H-space MGB: Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl

PFC Stewart Peter Bate wasn’t really sure what attracted him to the woman in the green dress standing amongst the tall reeds on the edge of the pond. Her head was turned away from him. She looked wistful as she stared out over the still water.

Was she pining over a love left behind? Or maybe admiring the natural beauty of the trees and rushes on the other side of the pool? It was a picturesque spot. If it wasn’t for the sky—all purple and red roiling clouds—you could be forgiven for thinking this was a natural beauty spot on Earth.

Bate stalked towards her through waist-high grass. Why? He couldn’t tell you. He couldn’t even tell himself.

His heart was beating too fast. He felt strangely tense. His fingers clutched at empty air like metal clamps. There was a pounding at his temples that might be the beginnings of a migraine.

Or something else.

He didn’t know why he was going to the woman in green or what he’d do when he reached her. It was as if he’d gone off-road and primal instinct had taken over the wheel.

An image of him throwing the woman to the floor and climbing on top to ravish her jumped to the forefront of his thoughts.

Repulsed, he pushed it aside.

That wasn’t him.

Not anymore.

He stalked closer, his fingers clenching and unclenching of their own accord.

Who was this woman? One of the science staff? Medical? Either way, a green summer dress didn’t seem very practical for a tour out in H-space. All she needed was a hat and parasol and she’d look like she was straight out of a painting you might find in one of the fancy-pants New York art galleries.

The girl turned just as he reached her. If she was one of the station staff, Bate didn’t recognize her. He’d never seen her face around camp, and it was a face he’d have remembered. Her long, wavy auburn hair was glossy and perfectly framed a beautiful heart-shaped face. She smiled at Bate like a carefree girl-next-door, but there was altogether too much knowing in her bright green eyes.

“Oh, hi there.” She didn’t seem fazed by Bate’s presence at all. “What do you want?”

Bate said nothing. Muscles twitched in his thick arms. His fingers clenched and unclenched.

What did he want?

That image of him throwing her to the ground, climbing on top, ripping that pretty dress aside and thrusting up into her tight wetness returned to his mind.

No. That wasn’t him.

A pinprick of pain in the back of his calf jolted him. Damn, some marsh-dwelling bloodsucking insect must have bitten him. It was an irritation, but in some respects Bate was glad of it as it distracted him from the frightening dark animalistic thoughts swirling through his brain.

Introduce yourself, his inner voice cajoled.

His tongue, which felt swollen enough to clog his whole mouth, refused to comply.

The girl laughed at his tongue-tied silence. “It’s okay. I know what you want. It’s what all men want.”

And then her bright green eyes were more than knowing. Her face went full-on slutty as she undid the buttons of her blouse.

Oh yeah, a proper little slut, Bate thought. His nostrils dilated as he pulled more air into his lungs. A proper little slut he should put over his knee and give a good spanking. And then…

No. You don’t do that. Not anymore.

What material was her green dress made out of? It looked strange—shiny, slick, stretchy. The surface bulged and rippled as something moved underneath. What was that? It looked like a snake. Or tentacle.

What was going on here? Pressure pounded harder at Bate’s temples.

He stared as the girl in the green dress opened up her top and revealed the lovely pink hemispheres of her titties. Bate’s gaze was drawn to them and roamed all over her luscious pink curves.

“Do you like them?” she cooed.

Why was she doing this? They’d never even spoken before.

“Would you like to touch them?” The girl pushed out her chest and proffered her naked breasts to him.

Bate’s fingers twitched. Yes he would. He burned with the desire to press his hands into her lush pink curves. To feel them. To squeeze them.

The slick surface of her green dress rippled again as something sinuous pushed against it.

“Oh, but you can’t,” the girl said with a teasing smile.

Bate’s brow furrowed as he realized it wasn’t self-control keeping him from reaching up and giving her goods a good grope. He couldn’t move his hands.

“It’s the paralyzing venom I injected you with,” she said.

Or his arms. Or his legs. Or… anything. Bate’s eyes widened as he realized the extent of his paralysis.

“It’s so you can’t run away,” the woman in the green dress said.

Bate desperately tried to get his muscles to obey his commands. Nothing. They were hard and rigid and locked in place as if he was a statue made of flesh.

“I’m not human,” she said.

She reached down and parted what Bate had thought was a dress, but instead stretched and glistened like a flat sheet of jelly.

“See, no legs.”

The girl-that-wasn’t-a-girl opened her dress-that-wasn’t-a-dress wider and a squirming mass of thick green tentacles tumbled out. Bate saw a humanoid torso atop a ring of tentacles. The surface of each tentacle was a translucent membrane wet with a layer of slime. They slithered and crawled over Bate’s legs, leaving trails of warm mucus.

“Let’s see what we have here,” the monster girl said as she undid and pulled away Bate’s shirt and undershirt.

He did nothing to stop her. He couldn’t.

“Very nice,” she said as she ran her hands over his broad chest. They too felt moist against his skin and her fingers left behind glistening trails across his pecs and abs. “Strong. Vital. You should last me a long time.”

Her hands went down to his trousers. She unbuckled them and dropped them along with his underwear.

“Oh yummy, and equipment to match,” she said as she looked down at Bate’s flaccid penis.

It didn’t remain flaccid for long. A bulbous tentacle—watery insides working beneath a transparent, lime-green membrane—slithered up, coiled around his member and began to pump back and forth. It shouldn’t have turned him on, but it did. Her tentacles looked cold and slimy, but instead felt warm, yielding and slippery. And she knew exactly how to move them to give Bate the greatest pleasure.

“You’re not averse to the idea of sex with a hot alien babe, are you?” she said, bending close enough for the tip of her nose to brush against Bate’s.

Bate’s cock definitely wasn’t. Under her tender touch it had swelled out into a pulsing red erection. It was very much looking forward to having sex with her.

But how? She was just a human torso atop a mass of squirming green tentacles. Where would he even put it…?

She parted her front tentacles to reveal a strange cylindrical appendage hanging down from her midriff. The walls were slightly curved and tapered down to a plump ring of jelly. As with her tentacles, the walls of the tube were green and translucent.

She put her hands on the side of his head and tilted it downwards. For a moment Bate thought she was going to push his face into her cleavage, but then he realized she was just repositioning his head so he could better see what she was doing to him.

The plump ring at the end of the tube opened out and engulfed the swollen head of Bate’s cock. The curved walls expanded outwards and Bate’s whole length was drawn into her green sheath.

A surprised snort escaped Bate’s lips, all he could manage in his paralyzed state. That felt nice. Warm. Wet. Like he’d just entered sweet pussy.

He could see it as well. The green tube was transparent. He could see right through to his cock inside. It looked weird, but felt… pleasant. Like he was jerking himself off with some kind of freaky sex toy sheath. He understood now why some guys bought the see-through toys. It was a turn-on to see his big cock moving around inside. The walls flexed and pulsed, and the ring at the end puffed up as the tube slid smoothly up and down his shaft.

The girl in the green dress leaned closer.

“It’s not my pussy,” she whispered in his ear. “It’s my mouth.”

The flexible tube swelled and filled with hot, thick fluids that made Bate’s cock tingle on contact.

“What does it feel like to watch your cock melt away in my digestive juices?” she said to him.

What the fu…!

An inarticulate cry struggled free of Bate’s frozen lips. Violent tremors ran through his body as he tried to free himself from the grip of whatever paralyzing agent she’d injected him with. Water welled up in his eyes when he realized he couldn’t.

The monster laughed. She patted him on the chest.

“I’m joking,” she said. “I’d never waste good dick like that. It’s so much better giving it…” She made a hissing sound as she sucked air in between her teeth. The green tube narrowed and squeezed Bate’s erection. “…a good suck.”

Pleasant tremors ran through Bate’s body. He didn’t know what to think. What she was doing to him—the pulsing strokes of the soft membrane, the way the throbbing motions swirled the warm fluids around his erection—felt really fucking good. And his dick was visible inside her. Bate could see it wasn’t turning red or rotting away or anything gross like that.

Maybe she had a sick sense of humor.

Maybe this was just fucking.

She sounded like she was fucking. The little hisses and gasps she made sounded like a loose woman getting a good hard fucking.

Bate relaxed and let himself get into it a bit more. Her green flexible tube bulged and pulsed, and bubbles tickled Bate’s cock as liquids sloshed back and forth inside her. As weird as it looked, it felt like a big sloppy blowjob, and Bate was okay with getting one of those.

Then she said, “I am going to eat you though. Or rather drink you.”

Another stupid joke?

“There’s no need to be afraid,” she said. “It will feel like one big orgasm after another as I suck all the cum out of you.”

And then Bate knew she had to be joking. He might not have much in the way of book smarts, but he knew enough biology to know you couldn’t kill someone by sucking out all their cum. All that would do was empty their balls and leave them feeling blissfully satiated.

Her tube throbbed and pulsed. Sticky pleasures rippled up and down Bate’s shaft. It felt so good when she did that.

“Mmm, my body secretes a very special fluid that, when absorbed by the human male body, makes it convert all its tissues and fluids into cum. It will make you come over and over until I’ve drunk you all up.”

Bate’s brow wrinkled. This reminded him of something he’d heard at the first briefing after passing through the gate. He hadn’t paid any attention to it at the time because it had sounded like crazy bullshit and the person giving the briefing had looked like they’d been totally fucked in the head by PTSD or something like that.

“The fluid is best absorbed through the penis,” she said.

She also sounded fucked up in the head. Or maybe that was normal for alien babes with green tentacles.

Squoosh, squoosh. The tube, now looking more like a stretchy rubber bag, throbbed and pulsed. Thick sticky fluids churned around Bate’s cock. They felt like many soft lips brushing up and down his shaft.

“It just needs an activating agent,” she said. “Your semen.”

Sure thing crazy alien babe, Bate thought. You just… uh… keep doing what you’re doing.

If only he could move enough to grind his hips back and forth against her.

He bent a finger. The alien girl noticed.

“Tsk, looks like my paralyzing venom is wearing off. Time to get you off.”

Her flexible green tube throbbed with greater force. She pressed up close to him and more of her soft warm tentacles wrapped around his body.

Oh yes, Bate thought. Fuck me faster, you little alien slut.

Pliable membranes squeezed in and rubbed against the sides of Bate’s glans.

Oh, god, yes.

And then he was coming. He felt it rise up inside him and then surge from him in a great gushing flood. He even saw it. Dense white clouds of his spunk billowed out inside her throbbing green tube.

“And now I drink,” she said.

He felt it first as a pleasant rise in temperature inside her tube. Then a strange feeling of looseness inside his body, as if all the substance of his being was gravitating down to his balls. He had little time to dwell on it as her body gave a great gulping suck and Bate was coming again so hard his legs felt like overdone spaghetti.

The alien girl let out gasps and grunts of naked sexual abandon as her body writhed against him and her flexible tube throbbed, sucked and gulped. And not just her tube, her breasts—now the same translucent green color as her lower body—swelled and ebbed as she imbibed Bate.

Bate was too much in the grip of sensation to notice. Oh yes, you keep that up, you dirty alien slut, he thought as he released another thick billowing white cloud inside her. His thoughts flew apart in an incoherent steam of animal pleasure. Again and again he spurted thick clouds of semen inside her. He didn’t even have to do anything, it was like she was pumping it all out of him.

Pump. Pump. She filled up with milky-white clouds even as Bate diminished.

Pump. Pump. Bate expired with a perverse last gasp full of blissed-out ecstasy.

She emptied him and let his wasted corpse slide down into the water between the weeds. There it would join the other bones lying beneath the still waters of the quiet little pool.



Name: Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl

Type: Cnidarian

Habitat: Freshwater. Marshland.

Description: From a distance a freshwater cnidarian-girl looks like a pretty young woman in a long summer dress. They are normally found staring wistfully out across small bodies of water in picturesque wild spots.

The ‘dress’ is a thin membrane of elastic jelly that serves to hide the cnidarian-girl’s lower body. Beneath the waist their body consists of a ring of thick tentacles that are used to both raise and support the upper torso, and restrain prey while the cnidarian feeds. Hanging down from the centre of the ring of tentacles is a specialised feeding tube.

The structure of a cnidarian-girl’s body appears to be comparable to Earth-based cnidarians—hence the name—although they are considerably more complex. Their mostly liquid insides are held in by a strong membrane of semi-transparent jelly. While their skin colour comes in a variety of hues from yellow to green to muddy browns, they are capable of changing it to opaque pink for short periods of time in order to mimic human flesh.

Attack Strategy: The cnidarian-girl lures prey to her through an airborne pheromone that also massively raises the libido. Once the target comes within range the cnidarian-girl stings and immobilises them with a powerful paralysing agent injected through the skin by nematocysts located in her tentacles. With her prey immobilised, the cnidarian wraps her tentacles around them and begins to feed.

As with other HSIOs, cnidarian-girls feed on sexual fluids. Their body secretes a toxin that triggers the over-production of sexual fluids at the expense of all other biological functions. This toxin is absorbed through the sexual organs and requires the ejaculate of her prey to activate it. If her victim is male the cnidarian-girl ingests their penis with her soft feeding tube and uses this to stimulate them to ejaculation. If she has caught a female, the cnidarian turns the lower third of her feeding tube inside out and inserts it into her captive’s vagina. Once her feeding toxin takes effect the cnidarian-girl slowly drains her prey of all their fluids.

Countermeasures: Like their Earth equivalents, cnidarian-girls have soft, fragile bodies. Aside from their pheromone lure and paralysing sting they have little fighting ability and if threatened they will contract down to a ball, with the outer tentacles folding back up over their vulnerable upper body to protect it.

Threat Level: Low.

The pheromone lure is the main danger. Soldiers should stay together at all times and always be on the lookout in case one of their squad-mates starts showing signs of being under the influence.

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