Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 : Past Noon

Fiona was merciless as she forced Kianna against the side of the tub and pressed her lips to her’s. Taking hold of Kianna’s arms by the wrists, she held them out and away at her sides. Resting on her knees, she straddled her legs on either side of Kianna’s as she pinned her sister in place.
Kianna fought back playfully to urge her sister on but made no real move to resist. Arching herself forward she pressed herself into their kiss. Slipping her tongue down the length of her sister’s mouth she curled back the tip in an effort to taste her as deeply as possible.
Breaking away, Fiona moved to roughly caress the side of Kianna’s neck with her lips as she made her way upwards towards her ear.
“Wait! No! Please!” breathed Kianna as she fought to catch her breath “Anything but that! Please! Please don’t bite me!”
“Quiet! Slave!” whispered Fiona as she began to nibble the bottom of Kianna’s earlobe.
Kianna moaned softly as she submissively pressed her ears against the back of her head. Biting her lower lip she pressed herself against her sister and began to rock back and forth as she mashed their breasts together.
Fiona’s teeth were gentle but menacing as she bit down softly but firmly. While tugging back playfully on Kianna’s ear, she felt her sister begin to lightly fight back in earnest as she attempted to free her hands.
“If you fight, then I bite!” whispered Fiona as she ran her tongue down the length of Kianna’s ear. Curling her tongue at the end she took the tip of Kianna’s ear in her mouth and held it between her teeth.
Kianna moaned again and shivered from both the sensation and the sense of helplessness.
“Please!” she begged as Fiona rolled the tip of her ear between her teeth “Please, just let me make you feel good!”
Kianna cringed back against the tub as Fiona released her ear and lifted her head back up to face her. Their lips meeting again, Fiona kissed her sister forcefully until pulling back and smiling down at her.
“Is the slave ready to please her Mistress!?” she breathed as she loomed above her panting sister.
“Yes! Please!” huffed Kianna as she let her tongue hang out of her mouth.
Fiona released her sister’s wrists and planted her hands against the edge of the tub on either side of Kianna’s head. Raising herself up higher, Fiona arched her back and presented her breasts for Kianna’s attention.
“Please!” breathed Kianna as she stared at the heaving breasts and pointed her ears straight upwards in excitement.
“You can be allowed to touch…” whispered Fiona as she smiled down at her.
Kianna wasted no time in taking hold of her sister’s breast’s with both her hands and caressing them together as she moved her mouth from one nipple to another.
Fiona let her head fall back against her shoulders and pointed her ears straight back as she moaned through her smiling teeth.
Kianna followed her sister’s breast’s up and down as they rose and fell with each of Fiona’s breaths.
“Oh Mistress!” she breathed as she moved her mouth from one nipple to another “I love you!”
“I love you too my sweet!” said Fiona as she let her head fall forwards. Resting her own head against the top of Kianna’s she breathed in deeply taking the scent of her sister into her system and letting it intoxicate her.
Kianna moaned in her throat as she couldn’t help but let one of her hands fall. Bringing her legs together she slipped her fingers into her tightly pressed folds until she found her clitoris. Her breathing increased until each breath came out as a desperate gasp as she now worked to please both herself and her sister.
Fiona pressed her fingertip onto Kianna’s forehead and pushed her head back until she was forced to look up at her.
“I don’t remember giving the slave permission to please herself!” said Fiona as she lightly thumped her fingertip against Kianna’s brow.
“I’m, I’m so sorry Mistress!” whined Kianna as she lowered her ears down sorrowfully “I, I can’t help it!”
Fiona continued to forcefully press her finger down against Kianna until the meeker dark elf slid down the side of the tub and came to rest with her shoulders just below the waterline.
“Such a hungry little slave!” chastised Fiona as she lifted her finger away and loomed over her cowed sister “You’ve just gave yourself pleasure but still you can’t stop yourself from wanting more!”
Kianna whimpered as she quivered her ears, stretched her neck out and reached up towards her sister’s breasts with her tongue.
“If you can’t stop your fingers from moving… then I think I know a better place for them to be!” breathed Fiona as her voice took on a husky yet sultry tone “Now, please me slave!”
Fiona lowered her entire body downwards and came to rest with her chin sitting on the edge of the tub. She held Kianna in place by pressing her breasts against her face and forcing her head back against the side of the tubs inner wall.
Moaning happily into Fiona’s bosom, Kianna she raised her free hand to her sister’s slit and eagerly slid her probing fingers inside her.
“…Oh, yeah!” breathed Fiona as her breath hissed in through her teeth “Deeper, just a little… Right! Right there!”
Kianna lost all sense of her own breathing as she bobbed her chin up and down and lapped away at the soft globes of warm flesh that now surrounded her face. Her tongue never ceased it’s movement as her hands frantically worked to find not only her own spot but now her sister’s as well. She took quick desperate gasps as the slender fingers of her hands dug deeper and deeper into each of the burning hot and quivering bodies that were now rocking back and forth as they lightly splashed in the shallow water.
“There! Right there! …You!” groaned Fiona as she rolled her face to the side, rested her cheek against the edge of the tub and made as if she was biting the air itself “…Faster! …Do it! Faster!”
Kianna redoubled her efforts at her sister’s prodding and having found her own spot as well she let herself get lost in the emotions and sensations of her new found place in life. Now in this moment she was pleasing her sister but soon she would work to please her new Master as well. Her heart began to beat faster at these thoughts and she gasped as the fires within her grew in their intensity.
Above her Fiona stiffened as the muscles in her body tensed in anticipation of her upcoming climax. Holding herself back for only the briefest moments she moaned loudly as waves of ecstasy rolled through her and flooded her head with bliss.
“Don’t… stop!” she groaned as she rocked her hips to urge her sister on “…More!”
Kianna struggled to maintain her pace as her body began to edge closer and closer to it’s own release. Pressing her feet against the opposite side of the tub, she gripped the smooth surface with her toes as she tensed her muscles in an effort to hold herself back.
Fiona left her cheek resting against the edge of the tub as she reached down to her own clitoris with her right hand. Her slightly pruned fingertips gave her an extra dose of sensation as she worked to stimulate herself. She couldn’t help but to start biting her lower lip as she tried to stifle her voice.
Kianna used her sister’s breasts to muffle her own cries as she brought herself closer to the edge. Without even realizing it, she began to raise her hips upwards in a subconscious attempt to follow her own fingers as they furiously curled and uncurled inside her.
The two elven women continued to rock and gyrate their bodies wildly until as one they both suddenly stiffened and began to quiver uncontrollably as they each let themselves reach their climaxes.
Riding the waves of pleasure that ran throughout her body, Fiona curled herself backwards and held herself up against the edge of the tub with her left hand. Letting her head roll back against her shoulders she let out a silent scream as she was once again overtaken by bliss.
Below her Kianna had arched her hips up high enough that they had completely left the shallow water and being able to hold herself taunt for only a moment, she collapsed back down as the wave of pleasure ran its course through her body. Going completely limp the now exhausted dark elf held her breath as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm.
Now completely spent, the two dark elves began to lightly pant together as they each sought to catch their breaths.
Fiona let her bottom come to rest atop her sister’s outstretched legs as she brought her right hand up and planted it back on the edge of the tub next to her left. Resting her head in the gap between her outstretched arms she looked down at Kianna and smiled.
“Hey! Good job, slave!” she gasped between breaths “Very, good job!”
Kianna grinned back up at her before closing her eyes and letting her head flop to the side until her chin came to rest against her shoulder.
“Thank you! Mistress!” she mumbled between breaths.
Fiona, following her sister’s example, closed her eyes and rested in place for a moment. After having caught her breath she raised her head and made to shimmy herself off of Kianna’s legs. She stopped short as she opened her eyes and caught sight of something in her peripheral vision. Turning, she immediately froze in place as her eyes widened and a heavy blush spread across her cheeks.
Anton was grinning at her as he lounged in his chair with his hands folded behind his head and his legs crossed at the ankles. There was a stack of bath towels sitting on his lap, and two cotton bathrobes had been folded in half and were laying across the top of the towels. Sitting on the floor next to the chair, was a medium sized travel bag.
“Well now! This is a very pleasant surprise!” he said as he smiled at the clearly embarrassed dark elf.
Without taking her eyes off of him, Fiona fell back into a sitting position and absently covered her breasts with her arms. With her back straight and her ears pointed straight upwards she went to speak but no words came out as she moved her mouth.
A slight splashing sound signaled that Kianna was attempting to sit herself up. A half-moment later the top portion of her head came into view as it popped up over the edge of the tub. The cheeky dark elf had a happy grin on her face as she locked eyes with Anton.
“H-how long?” stammered Fiona as her ears drooped down behind her head.
“Oh, quite a while. Since before you were biting Kianna’s ear” answered Anton “I have no idea how you didn’t notice me earlier. I was standing right next to you for at least 10 minutes before I even sat down. I said hello and everything!”
“Oh! Sorry! We didn’t see you! We were a little busy!” exclaimed Kianna as she raised her hand and began to lick at her fingers “So! Do you want to join us now!?”
Fiona’s face became scowling as she turned and glowered down at her sister.
“You! You little slut!” she snarled as she pointed her ears straight back behind her head “You planned this for him! Didn’t you!?”
Kianna’s eyes became mocking as she smiled and ran her tongue between her fingers.
“You taste really good today!” she teased as she smacked her lips “Sweet, and a little sour! Kinda like a green apple!”
“I am going to kill you Kianna!” threatened Fiona as she curled her hands into clawed shapes and held them out in front of herself as if she were about to grab her sister by the throat and strangle her “Do you have any idea what you’ve done!? Now he’s going to think we’re freaks you idiot!”
“Oh, there’s nothing to think about Fiona!” laughed Anton “Incest is definitely going to lock that title in!”
Fiona groaned angrily and curled in on herself as she covered her eyes with her hands.
“Why do you even care!?” asked Kianna as she cocked an eyebrow “The twin sisters fucking each other thing was the plan from the start! That was how we were gonna lure him here anyway!”
“We were never really gonna do anything in front of him!” cried Fiona as she hunched down even lower “Ah! Damn the Gods! This is the worst day of my life!”
“So, I’m going to guess that this isn’t the first time you two have discovered each other?” teased Anton.
“Oh, no no!” giggled Kianna as her ears twitched happily up and down “We’ve been getting freaky for a good while now!”
“Shut up Kianna!” cried Fiona as she suddenly rose up to a standing position and glared down at her grinning sister “What the fuck is wrong with you!?”
“Wow! Such naughty little dark elves!” teased Anton “What am I gonna do with you two…”
“Yeah, we’ve been really bad girls! So I guess you’ll just have to punish us now! Right!?” exclaimed Kianna as she playfully lowered her ears and began to chew on her lower lip.
“Well, that does seem appropriate. As you in particular have definitely been a bad girl Kianna! Tricking your poor sister like that! Shame on you!” chastised Anton as he grinned back at the mischievously happy looking dark elf “I guess I have no choice! I’ll have to ground you for that! So no more sex at all for a whole week now!”
Kianna’s face immediately went slack as her eyes widened.
“Huh! Well that serves you fucking right!” cried Fiona as she glared at her now panicked looking sister “You stupid little slut!”
“No, no, no, wait! I didn’t mean it like that!” cried Kianna as she twisted her legs out from between Fiona’s and pulled herself up on the edge of the tub “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”
“I’m not the one you need to be apologizing to!” teased Anton as he raised his eyebrows at her “Fiona was the one who was embarrassed! So I think its only fair that she gets to decides if you should be punished or not!”
Kianna’s face took on a sickly pale tone as she slowly looked up at her sister.
Fiona was completely stoic as she stared back down at her.
“Um, I’m really so very sorry!” whined Kianna as she lowered her ears “Please! I’m sorry! Please don’t do this to me!”
Fiona shifted her jaw back and forth in a thoughtful manner as she continued to loom over her quivering sister.
“Please!” whimpered Kianna as tears began to take form in the corners of her eyes “I’m sorry!”
Fiona sighed loudly and shook her head in frustration.
“Fine! I don’t care!” she exclaimed “She can still get fucked if she wants to!”
“Thank you!” cried Kianna as she wrapped her arms around her sister’s waist and squeezed her tightly “Thank you! Thank you!”
“You owe me big now. You little bitch!” said Fiona as she folded her arms over her bosom “Hope your ready to eat some cunt you little whore!”
“That’s fine! I’ll do anything! I don’t care!” exclaimed Kianna as she let herself slide down Fiona’s body until her arms were around her sister’s thighs and she could happily nuzzle her cheek against her hip.
“Aw! You two are so sweet with each other!” laughed Anton “This is just so cute!”
“Is this why we’re entertaining!?” asked Kianna as she pointed her ears straight upwards.
“Oh this is exactly why!” exclaimed Anton “You two are a perfect boredom killer! I’m not even kidding at all when I say this is exactly what I’ve been needing!”
“Ugh!” groaned Fiona as she planted her forehead in her hand “I hate you both!”
“We know!” cooed Kianna as she playfully lowered her ears, tightened her hold on Fiona’s thighs and repressed her face against her hip.
Anton grinned at the mischievous look Kianna had in her eyes as she glanced back and gave him a playful smile as she held the tip of her tongue clamped between her teeth.
Still fuming, Fiona stiffened in surprise as she felt Kianna begin to run her tongue up her inner thigh and then across her navel, before finally giving her pubic mound an open mouthed kiss. The annoyed dark elf remained frozen as she contemplated the next action, if any, that she wanted to take. As she mulled over her options her mind was suddenly rendered blank as her sister continued with her own plan.
Kianna had dropped herself down as low as she could and was sitting with her legs bent and sprawled out at her sides. She unfolded her arms from around her sister’s thighs and had reached up and taken hold of the rounded cheeks of her butt. Each hand was tightly gripping onto one of Fiona’s soft mounds and this left Kianna’s head literally hanging between her sister’s hips.
Fiona bit her lower lip as her sister preceded to slide her tongue in between her inner labia and covered the entire top half of her slit with her open mouth. She couldn’t help but make a soft sound in her throat as Kianna then began to playfully suck at the folds that hid her clitoris.
Steeling herself, Fiona reached down and forcefully took hold of her sister’s hair before yanking her head back until she was forced to look up at her.
“What, the Hell! Are you doing!?” she growled through her teeth.
Bright eyed and smiling playfully, Kianna left her tongue to hang out limply as she looked up at her sister’s angry expression.
“Wha!?” she asked around her hanging tongue “Ou thad I haf too eet or unt!”
Fiona went to speak but stopped short as Kianna gently squeezed her butt cheeks and tried to pull herself in closer to the waiting slit.
Moving only her eyes, Fiona glanced at Anton and found him in the exact same position he had apparently been in this whole time.
“Oh don’t mind me!” he said around a broad grin “I’m perfectly fine where I’m at! You do whatever you want and just pretend like I’m not even here!”
Fiona tightened her eyes before looking back down at her sister.
Kianna’s happy expression had not only failed to falter at all, but now she was even shifting her hanging tongue back and forth in a playfully inviting manner.
Sighing through her nose in frustration Fiona tightened her hold on her sister’s hair and shoved her smiling face back in between her legs.
Kianna wasted no time as she planted her mouth back over her sister’s slit and began to frantically search for her clitoris with her tongue.
Fiona closed her eyes and let her head roll back against her shoulders as her sister found her target.
Kianna was grinning gleefully as she felt her sister’s little nub come to life and grow in size. Pursing her lips, she did her best to make a seal around the clitoris as she sucked in and ran the tip of her tongue over the sensitive little organ. She giggled through a moan in her throat as she felt her sister’s body tense up and then begin in shiver in pleasure.
Fiona bit her lower lip as she tried her best to keep herself from moaning. She vented a bit of her frustration by aggressively twisting the handful of Kianna’s hair that she still held and pressing her sister’s face deeper into her aching groin. With her free left hand she reached up to her chest and clumsily began to play with her breasts and nipples.
Kianna readjusted her head to the new angle that Fiona was forcing her to work with and eagerly continued her efforts in the hopes of triggering even more responses from her sister’s body.
Time itself ceased to exist for Fiona as she slowly let her frustrations slip away and released herself to the pleasurable sensations that were now running throughout her overly stimulated body. Bucking slightly at the hips she let go of Kianna’s hair and pushed her sister’s head down even further as a signal to what she wanted from her next.
Kianna immediately obliged and tucking her chin in deep between her sister’s thighs, she slipped her tongue upwards and into the warm, moistened opening of Fiona waiting vagina.
Fiona had already become quite wet by this point, and as Kianna slid her tongue inside her she was immediately assaulted by the same sweet, yet just slightly sour taste that she had happily licked away from her fingers. Kianna let out another soft, laughing moan as she felt the musculature surrounding Fiona’s vaginal walls become tense and then loosen up as it contracted over and over while the dark elf subconsciously worked to constrict herself as tightly as possible around her sister’s invading tongue.
With both hands now free, Fiona was able to give each of her breasts equal attention and she wasted no time as she immediately caressed them in her hands and then roughly mashed, and molded them both together. She took hold of her nipples by lightly crushing them against the sides of her index fingers with her thumbs. Surprised by just how stimulated she actually was, she lost herself a bit and moaned softly as she rolled her hardened nipples between her thumbs and fingers.
The two dark elves remained in these positions as they worked together to bring Fiona closer and closer to her next climax.
As she began to slip towards the edge, Fiona was unable to maintain her stance and groaning in pleasure she hunched forward and lowered herself down on her bent legs before coming to rest on her bottom.
Kianna followed her sister’s downwards path and tried in vain to keep her tongue inside her but was forced to retreat when Fiona’s body bent at too far of an angle for her head to stay in place.
Panting through her open mouth, Fiona’s fatigue was made obvious by her ears as they hung limply out from the sides of her head. She slowly leaned herself backwards until she was able to rest her shoulders against the side of the tub. She never once took her hands away from her breasts as she continued in her efforts to keep herself as stimulated as possible. Her tortured looking eyes clearly showed her desperate need as she spread her still bent legs out wide in obvious invitation for Kianna to continue.
Kianna’s legs were still sprawled out at her sides as she now sat with her body leaning forwards. Her palms were planted against the floor of the tub and her elbows were locked as she rested on her arms with her back at a sloped angled. Seeing the condition that her sister was now in, she tilted her head to the side and gave her a devilish looking smile.
Fiona’s eyes immediately narrowed and she tried and failed to raise her ears back upright as a signal of her annoyance.
“…You know!” teased Kianna as she reached out and lightly ran her fingertip in a thin circle across Fiona’s pubic mound “I could! Just leave you like this!”
“I…! Will…! Kill you!” panted Fiona between her labored breaths “In…! Your sleep!”
Giggling gleefully at her sister’s response, Kianna scooted herself forward and ran her splayed hands out across Fiona’s exposed inner thighs before taking hold of and gripping both of her legs tightly just before her knees. She then bent forward and lowered her face down between her sister’s spread legs.
Kianna’s eyes became mocking as she let her tongue hang out and teasingly wiggled its tip just over her sister’s now soaking slit.
“Slave!” growled Fiona through her clenched teeth “I swear! You better get back in there, right now!”
Giggling again, Kianna slipped her tongue in between her sister’s lower lips and slid it down Fiona’s inner labia until she reached the opening of her vagina.
Fiona visually relaxed and refocused on enjoying herself as Kianna’s tongue finally slid back inside her.
Knowing that her Master was still watching, Kianna tucked her knees in further beneath her torso and raised her rear end up even higher in an effort to give him a better view of her bottom. She let the thoughts of him enjoying the sight of her body flood her mind as she worked to please her sister.
For his part, Anton was certainly appreciative of the gesture, as now his entire world was being dominated by the wonderful sight of a joyfully bouncing, elven butt.
Fiona on the other hand had pushed everything else out of her mind as she let herself be overtaken by pleasure. Reaching down with her right hand, she dug into her labial folds until her fingertips found her clitoris. With her knuckles bumping against her sister’s face, she frantically swirled her fingers about as she played with her engorged little nub. Feeling herself reaching her peak, the dark elf began to moan in her throat and raise her hips in a rocking motion as she urged her sister to increase her pace.
Sensing Fiona’s coming climax, Kianna dug deeper with her probing tongue until she suddenly felt her sister’s body go rigid and become stiff.
Every muscle in Fiona’s lower body had become so tightly tensed that as one they began to spasm as she was rocked by the most intense orgasm she had experienced so far that day. Losing all sense of control the overly stimulated dark elf began to moan loudly as she rode the waves of pleasure that ran throughout her entire body. She suddenly went silent and ceased to even breathe as all conscious thought was completely washed out of her mind and her head was filled with a surge of ecstasy that left her floating in nothing but a blissful white void.
Kianna’s eyes had gone wide in amusement as she watched her sister’s quivering body spasm uncontrollably, become completely still and then finally collapse in on itself.
The poor exhausted dark elf had gone completely limp as she laid slumped against the side of the tub. Keeping her eyes tightly shut, she began to take quick shallow breaths in an effort to recover from the intensity of her release.
“…Damn!” mumbled Kianna as she returned to her leaning position and rested on her outstretched arms “That looked like a good one!”
Fiona didn’t respond beyond lifting her hands away from where they still grasped at her breast and clitoris and letting her arms fall limp at her sides.
“Hm, you know she actually looks kinda cute like that” smiled Anton “She kind of reminds me of a sleepy Hyena!”
“Right!” laughed Kianna as she smiled at him and quickly turned back to her sister “She’s normally a total bitch! But she can be so sweet when she’s all spent up and tuckered out!”
Fiona’s mouth tightened into a very slight grimace that disappeared almost immediately as she seemed to start dozing.
“…Hm?” mumbled Anton as he thoughtfully cocked an eyebrow.
After watching the dark elf remain motionless for a few moments, he rose from his seat and moved towards the tub. Lowering himself down on his haunches he leaned over the side of the tub and took hold of Fiona’s head by cradling his right hand under her chin.
Fiona blinked in surprise and immediately looked up at him. She narrowed her eyes in annoyance but offered no resistance as Anton gently twisted her head to the side and made her face him directly.
Anton held her still for a moment as he tilted his head one way and then the other as he looked over her face. Fiona’s eyes were unfriendly as they followed his movements but she made no effort to escape his hold or bite at his hand. Taking things a bit further, Anton raised his left hand and pressed his fingertip against the top edge of Fiona’s eye. The startled dark elf blinked and closed her eyes in response and Anton quickly slid his fingertip down over her closed eyelid and held her eyelid shut by pressing down against its bottom edge.
Fiona’s face scrunched up in annoyance as she clamped both of her eyes shut. A moment later she opened her still free eyelid and after blinking a few times looked up at Anton. Her single open eye was questioning and showed her discomfort clearly. Despite her obvious misgivings she still made no move to resist nor did she speak out.
“…Well, somebodies in a compliant mood all of a sudden!” grinned Anton as he released her eyelid.
Fiona blinked several times and went to glare at Anton but her effort instead turned into a tired look and she merely stared at him as she continued to let her chin rest in his hand.
“…This might be good time to get your health check out of the way” mused Anton as he continued to look over the seemingly surrendered dark elf “Really should get you cleaned up first though…”
“Health check?” asked Kianna as she tilted her head and cocked one of her ears in a curious manner.
“Mm hm, its just a simple little go over” explained Anton “Basic measurements, height and weight kind of stuff. And then a quick overlook to make sure there isn’t anything obviously wrong with you”
“Oh, okay” said Kianna as she looked back at her sister “That doesn’t sound so bad”
“It’s not. It’s basically just for my own documentation” said Anton as he tilted Fiona’s chin up higher and smiled as he looked her in the eyes “Since you are slaves now you do have to be documented after all!”
Suddenly aware of the grip he had on her chin, Fiona’s eyes tightened into a glare as she again tried and failed to point her ears straight back behind her head.
“…Yeah, I guess that makes sense” nodded Kianna “So do we have to go see a doctor for this?”
“No, not at first. You will after you’ve been fully registered though, and then again each year after that” said Anton as he released Fiona’s chin and stood up “That’s a Terran based law to make sure you aren’t being abused or neglected in any legitimate way”
The dark elves glanced at each other before turning back to Anton and watching him as he picked up the travel bag and set it on the vanities counter-top next to the sink.
Glancing back at the dark elves, Anton found them both staring intently at the bag.
“Kianna” he said as he turned his head fully towards her.
The dark elf stiffened and immediately turned to face him.
“Yes Master!?” she cried cheerfully as her ears pointed themselves straight upwards.
“I think the amount of elven fluids in that water is a bit too high for you two to be bathing in it now” teased Anton as he grinned at her “So why don’t you go ahead and just drain the rest of it”
Kianna glanced at her sister and grimaced as she looked down at the water they were both sitting in.
“Oh! Ew!” she cried as she registered the faint tint to the water around her “Yeah, I think you’re right!”
Anton chuckled as Kianna quickly scooted herself across the tub and lifting the metal stopper, opened the drain.
As the last of the water emptied out of the tub, Anton turned back to the bag and unzipped one of it’s side compartments.
“Do you two think you could manage to stay standing long enough to take a shower?” he asked as he began to rummage through the items in the compartment “Or would you rather just bath in the tub?”
The dark elves both glanced across the room to the large tiled shower before turning back to each other.
“We should be fine” said Kianna with a shrug “Showers probably gonna be easier anyway”
“Mm, alright then” said Anton as he began to pull several plastic bottles out of the bag “Well be careful in there, and just sit down if you feel like you need to. We have all day now. So there’s no reason for you to fall over because you got tired and tried to power through it”
The dark elves watched with interest as Anton set bottles labeled “body wash”, “shampoo” and “conditioner”, as well as several cotton washcloths out on the counter-top.
“We have our own shampoos already” muttered Fiona as she looked over the blue, green and white bottles.
“And you’re free to use them whenever you’re bathing normally” said Anton “These ones here are not simple store bought items. They’re specialized recovery formulas made with enchanted ingredients that will help to revitalize your systems”
“Really!?” exclaimed Kianna as she peered at the green bottle “Did you have to special order these!?”
“No, these were actually a gift from a friend. They’re meant to help you recover from light injuries and intense fatigue. Like what you would experience after an extreme session of exercise or even a battle. But they can also be used as part of the aftercare on slaves that have just gone through a particularly tough bondage session, as well as new ones that have just been acquired” explained Anton “And you two technically qualify for both of those conditions. So I figured we might as well give them a go and see how well they work”
“…These aren’t going to melt our minds or anything like that!?” asked Fiona as she looked over the bottles with a renewed suspicion “Are they!?”
“Do you mean that literally or metaphorically?” asked Anton as he turned to her “Because if metaphorically then yes, at least from what I understand. Supposedly getting washed with these is a very blissful experience”
“You’ve never tried them?” asked Kianna as she rose up and stepped out of the tub.
“I have” said Anton “But these particular formulas were apparently designed specifically to benefit females. So I didn’t have the same experience with them that you supposedly will”
“Oooo, sounds exciting!” exclaimed Kianna as she leaned over the side of the tub to help her sister up.
“I think you mean it sounds sketchy!” muttered Fiona as she reluctantly took her sister’s offered hand and got to her feet before stepping over the side of the tub.
“I’m actually pretty interested to see what kind of effect, if any, these are gonna have on you two” said Anton as he picked up the semi-transparent bottle of body wash and examined it’s contents by tilting it back and forth “Especially on you Fiona”
“Me!?” exclaimed the dark elf as she came to a stand next to her sister and turned to face him while pointing her ears straight upwards “Why me!?”
“Because you’re a lesbian” explained Anton as he set the bottle down and picked up the conditioner “I’m wondering if that’ll make any difference with how these work?”
“…Why would it!?” asked Fiona as she glared at the bottle in his hand “What does that have to do with anything!?”
“Well these didn’t do anything at all for me since I’m a male in both body and mind” explained Anton “I wasn’t sure how you were configured though, so I’m curious to see how they’ll work with you”
“…What the Hell are you talking about!?” exclaimed Fiona “What do you mean by “configured”!? What does that mean!?”
“…Do you identify as a male at all?” asked Anton with a sigh “Or are you completely female through and through?”
“Oh, that’s what you mean!” said Fiona as she crossed her arms over her chest “Well not that it’s any of your business! …But I’m female, and I’ve never seen myself as a male”
“Hm, okay then” nodded Anton as he picked up the shampoo “Then I’m guessing these should work the same way with both of you. We’ll find out soon enough though”
Turning to the now standing dark elves, Anton handed the shampoo and conditioner to Kianna before giving Fiona the body wash and washcloths.
Kianna immediately popped open the cap of the shampoo and began to sniff it as she and her sister made their way across the bathroom to the large tiled shower that was built into the far wall.
“How is it?” asked Fiona as she pulled open the clear glass, swinging door of the shower and let her still sniffing sister enter before her.
“Kinda woody, with a little bit of… vanilla? Maybe?” said Kianna as she scrunched up her face in thought “It’s not bad! But I don’t think I’d ever use it over my own stuff”
“Doesn’t smell poisonous though!?” mumbled Fiona as she pulled the door shut and went to set the bottle and washcloths down on a small shelf built into the wall “I don’t know if I even wanna risk that shit to be honest!”
“No, it smells okay. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it” said Kianna as she set her bottles down next to her sister’s “I can try it first though, if you want”
“No, it’s cool” mumbled Fiona as she stood off to the side and turned on the overhead faucet “I’m sure it’s fine…”

At five feet wide and ten feet long, the extra large shower was built to be overly spacious inside. It was designed with built in seating and multiple faucets at both ends, as well as a large rainmaker style faucet in the ceiling at it’s center. This faucet was more than large enough for two people to stand beneath it at the same time. The showers entire surface was covered in a very light tan-colored tile with a slightly darker grout. And all of it’s fixtures were colored black.

Fiona held her hand out and felt the falling water as she waited for it to reach the desired warmth. As soon as it did, she and her sister both stepped into the downpour-like shower and immediately began to run their fingers through their hair in an effort to soak themselves as much as possible.
Anton watched the dark elves for a few moments before turning back to the travel bag and opening a thin compartment that ran along it’s length. From this compartment he pulled out a leather-bound tablet computer and turned it right side up in his hands. By flipping the flapped protective cover open and folding it around the back of the device, he was able to make a slanted stand for the computer to rest upright against. Setting the tablet up on the counter-top, he switched it on and left it to boot up.
Checking to be sure that they were both still standing, Anton glanced over to the dark elves and found that they had both moved out from beneath the falling water and were now standing at the shelf they had set everything up on. As he watched, Kianna squirted a heavy dab of the cream colored shampoo into her sister’s hands before giving herself her own generous glob. Fiona eyed the shampoo suspiciously as she gave it a sniff. Glancing up at her sister she watched her for several moments as she lathered her glob into her hair. Satisfied that the shampoo was at least not going to immediately kill her, the unhappy looking dark elf grudgingly followed her sister’s lead.
“Hm, well that’s interesting…” mused Anton to himself as he noticed that the two dark elves had both moved their ears out of the way of their working hands by folding them down and pointing them out and away from their heads “…I wonder if they won’t touch them either?”
Taking advantage of the fact that Fiona had her eyes closed and was now preoccupied with her hair, Kianna ducked her head down a bit and took the opportunity to get a closer look at her sister’s collar. She was only able to gaze at it for a moment though before being caught in the act. Smiling sheepishly the discovered dark elf leaned herself back as she was berated by her incensed sister. Although he couldn’t hear what was being said over the sound of the shower, Anton still grinned at the spectacle.
Once fully lathered the dark elves left the shampoo to sit for a moment as they each took a washcloth, added a dab of the body wash to it, and began to scrub themselves clean.
While downloading, and then setting up a registry file for each of the dark elves on the tablet, Anton kept a glancing eye on them as they each meticulously cleaned their own limbs and torsos and then helped each other with their backs. Once they were both completely covered in suds they moved back under the overhead faucet and into the falling water, where they began to rinse themselves off.
While watching them, Anton had taken note that indeed neither one of the dark elves had given their ears any attention at all, and had instead made obvious attempts to avoid even touching them.
“Sensitive little elves” he muttered to himself as he watched the dark elves step back out from under the water and make their way back to the shelf and the bottle of conditioner that was waiting there “We will need to address that…”
The dark elves seemed to have fallen into a much more relaxed state as they stood at the shelf and appeared to casually chitchat with each other over the bottle of conditioner that Fiona was now holding. Kianna held out her hand and when given a dollop of the pink colored conditioner she bent forward at the neck and gave it a few sniffs before offering her hand and letting Fiona to do the same. They resumed their discussion for a moment before shrugging at each other and continuing with their shower. Once they had both covered their heads in the pink lather, they moved back under the falling water and began to rinse off for the last time. Now that they were essentially finished, the dark elves took their time with this last rinse and let themselves enjoy the warm water for a bit longer than they had before.
Having finished with his own task, Anton glanced back at the dark elves and did a double take as Fiona stepped out from under the water.
The dark elf was facing away from Anton and was running the fingers of both of her hands through her hair as she moved away from the falling water. Standing tall, she stretched her arms straight upwards above her head and began to shift her shoulders back and forth as she worked the last of the kinks out of her body. Making her way to the valve that controlled the overhead faucet, she turned back to face her sister and planted her left hand on her hip while raising her right upwards and letting it rest on the handle of the valve.
Anton couldn’t help but to be struck by her appearance. With a single look it was undeniably clear that the rejuvenate properties of the body wash, shampoo and conditioner were far more than hearsay as they had indeed had quite an effect on her.
The dark elf had certainly become clean, as indicated by the shimmering light that was being constantly reflected off of both her smooth, glistening skin and her crisp, flawlessly pure white hair, whenever she happen to move in any way. And not only was she clean but she had obviously been completely restored as well, as told by the deep, rich tone that her skin had now taken and the cleared, brightened intensity of her ruby red eyes. And even while merely standing poised with a slight slant, it was still easy to see that her strength had also been fully returned to her. As the lean musculature of her slender body, while remaining soft and supple in appearance, now belied a sense of power to each of her movements.
It didn’t seem as though Fiona had simply been returned to a normal state however. As not only did her body appear to be at an improved point from where she had been even before her days of bondage, but her spirit and demeanor did as well. Looking at her now it almost seemed as though the very essence of her entire being had somehow been given an unnatural boost. Minute details of her features suddenly stood out far more clearly than they had before, such as the strong angles of her facial structure, the smooth curvature of her large eyes and the blatant sharpness of her long, pointed ears as they stood in contrast to the whiteness of her hair.
As Anton observed her he couldn’t help but to feel a pang of hesitation. As although the dark elf was only standing casually, and there was no sign of any aggression in her eyes, caution still felt required now as a new sense of capability seemed to emanate from her.
Thus far Fiona had only shown fleeting points of discomfort with her nakedness, as she and her sister both appeared to take little issue with a lack of modesty. This had not necessarily translated to a high degree of self-confidence though, as this demeanor seemed to instead stem from a place of indifference. Now however, a nearly visible cloud of boldness hung in the air around the dark elf as she stood with her body on full display and poised completely nude, save for her collar. And rather than take away from her appearance, this collar instead added a sense of controlled danger to the creature whose neck it now encircled. Like a chained doberman, Fiona now seemed to be held in check by only the thinnest of margins. And seeing her as she was now, standing tall with the presence of a resting predator, it was all too easy to believe that this woman could indeed, be capable of murder.
At some unseen signal, Fiona began to turn the handle of the valve and shut off the water. As the downpour began to shrink in size, Kianna stepped out of it and leisurely made her way towards her sister. As she moved, she ran her hands through her hair in an effort to wring out the majority of the water that clung to her.
Like Fiona, Kianna had not only been both cleaned and restored, but her presence had also been given an amplification as well. Unlike her sister however, who had taken on a new level of intensity, Kianna instead carried herself with a far more subdued, though no less real, sense of self-assurance that clearly signaled that a level of capability now lay hidden just beneath the surface.
Where Fiona’s essence implied a sense of danger, Kianna now gave the impression of control. Standing with the fearless confidence of old nobility, it would be easy to believe that with a single calm word she could now gain the attention of all those around her. Like her sister, the collar around her neck did not conflict with her appearance in any negative way. And instead added a sense of regality to her soft, radiant beauty.
As Kianna approached her sister the two dark elves began to have a muffled but relaxed sounding conversation.
Though standing in contrast to each other demeanor-wise, anatomically speaking, it was still quite apparent that these two dark elves shared in their genetics. Their elegant and exotic beauty as well as their overtly feminine sexual appeal was undeniable. And was being made all the more pronounced by the subliminal undercurrent of warning that now seemed to emanate from their very beings.
With both hands now resting on her hips, Fiona stood in profile with her elbows angled out behind her and her supple breasts on full display. This haughty stance perfectly showcased her thin waist as well as the deep curves that existed at the small of her back, just before the roundness of her bottom took shape beneath it.
Kianna stood at a more casual stance with her hips gently tilting to the side in such a way that her sex was left fully visible. Her large breasts were currently being both framed and lifted upwards as she held her arms folded beneath them and across her middle.
Though the two dark elves were nearly identical in appearance, their radiating personalities made it more than simple enough to still discern them as individuals.
Anton slowly shifted his gaze back and forth as he assessed the twin sisters.
Though magic-less and ignorant of their own culture, there was no question that Fiona and Kianna were both still prime examples of their species. Enslaved or not, they were dark elves, real dark elves. And looking at them as they were now destroyed any doubt that they could not be just as capable, and as potentially dangerous, as their “wild” kin could so easily be.
Anton couldn’t help but to grin as the dark elves shifted their eyes in unison and stared directly at him.
“…God’s alive!” he whispered softly as his grin grew into a broad smile “Beautiful! Just, beautiful!”

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  1. This is the first chapter in the series where you really got into the smutty scene. And man you do it well. The sister’s enjoying one another’s actions as well as how coordinated they were sold the idea well that this was not the only time they’ve done this.

    I also find it amusing that Anton kept himself quiet until the girls where done with their display, but I’m even more surprised that Fiona just continued on even with Anton watching.

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