Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 3

You’re rudely awoken from a pleasant dream by your shrill alarm clock blasting its god-awful noise right next to your ear, or it always seems that way. You can’t recall much of what you dreamt of last night, although you think you remember part of one included you asking Kara to hang out with you or something like that. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you groan as you shut off the alarm while you stretch and sit up in bed. Looking around your room, you take in everything: the dresser that’s stuffed with your clothes which is to the left of the closet stuffed with more garments, a poster of a band that played at the first concert you ever went to, some movie posters, the shelving with all of your models arranged in the quality of the build and paint job and if one looks carefully, they could even determine that this specific order is actually when you build the model, showing off how you developed your skill over time, and various other small objects are scattered around your room. Everything is where it’s been since you put it there, but one thing does catch your eye; your phone. Normally you’d just go “Oh, it’s my phone.”, but the screen is displaying a missed call and two unread text messages, all from Karalin. All of the past days events come flooding back to you. That wasn’t a dream at all. You DID invite her over to your apartment, she even accepted. More awake than you have ever been this close to exiting slumber, you grasp your phone and read the messages.

Message 1: Hey Anon I almost forgot something. I’m not entirely sure where you live, so if you can tell me that would be great. Wouldn’t want to miss our little “date”! 🙂 *Received at 02:31 a.m.*

Message 2: It’s me again, forgot something else. Would it be okay if I brought some drinks or a dessert over? And I know what you’re thinking. I’ll eat dark meat. *Received at 02:40 a.m.*

Voice-mail: *Message received at Six. Forty one. a.m.* *beep* “Hey Anon, it’s Kara. Sorry for calling so late, or would it be early? Anyways, just checking to see if you got my earlier messages! Thanks!” *beep*

Typical Kara. Always being polite and formal whenever she sends messages or talks with someone. Looking at the clock which is showing 12:33 p.m., you remember you should probably start working on getting things ready for this evening. You text Kara back apologizing for responding so late, but also you give her your address and you also say that you’d love to see what she would come up with for dessert. Laying your phone back on the nightstand, you leave your room to start your morning routine: take a shower, get dressed (and picking jeans since you think they hide erections the best), and then eat breakfast. You select some toaster pastries since the cereal you have is crap and you don’t have anything to make an omelet (du fromage) or pancakes. You idly munch on the dry, flavorless strudels and ponder what to do for dinner. Kara said she’d eat beef, but you think something other than dark meat would be better for a dinner “date”, as Kara put it. Cleaning up after you eat you leave your apartment to go purchase some foodstuffs for later, concerned that you might bump into Kara if she has the same idea to get supplies to make something.

Fortunately you don’t and make it back home with enough material to make a nice chicken fettuccini alfredo dish, along with some other groceries as well. You plan on preparing dinner about half an hour before she arrives, and in the meantime you consume some free time by playing video games. A few hours later at around six post meridiem you another text from Kara saying that she’s going to be over in about an hour. Time to enter DEFCON 4. You manage to get another match in before you need to start cooking. First you start with the sauce. You throw together the ricotta and parmesan cheese, cream, salt, butter, and garlic in a pan and start stirring like your life depended on it. Although in this case your current and future relationship with the good-looking holstaurus is on the line. The fettuccini noodles are easy enough: throw them into a pot of lightly salted boiling water for ten minutes and then drain. You then move on to the chicken part of the fettuccini chicken alfredo. You chop up the dead poultry muscle into little cubes and saute them in some butter for about fifteen minutes on medium-low heat, and then mix everything together and serve the finished entrée on your best tableware. You’re trying to impress a female after all. As if the gods themselves were giving you their eternal gratitude, right as you finish setting the table there’s a knock on your door.

Your heart skipping a beat as the unknown hand raps lightly on the wood door, you make a quick glance in the mirror you have hanging on your side of the door, just in case your hair or something is out of place. Taking a slow, deep breath you open the door. If you hadn’t known Kara was arriving, you would have no idea who the woman at your door was. But there’s no mistaking the wavy brown hair or piercing green eyes, not to mention her generous breasts, flared hips, juicy thighs, and spacious behind. She has a cute little sun pin in her hair, something you’ve never seen her do, although it doesn’t look bad on her. Her top is a loosely form-fitting white t-shirt with a pleasant little floral pattern on one sleeve. She opted to wear plain jeans like yourself, however hers are much more tight around her waist, hips, thighs, and every other body part that pants go over. Kara’s not wearing any socks or shoes. There is footwear specially made for monstergirls but it’s ludicrously expensive, and why bother when your feet are hooves anyways.

“Oh my god! Hi Anon!” Kara practically yells as she lunges forward to give you a big hug, her hefty bosom squished against your own face and chest. Muy bueno. Those creamy tits are FINALLY pressed up against your body, although you have no idea when you learned Spanish

“Hi Kara.” Your voice is a bit muffled from having a face full of breast, and you breathe in the pleasant floral scent of her shampoo and body-wash.

“Sorry! Sometimes I get a bit carried away when someone is friendly.” She pulls away while blushing slightly, her cheeks tinted with just the slightest hint of red.

“No problem. It didn’t hurt at all.” You claim, hoping to calm the mildly anxious female.

“What’s that smell? It doesn’t seem like steak or burgers.” Kara declares as she sniffs the air.

“Dinner. When you stand over a grill all day long barbecuing meat it gets a little old, so I thought I’d try something different.”

Inviting her in, you close the door behind Kara eyeballing her all the while. She finds an open spot on the counter and places the paper bag she brought with her to make it easier to fish out the glittering chocolate cake she baked for dessert. Damn that looks delicious. Being the gentleman that you are, you pull out Kara’s chair for her and push her back in before sitting down yourself.

“What exactly is this?” Kara asks with a bewildered look on her face as she contemplates the pasta before her.

“It’s an old Italian dish called chicken alfredo with fettuccini.” You explain.

“Fettu-what?” She proclaims.

“Just try it.”

Having had the food before, you know exactly what it tastes like and start to eat. Damn, a little too salty this time though. Kara however is apprehensive, nervously spooling a bit of the noodles around her fork before slowly transferring it from the plate to her waiting mouth. Chewing uneasily, her face goes from doubt to astonishment.

“Oh my god this is AMAZING!” She professes with a half-full mouth of food. “Why don’t you make this at work?”

“Well for one, it’s not on the menu. And two, like I said before this is an Italian recipe, while the diner is more centered around American cuisine.” You remark.

“Well it should be on the menu.”

Both of you continue eating while making small talk, Kara devouring her new favorite food and regularly talking with a mouth packed with pasta and chicken. Suggesting you eat the cake later, you offer to clean up for her while she makes her way to the couch in the living area. Putting in the DVD for the fifth season of Firefly (it’s a shame they canceled it after the seventh season was over), you sit on the couch on one end, and to your delight Kara scoots over and leans up against your shoulder. You put your arm around her and pull Kara just a little bit closer to you, eliciting a soft sigh from the girl.

“Thanks for inviting me over Anon.” Kara whispers to to you with a VERY faint hint of melancholy to her voice.

“It was my pleasure. It’s not often I get to spend time with a charming holstaurus.” You whisper back. Kara rises up slightly and punches your shoulder. “Tease.” The rest of the night is spent watching your favorite television show, Kara asking questions on who is that or why they’re going there with you patiently stating essentially everything. As the night goes on you take a short break to inhale the delectably moist chocolate cake Kara apparently baked. You make a mental note to ask her for the recipe later. Going back to watching television you notice Kara succumbing more and more to sleep before eventually you’re sitting upright and she’s laying lengthwise on the couch with her head in your lap, resting peacefully. Getting up, exceedingly mindful of the slumbering monstergirl, you go to your closet and get a spare pillow and blanket for the cowgirl sleeping on your couch. You slowly position the blanket over her body and the fluffy pillow under her head, smiling when she subconsciously nestles in the couch more deeply. Quietly you give Kara a kiss on the forehead and murmur goodnight before shutting off the lights and heading to your own bed.

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