Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 10

Just like she said, Kara calls you a few days later asking you to come back down to her room at the hospital. She tells you they’re finally approving her discharge to go home. You gladly accept and let her know you’ll be there soon. Your mind races with a million questions on the way there; all of them utterly random, having nothing to do with how she feels or if she will have to go back for check-ups. You exhale heavily at the thought of having to go through yet again waiting in line just to sign in before someone can accompany you back to the holstaurus’ room.

Luckily you don’t have to do any of that because when you reach the foyer you see Kara waiting for you with a grin on her face. She’s wearing that white shirt with the corolla pattern on the sleeve again, and her lower body is covered in a pair of dusty gray pants, showing off each and every enchanting curve. The cowgirl has also inserted one of the flowers you presented to her earlier into her hair; the red rose blossom positioned just above her trimmed horn. Probably to hide it more, you think. You briskly jog up to her and give her a close hug, being mindful of her arm wrapped in its sling.

“Feeling better?” You ask.

“Now that you’re here, yes.” Kara teases, causing you to blush a little. “Finally get to leave this place, and hopefully I won’t have to come back.”

“Come on, let’s get you home.” You declare. The bus ride back to the monstergirl’s condo is spent in tranquil silence, or at least as much as public transport allows. Kara sits near the window with her head resting on your shoulder and you breath in the sweet aroma of her mixed in with the subtle scent of the flower in her hair. A minute or so after the bus departs from the hospital, the cowgirl’s right hand snakes its way towards your left and clutches it lightly. The soft skin of her hand feels nice, and you give it a gentle squeeze.

Savoring this moment as long as you can, you don’t notice your stop coming up until the bus is nearly on top of it. You shake Kara awake, having fallen asleep on you for the second time, and offer to help her back to her home. You both walk the last few hundred feet from the stop to her home holding hands and when you get to the front door Kara struggles to unlock it with only one usable arm. You suggest that maybe you should do it before she screws up and asks you to help anyways, but she insists that she can do it. You pester her and in the end she relents and you open the door for her, holding it open to let her in.

“Haven’t been here in awhile.” Kara states, looking around the room as you shut and lock the door behind you when you enter.

“I would have kept it up for you, but I didn’t have the key and I didn’t want to bust open a window or something.” You respond.

“I doubt you could do that anyways, Anon.” Kara mockingly suggests.

“Oh shut up.” You say.

“Pff, whatever. Anyways, it’s nice to know that someone cares about you.” The monstergirl thoughtfully announces to the nearly empty room.

“Yeah, it is.” You agree. “I’ve been thinking…” You begin before being rudely interrupted by the snickering coming from Kara. “AS I WAS SAYING,” You shout over her, not mad in the slightest. “I’ve been thinking about something for a while now, and I need to tell you something.”

“What is it, Anon?” Kara asks, turning around to face you.

“I-I don’t think we can be friends anymore.” You flatly state.

“W-what?” Kara stammers, taken aback by your sudden announcement, tears starting to form in her eyes.

“It’s not like you think. Ever since you first started working in the diner, I felt like someone special had just appeared before me. It took me a long time to realize and I never knew it until we really started to spend time together, but I’ve learned that the beautiful woman whom I first laid eyes on was the one I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with. She was the one I loved the most, and the one I hoped would feel the same way. I don’t think we can be friends anymore…” You pause for dramatic effect.

“…because I want you to be my wife.” Finishing with a smile on your face, you get on one knee and fish the small black box from your right pocket, opening it to reveal the ring proudly perched on top of the dark green velvet interior.

The outer bands of the ring are a bright silver, and sandwiched between the two is a single strip of ivory taken directly from Kara’s horn; the same piece that was broken off just a week ago. You would have wanted to use her sparkling eyes as the main stone, but opted for a plain diamond inlaid with small gems matching your own eye color instead.

“Will you marry me, Kara?” You request. Her tears go from ones of sadness to ones of utter joy as you confess your feelings to her. Her one good hand moves to cover her mouth as she gasps in shock at your declaration when you open the ring-box.

“Yes” is the only word the monstergirl manages to whisper before you’re embraced by your now future-wife. You share another kiss, but this one is filled with love and compassion rather than pure sexual lust like the few before it.

“I love you, Anon.” Kara reveals, pulling away to look deeply in your eyes

“I love you too, Kara.” You return. The intimate moment is broken by a feeling of your shirt becoming wet. Again. You pull away from the cowgirl a bit more thinking it was just her tears that dampened the cloth but then you notice her top has two dark spots of its own, right on top of her breasts.

“Hey Kara.” You smile, pointing down at her shirt. She follows your directions before spotting what’s happening. She blushes excessively and giggles before looking back to you. “Do you want me to help you with that, or do you want to skip straight to the fun part?” You joke, knowing far ahead of time what her answer is going to be.

“Only if you put it in the other hole this time, husband-to-be.” She responds obscenely. Not wasting any time, you put the jewelry on the counter while moving in for another kiss. You start kissing each other slowly before things begin to get heated, and eventually you’re French-kissing the busty holstaurus, tongues intertwined together and probing the other person’s mouth. Your hands meanwhile explore every curve, every bump, every valley, every mountain of Kara’s body. Your hands slide over her vast waist before falling to her spacious thighs, and eventually they make their way to the cushy, pliable buttocks of the cowgirl. Having a mind of their own your hands begin to work the yielding flesh, rolling and groping Kara’s boundless rear end through her pants. Unsatisfied with the current squishy skin you move your hands up to her shirt, and with a bit of trouble, you remove it to expose her mammoth tits, finding your own covering has somehow removed itself as well. Finding a new source of monstergirl flesh to play with, your hands dash forward and begin to manhandle the owner’s mammaries, squeezing them between your fingers, twisting and pinching the hardening buds.

Kara’s hand meanwhile is content enough to move all over you, not stopping in any one spot for more than a second or two. Your breathing, and Kara’s, becomes more and more labored as you continue to fondle the other person. You dance your way to the holstaurus’ bed and fall on top of it with Kara on the bottom, still kissing and touching each other. Eventually Kara is the one to first break the cycle as she removes her lips and hand from you.

“A little help, Anon?” The cowgirl requests, unable to remove her pants with only one arm.

You smile and stand up from the bed before removing the rest of your clothing, letting your hardening member flop free when you pull your boxers down and off your legs. You then move to Kara’s legs, and with a little work you slide the comfortable garment off of her. You get back on the bed and straddle the horny monstergirl, positioning your manhood at the entrance to her own womanliness. Kara gives you an approving look, and you start to push inside her, keeping it slow so she can adjust. You hit a slight snag before moving in further, Kara wincing when you take her vaginal virginity. You bask in the feeling of being inside your lover before gently pulling back out and Kara’s legs wrap around your thighs and her hand holds you tight.

You rock back and forth calmly wanting to make the occasion last, but your partner is having none of it. Kara uses her powerful legs to lead the pace, making you thrust in an out as fast and hard as she wants it. Her shining breasts vacillate, jiggling viciously whenever they reach their peak and occasionally touch the monstergirl on the chin if the motion of the owner is enough. You look Kara in the eye and smirk before grasping the plump orbs in your hands once again. She gasps sharply when you do this, and begins to moan with each change in direction of your hips or when you flick her pert nipples or massage her chest. Her lower limbs drop to the side, freeing you to go ahead and screw as you see fit. You start humping madly, hips slamming into Kara’s with breakneck speed. With each meeting of future-man and future-wife comes a loud clap as sexual juices squirt everywhere and begin to coat your nether regions, sweat coating the rest of your body as you work to impregnate the holstaurus. The bed creaks and groans in sync with Kara’s own lustful moans or cries of pleasure as you plunge again and again into her eager snatch. Her sighs and gasping climb in scale, and your own grunts become shorter and harder as you each near the end. The cowgirl under you suddenly hauls you in close for another wet kiss before pulling away to peer into your eyes.

“Come on Anon, don’t hold back! I want to feel you shooting your hot sticky seed all over my insides. I want to know what it feels like to be fucked so hard until I’m pregnant ten times over!” She gruffly demands.

All too happy to oblige, you give her a hard peck on the lips before going hard, just like she asked. Kara throws back her head onto the pillows and screams out in pure pleasure, urging you to more roughly fuck her. The bed you’re on practically jumps from the floor as you brutally smash your body into her, and the monstergirl finally climaxes, calling out your name. Her slick walls clamp down on your shaft and begin rhythmically pumping it from the base to the tip, coaxing out what Kara most desires. You give one final shove before you to finish. Your balls churn, releasing your semen directly into her womb, giving the monstergirl another world-shattering orgasm. You pant as you shoot the last few loads inside before collapsing into her chest, utterly spent as you finally go soft.

“Mmm, that felt amazing Anon.” Kara claims.

“You were amazing.” You retort.

“Oh shut up you big lug.” She answers, lightly punching you in the shoulder with her good hand. “Thirsty?” She asks, offering you one of her dark mounds.

“Am I ever.” You gladly accept, enveloping the tip of her breast in your mouth.

Her skin has a sweet yet slightly salted flavor after you two recently made love, but it just adds to the seasoning as you suckle, drawing out the ivory milk. Every so often she has you switch to the other globe, encouraging you to suck harder to get it all out and softly gasping or moaning when her milk is secreted, only spurring you further to eke out more from her. Sooner than you expected, you feel yourself expanding inside Kara. You cease your nursing and raise an eyebrow as you look at Kara.

“All done? Because I’m certainly not.” The monstergirl next to you lasciviously smirks, and you suddenly you find yourself on the bottom with the cowgirl in the, well, cowgirl position. “Are you ready my love? Because I’m not holding back. Not. One. Bit.”

Excited at where this is going you lift your hands up to her full bosom and yank on those fat jugs, hoping to get some more of that sugary liquid. She starts to agonizingly raise her bulging thighs up in the air before letting gravity carry her back to earth. With each descent she lets out a deep, throaty moan as your cock pierces her insides and your handling of her tits persists. Pushing up and down licentiously, Kara’s mind starts to break down to its most basic motives, and you move your arms down to her ample waistline and hold her tenderly to help the holstaurus satisfy her needs. Kara stops bouncing almost entirely, causing you to lift her up with your arms and move your lower body at the same time instead. Her enormous breasts jump ferociously as her shapely figure rockets up your shaft before crashing back into your pelvis. You both begin to gasp and moan as your frantic mating continues, bodies smacking together wetly and mattress groaning yet again. Once again you’re informed of Kara’s imminent orgasm as her voice crescendos, inner walls becoming tighter around your penis. This time you come first, shooting a thick load as big as the last one right back into her uterus. The monstergirl atop you climaxes milliseconds later, shrieking the name of her significant other before she falls onto you. Gasping for air, Kara simply lies on top of you.

“Oh man, I don’t know if I have another one in me.” She expresses, face buried in your torso.

“Well I think I do.” You announce to your worn out fiancée. “Come on, I have an idea.” The monstergirl lifts herself from you before following your directions to get on her hands and knees. Faced with that tremendous backside, you waste no time in sinking both your phallus and hands into the jiggly meat, causing your companion to yelp and beg for you to be gentle but you know full well that she’s going to want it harsh and arduous. The rest of the day, and well into the night and next morning is spent in coitus, ending each hectic screwing and shared orgasms with Kara breastfeeding you before you inevitably become erect again, and you try fucking in a new position.

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