Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Prologue

It is the year 2065. It was about fifty years ago when the monster girls came to your world. Much like how you were taught the British first settled North America, some people from both sides wanted to coexist peacefully while others wanted to take everything they wanted for themselves by force. After a few years though things started to settle down and get a little less abduct/rape/enslave/marry (not always in that order according to some stories). Most of the monster girls that originally came to the North American continent strongly resembled the wildlife: black and gray wolf girls or red fox girls, brown or black bear girls, a new subspecies of harpy starkly resembling the incredibly American Bald Eagle, stuff of that nature along with the typical lamia, arachne, centaur, red oni, dragon, etcetera etcetera. You were born long after things had calmed down, although there are still occasional bouts of violence that you and a large portion of the population chalk up to racial tension, and there is also the occasional abduct/rape/enslave/marry (again not always in that order) from the more feral and less domesticated monster girls.

Your parents are human. Both your mother and father are business consultants for a large company and often went on business trips and along with the fact that during your childhood you lived in the countryside, you were often the only one in the house for weeks at a time, but you didn’t really mind. You got the entire house to yourself, and your parents provided you with everything you needed like a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and enough money to buy any other essentials, so you couldn’t complain that much other than having to earn your own money for stuff you wanted like new toys or video games. Enough about your family, time to talk about you.

You’re now twenty two years old and live in your own apartment in the middle of town. It’s not much, but it’s home. The entry way gives to the well-equipped but sparse open kitchen on the left, a closet to the right where the washer and dry is along with where you store all of the cleaning supplies, and the living area in front. The living area is also fairly simple; just a small beige couch facing an average-sized television with a small coffee table covered in old magazines, DVD cases, and various remotes and controllers centered between the two. Under the television is where you have your Blu-Ray player, sound system, and your gaming consoles. Close to the television sits your computer desk, where you spend most of your free time. Your bedroom is off to the left of the living area, across from the plain bathroom, but there’s not much in it other than an ordinary bed, dresser, shelving for some of your models that you like to build and collect, and a few video game, movie, and music posters on the wall. You work at a local diner not too far from your apartment, and while the work there is sometimes boring, you’re at least kept busy working the grill and kitchen since the monster girls came. Most of the big orders come from slime girls or dragons, and most of the extremely rare steak orders or meat buffets come from the wolf girls.

One perk that you weren’t expecting to get though is the view. A very buxom and voluptuous holstaurus works the front counter. Her incredibly large, soft ass, full, wide hips, and liberal thighs almost constantly strain against the flowing knee-length skirt that’s a part of the female uniform whenever she has to bend over to grab something from one of the lower shelves, or even if she’s just standing still. You would also very much like to be one of the lucky buttons that haven’t been broken off of her uniform’s blouse, her plump and jiggly 36HH breasts constricted against her impossible-to-fully-close-half-open top, always giving you a generous view of the canyon that is her cleavage whenever she leans over to give you a customer’s order slip. The rest of her isn’t bad either. By your estimates she’d be about seven feet tall. Her face is dominated by her deep emerald green eyes, pouty nose, and soft plump lips. Her long, flowing locks of brown hair are parted on the side by bovine ears that stick out sideways, and her horns can’t be more than a few inches long. Her tail starts at the base of her spine and ends just a few inches above the floor in a cute little poof the same color as the rest of her hair/fur, much like a cow’s would. If she were human, her legs would look the same way as yours and end in normal human feet, but since she’s a holstaurus she walks with a digitigrade gate, her legs have slightly coarse and thick fur starting about halfway down her thighs and continuing down to her feet, which end in hooves.

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