I was really young that caused her to either not want to be, or unable to be, around him and me anymore.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Anon.” Emily gasps, covering her mouth with one of her palms.

“You don’t have to be. I never really knew her, apparently she left right around when I was two or three. At least I still had two loving parents to raise me, even if one of them wasn’t actually my blood relative, not to mention her being an Arachne. Apparently my dad met my stepmother in a coffee shop somewhere and that’s the end of that. What about your parents Emily?”

“Well my dad worked as a cook in some diner with my mom who was a hostess before they were together, and then stuff happened, they got married, and now I’m here.”

“Oh come on, there’s got to be more than that.”

“Not really. My mom always teased my dad about how he would always ogle her instead of doing his job while she did hers, and then they started spending some time together. After that came marriage, and after marriage came a baby in the baby carriage. Although in my parent’s case it was four.”

“Jesus, your mother had quadruplets?!” you ask, eyes wide with shock, nearly spraying Emily with soda.

“Dear god no! I was their first child, then about eight years later I got two twin sisters, and then another eight years or so after THAT they had another child.”

“So you’re the eldest of four, then? I can’t imagine caring for an eight year old and then having two infants to deal with, then after that dealing with teenager bullshit, two eight year old twins, AND a baby at the same time.”

“Yeah. I remember them both constantly looking exhausted when my two sisters were born. Having to deal with caring for not one but two beings that can’t fend for themselves and a young holstaurus at the same time would be hard.”

“Luckily for my dad and stepmom it was just me, and even then I was already like two years old so at least my mother didn’t have to deal with some of the infant stuff.”

The words just keep on flowing between you as the evening grows older before eventually turning to night, bringing with it even blacker skies and colder temperatures.

“Ready to go?” you ask her, having finished the dinner you ordered at least half an hour ago.

“Sure, it’s getting late and dark and we should probably head back to campus.” she responds.

Plastic scrapes on tile as the two of you stand, and once again the cowgirl’s breasts wobble slightly as she redresses herself for the long, cold walk back to the dorms, putting her puffy winter jacket back on over her torso. You do the same, putting on your own heavy coat before waiting at the door for Emily before opening it for her. You dash out right after, quickly leaving the pizzeria behind you as the both of you hurry back. You almost want to run, but instead opt to walk calmly with the cowgirl. You notice on the trek back she is progressively getting closer and closer to you, whether she’s doing it on purpose or not you don’t know. About halfway back to your dorms you look down at your hand and spot her gloved hand dangerously close to your own. You look back up to her, but she doesn’t notice you staring back at her. As much as you’d want to intertwine your fingers in hers, you’ll have to settle for normal hand-holding instead. It’s still nice though. As you gently clutch her hand in your own, you look back to Emily’s face and even though she’s still looking ahead down the street, you still catch her smiling as the two of you pass under a streetlight. Sadly though the hand-holding ends and you arrive back in front of the door to her dorm room after arriving back on school grounds.

“Thanks for everything Anon.” Emily declares, hugging you a bit awkwardly as you’re still both dressed in layers of clothing. You can still feel her sizable bosom compressed between the two of you though even through your two shirts, your jacket, and her three layers of clothing.

“Don’t mention it. I don’t normally get to help a pretty cowgirl study and treating her afterwards to dinner.” Sometimes it may seem like empty flattery, but you really do think she’s attractive. Gorgeous even. Emily blushes profusely when you let her know.

“Aww thank you Anon! What would I do without you?” she smiles before bringing you in for another light but clumsy embrace

“Well you wouldn’t be doing this, that’s for sure.” you respond before moving in to kiss her, the both of you still hugging one another.

Your mouths meet, and in that moment electrical sensations play across your mouth as it’s pressed up against her plush ruby lips, butterflies are born in your stomach, and your arms move from around her waist to ever so slightly bring her head in closer as two pairs of eyes softly close. Earlier in the day, you were expecting this to just be a study session with a friend followed by grabbing a bite to eat afterwards. Totally not a date at all. Instead, it started as two friends helping one another to prepare for a class and ended with them walking home in the dark holding hands before sharing a first kiss in front of the girl’s door. You pull away after keeping your lips locked to hers for a few seconds, and when you look in her vibrant sapphire eyes you read a tumult of emotion. Happiness. Joy. Shock. Surprise. Love. Admiration. Smiling softly you give her a soft peck on the lips.

“See you in class next week.” you say before turning around to head back to your own room.

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