H-space MGB: Red Lips Succubus

LT Stewart Peter Bate had taken to heart and absorbed all the warnings, but what good were they when They could paralyze you with a glance.

Don’t be distracted by how sexy they look. To them it’s a weapon. They use it to get close, to sometimes even control. Don’t kid yourselves. You’re never getting sexy-times-ever-after no matter how big and moist their eyes are when they tell you they love you.

Most of the other men had sniggered at talk of voluptuous sex demons wearing nothing but underwear. They didn’t think that was something that could be feared. Sure, the hindigs might seduce a few weak-willed saps and fuck them over, but no soldier there seriously considered it as something that might happen to him.

Except Bate. He had cause. His elder cousin had done a stint in H-space before him. The man that had come back was different… hollowed out. He’d refused to talk about his experience until Bate had found out about his own posting to H-space. Slyly, he’d told his cousin he understood why he couldn’t talk about it as he was about to go out there himself, and the COs had made it very clear how top secret this all was.

His cousin’s response had taken Bate by surprise. The man, normally so quiet nowadays, had exploded and ranted at him not to go.

He’d known then that something was very wrong out in H-space, but he still went anyway. When you took the oath you served wherever your country sent you. So when told he’d face pretty girls in lingerie that were more dangerous than ISIS insurgents despite looking like Victoria’s Secret models with horns, he paid attention.

It hadn’t mattered at all.

Here he was, about to get fucked over by a voluptuous sex kitten wearing nothing but lingerie and Halloween devil horns, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

He’d spotted her first. It had been completely unexpected. Bate had been walking to the mess hall for his evening meal, the same as he did every evening and there she was—standing at the corner of the corridor, lit up as large as life beneath the flickering fluorescent lights. How had she even got there? Shouldn’t there be warnings… alarms going off…?

In the brief moment he had to look at her he had to concede she had a stunning figure, with a lovely bubble-butt ass and legs that went on forever. She had her back to him, but Bate saw enough sideboob to see she was curvy in all the right ways. A long mane of silky black hair hung down between her shoulder blades.

She wasn’t dressed for combat at all. With calf-high high-heeled black boots and black leather underwear that showed off most of her exposed pale flesh, she looked more like a hooker taking a break after an S & M session.

The devil-like bat wings, horns and tails didn’t even matter. They could easily be explained as props for a kinky costume.

Bate knew it wasn’t. He’d been paying attention during the briefings. While his eyes were gorging on her luscious body his hand was already unholstering his sidearm and raising it.

She did look sexy, though. He couldn’t dispute that. He would have liked to think it hadn’t affected his judgment, that what followed was simply because the hindig was too fast to him, but who knew. Maybe it had been just enough to delay his finger on the trigger until it was too late.

The succubus turned and blew him a kiss.

That was all it took—one blown kiss.

She’d puckered up her fulsome red lips, blew him a kiss and Bate was transfixed on the spot. His SIG P320 dropped from his nerveless fingers and clattered on the floor.

Those lips…

Her face was pale, almost white, and coldly beautiful. Too beautiful. Too perfect. The face of a classic femme fatale movie vamp—sexy enough to fuck, but not the face of someone you’d ever entrust your heart to.

And those lips…

Red, glossy and plump like freshly-ripened fruit, they were a splash of color that stood out from the paleness of the rest of her face like scarlet silk cushions on a field of virgin snow. They stood out enough to attract Bate’s gaze and hold it until his whole world was those lush pouting pillows of flesh.

Those lips…

He wanted to kiss them.

He wanted to push her to her knees, grab the back of her head and force his cock between those fulsome scarlet lips. He wanted to feel their softness wrapped around him, feel it brush up and down his shaft until he exploded within her and his cum leaked from the corner of her mouth in little white dribbles.

This disturbed Bate as he knew he didn’t want any of these things at all.

He knew what she wanted. He knew what They did. He’d been warned.

And. It. Did. Not. Matter.

Bate was frozen to the spot as she approached. Her bee-stung lips bunched up and bulged as she pressed them against each other in a devastating pout.

Move goddammit.

She took her sweet time as she approached him. Her hips swayed back and forth—aggressively seductive—as she sashayed up to him. Her eyes were dark, smoldering and lined with exotic black eyeshadow. Bate barely noticed them. He was fixated on her luscious red lips and the way they seemed to bloom like a dazzling flower.

She placed hands on either side of Bate’s head and leaned in to plant those lush lips against his. Sensation exploded across packed nerve endings and with that kiss she sealed her control over him.

She smiled and crouched down before him. Her long fingernails hooked on the waistband of his pants and she yanked them down along with his underwear. An erection he hadn’t even realized he had sprang up and stood out like a flagpole.

The succubus smiled and ran a black tongue around her moist, scarlet lips. She wrapped a hand around his shaft and held him steady as she kissed his swollen helmet. It was just a little peck—the briefest of contacts—but it was enough to trigger an explosion of pleasurable sensation that cascaded back down his shaft.

She paused there with his penis in her hands, her head cocked as she regarded it as if it was a five-star gourmet dish. Bate felt her hot breath tickle around the swollen and super-sensitive head of his penis. Her full lips parted slightly to reveal the moist gap between them.

A thrill of dread went through Bate as those swollen lips approached his exposed manhood.

There was also a thrill of anticipation he wished he could deny.

Her lips parted and brushed over his tingling glans as she drew him between them. Slowly, teasingly slowly, he felt the soft press of her lips against every millimeter of his cock as she swallowed his whole length.

Then her pale cheeks sunk inwards and the suction started.

Bate had never experienced anything like it. The closest he could imagine was if someone had hooked a sex toy sheath up to a vacuum hose. The force rocked him on his feet and the sensation set his knees trembling.

She pulled back and released his cock with an audible smack.

A tease.

Because she knew she could. Because she knew she had him.

Her luscious lips closed back around the swollen head of his cock and sucked him back into her warm mouth. Bate heard loud, indecent slurping sounds as that unnatural suction started up again.

Too much. He was going to…

She broke off again and released his member with a loud smack of her lips. Bate’s penis trembled and twitched, but she’d fallen short of taking him over the edge and she knew it. Sultry mischief glinted in her black eyes as she looked up at him.

She returned her gaze to his trembling cock and this time Bate knew there would be no more teasing.

Her vivid red lips parted and she swallowed him like a snake swallowing a gopher. Her cheeks sank inwards and that indecent slurping sound started up as she began to suck on him in earnest.

Bate tried to hold out.

He lasted maybe thirty seconds.

His whole body jangled in blissful ecstasy as his cock throbbed and shot a great stream of jizz into her mouth. He kept shooting, although by this point it had stopped being his body doing the firing. Her soft lips formed a seal around the base of his cock and she sucked the semen out of him with lusty gulps. On and on Bate ejaculated in a constant stream. The indecent slurping sounds grew wetter and lewder. Mixed in with them were gulps as her throat worked and she swallowed his issue.

Then, just as Bate thought his balls were about to shrivel up inside his body, the merciless suction stopped. She released his cock with another loud smack of her lips.

“Mmm,” she said.

She ran a black tongue around her glossy red lips. Their lush, cushioned surface was sticky with his milky-white cum. His erection was also liberally covered in a mix of her saliva and his own cum. More semen kept oozing out of the tip of his cock and collected in a little dribble on the underside of his erection.

That had to be the last of it, right?

Bate felt like he’d let out a month’s worth of cum. Or rather, had been milked of a month’s worth of cum. She’d got what she wanted, had forcibly sucked it out of him. The experience had been humiliating, but Bate couldn’t deny it had also felt incredibly pleasurable.

Now she’d let him go…?

The succubus reached up and grabbed his balls. She didn’t grip him hard, just enough pressure to let him know she was holding him. And then he felt a strange tugging force within him, as if she was gathering up the various bits and pieces that constituted him and was drawing them down into his testicles. They swelled in her hands—filling up and then swelling further until Bate felt a steady pressure in his loins and a bloated feeling of fullness as if he’d been blue-ballsing for a month or more.

Her luscious lips closed back over his cock and sucked him back in. He heard more indecent liquid sounds as her irresistible suction started back up again. At the same time she gently massaged his balls, gently but firmly coaxing him to empty more into her.

And Bate did. He felt it flow from him in a throbbing climax that went on far longer than it should, even longer than the massive ejaculation she’d already sucked from him. She kept working his balls, massaging and squeezing them as if they were a bulb pump.

Oh fuck, Bate thought as his body jangled and twitched, hostage to uncontrollable pleasures as his cock continued to throb and expel more of his semen down her throat. As good as it felt, Bate could also sense it was taking a lot out of him. His breathing grew more labored, perspiration rose up on his brow, and his mouth felt as dry as if he’d pushed himself too hard on the training ground.

The flow from him stuttered and began to stall.

That had to be enough, Bate thought.

The succubus thought otherwise. Her fingers of one hand crawled over the back of his testicles and tickled up his perineum until the tip of her middle finger nudged up against his anus.

Her dark eyes looked up and held his stare.

She pushed up inside his ass and her finger pressed against his prostate. Her other hand lightly pumped his testicles. It felt like a dark ball of sinful energy had burst within him. And then he was coming again, even stronger than before. She continued to manipulate his prostate and balls with deft fingers as she sucked on his cock. It was like she was playing him like he was some kind of fleshy musical instrument. Urged on by her expert ministrations, semen gushed from him in a great throbbing river.

He knew then there would never be enough.

She was going to keep sucking and sucking until his skin stretched taut across his bones and he withered away.

That was what They did.

The worst part of it all was even though he knew what was going to happen, what she was doing to him, it felt so goddamn amazing part of him didn’t want it to stop.

At the end it felt like she was sucking down more than just his fluids. It felt like she was sucking on him directly. Sucking and sucking until something stretched and gave. His last conscious thought was the weird disorientating sensation of tumbling through his own body as if in a tubular water slide. Tumbling and tumbling until finally emerging from the end of his penis in a great burst.

The succubus swallowed him with a satisfied gulp.



Name: Red Lips Succubus

Type: Succubus

Habitat: Wide-ranging, but thankfully rare.

Description: Another of the succubus-type HSIOs that resemble (and are likely the originators of) the devil girls of myth. They take the appearance of extremely alluring women, but with the additional ‘devil’ features of horns, tail and leathery bat wings.

These succubi have very pale, almost white, skin. Their main identifying feature is their lips, which are full, sensual and a vivid scarlet in colour that contrasts sharply with their pale skin. This coloration appears to be natural pigmentation despite looking like artificial lip gloss.

Attack Strategy: This is one of the more powerful succubus types. They are extremely dangerous because of their ability to mesmerise and completely immobilise opponents with their lips. We don’t really know how this works. There is a theory that the combination of the shape, coloration and the way the lips stand out from the rest of the succubus’s pale face triggers a weird neural reaction in the human brain that causes it to partially shut down and lock up all conscious movement, causing paralysis in the onlooker. However the succubus does this, it is terrifyingly effective, with a single blown kiss being enough to incapacitate an entire squad.

As with other H-space succubi, the red lips variant feeds on the fluids and energy released during sexual activity. Red lips succubi prefer to use either fellatio or cunnilingus, and are capable of sucking their prey completely dry in a frighteningly short space of time.

Countermeasures: What do you want me to put here?

Did you read the part where I wrote they are capable of immobilising an entire squad simply by blowing a kiss at them?

How are we supposed to counteract that?

What do you want me to do? Tell the men to wear blindfolds just so the succubi can drain them dry in other immoral and indecent ways?

I can’t even get them to understand the dangers they face from the minor HSIOs. When I tried to warn them about this new type of succubus they were too busy laughing at the concept of being blowjobbed to death.

This is hopeless. We warn the men. They don’t listen. We send them out and the succubi kill them. Then we bring in a fresh batch to start the cycle anew.

When is this going to end?

Threat Level: They can take out a combat-ready soldier using nothing more than a blown kiss! This is what we are facing out here.

Very high.

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