H-space MGB: Cephalotia Fleshpot

The girl was fused with the plant. PFC Stewart Peter Bate had seen a few weird sights since he’d been posted to H-space. This might be the weirdest. It was certainly the creepiest.

The plant was shaped like a big vase, maybe five and a half feet in height. Bate had found it while wandering off one of the main pathways cut through the jungle. He wasn’t even sure how he’d ended up here to be honest. He’d wandered off the main path on a whim and then blundered into this clearing and found a strange plant growing out of the bare soil. The leaves were thick and had fused together to form a single pot. The pot narrowed at a neck and then the leafy structure opened out to form a spongy frill. In shape the whole thing resembled a piece of ancient earthenware. The outside of the pot was leaf-green in color, blurring into red at the base. The interior was all fleshy pinks and reds, so much so it made the entrance to the pot look uncomfortably like a mouth and gaping throat. He supposed it could be some kind of pitcher plant, though, given its size, Bate wouldn’t like to see the flies that made up its prey.

Then there was the girl. She was naked and her skin seemed pink and healthy. Until you got close enough to see otherwise, it looked as though she was hugging the plant. A literal tree hugger. On closer inspection it became obvious she’d been fused with the plant in some horrific fashion. Bate circled the plant and confirmed it.

How had she ended up like this? Was she part of an earlier scientific experiment to enter H-space that had gone horribly wrong and left her stuck like this? Or maybe the plant was some kind of parasite that had infected her and grown out of her body before taking root.

Her corpse was remarkably well preserved. From the way her head lolled over the entrance to the pot you could be forgiven for thinking she was just sleeping.

Such a pity, Bate thought. She had a real peach of an ass as well. Seeing her naked backside caused vulgar thoughts to bubble to the forefront of his mind. He reached down and gave her right butt cheek an experimental squeeze. It felt like flesh—warm, living flesh. It felt exactly like the ass of a hot woman was supposed to feel, and Bate had been fortunate enough to feel a few.

How? Was the plant preserving her body somehow?

Bate moved around to the other side of the plant. Her head hung over the entrance to the pot, the face obscured by a mass of shiny blonde curls.

Those vulgar little impulses were still floating at the forefront of Bate’s mind. He wondered if the front of her body was visible on the inside. He wondered if it was naked like her back. Mostly he wondered if he could catch a glimpse of her tits.

Peering into the pot, he thought he could see two circular lumps sticking out of the back wall.

He grabbed the lip of the pot and leaned over to get a better look. The leafy frill felt thick and spongy. It felt more animal than vegetable. Bate ignored it and peered deeper into the pot.

Yes, they were her tits and they were just as naked as her ass. He could see the pink nubs of her nipples. Funny how that still gave him a thrill despite the poor girl’s wretched state.

The pot contracted and a dense cloud of green, red and pink motes whooshed up into Bate’s face. He was smothered in a thick soup of sweaty odors. There was rot in there, and meat, but mostly it was a concentrated blend of sex and similar body odors. It smelt like a loose slut had parked her ass on his face after being banged by everyone else in the squad.

Bate reeled backwards. No matter how hard he hacked and coughed he couldn’t rid himself of the stench.

“Are you okay?”

Bate looked up and was surprised to see that the girl had lifted her head up, opened her eyes and was looking at him.

She was alive?

“I could ask the same of you,” he said.

“Why?” the girl asked.

“Does it hurt,” Bate asked, “being fused with the plant like that?”

“No, this is my body. This is what I am and how I’ve always been.”

She smiled at Bate’s obvious confusion.

“You must be new to the garden.”

Bate didn’t understand what she was talking about. Garden? This was H-space.

He felt a little woozy. And hot. It was like the air had thickened and become more humid.

“Would you like to fuck me?” the fleshpot asked.

“How? I mean… you’re not human.”

It wasn’t just the plant parts. The bone structure of her face wasn’t quite right and her ears were long and pointed—elfin.

“Are our bodies even compatible?” Bate asked.

How could they be? Humanity had never set foot here before.

“We are compatible with all who come to the garden,” the fleshpot said. “And all who visit are welcome to partake of our pleasures.”

Bate looked doubtful. She was stuck in the side of a giant pitcher plant.

“Experience for yourself,” the fleshpot said. “Climb inside me. I’ll take care of everything.”

The pot throbbed and another thick cloud belched out of the top. Bate’s wits felt a little slow. He stood there and breathed it in. The air felt warmer and even more humid. His nuts itched.

He stared at the entrance to the pot. The opening was bright red and moist like an open throat. It expanded and contracted as if breathing and the motions hypnotized Bate.

Yes, he would climb inside.

He stripped off and looked at the plant. The opening was about five feet off the ground. The pot was sturdy. It didn’t collapse when he grabbed the side and jumped up. He put his ankles and feet inside the gaping maw and slid inside.

The pot closed up around him. If felt like he’d been wrapped up in a warm duvet and she was hugging him through it. The walls were soft, warm and spongy. It felt like the girl was in there with him. Her soft tits pressed up against his chest. Her lips met his and tasted like sweet exotic fruits.

His erection swelled and was drawn up into her vagina.

Was it her vagina? It was where he’d expect a pussy to be, but didn’t feel quite the same. Bate’s cock pushed up between two fleshy flaps and entered a chamber filled with a warm liquid that was thick and sticky like honey. She’d been right about him not needing to do anything. The walls of the pot throbbed and the movements pushed him in and out of her sticky cunt.

Veins pulsed on the outside of the plant. Bulges marked the passage of fluids as they travelled up and were deposited into the central well. Bate was too busy kissing her—too busy enjoying the sensation of his cock plunging back and forth into her honey-lined pussy—to notice what was going on. Sticky fluids oozed out of the spongy walls and soaked into his skin.

He caught an unpleasant smell, like meat gone bad, which caused him to break off the kiss. His brow creased. His thoughts still felt dull and it was a struggle to think. Was it really such a good idea to step into something that resembled a giant pitcher plant?

“What’s the matter, baby?” the fleshpot asked.

The veins on the outside of the plant continued to throb as more fluids were pumped up into the pitcher.

“It feels wet in here,” Bate said.

“That’s you, baby,” the fleshpot said. “You’re making me all wet inside.”

Her lips bunched up and she blew a cloud of fine pink pollen in Bate’s face. It smelt sweet and exotic, just like her. Inhaling the cloud did things to Bate. It submerged all his doubts and replaced them with an overwhelming desire to fuck. His cock swelled up harder than he’d ever felt before. His balls felt as swollen as if he’d gone a month without fucking.

“And my fluids will help you come,” she said. “Help you come lots.”

She pressed her lips against Bate’s and drowned him in exotic sweetness. The outer veins bulged and carried more fluids into the pot. The spongy walls dripped with sticky liquids. The pot squeezed tight around Bate and undulating motions of the fleshy sides massaged the warm fluids into his flesh. Contractions at the level of his buttocks aided his thrusts as he dipped in and out of her honeyed sex. She sensed his moment of climax was approaching and the fleshy pot squeezed tight, driving his erection deep inside a honey-filled chamber that contracted around his manhood. That took him over the edge and he emptied a massive load of semen inside her.

That should have been the end. It wasn’t. Bate felt warm over. And horny. So incredibly horny. He was ready to spurt again… spurt even more.

And he did. It only took a few more back and forth thrusts, another sweet whisper from her soft lips, another clench of her sticky sex, and he was ejaculating an even bigger load than before.

The pot pulsed around him. Throbbing veins carried more sticky fluids to be massaged into Bate’s flesh. Those fluids helped Bate come. They helped his body produce more cum. They helped his body break down all those tissues and organs it didn’t need any more so Bate could keep coming and coming. They helped him keep coming and coming in that honey-lined chamber until his bliss-filled face fell in and he crumpled into an organic slurry of waste products at the bottom of the pot.

Her meal finished, the fleshpot’s pot gave a belch that expelled a thick cloud reeking of rotten meat. She closed her eyes, settled into a contented sleep and waited for her aphrodisiac scents to lure in her next meal.



Name: Cephalotia Fleshpot (cn: Treehugger Fleshpot)

Type: Plant

Habitat: Jungle. Dense Vegetation.

Description: Resembles a plant and naked humanoid woman fused together. The vegetative part consists of a single thick leaf rolled around to form a pot-shaped structure. The humanoid part is fused within the pot wall and looks like a naked human female hugging the pot. The buttocks and back are visible on the outside of the pot. Her breasts protrude out from the inner wall and within the pot there is an opening that corresponds to where the vagina would be on a human woman. The head hangs over the pot entrance in a way that makes it look as though she is sleeping.

They are sentient, intelligent and surprisingly will remain friendly even after their hypnotic scents are resisted. They believe what they do to humans is not bad or evil… that most men would freely trade their lives for the pleasures they give them in their final moments.

Attack Strategy: The cephalotia fleshpot lures prey to her by releasing a scent with both mild hypnotic and aphrodisiac effects. This scent is dispersed over a wide area and can attract prey from a considerable distance. When the prey comes close enough the pot emits a thick cloud of spores or pollen that, when inhaled, puts the victim into a highly suggestible state. The fleshpot talks her victim into entering her pot, and once they do, the walls close around them and hold them in place while the fleshpot copulates with them.

Copulation is merely a way of getting the prey to produce semen, which is drunk by the plant. In order to harvest the maximum amount of semen the fleshpot pumps a toxin up from reservoirs beneath the ground and secretes it through the pot walls. This toxin is absorbed through the skin and acts on both the prostate and testes to stimulate the massive overproduction of seminal fluid and spermatozoa. This production comes at the expense of other bodily functions and the fleshpot’s toxin is powerful enough to force a human body to cannibalise its own tissues and organs to provide more raw materials for semen production. The body literally falls apart as it ejaculates all its fluids and chemicals into the fleshpot’s vaginal chamber. Those parts not able to be converted into semen collapse into an organic mulch at the bottom of the pot and are absorbed by the plant over a slower period of time.

Why the plant (and this holds true for other hindigs) uses such a complex feeding mechanism to extract semen rather than drinking a more easily extracted bodily fluid such as blood is one of H-space’s enduring mysteries.

Countermeasures: Nose plugs.

Some of the toxins can be absorbed through the skin, so full hazmat protection is recommended when in close proximity to a cephalotia fleshpot.

The plant structure renders bullets ineffective. A flamethrower is ideal providing the chemicals can be made to ignite. Machetes will also do the job, although care must be taken to avoid contact with the plant’s juices.

Threat Level: Low-to-Moderate.

Their luring scents can be potent and are dispersed over a wide area.

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