Harem for the Holidays

Art by Kanachirou

It’s a good feeling, doing something for others. A lot of guys who play Santa Claus get paid for it, but a lot of them volunteer too, and when an old guy in my neighborhood had to bow out of a mall Santa gig I went ahead and volunteered to take his place after he’d asked me. I was short a beard and a belly, but I grew enough of a beard to really get the false beard locked in, and got a snow white dye job for both. Throw on a fake belly over my abs and I made for a decent Santa at 6’5”. Not nearly as tiny as a lot of guys look these days.

Of course, that was what I forgot in my fervor to do a good turn and do something nice for the kids. I completely forgot the monster girls. It was an easy mistake to make, I’d only just moved into a Monster integrated area recently, and they’d only really been out in the public eye for about a decade now. Besides the friendly air delivery harpy I didn’t exactly see a lot of monster girls in my day to day either.

You have to adjust your expectations when it comes to things with monster girls around. For example, Santa’s helpers are elves right? Well, this mall went the extra mile this year and got actual elves for the first time. Elves of course are tall, elegant, stunning creatures more like a fantasy novel than the tiny toy making elves found in the Christmas movies of my youth.

Shara and Talya were no let down for the fantasy genre mental picture of elves. Shara was a blonde haired beauty from the national forests up north, all lean muscle and modest curves to make models look plain, and the green mini skirt number she wore as my “helper” only made her look better. Talya was her polar opposite in looks, with silver hair and dark skin, and generous curves that just about made her red version of the Santa’s helper outfit look indecent. It was certainly funny watching some husbands double take when they saw my helpers, and a few older boys who clearly hadn’t talked to Santa in years found the time to come talk to me and sneak peeks at the girls.

Overall my lovely assistants and I put on a good show. There was some tension at first, accidentally walking in on them changing wasn’t a great first introduction. They won’t admit it, but I still think half the reason they were annoyed was I didn’t come in and close the door. There was tension between them too, once we’d gotten our act rolling properly, they’d bumped heads over even the smallest things. If I’d been a bit more savvy I might have picked up on what was going on, but after they’d gone off for a “talk” one night, everything was fine the next day. Both women laughing and smiling and going on like they’d been the best of friends for years when we weren’t out with the public.

Sure there were some pretty wild incidents over the course of the holiday season. The girls got me back by walking in on me changing for example, and they did stay with wicked grins on their faces the entire time. Or the Baphomet incident. A “little girl” crawled up into my lap with her teddy in her arms, with the cutest voice, and she waved me down so she could whisper in my ear what she wanted to ask Santa for Christmas. I won’t recount what she said here, but it was so unbelievably foul that I turned white as a sheet. Thankfully Talya caught on to what was afoot and called in mall security before a little hand could go somewhere it really should not.

That crisis aside the other thing I’d forgotten besides monster girls in general, was more specifically monster MILFs.  Dear lord the MILFs. Every body type imaginable from arachne to centaurs to more normal bipeds, usually with the type of bust you could reasonably expect to need a snorkel to survive. All standing with a smug self-satisfied grin, holding hands with their husbands as their daughters queue with the rest of the kids to come have a talk with Santa.

The kids were great too, you got the occasional weird request sure, but for the most part little monster girls are little girls, and they ask for the same types of toys and sweets as any human girl might. Sure you got the sob stories, kids of all species asking about parents deployed with the military for the holidays or kids from clearly lower-income families asking hopefully about relatively common toys. Real heartbreaking material, which is why my Elven assistants and I started helping out for real in the latter cases.

Elves have excellent hearing, those long elegant looking ears of theirs aren’t just for looks after all. So it was child’s play for one of Santa’s helpers to listen in on what the kiddo in question was asking me for and go talk to Mom or Dad to ensure that for that child at least, Santa would deliver on Christmas morning. Be it by getting contact information to send toys we bought and wrapped ourselves, or palming them a gift card so they could go and buy the toys themselves. Sure it was out of our pockets, but isn’t being charitable part of the holiday spirit? 

There was one situation though that I was dreading. It’s part of the job, and the old guy I took over for had warned me about it when I signed on, to get me thinking about how I’d respond. You can’t slip in character after all, the holiday version of kayfabe is in full effect.

That singular, dreaded question is the painful version of a funny question that could still be embarrassing to field. Asking Santa for a sibling is hilarious, and it was almost always one of those kids with a surprisingly loud voice, leading to some mirth for everyone and some blushes on the child’s parents faces. Only once however, did we run into a single mom, and the gift request that actually hurt me when I finally heard it in real life.

Hellhounds are an interesting breed of monster girl. Not quite the unholy rape machines that they’re made out to be in pop culture, I’ve only ever really met married Hellhounds, who came across as attentive wives and devoted mothers, who were a bit rough around the edges at the most, but were otherwise pleasant to deal with. A single Hellhound out husband hunting can be… aggressive to say the least from what I understand. Their sheer scale, in terms of height and overwhelming strength may be intimidating, but one type of Hellhound I know I like are Hellpups.

I’ve always said puppies of any breed are amazing. I’m a dog person through and through and there’s nothing a puppy can’t make better in my mind. I guess my enjoyment of puppies somewhat transferred over to the various canine monster girls too, so when the Hellpup who’d make my Christmas an altogether different experience than the one I’d been expecting approached I was already mentally melting for her big red flaming eyes.

Cutest damn thing I’d ever seen, sleek black fur and hair well cared for, a big coal plushie tucked under her arm as she walked up to me, her tail hanged limply, almost tucked.  Occasionally she  looked back towards where I assume her mother was waiting in the crowd, before she finally crawled up into my lap. I popped a candy cane in her free hand and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Her response was a little steam come off her flaming eyes as she said…

“Well… Mr. Santa, my name is Cindy, and my Daddy went away a long time ago, and Momma says he can’t come back… and I know she’s really lonely, and I’m lonely too. I know it’d be really hard, but I’ve been a really good girl this year, and I was hoping I could have a new Daddy.”

I just about died in the chair. Right there. Pure heart attack. Shara audibly sniffled and Talya had to go in back so no one would see tears in her eyes. Elves have good hearing like I said, the little Hellpup might as well have told them too. Anyone who heard something like that would have an almost instinctive reaction to want to comfort the poor thing, and I was no different. I wrapped her up in a big bear hug, trying to comfort the crying pup.

“Well sweetie, I don’t know if I can fit a Daddy in my bag when I come and visit Christmas Eve, but I’ll be sure to do everything I can for you okay?”

A sniffled yes was all the reply I got before I heard a sudden intake of breath from one of my helpers, and felt a heavy paw on my shoulder. Where there is a pup, there is a mother (bitch?) and momma had arrived to police up her little girl.

She was… stunning, on several levels. At an easy seven feet and probably at least three hundred pounds of raw muscle and sinful feminine curves, clearly thickened in all the right places by motherhood, this was the purest definition of MILF I’d ever seen in person, and I could feel the heat off of her eyes as she bent down to take her daughter in her arms.

“I hope she hasn’t been too much trouble, has she, Santa?”

“Oh no I…”

I caught myself. Between the adorable pup and her mother’s knockout curves I’d nearly replied out of character! I covered with a nice solid Santa laugh and managed to get back into the magic of the season.

“No trouble at all, she’s as cute as a button, and I’ll do my best to make her wish come true.”

The HellMILF’s teeth are very white, very bright and very sharp looking. Her grin was pleasant, charming even but everything about the devilish momma dog had a feral, hunting energy behind it. No matter how pretty her smile was. 

“Oh I do hope you can Santa, it’s what she wants most in the world after all, and good daddies can be so hard to find… maybe you know a candidate or two?”

Her hand stroked my broad chest idly, a friendly touch unless you could see the predatory look on her face.

“If you think of someone, maybe send them to Ashley’s Christmas tree. I’ve been a good girl too, just like my sweet little Cinder here.”

The way she was looking at me certainly suggested she had a candidate in mind, and that she was anything but a good girl. With a wink she spun on a heel, her plush tail sweeping over my legs and lap, the sinuous, silky fluff very clearly drew the eye to her very well defined and well toned back side as she took her precious pup and headed for the door. Shara and Talya glared daggers at her back the entire way, seething silently over what they must have felt was an invasion of their territory.

After that particular encounter the actual time working as Santa flew by, while I started spending more time with my Elven assistants outside of work. As friends, or so I thought. I’d certainly given a thought to asking one of them out, but deciding which of the two to ask seemed nearly impossible, and I didn’t want to mess up the good vibe we had going by trying to figure it out, at least till we weren’t playing Santa and company any more.

So it wasn’t surprising when the girls suggested that we do a Christmas party together to celebrate “wrapping” the gig. When we had finished our last day and  had gotten the big “Gone To the North Pole To Prepare For Christmas” sign out, it was a sensation well worth celebrating. We headed over to my quiet little town home in the suburbs to have some food and drinks, and properly get in the Christmas spirit.

I’d forgotten an important lesson however. Around elves, watch yourselves. They were honest, open and pleasant women to be sure, but elves can be rather cunning to say the least. Not that I was particularly hard to outwit in this case. I didn’t even question the two small bags of “party supplies” they’d brought over. When they borrowed the bathroom to freshen up, I still didn’t have the foggiest what they were planning. At least until they walked out in high heels and holiday themed lingerie any way. That got the message, and the Christmas spirit, across to me loud and clear.

Red lace has a fascinating effect on different skin tones. It stands out all the brighter on paler skin colors, and on the darker skin tones, it stands out and contrasts in an entirely different way. It’s the only color I can think of that can be so serviceable to such a wide portion of the population, human or monster girl alike, and the effect on Santa’s naughty little helpers was like getting hooked up to a power line.

Shara had selected a lace baby doll that concealed just enough to keep things intriguing, but left almost nothing to the imagination. The curve of her ass and the flash of her very skimpy matching panties peeked out at me from under the hem of the gauzy material. Talya had selected a garter set instead, the stockings, garter, and shelf bra making her already lush curves look even more stunning.

“Hello, Santa dear.”

“We decided on your present… we figured out just what kind of guy you were early on.”

“We had both been intending to pursue you.”

“Mhmm, once we figured out what the other was up to, we had even been thinking about making you choose.”

“Then we saw you changing… and we figured.”

“It being the season of sharing and all.”

“There was more than enough of you to go around.”

“If you’re alright with two elves instead of just one?”

I slowly pick my jaw up off the ground and put my eyes back in my head, trying to not actively drool at the tantalizing and stunningly erotic feast for the eyes now made available to me. Another option I’d not thought of. Monster girls were noted for their devotion to their partners, but polygamy wasn’t unheard of. It just wasn’t something my mind had leapt to. Good thing my helpers had been doing the thinking for us.

“I’d been wracking my brains for weeks now trying to figure out how I could possibly choose between you both so I could pursue one of you honestly… if you’re okay sharing, I don’t mind being shared.”

Talya snorts. “Don’t mind being shared. Hah, you look like a naughty boy on Christmas Eve who wants to unwrap his presents early.”

Shara grabs my hand, and starts dragging me back towards my bedroom.

“Lucky you that you’ll get to unwrap us any way… and if you’re extra good you can unwrap us in the morning again too, and next evening… and the next.”

“If I get any more lucky I’m pretty sure the gods are going to smite me.”

“Oooh I think that means he’s happy with his present Shara.”

Talya pulls my shirt over my head as we pass the threshold of my bedroom, cuing Shara to start cuddling up to my chest and running a hand up my inner thigh. “Mhmmm, based on his pulse and this rather firm spot in his jeans I’d say he’s very happy.”

Talya slides around from my back, nails lightly tracing my skin before guiding Shara down to kneel in front of me, four shaking hands fumbling with my belt and jeans to finish undressing me.

“Well now let’s see what we’re working with here.”

A quick yank and a breath of slightly chilly air and I’m left mostly naked in my bedroom, pants pooling by my knees, cock stiffening rapidly just from the visual feast on display, nevermind the anticipation of what was to come next.

“Oh my… this is definitely a present fit for more than one.”

Now I’m not the most inexperienced guy on the surface of the planet by a long shot, but the sight of two very hungry looking beauties kneeling in front of me like that, their bright eyes flashing in the calm half light of the room, was an energy rush even before they started to touch me. Soft, deft hands stroking across the sensitive skin of my shaft, reaching down to massage my sack, ensuring I was throbbing for them before their lips ever touched me, two tongues caressing my manhood with an almost teasing sloppiness, spit shining me in a moment. The pleasure alone was intense enough to make me drift away for a moment, lost in the sensation of their hands, tongues, and mouths servicing me.

I’m no minute man but I’m amazed to this day that I didn’t paint their faces and mouths white with spunk then and there, my cock throbbing hard as the pleasure my helpers were giving me for my Christmas present raced up my spine like lightning. Thankfully, the elven beauties knew better than I did, and pulled away from my aching shaft, their bodies pressing to me as they came up to exchange long, deep kisses with me. They accepted my exploration happily, letting my hands roam them as lace and silk unmentionables were discarded and we made our way to the bed.

It was then I was faced with a truly difficult choice. I had both of these amazing women, both of whom were playing for keeps, but who was going to go first? Who was going to get railed first? The girls had crawled onto the bed on their hands and knees, plump elven rumps pointed at me, revealing their soaked pussies. The contrast struck me again, two plump lips parting ever so slightly to reveal their soaking pink interiors like roses unfolding in the sun.

I didn’t think. I pounced. My cock piercing like an anti tank sabot round to the limits of Shara’s depths with a bone rattling thrust, overpowering the muscles of her clenching, hungry depths. My right hand didn’t give Talya time to pout even as my hips were slapping against Shara’s well toned ass, fingers seeking out her soaked depths and sensitive clit, making her cries join Shara’s as they filled the room with groans and pants. After a few minutes of hard thrusting I popped free of Shara and slammed into Talya, surprising her with the suddenness and depth of penetration as I gave her a dose of what Shara had just been enjoying.

We went on like that for what felt like hours, bodies coming together in explosions of mutual desire and lust, the girls guiding or being guided in turn as we shifted position after position. From doggy to cowgirl, to a slow and sensual missionary, to the utterly unique sensation of Shara and Talya grinding themselves on either side of my cock. A constant exchange of kisses, and various forms of sexual stimulation flowing through the three of us like a wildfire before a series of final shuddering orgasms.

What a sight we must have been, my Elven lovers leaking heavy cream pies from their well used quims as they nuzzled in against me, ready for a very happy rest together. It seemed that the Christmas season wasn’t done surprising us though, and red eyes with great gouts of flame coming from them were watching us from the hallway.

The first thing we noticed was the temperature in the room going up a couple of degrees, and then the floorboards in the hallway shifting under what sounded like significant weight. Before I had the chance to go for my nightstand however, Ashley stepped into the light of the room. No Christmas lingerie here. Just a bright red bow around her neck like she was a child’s Christmas puppy. No puppy had massive, gravity defying tits, washboard abs and what can only be called child bearing hips like Ashley did though. Even for a Hellhound momma Ashley was a MILF and a half.
She flashed that wicked hunter’s grin of hers again as she strides confidently into the room, eyes locked with mine.

“Why hello Santa… I came all the way to the North Pole to talk about my little Cinder’s present… I’ve been wanting to make her wish come true for years you see… and my what a North Pole it is.”

Her eyes broke from my gaze to slide their way down my body, clearly enjoying the journey as well as the destination, as she perches her very naked body on the edge of my bed.

“An even better North Pole than I expected at that… and I’m a girl with high expectations.”

Her voice was a low, husky purr that tickled the inner part of my ear, and stimulated me in ways I still don’t fully understand in all honesty, and the three of us were still stunned into silence as the HellMILF continued to talk.

“Now… I’m going to give you girls in the bed an option, we can have a nasty, unpleasant confrontation over all of this… Or…”

The HellHound flourishes one of her big, meaty paws and displays three spines of Manticore venom with a feral grin. The tips glinted almost malevolently in the low light of the room, coaxing a little gulp out of me.

“We all have a good time tonight, and my sweet little girl gets two step mommies as well as a step daddy… and maybe even some sisters to boot.”

The elves looked at each other, quickly having a silent debate. It’s not entirely that they were intimidated by the HellHound, they had her out numbered after all. It was insane wasn’t it? This offer to straight up form a harem with this woman we barely knew? Not that I was being given much of an option regardless. Finally though, the elves make their choice.

“Alright. Why not? There’s already two of us, a third won’t make much of a difference.”

Talya’s response shocked me, as did Shara’s almost immediate nod of assent.

“‘Tis the season of sharing after all. And there’s plenty of Santa to go around.”

I couldn’t find it within me to protest. Not really any way. Three beautiful women being willing to share because they want you bad enough? That’s a hell of a compliment to my mind, and Cindy was an awfully cute potential step daughter. I found my voice and managed to lamely interject…

“Isn’t it the season of giving?”

Ashley crawls up the bed on all fours, the elves shifting to give her room, as she stabs the first spine of venom into my thigh before leaning in and giving me a hard, deep kiss.

“Ah so it is Santa. As I recall, the giving part is your job, and you’ve got a long night of work ahead of you.”

Venom spread through my veins like wildfire, a curious mix of pain and a wave of intense arousal. I’d heard Manticore venom was intense but this was something else entirely. It certainly had its desired effect though. I was rock hard and throbbing in seconds, and despite an evening of enthusiastic sexcapades I was feeling as fresh as when the elves and I had gotten started a couple of hours ago.

Ashley surveyed her handy work with the smuggest grin I’d ever seen, the flames at her eyes burning wildly as a more natural lust consumed her body. Her big paw found my shaft and began to stroke me. Paw pads, how had I ever lived without getting a paw job from a monster girl before? The sensation was so wildly different from the soft hands that been handling me earlier in the evening, and I was sensitive enough that I felt like I could feel the individual molecules of her paw pads and soft silky fur as she stimulated me.

By the time Ashley is satisfied by her thorough examination of my shaft I’m leaking pre like a fountain. She could have stroked me off with barely any work at all. I felt like I’d have cum from a stiff breeze at this point to be perfectly honest. Then again, that was the point of the venom. I could blow once, twice, a dozen times, and my cock wouldn’t flag an inch. I’d have another load ready and waiting for my needy partners, until I finally collapsed from exhaustion any way.

Ashley slid into place over me, rubbing my tip with her pussy lips as her boiling hot juices dripped down my shaft before she plunged down hard, and took me deep into her body. The first sensation I noticed inside of her as she began to ride me was the heat. It really did feel like her pussy was a cauldron, bubbling and boiling with her lava hot insides. A couple hard thrusts down finds her hilting me into her again and again, the head of my shaft bouncing off her cervix. You’d think that’d be painful, but if it was the pain was only egging her on, her pace picked up as her muscular body gripped my cock like a vice.

Her hips slapped against mine with enough force to bruise me, her excellent control the only thing stopping me from an eventual ER visit when she was finished with my cock, and in that moment I could understand why people were scared of Hellhounds. She was strong, unbelievably so, and while motherhood might have tempered Ashley somewhat, the feral hunger in her eyes showed more than anything just what kind of predator had joined our little trio in my bed.

I had to strike back just to preserve something of my pride, even my venom fogged brain knew that, but there was no way in the nine circles of Hell I was flipping Ashley onto her back unless it was her idea. Lucky me however, Ashley’s breasts were within easy reach of my hands and mouth. The massive mounds were big enough to require a map to get out of her cleavage, unnatural in their size and gravity defying perkiness. My hands grabbed at her as I fastened my lips to one of her pink nipples. I gambled that her cans were sensitive, and it paid off in spades, coaxing higher pitched moans out of the Hellhound MILF. I was almost a bit disappointed that she was dry, but then she’d already declared her intent to get her daughter some sisters hadn’t she?

It didn’t take long at all after that for us to cum furiously together. I was on a hair trigger from the venom coursing through my veins to start with, and Ashley wasn’t much better. She was a Hellhound, but I could tell from how she was acting that it’d been awhile since Momma had gotten some loving, and she intended to enjoy every second. She had persevered alone, carried on alone, had hidden her own loneliness and focused on raising her daughter. Now it was her turn, and Ashley wouldn’t be alone any more going forward.  

As our bodies begin to signal our imminent orgasm Ashley slammed her hips hard against mine, locking into place with a howl of passion as her burning hot pussy begins to wring my load out of me. I obliged in spades, what felt like more cum than I’d given Shara and Talya put together pouring straight into the HellMILF’s womb, leaving us both panting in each other’s arms.

“Oh… Lords and Ladies of Hell I haven’t… it’s been far, far too long.”

It was at that moment that Shara and Talya stepped back in. They’d each gotten some personal moments with me, and they must have figured that Ashley deserved the same courtesy, but they were eager and needy too. There was plenty of Manticore venom left in my veins, and even more of it in the room. They pressed up against Ashley from either side, sly grins decorating their faces.

“Oh Mrs. Claus…”

“We don’t want you to forget that you’re sharing with us now…”

Shara held up another Manticore barb for a moment before digging it into my thigh.

“We’re gonna rut like beasts until dawn finds us. How does that sound?”

Ashley manages to catch her breath, and giggles briefly at the offer.

“Well of course, our new hubby needs to make sure sexy things like us reek of his mana, and we need to ensure every monster girl in the city knows just who he belongs to in turn. Wouldn’t want anyone getting any ideas to try to put the moves on any of us.”

Their eyes turn to where I’m still flat on my back. I’m practically vibrating at this point, and I’m pretty sure I could smell color. With two spines of Manticore venom rushing through my veins, my cock throbbed within Ashley’s confines still. Even then I was lucid enough to know that it was officially three against one, and that I was in for a night that I wouldn’t ever want to forget. Assuming I managed to survive it any way.

We found ourselves in a tangle of limbs Christmas morning. I rose like a zombie, my hips blackened and bruised after a long night of shared pleasure amongst new lovers. Discovering and sharing in each other over and over again. Ashley had set our alarm pretty damn early, but nothing some Tylenol and coffee wouldn’t fix after we disentangled ourselves. Give or take an Elven healing spell for me before we set off into the frozen morning air. We had to make haste before anyone at our destination might stir, we had a very special little girl to surprise after all, and it was bad form for Santa Claus to be late.

That Christmas morning was an entire emotional spectrum removed from that Christmas Eve, but it was just as memorable. Cindy was at Ashley’s parents house, and Ash had slipped out to come and find me after the little hellpup was safely bedded down for the night. When she finally woke to the slightly bustling house, Ashely’s parents having accepted their new son and daughters in law with considerable grace and a fair amount of enthusiasm, she found the adults sitting around the tree, talking quietly, laughing and smiling as more coffee was sacrificed to the dread god of caffeination.

Cindy rubbed her eyes a bit, her plushie tucked under her arm as she slowly took in the scene, eyes widening as she shyly walked over to her mother, hiding somewhat behind her muscular leg.

“Momma, who are these people?”

I stop Ash from responding with a wave of the hand. I wanted to field that question. I felt like I needed to be the one to say it, so I walked over and took a knee by my new step daughter.

“Hello Cindy, I heard about your Christmas wish from a mutual friend of ours, so I wanted to come and make your wish come true.”

Cindy processes that for a second, before she steps out from behind her mother’s leg.

“So… so you’re going to be my new daddy?”

“Mhmm. That’s me.”

“An… and you’re not gonna leave Momma and me alone?”

“Nope. You’re stuck with me.”

The room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop as Cindy processed this information. Of course, on an instinctual level she knew this already, her mother’s mana had branded me like a neon face tattoo after all from a monster girl perspective, but that wasn’t something a child would know how to parse just yet. Instead, after a few moments of thinking, I’m tackled by a surprisingly strong crying hellpup, her tears a mix of steam and hot water on my chest as I wrap her in a big hug.

“Merry Christmas Cindy, I’m so glad I get to be your Daddy.”

One Year Later

“So that’s why Mrs. Claus is a Hellhound.” 

The young Haku Taku adjusted her over sized scholar’s cap for a moment, considering my explanation carefully. She had wanted to ask some questions for her Christmas wish this year and I did my absolute best to satisfy the curious little girl’s need for information. 

“Hmm… that does make sense Santa, thank you, you’ve been very forthcoming. My research will certainly reflect this interview.” 

She flipped her note book with it’s painfully detailed and completely incomprehensible crayon squiggles closed and popped off my lap. Walking over to get her cookies before running back to her parents with a big smile, clearly looking forward to reporting the result of the “gift” she’d asked for.  

Another busy Christmas season as a mall Santa was over now.  The curious Haku Taku was the second to last child this Santa was going to see. This last year had been hectic in its own right, but when the time came, my wives and I had jumped on the chance to play Santa and his helpers again, and we brought a very curvy and devilish Mrs. Claus with us! Ashley played the role like she was born to it, making ungodly amounts of cookies to hand out to the kids in addition to the usual candy canes, and as Shara sets up the “Gone To the North Pole” sign, I finally catch sight of the last child of the year.

Running along happily with her grandparents, Cindy was cute enough to give you a cavity in a new Christmas dress that matched the rest of our little family. She’d been thrilled to find out that her new Daddy and Santa were one and the same man, and had asked for the dress so she could be included with our family project too.

She ducks the rope and races to me, jumping into my lap rather than the climbing she’d had to do last year. She was definitely Ashley’s child, she was going to be a similarly massive Hellhound when she grew up.


“Ho ho ho! Well now, I remember you from last year… little Cindy was it? Did I do okay fulfilling your wish? Quite the complicated wish as I recall, but we always do our best for good girls like you.”

Cindy wrinkles her nose at me, her wagging tail thumping against my thigh and chair as she gives me a happy nuzzle. 

“Daddy I know it’s you…”

“Aw, let Daddy have his fun. Now. What do you want for Christmas this year my sweet little Cinder?”

Cindy takes her time and thinks for a moment, as if she hadn’t even considered the question before. It’s an important decision after all, deciding what you want to ask Santa Claus for, and it’d be a shame to say the wrong thing wouldn’t it? Finally, Cindy settles on a wish. 

“Well… Daddy, I think I want a little sister!”

The request catches all four of her parents by surprise, and I shared a look with my wives. Their  hands had all unconsciously drifted down to their bellies. We’d been waiting to tell Cindy till Christmas morning any way, but it turns out that a year of vigorous love making had finally paid off. Three times.

“Hmm… Cindy I think Santa can handle that wish for you… and then some.”

“Really? I can have a little sister?” 

“You’ve been such a good girl this year you might even get more than one, but it’ll mean you’ll have to be even better next year and the years after that, you’ll be a big sister after all, it’s a lot of responsibility.”

“I can do it Daddy! I’ll be the best big sister ever!” 

“Well in that case, I suppose Santa will see what he can do for you.”  


Even as close as she was Cindy almost managed to knock the wind out of me as she cuddled up, her tail wagging hard enough to threaten the structural integrity of my chair. Some very adult foot steps and three more impacts announce the arrival of my wives, who wrapped Cindy and I up in their arms and held us both with all their might. Which left me with only one thing I could possibly say. 

“And he said with a smile, as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” 



A Christmas Card From the Author

Thank you all for a fun half of a year or so. I’ve really enjoyed sharing these stories with you, as much as it seems some of you have enjoyed reading them. As I prepare for more serious publishing elsewhere I’d like to say I appreciate the help I’ve gotten from members of this website and it’s discord.

Have a nice Christmas you merry bastards.

-TwoHeavens, 17/12/2017

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15 thoughts on “Harem for the Holidays

  1. Merry Christmas
    Happy Christmas
    Merry Xmas
    Happy Hanukkah
    Merry Yule
    Merry Kwanzaa
    and for the traditional Monster Folks: Merry Krampus
    and the lesser known Winter Solstice Celebrations:

    Alban Arthan (Welsh), Krismas, Saturnalia, Festivus, Newtonmas,

    Happy Hogswatch

  2. TwoHeavens, you glorious son of a gun. Free cookies, a nice easy day, a short work night, and a amazing story!? Surely Christmas has come early this year.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Alistair. Hopefully I’ll have another good story up soon… but I might keep this one for my alter ego who tries to be a real author. This might even end up as a novel if it gets long enough hahah.

      Happy holidays.

  3. Cute story, but based on the title I almost skipped it …

    Isn’t it kind of odd we don’t call annoying men hounds anymore, but annoying women are still called bitches?

    1. Really? Focus testing suggested the title was amusing generally speaking. What turned you off about it?

      Well the big change is that bitchy men are called bitches too. Though in my AO you need to be more than just annoying to be a bitch. But that’s regional linguistics for you.

      1. Not to belittle the thought that you put into chosing the title (the word play is not bad). I think I just don’t like most lewd titles in general, but I don’t know if others see it the same way.

        Yeah, I sometimes see men called bitches as well, but I guess not that often. (And yes, “annoying” was probably a poor choice of words … I should have just said it’s a pejorative.)

        1. It’s not belittling me, I promise, I’m just learning more to better improve for next time. I don’t often do lewd titles but the joke for a lewd story was almost too good to pass up. I’ll keep your feed back in mind.

          Interestingly my usage of bitch above is non-pejorative thinking about it. Dog girls of various types to include HellHounds generally have the appropriate terminology of their closely related animal species extended to them. A dog girl is a bitch, especially a dog girl with pups. A fox girl is a vixen. So on. Obviously given the various modern uses of those various words you can get some “wink to reader” mileage out of them. For example our POV character above was confused about what to call Ashley mentally. A particularly standoffish or attractive (both probably) fox girl might have another character saying about her “Oh her? She’s quite the vixen.” Or something along those lines because the multiple meanings can be quite amusing. To me any way, but then I like puns so maybe my sense of humor is broken.

          Any way, once again, best wishes for the holidays for you.

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