Have Yourself A Tsundere Little Christmas- Home For the Holidays With Anubis: Part 2

When I woke up the following morning, it almost looked as though the cabin had been ransacked before it occurred to me that Sakaali and I did this with our carnal hijinks.

The enchanting Anubis looked positively spent as she continued dozing in the cabin’s bed with me. Spent, but otherwise happy.

Taking care not to wake her, I gingerly got up and tidied up the place a little bit, uprighting some of the furniture we knocked over while she was riding me like she was with the rodeo and I was a particularly challenging bull. I looked at the chair she had shoved me down in to get things started last night. Perhaps the most charitable thing to do to that piece of furniture was to take it out back and chop it into splinters before using the remnants as its own funeral pyre. There was absolutely no way to that chair was ever going to be used for anything remotely resembling it’s intended purpose ever again.

As I’m in looking over our breakfast options in the fridge, I hear a strange noise coming from what sounded like the bathroom.

I stop what I’m doing and make my way towards the bathroom, noticing that our bed is now empty as I pass by the bedroom.

There’s that noise again. It sounds like Sakaali is…..retching.

“Babe…?” I call out through the door. “You okay in there….?”

After a moment’s pause from her I hear her speak up. “Ah…Graham. I’m sorry. I’m just feeling a little under the weather at the moment.”

Did she just….apologize? I ponder.

“Aw babe….I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you come out here in the cold…..”

“Nonsense.” she hesitated. “Your parents are perfectly charming and this trip clearly meant so much to you. You have nothing to apologize for…”

In many ways, it was quite eerie to have her not call me stupid and accuse me of trying to kill her through exposure to the elements or germ warfare, lamenting You killed me! You killed me! the whole time. “You sure you’re OK?”

“I’ll be out in a minute and join you for breakfast.”

“O…OK then. Don’t push yourself too much.” I say nervously.

Damn… I say to myself. Don’t tell me she got sick from eating mom’s pot roast. I’m sure Mom and dad didn’t, but then again they’re not mamono….

As I’m getting ready to stagger to the kitchen and prepare some breakfast, I happen by the full length mirror and notice three diagonal red slash marks across my midsection.

Oh shit! Sakaali must’ve done this last night. I say to myself as I give the gashes a closer look. I’d like to think I’d remember her doing something like that, but we both got pretty caught up in her ‘special early Christmas present’ for me. I scramble about the bedroom looking not for any bandages or gauze, but for a shirt to throw on before she can emerge from the bathroom. My first through was that if she sees this, she may be reluctant to have sex with me for my own protection. It still stings a little, but I manage to find a shirt to put on before heading out to the kitchen and making breakfast.

From the kitchen window, I can see that we got a fresh coat of snow overnight. The truck, woodpile and tree branches are coated with more fresh powder. I’m glad to see the weather is so cooperative when I wanted to give Sakaali her first white Christmas.

As I scramble some eggs and cook up a few of those sausage patties in the fridge, I hear a voice speak up behind me.

“What’s for breakfast?” the Anubis shyly asks me. I turn around and see that she’s wearing just her panties and a cut-up old ash grey Arizona State tee shirt that was now a way-too small tanktop exposing the bottom third of her lucious caramel breasts.

“Merry Christmas babe! For today’s menu, we have scrambled eggs, OJ and sausage.” I tell her, unable to take my eyes off her admirable and barely concealed chest.

“I…I’m not sure I’m very hungry- but I’ll have some juice and keep you company, though.” she said in an uncharacteristically quiet voice.

“I’d be honored.” I said as I went back to tending to my breakfast. “Hey…check it out, babe! Looks like we got some more snow overnight.”

I’m treated to a full profile view of her shapely body leaning forward to get a better view of the accumulated snowfall outside through the window, her tail lightly swishing back and forth.

“It looks so lovely out there…” she muses.

Not as good as the view you’re giving me… I say to myself before regaining my train of thought. “If you want, we can go out for a little hike in the woods after breakfast. I mean…if you’re up for it.” I corrected myself remembering how ill she seemed moments ago.

“I….I would like that very much.” the beautiful Anubis remarks quietly before turning to me. “Wait…I thought you wanted to exchange Christmas presents.” she said a little more sternly as she joins me at the table.

“Mmm…yeah…but we’ve got all day for that!” I tell her as I bring over breakfast.

Despite being sick earlier, Sakaali is now holding up one of the dishes in her paws.

“I thought maybe you might’ve lost your appetite being so sick earlier…”

“I guess I’m feeling a little better right now…” she says as I scoop some scrambled eggs onto her plate.

“Aw…well, Bon appetit then!”

She makes quick work of the eggs and OJ before excusing herself to get dressed. I finish what’s on my plate shortly after she leaves and absently start to whistle Walking in a Winter Wonderland as I clean up after myself.

Within moments, she has transformed herself from alluring and sensual she-wolf to a cranky, neon version of the Michelin man as she emerges from the bedroom in oversized snow pants and a bright pink winter coat along with an aqua blue wool cap with ear-holes cut out for her.

“I’m ready for that hike…” she said with more than a hint of impatience creeping back into her voice. It was strangely kind of reassuring.

“I’ll be right with you- let me layer up.” I said, making my way to the pile of clothes that accumulated on the floor last night after she ordered me to strip.

The two of us decide to hike a little ways back towards the road we came in on just to see if it was passable. Since it looked like we could get through there with no problem, the two of us figured we should be able to see mom and dad later on that day. Sakaali’s ears occasionally twitch and she sometimes would stop to sniff the air before continuing along with me.

“Graham?” as we start heading back to the cabin with the sun peeking in and out from behind scattered clouds.


“I…I wanted to thank you for bringing me out here.”

“Really? You looked like you were kind of miserable for awhile there, babe.”

“Well…when I first came to this realm, I was left with the impression that Christmas was a shallow and materielistic holiday that rewarded conspicuous consumption and avarice.”

“You weren’t really too far off, babe…” I sigh, recounting lord knows how many headlines of people getting trampled at Black Friday sales or fisticuffs breaking out over hard-to-find toys.

“Nonsense….” she chides me. “Look at how happy your parents were when you showed up. You could tell they had been looking forward to this for quite awhile. They clearly didn’t want any baubles or trinkets….” she smiled. “They just wanted to see their little Grahmmy-poo this holdiay.”

I cringed a little at her repetition of my mother’s pet name for me, but had to smile at her observation.

“I think they were just as happy to meet my smokin’ hot she-wolf of a girlfriend.” I said as I squeezed her paw.

“Of course…we’ll consider that an unexpected bonus. But I’m also pleased to see how happy and excited you’ve been these past couple of days.” Sakaali continued. “I can tell it really meant alot for me to be here with you and I’m glad I could oblige….because you can really…..” she starts to trail off.

I look at her and can see a pronounced blush in her cheeks, and I’m sure the winter breeze has very little to do with it.

“Anything else you want to add?” I prod.

“Well…..it’s just….” she stammers. “You cretin…I can’t believe you’re actually make me going to say this.”

I arch an eyebrow, pretty sure I just got hit with the first ‘idiot’, ‘dummy’, ‘cretin’ or ‘oaf’ of Christmas. Sakaali was no doubt beginning to feel better.

“It’s because you’re spirit energy tastes even sweeter when you’re happy!” she blurts out.

“So….last night must’ve been like you getting locked in a cupcake shop overnight then.” I say with a michevious chuckle.

“I…I guess I got a little carried away.” she says shyly, turning away from me. I think back to those red slashes and my aching side when she said that, but I cannot stay mad at her.

“My beautiful empress has always been so good to her desert knight.” I say as I squeeze her paw.

“Dummy….I know…I don’t need you to tell me that…” she said distractedly.

Before I know it, we’re almost back at the cabin and a mischievous grin is forming on the corner of my lips.

“Hey….” I call out to Sakaali as I let her walk a few paces ahead of me. “Know what we did this time of year when I was a kid?”

“What’s that?” she asked as she turned around.

Snowball fight!” I gleefully shout as I launch a snowy projectile her way. It strikes her flourescent winter coat before exploding into a puff of wet snow and sticking to her face and her hair.

“Damn Sakaali! I haven’t seen your face covered in so much white stuff since….well….last night!”

GRAHAM!! YOU ASSHOLE!!!” the normally calm and collected Anubis yelled out. I see her leaning over and trying to make a snowball with her big paws. It doesn’t seem to be going her way, but that doesn’t stop her from heaving the hastily assembled projectile my way. In her enthusiasm, the snowball she heaved starts arcing way above my head.

“You’re way off, babe. Where did you learn to-?” My taunting is cut off as I hear the snowball connect with something directly above me. Looking up, I see a bunch of wet snow suddenly knocked loose from the branch above me courtesy of Sakaali’s snowball. I don’t even have time to let out a startled yelp as what seems like tons of wet snow falls on top of me.

“You were saying….?” Sakaali’s voice taunted me.

“Ah! Damn it!! You cunning little she-wolf!! I think a bunch went down my shirt……”

“You should see yourself!” the Anubis giggles. “You almost look like a Yeti!”

“Seriously…nice shot, babydoll. Were you on the softball team or something? Where did you learn to throw like that?” I say as I stagger around, doing my best to brush off myself, but resigned to the fact that a bunch of the snow was now down my shirt. As I regain my composure, I notice something next to the woodpile that I had overlooked in the dark.

“No way!” I say as I pull the item from underneath the snow. “Hey Sakaali, babe! Check this out….”

“So help me if it’s another snowball….” she says as she approaches.

“Nope…even better.” I’m now holding up a plastic sled. It looks familiar and is old enough that it actually could be the one I used as a kid- although I don’t remember ever dragging it out here as a kid.

“What is that?”

“It’s a sled….here, let me show you….”

We backtrack a little bit where I find an open meadow that’s tilting away from the road at a slight downhill angle. I scramble off the road and quickly set the sled down before sitting down in the front half of it.

“C’mon!” I call out. “There’s room for two!” I say as I pat the rear.

“Dummy….this doesn’t look like it’s made for two people.” she says, doing little to mask her trepidation. After some coaxing, she very reluctantly gets into the back of the sled and wraps her arms around me.

“Ready! Set! GOOOO!” I shout out like a big kid as we push off and the sled starts to pick up speed. I can feel Salaaki squeeze me a little tighter as the sled start barreling down the hill and let out a little scream that sounds like its borne of both fears and exuberance.

“How do we stop!?” I hear her shout as we continue barrelling down the hill.

It was a fair question as the woods were now closing in at an alarming rate. Just like back in the day, I figure I might as well improvise and stick my right foot out to use as a makeshift brake.

It looks like a bad idea at first as me, Sakaali and the sled all go flying. I see the sled take off one direction as I start to tumble and feel the Anubis land on top of me. She didn’t come down particularly hard, but I couldn’t stifle a pained yell as I bounced and tumbled a little further down the hill. Behind me, I can hear Sakaali let out a startled ‘Yip!’.

“Ah! Sakaali….are you OK?” I call out as I try to get up. There’s a raw, throbbing pain on my righthand side as I stumble.

“You childish oaf!!” she barks ferociously at me. “Were you trying to get us killed!? What were you thinking, you idiot!? I can’t believe-” she stops mid-sentence, sniffing the air.

“Graham…” she said, her tone shifting dramatically. “A-are you OK? I…I smell blood.”

“I-it’s nothing….” I say as I clutch at my side. She’s not fooled.

Ignoring me, the Anubis paws at my shirt before she manages to lift it up, getting a good look at the nasty looking gashes she carved into my sides in a moment of passion last night.

“Oh….Graham…..” she said looking at her paws and then the claw marks. “I…I did this, didn’t I?”

“It’s OK….” I try reassuring her, but I can see tears forming in her eyes

“I…I’m sorry!” she said as she hugged me. “I….I didn’t mean to do that you! Does it hurt…?”

“I…it’s not so bad, so don’t go beating yourself up over this….” I say.

“You….you idiot! Why didn’t you say anything?” she scolds me.

“Because….because I was worried you might…..you might not want to sleep with me if you saw that…” I trail off.

“Ugh! You dumbass! Did you think I wouldn’t notice the big cuts on your side the next time you took off your clothes!?”

“Oh yeah…..didn’t think that far ahead.” I begin to mumble.

“You fool….” she says as she holds me even tighter. “Do you ever think anything through.” The aloof she-wolf continues in a false baritone. “Oh hey babe! Let’s take this antiquated peice of plastic with no mechanism for steering or braking and go careening together down an icy hill with it! What could possibly go wrong!? It’ll be fun!

I figure she must be really upset with me if she’s trying to mimic me now. Before I can say anything, Sakaali wraps her arm around me and lifts me up, using herself as support as we make our way back up the embankment and to the cabin.

“Let’s just……let’s just go back to the cabin and see if we can get a first-aid kit.” she sighed. At first I think I’m OK until I try putting weight on my ankle. I end up needing her for support much more than I had anticipated, since it looks like I twisted my ankle while trying to use my leg to bring our sled to a screeching halt.

“Graham…..” she sighed. “Do you want to know why I’m so cross with you sometimes?”

“Is it because I do stupid shit?” I ask half-seriously.

“I…I know you, Graham. I’m not trying to change you….you are who you are and I’m perfectly happy with that. I get angry because I see so much potential in you and I hate seeing you waste it….” she says earnestly, looking into my eyes as I hobble with her back to the cabin.

“Plus you do stupid shit….” she continues.

“Sakaali….” I said, looking her square in the eyes. “Thank you.”

“Baka….” she huffs quietly.

She did not let go until we were in the cabin and she deposited me on the sofa across from the fireplace.

“Just rest there while I get the first aid kit….” she say, still sounding both angry and sad at the same time. “Or…so help me, I’ll give you a matching set!”

I could only sigh dejectedly. ‘Angry’ and ‘sad’ were the two things I didn’t want my Anubis girlfriend to be on Christmas, yet here we were.

Neither me of Sakaali knew whether or not there was a first aid kit in the cabin, but she made cerain I had one for the truck. The Anubis ventured back out into the winter afternoon before returning with the little plastic box with the red cross on it from the Dodge.

“How come you didn’t say anything?” she repeated as she opened up the kit and foraged around for gauze pads.

“Honestly, I didn’t notice it right away, Sakaali!” I tell her. “My side was a little sore and throbbing, but otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed anything if I didn’t walk by the full length mirror this morning.”

“You fool….” she’s showing remarkable dexterity getting the gauze pads out from the first aid kit, but is still having a difficult time opening them. “What if it was worse than you thought and something happened to you!? What would we do then?”

“It’s not that bad…” I try reassuring her, well aware I probably sound like a broken record. “I…I think that fall from he sled just aggrivated it.”

“What would we do without you, you fool?” she begins to ask tearfully as she continued struggling with the packaged gauze. “How do you think that would make us feel if something happened to you!?”

“I’m sorry- what do you mean we?”

She says nothing as she finally has the gauze open and is applying it to the claw-marks. Satisfied she has it in place, she hands me a small gift-wrapped box before she stomps out of the room.

I gingerly remove the wrapping and look at the little box, a series of ribbons confounding me from immediately opening it further.

“What can this be?” I murmur to myself when I hear someone pad behind me.

I turn and see Sakaali who is now once again dressed in her simple-but-sexy ensemble of black lace panties and cut-up ASU Sun Devils t-shirt, still dabbing at her eyes.

“Here, must I do everything for you?” she chides, tearing away the ribbon with her paw before handing the box back to me.

I open up the box and can see that it’s a tiny piece of dollhouse furniture.

A crib.

I’m perplexed at first until I realize that she was using the phrase we momens ago.

“Sakaali…babe?” I ask looking up at her.

“I’m pregnant…” she tells me, her expression lightening considerably.

“No way!”

“Yes. Yes way, Graham.” her tail is now wagging uncontrollably.

“I’m gonna be a daddy!?” I ask her in disbelief.

The verbose Anubis simply nods.

Forgetting my injuries, I leap off the sofa and wrap up Sakaali in a tight bear hug.

“I..I’m gonna be a daddy! You’re gonna be a mommy!” I say excitedly as I pick up the gorgeous Anubis and spin her around.

“Y-yes….” she says, her face radiating warmth and love for her desert knight and the father of her unborn daughter.

“This is amazing! This….this is the best Christmas ever!” I say as I very reluctantly set her back down.

“But I want my desert knight to promise me something…” she says quietly but authoritatively.

“Of course, babe! What is it? You name it….”

“I’m going to need my sweet knight to stop being so reckless and be more careful now that he has a baby girl he’ll need to provide for.”

“I promise….. Anything for my desert Empress….and my little desert princess.” I playfully rub her belly before a though occurs to me. “Oh shit!…..”

“What?” Sakaali asks, concern now etched on her face.

“We’re having a little girl…..this means I’ll have to work 24/7 to keep all the pervy boys away from her when she gets older.”

“I wouldn’t say that….I mean her mother found herself a pervy boy and things seemed to turn out OK.” Sakaali beamed.

“That was a fluke! A one in a million shot.” I retort. “Hey…H-have you told my parents yet?”

Sakaali shook her head ‘no’.

“Hey….I know. Why don’t we give them this?” I asked, holding up the little dollhouse crib. “I think mom still actually has her dollhouse from when she was a girl. I’m not sure what’s left, but that could easily be the most kickass piece of dollhouse furniture she’d have now.”

“I think that would be lovely…” the Anubis smiled.

“Hey Sakaali…?” I asked before kissing her on the lips.


“I bet my spirit energy tastes sweeter than friggin’ Crème brulee right now.”

“You filthy degenerate!” She playfully admonishes me before softly kissing my neck. “I bet it’s even sweeter than that. Maybe I should find out?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” I say as she playfully guides me by the hand to the cabin’s bedroom.

“And don’t worry, Graham” She winks. “I’ll be gentle- this time.”

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