Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 10

Thankfully this year winter actually came when it was supposed to and not incredibly early like last time. It’s still really cold out though, but at least you were able to get used to it over time. Of course the cold doesn’t mean shit if you’re inside your apartment cuddling under a blanket in front of a heater with your holstaurus girlfriend. Rather than lounging on the couch, you’re on the floor with the television on to a video of a burning fireplace while the space heater mimics the heat radiating from the flames. Outside the snow is leisurely falling down to cover the surface of everything it touches; giving the trees a frosted finish and everything else a white blanket of frozen cold.

You’d still be sitting in a drafty dorm instead of an apartment if you were still going to college, too. At the end of the summer quarter your scholarship ran out, and since you weren’t entirely sure what you were going to do or if college was your thing, you dropped out and found a place to live with Emily while she continued studying to become a nurse. You got incredibly lucky in three ways in the process though too. Emily got a full ride scholarship, meaning that she doesn’t have to pay for anything for school; the apartment you picked together was pretty damn cheap and in a relatively nice neighborhood, not to mention within walking distance of campus; and you somehow found a job as a Human-to-Mamono/Mamono-to-Human consultant at some cushy office job purely based on the fact that you went to a prestigious school for a year.

Your job also pays enough money for the bills and other expenses that come with living in an apartment, plus a little extra for fun stuff like taking your cowgirl roommate/partner out on dates. There’s also the fact that once Emily graduates and gets a nursing job herself, the two of you will have even more money to spend. Pulling the monster girl a little bit closer you sigh contently, enjoying the fact that everything in your life has fallen into place in the last year or so quite well.

“Hey Anon.” the holstaurus speaks up from beneath the blanket, only her head poking above the thick fleece fabric.

“If you say ANYTHING about still having to go Christmas shopping, I’ll throw you outside.” you respond.

“We, and by ‘we’ I mean mostly you since I know I got most of my stuff done, still need to go out and generously give our hard-earned money to the store clerks for generously giving us their store’s products for a day that may or may not revolve around gifting people presents.”

Looking at you, your monster girl girlfriend smiles a little bit before you lean over and give her a tender kiss.

“Tomorrow, then.” you say, smiling back at the cowgirl before snuggling up to her more closely.

Being you, you planned on waking up at the crack of noon before spending another hour doing nothing productive while Emily whined at you to hurry up and get ready. Planning something and it actually happening with the monster girl are two completely different things though and the alarm goes off at apparently 07:30, if the LED display is to be believed. You groan out loud, groggily searching around for the snooze button while Emily hugs you tightly; her naked breasts tightly compressed between you and her; her thick and powerful legs are wrapped around yours as the coarse brown fur scratches up your skin; the lacelike fabric of her underwear rubbing up against your pelvis. Finally finding the accursed button, you shut the buzzer up and untangle yourself from the holstaurus in bed with you.

“Come on Emily, time to wake up.” you say, gently rocking her still sleeping form in an attempt to rouse her.

“Mhm, yes Anon?” she asks, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Alarm just went off. I assume you set it this early to annoy me. Also because you haven’t actually finished Christmas shopping yet.”

“Guilty as charged.” the monster girl says before rising up out of bed, only to be pulled back under the sheets by your arms.

“Hey, who said you could leave?” you say, embracing her affectionately and giving her a deep kiss. Giggling, Emily returns your hug with her own back-breaking one as she too gives you a passionate smooch.

“Well I guess you won’t be getting anything from me this year if you hold me hostage in my own bed Anon.”

“OUR bed, Emily. But fine, you’re lucky I like presents.” Your lips linger for a bit on hers before you let go, giving her spacious ass a tight pinch afterwards.

She slaps you in the face with her tail after you do, bending over suggestively to sort through the drawers holding all of her clothes before stripping down right in front of you to take a shower. After taking a shower yourself and eating breakfast, you both head out to finish up the Christmas shopping that you should have done weeks before.

You broke tradition though of only opening gifts on Christmas day though after stopping by Emily’s parent’s house for a few hours, thoroughly embarrassing the poor cowgirl as you showed off the pair of matching tacky Christmas sweaters you got for the two of you. You also intentionally bought a sweater that was just slightly too small for her, all because you wanted to stare at her chest as it stretched out the wool a little too far.

A week later you were allowed to sleep in just a little bit, but still had to wake up far too early for your tastes as Emily grew more and more impatient before finally snapping, unable to wait any longer before opening the gifts you got her. Torturing her some more, you walked as slowly as you could into the living room where the tree was, before turning to the kitchen to make yourself some coffee at a leisurely pace.

Most of what you got for Emily was more erotic lingerie and revealing t-shirts, although she didn’t seem to mind much. In fact, she got more and more excited after opening each box, asking you if she could try it on, which you of course agreed to. She made a conscious effort to strip her old garments off as sensually as she could, parading around her new brassiere and panties or low-cut top around the apartment a little to give you a nice show of her sexy body. You mostly got socks or some novelty item for your office in addition to the dozens of kisses from her.

“Thanks for the gifts Emily.” you say as the two of you cuddle up on the couch.

“You too Anon, although I suspect I only got all of that frilly underwear just so my boyfriend could ogle me while I wore it.” she replies, making you blush when she revealed the truth.

“So you’re saying that you liked all the presents that Santa got you?”

“Anon, I’m old enough to know that a fat man in a red suit with a white beard who delivers presents to all the little good boys and girls doesn’t exist. But if such a man did exist then yes, I say I do like them. Although I wish that I got something I really wanted this year.” she finishes gloomily.

“What didn’t you get this year?”

“ ‘Santa’ didn’t give me a family of my own like I wanted.”

Smiling softly, you reach under the couch to pull out one more present addressed for her, from you. With shaking hands, she takes the small box from your hands before looking back up to you. Gently nodding, you give her the okay and she slowly starts to remove the red wrapping paper. Agonizingly slowly, the cowgirl reveals more and more of the small velvet box hidden underneath, and tears start forming in her eyes as her mind works out what she’s about to find. Opening it cautiously, the monster girl reveals the wedding ring that belonged to her father’s grandmother.

A week before when you were visiting Emily’s parents after finishing the last of your Christmas shopping, her father had pulled you aside in private to give you something.

“Now son,” he started, “Emily is really special to me, being my first daughter and all, and I can tell you care deeply about her too. This belonged to my mother’s mother, and I’ve been waiting to pass it down to one of my children, and I think that that waiting is over. Don’t waste this. Give this to her, because I know that you love her and she loves you back.” he finished after placing the ring in your hand and closing it with one of his own meaty paws.

Backing out of your memories you peer into Emily’s beautiful blue eyes, grasping her quivering hand as you do.

“Emily, I know I’ve said this before dozens of times, but I love you. I truly do. With my entire body and soul, I want to be with you forever. I don’t think I could bear to live even a single day without the love of my life with me. You had asked me what your parents were telling me last week, and now you know.” you say before you pluck the ring from its perch and slide it over the third finger of her left hand.

“Merry Christmas Emily.” you smile, tears now freely flowing down the holstaurus’ cheeks.

“A-Anon?” she croaks out.

“Yes Emily?”

“I love you.” she half-whispers, half-sobs.

Pulling her over, you hold the sides of her face before moving forward to lock your lips with hers. She locks up for a second before sighing heavily, and her arms creep up to hold you closer. At first you simply stay that way, holding each other close but your passion for one another takes over, and you begin fervently making out with your fiancé. Your hands caress her entire body, roaming over her torso and rubbing the most sensitive parts of her skin, mostly around her shoulders and the front of her considerable breasts. She too massages your body, albeit much more enthusiastically than you. Falling onto your back with the holstaurus straddling you, you pull away from her.

“Well come on Emily. You said you wanted a family so, let’s make a family.” you say with a smirk, and she grins back before stripping off her outfit, helping you to remove your pants and underwear after finishing with her clothing.

Instead of throwing your shirt onto the floor with the rest of your clothing, Emily instead grasps your wrists and uses your shirt to tie your hands behind your head, leaving her in total control for what’s about to happen next. Raising her body up, she clutches your hardened shaft in one hand and aligns it with her own sex before lowering her pelvis down excruciatingly slowly, eventually bottoming out with your entire member deep inside the hot confines of her body; her gigantic rear end resting atop your thighs while her own strong legs keep you from moving your hips as you wished.

Moaning out in bliss, the cowgirl starts rocking her vast hips back and forth before planting both of her hands on your chest and lifting her lower body up in the air only to drop it heavily back down, crashing into your pelvis violently and painfully; her sizable rump jiggling obscenely while her mammoth tits oscillate in every direction. With each increase and decrease in elevation on your prick, the monster girl riding you either gasps or sighs in pleasure as your manhood leaves and reenters her snatch. Small amounts of sexual juices begin leaking from her slit, coating both of your nether regions and whenever her luscious figure falls back down to meet yours, a loud clap that you’re all too familiar with reverberates throughout the room. Emily can now hardly control her lust as she starts bouncing wildly atop you; her entire form jiggling lasciviously; her moans of ‘oh yes’s and ‘oh god’s along with your name becoming faster and higher in pitch as the total euphoria she’s experiencing brings her closer and closer to the edge.

Working your way out of your improvised handcuffs, you rise up and grasp one of her massive wobbling tits in both hand and mouth and start sucking on the large teat. Immediately thick cream starts filling your mouth and you eagerly gulp it all down, damn well aware of what happened last time you nursed from the monster girl. The feeling of your manhood inside her and the sensations of you suckling from her breast sends Emily over the edge, and her pussy clamps down on you hard as the dense milk from her chest transforms into a gooey syrup, overloading your tastebuds with sugary delight. The pleasure overwhelms her and the cowgirl that was riding you collapses in your lap as you take up the reigns, thrusting voraciously into your lover. You don’t last much longer than her, and your own orgasm soon catches up with you; your body emptying as much seed as it can directly into the monster girl’s womb as you hilt yourself, filling her to the brim and then some as you give a few more token thrusts into her, expanding her belly a little bit more with your virility before letting exhaustion and sleep overtake you.

“I love you Anon.” Emily mumbles, already starting to close her eyes.

“I love you more, my future wife.” you respond, falling back onto the couch with the cowgirl atop you as you too pass out.

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