Gladiators in the Night – 2

     Out of the frying pan, into the oven. That’s always how it turns out for me. I don’t even know why I expect any different now. Here I am, strapped to a chair, in some sort of dungeon, with a lizardman I defeated trying to have her way with me. Now, I may deserve some sort of punishment for my…underhanded tactics, but really? This just isn’t fair.

“Hey, hey, hey, take it slow! Ow!” is all I can gasp out, as she bites my earlobe. This is not going to end well for me, methinks.

“You tricked me…What happened to honor on the battlefield? Hmm?” she purrs in my ear. She’s really getting off on my precarious situation, and there’s jack-all I can do right now but take it.

“One; that wasn’t a battlefield. That was a gladatorial pit. I had no chance if I played fair, so I fought dirty. Two; I still don’t have a clue where I am, so I’m like an animal backed into a corner. And three; you don’t want to fuck with me! I-I’m totally scary powerful!” Really? Thats the best I can spurt out

“Oh, I don’t want to ‘fuck with you’, human.” she says, her tone heavy with want “But I am going to fuck you…Hard. You’ve tarnished my reputation in front of all of them. I’m actually leaving here to go with you. I shall haunt you so to speak.” she cooed into my other ear.

“Then how about you take these restraints off, and we really make it interesting.” I replied. I needed my hands free, then I could at least try to fight back.


     By this time, my pants are feeling really tight. Something about her touch, and the atmosphere in the air. If this was going to happen, it would happen. I really shouldn’t fight it. Its just sex, really. What? Why am I thinking like this. Kate’s somewhere in this hellhole and I’m thinking of fucking the nearest hole right now? I need to snap out of this. Whatever this is.

“Poor form.” I mumble under my breath. The warrior-lizard shifts backwards, her arms still locked around my neck. Her earfins twitch.

“You really want to talk about ‘poor form’, human?” she asks with a smile, as she unstraddles me and begins to unbutton my jeans. She slips them to around my ankles in one hard jerk, leaving my tighty whities exposed. I knew I should have wore something else. But I didn’t think I was going to get anywhere with Kate. Plus, they’re comfortable.

     The lizardman giggles, putting her hand over her mouth. A blush creeps across her face, as my face begins to feel as if a sun were mere inches from it. I could feel the sweat beading on my forehead. This was it. I was about to be raped. The girl begins to rub my crotch as I look away. A warm hand grasps my chin and wrenched it back forward. Her eyes were a beautiful, a shade of amber that I could only describe by comparing it to a blinker signal. Something about her eyes spoke to me. She was rough, but had a chewy soft center. Her eyes bounced back and forth, looking into my eyes. Searching for an answer to a question I didn’t know.

“Just do it.” My eyes close. I couldn’t risk getting lost in those eyes. Monsters had all sorts of tricks, and I didn’t know if I was falling for one or not.

     With that, I felt one of her claws hook under the elastic band and tug. The undergarment was split instantly, my member exposed. I can only assume the giggle I heard afterwards was that of happiness and not judgement.

“What’s the common phrase in a moment like this? I believe its ‘Ara ara’.” she purrs, as I feel a shift in her position. She’s obviously angling herself above me. Opening my eyes, I’m greeted with a smile that I did not expect. It wasn’t predatory. It was warm, inviting. I could feel my own goofy grin spreading across my own face.

     Without even breaking a beat, she sat down, impaling herself on me. An involuntary (and highly unexpected) moan escapes my lips. Her hands clamp down onto my shoulders as she begins to bounce and ride me. She’s hot inside. The fires of passion have erupted in her, and I feel as if she may make my own passions cook me from the inside out.

“Whore.” I mutter out, trying to keep the straightest face I could. I couldn’t show any enjoyment, or she would take it.

“Thats right, ah, struggle. Its so much funner when you do. Mmm.” She growled.

     The sensation is so good. Dare I say better than anything I’ve ever had in my entire life. Closing my eyes, I try to think of the nastiest shit that could break the mood for me. Surely it would be a slap in the face of this bitch if I actually became flaccid in the middle of copulation. That would show her. A deep sigh escapes my lips, and the devil-lizards ears twitch.

“Getting close, future husband? I am, too. Stay still for me, pretty please.” She giggles at my helplessness.

“Not a chance. And future husband? I’d sooner marry a devilbug.”

“Ah, be careful what you say. It could be arranged here. You could have a whole harem of devilbugs if you pleased. Or,” she whispered to me, her warm breath tickling my ear. “you could have only me, grow strong together, and make plenty of strong children.”

     Her pace quickened after that little bit, her moans becoming quicker, and shorter. Did that really set her off? Just thinking about having kids? Monsters are a weird bunch for sure. But that didn’t change the fact I could feel the pressure building up myself. I needed that sweet release. No. I can’t give in like that. Thats what she wants.

“Ahh!” she cried out, as the muscles in her nethers began to convulse and squeeze my own member. Poor lizard worked herself up. How adorable. I just smirk as she collapses onto my shoulders breathing heavily.

“That was nice. But we have to go now. You’re gonna regret not finishing yourself. But I feel like this will be punishment enough for your insolence, future husband.” She pants as she gets off of me and straightens up, puts her pants back on and goes around to the back of my chair.

     The binds around my hands tighten even more. But it now seems I’m on a leash of sorts. This is degrading, but what choice to I really have?

“Stand and walk. Take a left after you leave this room.” the lizard commands, giving the leash a little tug. I comply.

“Where’s Kate?” I ask

“Don’t worry about her. She has her own things to deal with. Why does it matter, anyways? You’re mine now.” she chuckles as I continue down this dark hallway. She begins humming something, completely nonchalant.

     We continue down the hallway for quite a while, then reach some type of heavy gate with a door in it. Shit you’d see in some sort of castle-fort thing. I don’t know how to describe it. I want to call it European, but it definitally is not. My captor goes to the door and opens it, beckoning me through. Trudging through the doorway, the cool night air hits me like a truck. Much more comfortable than the stale, dead air in whatever I was in.

“Yoo-hoo! Over here, darlings!” that same, smug voice I heard earlier called out. The damnable alp that has put me into a form of sexual slavery. She was hanging out of her stagecoach window, waving a white handkerchief that seemed to glow in the pale white light of this places moon.

“Forward, dearest. Our chariot awaits.” The lizard says, pushing me forward a bit.

“I’m not your dearest.” I retort. Its the best I have right now. I continue walking forward towards this stagecoach.

     It was gaudy. Cinderella would blush looking at this awful flashy thing. Too ornate for my tastes, but I’m sure my tastes would change soon enough to adapt to this new environment. The coach was painted in grey and maroon. Strange combination, but it worked. It was hauled by two centaurs clad in grey robes. They were conversing with each other about God knows what. The driver seemed to be a skeleton, but I couldn’t quite get a good look at him as I was pushed closer to the door of the carriage.

“Get in! Get in! Alicia, let our new guest into the carriage. I want him sitting in between my best servants!” this monster squealed in delight. A pale, gaunt looking kikimora hops out and helps me get into the garish coach.

     At the other side is another kikimora, eyes facing forward. Their little uniforms contrasted each other. One wearing a maroon outfit with grey accents, and the other wearing a grey outfit with maroon accents. What is it with this color scheme?

“So glad you could join us! We’re going to have so much fun together, you and I.” The alp said, a devilish grin spreading from ear to ear. I just simply sat and stared at her. A quiet “ahem” was heard, and looking over, I seen the lizardman from earlier. She looked lost.

“Oh! Forgive, I just lose my train of thought when I’m around this…Specimen. Go ahead and take a seat by the driver, deary. We’ll suss out what to do with you later.” The lizard nodded and disappeared. The carriage shifted, seemingly from her getting on. My eyes went back forward.

“So cold. Why don’t you talk a bit! Lets get to know each other. I’m sure you have plenty of questions.” She prodded. I just kept staring. Her nostrils flared, and then a smirk.

“I see your monster cherry has been popped in this world. Surprising. It used to be humans turned incubus immediately after that plunge. Your type are something to behold. Shame I wasn’t the one to do it.” The alp giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. She continued.

“No matter. You’ll incubize, and you’ll forget all about that human la–“

“Fuck you. Don’t talk about her, you degenerate scum.” I blurted. I just couldn’t stand the teasing anymore. Something about the atmosphere here made me angrier, more on edge. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“He speaks! Did you hear that girls! He isn’t a mute! And there it is… The passion I knew our little soldier had. Why do you resist? Most guys would absolutely LOOOVE to be in the position you’re in.”

“Most guys don’t enjoy being kidnapped mid-date by a fucking spider.” I sneer.

“Well, the arachnes are a bit of the showman type. Sorry about that. But I must say,” she says as she leans forward, placing a hand on my leg, rubbing back and forth “they do know how to pick their prey.”

“Just shut up. Where’s Kate.” I’ve lost all patience.

“Oh the girl you were with? She was auctioned off to a group of Succubi that absolutely ADORE monsterizing humans. You’re quite the delicacy now, on the account our world is tapped out. So to speak.” She explained, sitting back and crossing her legs. She made it quite sexual, of course, making sure to expose herself.

“You had better be fucking kidding me.”

“Nope! I am a woman of my word! Why would I lie about that?~”

“Because you’re a filthy, crazed, pimp who wants to essentially sell me into sexual slavery.”

“That’s not fully true! I clean myself everyday! Trust me, I smell better than she does.” The alp claimed, pinching her nose and throwing a thumb back, pointing at what I assume would be the driver or the lizard.

     I smirk. The coach lurches forward, seems like our journey has begun. The thought of what might be happening to Kate takes front row in my minds picture show. Succubi from where I hail were generally well-mannered, if not a bit promiscuous. What this alp has revealed to me concerns me. How the fuck am I gonna tell her parents “‘Yeah, I took her to a movie and then she turned into a succubus. Sorry.'”? No fucking way am I going through that shit.

“Ladies, please take his pants off.” The succubus variant commands, straightening her dress. She leans back, re-crossing her legs the other way. As always, being sure to show off her maroon panties.

     The maids nod and begin trying to yank my jeans down. Having no interest in doing anything for this bitch, I stay seated. If the alp wants to rape me, she’s gonna have to have her cronies work for it. The thought of being a mindbroken cumpump was not appealing to me. I simply had too much pride in myself, and my seed, for that matter. I am not a number, I’m a free man.

“The sooner you cooperate, my dear, the sooner you will learn to ADORE our accommodations! Don’t make me get nasty!~”

     My pants slide off, leaving my member exposed again. The maids return their gaze forward, like well trained dogs. The alp is looking at my penis with great attention. She licks her lips, like a thirsty person looks at an oasis in the desert. This can only mean one thing: more unwanted sexual stuff.

“You know how long its been since I’ve seen one of these? By the Demon Lord, I haven’t seen a man in many, many years. Ever since the Order self-destructed and took all the men with them. Cruel, really. They were on the verge of losing, so they go and take everyone with them to the afterlife.” She laments, not even breaking her gaze.

“Fuck you, and your sob story. I don’t give a shit. Kidnap someone who cares.” I spit out.

     Her gaze breaks, and looks deep into my eyes. I’ve been told to avoid gazes of succubi and their ilk, but I’m sure I can fight whatever they have. Like she has said, I was a different breed of human. Perhaps I had a chance to fight off whatever charms she had. Or I would become the glass of a charm-cocktail and want to have sex with this boy-turned-girl more than wanting to live life itself. We would see.

“I could smell her on you, but I couldn’t smell that all-too-familiar scent of spirit energy. You’re quite the trooper, aren’t you? Well, that’s a good sign. But I need to taste the goods myself to make a true determination. Girls, if you would please.”

     Without any more words, the two maids get on the ground on their knees. One on each of my sides. They give each other a look, and then the maroon outfit one begins giving me a blowjob. Well then. The other maid begins to pull her own hair back, giving me a shy smile. I just shake my head. I cannot ignore the great feeling I’m getting though. Can’t let it show, can’t give them the satisfaction.

“What? Too good to do this yourself? A real woman would love to do this to me.” I say, trying to get a rise out of this bitch.

     And that’s when her spadetail shot out, and wrapped around my neck. My hands instinctively try to go to my throat, but they are still bound. The fellatio is still continuing, with the two alternating between who gets to do the servicing. If it were any other day, this may be a great day, but circumstances dictate I’m in dire straits. The tail tightens a bit, causing my breath to be labored.

“Lets be clear here. You talk to me, ME like I’m a commoner? You’re nothing more than my Mistress’ plaything now. And she wants you to be profitable. So be a good boy, and produce.” The damnable alp purrs.

     I struggle to speak. The maids are putting it on heavy. Sucking and slurping and licking and loving. They are enjoying their job. I can’t steal a glance, as my head is being held up by the pure muscle that is this spadetail. But if their own moans are any indication, they’re getting into it. I can feel one begin licking and suckling on my testes. The other is giving me the sloppiest head imaginable; slurping sounds, licking, and all.

“Psychotic…Bitch…” I can’t help but verbally thrash as much as I can. The tail
tightens, cutting off my supply to vital oxygen. My hands go into a panic, trying to get out of my binds.

     The pleasure I am receiving seems to grow, and my hips begin to buck. Seeing red, I seek that sweet release. The alp leans in closer to the two kikimoras, and waves the one fellating away. She comes up and breaks contact with a loud pop and begins to service me with her hand. The other comes up and begins simply licking on my shaft, occasionally showing love to the glans.

“He’ll pop any second now.~ Call it a sixth sense!” She coos. She lightly begins to blow on my slick dick, and sure enough, I pop.

     Its the most mind shattering, earth shaking, animalistic orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Ropes and ropes of hot seed splatter onto the alp and kikimoras collective faces. All of their faces light up in excitement, as they begin to wipe the seed off their faces and consume it. A wave of shame fueled anger washes over me. The tail loosens, and slips from my neck, the spade giving me a light slap on the face. The silver pendant catches my eye, and it hits me. I really am going to be a whore for these monsters.

“See? Was that so hard?~ Just accept it, it’s easier that way.” The semen demon says, licking the white seed of her grey fingers with a smile. The two maids straighten up, and return to their respective sides to me.

     I look out the window, still catching my breath. The soft moonlight illuminates what looks like a field, with a small pond. The night is quiet. The ricketing of the wheels on the road the only sound to be heard. This place would be quite the pretty place in autumn. Taking a deep breath, I try to ignore the smell of sweat and shame that is heavy in the air. I just want this day to be over. It’s been long.

“Alright then. Give me the cold shoulder. See where that gets you! I’m sure your handler will absolutely LOOVE playing with you. Not as much as I do, though!~ You’ve been quite the entertainment. I’m sure you’ll make us all proud! Look at me.” The alp just can’t stop talking. She’s almost childish.

     I continue to stare out the window. I refuse to give this bitch the time of day. I still have fight left in me. And that’s when a hand comes around and grabs my face and yanks it forward. The alp has my jaw in her hands and has twisted me away from my scenic view. I am now staring deeply in her eyes. They’re quite pretty. A deep maroon color iris that seems to dance in the black sclera of her eyes. My eyelids get heavy. Sleep has hit me out of no where. No doubt because of this alp. As my eyes close, I can faintly hear her say something before I fall asleep from whatever charm this bitch has put on me.

“You’ll do very nicely. I must say, you taste delicious! You’ll sell like hotcakes!”


     I’m standing in a crowd of strangers holding a sparkling treasure. The group is a mix of humans and monstergirls. We were all part of the crew that plundered this treasure, and I ended up being the bagman. As we journey back to our employer’s villa, a succubus trips and rips her white robes. She is upset. She wants to break off from the group and sell our kingly treasure to the highest bidder and split it. I just want my freedom, and I figure that I can buy it with my share, so I go along with it.

     Our mostly monster girl group splits from the whole group without being noticed.
We continue on to the nearest oasis, our contact seemingly being there. The bright sun baking the sand beneath our every step. I scan the horizon. There’s a building atop a rocky outcrop. I’m far behind the group as they talk about what they will each do with their share of the profits. But can I trust them not to stiff me? There’s only way to make sure I get what is coming to me. I start running to the outcrop. Perhaps I could give this treasure to the owner for sanctuary.

     The golden sand is difficult to run on. I trip over myself as I hear the thunderous sound of maddened voices in an unfamiliar tongue behind me. Reaching the sharp rocks at the base of the outcrop, I can feel my shelter is within my reach. I simply must climb. The climb is a struggle with one hand, but I begin, as the panicked voices behind me grow closer afraid of a payday to be missed. A familiar voice below me echoes through my mind.

“We need him to be…”


“…well accomodated, but in that same vein, well guarded. Is Pyari still jumping around the grounds?” The sing-songy voice of my alp handler says. I still don’t even have a name for her.

     I’m still slipping back into the waking world. The kikmoras are gone. I’m completely alone in the carriage. Looking out the window, I see it’s still night. The faint glow of an old fashion oil lantern hangs from a pole on the road in the distance. We must be in some sort of township. I could make a run for it if I truly tried. But where would I go? Not a great idea. Best to bide my time.

     And that’s when I look out the other window and see the biggest mansion I think I’ve ever seen. It towers above us. We are at the gate, and the alp is discussing with what seems to be a succubus. Is this where they plan on keeping? It seems mighty easy to get lost (or hide) in such a spacious looking place. Perhaps I could play this to my advantage. The two glance over and we meet gazes.

“Ahhh! He’s awake! I was afraid I might have laid it on too thick. Poor guy got puckered out after I sampled the goods.~” The alp explains to her guard-friend.
“Mmm. Perhaps I could get a taste sometime?” The guard playfully comments, licking her licks while staring right at me.

      I just turn back and let my head rest against the back of the seat. I stare up at the top of the carriage, wondering what my family thinks. Do they think my date went well, and I’m just in my dorm resting? When will they know that I disappeared to where ever I am? It’s best to not dwell on this stuff, I tell myself. It’s time to adapt and play the long game if I want out of this.

“It could be arranged,” the alp thoughtfully admits, “just make sure that the Sabbath girls don’t find out about our little aquisition. We wouldn’t want them kidnapping such a prime cut, now wouldn’t we?” She finishes with a wink. The guard giggles.

     The alp waves and does a pirouette, a fucking pirouette, to turn around to the carriage to come back. This chick is fucking mental. She strolls back and opens the door and hops in, giving me a little wave as she straightens her dress back out. I just shake my head, amazed at the theatrics she does anywhere she goes.

“What’s your name. If this is going to be my fate, I suppose I need to know what to call you.” I sigh. Perhaps I was still under her charms, but my first instinct is to not be raped to death.

“Ahh, my little plaything is coming around!~” She exclaims, pinching my cheek. I fight back the urge to say something stupid, just go along with it.

“I don’t enjoy being called that, but yes.” I say.

“Well, for you? I’m your Warden. Or you can call me master. Or perhaps, lover?” She suggests, changing sides and sliding a little too close to me. She puts one arm around my shoulder and brings me in close and whispers to me,

“I can really show you the magic of this world. Just let me be your guide. I’ll go extra easy on you.~”

“Warden then. Got it.”

     She takes her arm back, and gives me a slight half smile. Obviously pouting that I wouldn’t take that bait so easy. She goes back to her original side and crosses her legs. Her leg begins bouncing, obviously annoyed and thinking of what to do with my defiant self.

“You’re going to be staying with a girl named Pyari. She will keep you just safe, and very much entertained. I’d wager you haven’t dealt with her kind before, so it will be quite the show introducing you to her. Can’t wait.” She explains

“If I play along, will you help me find the person you took here with me.” I try to reason

“You are in no place to barter with me, or anyone for that matter, slave. Here I am, trying to make your time here enjoyable, and you shrug me off like some harlot. That hurts my feelings, you know.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, okay.” The words are hard to choke out, but I manage it.

“Well apology accepted. But no, she’s far beyond your grasp. Just accept it and move on. Driver!” She snaps back to me, and bangs on the wall behind her. The carriage lurches forward and begins to move again.

My stomach sinks.

     The trip is shortlived, on the account we just circle around to the side of the elaborate mansion. The door to the carriage pops open, and the lizardman I have had the pleasure of meeting stands holding the door open. She is blushing and looking down. I’m sure she got to hear what happened during the trip. The alp steps out and gestures for me to exit. With a little help from the lizard, I manage to climb down without faceplanting.

     The alp opens an elaborate door, and we all three enter. The hallway is elaborate and well lit. Paintings of various women and men adorn the walls. Cushy chairs line a wall, awaiting to seat people that will never be here. It’s dead quiet. This place is seemingly abandoned. The only sound is the click clack of the heels of the alp against the well polished hardwood floors. The place is well taken care of. I’d assume that’s where the two maids left to when I stirred from charm induced sleep. There must have to be an army of maids to keep this place spick and span.

     We turn down a hallway and then immediately go through a door to the right. Its a seemingly plain room, with a single chest in the center of the room. The alp waves me in, but stops the lizardman at the door.

“You will be reporting to our sergeant at arms. You will be assigned from there. Thank you for your understanding. Ask one of the maids for directions!” she says, and then abruptly slams the door in the face of the poor girl.

“Here’s your room.” The alp says with a bit of mischief in her voice.

“No bed? Nothing?”

“No, no, no silly. That chest is your room. Go ahead. Open it.”

     Despite the blaring signals going off in my head, I walk cautiously to the chest. It’s wooden, with what looks to be iron binding on it. Pretty mediocre looking chest. Kneeling down, I can’t help but steal a glance over at the alp. A smug grin is plastered all over her face. Something is gonna happen, and it looks like I’m going to be the butt of the joke. I take a deep breath, and undo the latch. Nothing happens.
But as I put hands to either side of chest to open it, the top blasts open. A pale white girl with what looks like ribbons covering her bursts out and tackles me to the ground. She pins my arms against the floor, with a malicious looking expression painted all over her face. Her long blonde hair falls past her face, hiding her visage from all but me.

“A thief! How dare you try to plunder my Mistress’s coffers! Punishment will be swift.” She exclaims with a snap of the fingers. I try to buck her off, but am unable to. Its as if I’m stuck to the ground itself

“Pyari, that is quite unnecessary.” The alp comments, stepping forward.
“He is our new aquisition, and he will be serving us in the upcoming festival.” She continues. The girl looks up and nods, and then proceeds to get up off of my body. I still can’t move.

“Apologies, Warden. It’s just been so long sin–“

“Yes, yes. You are doing well. He will be under your charge. Keep your ears on. If we knock, you must let him out. Now play nice!” She finishes, turning away and walking out the door. The door slams, and I feel myself being dragged.

“w-What are you doing!?” I exclaim. I cannot move my arms or legs, but she is dragging me towards the chest with one arm.

“You’re coming into my world. Its been a long, long time since I had a playfriend. Don’t worry. The binding magic will disappear once you’re in my chest. That can be taken more than one way, you know.” She laughs at her own joke.

     Horror washes over my senses. If this is what it feels like to be paralyzed, I would like to never experience this again. The girl pulls my legs over the side of the chest into the inside. It hurts as she drags me into this wooden maw. It feels like I’m falling, and I’m suddenly on top of the girl. I instinctively roll over. We’re in what seems to be just a normal little living room. A lit fireplace roars. My hands feel over some sort of rough rugging. Its almost instinct, but I crawl backwards away from this girl. She has long, elven like ears. Slim, very athletic. She rolls over onto her stomach and kicks her legs up. She braces her head sideways against her hands and smiles.

“So. What do we have here? Lets make introductions, I suppose. My name is Pyari. A mere mimic in the servitude of Mistress Allena! What about you? Probably something sweet and serene. Something that rolls off the tongue.”


“Well… Not what I expected, but…”

“Yeah, just call me Kay I suppose.”

“Alright ‘Kay’, lets play a game. I’ll ask a question about you, then you can ask me a question about me. And we’ll go on until you scream my name. Sound fair?” She serenly asks, her legs swinging back and forth like a cats tail.

“Okay, this is a game I can do.” I say. I already have my plan in place.

“What is your favorite color?”

“Green. Where am I?”

“You’re in my little pocket dimension. My own little world. I make the rules here. You’re but my little pawn. What do you look for in a girl?”

“Honesty, and not having to kidnap me. Why was I kidnapped?”

“Well, for starters, there are no more human males in this world. Its sad really.” She says, rolling over onto her back, staring at the ceiling. It was a weird ceiling. The room was circular, and in the middle of the ceiling was a little square indention. I would assume thats where the chest opened.

“That doesn’t make any sense. None of this makes sense.” I am flabbergasted at this. So, not only am I being told that there are other versions of my world, but crazed monsters from alterEarth want to steal Earth humans. What.

“Well, I’d have to go in a biiiiig history lesson, but I’ll give you the basics. We had a leader who just wanted a utopia of our kind to be able to have male children. The other side did not like us at all. Considered us abominations. So our leader tried to subtly manipulate it where we gained influence, little by little. There were certain factions that were not happy with the slow progress, and revolted, overthrowing our leader and establishing a new leader.

     A lilim that had grown exceedingly impatient. Druella, I believe her name was. In turn, Druella punished those that usurped her parents. Ironic, isn’t it? Anyways, her style of war was all out. Scorched earth. The Order fell in droves. And by fell, I mean they were fucked into oblivion and incubized. Eventually, their scholars had a breakthrough. They always had this thing of ‘righteous fire’ or something that always incinerated people that, umm, had relations with monsters. But they managed to weaponize it into a spell that targeted human men. ALL human men. They unleashed that when they knew they were on the verge of losing. And thus, every human male, incubus or otherwise, burned into ashes.

     Another entity, Eros, was heartbroken at the fact that love pretty much was destroyed forever. All that was left were human females and us monsters. According to legend, she was so heartbroken, she cried for three days and three nights, and on the fourth night she exploded into a flash of light. According to the few disciples that were left, she sacrificed herself so that love could be found again in another world. Namely yours. And hence, the first portal was opened to your world. The remaining gandharvas, cupids, and apsaras eventually figured out how to open more of these doorways. They guard these entrances from the Demon Lord and her followers. They only allow those they deem worthy to pass through.
Which created the conflict we’re in now. These girls in the demon realms aren’t too keen on just sitting here and not getting any, so they took matter into their own hands. They managed to find a way to open windows into your world. Albeit, they’re only temporary, they can still fit a few of their kind into your world, and out. They have very specific time frames, and they smuggle as many men as they can. You were probably one of many, yes? Anyways, those are the basics. Do you like breasts?” She asks, grabbing one of the ends of her ribbon and tugging.

     The ribbon falls away, and I’m left with seeing the pale breasts of this mimic. Barely what I would describe as a B cup, it was nice to not see a boobmonster for once. The perky pink nipples of hers did look good. Tantalizing. But before I even had the chance to crawl over, a sharp knock was heard above. The mimic looked up and sighed.

“I guess we’ll have to continue this game later. Nice to meet you!” She says, and with a wave of her hand, I’m soaring up to the ceiling. The top of the chest opens, and I’m spit forward onto my face.

     I have no time to react as a person grabs me by the collar of my shirt and lifts me up off the ground. I’m staring into the face of what looks to be a pissed off Jinko. But she looks…Dead. Her skin is a pale white, and her fur looks a sickly grey and black. Her eyes stare deep into my soul, searching for something.

“This is the pup that beat you huh? Doesn’t look like much. Should toss him to the Sabbath running around outside and look for another. One less scrawny.” She tells the lizardman behind her. I just noticed that she was there.

“He won by subterfuge, ma’am.” The lizardman meekly confesses. She makes eye contact with me and looks down afterwards.

“Unsurprising,” the tiger lady says, dropping me to my feet. “he won’t survive against who we have arranged to face him in the upcoming festival.”

“Festival?” I ask. The next second, I realize I’m on my knees with one hand on the ground, the other pressed against my burning cheek. This bitch just slapped the shit out of me.

“You will speak, when I address you, slave. Now stand up, or lay down and face the consequences.”

     I stand up, my legs shaking and wobbly. This is the first time I’ve ever been physically harmed by a monster. I thought they didn’t do such things. Didn’t they all love humans? Or was that just a myth? Or like the mimic said, perhaps they were embittered by the fact men were a finite supply now.

“I’m your master now, boy, and you had better learn to follow my every command and whim. Its a hard truth to swallow, but swallow it you shall.” She sneers, leaning down. Her breath is hot on my face.

“You will be fighting our Mistress’s rival’s champion. An ushi-oni. And its my job to make sure you don’t embarrass her. Because Chief God save your pathetic hide if you do. You think the ushi oni is going to rape you into oblivion? Just wait until I get a hold of you afterwards. You won’t walk the rest of your life. Now march. Your first lesson begins when you exit that door.” She commands, pointing at the door adjacent to the lizardman.

     I walk towards the door, unsure of what the future holds, digesting the information the mimic gave me about this brave new world.

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6 thoughts on “Gladiators in the Night – 2

  1. “What’s the common phrase in a moment like this? I believe its ‘Ara ara’.”
    I’m personally more fond of “hora, hora, hora”.

    “Didn’t they all love humans? ”
    Eh. I figured he would have figured out this idea had been screwed over by now.

    Anyways, it’s actually sort of sad. There’s just no romantic love anymore in the world of monsters? Considering that desiring love is hardwired into them, I guess I can understand them having gone a little crazy without it.

    Also, _goddamnit it_, Druella. What happened to her after all the men died and everyone realized it was her fault? Also, what happened to the original Demon Lord when she was deposed? Did they kill her?

    That said, I really hope that Kay doesn’t give in. Often, this type of story will A.) have the character decide he likes this life, B.) sympathize with his captors to the point he doesn’t want to hurt them, or C.) gets ground down into obedience like they’re trying to train him into. If he does break, though… I’m guessing it would be if he ever meets Kate again, to find her just as bad as everyone else.

    Will a point ever comes when they understand just how awful this is to humans, and just what Kay actually thinks of them? Does the human world ever decide to take military action when they figure out that the portals are being used to abduct their citizens to maintain a slave trade?

    I must admit, in the same circumstances I probably wouldn’t have made it this far. I would have probably tried suicide. Not to escape or because I’d have given up, but just out of pure spite. Rather like the Order did, come to think of it.

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