Grim Routine

The moon stands high in the sky tonight. You pull your cloak closer as the wind howls just a bit louder. You wonder what possesses you to keep coming out here late at night. Sneaking past all the guards has become second nature and you can probably recite the schedules of the night patrols by heart at this point. All this trouble, just for her…

You silently walk down that hidden pathway you found a few weeks ago. It cuts you travel time in half almost perfectly. Anything to see her faster and for longer. You hope that she appreciates your gift. It was very dangerous to steal out in the open, but luck was heavily in your favor and no one saw you.

You shiver. Is it just the wind, or are you nervous? You shouldn’t be. Though she doesn’t have much in the way of emotion, she wouldn’t hurt you. Maybe your anticipation is making your nerves bad. This IS the first time you’ve ever given anything to her.

Well, anything besides your presence and time…

Doesn’t matter. You can see the entrance to the Catacomb in the distance. You pace quickens as your eagerness increases. You can feel it pulsating in your veins as the door draws closer and closer. You walk past the undisturbed grave stones. You guess there wasn’t enough room for everyone…

On the door, you can see the familiar inscription: To those who meet their end. How morbid, yet true. You steel yourself and move the door aside, making sure to close it behind you. You hold the lantern forward, illuminating the path in front toward her. Let the long walk begin…

There she is. She’s reading that little black book of hers. Her long purple cloak obscures her features, but you know what’s under there. She looks up from her book and turns toward you. A big lump forms in your throat. Those purple eyes bore right into your soul.

“You’re back…”

Her voice is almost like a whisper, yet somehow it booms and echoes in your mind. Must be her magic.

“I can’t say I’m surprised. You always come back.”

You walk forward, pulling your gift from your cloak. She stares at it, but her expression doesn’t change. A pale, grayish hand reaches out from the cloak and takes it from you.


“I…I-I got it for you…”

You need to pull yourself together! You’re just talking to a girl! An undead, powerful sorceress of a girl!

“Book on Alchemy? There’s no way you could have afforded this. Did you steal it?


“Of course you did.”

You nerves are frazzled. You can’t tell if she’s happy, disappointed, or angry. You hope it’s the first option.

“It must have been hard…stealing this book.”

“It-it was out in the open. Everyone was distracted by the author’s dem…demon…”


“Yes! Demonstration!”

She continues to stare at you. You can’t help but flinch and shrink under her steely gaze.

“I know you have better literacy than that, even for a vagrant.”

You feel increasingly worthless right now. It’s not like you choose to be a vagrant…

“Don’t take that last comment too seriously. I was only stating a fact.”

“Do-do you like it?”

“I already have several books like this one.”

Your heart sinks at this comment. So you broke the law for nothing?


That’s all you can say as your head hangs low. You prepare to leave, but a cool sensation graces you cheek. You look up to see her, holding your face. She’s….she’s touching you!

“What a cute blush. You scared? Embarrassed?”

You try and squeak out a response, but she cuts you off before you can even think of words to say.

“No. I don’t need to know.”

Her hand moves to your chin, lifting your head up. You can see her face clearly now. Much like the rest of her body, it’s a pale gray. Inky black hair emerges from the sides of her hood. It’s longer than you originally thought. You begin shaking. What does she want with you?

“Why do you keep coming here? You know associating with monsters is punishable by burning at the stake. Yet you risk your life and well being to come out here at every opportunity.”

“I-I don’t….I don’t know.”

Somehow, you’re able to stutter out a response. Your heart is pounding so hard right now.

“Hm…Is that so? Well then, I need you to do something for me. “



You eyes widen. She can’t be serious, can she?

“Are you hard of hearing too? I said strip.”

Her voice sounds more forceful this time. You can’t do anything but comply. Before you even realize it, you’ve thrown your clothes into a heap around. Out of embarrassment, you cover your taint with your hands. She smacks them away as soon as you do.

“There is no need for shame here…”

With her free hand, she makes the book float away into the darkness. Her other hand cups your balls, gently massaging them. You shiver from the coolness of her hand, but it’s kind of pleasant.


She gives them a squeeze, making you gasp and you penis harden. This is just a dream. It has to be a dream!

“Acceptable. Now, let see the length…”

Her hand moves up to your shaft. She grips if firmly and begins stroking it. You let out shuddering moan as her pace slowly increases. Your first time is going to be stolen by an undead girl. Strange how life works. You penis reaches its full length of 5 inches. Precum is already working its way out of your tip.

“Well, this to be expected.”



“St-Stop it.”

“No. You brought this on yourself. If you didn’t plan on this happening, you shouldn’t have came back as much as you did.”

She strokes your shaft and rubs your balls at the same time now. Your penis is gaining slickness from your juices.

“Is this your first time? If you cum, you’ll be a necrophiliac. You must have wanted this, didn’t you?”

Her words sting your pride just as much as they arouse you. Your penis twitches in reflex. You can feel the pressure building your balls. You’re so close…

“It seems you’ve reached your limit. I can’t have that happen just yet though.”

Her hands glow as she whispers some unknown tongue. A strange glowing symbol appears just above the tip of your penis before disappearing into it. She removes you hands and squirm in place.

“What did you do!?”

“Quite simple. I place a special spell on you. It will keep you hard and on the edge of orgasm until I remove it.”

You wince as your penis twitches violently. This can’t be happening right now.

“Don’t do this…”

“Oh, but I can…and I do.”

The girl waves her hands and you are engulfed in purple smoke. Your clothes are back on you! This only worsens the suffering though, as you penis is now rubbing against the fabric of your pants.

“Don’t misunderstand. While your efforts were futile, I am…glad…that you were invested enough to get me this gift. You continuously put your life on the line just for me. Go home now and come back tomorrow. Just try to ignore the throbbing in your cock.”

You want to lash out and scream at her for doing this to you, but you only nod your head.

“Good. When you come back, I’ll show you pleasures far beyond that of your wildest fantasies.”

You feel a jolt of pleasure from that statement. With a sigh, you steel yourself and begin to leave. Tomorrow is going to suck with raging hard-on bothering you all day. You hope you have some baggy pants.

As the girl’s chamber disappears into darkness behind you, you hear a faint whisper in the back of your head.

“I’ll see you soon…lover.”

This no doubt now. You’re smitten with this girl, and she seems to feel the same.

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3 thoughts on “Grim Routine

  1. This feels like a good start to a much larger story. The interplay between the two characters is oddly believable, and the brief glimpses of the world they inhabit quite compelling. If you never come back to this again, if this little snippet is all there ever is of the story, then that’s okay. Good job. But I would really like to read more.

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