Griffin Meido Ch. 1

Lucina was overjoyed about her new clothes. Her master had decided that she needed some lighter attire for summer, so he had gifted her a pair of hotpants and tanktop. He even had had them custom made so that they had space for Lucina’s wings and tail. She was inside her small and cozy room, admiring herself from the full body mirror on the wall. Sun was shinining in from the window, giving her a spotlight while she was humming upbeat tune.

She was interrupted by the high-pitched ringing of servant bell. Label under the bell told the call came from the garden, with half dozen identical bells with different labels under them around it. A system that master had ordered to be constructed, so that Lucina wouldn’t have to watch over him all the time. While master was sickly and disliked yelling, he could now call Lucina to his aid with just a ring of a bell, no matter the room either of them were.

Lucina walked to the garden with hurried pace, taking care not to fly or run. Doing so would not be fitting for a maid, and the ring of the was not particularly distressed either. Master’s villa was not particularly large either, with just two floors around hundred squares each, so showing up on time did not require the usual servant tricks. Master too preferred it this way, since only him and Lucina lived here, with some quests coming relatively often, mostly for business.

Lucina found her master sitting on the edge of his divan on the patio, wearing just a pair of shorts. Despite being sickly, master did tan rather easily and was starting to get quite brown, even if Lucina could still see some tan lines on his neck and arms.

“I apologize for my attire, master. I was admiring your gift when you called.” She told him, bowing down. “What did you require of me, master?”

“No need to be sorry, Lucy. You look very charming in those clothes.” Master answered, getting a blush from Lucina. “I can’t open the parasol you see. It’s starting to get bit too hot for comfort, but you know how I’m with anything with mechanical parts, Lucy.”

Lucina inspected the giant parasol they had bought last year to give some shade on the patio. It looked like master had somehow gotten the lach that normally would stop the parasol from closing stuck in such way that the parasol could not be opened. With some fiddling, Lucina managed to detach the latch and open the sunshade. How her master managed to get things this stuck, she did not know, but past experiences had made her very good at getting things unstuck.

“Ah, thank you Lucy. I can finally get some rest out here. Could you bring me some more drinks while you’re at it?”

Lucina walked back inside, leaving her master to rest on his divan. Lucina loved her master. She had been brought up with him, being adopted by masters parents and always liked helping him. So when the time came and master left his house, Lucina followed. Now her life was like a dream, being able to serve her master both day and night. A soft drink would do just nicely for master, and Lucina poured the whole bottle slowly and carefully into a pair of jugs, popping some ice in with them. Laying them on a plate with two glasses, she carried them back to the garden.

“Please join me if you have no work left, Lucy. It is a beautiful day to take it easy.” Master told Lucina as she set the filled glass on a short table next to him.

Lucina thought about what tasks she had left to do. Garden was in order, and the plants had been watered in the morning. The decorations inside and outside the house had been polished just yesterday, and she had swiped off the dust earlier today. It was already past lunch, dinner would have not need to be prepared for couple hours and the house did not need to be heated during summer. Usually by this time she would be watching over her master diligently, ready to sate any needs he might have.

“If you would not mind I would love to rest with you, master.”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind!” Master laughed, ending with a small cough. “Hrm. Take one of the divans in the storage shed and put it next to mine. It is nice to see you to relax too once in a while!”

Following her masters orders, Lucina walked into the rather large storage shed, looking for a divan. Usually during fair weather they would have all five of them on the patio so that master could also arrange business meetings there too. Surprisingly many normally hard partners softened up when resting in the sunlight and being served cold beverages by Lucina. But for now they had had only masters divan there, since summer had just begun and master liked the free space on the patio.

Seeing the shed from inside made Lucina remember the work she had forgotten to do. Everything inside was covered in thick coat of dust. Looked like she would not be able to rest with her master after all. Saddened, she walked back outside to give the bad news.

“I apologize, master. Looks like I will not be able to join you after all.”

Master turned in his divan to face Lucina and pulled his sunglasses down.

“Are you talking about cleaning the storage shed? You can leave that for later today. For now, I insist that you come and relax with me, Lucy.”

“I am afraid I have nowhere to rest, master. All the divans we have in storage are too filthy to use.”

“I’m sure I can make some space for you, Lucy. Lets get bit more comfortable while you still have time.” Master asked flirtily.

Lucina regognized the tone, but noted that master used her pet name. Over her few years of service, she had learned to know what master wanted by simply listening his tone and the small quirks in his speech. Of course, she had known the master longer than just her years of service. They had grown in the same house, after all. Of course, Lucina hadn’t always been as glad to serve. In fact, when younger she had a habit of bullying young master. She did eventually came to like her master, but it still took many years until she became his servant.

Lucina lied down next to master, snuggling up close. She took a firm but gentle grip with her talons and tying her leonine legs around his. She let her head rest on masters chest, rubbing her cheek on it. Master wrapped his arm around Lucina, and the pair rested under the shade of the parasol for what felt like hours.

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