Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 2

For the first week or two of your first semester is really nothing special: go to class, text Emily a lot and stare at her wobbly tits and fleshy rear end way more than you should, and procrastinate when you should really be doing homework. The cowgirl finally takes you up on your offer to be ‘study buddies’ and suggests that the two of you meet in her room after classes are over for the week so that you can give the other person a few pointers on their respective species’ physiology for an upcoming exam, or at least that’s what she implied. Even though you have barely enough cash to buy yourself Asian take-out or pizza every now and again, you still think of something to do together or somewhere to take her afterwards.

Winter has come early though because a Yuki-Onna saw her shadow, probably scaring her and making winter come six weeks before it should. There was a very thin dusting of snow on the ground in the morning, and even though it’s now past midday, there are still a few patches remaining in the more shaded areas. There’s also no point in keeping the fountain running if it’d just freeze overnight, although the frozen arcs of water would look really nice when they’d sparkle in the sun. The frigid air bites at your exposed face as you draw your coat more tightly around you, and your shoes crunch across the frozen grass and scattered patches of white powder as you hurry to get out of the chill and inside the building where your voluptuous holstaurus friend awaits a few hundred feet away.

A few girls look your way when you open the door, and one lamia gets pissed and yells at you for letting all the cold in, but you ignore her as you stroll through the common area on the ground floor and up the stairwell to the second floor where Emily’s room is. Adjusting the strap on your bag, you clear your throat a bit before lightly rapping your knuckles on the ajar door. Scrambling noises pass through the small crack between the wooden door and frame and you catch a glimpse of what you think is an extremely large and very lacy undergarment meant for supporting a woman’s chest before it’s snatched from view and the owner rapidly pulls something open before slamming it closed again, the provocative clothing presumably being hidden away somewhere in the room away from view. If the thought of Emily wearing nothing but that bra and matching panties as she offered to do something lewd with you didn’t make you hard, then when the zaftig cowgirl opens the door all the way and nearly suffocating you in her deep cleavage when she gave you an affectionate hug certainly did. You were able to catch a peek at what she was wearing before your face was stuffed full of tit, and when she pulled away you were able to get a better look.

She’s wearing thick black sweatpants that hug her well-proportioned legs beautifully, and her woolen shirt is pulled across her more than ample breasts tightly. Some of the holstaurus’ other garments are hung up near or on the door; the heavy marshmallow jacket sharing a hook on the door with a broad scarf, and cute little pink mittens poking out of one of the pockets of the coat. A few more winter garments are piled on an end table near the door, but there isn’t much else that stands out in the room. There’s a bed in the corner with half-made sheets, a few posters on the wall, a pile of clothing in the corner, a desk, and when Emily notices your eyes roam over the drawer that’s half-open with what’s obviously the same piece of clothing you saw earlier poking out over the top she quickly stuffs it into the drawer further and closes the offending dresser, but the damage is done.

“Sorry about the mess, Anon. Been busy with schoolwork, and since the room is entirely mine and I don’t really invite anyone in I never really saw a reason to keep it spotless.”

“Eh, my room’s sometimes worse than this. No big deal.” you reassure her.

After exchanging pleasantries, you step inside and kick the door closed before starting what you came here for. Well not entirely helping each other study, you also ogled her chest as much as you could without her noticing as well. You go through a few chapters in order together, and most of her questions are about how humans live day to day, and your questions about Mamono are similar. You notice that a few hours later after finishing a chapter when Emily turns the page, her cheeks turn crimson. You too blush a little when you read the chapter title on the next page: Reproduction and Sexuality. Beads of sweat start forming on your brow, and you glance at the monster girl sitting next to you and find her still staring at the page. Thinking quickly, you diffuse the awkwardness and break the tense silence.

“Uh, I think I’m done for now, what about you Emily?” you ask, and a few seconds later you get a reply.

“Y-yeah, I think I’m good.”

“Well now that we decided that we’re done, do you want to go out and maybe get something to eat or maybe some actually decent coffee compared to the crap that they have here? I’ll pay.” When the monster girl sitting next to you hears your proposal of a ‘date’, she blushes a little more.

“Y-yeah, that sounds wonderful Anon! I’d love to!” she says, managing to regain some of her composure after running into a subject the two of you were too nervous to talk about.

“Great, let me just put my things back in my dorm and grab something that won’t make me freeze to death, and I’ll meet you back here.”

Snapping your textbook shut, you get up and bid the pretty cowgirl farewell if only for a short while until you return, receiving another boner-inducing hug before you leave. Thankfully you thought of getting your own winter coat along with some gloves and thick wool socks and a knit hat, because the temperature has dropped even more as the sun starts to set. Hardly anyone is out anymore since it’s really cold out and classes are over for the weekend, so in no time you’re bundled up and ready to go. Emily had the same idea as you when you got back to her dorm and she’s wearing enough clothing that almost all of her delicious curves are hidden but it’s pretty much impossible to hide the contours of breasts THAT large, even with two or three layers of shirts and a jacket. Being chivalrous yet again, you hold the door for your female friend and leave campus to walk into town and find somewhere to go.

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