Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 6

“C-Come in.” A muted feminine voice nervously calls out from the other side of the door. Turning the brass knob slowly, and then a bit forcefully when it sticks, you enter Kara’s home. Much like your own living space the holstaurus’ is sparse, but has everything it needs: a kitchen with all the amenities, a closet with some various bits that one would use to clean, and an area to loosen up and socialize in. Closing the door behind you with a snap.

“Kara?” You call out to the seemingly empty dwelling.

“I’m in here Anon.” She calls out from what you think is her bedroom. Following the source of the noise, you turn the corner and find Kara sitting among what looks like chemistry equipment, pipes and containers scattered around where the girl is sitting and a small box sitting near the window. Her hair is pure chaos, bits going everywhere and a hairband is sitting next to her legs. Her face isn’t much better; the skin a tad paler than usual, and there’s a hint of crimson to it as well. Her eyes have lost a bit of their luster, the owner seemingly unable to have slept for long.

“Oh shit, Kara, are you okay?” You plead as you swoop over to sit next to the bedraggled cowgirl.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Normally I wouldn’t look like this, or need any help, but I do.” She responds quietly.

“Well what’s wrong then? You missed an entire week of work, and then you ask me to help you.”

“Well as you know, I’m a holstaurus.”


“And occasionally holstauruses need to relieve some built up pressure. Normally we’d use a machine to alleviate that pressure, but the one I have broke on Monday.”

“I don’t follow Kara. If you want I can try and fix it.”

“No, I want you to help me. I want you to help me mitigate that pressure. I want you to milk me.” Oh. OH. It all starts to become clear for you now. Her agitation, the rosy skin, her mild arousal when you gave her that hug on Monday, your wet work polo, missing work for an entire week, all the bottles and hoses in the room. Holstauruses need to be milked frequently, otherwise they exhibit all the symptoms Kara had, and are unable to function properly, if at all, until the fluid is pumped out. You swallow heavily.

“Uh, I’m not entirely sure how I would do that Kara. You said your machine isn’t running and hasn’t been since Monday, and I certainly didn’t bring one with me or the tools to fix the one you have.” You say, showing your empty hands.

“W-well I was thinking, m-maybe you could…” She looks up at you, blushing heavily, and in barely a whisper she finishes, “…use your hands.” Swallowing even more, you respond.

“I-I’m not sure I could. I’ve never done it before and I don’t want to cause any pain.”

“It’s okay, if you don’t want to, I can do it myself.” She returns meekly.

“No, no, it’s fine. I can be gentle. And if you do start to feel pain, just let me know and I can stop.”

“OHTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!” Kara suddenly squeals as she leaps up to give you yet another bone-crushing hug.

“Uh, K-Kara?” You stutter, face yet again mushed into her creamy bust.

“SORRY!” She yelps as she pulls away. Your shirt is now stained with milk, and you spot two growing damp patches on Kara’s own top.

“Hey Kara.” You quip as you point to her now soggy pullover. She looks at you quizzically before following your digit down to her bust and notices the two blotches, now one, as her shirt is now positively soaked in her breast’s secretions.

“Right, I should probably take this off so you can get at them.” She giggles before lazily removing the offending garment.

Pulling up her shirt, her leaking nipples leave a wet trail all the way down to the hem of the fabric. When those buds are finally released, you’re given a front-row seat to the most marvelous thing in the world. Kara’s melons fall after what seems like an eternity, the perfect spheres glazed with alabaster cream. They reach the end of their descent and bounce obscenely, the shiny surface sparkling in the evening sunlight entering the window. Her dusky areolae are impressive, covering a generous portion of each breast, and her nipples jut out three quarters of an inch on each tit, small beads of white liquid already forming on the tips.

“Well are you going to help me, or are you going to stare like some teenager at the beach?” Kara teases, snapping you back to reality.

“R-right. S-sorry Kara.” You timidly reply. “Any idea on how we should do this?”

“How about I sit in your lap and you can reach around and do it that way?” She inquires. There’s no way in hell you’re going to deny having THAT ass resting there.

“Yeah, I think that would work. Do you want to get something to catch the milk?” You agree eagerly. A few moments later, that ample butt is sitting in your lap and you reach around to grasp Kara’s heavenly bosom. At the first contact of skin on skin, the cowgirl’s breath catches in her throat momentarily before she lets out a contented sigh.

“Mmm, that’s more like it. Don’t stop.” She groans heavily, unconsciously grinding her hips and bottom into your crotch, making you grow hard.

Not wanting to dissatisfy the woman, you start to simply play with her boobs, rolling the hand-filling orbs around in your palms. You begin to flick at her pert nipples, each time the contact extracting a faint sigh or moan. Recalling you’re supposed to be milking Kara and not fondling her, you leave the groping behind and start tugging and pulling on her mammaries. You start to feel milk appearing from her buds and rolling down her chest before coming to your hands and dripping down to the tub Kara placed below. You maintain your current course of squeezing the liquid from her overburdened boobs, Kara’s moaning and breathing becoming more and more ragged and erotic as the frosted aphrodisiac escapes, her legs rubbing together as best they can. For the next fifteen minutes or so, you continue to caress the holstaurus’ chest, the milk vacating her tits progressively faster until it’s basically pouring out of Kara, thick rivulets of cream cascading downward, the dripping sounds echoing throughout the room. Eventually, to both your and Kara’s annoyance, the streams turn into a light trickle as the vast majority of the milk is sloshing around in the bucket below. With a satisfied sigh, Kara eases your hands away from her chest and convulses slightly when your fingers brush over her sensitive nipples. She rises from your lap and turns around to give you a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for that Anon. I feel so much better now.” Kara says, beaming at you, her face quite more rosy since you started.

“No problem, Kara. I actually quite enjoyed milking you too.” You reply. Strangely though, your legs feel largely soaked, and your shirt isn’t much better since Kara hugged you not long ago. Looking down past her bare breasts and damp crotch, you spot two VERY large patches of milk on your pants that were probably deposited there instead of the intended receptacle.

“What’s wrong Anon?” Kara asks with an uneasy look on her face. You simply point to your pants and when she notices, she blushes hard and giggles like a schoolgirl. “Oops. I guess you didn’t get it all in the bucket Anon.”

“It’s fine, I can wash these later.”

“No, it’s not fine!” The holstaurus pouts, but laughs nonetheless. “When I was spending time with you, you let me clean myself up. I should do the same.” Offering you her hand, the cowgirl pulls you up from her bed and pulls you towards what is obviously her bathroom. Being behind her, you score an impressive view of her swaying hips and ass confined to her loose sweat pants, and you also catch short glimpses of her free boobs swaying back and forth.

“There should be some towels on the rack by the shower, and I hope you don’t mind smelling like a flowerbed when you’re done.”

Thanking Kara, you close the door behind you and start to strip down out of your ruined clothes. Stepping into the shower, your about to turn the water on to very hot when you hear Kara call out. Peaking out from behind the shower curtain you spy her standing in the doorway completely naked, her curved form back-lit by the setting sun.

“Mind if I join you?” She shyly asks, puppy eyes looking back at you, eyelashes fluttering.

“S-Sure, Kara. C-Come right in.” You nervously respond, unsure if the decision you just made will backfire. Kara closes the door agonizingly slow and bends over suggestively to lock the door.

“Don’t want anyone to interrupt us now, do we?” She lewdly declares, straightening out and sashaying over to the shower, her fleshy body wiggling the entire way. She steps in and turns the knobs, causing hot water to gush from the shower head and filling the room with steam. Turning back around, you notice her eyes are now twinkling with desire, her chest heaving and short, hot breaths come from her lungs.

“Kara, I don’t thi-” Your protests are cut short as the now very horny cowgirl pulls you into a deep, passionate kiss.

“Sshhh, don’t complain. You and I both know you’ve wanted this for a looooong time and now you’re getting it, so stop denying it, Anon.” Kara huskily declares, lust filling her emerald eyes. “And now I’m getting what I want as well.”

You moan into her lips as she hauls you in again for another hefty smooch, your arms wrapping around her neck, her breasts restricting between your two bodies. You begin making out in earnest, tongues wildly flailing around in the others mouth, arms and hands exploring up and down each other. You begin cupping her spacious behind, kneading the doughy flesh in your hands and lightly humping her while Kara holds you close, caressing your head. Without warning, Kara removes her lips from yours, much to your protests. She puts a dainty finger to your mouth before declaring her intent.

“Hush now, I won’t stop.” She announces before lowering herself to her knees, hands trailing along your flank before stopping at her prize: your crotch. Knowing what’s about to come next, your penis goes from hard to diamonds in a matter of seconds. “Mmm, someone’s excited, aren’t they?” She coos. You simply nod. “Well then, I guess I’ll have to take care of this, won’t I? You helped milk me, now I get to do the same to you.”

Soon after she finishes her sentence, the sensation of her hands on your nether regions is replaced by two very soft, squishy melons. Kara begins to rub her breasts in opposite directions before pumping them up and down along your shaft. You start to moan under her ministrations and grab at her horns and pull her visage dangerously close to your rod. “Now now, no need to rush things.” Kara announces before the sensations on your dick are again replaced, this time with sweet warmth as the holstaurus’ mouth envelopes you, her long, broad tongue working all along the length of your shaft from the tip to the base. She starts to bob up and down on your manhood sucking as hard as she dares while her mouth appendage consistently encircles it, one of her hands cupping and squeezing your scrotum while the other dives between her own legs.

You direct her speed on your penis by pushing and pulling her horns and she happily obliges, moaning around your meatstick as her own hand works her snatch. Hatching a devious plan, you pull the monstergirl off of you and to her feet before giving her an aggressive kiss, and then spin her around and bend her forward a bit, her large ass on display under the stream of hot water and her hands on the wall.

Kara turns her head around to give you a sultry look. “My, my, someone knows what they want. Well go on big boy, pound my ass like the rutting beast you are!” Growling, you storm forward, forcibly shoving your erection into her backdoor, causing Kara to yelp loudly. “Not so rough!” She exclaims, although you doubt she’d mind if you took her downtown. You bend over to roughly grope her bosom, bringing out another excited moan from Kara while you enjoy the hot confines of her fat bottom, the cowgirl’s tail curling around your stomach. Wanting to start slow, you grip her broad waistline and ease your prick out from the holstaurus’ dark entrance, pulling out deliberately before gently pushing back in, each reentry prompting Kara to cry out suggestively. Her bosom wobbles slightly each time you do this, and her bulging rump protrudes outward and around your waist and thighs somewhat when you press up against it. One of her hands moves from the wall back to where it was before, assisting the owner in her pleasure. You savor the feeling of your bodies pressing together before departing, her own frame nudging you back when you bottom out, the heated water falling over your back, and Kara’s tail coiled against you.

“Come on Anon, stop teasing me! Fuck me as hard as you can! I want you! I NEED you!” The shapely cowgirl calls out.

Dissatisfied with your current pace, you decide to put it into overdrive. Grasping her immense hips more strongly, you grab her hair with one hand and twist her head around to give her a look that tells her EXACTLY how hard you’re going to pound her. Kissing her hard once more, you let go of her mane and command her to stop satisfying herself, that’s your job. You then growl and demand she put both hands on the shower wall. She willingly complies, pulling her hand away from her own sex and doing exactly what you told her.

“Well are you going to pound my ass until it’s all bruised and sore, or are you just going to stand there and mislead me into thinking I won’t be able to sit down after we’re done?” Kara questions from behind her plastered hair.

Not even bothering to answer, you immediately start jackhammering the randy holstaurus. Crying out when the first impact of man on monsterwoman hits, Kara’s hands slip against the wet tile wall of the shower before she manages to readjust. Her cow tail uncurls from your waist and loops around your fat shaft, pumping it in rhythm with your own thrusts. Her vast posterior jiggles obscenely with each motion of your hips, the smooth flesh bouncing each time your two bodies meet. Her colossal breasts add their own music to the concert, slapping on the shower wall and her stomach while your bodies powerfully clap together, spraying water everywhere. You start grunting as you plunge into her while Kara’s head leans back, eyes closed, lips parted, and mouth agape, wordlessly moaning in bliss.

Only the tightening of her walls warns you of her coming orgasm. She screams your name out in ecstasy as her colon clamps down on your prick while her tail tries its damnedest to draw all of your semen out. You orgasm shortly after she does and you clutch her hips lovingly and thrust again extremely hard, bottoming out one last time as you finish inside her. Your enormous emissions coat the inside of the holstaurus’ deepest recesses white and the feeling of hot, fresh seed flooding her brings Kara back to new heights as she orgasms yet again. You finish your wild and steamy lovemaking by rubbing each others body over with soap, pausing for longer than is necessary over the other person’s sensitive spots, massaging their chest, pubic area, and buttocks, only breaking a kiss to breath in the hot air. Long after the water runs cold, you fall asleep in the romantic arms of the holstaurus while she coos sweet nothings into your ear, your eyes finally closing all the way as you suckle on one of her tits.

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