Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Shenanigans

Shenanigans Part 1:

The wedding ceremony went off smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. You of course wore a plain tuxedo and as usual Kara just had to fit in some sort of flower-type theme into her outfit. Her long, white, silk dress with flowers all over it barely contained her rounded melons because she decided to have a strapless gown; the dark areolae of those generous stacks of flesh nearly exposing themselves whenever she moved, the chasm between the two globes ever present and shifting with each bump or shake of the holstaurus’ torso; the rest of her dress following and hugging every curve of her body, graciously flowing to the floor. You’re pretty sure she wanted you to stare at her tits the entire time, and you did as often as you could. Sometimes you wonder how the hell you managed to marry this monstergirl.

You thought the best part of the wedding was when you first saw Kara elegantly carry herself down the aisle, completely stunned by her beauty. You were unsure of what you would see since she kept on saying that “it’s a secret” whenever you pestered her about her choice of attire and accessories. Kissing your stunning bride on her sumptuous lips, closing your eyes to savor the moment and holding her close at the very end after the “I do”’s came in a close second though.

The time not spent ogling your brand new wife during the reception was taken up by making small talk with the guests, joking and laughing at shared stories and bits of each others’ lives. You’re the last two people to leave the venue apart from the service workers, and you get into the limousine to ride back to the hotel where you’re staying for the next day or so. You’re unable to keep your hands off of Kara during the trip back, petting her all over and kissing every inch of uncovered skin. You would have gotten her clothes off too if it wasn’t for those meddling limousines and their pesky hotel, too.

If people weren’t around you would have been on top of Kara as soon as you were inside, but morals and etiquette win so instead you simply share another long smooch in the elevator up to the penthouse suite. Normally a person would have to give up an arm, leg, and firstborn to pay for the room but the manager said “screw it, these people are getting married” and let you pay at a standard room rate instead. The lift goes ding as you reach the top floor and you nearly trip over your newlywed’s flowing gown as you unlock your lodging. Kara moves in to go through the door but is stopped by your arm resting on the frame.

“Something wrong, beloved?” She asks.

“Yes. You were about to enter the room without letting me princess carry my new wife over the threshold.” You retort.

“You really think I’m a princess?” The monstergirl says; eyes sparkling with tears of adoration; hands clasped just above her sternum.

“Well no, because since you’re married now you’d be a queen.” You grin.

“Oh Anon!” Your spouse cries, arms dashing in to give you a great big hug. She wraps her arms around your neck and kisses you deeply, showing how much she approves of your compliments. You stand there and appreciate the soft body pressed up against you and plump lips against your own. “So Anon, are you going to carry your queen through a doorway?” Kara teases, looking into your eyes, arms still wrapped around your neck.

You bend at the knees to hoist her up, cradling her in your arms. Giggling, your wife gives you a peck on the cheek; her fingers locked together at your shoulder. You alter your hold on Kara slightly before stepping over the doorstep and looking about the room. The large space is dominated by the king-size bed in the center of the room, the tantalizing sheets drawing you in with their fluff. Your extra clothing is either draped over the back of various recliners or poking out of suitcases. You waltz over to the bed and tenderly lower Kara down onto the cozy surface, giving her another gentle smooch.

“That was nice, Anon. You really know how to make a girl feel special, you know.” Kara states, smoothing out the front of her dress.

“Well, I do aim to please.” You say as you walk over to an empty chair so you can put your jacket on it.

“You still missed.” You hear her speak behind you. Easing your outer clothing off your torso you turn around and find the white dress is no longer being worn, the previous owner now on her back fully exposed, a come-hither look in her eyes. Tauntingly, you give Kara a striptease as you calmly make your way over to your disrobed partner, saving one final piece for her. You crawl across the comforter and climb over the top of the bare monstergirl. You move in gently and give her a sentimental kiss on the lips, both of your eyes close as you relish the taste of each others mouths. Your hand begins sliding along the top of the bed before finding its way to her supple bosom. The contact of hand on breasts causes Kara to gasp, breaking your first kiss.

“Come on Anon, let’s seal the deal.” The cowgirl whispers, her hands tugging at your boxers. “I want to start our family right here, in this room.”

You allow her to strip the last of your clothing off before kissing Kara deeply. You start French-kissing, every meeting of your lips showing how much you admire each other. Your hands caress the monstergirl’s entire body, moving over each sensitive area as you rock against her. Your member rises between you, and Kara’s hands find their way to your waist before lightly squeezing your manhood. Not stopping your vigorous make-out session, you find the holstaurus easing your prick closer to the opening between her legs before she urges you to stick it inside.

Kara sighs audibly as your entire length is slowly encompassed inside her sex. She grabs your hips before tugging them signifying her wish for you to start making sweet, tender love to her. Your arms rotate to her back as you drag her as close to you as possible in the most intimate of embraces. You calmly thrust in and out of her, leading the cowgirl to start moaning in your mouth. Each exit and reentry into her slit causes your spouse’s moans to become higher in pitch and before long she’s practically calling out your name, begging you to utterly fill her up. You indulge her, burying yourself up to the hilt as you release your seed inside. Kara howls your name as the sensation of your cock stuffing her chock-full of your sperm sends her over the edge, her back arching and breasts pressing into your torso.

You collapse on top of your lover as you bring each other to your climax, and you feel your hard member deflating inside the monstergirl. Kara holds you tight, not wanting to let you go as you lie on top of her, your flat chest compressed against her own well-rounded bosom.

“Don’t stop Anon, I don’t think it stuck.” She purrs in your ear.

Room service is going to be very upset when they find the multiple stains all over the bedspread and sheets as you work all night to give Kara her child.


Shenanigans Part 2:

You move into Kara’s condo just a few days after the official ceremony and immediate consummation following it; mostly because her bed was bigger. It would have been possible to share your old bed but then spooning the cowgirl would have been less fun. Plus the blanket is larger, so overall there’s less coverings for your new wife to steal. There was a few issues with finding a place for all of your models, posters, and other useless crap but you managed; it also seems like Kara’s taken an interest in video games. You couldn’t get her to cognize the more meticulous constituents of model compiling, or aggrandize how each facsimile illustrates the adroitness of the transcendent soul who constructed the autochthonous pièce de résistance, however. It also would have been a nightmare to move all of the holstaurus’ clothing and other “important” things she owns to your old apartment, so there’s that too.

You wake up cold because Kara is hogging the fucking blanket again. You’ve played with the idea of just getting a bigger comforter or a separate one for yourself, but she’d just take it anyways. So instead of relying on misappropriated bed furnishings, you use the cowgirl instead. More specifically, you cuddle the shit out of her when you sleep, trading each others warm body heat. You also use it as an excuse to wrap your arms around her to touch her malleable breasts and have the overabundance of her ass in your crotch. You find your face is full of shiny brown hair when you open your eyes and you spit out the few strands that made their way past your lips. Your left arm is dangling over Kara’s waist and your right is currently under her shoulders, completely deadened. You want to try sticking it in while she’s sleeping, but think better of it.

Your spouse stirs in her slumber as you move around to free your numbed arm and face from her, and she mumbles something about cars or whatever. Using her subconscious movements as justification that she’s awake now you poke her in the back.

“Hey Kara.” You whisper. No response. “Kara.” You whisper again, poking her a bit more. Still nothing. “Kara, food.” You now say in a normal voice, jabbing her in the shoulder now.

“Mmfpf, few more min…” She finally mumbles.

“Food.” You poke again.

“Mmfpf. What do you want, Anon?” She answers, bleary eyed; a complete sentence leaving her mouth.

“Food. Hungry. You. Cook.” You grunt like a caveman, pointing from yourself to her between the words “hungry” and “you”.

“Dammit Anon.” Kara groans before turning back over to go back to sleep.

“Fooooooooood.” You moan, firmly shaking her.

“Ugh, FINE!” She yells, rolling out of bed. You’re about to catch her undressing so she can take a shower, but you’re blinded by a discarded nightshirt. You struggle to remove the veil hiding the now nude Kara but it’s too late. She enters the bathroom, teasing you by her lingering fingers on the door frame before closing it with a foot giving you just the slightest of glimpses of her quaking backside. At least you have the blanket to yourself now. You let the sound of running water lull you back to sleep; thoughts of the bare, soapy skin of your bathing wife keeping you company.

“Hey Anon.” Kara says, poking you in the shoulder this time.

“Just five more minutes, mom.” You mumble, still dreaming.

“Foooooooood.” The cowgirl copies you, sniggering as she shakes you awake. You shove the heavy blanket off of you and onto her and sit up in bed.

“Happy now?” You ask.

“Yes. Now come on, I’ve just started and it should be done in a few minutes.” She suggests, pulling you off the bed. Through fuzzy eyes you notice that Kara chose to wear a plain maroon full-sleeve shirt and simple blue jeans today. You however, having just risen from slumber, are wearing only your pajama bottoms and boxers underneath. You shamble into the living room and flop on the couch, wishing you were back in bed. Behind you, your partner shuffles around in the kitchen; grabbing things from cabinets, drawers, and the fridge, intent on making the most delicious breakfast her husband has ever tasted.

“Hey Anon?” Kara calls out.

“Yeah?” You say, turning around to look at the monstergirl bent over searching the refrigerator.

“Do we have any more milk?” She asks, her statement muffled by her face stuffed in the door.

“Uh, I don’t think so.” You respond, getting up from the sofa to look for yourself. You’re startled when Kara slams her fists on the counter, small tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

“Dammit! Why did this have to happen?” She cries out.

“Did what have to happen Kara?” You plead, upset because your wife is now crying softly.

“You wanted me to make you breakfast, but now I can’t because there’s no more milk!” She sobs, face buried in her hands.

“There, there, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Besides, we have plenty of extra milk.” You comfort the weeping monstergirl, hugging her gently.

“R-really?” She says, tears staining her cheeks. “Where?”

“It’s a secret. I can tell you, but you have to turn around and promise me you won’t look.” You announce.

“O-okay. I-if you say so.” Kara sniffles before obeying your request, her back now turned to you.

“Are you ready to know the secret?” You ask.

“Y-yes.” The holstaurus answers, still choked up about the missing dairy drink.

Rather than tell her where a new carton would be, which there are none of, you step forward and reach around to the front of Kara’s chest to squeeze her generous breasts. She gasps at the sudden sensation, unsure of whether she should be surprised, angry, or aroused. Judging by her hardening nipples and faint moans, you think she went with aroused.

“A-are you sure you want my milk, Anon?” Kara asks, wondering if she’ll be allowed to look at your “secret”.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t, dummy.” You return, still kneading her tits through her shirt. “It might be hard with your top on, though.”

The monstergirl plucks your hands from her bosom before extending her arms over her head to remove the dark red clothing, turning around as she does so. Her skin is flushed from the sudden massage, and her cow-print brassiere can barely support her heavy bust as she reaches around to unclasp it. The undergarment falls to the floor, and with it gone her full mammaries are free to sway as they see fit. You grin widely as Kara nervously steps forward to give you your breakfast.

“How about we eat in the living room instead, Anon.” Kara suggests, and you agree.

She leads you over by the sofa before you pop one of those dark buds in your mouth and play your tongue across the sensitive surface. You nibble on the pert bump causing the cowgirl to moan in pleasure, her face reddening from the feeling. You begin to suck now, at first receiving nothing but soon Kara’s sweet cream enters your mouth and you eagerly gulp it down.

Your hands move up to caress her silky breasts, hoping that your touch will cause them to lactate more and thicken the milk. Your eyelids flutter closed as the monstergirl’s thumping heartbeat soothes you. Her moans become longer and louder as you continue to suckle and you find that the chest you’re currently nursing from has a second pair of hands joining your own. Each of the four hands now squeeze and pull on Kara’s engorged tits, milking the loaded flesh and relieving the burden of carrying so much fluid. Your breakfast is becoming more and more thick and syrupy, and one of your spouse’s hands moves from her chest down to her jeans before diving between her legs. Wet squelching noises fill the room as liquid ivory now freely flows from Kara’s breasts and her hand rapidly works the space between her legs. Her milk is practically molasses now and her moans have soared to opera levels as her body gives into the euphoria.

No longer able to support her weight, the holstaurus’ quivering legs collapse under her and you fall onto the sofa. Her breast escapes your mouth as you land on top of her and the sudden, violent pressure on her upper torso causes her tits to spray gooey cream all over you, herself, the couch, and the floor. Gasping for breath, Kara descends from her orgasmic high and stares into your eyes.

“At least let me sit down first before you start drinking Anon!” She pants, bare chest heaving as her body calms down.

“But I was hungry.” You pout, trying to convince her with badly done puppy eyes. Kara frowns, her brow furrowing a bit before her expression shifts and she smiles, kissing you affectionately.

“How could I stay mad at such a cute face?” She giggles, and you grin back at her before you both burst out laughing. “Still though, I haven’t had anything to eat yet.” She says, giving you a VERY seductive look; her hands reaching up to pull off your pants. You tug at her own outfit, or at least what’s remaining of it, as you lovingly kiss her all over.


Shenanigans Part 3:

Kara’s birthday comes around in the summer and you secretly take her to the nearby lake to go camping, something she’s never done before. The holstaurus is practically ecstatic when she figures out where you’re taking her and nearly suffocates you in the abyss between her boobs when she embraces you. Despite the fact that your jaw is almost dislocated or you pass out from oxygen deprivation, you love it when those squishy orbs are shoved in your face. It takes the better part of the morning arriving at the campground and another hour or so for you to curse the useless tent for not staying upright when it should, but eventually you got a textbook campsite: tent with open flap, fire-pit with logs circled around it, a cooler half full with “food”, and the half-unpacked car.

Being the manly man that you are, you do all of this yourself while Kara rests near where the fire-pit is. Because it’s hot out, she has her hair done up in a bun and she’s wearing very skimpy and revealing clothing. Her bright red shirt is half unbuttoned in the heat, the extra bits of it folded away to expose even more of her huge breasts and she’s also rolled the hem of it up showing off her toned midriff, although you think you can see her stomach becoming a touch rounder; the monstergirl’s also complained about her shirts becoming a little more snug around her bust too. She probably just loves your cooking is all. The cowgirl also chose to wear excessively short khakis that barely go past her nether regions, showing off AT LEAST fifty percent of her upper legs and juicy thighs in the process. Her boundless ass can barely fit into the already too-small bottoms, constricting the taut fabric so much Kara had to shake and dance just to get them on. You’ll probably have to cut them off with scissors if she ever wants to remove them.

Since you’re innawoods in the middle of summer, you’re wearing camo-pattern cargo shorts that go just past your knees, thick brown outdoor hiking boots with excellent grip and traction with camo-pattern socks, a dark brown t-shirt, and you have a fat M9 Bayonet for a knife holstered in your left boot. You wish you had an SKS or Mosin Nagant with you along with enough vodka to last three days, but Kara said no. Sweating profusely after finally finishing pitching a second tent, you wipe your brow before turning around to strongman pose for your wife.

“God Anon you’re such a dolt.” Kara giggles, unimpressed by your showmanship as she stands up to give you a soft hug.

“Well I’d like to see you do everything. Oh wait, that’s right. You don’t know how to.” You tease.

“At least I don’t stare at a woman’s tits or butt half the time I’m doing it.” She retorts. “Not that I mind you looking at me.” The cowgirl whispers afterwards.

After chastising each other for who did or who didn’t set up the campsite or how it was done, you walk down to the shore of the lake to relax with your spouse. The brilliant blue surface is smooth as glass, sparkling in the midday sun as the water gently laps the shore. The forest is still, not a single breeze disturbing the resting branches and occasionally a songbird calls out; a few seconds later a response is heard from some other avian creature. You lay out on the sandy shore next to a large boulder that juts out into the water and Kara joins you as you chat idly about your lives. Not wanting to waste this perfect day sitting in the sand, you feign an excuse to go back to your tent; your real intentions to change into your swimsuit and soak Kara with a cannonball off the rock, forcing her to change into hers. You sneak back to where the holstaurus is lounging with her hands on the ground behind her and climb up onto the rock, ready to pounce.

“Hey Kara.” You shout out.

“Huh?” Kara asks, spinning her head around before spotting you standing on top of the rock. You smile mischievously. “Oh no. No, don’t you dare Anon.” She demands, standing up ready to evade the water.

“Ugh, fine.” You pout, turning around. You make sure she doesn’t notice you before you whip around again and run off the lip of the stone, doing a sweet backflip into the water. The cowgirl’s only warning to her impending aquatic doom is a loud “CANNON BALL!” as you jump into the air. You surface, shaking the lake water from your eyes and grin at the now soaked monstergirl.

“God DAMNIT Anon!” Kara yells, clearly upset with your deceit. “I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!”

“Yeah well, I did.” You say, shrugging. “And now that your shirt and pants, if you can call them that, are positively drenched you have no excuse now but to join me.” You then declare.

“You’re lucky I like you so much. Otherwise you’d be a very wet and very alone man.” She huffs, stomping off to change into more marine-applicable attire. You chuckle before rolling onto your back and lazily float around in the water. It takes Kara the better part of fifteen minutes before she gets back, probably because her fat butt gave her trouble.

Your wife had packed a two-piece black and white cow-print bikini, which she’s now wearing. The cups of the swimsuit top are scarcely wide enough to cover the brunette nipples even as the rest of her breasts swells around the coverings, utterly (heh) flaunting her jiggling bosom and limitless cleavage. Still slightly wet, the fair skin shines in the sunshine, droplets of water refracting the daylight into her own personal chest jewelry. From just under her large breasts to her waistline and down her legs, every inch of that smooth, creamy skin is uncovered. It’s unquestionably flawless; the polished surface hiding nothing from anyone. It glides from the top of her torso, curving and bending around to accommodate her highly active mammary glands before straightening out once more to fly over her slim belly; only marred by the barest of arches as her addiction to your baking makes itself known. The spotted bottom of Kara’s swimwear is just big enough to save her modesty, but leaves nothing to the imagination. The broad hips of your wife tell you enough that if you ever have children it’s going to be no problem for her, and those hefty thighs are certainly strong enough to completely pin any body part trapped between her legs. Her grand posterior hath many spelunker explored, but none returned from the oscillating buns; the fabric of the swimsuit eclipsed by her half-moon cheeks, completely invisible to you.

“Fancy the view?” Kara asks, bending over provocatively as she lays out two towels and sets down a bag full of beach stuff.

“Depends. Sometimes it’s better when it’s covered, other times when there’s nothing on it. But I think this is my new favorite view.” You say. With your announcement comes a lewd wiggle from the cowgirl and a smack as Kara slaps her ass as she shows off her amazing body. Your eyes follow the sexy monstergirl as she makes her way over to climb the rock that caused her to change in the first place. Your eyes go wide as you learn that Kara’s going to turn the tables on you and soak you with a dive, and you scurry as far away as you can from the smirking cowgirl. It’s too late though as she jumps off, tucking her legs up to her chest and landing butt first in the water, blinding you temporarily with water.

“Now I know why you did it.” Kara laughs. “It’s hilarious to see the look on your face.”

“No fair! I’m the one who’s supposed to upset you, not the other way around.” You argue. Someone could practically see the gears turning in your head as you hatch a devilish plan, and you move in and tackle Kara, bringing her under the water. Large amounts of bubbles break the surface of the water as you wrestle each other before your wife rushes back up gasping for air, and she’s shortly followed by yourself.

“NEVER do that again.” Kara voices, actually quite angry this time. You think she’s actually serious too. Instead of apologizing you just splash her face with more water. “Dammit Anon, I’m serious!” She shouts some more. More water splashing her face. “Anon!” Kara shouts again.

“Yes?” You ask, arms up in the air ready to splash her again. The holstaurus completely drenches you as she uses her entire upper body to spray water in your face. You sputter before wiping your eyes free of the murky liquid. You sternly peer at her before grinning like a madman, and it becomes a contest to see who can soak the other person more, both of you laughing like children. For a few hours you keep this up, playfully splashing each other or taking increasingly extravagant dives off the boulder. Soon though Kara gets tired and wants you to join her in laying out on the shore and letting the sun dry the both of you.

You step out of the water and position your towel closer to hers and lay on your back, arms folded and hands clasped behind your head. The holstaurus exits the lake after you, intentionally moving her body to give it more jiggle than usual. She sits down next to you cross-legged before reaching into the bag she brought along and fishes out some sunscreen. The bottle makes a farting noise as she squeezes some of the oil into her hand as you prop yourself up on your elbows to watch Kara slather it across her skin, giving it a glazed appearance. She doesn’t bother to remove her bikini top as she paints her tits with the filmy solution, gradually massaging the viscous fluid into her skin until it shines brilliantly; her dark nipples slipping out from behind the cups of her swimsuit.

“Mind helping a girl out Anon?” Your wife asks, handing you the bottle before undoing the straps on her swimtop, letting it fall onto the ground; her boobs swinging down and out to the side a bit as the last of the ties are undone. She then lies flat on her stomach and braces herself on her elbows, her naked tits just barely flattened by the ground. You straddle the monstergirl and squirt a generous glob of the white goo onto her back and then a small amount into your hands before rubbing them together. You begin caressing Kara’s back and shoulders, smearing the sunblock all over the places she can’t reach. You spend a bit longer than you should giving the cowgirl a shoulder massage, loosening up tense muscles as she sighs contently.

Even though she already protected the skin, you still knead the lotion into her bosom, causing the holstaurus to sigh a bit more erotically before you move to her lower back and ass. You’re pretty sure Kara doesn’t need any sunscreen on her colossal rear end, but that doesn’t stop you from grabbing a handful anyways, making her gasp. You announce your completion before tossing the bottle back into the bag and lay back down on your towel. When Kara rolls back over, her breasts slide around on her skin a bit before flowing down to the side, and you bite your lip while donning some sweet shades. Rather than enjoy the view of the sun sparkling on the surface of the lake and the sheer amount of trees all around you, you stare at Kara for the next few hours; observing the rise and fall of her immense chest as she inhales and exhales, and you long to reach over and just hold those magnificent orbs but you don’t want to disturb her. Eventually though the sun sets and you shake your partner awake, wanting to show her something else back at your tent.

Back at your campsite, after both changing back into everyday clothing you instruct Kara to sit near the pit while you get a fire going. Once a suitable blaze is up you walk over to the car and fish out two metal rods with rubber handles on one end, a box of honey cinnamon graham crackers, two bars of 72% dark chocolate, and a fat bag of jumbo marshmallows.

“What’s all that for?” Kara curiously says as she spots the bundle of junk food you’re carrying back over.

“It’s what I wanted to show you. We’re making s’mores.” You reply.

“What are they?” She asks again.

“Only the most important part of a proper camping trip.” You say.

You sit next to the cowgirl and show her how to make the unhealthy treat. She more than once either loses a marshmallow to the fire as it falls off her stick or burns one beyond what is acceptable for a s’more. She finally manages to get a white puffball to the perfect golden brown, and you help her sandwich the warm sugary goo between the crackers and chocolate. Kara bites down on her food and her eyes immediately light up when the sweet snack meets her taste buds. The monster girl insists on making more, and you both waste the next few hours using up all the s’mores supplies. Running out of stuff to make s’mores with long after the sun had set, you shift on the log slightly and pull Kara close to you and she rests her head on your shoulder. The flickering orange and yellow light of the fire dances across your face; various small nocturnal critters start chirping enthusiastically as the campfire lazily cracks, throwing sparks up in the air.

“This day was really nice Anon.” Kara says as she stares into the campfire.

“It was only nice because you were with me.” You tease. A few minutes pass in placid silence before another one of your hare-brained schemes comes to mind.

“Hey Kara.” You murmur into her ear. “Wanna go skinny dipping?”

“And that is?” She asks looking you in the eye, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, it’s when two people go swimming together.” You start.

“But we already did that Anon. Besides, it’s late and cold out.” Kara interrupts, voicing her opinion.

“You didn’t let me finish. Two people go swimming together…” You say as you lean over to whisper in your wife’s ear. “…naked.” You finish, smiling at the now blushing monstergirl.

“I-if you want, A-anon.” Kara stutters. Taking that as a yes, you jump up from the log you’re sitting on and pull the holstaurus with you back down to the shoreline. You strip down in seconds and wade into the water, hissing through your teeth when the chill water contacts your skin.

“Well are you going to join me?” You yell, spreading your arms out wide.

“Y-yeah, h-hang on a second.” Kara calls back.

She discards her shirt, showing off her well-rounded tits before bending down to pull off her khaki short-shorts. She struggles a bit with the clothing, having difficulty removing her “pants” from her vast backside before the last of her outfit joins yours in a messy pile. The cowgirl gingerly lowers herself in the water, crying out when the frigid lake touches her bare flesh. “Why couldn’t we do this earlier when it was warmer?” Kara exclaims, not really caring about your answer. Shaking you head you pull her in further up to her neck, provoking her to yelp out at the sudden sensation of her entire body submerging in the cold water far too fast for comfort. Calming the mildly agitated holstaurus you give Kara a gentle hug, holding her tight against your own nude body. Her nipples harden, although whether it’s because of the icy water or arousal you can’t tell. You sit there for a minute or so before leading the monstergirl around in a slow waltz, holding her at the waist and gently pushing or pulling her body as needed. Kara holds you in the same way, occasionally kissing you softly on the lips when she feels the moment is right. As per usual though, she eventually complains about being uncomfortable and you decide that it’s time to go to bed.

Back in your tent, you both nestle in the half-unzipped extra-large sleeping bag you had inside and snuggle with each other some more, clothing piled in one corner. You begin phase two of your master plan and start kissing Kara all along the nape of her neck and all over her lips while your hands work her delicate bosom, rolling the pert buds of her nipples in your fingers.

“Come on Anon, I want to sleep.” Kara gasps, unconsciously rubbing her crotch against your own as you work to excite her.

You go from half-mast to fully erect as you continue to fondle and make out with her, egging her on knowing that in a few moments she’ll be all over you. On cue, the holstaurus’ hands move down between you and grab at your hard shaft and start stroking and squeezing it before pulling it towards her own sex. With a swish the sleeping bag falls off of you as the cowgirl mounts you, aligning your cock with her slit before dropping heavily onto your pelvis, moaning out vociferously. You reach around and molest her bulky posterior, mauling the jiggly flesh in your hands.

Kara plants her hands on your chest, unintentionally compressing her huge boobs in her arms, enhancing the already bottomless cleavage. Her squishy chest spills out in front of her forearms as she begins to rise and fall on your manhood, moaning more and more as it slides past her inner walls again and again. Kara’s maniacal humping has reached its peak, her full tits shaking outrageously when her curvy frame plunges itself on your penis at a breakneck pace. The monstergirl’s entire body wobbles with each loud, wet slap as her enormous ass and thick thighs land on you. The fluid from her snatch totally coats your lower half and the sleeping bag becomes sodden with her love juices as she continues her wild ride. Your spouse is practically screaming out your name now as she bucks her hips and you join in on the fun, adding your own motions to the fray. You orgasm first, roughly shoving yourself in as far as you’ll go as you dump your load inside your lover. Kara climaxes seconds later, bellowing out your name, scaring the local birds and you silence her outburst with a passionate kiss as your hands move from her butt to her chest, lovingly caressing the tender globes. Her bosom secretes a bit of milk and it drips down to add to the already sizable puddle in the tent. You let her collapse on top of you as you keep on kissing her all over before taking one of her succulent breasts in your mouth, knowing that the drug will give you new-found libido in a minute or two.


Shenanigans Part 4:

You’ve had one child so far but fate and Kara’s insatiable lust for your cock has made your wife pregnant again, this time with twins. You’re happy because she’s happy, but you’re also a little upset since you’ll have to share her now; she only has two breasts after all. Speaking of her chest, it has swollen again and you’ve had to spend even more money on new clothing for the holstaurus as her entire body’s growing to adjust for the coming children.

She’s currently wearing one of the few maternity outfits that you own, usually opting to only wear a plain but immense bra and loose pants when at home if your daughter is around. If she’s not, your wife either sports underwear bottoms that barely cover her modesty and nothing else, or goes au naturel. But since you’re out in public on one of your dates again, you had to convince Kara to wear some proper attire. “Proper” being a loose term anyways because the cowgirl’s figure always seems to develop each day, expanding just a tad more and creating the problem of coverings being baggy one week and snug the next.

Her milkshakes that bring your boys to the yard strain against the taught fabric, her expansive cleavage proudly displayed in the v-neck boob window; milky flesh threatening to spill out from their silky dungeon. Her nipples have spread out further, covering an even larger area of the perfect spheres that you call her tits, and the hard nubs always want to poke through the front of the monstergirl’s top. You’ve had to modify the shirts to both keep people from seeing the stiff buds and to soak up the cream that steadily leaks out. Kara’s broad hips are moving out sideways again, stretching the waistline of the pants that you buy for her constantly. It doesn’t help that her thighs are becoming thicker too, and her ass always has to push out behind her as it spreads its wobbly weight everywhere. Her ballooning stomach has long since made it unable to tuck in her shirt, and she insists on holding it constantly or having you rub it when you two are alone.

You planned your date around taking a walk around the nearby lake, unsure if she’ll want to have the picnic in the grass or rent a rowboat and eat out on the water. Your walk around the banks is pleasant, the cloudless summer sky a beautiful blue as you hold hands with Kara; the sky not as beautiful as your wife though, you tell her. She giggles before going back to enjoy the perfect day with her perfect man. Occasionally people stare at your profoundly pregnant partner and you get the casual knowing nods and a smile directed at you from a few men passing by in the opposite direction.

“I’m tired Anon. Can we rest?” Kara complains after only one lap around the lake.

“You’re always tired. But sure, let’s find a place to sit down and eat.” You respond.

“Yaay!~ Can we go out on the water? Please? Pretty please?” The holstaurus begs.

“Anything for you my dear.” You assure her.

You head over to the rental shack, and you practically empty your wallet to rent a small boat for the rest of the day. The things you do for her, you think to yourself. Helping the expecting cowgirl into the wooden watercraft, you join her and start to paddle out to the middle of the lake. Taking a good two hours, you finally reach your destination.

“Hey Kara!” You grin.

“Yes?” Your wife asks, wondering why you’re leaning over the side of the boat.

“SURPRISE!” You yell as you splash her with a great amount of water. She yelps as the cold water hits her, positively soaking her outfit as you continue your aquatic assault.

“Stop it Anon!” She sputters through a face full of lake-water.

“Aww, but I was having fun.” You pout.

“Not as much fun as I’m having, when I do THIS!” Kara shouts back at you, dousing you for once. You both start laughing as you playfully spray water all over each other and into the boat. In the end though, you have to cease your impromptu shower as your clothes become stuck to you from the moisture. Your shirt is a lot darker now than when you began, and your pants are going to have to spend some quality time with the dryer. Kara’s outfit is completely see-through now, her sable nipples easily visible through the wet fabric, her vibrant skin a slight bluish hue under the cyan material.

“Now look what you’ve done, Anon! I’m going to have to wait until this is dry before we can go back.” Kara scolds you, looking at her ruined top.

“Exactly. Why don’t you take your shirt off so it can dry faster, and we’ll simply wait until it’s less revealing.” You suggest, smiling.

“But that could take hours!” She pleads.

“So? We got all the time in the world, and I wouldn’t want to spend it with any other woman.” You confess. The monstergirl smiles before struggling to take off her blouse, freeing her now naked bosom and exposing it to the warm midsummer day. She pats the board beside her, pointing out that she wants you to sit next to her and cuddle. You happily oblige, and move across to be next to her.

“Careful, don’t rock the boat, baby. Don’t tip it over.” The cowgirl recommends. Sitting down, the boat sways a bit causing Kara’s full breasts to jostle slightly with the motion. “Where’s the food, Anon? I thought we would be eating something.” Your wife inquires.

“I got the food right here, my love.” You say as you reach over to cup one of her boobs, pulling that mouthwatering nipple to your lips. You suckle on her teat, drawing out your lunch and short moans from the cowgirl.

“Hah, I should have know you’d plan this.” Your spouse declares before grabbing one of your free hands to put it on her tummy, asking you to rub the soft skin some more. She moves her own hands to caress your head and shoulders, murmuring in your ear and inspiring you to suck harder. You do as she wishes, her milk becoming thicker and sweeter as you relieve her chest of the strain of having to carry so much liquid all the time, and your soggy pants become tighter as her white aphrodisiac works its magic on you. Your hand gently fondles her vacant breast while the other massages the velvety surface of her colossal belly.

“I love you Anon.” Your wife announces for the umpteenth time. You quietly assure her you feel the same way by pulling just a tad harder on her bust and rubbing her child-laden abdomen a little slower.


Shenanigans Part 5:

Kara is eight months pregnant, expecting your fourth daughter this time around. Sure you have sex nearly every day, but it seems like it’s only every eight years or so when she gets the urge to have another child. Doesn’t really matter though, you’re not in a hurry to grow your family. You wake up early in the morning so you can get ready for the long day ahead of you: shopping for even MORE clothing for your wife. Every time she has a child her breasts swell substantially, surging with fresh milk for the coming infant. With your first daughter they grew from her original 36HH-cup to around a J, and they got even bigger than that when she had the twins a few years later. This time around though you think they’ll get past even an L-cup, if they’re not at that size already. Kara’s broodmother-like hips are widening even more, and you fear that the waistband on her pants won’t be able to take the strain anymore, and her thighs have become a tad thicker as well. Her squishy posterior has also joined in the party, bulging out and making her outfit bottoms harder to pull up to an appropriate level.

Thankfully your spouse doesn’t decide to join you in the shower to “help”, otherwise the hot water would run out and it would be a few hours before you managed to leave. You still take long though, leisurely letting the steaming water run over your body, relaxing your aching muscles as you slowly wash yourself. A few times Kara knocks on the door telling you to stop fooling around and finish, getting a bit more annoyed each time you don’t listen to her. You say goodbye to your three children, instructing your two nine-year-old twins that the oldest sister is in charge while their mother and father are out.

“It’s nice to finally get out of the house for once and spend some time alone together, Anon.” Kara says as you’re driving out to the mall, her hand moving over to hold your own.

“Yeah. No nagging children, no having to deal with some petty disagreement, no high school drama. Just the two of us.” You agree. Your wife smiles a bit before peering out the window again.

You nearly break your arms lugging the dozens of shopping bags filled to the brim with more clothing for the holstaurus and give an exasperated sigh as you knock out the first store of many after you arrive. Most of the morning is used up by Kara walking around pulling half of everything off the shelves to try on, and you know full well that a majority of what she’s choosing either won’t fit or is going to be discarded anyways, unwanted. At one point though she has trouble with one of her potential new outfits, and from the changing room you hear her ask for your help. You find her struggling to remove a too-small shirt, unsure of how she managed to pull it over her massive rack.

“You should by now know that something this size won’t fit, Kara.” You tell her as you enter the small cubicle, closing the door behind you with a click as the lock engages.

“I know, but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist!” She sulks, “her” shirt straining against her voluminous chest.

“Come on, let’s find something that will fit better.” You say, moving over to help her.

She raises her arms up over her head as you begin to tug on the offending garment. The shirt starts to make worrying ripping sounds as you hoist it up and over her head. Kara’s cream-filled breasts sway hypnotically as the fabric is stretched over her front before they’re released, falling to rest on top of her distended abdomen. Your own outfit becomes snug below the belt and you lick your lips at the sight of your wife’s disrobed torso. Her arms are finally removed from the sleeves as you toss the shirt onto the already sizable pile of tested clothing.

The cowgirl glances into your eyes before your suddenly move in, mouth clashing against her own opulent lips. Your hands creep around to her astronomical backside to seize the pudgy flesh as Kara shifts her own arms around your waist and hauls you in closer, moaning as your hands caress her hefty ass and your tongue enters her waiting mouth. You fondle the monstergirl as you exchange saliva before she abandons the oral battle. Lowering herself to her knees, Kara pushes you onto the bench before gradually removing her pants. Moving to your own garments she pulls yours down to your ankles before you kick them off your feet, and you pull your top over your head and it joins the rest of everything scattered on the floor. She grins quite lewdly when she notices your hardened manhood and moves in for the kill. Your cock is engulfed in her enormous bosom, completely hiding it from view. Your spouse starts rhythmically pumping your shaft in and out of her cleavage, causing you to squirm under her ministrations.

She smirks before lowering her head down and plunges your cock into her maw. The holstaurus’ flat tongue binds your shaft in a wet prison while her head bobs along the entire length, not stopping her languid actions of her tits in the slightest. Crude sucking and slurping sounds begin to fill the small box as Kara maintains her attack on your loins and you grasp at her horns to push her down on your manhood, effectively making her deepthroat you. As the cowgirl services you, you feel a tightening in your scrotum as you near release. You yank Kara off before coating her plentiful bosom and face with your seed. Your wife beams as she laps up the temporary face mask and massages the sperm covering her chest into her skin. Still rigid, you lift the monstergirl up to her feet before spinning her around and planting that bulky ass on your lap.

“Still not satisfied? Then you better make sure to pound me hard, my love.” Kara declares over her shoulder. You insert your fat shaft between her rounded cheeks and start thrusting. “Oooh, someone likes hotdodding their wife, do they? Go on, I won’t stop you.” She urges you to continue.

Unabated, you don’t stop sawing your penis between Kara’s buttocks, slapping your thighs against her rear end creating large ripples across the skin. You ruthlessly piston her asscrack until she asks you to stop teasing her and put it inside. Lifting her sizable figure up off your lap, you align your prick with her back door and let her fall back down to earth. You reach under Kara’s arms to grope her boobs and instruct her that she’s going to have to do all the work this time. She plants her hands on your legs to steady herself before raising herself up in the air before tormenting you when she sluggishly drops back down onto your crotch.

Powerful slaps reverberate off of the walls of the small space you’re in as the randy cowgirl smashes her vast butt into your pelvis as she speeds up, jiggling the flesh right in your face. Each change in direction brings out an erotic moan from the both of you, and you’re unable to hold back anymore as you buck your hips in time with Kara’s own shifting body. You let go of her obscenely titanic breasts and clutch her hips, lifting your spouse up as high as you can before heaving her back down. The monstergirl’s hands cradle her chest, tugging at the rock-hard nipples, trying to milk herself as they bounce around heavily.

You roar out, plummeting Kara onto your dick and plant it inside her as far as it can and you cum hard. Shooting your biggest load yet, your prick spasms inside her ass as each rope is shot out. Feeling you orgasm, the cowgirl moans out with each contraction of your loins as her cream spurts out to splatter the wall.

“I’ll never get tired of you fucking my ass like that, Anon.” Your wife claims, turning around to give you a wet kiss after you both come down, your cock still inside her. “It just feels SO GOOD when I get filled to the brim with your seed.”

“G-glad you feel that way, Kara.” You pant, exhausted after ejaculating for a second time in such a short span. “Mind if I have a drink?” You ask.

“Anything for you.” She coos. You spend the next ten minutes drinking all that you can and all that the cowgirl has to give, and you leave a generous wad of cash on the bench after cleaning yourselves up.

Kara can now hardly keep herself off of you, pressing her sizable bust into the small of your back or brushing her hand over your groin as you window shop in the mall. Her eyes are constantly darting around as you walk through the crowds, and you find out why when you pass next to a darkened alcove. The holstaurus roughly shoves you against the dimly lit wall as you walk by, and she’s practically naked by the time she kisses you strongly.

“Kara!” You gasp as she pounces you.

“You know that after you put me in the mood I can’t help it if I want to take you on the spot Anon.” Your spouse hoarsely acknowledges. “And I can’t, I WON’T, calm down until I get what I want. And you know exactly what I want, and that is you! I want your cock. Fuck, I NEED it!”

“B-but what if people notice us?” You express your concern, worried that someone wandering by would catch two people screwing each other.

“Let them, then! I love it when people stare at me, and all the better if I’m riding you when they do.” Your extraordinarily horny companion proclaims. “So stop fretting and enjoy your pregnant wife. Take pleasure in this, because I know you will.”

Nothing can stop Kara when she wants to mate with you and there’s not much you can do about the current situation. So instead of resisting, you allow her to rip your outfit off before you both twirl around, vigorously French-kissing each other. You suck on her lower lip, nibbling on the fleshy skin; Kara opening her mouth to heatedly moan in your face. You break off to heft the holstaurus up, grabbing as much jiggly ass as you can as you dump her onto your large member.

“You better hold on tight Kara, because I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to stand on your own when I’m through.” You snarl.

All you get in response to this declaration is that the monstergirl wraps her fat legs around your waist, draping her arms around your neck and shivering in delight as she figures out what you’re about to do. You’re unable to hold Kara close however due to her offspring-stuffed womb, but that doesn’t hold you back in the slightest as you begin pounding her snatch. She moans constantly, her salacious begging spurring you to go fast and hard. The cowgirl’s tits ricochet off of her gravid belly and you reach down and grab one in your hand, mauling the wobbling mammary. She gasps hard when you seize her mound, but instead of telling you to be gentle she grabs the other breast and starts nursing herself. You join her in suckling on her robust chest, the holstaurus now utterly wracked with pleasure. Not one nerve is ignored as you thrust into her, her backside being massaged by your hands, her chest absorbed by two greedy mouths.

Kara’s muted moaning becomes more and more frantic until she finally climaxes; her sweet milk changing to a wonderful gooey cream; sexual juices covering your bare legs; her walls clamping down on your cock. For the third time in less than two hours you cum, glazing the inside of your lustful wife giving her yet again another blissful orgasm right after the first. You stand there gasping for breath as you go soft inside Kara, disengaging her teat from your mouth. You look her in the eyes before giving her a passionate smooch on the lips.

“I almost want go shopping again if this is what’s going to happen when we’re done.” You chuckle as you get redressed, still exhausted after making love to your spouse in the middle of a public area.

“Maybe I need to make more excuses to have new outfits then.” Kara suggests, selecting a new shirt from one of the bags you were carrying around. She stretches the too-small top over her dripping chest, the fabric only just covering her glistening orbs and leaving her pregnant midriff unprotected. Her leaking buds instantly soak through the front of the now ruined clothing. This doesn’t bother her one bit, but rather turns her on instead as her nipples make themselves known as they harden from the stimulation.

“If you purposely destroy anything I swear I won’t have sex with you for at least a week.” You counter, cherishing the look on the monstergirl’s face when you tell her this. “Come on, let’s go home. We can finish what we started when we get back.” Kara nearly creams her pants when she hears you say this and arm in arm you head out into the parking lot to your car and head home.

 Being a good driver, you keep your eyes on the road and as such you don’t notice that your wife has stripped off her top and is now inching her hand closer and closer to your waistband. You only realize her intentions when she tugs on your pants, struggling to open them because of the awkward angle.

“Can’t stop thinking about my cock, can you?” You mock, helping her to undo the buckle at a red light.

“You know it.” Kara confirms as she starts going down on you, surrounding your abused shaft with her soft tits and warm mouth as she gives you road head.

As tiring as it may be, you can’t deny loving her worship your manhood. As much as you wanted the current circumstances to last, you inevitably reach your home. She’s still noisily slurping at your cock as you pull into the driveway and whines when you pull her off, but goes wide-eyed as you point out the windshield to the front of your house. She gives you a strong kiss and smiles lewdly as she pulls her small shirt back on before stepping out of the car, yelping slightly as you smack her spacious ass when she exits the seat. Her hips sway ostentatiously as she parades up the walk to the front door, teasing you when she strokes her fat butt as she slowly enters the house.

Your wife leaves you to deal with the trunk full of clothes, and you own that shit as you take only one trip to bring everything into the house. Your daughters greet you with warm hugs when you walk through the door and your eldest tells you that Kara went up to your room in a hurry, saying that her face was all red and sweaty and her shirt was all damp too. With a smirk, you let your children know not to bother their parents and you shuffle up the stairs, ready to get it on.

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