Gold Dust Woman

Gold Dust Woman

Mark could only nod wearily to the woman glaring daggers at him. It really wasn’t his fault she was stupid. “I need you to fix my computer.”

Mark nodded to her. “And I’d be happy to do so, ma’am. But you need to bring it here for me to do so.”

The young woman was about twenty-three and rather self-absorbed. “Why can’t you do it over the internet.”

Mark coughed discreetly into his hand. “You said it won’t power up. This is mostly likely a hardware issue—it means a part inside the computer probably needs replaced. If you were coming down here anyway, why didn’t you just bring it?”

“It’s heavy.” She flipped her blonde hair angrily.

Mark looked down at the Staples receipt from the store where he worked. “Uh…it says you bought a netbook laptop. But I can’t even give you an idea what may be wrong with it until you bring it in. How long have you had this problem?”

The young blonde woman was becoming less attractive by the moment. “Oh since it got dirty and I washed it.”

Mark blinked stupid for a moment. “You washed it. How did you accomplish that?”

The young woman shrugged. “Oh, I just took it into the shower with me and used my loofa.”

Mark sighed internally. “Ma’am, your warranty doesn’t cover water damage. Electronics and water don’t mix. You’ll have to pay for repairs yourself. It would honestly be cheaper to purchase a new computer.”

The young blonde woman flew into a fit of rage the likes of which only Millenials can accomplish in their entitled stupidity. Talking about “rights”, privileges, and patriarchal government—things really relevant to her laptop.

Mark just pressed the button for the manager and another for mall security. He nodded politely to the woman whenever she said something, but he was tuning it out. He was doing his best not to look over her shoulder towards the beautiful woman perusing the desktops.

She was an arachnid, her colors in a shimmering gold and black stripes. She had long dark hair, a lovely face—from what he could see at this distance, and quite the impressive bust. She was shyly fending away the other salesmen who Mark doubted could actually help her find what she was looking for.

After several minutes of arguing with Mall security, the manager, and eventually the police, the young woman turned back to Mark. “I ought to just kick your ass for hassling me. I bet all your friends would laugh at you for getting your ass kicked by a gender fluid girl. Come at me! I know Tae Kwon Do!”

Mark stood up slowly, and watched recognition dawn in the young woman’s eyes. He’d been looking her in the eyes while seated. Finally reaching his six-feet-seven height he looked down at her and gave a polite nod. “Ma’am, I’ve helped you in every possible way I could, and given you every courtesy. I just no longer have anything to say to you but: Good day.”

Mark left the desk and went to the break room, fetching himself a rather bad cup of coffee. He took comfort in the piping hot liquid its bitter taste comforting his pallet. Leaning back against the counter he enjoyed his terrible coffee as best he could while trying to forget the day’s rude customers.

Though his fifteen minutes—and his coffee—were soon gone, and he went back out onto the floor, the manager still arguing with the young woman as the police escorted her out.

Mark made his way, a new cup of coffee in his left hand, over to the arachnid woman. She was a human torso sitting where a spider’s head should be on the arachnid part of her body. She was just as beautiful as he’d thought earlier. Though her long pointed ears looked rather good in addition to the rest of her.

Putting on his best smile, Mark held out his empty hand. “Welcome to Staples. I’m Mark, the resident tech guy. I noted you’ve been perusing our desktops for some time. I’d be more than happy to help you find what you need. Just tell me what your needs are and I’ll do my utmost to fill them.”

The dark-haired Jouro Gumo smiled shyly and shook his hand, a bit of rosiness creeping into her cheeks. “Um… Well… I’m looking for something I won’t have to upgrade for quite some time. I…have my own business and need it to do my spreadsheet and invoices as well as my taxes, receipts and payroll.”

Mark sat his coffee down on one of the displays, taking out a pen and his notepad to began listing her needs translated into specs. “Right. Well that’s fairly easy. Is there anything else you want it to do? Do you game on occasion? Work in videos or photo editing? And what’s your budget? We can still get you everything you need by using alternative parts from other companies—and you won’t lose performance. It’s just that some people have a preference for the big name-brands.” Mark felt his own cheeks begin to color noting she was holding his elbow.

The lovely women let him go, her cheeks fully coloring. “I’m sorry.”

Mark waved it off, feeling as light as a feather. “It’s fine, Ma’am. It’s a good change of pace, honestly. I fix computers, and normally all the pretty girls I deal with yell at me.”

She smiled at him coyly, seeming to fidget has one hand rubbed the other. “It’s Margaret, actually. I do like to play games from time to time. And I need a case that filters the air out before it goes into the intakes—I work with a lot of thread and some got sucked into the last one’s power supply and caught on fire.”

As Margaret began to list her specific needs, Mark nodded sadly. She really had more specialty requirements than Staples could provide her. “Well, I have good news and bad news.”

Margaret sighed. “Bad news first, Mark.”

“Staples doesn’t have what you’re looking for.” Mark rather liked hearing his name on her lips. He wondered if she was single.

“Aw, poo! What’s the good news?”

Mark smiled. “I build computers in my spare time. I’d be more than happy to get you just what you need. Now this isn’t exactly cheap, mind you, but it’s about forty to sixty percent off the retail price for the same PC. I’m guessing you’ve been to the PC store on the other side of the mall and seen their outrageous prices?”

Margaret nodded. “Yes, everything was just so expensive. Even online anything decent has got a better than thousand dollar price tag on it.”

Mark patted her hand, causing her to smile with rosy cheeks at him. “Well, they also sell parts for building your own PC. If you can either wait an hour until I finish my shift, or have some shopping to do, I’ll be happy to take you over and explain it all to you. I’ll even put it together for you, if you want.”

Margaret was nodding, holding his hand in both of hers. “That sounds great. How much do you charge?”

Mark shook his head. “Not a thing, most of the time. I’ve got a day job. This is something I enjoy doing.”

“Oh, my.”


They’d met at the food-court, sitting and further discussing her needs. Mark had carefully considered what she’d needed and translated her needs into the components of the build. He even selected a parts list online and showed her what it would cost. Then he’d shown her a PC with all the same parts pre-built online. It was double the price.

Margaret had decided that with as much as she was saving, she could safely upgrade to a considerably higher-end graphics card than he’d picked. Her reasoning had been she was still under budget for the same PC. Mark had shown her a similar pc with the higher end graphics card, and while the percentage margin was smaller, the cash difference was more than before.

“Are you sure about this one?” Margaret asked looking at the Chassis. “All the other ones are so fancy, with windows and lights. And they look like they belong in the engine compartment of a tie-fighter.”

Mark had changed out of his work clothes, adopting the denim and button up shirts he so frequently wore. His pocket protector was on prominent display. “There’s really not a lot of difference. Though this looks more utilitarian, it’s not. The case comes with just as many quiet fans—and look here.” He pulled a tab in front of one of the inlets, pulling out a filter. “Filters over all the fans. It’ll help keep your PC clean and running. And this is a modular case, so it’s easy to install everything and to open it up to clean. I chose this one because of the filters—not the modular feature. Spider silk is extremely flammable, after all. This just lacks the lights and the fancy looks.”

Margaret pulled him into a hug, pressing his face between her breasts. “Oh, thank you!” She cried merrily.

Mark felt his face flush and his pants tighten. She was really cute. And he’d always had a soft spot for spiders. When she finally released him he smiled at her pleasantly as they made their way to the checkout.

Margaret was surprised again, when Mark used his rewards card to pay for everything, getting an additional 10% off some of the parts. Though he did feel a touch guilty. She’d pay him for the parts, he’d pay the bill. Not only would he not have to pay interest by paying the bill in store tomorrow, he’d get 5% of the overall cost back as in-store credit.

Mark only felt a little guilty. He was sure she didn’t want to open a credit card for a PC parts store.

As they made their way outside, Margaret shook her head. “I forgot. I have to take the bus to go home…Uh… How do we…”

Mark smiled at the girl, pointing out his Suburban. “Do you think you can sit in the back if I lay the rear seats down? I mean, I understand if you don’t want me to know where you live. I can build the PC and you can pick it up at the store tomorrow. But I don’t mind giving you a ride and just getting everything installed today.”

Margaret smiled, then she paled a bit. “Wait…you can see me?”

Mark shook his head to make sure he’d heard correctly. “Uh, yes. We’ve been having a conversation this whole time….”

Margaret cocked her head. “No, I mean what do I look like?”

Mark smiled, thinking she was fishing for a compliment. “You’re a lovely young woman. You’ve probably got the brightest color gold stripes I’ve ever seen. You’ve got long, dark hair. Your ears are kinda cute, I admit.”

Margaret smiled at him widely. “Oh, dear, I’ve changed into my human aspect. Here.” She grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled it towards one of her legs and when he thought he should touch it his hand passed right through. Then her body shimmered, causing him to see her as a regular human, though her ears were still long and pointed.

“Oh. Uh…” He looked down at her hand still holding onto his wrist. “Well. I wonder why that happened? I mean, I dated a Mamono in high school…but…um… Well, at least this means you can ride in the front seat with me.”


It turned out, apparently, that Margaret lived in an old warehouse that had been insulated and converted for housing. She transformed back to her Weaver aspect and Mark was a bit taken aback when she skittered up one of the walls to go get something. There weren’t any stair between floors, so she just used the wall to go change.

Mark had cleared a place on a table during her absence and began to lay out all the parts: Motherboard, power supply, DDR4, processor, cooling fan and heat-sink, Graphics card, wireless internet card, and the hard drives—she’d opted for two high capacity SSD’s. He’d talked her into buying a separate optical drive that connected via a USB since she wouldn’t be using it much.

Mark had just opened his pocket knife and was about to begin open packages when Margaret came back down the…wall…

She was dressed in a pink Kimono, so brilliantly shining it had to be made from her own silk. Her breasts looked to be pushed up, like she was wearing some kind of corset that had been blessed by the hands of God himself.

Having lost his focus, Mark stabbed himself in the hand. “Well. Shit.”

Margaret came over and smiled, producing a long strand of thread. She balled it up and pressed it into the wound causing it to instantly clot.

“I’d forgotten spider webbing did that…” Mark marveled at his hand.

Margaret giggled at him. “I hope you don’t mind if I watch.”

Mark smiled at her. “Not at all.” He set to taking everything out of its packaging, and soon after began to place things in their desired slot on the motherboard. Processor first, then Ram, then the heat sink and fan.

“So…why were to so nice to me?” Margaret piped up after a few minutes.

Mark shrugged. “In all honesty, I had a shitty day. Now when I have one, I do my utmost to go out and make someone’s day better. Sort of like paying it forward, but changing the negativity to something positive. And you needed help, and I’m pretty good at my job. Staples is fine, for the office supplies and programs you need for business, but they fall short on PC’s.”

Margaret let out a happy sigh. “I’m glad you talked me into keeping the same operating system—I still have my discs for my booking software. Means I didn’t have to get a newer copy.”

Mark shrugged. “No worries. So, what do you do?” He began to fit things into the chassis. The motherboard, then the power supply, and then moving onto the hard drives.

“Oh, I make silk. My own. The finer threads I weave into clothing and textiles and sell at a pretty penny. The more coarse threads I set aside and sell to a company than makes a medical clotting agent. My race makes the finest silks, though we don’t produce as much as the Arachne.” Margaret had moved closer to watch him work. “I appreciate you coming over—surely you had something better to do.”

Mark shrugged. “Not really. Aside from sending something to my niece in a few days for her birthday I don’t have much going on. And I’m always glad to be of service.” He removed the back tabs for the expansions. GPU, sound card, then the wireless card.

Margaret smiled at him. “Well, let me make you something to drink while you work on that. Maybe a snack?”

Mark grinned at the gorgeous woman. Man, how he’d like to go out with her. “I am a touch parched.”

Twenty minutes later, Mark had booted up the PC and had installed the OS. He’d also began to download the Quickbooks software, which meant his job was done. He didn’t really want to leave, but he didn’t have a valid reason for staying.

“Here,” Margaret said handing him a cup of tea.

Mark took a sip, tasting it and found it strange, but very good. He took a deeper drink and didn’t stop until he’d drained it. “Wow! That was really good.” He looked to Margaret, who seemed to be shaking. “Are you all rig-” Mark pitched forward, his eyes rolling back into his head.

He though he heard Margaret chuckle huskily before darkness took hold of him.


Mark came to, his head fuzzy. He tried to rub his face, but found he couldn’t move his arm. He thought he must have been sleeping on it or something, as his eyes were hazed so heavily he could barely see. He shut them and tried to move his other arm.

Panic setting in, Mark snapped his eyes open. Adrenaline was making everything clearer.

He was suspended by a soft rope, around his arms, ankles, knees, thighs, shoulders, and his chest. He was tied in such a way that he couldn’t move, though it was done so well he felt very little discomfort. There was a gag over his mouth, the sticky rope keeping him from crying out.

Wait… Was that web?

Margaret strolled up, no longer wearing anything. She smiled at him and gently stroked her hand over his hair.

Despite his situation, Mark felt his cock stir. She noticed and gave it a playful pat.

“Oh, my dear, if you think you can keep from screaming I’ll take the gag off for a bit. I’m going to put it back on, though. But I thought you may have some questions for me.” She slipped a knife—his pocket-knife—into her hand.

Mark nodded and she cut the webbing free. After taking a few breaths and working his mouth, he looked up at her. “Why are you doing this?”

Margaret smiled, laying her head down on his chest. “Oh, dear. You were just so miserable the way you were. You were supposed to be doing something you liked, but you hated your job. And the way your customer treated you! You hated your life. I’m going to make it better.” She ran her hands along his chest. “I’m going to remake you. There’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll resent me, for a while, then you’ll appreciate it. You’re going to be with me nearly every moment of nearly every day for the foreseeable future.”

Mark tried to speak, but found he was only stuttering. He took a moment and found his words. “Why not just ask me out?”

Margaret produced some webbing with her hands, a woven gag to go over his mouth and chin, keeping him from opening his mouth. He’d been too surprised to stop her, and it happened so quickly he doubted he could have done more than protest briefly. “Because you need this, sweety. And because I like it. Everything you do in the future is for me. I’m going to break you.”


Mark spent that first night, hanging up in his makeshift bondage hammock. The next morning he was somewhat hungry, though still too disgusted with his situation to eat. He was rather adamant in his refusal, though Margaret left his gag off for the time being. His body felt a touch sore, though he didn’t think it was from just hanging all night. But he had no clue as to why.

Margaret was busy cutting his bondage away, but only one section at a given time. She’d cut both his thighs loose and spend time washing his groin and thighs, carefully sponging them clean before reattaching the webbing and moving up his body.

Mark was biting his lip from the pleasant sensation of warm soapy water rubbed onto his body. She was scrubbing his skin with the soft sponge, very nearly causing him to groan at the sensation. Her every touch and caress was delicate and intimate.

Idly, Margaret picked up a remote and turned on the large television, settling it on some music channel before continuing. “Are you sure you’re not hungry?”

Mark sulked. As hard as he could.

Margaret smiled, as she replaced the web around his stomach, having thoroughly washed it. “You’re cute when you sulk.”

Though soon, the bath was over and his gag was replaced. Though his bonds were tight enough to keep his from moving more than a fraction of an inch, they weren’t at all uncomfortable. He noted that they were made from possibly the finest thread he’d ever seen, meticulously woven into elaborate braids.

Throughout the day Mark watched Margaret set up and weave thread on a tapestry stand, making something rather elaborate. She had her threads dyed having previously made them and dyed them. He couldn’t tell what it was, but it was done in golds, silvers, reds, and blues. He watched as he hands deftly wove elaborate patterns his mind was unable to comprehend. He thought it delicately beautiful.

Mark caught himself admiring the curve of her hips where it turned into the pleasant plumpness of a very nice ass. The bottom of said ass fused to her arachnid body. Her jerked his head to the side to look away and bit his lip.

It hadn’t helped he’d recently had a dry spell and she was an absolutely gorgeous woman. Gorgeous kidnapper, more like it.


The second day of his captivity Mark awoke desperately hungry. He looked down to find Margaret asleep with her head on his chest.

Her sleeping visage tugged at his heart, making him fully aware of just how lovely she looked whether sleeping or awake. Her lips were slightly parted, just a few scant inches away from his own bound mouth.

Margaret’s eyes snapped open, and she smiled at what she saw. “Good morning, love. Are we hungry today?”

Mark weighed his hunger against his pride before slowly nodding his head.

Margaret stood, cutting his gag before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. “Good boy.”

At her kiss, and as she walked away, Mark felt a shiver begin at his neck it ran down to his toes and back up. It continued until Margaret came back with a bowl of chunky soup and a glass of milk with a straw in it.

Margaret proceeded to feed him the soup—possible the best he had ever eaten—while wiping his mouth and chin as he chewed. He sipped idly as the milk between bites when she put the straw to his lips, the cool liquid quenching his thirst. His body was far more sore today. He supposed some of it could be from hanging—but it really wasn’t that uncomfortable. He slept in a hammock in his apartment, after all, and this was very nearly the same.

“Such a good boy,” Margaret told him.

Mark was somewhat aghast the he colored slightly at the comment. “T-thanks.” he mumbled. Whether it was for the food or the compliment, he didn’t know. He decided not to clarify and let her think what she would.

After he had eaten, Mark felt his stomach grumble. “Uh..I…need to use the restroom.”

A process that involved craning him over to the next room, and allowing only one of his arms free saw to his morning constitutional. He tugged at the braided threads, but noted the only way to get free would be to cut them. There wasn’t a single thing in the bathroom he could use.

After he had been craned back, Margaret began to wash him, going from head to toe. But today she started something new. After thoroughly washing each area, she then applied oil to it and began to massage it.

Despite himself, Mark groaned aloud as she rubbed the oil into his skin and stimulated the muscles in his body that had been hanging. He hadn’t even felt sore until she began to stimulate the deep tissue in his stomach and legs. His eyes rolled back into his head and he threw his head back as he thoroughly enjoyed the sensation.

A sponge bath and a deep tissue massage, one piece of his body at a time. She paid special attention to his semi-hard cock, the soap and water causing it to harden. Though instead of groping it she massaged him, leaving it still erect and unsatisfied. Somehow, she avoided stimulating it even when she carefully rubbed the oil into the skin of his penis.

Hips to legs, then hips to neck. Soap and water, then oil and hands. When she started on his neck, Mark was extremely relaxed, on the verge of sleep. When she began to gently rub his neck, he fell asleep right away.

He dreamed of her washing and massaging his back, the careful manipulation of the web holding him up allowing her to flip him. He also dreamed of another chaste kiss and a compliment, making him blush even in his sleep.

Mark awoke later to a wonderful smell, his mouth watering behind his gag. He couldn’t place what exactly the food was, but it smelled fantastic.

Margaret was listening to some light hip hop as she worked on her tapestry. It was starting to come together. It was a Celtic knot-work pattern. She was idly twerking her buttocks in time to the bass beat of the song.

Mark watched her buttocks with interest. Her swaying hips as well. She was weaving to the beat and her rather remarkable breasts were swaying to and fro to the tune. Despite his situation, Mark found himself completely aroused.

Despite the lovely view, Mark wondered as to why he was so aroused. It was unlike him. It was like his body was completely hungry, starving in fact, for release. Like he’d been teased for a particularly long time.

Margaret turned around and smiled. “You were so tired from last night dear. You just crashed out.” She brought over a bottle of water with a straw in it and placed the straw to his lips.

Mark drank until the bottle was empty. He told Margaret he had to go the restroom again.

Smiling the whole time, she maneuvered him into a standing position in the bathroom, though she did not free one of his arms. Instead she took hold of his cock and pointed at the toilet. “Go ahead, love. I’ll take care of you.” Her skin was silky smooth and felt entirely too good on his cock.

Grunting with effort, Mark finally managed to piss despite his hardened cock.

“Good boy,” Margaret told him in a breathy whisper and kiss on his cheek.

Mark blushed, feeling his cheeks heat as she took him back to the other room, though instead of craning him from a distance she climbed the walls right beside him. Her hands never strayed far from his body and she was lightly touching him in the most sensitive of places.

Though at least one of her hands stayed on his ass, gently kneading it. To his great shame, Mark enjoyed the attention more than a little.

The rest of the day proved to be rather uneventful. She fed him lunch and dinner with very little remark.

“Oh,” Margaret exclaimed that evening. “I used your phone to find the address and ordered your niece that My little Pony toy you had bookmarked in your amazon page. It’s been specially shipped to arrive—gift wrapped—on her birthday.”


Breakfast, sponge bath, and a relaxing oil massage didn’t help him to sleep the next day. He was wide awake, his every fiber alight at her touch. His cock standing straight into the air, causing him to groan painfully. Margaret had paid special attention to it in both her washing and massage. She was just turning away to put up the bucket of soapy water.

“Please,” Mark managed to grunt through a bit lip.

Margaret turned back, her expression curious. “Yes, love.” She leaned back and folded her shoulders giving him a delicious and painful view of her breasts. They were absolutely perfect, in every way he could conceive—size, shape, and firmness. “Do you need something.”

Mark bit his lip until it bled, drawing a raised brow from Margaret. He physically shook as he struggled against his own pride. “Please…”

Margaret sat down the bucket and came over, leaning onto his chest. Her bare breasts spilled deliciously over his chest up to his chin. Her face was just inches away from his own. “It’s okay, love. Just ask me. I’m right here. You don’t even have to say it loudly. Just say it.”

“My….my cock! It’s so hard. I can’t stand it. Pleas help me! I need to cum so badly! Please…” Mark found his voice at coming out at little more than whisper, so desperate was his need.

Silky fingers running from the base of his dick to the head caused him to groan unintelligibly. “Oh. That. Well, I can help with that. I’m surprised it took you so long. I’ve been taking my web…” Mark felt her wrap her web around his balls and the base of his shaft. “…and tying it up so you can’t come at night. It’s not as satisfying—fucking you when you can’t come. You’ve just been so tired, and the drugs I’ve given you keep you asleep. But I don’t think you need much more of that.”

Margaret’s hand began to dance up and down his shaft, causing him to moan. He was rather vocal about it, his voice rising in anguished bliss. He thought that without the strands of webbing holding back his orgasm he would be in the midst of it.

“Aw, you look so cute. I’ve been feeding you some…things…that help increase your libido. Especially towards Mamono like myself. And you fall asleep and I play with you. It’s nowhere near as satisfying, showing my night face to your sleeping visage, but I needed it. Now, beg me to let you cum.”

Mark didn’t even resist. His mouth started flying off the handle in his need. “Please, I need to cum. I need to cum for you! It’s so hard! Please, make it stop. Make it cum!” He found his thrashing had moved one of her nipples to his chin and he took it into his mouth. Sucking and gently biting for all he was worth.

Margaret shuddered in what he assumed to be an orgasm. “Oh, my. Such a naughty boy, doing that without permission. But I like naughty boys.

“But you’re not going to cum just yet. No, not because you need to—but because I want you to.” Her hand stopped moving, staying at the head of his shaft. “I’ve loosened the ropes around your stomach. I want you to fuck my hand—just like you were fucking me. And I want you to focus on what you like best about me—tell me how I turn you on.”

Mark began to thrust into her hand, his mouth on her tit, and his eyes on hers. He loosed her breast with a longing and audible moue. “Fuck! Your skin is just so soft and silky, every time you touch me it drives me wild with lust. I also like your phat little booty where it melds into your arachnid lower-half—I think I’ve had dreams about fucking it! I’d like to fuck it.”

Mark groaned as his cock tried to spasm, but was prevented by the braided strands of webbing. “Oh god! Thinking about your ass did that! You have the best breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at,” he told her blushing. “I like they way they move whenever you’re doing something—they jiggle just right, much like your ass.” His eyes rolled back as he tried to come again, but was denied. Despite his denial he kept right on bucking his hips, not because he needed it—but because she wanted him to.

It was an odd feeling. He could almost intuitively feel her wants and needs. He wanted to please her. In any way he could. In any form she’d allow. Even if it was by his own denial.

Gasping for desperate breath, he looked back into her eyes. He just no longer cared. He wanted to please her, wanted her to be happy. This made it easier to fuck her hand and ignore his ruined orgasms. “You’ve got an absolutely beautiful face—and your lips are perfect. I couldn’t imagine a more attractive woman.” He tried to cum again, though he was less desperate and more focused on her amused smile as he writhed in torture.

He smiled up at her, feeling pleased despite his denial. “I love the way your hands feel when they’re washing and rubbing my sore muscles. I love the way you smile at me when I groan. I want to know what you sound like when you make those sounds. I want to hear the sounds you make when you cum on my tongue and my cock. I NEED to make you come.”

Margaret was wearing a wide smile and blush, when he felt her hand be taken away.

“Oh! Nonono! Please, don’t take it away. Please don’t!” He begged of her.

Margaret was still smiling, leaning down and kissing him. Not the chaste touch of the lips she had been, but fully. Her tongue darting out against his in an intimate caress that made the stress and burden leech from his body. “Oh, my love,” she said breaking the kiss. “Your mind finally broke. You’re ready…”

She moved down until her human torso was between her legs, causing him to cock his head in curiosity. He hoped that whatever she was planning he’d be given ample opportunity to please her. She lifted her torso until the tip of his cock was pressing against the opening of her pussy.

“Here we come, love,” she said, the cold blade of a knife cutting away the threads as she sheathed herself on top of him.

Sensations too intense to handle coalesced over him as his cock began to pump into her writhing womb. Mark managed to scream for several long seconds before passing out. Though he noted dully, on the edge of consciousness, that Margaret had her breasts in her hands. She was screaming in orgasmic bliss right alongside him.


Days began to pass in such a manner. Mark felt himself slipping into some semblance of familiarity with his situation. Every couple of days he’d no longer be able to stand his denial and would ask Margaret for release.

For her part, Margaret never really denied him. She just ensured it was always on her terms. Always tying his cock to prevent him from cumming, but always allowing him release when he began to tell her the things he liked about her.

After a week, Mark began to genuinely concentrate on all of Margaret’s many charms. He thought he may have genuinely been smitten with her under different circumstances, though any time he thought on her for too long his cock would stir.

Margaret began to tell him what all she was putting in his food. Different kinds of Slime jelly, though her favorite by far was Humpty egg. She thoroughly explained how it affected him the previous night, causing him to wake up begging for release, his cock dripping.

On that torturous day she tied his cock and impaled herself, riding him slowly. Her hands on her hips and running up over her body she smiled down at him.

“You have such a nice cock, love. It genuinely pleases me.”

Mark was still wearing his gag, groaning against it as his eyes tried to roll back in his head. He’d found he could fight this, as he didn’t want to miss a single moment of her lovemaking.

Margaret smiled down at him as she shuddered lightly in a lazy orgasm. “I think I could just hold still and let your cock do all the work…but where’s the fun in that?” She twitched her hips back, making Mark imagine how lovely her butt would look jutted out as it was. “When I’m like this, you twitch right against my g-spot. It’s a lovely feeling. You’ve got a fat cock head that feels really nice like this.”

Mark felt her mandibles—or the human legs where a spider’s mandibles would be—tighten around his hips hugging him closer to her, causing him to groan and pant. Though the gag was causing him problems.

Margaret smiled and cut his gag free. “That must be better. Tell me something new. Something about me that makes you blush.”

Mark was lost in the pleasure, his need for release forgotten for the moment. He gasped for breath as the writhing silkiness of her sex milked him before composing himself. He blushed before ever he spoke. “I’ve started dreaming about you.”

Margaret blushed, her smile becoming hungry. “More. Tell me. Everything,” she said in a demanding tone.

Mark happily complied. “Sometimes I just dream about holding you. Or being held by you. Of kissing you tenderly. Sometimes I’m tied up, and sometimes I’m free.” He groaned at a particularly strong flex of her kegels.

Margaret laughed. “Oh, how lovely. Tell me, my love, what else you’ve dreamed of me.”

Mark nodded, his blush deepening. “I dream of riding behind your torso, my cock slipping past you lovely ass to slip inside of you. You have my arms tied around you so I can hold your breasts.” He groaned at the thought his cock pulsing in its need for release. “And when you cum you turn your head and kiss me over you shoulder!”

Mark’s last comment came out as a cry. His cock pulsed so hard that it physically hurt. He felt a jet of cum slip past the binding on him and into her sex.

Mark felt drool running down his chin at the unexpected and partial release. He shook physically, high for just a moment. He opened his mouth to apologize to Margaret for cumming without her permission.

Margaret’s mouth found his own in passionate kiss, causing him to eject another partial spurt within her. She broke the kiss and smiled at him before beginning to kiss his face tenderly. “Oh, my good boy. That’s JUST what I wanted. You came a little despite that tight binding. For me. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me,” she said reaching back.

Mark felt the binding around his cock slip free. He groaned holding back. She hadn’t given him permission yet.

Margaret sighed in relief. “Oh, such a good boy.” She was panting on the edge of release. “Go ahead and cum in me. Try and give me spiderlings, love.”

Mark emptied a copious amount withing her, crying out as he did so. In her own passionate throes she was grinding her breasts into his chest. He could scarcely believe just how much he was cumming—it was as if he couldn’t stop.

Margaret smiled at him warmly. She had a hitch in her voice, her pussy writhing in orgasm around his spurting cock. “Mmmm. That’s the h-humpty slime, love. You’ll cum for the next fifteen or twenty minutes without stopping.” Her hand slid down and clamped around the base of his cock cutting off the flow.

Margaret surprised him by slipping down and licking some off the tip. “My lower mouth is full, but this one is empty,” she said before swallowing him. Her lips were lightly sucking at the base of his cock.

Mark groaned in torturous delight as he began to pump once more, freed from the grasp of her strong hands.


Mark was tied rather tightly as Margaret carefully shaved his face with a straight razor. She was being most careful with him. Though in all fairness she just didn’t understand how bad he was at shaving—he tended to come to work with bits of toilet paper plastered to his face fairly frequently.

It had been some time since he’d even thought about his terrible job as a technician at Staples. The thought of going back to that dead end job nearly made him shudder, though he was sure they’d relieved him of his position by now.

A knock at the door broke his reverie just as Margaret was cleaning the razor in a bowl of hot water. He looked at her curiously, as they’d not had any visitors. As she went towards the door he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy that someone was intruding.

After a moment of examining that thought, Mark felt himself blush and bit his lip. At some point he’d not only come to terms with his capture, but rather liked it. He spent his every waking moment in the company of a wonderful woman.

Margaret returned in the company of a tall muscular Ogre. A Mamono like herself, though the brutish woman had his desktop under one arm, his flat-screen under the other. Her green-tinged skin rippled with firm yet sensual muscle. She was wearing a tube-top and booty shorts.

The Ogre looked at him curiously for a moment before turning to Margaret. “This is your computer nerd guy? He looks more like a wrestler. No wonder he had a vehicle large enough for me to drive.”

Margaret rolled eye eyes and smiled at him fondly. “I just talked to you on the phone for a few minutes, Bernice. It’s not like I went into great detail about my love. And thanks again for getting his things for me.”

The Ogre—Bernice—nodded happily sitting his things down. “Not a problem.” She looked over and tilted her head one way then the other while looking at him. She looked back to Margaret. “Does he have a brother or something?”

Margaret shook her head. “A married sister, I’m afraid.”

Bernice pouted. “Just my luck. There wasn’t a whole lot. A dresser, gun cabinet, a recliner, and what you see here. Kind of a utilitarian guy, it seems. Oh, and he had one of those hammock beds. Packed into something about the size of a softball.”

As Mark heard his life laid out in the simplest of itemized lists, he turned his head and stared up at the ceiling. The television was on, but he could only speculate on the equation used to determine the stupidity of daytime television.

As they carried his things further back into the building Mark had an odd thought.

Guess I don’t have to go pick up my stuff…

Mark thought about that for a while, tied up and gagged as he was. Thinking was his new pastime. He really had no desire to be anywhere else. Or at least somewhere Margaret wasn’t.

Mark was so caught up in his thought he hadn’t heard the ladies approach until they were nearly upon him. “Sure thing. I’d be glad to,” Bernice was saying.

Mark didn’t have much choice in the matter when Bernice lifted up his cock as Margaret took a razor and began to shave off his pubic hair. Though his face turned so red he thought it may just be warm enough to cook upon.

Bernice noticed and let out a merry chuckle. “Aw, he’s cute when he blushes. It’s a damn shame he doesn’t have a brother for me to snatch.”

Mark tried not to watch his pubic hair disappear as a spectator sport for the Ogre, who commented constantly on his physique or his cock. “It’s nice. And it’s really soft and smooth. Have you been rubbing oil into it?”

Margaret nodded with a wide smile. “Every day. I also give it a deep tissue massage to stimulate the blood vessels. He can stay hard all night, despite the drugs. I just don’t think he’s ready for my night face, just yet. And then he can fuck for hours in the mornings. He looks so cute when he begs for it.” She was finished now.

Bernice’s hand had begun to stroke his cock, causing him to bite his lip behind his gag.

“You’re jacking off my man, Bernice…”

Bernice withdrew her hand, looking aghast. “Oh! I’m sorry.”

With a wicked smile Margaret produced some thread. His cock was quickly bound in its hardened state. She manipulated the braided webbing suspending him bringing him down until his face was sitting just under her dripping pussy. She cut free his gag and sat it on his face. “Okay, now you can stroke him,” she told her friend.

An hour of edging and sucking Margaret’s juicy pussy passed slowly. All the commentary and encouragement from the ladies hadn’t helped matters one bit. By the time Margaret had escorted a giddy Bernice to the door Mark was writhing within the web, desperate for release.

Margaret reappeared, leaning down and hugging him. Her breasts were smooshing his face in a most wonderful and torturous manner. Though she soon pulled back and smiled at him. “Can you do something for me, love?”

Mark nodded emphatically. “Anything.” He found he really meant it. He NEEDED to please her.

Margaret smiled. “I’ve been weaving a lot of thread lately—my spinneret is sore. I need you to massage it. You’ll do that with your cock. But you need to hold off on coming as long as you can. Can you do that for me?”

Mark nodded. “Y-yes,” he said uncertainly and with a small voice.

Margaret adjusted the ropes about hips and legs before backing her abdomen up between his legs. He could see the opening of her spinneret on the back of her abdomen, the opening seemed to be pulsing excitedly. “This is going to be VERY intense, love, for the both of us.”

After freeing his cock she sank his cock within the depths of her spinneret.

Torture. Wonderful and glorious torture. The walls of her Spinneret turned out to be nubs that produced her silk. They were soft enough to put the silk itself to shame as they rubbed at him. It was incredibly tight, making him groan and bite his lip until it bled to keep from coming.

Mark saw Margaret turn her torso slightly towards him as she wiped her chin clean of drool. “Oh yes, dear. It’s that good for me too. You can probably feel the inflammation. It’s so tight. It’s so much better not to have to take care of it myself. Now, I need you to start moving, my love. Remember, hold back as long as you can.”

Drawing a shuddering breath Mark managed to slowly slip much of his cock out of her. With a breathy growl he gently slid it back it, feeling the nubs pulse at him.

Margaret cried out in what he knew was orgasm. “Oh, Maou! That’s so good. This is any Arachnid’s most sensitive part, my love. Every time you thrust your cock I’m going to cum. But it’s only this good when it’s inflamed. Go on, my love. Give me what I need.”

Mark managed another slow thrust, listening to her delicious cry. He paused and then managed another, slowly becoming accommodated to this new sensation. With another thrust he noted the pauses were becoming shorter, his confidence growing.

Margaret had wrapped her arms up tightly in two strands connected to the ceiling above them. She was leaning her torso limply on them to keep herself upright.

By willpower, Mark shoved his impending orgasm back as he began to fuck her more quickly, her cries growing desperate and loud. He simply couldn’t imagine anything that would feel better on his cock than her swollen spinneret. “God, this feel so good,” he admitted loudly.

Margaret’s cries took on a new pitch for a few moments. “I’m g-g-glad,” she cried out during her orgasm. “P-please fuck it harder.”

The desperate tone of her voice driving him on, he began to thrust into her with every bit of strength he could muster. His eyes were wild and wide as he cried out along with Margaret. His need to please her was his motivation. But soon his own orgasm was building. “I’m going to cum!”

“Give it to me!” Margaret screamed as he began to spurt within her.

Mark refused to let her down and continued thrusting throughout the orgasm. It was so intense that darkness crept into his eyes, blinding him for a moment as intensity overwhelmed him. “I love you,” he screamed just before he blacked out.


Mark kept his eyes closed as he luxuriated in the feel of soft warm skin pressed against him. He snaked his arms around Margaret with a sleepy smile.

Eyes snapping open, he noted he was lying in a hammock of webbing, while Margaret was clinging to the wall so she could lay her torso next to him. Her eyes were large pools of liquid dark as she looked at him. “Sleep well, my love?”

Mark gave a shaky nod, his arms tightening around her.

Margaret smiled. “I’ve been waiting to hear those words. That you love me. No need to keep you tied up anymore. You’re free to come and go as you please, my love. But I think we both know what you’ll do.”

Mark smiled just before kissing her as thoroughly as he knew how.

He was right where he needed to be. In the arms of his golden woman.

Pulling back from the kiss, Mark stroked her face with the backs of his hands, though he noted his arms were still a bit shaky from the long immobilization he’d endured. “I don’t want to ever be anywhere but with you. Thank you.”

Margaret let out a small moue of delight, a blushing smile lighting up her face. She produced a small capsule pressing it lightly to his lips.

Mark swallowed it without hesitation. “What’s this?”

Margaret gave him a small wink. “You’re still not ready to see my night face. Not until you’re stronger. You’ve been bed-ridden for a week, after all.”

Mark could only nod. He did indeed feel weak. He thought he could walk—if he had time to get his legs steadied. At least that was the theory.

He spent his remaining time awake, spooning and making out with his woman. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he belonged to her. Running his hands over her voluptuous body make him shake in delight. His hands felt her breasts for the very first time, making his cock begin to leak pre.

Though soon he felt his eyes growing heavy. Darkness was enclosing on Mark’s vision and he knew he would soon be out.

Her plump warm lips gently kissed his ear. “And when you’re strong enough…” He could hear a breathy neediness in her voice—a hitch that begged to be satisfied. “When you’re strong enough, I’ll show you my night face.”


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