H-space MGB: Paffo-Paffo Succubus

The first indication PFC Stewart Peter Bate had that something was off was a strange sweet scent in the air. The fragrance was too exotic to be natural fruits or flowers. There was a tang to it reminiscent of perfumes blended to entice and arouse. And not the nasty stuff cheap hookers used to cover up the odor of their last john either, this reminded Bate of the expensive stuff the fancy ladies wore at lavish ambassadorial receptions.

Those fancy ladies were off limits. They had bigger fish in their sights than lowly grunts on guard duty. Fortunately for the grunts, there were women who were far more amenable, namely the bored and rebellious teenage daughters of those big fish with fat wallets.

The game was always the same. Those bored and rebellious teenage girls would pretend to be sophisticated temptresses and the young soldiers would pretend to be dedicated guardsman above all distraction. Until their shifts ended, when the eager men would take the equally eager women off somewhere quiet and they’d fuck like bunnies until the morning.

Reminiscing on it triggered a throb of arousal in Bate’s loins. Those were good times. Not like now, when he was bored out of his mind staring at the same featureless bits of dirt and rock day after day. You’d think sentry duty on an alien world would be exciting, but no, it was lots of staring at empty rocks and dirt.

Until now.

Bate turned and saw the succubus perched on the guardrail. Bate was on the top platform of a guard tower hastily erected to give a commanding view of the surrounding terrain. Up here Bate had thought he was safe from ambush. But that was old Earth thinking. On Earth the enemy didn’t have wings.

They were called succubi because they looked like the buxom temptresses of myth and videogames. This one was certainly buxom. Each of her boobs was easily as big as his head. They seemed to ignore gravity as well. Boobs like that were rare outside of mucky Japanese comics. It was a shame the rest of her was all devil. Red skin, check. Black bat wings, check. Tail, check. At least her face wasn’t gargoyle-ugly. If you ignored the horns and jet-black eyes, she was drop-dead stunning. Especially with those tits. If Bate was in Vegas and saw a stripper with tits like those he’d pay her good money to let him bury his face between those big soft boobs and give her a good motorboating.

Now was not the time to be thinking about motorboating. Bate realized this as he was a fraction of a second too late in raising his gun. The succubus had already pounced and was on top of him. Then Bate was falling backwards with the devil riding him to the ground.

It was not as if he hadn’t been warned. It was drummed into every soldier the moment they stepped into H-space:

“The HSIOs use unorthodox strategy. They possess features that are regarded as extremely attractive by human standards. They know this and use it to tempt and put men off guard. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.”

The men listened and nodded their heads at the right points, and then joked about it later. They might be horny and stupid, but they weren’t that horny and stupid. They knew the difference between the bedroom and the battlefield.

Bate was on the floor with a weight on his chest pinning him down. He couldn’t see. Two soft objects, like big warm pillows, were pressing down on his face.

Her tits. She was lying on his chest with her tits shoved in his face.

He couldn’t breathe either. Her boobs were pressed up so tight against his face both his nose and mouth were blocked.

Fuck. As ignoble ends went, they didn’t get much more ignoble than being smothered to death between a slutty demon’s monster boobs. No fucking way was Bate checking out like that. He squirmed and bucked beneath her and, when that wasn’t enough, beat his fists against her sides.

The succubus laughed, slid her arms behind his head and pressed down harder.

Fuck. This was happening, really happening. He was suffocating here. He felt a burning sensation in his lungs and his throat started hitching.

The succubus shifted position, or relented, and enough of a gap opened up for Bate to grab a quick breath of precious oxygen.

He needed it, as the succubus pressed down again and he was once again smothered beneath her big soft boobs. His attempts to knock her off were weakening. The first time he might have been able to kid himself it was his struggling that had enabled him to take a breath. The second time he knew for sure it was the succubus. She sat up enough for Bate to sneak a breath before flopping her smothering boobs back on him again.

Why? Was this some sort of game to her?

She acted if it was. After sitting up to allow Bate another breath, she playfully jiggled her heavy boobs in his face, boffing his head from side to side. She let out a soft moan that sounded more like a noise found in a porno than in hand-to-hand combat.

She was fucking with him, Bate thought as he tried again to dislodge her from his chest.

Something stroked lightly against his crotch.

Bate hadn’t been thinking fucking in that sense, but he still felt a strange throb of arousal.

It was the air. Each quick, desperate breath Bate had taken was tainted with her scent. It slithered up into his brain and whispered lewd thoughts.

The succubus stroked against him again and this time there could be no doubt over whether it was intentional.

“Mmm, a little asphyxiation works wonders for getting men’s pricks to rise to attention,” the succubus said. Her voice was low, husky and dripping with sultry desire.

Less fucking with him and more actual fucking him, Bate thought. With his nose currently buried in her monster tits, Bate realized he wouldn’t mind fucking her either. It wasn’t the outcome he’d anticipated when she’d appeared next to him on the observation platform, but she was hot—both literally and figuratively—and a spot of surprise sex had a lot of appeal after days and days of staring at rocks and dirt.

The succubus sat up in order to reach behind her to Bate’s crotch. Her nails were sharp enough to slice through the fabric of his pants and underpants. No longer restricted by his uniform, Bate’s erection sprang free.

He was also able to gulp down breaths of air untainted by her scent. The haze in his mind partially cleared. He knew the jokes about the succubi. He also remembered the official warnings and—more importantly—the firsthand accounts that backed them up. Bad things happened to men that succumbed to temptation and fucked a succubus.

Just like the myths and horror films.

“Bradley! Get up her now! We’re under attack!” Bate yelled.

He wasn’t here alone. Sentry duty at the guard tower was a two-man task. Bradley should have been on the platform with him, but the stupid fucker had picked the worst fucking time to wander off to take a leak. Bate needed the big dumb shit back here right now, before the succubus did…

…whatever she was going to do to him.

Bate only made it halfway through a second yell before the succubus choked him off with her tits.

“There’s no point calling for your friend,” the succubus said. “Rhoxghar is dealing with him right now. He’s more used to taking his pleasures from women, but a man will suffice if no females are available.”

Bate heard a strange high-pitched cry that sounded so wrong it made him relieved, despite his current predicament, he was the one up here and not down there.

“Now where were we,” the succubus said.

She lifted her tits back up in order for Bate to snatch another precious breath. The taint was stronger. It smothered Bate’s thoughts and sapped his will to resist. At the same time it sent the blood flowing down to his groin until his erection was rock-hard and throbbing. He felt so horny he would have thrust right up into her wet pussy, consequences be damned, if he could reach it.

Fortunately for him, the succubus’s pussy was resting on top of his belly and would continue to remain there while she squashed her substantial boobs against his face. She couldn’t smother him and do whatever horrible things succubi did to men who were foolish enough to stick their dicks in devil pussy.

Bate’s eyes widened in surprise as his cock was drawn up into a warm fleshy sheath. What was that? It sucked like a mouth, but the walls were packed in too tight around Bate’s cock and he felt no teeth. The mystery orifice swallowed up his whole length and pulsed around him. Was there someone else up here with them? Someone or something behind the succubus?

“My tail,” the succubus said. “It feels better than the human cunts you’ve been inside. I know.”

She gave the head of Bate’s cock a squeeze to emphasize her point.

Bate squirmed, this time with pleasure. It felt like he’d plunged his dick into a tight sex-toy sheath, only it was warm, living and capable of independent movement… capable of stimulating Bate regardless of whether he moved or not.

“This is not all my tail can do,” the succubus said.

The tip of her tail carried on past the bulbous fleshpot Bate’s cock was inside. It was slender and resembled a long, many-jointed finger topped with a small bony sphere. While the fleshpot part of her tail continued to pulse and suck on Bate’s erection, the slender tip curled around his balls until the smooth ball at the tip was pressing up against Bate’s anus. It pushed inside and slid up Bate’s rectal wall until it encountered his prostate. Then it started to vibrate.

Bate squirmed and shivered in pleasure. The succubus’s fleshpot tail orifice squeezed him like a fleshy suction cup. At the same time the vibrating tip of her tail sent trailers of pleasure worming deep inside him.

And he couldn’t escape the sensations. The succubus had locked the complex structure of her tail in place and now she was using it to open him up and mercilessly pluck on his strings as if he was a musical instrument to be mastered. Bate was a toy to her and he couldn’t withstand the onslaught of pure sensual stimulation.

Her tits covered his face and now he appreciated them for what they were—lovely big, soft boobs. Even the lack of air didn’t bother him too much. The lightheadedness made what she was doing to his cock—doing inside him—feel even more wonderfully euphoric.

The succubus lifted her tits up and let Bate fill his lungs with air tainted by her exhilarating scent.

“This is your last breath,” she said. “Treasure it.”

Then she pressed her big soft tits back down on Bate’s face. She held them there while her tail sucked on Bate’s cock and the tip vibrated against Bate’s prostate. Held them there while the air grew stale in Bate’s lungs. Held them there while random bursts of color sparked in Bate’s oxygen-deprived brain.

“Coming while suffocating is one of the greatest pleasures,” the succubus said. “Now, come and experience the ultimate climax.”

Her tail squeezed, pulsed. The bony tip bent inwards and pressed on Bate’s prostate.

Bate felt like he was bursting. The spent air in his lungs, he had to let it out. The mounting pressure in his balls, he had to relieve it.

And so he burst. Semen flooded from him in a great stream even as his oxygen-starved brain sparked out in a vivid kaleidoscope of bursting colors.

His spirit came loose as his body asphyxiated. The succubus was there to suck it up.



Name: Paffo-Paffo Succubus

Type: Succubus

Habitat: Encounters have mainly occurred in rocky, desolate regions, but there is no reason to assume they are restricted to these territories.

Description: Another succubus and another resemblance to the devil girls of myth. This one even has red skin!

The more I document the HSIOs of H-space, the more I wonder if these succubi don’t just resemble the devil girls of myth, but are, in fact, the devil girls of myth. This theory is understandably not popular amongst my colleagues, some of whom still possess religious sensibilities.

Original classifications of succubi proved to be too generic and not recognise the clear subtypes that exist. Thanks to information provided by our new source we have been able to correct these earlier errors.

Paffo-paffo succubi are a specialised form of the “tail-suck” category of succubi, so named through their preference of draining their prey’s energy through a special orifice near the end of the tail. The paffo-paffo succubus’s tail features an additional, long and extremely slender section that extends past the bulbous “tail-suck” organ and is jointed like a long bony finger. They also possess an extremely large pair of breasts (even by succubus standards, which tend to have figures that correspond to exaggerated sexual fantasies of the human female form).

Attack Strategy: Paffo-paffo succubi prefer to feed through their tail orifice. They suck their victim’s penis up into this sheath and stimulate them with muscular contractions. The slender tail extension curls around and is used to enter the prey’s anus in order to massage their prostate through the rectal wall. Once the paffo-paffo succubus has her tail locked in place she will subject her prey to massive sexual over-stimulation until drained of all their energy.

Her tail is so custom-tailored to human anatomy I find it impossible to believe this is an accident. Humans must have entered H-space at some point in the past. Could some form of humanity still be present here?

In order to lock her complicated tail structure in place, the paffo-paffo succubus must first render her prey docile. Unlike other succubi, paffo-paffo succubi tend to favour physical means over mesmerising their potential prey. The common strategy is to surprise her target, knock them to the floor and then partially asphyxiate them with her bosom. The deprivation of oxygen combined with aphrodisiac scent glands located within the inter-mammary cleft serves the dual role of both subduing and arousing her prey.

This attack strategy is very effective, and yet whenever I try to explain the dangers to our men they don’t appear to take me seriously…

Countermeasures: Succubi are not the super-strong demons or vampires of myth. Most use hypnotic suggestion in combination with their sexual allure to weaken their opponents and take away their will to fight. If this can be overcome, the succubi appear to have a similar physical prowess to an average human male in average condition.

Paffo-paffo succubi are slightly stronger, as they rely more on attacking through physical means. On the other hand, they appear to lack the truly scary mind control abilities observed in more powerful succubi. This should not mean they are taken lightly. A single target knocked over and smothered beneath the succubus’s breasts will be helpless and unable to prevent the succubus from draining them dry.

On a more positive note, this succubus’s abilities are only effective against a single target. If the target is not alone, they cannot smother and drain them as it would leave them wide open to any other combatants in the vicinity. For this reason it’s very important for squads to stay together in the regions these succubi operate and not fall for any tricks that might isolate and expose individuals.

As with other succubus-class HSIOs, they possess strong regenerative capabilities and are harder to kill than they appear.

Threat Level: Moderate-to-high.


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