Harvest Rituals

Hundreds of villagers were gathered on the long stretch of grassy plain at the edge of the forest. They were alraune – plant women, with a mass of vines that served as their lower bodies and limbs. The entire population of the quiet little village had assembled, from young children to the village elders. Each of them wore a strange animal-like mask, a tribalistic fetish that concealed their faces. At the head of the gathering stood the alraune’s leader, who had marked her face with gold and blue paint. And behind her, was a tall, wooden pillar, planted in the mossy earth.

“It is time!” the alraune leader announced, spreading her vine-arms out wide as she preached to her flock. “The harvest is upon us again, and it is time to offer another sacrifice!”

A group of the plant women rustled forth from within the crowd, dragging a man along with them in their smooth tentacles. A burlap sack covered his head, which the leader deftly picked off. The man – Nick, his name was – glanced around furiously, eyes narrowing as spittle flecked from the corner of his mouth.

“You bitches!” he spat. “You bitches!”

With a nod, the leader gestured to her followers. The four plant women that had carried Nick to her blushed and giggled, wasting no time as they set about performing the ritual. The tips of their vines danced across Nick’s body, skillfully undoing his clothing and stripping him naked in a matter of seconds. Next, they began to glide their vines over him, stimulating every part of his body. One of the alraune occupied herself with his manhood, coiling a feeler around his cock like a snake devouring its prey, beginning to stroke him up and down. Another began playing with his balls, while the other two delighted in the sensations of the muscles of his chest and arms.

“This is rape!” Nick protested. “Rape!”

His captors only giggled, making a show of forcibly arousing him in front of the entire village.

“You’ll all be guilty,” Nick groaned. “And you’re doing it for nothing!”

“Ooh,” one of the alraune giggled. “Oh, his cock is so tasty~”

“Let me get a taste,” the other said, extending a vine with a bulbous tip. The tip of her milking vine opened up, exposing the fleshy purple of its insides before completely enveloping Nick’s cock, trapping it inside her undulating embrace. Nick let out a long groan, struggling as he tried to free himself, but his many-armed lovers had him thoroughly pinned to the ground. Several members of the audience started moving around for a better look, moaning as they began to play with themselves.

“Raping me won’t bring back your goddamn honey!” Nick shouted.

“But I know it will,” the alraune leader replied, offering a sinister smile and giving a nod to the four women torturing him with pleasure.

The alraune nearest Nick’s head extended a peculiar-looking tentacle to his face before releasing a small cloud of pollen, which he was forced to breathe in. The hyper-aphrodisiac coursed throughout his body with impossible speed, making him cry out as he was forced to orgasm, spurting warm cum into the milking vine.

“How can it,” Nick cried. “I’m not one of you, I don’t believe in your god, I don’t believe in sacrifice…”

The alraune remained attached to him the entire time, grinning as they forced him to cum a second time, eliciting more groans to the great delight of the audience.

“Enough,” the alraune leader commanded, holding up a tentacle to signal her subordinates to stop. “It is time.”

Noticing a faint buzzing in the air, Nick was breathing heavily paused to listen as his torturers slunk off of him. His body was still struggling under the effects of the alraune pollen, but he soon noticed that the buzzing was getting louder with every passing second.

“Oh god,” he groaned. “What is that, what is that, what is that?!”

Three beautiful, flying women appeared in the sky above him, grinning down at him with unbridled lust. These women resembled ordinary human women but with insect wings on their back, a pair of antennae on their head, and a protrusion from the back of their hips that resembled a bee’s abdomen.

“Ooh,” one of the honey bees giggled, “oh, this year’s harvest is rather handsome!”

“I’ll say,” the other bees agreed.

“Woah, no!” Nick cried. “Not the bees!”

The alraune villagers all stepped back as the bees descended upon their prey, wasting no time in raping him.

“Not the bees!” Nick shouted again. “Aaargh!”

With a giggle, one of the bees straddled his lap and thrust her hips towards Nick’s, impaling herself on his cock and exposing it to incredibly tight, hot, and sticky pleasure.

“Blaaaargh,” Nick cried. “My dick! My diiiick! Argebleleblergh-“

Nick’s screaming and flailing was finally stopped when one of the other bees sat on his face, forcing Nick to begin eating out her pussy.
The sacrificial rape went on for hours. The alraune villagers became increasingly aroused by the affair, to the point where the entire congregation broke down into a massive orgy. Nick was eventually transformed into an incubus by the massive amount of demonic energy released, being forced to cum for his captors dozens upon dozens of time. And by the end of it all, when the sun was beginning to fall into the horizon, another squadron of honey bees arrived to carry off their sacrifice back to their hive.

Nick would serve as king of the bees, subjected to endless sex as he was forced to breed with the queen for the rest of his days. Before they left, one of the honeybees paused to slip some cash into the alraune leader’s pocket, winking and promising her that the first delivery of honey would arrive within the week.

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10 thoughts on “Harvest Rituals

  1. You know, I believed it up to the end. Some kind of cult thing… or old school pagan religious ritual then ya had to end it with some good ol bribery and that kinda messed me up… damn it Eigth.

      1. I could barely tolerate the first Wicker Man. Since when does any remake improve upon the first?

        I’m thinking Highlander- 2 as I’m typing this.

    1. Yes! That’s the movie I was trying to remember! The whole story made me think of that scene where Nicolas Cage was in a bear costume.

  2. …I have to like anything Nicolas Cage related, I just have to, it’s my guilty pleasure, and I would call this piece, short, but sweet…that wasn’t a pun, or a play on words by the way.

    Anyways, I liked, it gave me a laugh, and it was a great start to my day!

  3. You got inspiration from Breakaway Republic, right? Is he posting new stories somewhere? I miss his stuff.

    Funny parody though.

    1. Break still writes; he submitted a story for the Kikimora/Satryos competition. Not sure if that publicly available yet, though.

      Glad you enjoyed

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