Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Epilogue

It’s been two months since you married Kara, only a few weeks more than that since you proposed. When you first met your wife you originally wanted to just have your way with her and be done with it, but ever since she nearly died slipping on the floor in your previous job, you’ve come to love and treasure her. You arrive back at your new house after getting yet more food for the holstaurus when you find her waiting in your man-cave for you.

“Hello my love, I’m back. I got you that snack you wanted so much.” You call out when you step through the doorway, and you get a response from deeper in the house. You find the monstergirl sitting on your old beige couch, restlessly fidgeting. “Something wrong honey?” You ask.

“No. Well yes, actually.” Kara nervously replies.

“Well what is it then? You know I always worry about you.” You say as you sit down on the old, worn-out sofa next to her.

“Yes I know, but this is serious.” She reveals, looking up from the hands in her lap to your face. You never get tired of seeing those deep, emerald jewels peering into your eyes. “You know how I’ve been more emotional than usual, and I’ve eating a lot more food. There’s also the strange cravings I’m getting.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. Are you going to start losing weight to keep your girlish figure like I suggested?” You inquire.

“Partly, but there’s something else, Anon.” Kara manages to declare after a short silence. She looks back into her lap and her hands unclasp from around the pregnancy test she was holding. She stares back at you before saying, “You’re going to be a father.”

All you can do is smile as you give your newly expectant partner a fervid kiss, knowing that you’ll end up ruining the upholstery with sex soon.


Months later, you’re taking an extended leave from work to care for your notably pregnant wife. Although your boss thinks you’re just being a good husband and father-to-be, it’s really because Kara’s constantly aroused and can’t bear to keep herself off of you for more than a few hours. Her burgeoning breasts always seem to slosh around with fresh ivory weight and you think Kara’s bra size has grown to around the J-cup range, although you’re not entirely sure anymore since she hasn’t bothered to wear anything other than easily removable maternity pants for the past few months.

Her overfull bosom always seem to be growing bigger each day. You don’t mind one bit but you start to wonder if your daughter will be able to drink all your wife has to give, but if she can’t there’s always you to help. Her capacious hips and thighs have grown wider too, her belly extends far beyond what a shirt could contain with your offspring growing inside, and her chubby ass has grown slightly larger, filling out the last of her succulent curves. You assure Kara that you love every bit of her, especially her delightful bottom, but she always goes on about losing the baby weight. You’re barely two feet in the door after getting food for yourself when you’re jumped by a randy cowgirl. Looks like it’s going to be a few hours before you get a chance to eat solid food again.


“Bye daddy!” Your youngest child, now an eight year old, shouts as you let her go, seeing her off to her little winter camp for the next two months. Your first child that you had almost twenty five years ago now has already moved out and is living on her own, but you suspect she’ll be soon in a relationship with her own man, if she hasn’t already. Your next two daughters, both twins and in high school, are out with friends for the next few days, but you told them to call you or their mother if they ever need anything. You sigh as you finally get some relief from your youngster’s incessant begging and pleading for you do do something with her, and you drive back home.

You had to expand your house a bit to accommodate your growing family, but it’s still the same building you and your wife fell in love with when looking for a place to live together. You pull up the long driveway, smiling softly as you walk along the path to the front door. You find your wife, Kara, in the kitchen baking another one of her heavenly cakes. Her already monumental hips are even wider now after having three more children and her well-rounded, pliable ass has expanded to new heights, giving you even more to play with. Kara’s grown a modest paunch and small love handles, along with a little bit of jiggle everywhere else after being unable to shake off the baby weight after birthing four separate children, not to mention how much she loves your cooking. Her breasts barely fit into anything anymore as they’ve expanded well beyond the M-cup range, and if she has anymore children with you you think she’ll have to start walking around topless for the rest of her life. Her brown hair has a few gray strands in it but it still has that luscious ebb and flow to it, and her eyes still haven’t lost their luster even though she’s had to get reading glasses. You sneak up behind her and pinch her butt through her tight jeans, evoking a short squeak from the stacked cowgirl and she jumps, causing her absolutely gargantuan chest to shift, falling out below her snug turtleneck, and you give her a tight hug from behind.

“Dammit, Anon! Don’t do that! You know I hate it when you do that!” Your holstaurus wife pouts, turning around to push you off of her and putting her hands on her wide hips; spatula in one hand, other hand in a fist with the index finger pointing at you, chest still exposed to the open air.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. You know how much I love a full bottom, and yours fits the bill perfectly.” You tease.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Kara muses, eyelashes fluttering under pouting green eyes. “Are the kids all gone?” She asks suggestively and smiles back at you. She sashays her way across the kitchen floor to run a finger up and down your chest, her entire body shivering with pent up desire.

“Yes, and two of them shouldn’t be back for another three days or so.” You report.

“Well then, maybe we should make up for some lost time.” The cowgirl proposes.

You grin and pull the holstaurus in for yet another romantic kiss; cooking utensil clattering to the floor as forgotten clothing joins it, the two denude beings exploring each other, ready to make love once again.


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