H-space MGB: Leech-Tongue Succubus

The imps got SPC Stewart Peter Bate. Those damn fucking imps. They looked like children, but with sly, adult’s faces.

Bate thought they’d turned it around as well. He’d thought they were going to make it. Whatever pocket of H-space dimensional weirdness that was preventing their guns from firing had passed. Sarge ran through the big succ with a piece of steel rebar and then the rest of the squad opened up and the air was filled with bloody bits of imp. God, it had felt so good to pull the trigger and feel the kick of his SAW. Like seeing an old friend after a couple of years’ of absence.

Then he’d felt a pricking pain in his butt and turned around to see one of the imps had sneaked around behind him and jabbed him in the ass with her trident. The world tilted 90˚ to the right and the last thing he saw before everything went black was the imp’s gloating face.


And now… where?

He was upright, but not standing. It felt like he was chained to a wall, but with manacles that extended from his hands to his biceps. Manacles that felt more like muscular throats. His legs were swallowed up the same way. As if four monstrous snakes were trying to eat him alive. A look around reassured him it was just holes in the wall. Not that it was much reassurance. The wall looked like living red meat.

Bate was naked and embedded in a big wall of meat. This was fucking bad. He’d watched Aliens.

The way the wall moved—wriggled—against him felt… unwholesome. It made him feel dirty. Like he was a kid again and exposed to something sexual that was inappropriate for his age.

The wall opposite was the same mass of meat—red and shuddering as if under the influence of a great unseen heart.

Had something eaten him?

In contrast to the fleshy walls, the floor was dark stone and cut into regular square blocks. Each block had a strange symbol carved into it. Bate couldn’t stare at the glyphs for too long. They made him feel dirty right down to the soul, like a bad ole uncle had touched him somewhere he shouldn’t.

At least he wasn’t alone. He heard ragged breathing to his right.

“Kowalski, that you?”

Bate would recognize that breathing anywhere. Fucker always sounded like he needed to give his nose a good blow.


Bate turned his head to the right and tried to put the wet feeling of his ear pressing against the moist yielding surface of the flesh wall out of his mind. The wall was curved like a wide pillar and he couldn’t see anything beyond the curve.

“The others here?” Bate asked.

“Dunno,” Kowalski replied. “There’s a dude on the other side of me, but his head’s fubared.”

Bate could hear.

“She sucked him in. She sucked him right into her pussy. And then she…”

Over and over again in low murmurs, like a glitched track. He was gone. No use to them.

What about the other side?

There was someone there. He heard them muttering the Lord’s Prayer under their breath, barely loud enough to be audible.

“Hey buddy. You okay there?” Bate called to them.

They carried on reciting the Lord’s Prayer under their breath.

Guess not, Bate thought.

He pulled on his right then left arm in an attempt to tug himself free. Every time Bate thought he might be making progress the ‘throat’ would contract and suck his arm back down. Until, exhausted by his exertions, he had to give up.

An aperture, like a great pussy or asshole, opened in the far wall over to Bate’s left and a succ entered, followed by a retinue of scarlet imps. Succ, short for succubus, the name given to the larger hindigs, on account of them looking just like the bat-winged sexy devil girls of videogames. Female, tall and busty, they looked like living, breathing sex symbols, and this one was no different. She was six foot in height and her black hair was big and frizzy as if she’d just stepped out of an 80s music video. She walked on high heels in a way that fully accentuated the curves of her ass and chest. She was wearing some kind of shiny black teddy that was stretched tight by her chest. The tops of her tits were clearly visible sticking out of her bodice like ripened melons.

Fucking succs. They looked and moved like girls you only saw in wet dreams. They made you want to fuck them so bad. Even with the horns, the bat wings and—in her case—the bluish pale skin that made her look like a body left in an icebox. Even though you knew you shouldn’t. Bate had heard the stories about the men that had. They never ended well.

Seeing those legs, that ass, those tits, and knowing you were utterly damned if you gave into temptation… that was the worst kind of hell.

The black-haired succ and her entourage of scarlet imps moved out of Bate’s view. He thought they were just passing through until he heard loud moans and sighs coming from the other side of the flesh column. It sounded like someone was getting a nut off and didn’t care who heard. The cries went on for a while, hit a peak and then stopped. There was a short pause, and then someone else started sighing and moaning like they were being blown by a hooker with a Dirt Devil in her throat.

“Kowalski, what’s going on?” Bate asked.

“Dunno. Can’t see.”

The sex moans rose and then ebbed away. Silence. Then more sex moans from another point, closer to Bate’s right, along the wide flesh pillar. The moans rose to an absurd peak before cracking and then fading away.


“Fuck, she’s here,” Kowalski said.

And then his voice broke into a series of oohs and aahs as if he was a receiving a grade A fucking from a thousand-dollar ho.

There were other sounds as well—wet slurping sounds, too wet for even the world’s sloppiest blowjob. Bate turned his head as far as it would go, but still he couldn’t see around the curve of the flesh pillar.

The wet, slurpy sounds grew louder and sloppier. Kowalski’s moans rose above them before tailing off in an exhausted rattle. Then…


Bate heard the clicking sounds of the succ’s high heels against the stone floor. She rounded the pillar and turned to face him. Was it his imagination or had the pale round globes of her boobs grown even bigger since he’d last seen her? It didn’t matter that she wasn’t human. Those twin bulges triggered a powerful surge of arousal in his groin. She crouched down and smiled sluttily up at Bate. Her hands were covered in shiny black gloves. She stroked one hand up his cock and it swelled out rigid like an iron bar. Her other hand pulled down her top and let her big tits flop out.

Bate spat on her face. With his arms and legs currently trapped within the meat wall it was all the defiance he could muster.

The she-demon smiled up at him. She licked the spittle off her face with a tongue as black as the lingerie she was wearing. It wasn’t just the color of her tongue that was off. Bate thought he saw the end open up, like the blind maw of a leech or maw. Only briefly, easy enough to miss, but Bate had seen it.

Not that it mattered to his raging hard-on.

The succ slid Bate’s cock between her big slutty tits. Being wedged between her big soft boobs felt even better than the soft caress of her hand. Her skin was warm and silky smooth, and her boobs felt like big soft pillows. The succ pressed them together and they smothered his cock completely. She looked up at him with her smoldering slutty eyes and started to tittyfuck him. She pressed her hands into the sides of her swollen breasts and lifted them up and down, rubbing that sensually smooth skin against Bate’s bulging cock. Her lips pouted in a wanton pout as she switched to alternating her up and down movements, jostling Bate’s member between her flesh cushions. The movement and the feel of her tits turned Bate on even more. He felt like he was heating up all over.

Squeeze. Rub. Plump plump. Jiggle.

Bate’s temperature kept rising. His balls felt tight and itchy.

They made you want to come. They made it so good it felt like you had no other purpose in life but to come.

The scarlet imps watched like creepy children out of a horror or science fiction film. Bate barely noticed they were there. The succ pressed her tits together around his cock and a cracked moan escaped his lips.

The succ’s mouth opened and her tongue fell out, and kept falling. It was long, far too long. It was black and shiny like a leech, and with a gaping maw at the end like the mouth of a leech as well. A mouth within mouth. The inner one dilated like it was tasting the air.

Her tongue kept reeling out of her mouth like a snake slithering from a cave. It was long enough to reach all the way down to her breasts. There, it wormed down into her cleavage. Bate felt it sucking on the end of his cock. It stretched and engulfed first his glans and then the rest of his penis. He felt the muscular walls grip him as her tongue covered him like a warm living sheath.

“Now she’s going to suck you all up,” one of the imps said, her eyes shining in expectation.

The succ pressed her tits together and started jiggling them again. Her tongue flexed and squeezed so that it felt like continuous rings of pressure were rolling up his shaft.

Sucking on him.

The heat in Bate—the tension in his balls—grew unbearable. He let out a loud moan as his hips bucked and he spurted cum up the narrow tube of her long flexible tongue. He heard wet noises as she sucked it up. The wet noises intensified and with it the suction.

Oh God.

Bate tipped his head back as another ejaculation erupted from him in a white burst of pleasure. The succubus kept plumping her tits against his cock. Her tongue kept tugging on him with muscular squeezes. Kept sucking.

A third ejaculation burst from Bate. A fourth. His head thrashed from side to side as he was lost in thrall to the pleasure she was giving him. A fifth. A sixth. He fancied they were travelling up her tongue in little bulges, dragged out of him like a string of precious pearls.

Seven. Eight. Nine.

So many Bate could no longer keep count. They all rolled into one continuous flow of pleasure up her gulping tongue. His cries and sighs rose to a peak and then terminated in a final weak rattle as the succubus sucked up the last of him.

She retracted her tongue, stood up and moved onto the next one.


“Wait. Go back to the start.”


“The moment the squad was able to fire their guns.”

“Oh right, the moment the dimensional phenomenon passed.”

“What else happened then?”

“Squad-Sergeant Henry Dunlop ran a succubus through with a piece of steel rebar. Then Specialist Benjamin Hicks and the other members of the squad opened fire and—”


“What is it?”

“A thought. No, it’s probably nothing. Unless… But how? Hmm, I need to think about this. You can go now.”



Name: Leech-Tongue Succubus

Type: Succubus

Habitat: Unknown.

Description: Pale or slightly bluish-skinned humanoid with the typical succubus/devil girl additions of horns, wings and tail. Only one specimen has been encountered so far. Her horns, wings and tail were very dark blue in colour, almost verging on black. As with other succubi, she was slightly taller than the average human woman and possessed a figure straight out of typical male fantasy—slender, toned and extremely busty.

Their identifying feature is a long black tongue terminating in a leech-like sucker mouth.

(Again I’m uncomfortable classifying the different variations of succubus as separate species. They could be, but they could also all be part of the same species, and the different feeding strategies and attack strategies we’ve observed could be the result of other factors such as exotic body augmentation and different training regimes.)

Attack Strategy: Only the primary feeding mechanism is known for this succubus. They feed using their long leech-like tongue. They use it to suck in a man’s penis and then stimulate him to repeated ejaculations (usually with the help of mammary intercourse) until the man is fully depleted of fluids.

This happens rapidly, as fast as if the succubus was draining their blood. How do they induce the man to produce so much semen, so quickly? An agent in the saliva can’t be enough. There must be some other factor.

Countermeasures: As of yet we don’t know anything about the offensive capabilities of this type of succubus. It’s possible they are part of a civilian class and rely on other HSIOs such as the scarlet imps to bring them human captives. This is not an assumption I feel safe making. All succubi-class HSIOs encountered so far have shown formidable mind control skills and regenerative abilities. As always the best strategy is to disengage. If this is not possible, hit fast and hit hard before the mesmeric abilities of the succubus compromise your ability to fight them.

Threat Level: Unknown.

(Who am I kidding—High!)

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