Girls Night

[Another collaboration with NoizyBoy]

“Okay sweetie- are you ready?” the Anubis asked her daughter.


“Did you remember your night light?”

“Oh no! I forgot!” the little pup said- an ever so faint hint of panic creeping into her voice before she bolted upstairs. Not even thirty seconds later, the younger werejackal tromped down the stairs, triumphantly holding up her Detective Neboo nightlight like it was some sort of trophy.

“I wouldn’t want to leave you behind, Detective!” she said apologetically to the cartoon detective nightlight as she put it in a small padded box.

“Graham- are you ready?” the increasingly impatient Anubis mother called out to her husband. “You two need to get going- I’m certain Art and the girls are already at the bowling alley!”

“Aye aye, captain….” he grumbled as he gave his wife a half hearted mock salute. His tone lightened considerably when he saw Anippe looking up at him with expectant eyes, her little tail swishing back and forth. “Avast, ye scallywags! The S.S. Daddy’s Pickup is ready to set sail- ports of call include the bowling alley, the pizza parlor and a sleepover with a certain someone’s jinko playmates. But only if they’ve been good girls!”

“I’ve been good, daddy!” Anippe beamed proudly.

Graham said nothing, but playfully tousled his daughter’s hair before turning back to his wife.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t come with us tonight- make it a family night out” Graham pouted. “Seems like we haven’t done that in ages.

“I’d love for nothing more than to do that, my beloved. But I already told you that tonight is my turn to host the MHIL Small Business Owners meeting.”

“You sure it’s because you don’t want to be within the blast radius of three hyper jinko cubs and a certain little pup of ours hopped up on a sugar rush?”


“Oh- I know….maybe you’re worried a certain  husband of yours will end up mopping the floor with your fuzzy tail at the bowling alley.” Graham taunted

“Nope” Sakaali wasn’t taking the bait.

“You sure? Maybe we can use one of those kiddie lanes that has the pop-up railings on each end so you won’t roll so many gutter balls  this time.”

Sakaali grumbled but said nothing right away.

Then the doorbell rang.

“Well now- guess your guests are early.” Graham said, glancing at a clock on the wall before heading to the front door with Anippe in tow.

“That’s probably Vanessa. She said she wanted to attend the meeting and get a little exposure tonight, so I invited her to come early and help with the set-up.”

Graham opened the door and sure enough was face to face with the large tigress.

“Oh hey Vanessa- fancy meeting you here.”

“Auntie V!” Anippe excitedly called out before latching herself onto the jinko’s left leg.

“Heya kiddo! You and your daddy ready to go out and have a good time tonight?”

“You mean….you’re not going out with us?” the Anubis pup did little to conceal her disappointment.

“Tonight is gonna be more of a daddy-daughter night- I’m sure you girls, Art and Graham cracker here will have loads of fun.”

“Hey now- only the girls in your household who are shorter than me get to call me that.” Graham spoke up.

“That’s not going to last too long with my girls.” Vanessa joked.

“Tell me about it.” He mused as he scooped up Anippe. “Welp, hope you have a good meeting tonight.”

“Thanks Graham- I’m still a little nervous, I’m not sure what to expect from this get-together.”

“I’m sure you’ll do great. My lovely Wan with a Plan won’t steer you wrong, so knock ’em dead, tiger.” Sakaali’s husband paused. “Well, not literally….All right now- say bye bye to mommy and Auntie V!” he said as he turned to Anippe.

From her position in her father’s arms, the werejackal pup leaned over and gave Vanessa a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye mommy!” The Anubis pup called out. “Bye Auntie V!”

“Aw….no kiss for daddy?” he teased his daughter as the two of them started making their way to the driveway.

Vanessa heard one of the truck door’s open before Graham yelled out in mock terror “Help help! I’m being attacked by the kissyface monster!”

“Anything I can do to help?” Vanessa asked, turning her attention back inside.

“I think we’re just about set- all we need to do is just set out a few snacks and drinks, then wait for the rest of our guests to show up.”

Vanessa smiled. “You think the girls will have fun with Art and Graham tonight?”

“I think so- Graham certainly can be a big baby about it, but he’s right.” Sakaali sighed. “By my count I owe him at least one romantic weekend getaway and certainly more than one family night out.”

Vanessa wasn’t too surprised that the diligent Anubis was keeping track of romantic gestures and tokens of affection as though they were some sort of currency on an unseen balance sheet.

“If you want, Anippe can spend the weekend with us while you and Graham take that romantic getaway.”

“That certainly is quite generous of-“

Before Sakaali could fully reply to Vanessa’s generous offer, the doorbell rang and the Anubis excused herself.

“Oh Sakaali honey, how have you been?” an impossibly sweet voice gushed as the door opened. “It seems like it’s been forever, hasn’t it?”

Vanessa peered around the corner in time to see the Anubis get wrapped up in the tight embrace of a rather voluptuous woman with glasses, bear’s ears and claws tapering off where hands would’ normally have been.

“It’s good to see you too, Belle- I’m so glad you could make it tonight.” Sakaali smiled warmly.

“How are Graham and Anippe doing? My gracious….that little pup is growing like a weed, isn’t she?’ the grizzly asked with an unmistakable and alluring southern drawl.

“You just missed them. She’s having a night out with her daddy along with some of her friends.” Sakaali said she said as she swept her arm to point behind her . “Oh- speaking of…….this is Vanessa! She moved here a few months ago and she’ll be joining us tonight.” The grizzly smiled warmly at the jinko.

“So you’re the one I’ve been hearin’ so much about!” The curvy bear placed her paw on her chest “The name’s Belleanca but everyone just calls me Belle for short.”

Vanessa stuck out her paw and smiled “Well it’s a pleasure meeting you Belle.” Belle completely ignored the paw before her and went in for a hug. She rested her head against Vanessa’s chest and giggled all while giving the jinko a tight squeeze. “One thing people will say about me is that I love givin’ bear hugs!”

While Vanessa was caught off-guard by her abruptness she couldn’t deny that the grizzly currently wrapped around her gave great hugs. She was also surprised by how strong she was despite her soft and chubby appearance. Vanessa hovered her paws around Belle for a few moments before bringing them down and returning the hug in full force. The grizzly giggled again “Sakaali said that you were a great hugger, I guess this means I got some competition now!” She raised her head up from Vanessa’s chest and rubbed her shoulder. “If I’m not mistaken you’re the one with the three cubs- right?”

Vanessa laughed a little “Yeah, the lights of my life. You got any cubs of your own?”

Belle shook her head “No, I never got to that point with the ex sadly. I’d love to hear more about yours though.”

“Well Sakaali just laid out a snack tray how about I tell you more back in the living room?”

“That would be just perfect!” The three women made their way to the living room, just as they were about to get comfortable on the couch Belle let out a small gasp “Oh! I just remembered! I made some of those cookies Anippe loves so much.” Belle turned towards the door “I brought ’em with me, so I’m just going to go grab them out of my car and leave them on the counter! Feel free to start without me!”




The little Anubis’ ears couldn’t stop twitching for a few moments.

“Sweetie- everything OK?” Graham asked his daughter.

“It’s hard to describe, but I think something good is happening daddy…” Anippe said bashfully.

“That’s my little wag-a-muffin! You got your game face on tonight, don’t you….?” Graham said, assuming his girl was talking about her bowling game.

As much as Graham enjoyed giving his wife grief over the ‘kiddie lanes’ with pop up railings at the bowling alley, his daughter seemed to be using them to their utmost advantage.

Despite her awkward delivery, Anippe’s bowling ball banked off of the little pop-up railing about halfway down the lane and resumed coasting down the center, knocking down all but one of the pins at a velocity that looked like it couldn’t topple a house of cards.

“Another spare! Way to go, sweetie!” Graham called out as he jotted down his daughter’s score.

“Yaaaay!” the Anubis pup said, briefly relishing her father’s praise before realizing it was someone else’s turn.

“Eva? Are you next?” the dark haired little werejackal asked.

“Mm-hmm!” the young jinko nodded as she confidently got to her feet.

“Y’know girls…where I grew up, bowling was a little different.” Graham said.

“How come, Uncle Graham cracker?” Gabby asked.

“Well- it’s called candlepin bowling. The pins were shaped a little differently, the ball was about the size of a grapefruit and the fallen pins were still in play. Plus you got a third ball.”

“So you could….like….use pins you already knocked down to take the others down?” Layla asked.

“You got it!”

“That sounds kinda neat.” Eva pondered.

“Easiest way to pick up a spare or 7-10 split.”

“There’s no candlepin alleys around here, are there?” Art asked.

“Nah- it’s mostly a New England thing.” Graham said as Eva clutched her bowling ball with two fuzzy paws.

“Like Poutine?”

“No, Art….that’s a Canadian thing….”




There was a forceful knock on the front door. The three women all looked towards the entry way.

“I think I know who that is” Vanessa said “allow me.” Vanessa left the couch and made her way to the door. She opened it and was greeted by a forceful hug, the giver of which was clutching a bottle of sake in her hand.

“Vanessa!!! It’s sooo good to see you! It’s been forever since we saw you at the gym!” The blue oni shouted, loud enough for all the neighborhood to hear.

“It’s only been a week Emi…”

“I know but it just feels like a long time ya know!” Vanessa looked over the blue oni’s shoulder and saw a minotaur timidly waving.

“Hi Sophie” the jinko gave a little wave back “how have you been?”

“Good, I’ve been looking forward to tonight!” Sophie gingerly pulled the boisterous oni off of Vanessa before giving her a quick hug. While she was over 7 feet tall and 350 pounds Sophie was as gentle as a lamb. She could bench over 400 pounds but had a delicate enough touch to garden and sew.

“Girls- this is Sakaali, my good friend, first client and tonight’s hostess.” Vanessa said as the Anubis rounded the corner

“Welcome, ladies- tonight’s meeting should get underway shortly, so please make yourself comfortable.” she said as Sophie gently shook her hand.

“Th-thanks for having us.” the minotaur said meekly. “Vanessa has told us a lot about you. You really seem like a great friend.” Emi shoved Sophie out of the way and pulled Sakaali in for an abrupt hug.

“You’re even more beautiful then Vanessa said! Any friend of hers is a friend of ours.” Sakaali looked over at Vanessa from the oni’s clutches.

“Y-you told them I was beautiful?”

Vanessa rubbed the back of her head.

“Yeah, I mean… you are so… Yeah.”

Sakaali smiled and wormed her way out of Emi’s tight grip. “Well we’re still waiting on a few more guests, why don’t we all chat and get to know each other a little better.”    



“You did really good, Anippe!” a particularly bouncy Layla said as the six of them headed out of the bowling alley.

“Thanks….but I don’t know if I’m ready to try it without the guard rails.” the Anubis pup said shyly.

“Alright girls- who’s ready for some pizza!?” Graham asked with enough excitement to indicate that he was ready for some pie himself.

“Oooh! Me me me!” a chorus of paws shot up as though they were students being asked a really easy question by an enthusiastic teacher.

“Now which one of you wants to ride with me and which one of you girls wants to ride with uncle Graham?” Art asked the excited cubs.

“I do! Me! Uncle Graham! Pick me…” Layla, Gabby and Eva’s voice overlapped. Even the jinko cubs didn’t want to be seen riding around in a minivan with faded ‘Chuff Wagon’ decals on the back window.

“Well- there’s room for me, Anippe and one more….” Graham pondered.

The three cubs were now jostling for Graham’s attention.

“Who had the next best score after Anippe?” he asked.

“That’s me! I did…” Layla shouted excitedly.

“No way- I got more strikes than you did!” Eva protested.

“Yeah- but the first two were in the wrong lanes.” Gabby pointed out.

“You’re lucky that ogre was so cool about it….” Layla added.

“Fine…” Eva sighed.

“Is it really so embarrassing for you girls to be seen with your dad in our minivan?” Art asked the three of them.

“Not you, daddy…” Layla said as she climbed into the passenger side of Graham’s burly pickup. “But the ‘Chuff Wagon’ is another story…..” she said, nodding her head towards the maroon minivan decorated with various bumper stickers, including a stick figure family where all but one of the stick figures had tiger’s ears and a striped tail.

Anippe scrambled up into the cab after her friend and pulled the door shut behind her.




There was another knock at door, Vanessa opened it and was greeted by a petite, slender Wyvern clad in military desert camouflage uniform. She only came up to the jinko’s chest.

“Ma’am- Is this domicile 2212 Silverbridge Street? I was led to believe there would be some sort of gathering that would commence at 19:00 hours at this location-“

“Oh- you must be here for our little lingerie get-together, too. Come on in…we’re just about to get started and we even have some snacks and wine.”

Vanessa could see the svelte dragoness’ face begin to turn red at the very mention of ‘lingerie’ as she averted her gaze from the jinko.

“Th-thank you, Ma’am.” she said quietly as she shuffled inside.

“Oh? Another guest? Would you like to introduce yourself?” Sakaali asked the new arrival.

“Ma’am! Yes, Ma’am! Airman First Class Gwen Awyrlas….”

“At ease, Airman.” Sakaali ordered. “You’re among friends here.”

“Yes Ma’am.” the Wyvern said, still appearing nervous and uncertain.

“If you don’t mind us asking- what brings you here, Gwen?” Vanessa asked.

“Well- I saw this online ad for a company that was manufacturing intimate apparel for different body types and I wanted to find out more.” the Wyvern began. “If it’s pretty difficult for an entity with the money, resources and manpower as the Pentagon to find an adequate uniform for my body type, you can imagine how troublesome shopping for regular civilian apparel would be.”

The others nodded in agreement with her example. “Also- I don’t mean to overstep my bounds, ma’am, but has there been a death in the family or neighborhood? I noticed a hearse idling by your driveway.”

Sakaali breathed an exasperated sigh and took a sip of wine. “No, no deaths here- that’s just tonight’s guest of honor. You could say she has a flair for the dramatic”

The werejackal got up from the couch and headed towards the driveway

“I’ll be back in just a moment.” The anubis poked her head out the door and true to the wyvern’s word there was a black hearse with purple tinted windows idling in the driveway. Sakaali approached the car and knocked on the window. A few moments later it slowly rolled down to reveal a pair of playful red eyes, ghostly pale face and golden locks.

“Sakaali my dear, it’s so good to see you.”

“You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!” she admonished the Wight.

“I know, I know but me and my friend were just so caught up in our reminiscing that we lost track of time!”


“Yes- you two are already acquainted. She was telling me some stories about you as a darling little pup.”

Before Sakaali could even groan “Oh no”, the passenger side door opened and a pair of silver fluffy ears appeared just above the roof of the car. Sakaali heard the click of heels as they made their way around the front of the car, revealing the voluptuous vixen they were attached to.

“Sakaali, how’s my favorite fussy anubis?”

“Oh… Hello Mei”

“My, how cold! Even though I always let you stay up late and brought you chocolate whenever I baby sat you!” The fox melodramatically placed the back of her hand on her forehead and leaned back “I feel as though a dagger has been driven through my heart!”

The anubis chuckled lightly. “I know for a fact that you also do the same for my daughter. Even though we try to limit her sweets intake and tightly enforce her bedtime.” Mei walked up to Sakaali and placed her hands on her shoulders

“It’s just so hard to say no to those big, sweet brown eyes of her’s.” Mei closed the distance with a hug. “So, how’s my fussy little anubis?”

Sakaali returned the hug “I’m doing very well, it’s good to see you Mei.”

Mei pulled back and looked into her eyes “See, that wasn’t so hard was it?” She asked playfully.

“Not at all. I get the feeling tonight is going to be a little different from all the other small business woman’s meetings.”

The youko giggled softly. “These things happen when you let a character like Victoria set the agenda.” she cocked her head towards the driver of the hearse.

“You mean I actually make the meetings memorable?” the Wight smirked as she killed the engine and got out of the driver’s side, revealing a stunning pair or legs through a slit in her dark evening gown before standing up. “I understand you have some new blood for us, so to speak.”

Sakaali nodded. “She moved out here for a few months now- she’s a personal trainer. MY personal trainer….” Sakaali emphasized as she did a quick turn, showing off her toned arms and backside.

“Mmm….” the Wight said in admiration as she opened a black, lacy parasol. “Save those exhibitionist proclivities for the meeting, my diligent desert watchdog.”


“Another refill?” the smirking Cheshire waitress asked as she handed off another pitcher of soda to the table Art, Anippe and the cubs were sitting at.

“What? No….that’s the last thing in the world these girls need-” Art began to say, but she had already disappeared, leaving the pitcher within arms reach of the cubs and pup.

“Hey Anippe- what’s your dad doing?” Layla asked before slurping her icy mix of watered down soda and crushed ice through a straw.

Art was actually glad his daughter asked since he was starting to wonder himself.

The little Anubis pup craned her neck to get a better look. She could see her dad by a little claw machine that was next to the cash register.

“I think he’s trying to win a prize…” she said, sounding a little unsure herself. “But mommy says those things are rigged and a waste of money.”

“If he takes much longer, there isn’t going to be any pizza left for him.” Art mused.




Victoria strode into Graham and Sakaali’s house like she owned the place before closing up her parasol. Mei and Sakaali quickly followed in her footsteps as she spoke up each of them lugging a fairly large valise.

“Greetings everyone! I’m glad all of you could make it tonight- I see some new faces along with some familiar ones.” she seemed to be focusing on the jinko, blue Oni and dragoness when she said that. “If you’re new, you’re in for a treat since this is going to be unlike most MHIL Small Business Woman’s meetings tonight.”

Mei squeezed past the jinko with what looked like a set of decorated shutters, but upon setting them up on the floor of the living room, the others could see that it was an old-fashioned privacy screen.

Behind her, Sakaali was lugging two oversized portmanteaus- each of them appeared big enough for the elegant wight to be sleeping in. Normally the Anubis would gripe about having to do manual labor herself, but she seemed pretty eager to get tonight’s meeting underway as she set them down by the privacy screen that Mei had put up.



“What’s wrong, Anipe?” Layla asked.

“Well…..” she said hesitantly.

“Do you want another piece?” Eva asked.

The little Anubis was fidgeting now.

“Y-yes…but when we get pizza, mommy says I can only have two slices, and I already had my two slices.” she said forlornly.

Not surprisingly, the little werejackal was the first to see that Graham had re-joined the rest of the group as she looked up, her ears happily wiggling back and forth.

“I saved you a slice, daddy!” Anippe beamed as she slid the tray with a few remaining slices towards her father.

“Thanks pumpkin! You’re the best.” Graham said.

“What were you doing over there Uncle Graham Cracker?” Layla asked.

“Oh- I saw something in that claw machine out there that I just had to have and kinda lost track of the time. Sorry about that, girls….” he said sheepishly.

“Now that you’re here, daddy……can……can I have another slice of pizza?” Anippe asked.

“Well- that depends, how many did you already have?”

“T-two…” the jackal pup mumbled.

“And you know your momma doesn’t want you having more than that.”

“Y-yes, daddy…” Anippe sighed.

“BUT……since you did so well tonight,” Graham began to say. “I think your mom wouldn’t mind if you had an extra slice or two as a reward. And since you were being honest with me, I certainly won’t mind.”

Even over the din of the other diners and a ballgame on the pizza parlor’s TV sets, Art, Graham and the cubs could hear a rhythmic *thwack thwack thwack*. It was the little pup’s tail furiously wagging at the prospect of not one, but TWO extra slices of pizza.

“If you like, I’ll even share some of my salami, artichoke heart and bacon pizza slices with you.” Graham chuckled, knowing his daughter’s answer.

“Eww….yucky! No thanks, daddy.” the little Anubis’ face scrunched up in disgust before she reached out for a more conventional slice of pepperoni and cheese pizza from another tray.

“I’ll try some, uncle Graham Cracker!” Eva volunteered.

“All right- we got another taker for the uncle Graham combo.”

“It’s good! You should try it!” Eva said as she quickly tore into another slice of the artichoke, salami and bacon pizza.

“That’s the spirit! I can tell you’re a cub of distinguished and refined tastes” Graham said as he raised his glass in a mock toast.

“Another refill?” a voice chimed in from immediately behind Graham.

It was the smirking Cheshire waitress, seemingly appearing out of nowhere with a pitcher of soda.

“No- wait!” Art started to call out, but it was too late.

“Now that you mention it, I am kinda parched….thanks!” Graham said to the Cheshire as she topped off his glass.

“Oh, no need to thank me.” the waitress grinned as she sauntered away, Graham not so subtly checking out the sway of her backside as she left.

A loud and prodigious belch brought Graham’s attention back to the table.

“Layla!” Art scolded as the cub was covering her mouth. Her other two sisters and Anippe were giggling.

Anippe tried following up, but all she could manage was a demure little burp, which prompted a gale of laughter from the cubs.

“Anippe- don’t make me change my mind about those extra slices.” Graham said sternly.

“Sorry, daddy.” she said meekly, although she was still smiling.

“This is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the night…” Art said with an exasperated sigh. Almost as if on cue, Gabby used her straw to start blowing bubbles in her glass of soda.

“Maybe not.” Graham said optimistically.

Art looked bewildered at Graham’s statement, and even more bewildered when the Anubis’ husband showed him his prize from the claw machine- a miniature disco ball.

Art wasn’t sure what Graham had in mind, but he wished he could share in Graham’s optimism at the moment.



“Now- why don’t we introduce ourselves by name and business or occupation before getting on with the show.” the elegant Wight suggested. “I’m Victoria- CEO of BT&T intimate apparel.”

The elegant, undead blonde nodded towards the hostess.

“Sakaali- co-owner of Desert Knight Logistics LLC.” the Anubis said.

“Vanessa- founder of Predator Fitness.” the jinko spoke up.

It was the blue oni’s turn. “Emi. Certified Public Accountant and notary public.”

“Um….Sophie. Assistant manager, Fowler’s Flowers.” the minotaur said shyly.

Victoria nodded to the silver-haired kitsune.

“Mei….” the vixen said with a chuckle. “I suppose you could call me a venture capitalist of sorts. Or sugar momma, according to some.”

“Hello.” the voluptuous brown bear-woman said shyly. “I’m Belle and I run the Browne Bear Bakery.”

“Gwen. Airman First Class. United States Air Force.”

Victoria smiled. “Well- I see we have a fairly diverse group here tonight, both in terms of body type and background.”

Some of the others nodded in agreement.

“Some of you presented a bit of a challenge, but I’m confident everyone should be satisfied with what I brought tonight.”



A few slices later and it was time for the six of them to take their leave. Art looked around for their mischievous feline waitress and was surprised by a sudden “poof” right next to the table


“Uh, yeah that’d be great”

Another “poof” and not even ten seconds later she returned with the check. Art was about to reach for his card when Graham stopped him.

“I’ll get this one.”

“Oh, no please I can get this.” Graham put his hand on Art’s shoulder.

“We’re taking four hopped up little balls of fur back to your house… This is the least I can do.” Art looked at the girls bouncing in their seats then back of his friend.

“Alright, but I’m paying next time.”

Graham chuckled “I’m holding you to it.”

He handed the waitress his card. Another “poof” and another quick return. Graham pocketed his card. Art was about to stand up when Graham nudged him and pointed to the bill. Art looked at the piece of paper in his friend’s hand and saw a surprisingly well drawn butt, complete with a purple and black cat tail. Art and Graham looked up at the waitress who shot Graham a wink.

“I saw you checking me out, if you want a taste I could find us a spot in the back.” The waitress shifted her gaze to Art. “You can come to, if you’d like.”

“Um, you do know that both of us are married right?” Art replied. He and Graham flashed their rings.

“I know that, but wouldn’t you two like to try something new? I mean- I figured you had must have some sort of open relationship if you were looking at me like that.” she said, turning her attention back to Graham.

Busted. With only Anippe a few feet away, no less.

“I liked the view when I visited Mt Rushmore, too- but you don’t see me with a South Dakota driver’s license.” He said. “Although……”

The Cheshire let out a bewildered “Nyaa?” as Graham stroked his chin in contemplation.

“It’s nothing……” Graham said dismissively. “Unless…..”

“Unless what?” she asked, a hint of agitation creeping into her voice.

“Well…..I could probably coax my wife into joining the fun, but here’s the thing.”

“Hmm?” The Cheshire’s ears twitched.

“Are you familiar with the Anubis’ Mummy’s curse?”

“I’ve heard of it…..increases sensitivity, doesn’t it?” the purple argyle clad cat girl purred.

“My wife is a practitioner of a particularly powerful subset of Desert Kingdom magic- her version of the Mummy’s curse is strong enough to work on other mamono……probably strong enough to negate your ability to teleport or vanish. Still- you don’t mind spending a few months as a neko mummy maid slave, do you?”

The Cheshire immediately turned to Art. “What about you, handsome?”

“Hmmm….it’s been awhile since my wife and I brought in a third party.” Art began.

“Mmm….guess that means your long overdue, right?”

“Well- the thing is, Vanessa tends to lose herself and gets a little too enthusiastic asserting her dominance… You know how jinkos can get. If you don’t believe me, I have some scars I can show-”

With a quick “poof” the waitress disappeared.

“I didn’t know Sakaali was into that sort of thing.” Art said, genuinely surprised that his friend’s outwardly meticulous and fussy wife would be open to sharing her husband with another woman.

“She isn’t…..” Graham whispered through clenched teeth. “She would fucking skin me alive the second she saw me checking out that cat’s ass….”



“Now- I would say that out of everyone here, my body type is the closest to a human’s and even then I find the apparel offerings…..less than adequate.” Victoria began. “Emi and Sophie….I imagine there were times you could only describe your human-designed apparel as ‘frail’, am I correct?”

The two of them nodded.

“I share your concerns. The overall purpose of tonight’s gathering is to sample various types of intimate apparel that was designed with mamono such as ourselves in mind from the drawing board, instead of alterations being made to garments designed with humans in mind.” Victoria looked at the hostess, then Vanessa before shifting her gaze to Mei, Belle and the others before continuing. “But that said, I believe that I can get a more sincere assessment of these garments if the atmosphere remains casual and informal tonight.”

The other mamono present looked at each other before quietly nodding in agreement.

“Now- with each of your RSVPs, you were asked to fill out a questionnaire specifying your measurements.” Victoria continued, her voice seemingly poised and confident as always. “And with that taken into account, I brought a little something for each of you to try on tonight based on what you told me in those questionnaires.”



Once they got back to Art and Vanessa’s place, Graham asked Art to keep the girls distracted for a few minutes while he went and ‘took care’ of something.

That something turned out to be hastily installing the mini disco ball that he won in the claw machine back at the pizza place.

Unfortunately for the two men, the cubs and pup were still bouncing off the walls- but Graham was surprisingly well prepared for this contingency.

Still able to hear the kids shouting, giggling and occasionally belching, the Anubis pup’s father fished his keychain out of his pocket. Attached was a cheap little laser pointer.

“This better work or I want my money back….” he mumbled.

Girls- can you come here for a minute?” He shouted loud enough for the all four of them to hear.

His request was met with silence for a moment, but soon he could hear the pitter patter of pawsteps quickly approaching.

As soon as the cubs burst into the room, Graham discreetly shone his laser pointer on the disco ball hanging from the middle of the room.

“What is it, Uncle Graham?” Layla asked.

“I don’t get over here too often, but I’m curious. Is this normal?” he asked, using his free hand to point to a little dot of red light dancing and flickering on the ceiling.

“No….” Eva said, her ears flattening as she bared her teeth at the light “That’s Not normal….”

Without saying another word, Gabby and Layla began quietly stalking the waggling, flickering red lights dancing on the walls and ceiling above her while Anippe let out an anxious whine.

It was working much better than he anticipated- the little shards of mirror on the disco ball were fragmenting the laser’s light and sending it all over the room’s walls and ceilings.



The Wight was wearing a pair of reading glasses as she perused the written questionnaires that tonight’s attendees had filled out weeks prior.

“Let’s see….Oh yes- this will do quite nicely.” she said absently as she continued reading. Turning her attention back to the others, Victoria continued. “The items I have for each of you tonight were based on your written responses on the questionnaire attached to the written invitation, so I hope each of you answered honestly.”

The truth was, she had with her multiple outfits for each woman at the meeting but she was confident they would love the first one they had tried on.

Seemingly knowing what was coming next, Mei let out a quiet, confident chuckle.

“Very well- I say it’s time to get tonight’s meeting underway.” Victoria said enthusiastically.



“I got it, I got it!” Yelled Gabby as she jumped for a red dot on the recliner.

“I’ll get this one!” Screamed Layla excitedly as she leaped onto the couch.

“Maybe if I bark at them they’ll go away!” Shouted Anippe before she began tilting her head back and barking at the dots slowly spinning on the ceiling.

Behind the ensuing chaos were the dad’s, giggling impishly at their daughters fascinations by the dots.

“I’ll tell ya, best 13 dollars I’ve ever spent!”

Art looked at his friend in silence for a moment.

“…13 dollars?”

“Yeah, those claw machines are tricky things…”

“Anyways… Do you think we should give the girls a break? They’ve been at it for almost 15 minutes.”

“Let’s give ’em 5 more- they oughta be tuckered out by then. Jeez- that waitress wouldn’t let up with the soda refills”

“You saw that, huh?”

“Oh ayuh….you think I’d be trying to dig this thing out of the claw machine all night if I didn’t?”

Eva rapidly slammed her paws over a dot on the floor, her confusion built as she failed to catch it.

Art laughed again. “All right- five minutes or until they start ripping the upholstery off the furniture- whichever comes first.”

Art went to go get drinks ready and do a few small preparations for tomorrow’s breakfast. When he returned the cubs were in a panting heap on the couch and Anippe was sitting in the arm chair with her head thrown back in exhaustion. Art sighed with relief.

“I guess they tired themselves out first”

“Your furniture is safe- No need to call the upholstery guy tonight.” Graham chuckled.

Art then looked at his daughters. “How about you girls all go get changed into your PJs?”

The three cubs sprang up and moved the party upstairs. Eva carried Anippe while the twins handled her bag.


“Well- with all the introductions out of the way, our gracious hostess has decided to go first….” Victoria said.

Sakaali actually did nothing of the sort, but didn’t protest as she got up and went to see what the entrepreneurial Wight had set aside for her.

“Oh my, Victoria- you know me so well.” Sakaali said in admiration from behind the privacy screen as she inspected her garment.

Of course, none of the others could see anything other than a pair of pointy jackal ears occasionally moving back and forth as the Anubis was changing.

“Well….what do you think?” Sakaali said as she stepped out from behind the privacy screen.

“You look amazing! Strut your stuff!” Vanessa hollered. There was a rippling of quiet ‘Oooh”s and “Wow”s from the gathered mamono as the werejackal did a little turn.




The cubs put the finishing touches on the blanket fort and crawled in. Anippe was sitting on the mattress inside with an anxious look on her face. “Guys- what if those red dot thingies come back?” Anippe whimpered as her ears drooped. “What if they’re scouts for a bigger, nastier monster?”

“Then we’ll just have to clobber ’em when they show up!” Eva said confidently as she made a fist.

“You’ll be safe Anippe- you don’t have to be scared.” Layla said to the Anubis pup.

“I don’t?”

“Mama said that monsters don’t mess with jinkos cuz they’re way too strong!” Gabby proudly declared. The twins protectively wrapped their arms around the nervous little pup and pulled her down onto the mattress.

“We’ll keep you safe! When the monsters see that you’re with us they’ll run away scared!” Gabby said

“Thank you, you guys are the best!” Anippe said as she smiled and closed her eyes, surrounded by jinko cubs.

Eva flicked off the light and gave Anippe a little pat on the head. “Sleep tight, daddy said he’d make pancakes for us tomorrow!” Eva took her place on the mattress and Gabby and Layla started to chuff.


Graham took a sip of his beer and cracked his neck, Art flicked on the game popped the cap off of his bottle. The two men clinked their bottles together and sighed. “We made it through the night in one piece! Now all we gotta do is relax!”

“Amen” said Graham as he drummed his fingers on the arm rest. “You know, I just remembered something.”

“What’s that?” Asked Art

“I never took down the nanny cam from when Anippe was a baby. I bet I could take a peek at what the girls are doing on my phone.”

“Sure, maybe they busted out the melted chocolate or something.” Art laughed.

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be a something if…” Graham trailed off and stared at his phone.

Art laughed softly. “What? They playing naked twister or something?”

Graham remained silent.

“Graham? What is it? You’re never this quiet man.”

Graham put his fingers to his lips then pointed at his phone. Art took a peek.

It was a toned and tanned butt- the view occasionally blocked by something black and fuzzy.

A tail.

An Anubis tail.

It was Sakaali and she was in her underwear. In front of a bunch of other monstergirls, including Vanessa and a few other Art recognized.

No- wait….not just underwear.


Smooth, silky-looking black lingerie with gold trim highlighting her smooth, toned backside, her thighs, her belly, her bust.

And from the looks of it, others were going to be trying on lingerie throughout the course of the night…..including his wife.

Wordlessly, Art snatched the phone from Graham’s hands and frantically searched for the right kind of cables so he could project the image on the screen.

Art managed to get the phone set up just as he did, his mouth hung open a little at the anubutt projected on the TV.

“This is exactly why Hi-Def was invented. You get to sleep next to that every night?!” Art asked as he looked back at his friend.

Graham nodded smugly.

“Oh yeah. Smooth caramel skin, warm fuzzy legs, beautiful thighs and a toned, yet soft ass. I guess I have your wife to thank for that last one.”




Before the Anubis mother could bask in the compliments from her personal trainer or the invited guests, the wyvern shyly spoke up.

“Uh- Miss Sakaali, Ma’am?”

“Yes, Gwendolyn?”

“Could I ask what purpose the exclamation points serve?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Emi added. “I mean- are those tattooed on or what?”

“Well, you see, they were originally designed to convey that an Anubis was diligent and always on guard for her Pharaoh, but over time the markings took on a more ceremonial or decorative role.” Sakaali proudly explained.

“Are those permanent?” Sophie asked shyly.

“On the contrary- they use a rare infusion of materials that when properly applied only allow the husband to remove that. It’s also flavored!” Sakaali opened up a little clamshell case that was on the coffee table and put a small dollop on her paw. “Would anyone like to try some?”


“Oh shit….why did she have to bring that out?”

“Bring what?” Art asked as he found his seat.

“N-nothing….it’s…’s….” Graham said dismissively.

“It’s what?” Art prodded.

Graham sighed. Despite his outgoing nature and the exhibitionist display the two were enjoying, Graham was sometimes a bit reluctant to discuss with others what happened in the bedroom with Sakaali. Still, Art didn’t have any idea what was happening and would probably be even more confused unless Graham explained what he was seeing.

“Those exclamation points on Sakaali’s belly there? It uses something called Husband Activated Body Paint. Sakaali didn’t explain how or why it worked, but it can only react to the touch of a mamono’s husband.”


“Yeah- Sakaali told me that the ingredients were difficult to find and it can’t be mass-produced.”

“Do any of the ingredients include sake?”

“I don’t think so- why?”

Art said nothing, but jerked his thumb towards the TV. Graham had only looked away for a second, but was now treated to the real-time image of the blue oni on her knees with both arms wrapped around Sakaali’s waist.

“Ah! Emi….wh-what are you doing?” a shocked Sakaali yelped on the monitor.




The Oni said nothing but simply continued lapping at the exclamation points painted on the Anubis’ abdomen.

“Oh Gods! Stop stop stop stop…..” the proud anubis squealed before breaking out into giggles.

“What?! You asked if someone wanted a taste!” the blue oni said before resuming her assault with her tongue, eliciting a few involuntary giggles from Sakaali.

“N-no! I meant from my finger!” The red faced anubis protested as she frantically grabbed the oni’s horns in attempt to pry her off. Emi’s eyes went wide and she put her hands over Sakaali’s paw’s

“Ahhhhh! Okay! Okay! S-stop! I’m sensitive t-there!” Suddenly short of breath, the oni tried to suppress her moans as she slid sakaali paws off her horns, shuddering as her paws grazed the tips. Emi stood up slowly and looked at a panting Sakaali for a few moments before wiping off the saliva around her mouth with the tip of her finger. Sakaali looked at the oni in embarrassed silence for a moment.

A mischievous grin formed on Emi’s face. “At least buy a girl dinner if you’re going to do that!” Emi shot Sakaali a wink and seductively licked the white off of her finger.

“Oh…hi Graham!” Vanessa said nonchalantly while glancing in the general direction of the nanny-cam.




Oh shit- busted!

Graham’s heart sank as he slumped back on the sofa. He didn’t count on getting found out this early in the game- but how could Vanessa have known about the nanny-cam?

He listened in for a few more seconds before he realized what was happening.

“You’re home early….” Vanessa continued.

He could see Sakaali’s ears shoot up straight as she jumped to her feet.

“Ah! Beloved….this isn’t what it looks like!” a panicky Sakaali stammered as she frantically was trying to wipe away Emi’s saliva on her belly. “I can explain everyth-” she stopped as she looked around frantically for her husband, her confusion only growing as there was no sign of him in the house and the others chortling and laughing at her.

“Just kidding!” Vanessa tittered.

“Th-that wasn’t very nice.” Sakaali pouted. “Just for that, I think you should be the one who goes up next.”

“Who…me?” Vanessa asked with uncertainty.

“I wholeheartedly agree.” Victoria began as she held up what looked like a string. “I have just the thing in mind for you.”

“That looks cute- but where’s the rest of it?” Vanessa asked the Wight.

“Ara ara….you’re looking at it.” the silver vixen spoke up coyly.

“Come on now….” the jinko chuckled nervously. “That’s just the fancy bow you use to wrap up the package it comes in, right?” Vanessa disappeared behind the screen then poked her head out after a moment.

“Oh, Sakaali! Can you get me some of that body paint? Art is used to licking my abs, I might as well make them taste good.” Vanessa earned a few blank stares from the other guests.




“W-what?!” The jinko on Art’s TV screen said as she started to blush. “He does it on his own… Most of the time.” Vanessa disappeared back behind the screen and Graham looked over at his friend with an arched eyebrow.

“Hey man, I don’t ask about your business… Don’t ask about mine.”

“I knooooow but, why?”

“You ever seen a full grown jinko giggle and blush like a newly wed bride?”


Art pat his friend on the back.

“There’s your answer…”

“Hang on, I’ll be back in a bit- want to check on the girls before we get too wrapped up down here.” Graham said as he stood up and stretched. It would suck if they went through all this trouble of setting up the live-stream of Monstergirl MILFs on Parade only to have it come to a screeching halt because Anippe or one of the cubs couldn’t sleep.

“Don’t take too long, or you’ll miss all the good parts.” Art cautioned.

“Roger that.” Graham said as he headed up the stairs and trudged down the hallway. As satisfying a show as his wife had put on, Graham was genuinely curious whether or not Vanessa could even fit in that little ribbon suit the Wight had presented her with.

The door to the girls’ room opened with a soft creak. Graham’s eyes didn’t even have to adjust to the darkness, since there was a little light coming from the wall. After getting a closer look, he realized it was a Detective Neboo night light.

Sprawled in a pile at the entrance to a hastily erected blanket fort were the three jinkos and the little Anubis pup. Two of them looked like they had their arms around Anippe while Eva was on her back, snoring softly.

Graham chuckled at the sight. To be young and carefree again….

“Daddy….?” a little voice spoke up from the pile. It was Anippe.

“Yeah?” Graham asked quietly so as not to disturb the jinko cubs.

“If you’re having a hard time sleeping, you can borrow my Detective Neboo night light.”

Graham chuckled at his daughter’s generous offer.

“That’s so sweet of you, my little wag-a-muffin.” he smiled. “But you know that you’re my shining light, don’t you?”

The pup let out a quiet, embarrassed sounding “Da-a-a-ad”

“Anyway, daddy’s gonna stay up a little longer with your Uncle Art. Besides- don’t you want Neboo to help scare off those monsters that might be hiding in the closet?”

“Eva and Gabby said they’d keep the monsters away tonight, so I thought maybe Neboo-chan could have the night off.” Anippe said, finishing her sentence with a tiny yawn.

“That’s very kind of you to offer, sweetie.” Graham said. He didn’t want to disturb Gabby, Layla and Eva, so in the dimmed room, he quietly blew a kiss his daughter’s way. “Sweet dreams.”

“Good night, daddy.” the werejackal pup said drowsily.

“If you need me or your uncle Art, we’ll be down stairs watching the ballgame, my little wag-a-muffin.”

“Mm-hmm….” Anippe murmured quietly, already drifting off to sleep surrounded by a pile of sleeping, chuffing jinko cubs whose ears and tails were occasionally twitching.


“I still think you’re lying to me…” Said Vanessa as she timidly came out from behind the screen. The Jinko’s face was beet red as she tried her best to maintain her modesty.

“Move your paws!” Yelled Sakaali, “We wanna see those abs!”

Vanessa blushed more and looked over at Victoria. “I don’t know if I like this one…”

The wight smiled. “You have nothing to be nervous about my dear.” Victoria moved over to Vanessa and gingerly placed her hands over her paws. “I simply chose a garment that I thought would best accentuate your muscular body”.

Emi chimed in “Come on Vanessa! You always rock your exercise bra and shorts combo! What’s showing a little more skin?!”

“My thoughts exactly.” Said the wight as she deftly moved Vanessa’s paws, revealing her muscular core and sizable chest being held back by two thin strips of nylon. Vanessa’s eyes went wide at how fast she had been “exposed.” The jinko placed her paws on her sides and stood up straight.

“W-well, what do you all think?”

Sakaali took a small sip of wine before “encouraging” her friend. “For the love of Ra! You’re a bodybuilder! Work it, flex for us, let’s see that body you work so hard to maintain!”

Vanessa timidly flexed her arm, getting a small reaction from the crowd. She brought up her other arm and got a more spirited reaction. Getting into the groove Vanessa did a variety of different flexes and curls with her arms, earning bigger and bigger cheers. Vanessa smiled a little.

“Spin around! Let’s see that ‘tail’ big girl!” Emi said loudly.

Vanessa did as she was asked and spun on her heel, showing her muscular ass and the green nylon disappearing between her toned cheeks. Vanessa wiggled her butt a little and flicked her tail before flexing both arms again and looking behind her.

“This enough tail for ya’?” She winked at her friend

Emi giggled. “Move those legs!” Vanessa took up a tree pose from her yoga lessons and slowly slid her leg down, showing off her calves and thighs, honed and chiseled over years of practice and various exercises.



Art hardly looked up from the TV after hearing some footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Hey- I told the girls we were listening to the ballgame, so if you’re wondering why your clock radio is- holy shit your wife is wearing dental floss.” Graham said in admiration as Vanessa was showing off her almost nonexistent suit with some yoga poses.

“I know- aren’t I a lucky guy?” Art bragged.

“Yes indeed.” Graham said, taking another pull from his beer




“Ahh darn, I think I have a wedgie.” Vanessa half heartedly surfaced one of the nylon straps before letting it snap back into place

“Ara ara….what is it with felines always wanting to play with strings?” Mei chuckled.

Vanessa snapped the string over her left breast and smiled. “Ok, clearly not for everyday use, but I think I’m liking this one.”

The women cheered and whistled as Vanessa took her seat next to Sakaali, who rewarded her friend with a small hug. The Anubis pulled back and looked down at her friends chest.

“Ahh! Why do your boobs always look so good?!” The Anubis slid her paws over the jinko’s chest and squished her boobs together.

Vanessa jumped “Ah! Jeez Sakaali! Why are your paws so cold?!”

Sakaali could feel Vanessa’s nipples hardening under her paw pads. The Anubis moved her paws and looked at her friends now erect nipples poking through the fabric. “I’m just trying to warm them up a little. Oh my… You could cut glass with these.” Sakaali made a few small circles around the jinko’s nipples with the tip of her claw before Vanessa gripped her friends forearms and pulled her paws away.

“Easy girl! I’m a married tiger- remember?”

Sakaali winked at her friend and reached over for her glass.

“Are you having another glass of chardonnay?” Vanessa asked the hostess.

“Of course.”

“Better make it a double.” Vanessa spoke up.

“Tsk tsk…..amateurs.” the silver fox shook her head as she got up. “Must I show you young whippersnappers how to properly do everything?”

“I take it that means you’re willing to go next.” Sakaali said as she poured a second glass for Vanessa.

“Naturally, my fussy little Anubis.” Mei smirked.

“I think you’ll like the one I have in mind” said Victoria as she held up Mei’s garment. The silver fox’s eyes lit up and she gasped a little.

“Is that what I think it is?!” She asked excitedly

“It is!” Said Victoria with a grin on her face. “Complete with stockings and arm gloves!” The wight produced a pair of neatly folded gloves and stockings and gave them to her friend. Mei looked at them for a moment before giving the voluptuous undead businesswoman a huge hug.

“You truly are my best friend.” Mei planted a quick peck on Victoria’s cheek and disappeared behind the screen.



“Mind telling me a little bit about that quite literal ‘silver fox?’” Art asked his friend. “Oh Mei? Well Apparently she baby sat Sakaali when she was just a little pup. No one really knows how old she is. She’s a master at dodging that question. Still, you should see Sakaali’s face when she starts telling stories!” Graham laughed “Oh man does she get angry! Like the time she wandered off and came back with armloads of scrap lumber to build a little pyramid…..” Graham took a pull of his beer and giggled a little.

“Other than that there’s not really much to say. We get her to babysit Anippe every once in awhile. She might seem mischievous and hard to deal with but once you get to know her she really is nice.” Graham sighed “She’s really great with Anippe as well. Always bringing her books and telling her stories about the past. I guess if you’ve been alive for that long you’d have a lot of practice with kids. Anippe loves her too, I remember one time coming home to Anippe sound asleep in Mei’s tails while she nonchalantly read a book. When I got a closer look, I saw that my little girl and tied a little bow onto each of Mei’s tails.”


A whistle came from the TV. The two men looked back and saw Mei showing off in her burlesque style outfit. “Oh, This takes me back!” The fox happily clapped her hands

“Dare I say back to when you were a dancer?” Victoria asked.

Mei closed her eyes and sighed wistfully. “Ahhh, the peeping tom, back when you still had a heart beat my friend.” Mei took up a pose. “This was a little number I did back at a speakeasy called the Green Mill when none other than Al Capone and Bugsy Moran came by for drinks- although never at the same time…” Mei was about to begin when Emi chimed in.

“Wait wait wait….You’re telling us that you had an affair with one of the most infamous gangsters of the last century?”

“Oh goodness, no! He was rotten with the syphilis…but you could always tell when he was in the audience, because his goons would block the exits and not let anyone in or out the whole time he was there.

“How exactly did gangsters like Capone react to a live performance by a Youko?” the wyvern asked.

“Much of the time I maintained a human guise, but every once in awhile I would perform in my true form and let the humans assume it was an elaborate costume and part of my stage persona.” Mei began to move and twirl. Slowly and gracefully, using her many silver tails to hide and reveal skin all at once. The fox woman was humming an indistinct tune- probably something that was popular nearly a century ago but long since lost to the public consciousness.

However, rather than distracting her, the tune known only to Mei seemed to be spurring the vixen on. All eyes were on her as she slowly lifted her leg, higher than anyone thought possible. The coquettish fox slid her hand down her leg and traced it up to the exposed skin on her thigh. With a quick and dramatic motion she placed her hand in front of her mouth and seductively drug her finger along her lower lip. In a slow, shifting dervish of fur, Mei had slid down the top of her garment and exposed her perky breasts to the air. Two tails stayed over her chest as she continued with her dance, ensuring her nipples were covered but allowing an enticing amount of areola to be shown. Her red eyes seemed to glow, as if an old fire had been reignited in her. With a final dramatic flourish Mei struck a pose and held it. Panting with a satisfied grin on her face. The room was dead quiet before the women erupted in cheer. Mei took a bow, allowing her breasts to be seen for just a moment before she pulled her top back up.

“And that… Is how we did it back in the Windy City.”

Sakaali had a paw over her mouth as she watched her former baby sitter take her seat.

“Pretty spry for an old Granny.” Emi said in begrudging admiration as she poured herself a saucer of shochu and downed it in one gulp           

“Now who wants to go next?” Victoria asked.

Sakaali and Vanessa put their arms around Belle and gave her mischievous looks.

“C’mon Belle… We’re feeling a bit lonely here, how about you join us?”

Belle put her paws on her knees.

“Oh! I…..I don’t know. I doubt I’ll look as good as either of you… Besides I doubt she has anything in my size.”

“Nonsense! I have something here for everybody, including plus sized bears” Victoria shot Belle a wink and beckoned her up. Victoria cupped her cheek and gave her an appraising look before smiling.

“I have just the thing!” Victoria produced an article of clothing from one of the boxes and handed it to Belle. The curvy ursine guest disappeared behind screen. A minute later she re-appeared, clad in a red lace teddy. Belle stood stock still and had her paws folded while she looked at the ground.

“W-well? Ho-how do I l-look?” Everyone was silent for a moment before Vanessa and Sakaali squeed. The two women ran up to Belle and sandwiched her in between their lingerie clad bodies.

“You look amazing!” Vanessa said.

“Huggable!” Sakaali followed up.

Belle laughed a little “Ya really mean it?”

“Of course we do!” Belle kept her eyes to the ground and poked her stomach a little.

“Y-ya sure?” Vanessa gently grabbed Belles paw from her stomach and squeezed it.

“We mean it”

“You know Belle, if you’re concerned about your figure may I suggest signing up for a couple sessions with Vanessa?” Sakaali struck a sexy pose and wiggled her butt.

“This is what a couple months with Vanessa got me.”

Vanessa giggled a little and gave the anubis’ butt a few approving pokes.

“Hmmmmm, you’ve been keeping up with my exercise plans I see.” Vanessa gave her friends rear a quick smack, causing her to jump

“Oh my Vanessa! How bold of you.”

Belle laughed a little “Oh believe me! I’ve tried my damnedest to lose weight. I’ve actually slimmed down quite a bit! I just can’t seem to lose this layer of chub.” Belle sighed “the same layer that scares all the men away…”

“Hey now, If a man can’t handle all of you then he deserves none of you!” Vanessa put her arm around Belle’s shoulder.

“Take me and Sophie for example! We’re living proof that you have a shot. The men we love, love every inch we have over them.” Vanessa pat Belle’s stomach “The same goes for weight.” Vanessa pulled Belle in for a hug “Besides I don’t know why you’d ever want to lose this layer of chub, it makes you all the more huggable!”

“I concur.” Sakaali spoke up. “Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this, but….”

“But what?” Belle asked.

“On more than one occasion, I’ve caught Graham peeking at you.”

“Oh, c’mon Sakaali- you’re just pullin’ my leg.”

“It’s true- you remember that pool party last year?” she said. “You were wearing that one-piece swimsuit with the frills along the chest and thighs.”

The curvaceous grizzly thought about it for a moment, a bit surprised Sakaali was able to remember that with such detail


“You didn’t think he was hugging you maybe a little too enthusiastically?”

“I…..I just figured he’d been drinking and was a lil’ more touchy-feely than usual.”

Sakaali put a paw on Belle’s shoulder.

“Then there was the MHIL Fourth of July cookout and you had that cute little stars and stripes cotton dress. Graham said goodbye to you five times, each time getting a bear hug from you.”

Belle fretted.

“Oh Sakaali- I….I’m sorry- I hope y’all don’t think I’m tryin’ to steal your man.”

“If it was anyone else, I might’ve been upset. But on the way home he kept asking why on earth you were still single.”

“H….he did?” 

“I believe the words ‘curvy’, ‘adorable’, ‘squeezable’ and ‘sweetheart’ came up.” Sakaali recollected.

“Y-your fella said that about me?”

Sakaali nodded, a smile on her lips.

“And he’s right. You need to realize you’re more appealing than you give yourself credit for.”



“You cad! You said all those things about that grizzly mama?” Art asked, looking away from the girls’ show.

“Yeah- it’s true. In fairness, I was probably drinking, Still, I’m a little surprised.”

“What? That Sakaali remembered? Seems like Anubis in general have a pretty good long-term memory.” Art observed.

“No- that she isn’t still pissed.”

“Well- seems like your wandering eyes sometimes invite trouble.” Art said, thinking about the two of them getting propositioned by the Cheshire earlier.

“Jesus, Art- I’m married, not blind.” Graham said defensively.

“Besides………I don’t see you averting your eyes.”

“I-it’s hard not to look when there’s so much of her on display.”

Graham snapped his finger and pointed at Art.

“Exactly! I’m not going to judge you for admiring the view, man….”



Vanessa raised her head and saw the happy tears slowly sliding down Belle’s face. Vanessa smiled and put her forehead against Belle’s.

“You showed up to this party looking amazing! All you need it a little confidence boost.” Belle pulled Vanessa back into the hug.

“Stop! You say anymore and I’ll be a blubberin’ mess!” Belle held Vanessa tightly for a few moments. She released her and wiped her eyes. “T-thank you” Vanessa smiled again and made her way back to the couch. Belle tried to follow her but was stopped by a paw on her shoulder

“Umm, Belle? Where do you think you’re going?” Sakaali asked her.

“Back to the couch?”

Sakaali shook her head

“Not until you’ve modeled for us!” Sakaali looked around the room “Right ladies?!” The women cheered in agreement. Sakaali took a seat besides Vanessa and winked at Belle. The bear took that as her cue and timidly started to show off.

“This is one of my favorites in the plus sized line.” Said Victoria as she put her hands on Belle’s shoulders and spun her around. “As you can see it has just the right amount of tightness in all the right areas.” The wight said as she brought everyone’s attention to Belle’s plump thighs and robust rear end. Art crossed his legs and Graham coughed as they were treated to a perfect view of Belle’s butt. Victoria kneeled down and traced her finger along the fabric on the grizzlies’ butt. Squishing the skin that bulged out around it. The wight gave Belles rear a few little smacks, watching it jiggle and wobble.

“I honestly don’t know why you’re so nervous Belle. Your butt is one of your best features.” Victoria rested her cheek against it and smiled. “I sure wouldn’t mind using it as a pillow.” Belle brought her paw up over her mouth and blushed.

“I-I’m flattered….I think.” Victoria rubbed her cheek against the soft skin and stood back up.

“Take it from a girl who has swung both ways many times over her ‘life’. There’s nothing like cuddling up to a big, soft curvy girl after a long steamy night.” Victoria winked at Belle then gave her a pat on the back.




“Hey- I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Art said out of the blue.

It looked like Belle was finished showing off when he spoke up.

“Hmm?” Graham turned his head.

“You ever get a chance to see that movie I was hired to do with Vanessa?”

“Haven’t gotten around to it.” Graham said, unsure of the etiquette involved in watching your friends who are starring in pornographic films.

“Don’t have to do it on my account….” Art chuckled, possibly sensing Graham’s unease with the subject. “Have you and Sakaali ever thought about doing something like that?”

“Well….” Graham said. “The thing is, my folks come from a pretty traditional Irish Catholic background. They were remarkably cool about meeting my werejackal fiancee who serves a pagan queen-slash-living-goddess. If she and I star in a porno- well….that shit’s on film forever and I figure it would be only a matter of time before word got back to them, and that’s…..” he sighed. “That’s just a bridge too far for them, I think.”

“I get that.” Art said. “I second-guess my decision sometimes, too.”

“Yeah- y’know, you may not be too proud of what’s on video, but look at where you are now.  An amazing wife and three fantastic little girls eager for you to come home every night. In the end, I’d say it worked out- even if you have misgivings about how it all got started….”




“Now, who wants to go next?” Victoria asked

“Ummm, I-I could” Sophie said as she timidly raised her hand. Victoria beckoned her up. The minotaur stood up and  approached the wight. Victoria looked up at Sophie’s blushing face.

“Now on your RSVP you said you were looking to spice things up with your boyfriend?”

“Y-yes” Sophie replied, blushing a little bit more “Johnny is an amazing guy and love him so much.” Sophie smiled and folded her hands “He’s so understanding and patient so I try my best to be gentle with him.” Sophie looked at the floor and ground her hoof into the carpet. “But at times I feel like he wants me to be a little more…..well……” she was struggling to find the right words. “I guess you could say bold and adventurous with him… So I wanna try that, i-if it’s not too much to ask.”

Victoria traced her finger up and down Sophie’s muscular stomach and did a little circle around her. She tilted her head and put her thumb and index finger to her lips. Victoria reached into one of the boxes.

“I think I may have just the thing for you, Sophie.” the Wight said as she held up a shiny corset and panties.

The timid minotaur let out a quiet gasp.

“Oh no…..I hope that isn’t made from moo cows.” she fretted.

“No need to worry- these are PVC. No cows were harmed in the making of this.”

Sophie appeared visibly relieved upon hearing that. The gentle minotaur quietly thanked the Wight as she handed off the apparel to her before wordlessly slipping behind the privacy screen.



“Mind tellin’ me something about that Minotaur?”

“Sophie? Oh man, she’s an angel. A ripped, 7 foot tall angel, with horns. She’s the very definition of a gentle giant. I remember when she shook my hand for the first time she actually asked if she squeezed too hard. She loves animals and volunteers at shelters all the time. It’s actually how she met her current boyfriend.” Art chuckled a little. “Her love of animals thankfully extends to rambunctious little Jinko cubs, so while you may have an ancient nine tailed fox to watch over your kid, me and Vanessa have a Minotaur to guard ours. The kids love her too, both as a person and a bed!” Art took a sip of his drink. “Me and Vanessa got home late one night and found them all asleep in the girls room. The twins were latched around her legs while Eva was using her boobs as pillows. We had to quite literally pry them off her, not that she minded all that much.” Art’s attention was brought back to the screen by the sound of his wife’s voice.




“Wow- Sophie. You look…….different…” Vanessa marveled.

“Y-yeah.” was all her blue oni friend could manage to say.

“I FEEL different.” the minotaur said confidently as she stretched her leg. The synthetic material shined in the light as Sophie flexed and moved.  “It feels like….I took the quiet little do-gooding Sophia, tied her up in some strict Zipangu-style bondage, put a bit-gag in her mouth, teased her a little with a Hitachi wand before telling her ‘I’m in charge now- you just sit back and enjoy the ride’.” Sophie made a little circle with her finger around the cartoon cow face on the front of the panties.

“Oh- I nearly forgot!” Victoria said as she rummaged around the boxes she brought in with her. “This comes with a rather unique and exclusive accessory.”

Finding what she was looking for, the Wight handed Sophia what looked like a coiled up rope at first.

Emi was the first one to see that it was actually a bullwhip.

“Oh maou…..” the Oni said breathlessly. “I’m not sure if I should be scared or aroused.”

“Maybe a little of both…” Sakaali said warily as she swirled the remaining chardonnay around in her glass.

“This is great….” Sophie began as she admired her reflection in the full length mirror. “But it’s missing something…..How can I describe it?”

Victoria looked confused as the no-longer-gentle giantess clomped her way. Finding the stack of boxes and wrapping next to the entrepreneurial Wight, the minotaur spied what she was looking for- a red ribbon used for decorative packaging. With a satisfied grunt, she plucked the red ribbon off from the boxtop and headed back to the full-length mirror, examining herself again as she tied off the ribbon on her right horn.

“I think I can put this to good use.”

“I…I’m not sure how I could describe it, but I am able detect a tangible alteration in your demeanor, Miss Sophie, Ma’am…” the wyvern shyly spoke up.

“I know, Gwen….this is…..” the minotaur sighed. “….this is something else….”

“‘Tangible alteration‘? Emi spoke up. “Holy shit, girl….you’re a half step from getting a Dark Elf to put on a collar and lick your boots just by looking at her!”

“Hey, isn’t Johnny a delivery driver?” Vanessa asked.

“Yeah? Why?” Vanessa smiled a little

“Well, I was just thinking… We’re kinda running low on snacks here. And I’m really in the mood for some pizza.” Vanessa patted her stomach “I was thinking, maybe you could place an order. Large green peppers, onions and Canadian bacon for us and a large sausage for you.”

“Ummm, you know I’m a vegetarian right?”

Vanessa winked at her friend.

“oh…OH!” Sophie blushed and put her hands over her mouth, her friend’s double entendre sinking in.

“Uhhh, Sakaali? Could you hand me your phone real quick?” The Anubis handed the Minotaur the phone and she quickly dialed the number. “Hey, Janna! It’s me Sophie! I’d like to place an order.” The Minotaur recited Vanessa’s request as her friends all crowded around her, smiling mischievously. “Can you make sure Johnny delivers this one? Tell him there’s a big tip in it for him if he gets out here in the next 20 minutes!” Sophie hung up the phone

“Girlfriend, you’ll be gettin’ the biggest tip tonight!” Belle giggled and took a sip of wine.

“More than the tip if you play your cards right.” the silver vixen smirked.



“So- looks like we aren’t the only ones getting pizzas tonight.” Art observed.

Art and Graham looked at each other.

“Wine, women and lingerie. What more could you ask for?” Graham said

“Amen to that”

The two men clinked their bottles of beer together.



“Well now, while we wait for pizza who wants to go next?”

Emi stood up and stretched out her arm.

“I’ll bite! Been awhile since I tried on some intimate apparel! Time to see if all the time I’ve spent at the gym has paid off!” Emi quickly removed her shirt and took her bra with it. Leaving her bountiful blue bosom to swing freely. Victoria stared at the oni’s chest for a moment.

“Uh, Emi my dear, there is a privacy screen if you’d prefer some uh, ‘privacy’” Victoria motioned to the screen behind her. Emi waved her hand dismissively and slipped down her pants, revealing her tiger striped thong.

“Ehh, we’re all women here. Besides it doesn’t look like Sakaali minds too much!” The anubis mother shook her head a little and cast her gaze away from the blue oni’s bottom. Emi laughed

“Busted!” The blue oni gave her backside a few slaps and wiggled her hips.

“But in all seriousness, knowing that a beautiful anubis such as yourself was checking out my ass makes me feel all kinds of happy.” Emi deftly slipped off her thong and tossed it to Sakaali. “Keep it.” Emi said with a little wink.

Sakaali calmly set the underwear next to her on the couch and tired her best to maintain her composure. Emi took a quick pull from her bottle of sake then lifted her arms and did a quick 360. Showing off her fit blue body to the wight standing in front of her. “Well girlfriend, whaddaya got for me?” Emi placed her hands on her hips and gently tapped her foot. Victoria bit her lip and shifted her gaze up and down Emi’s front end.

“Could you turn around again for me again?”

Emi winked at the wight “Sure”.

The Oni spun around again and Victoria traced her gaze up and down her back end. Victoria closed her eyes and shuddered a little

“I have the perfect thing for you.” The wight reached into her bags and produced a cheongsam, modified to be more enticing with a huge cleavage window and much shorter length. Emi pumped her fist.

“Hell yes! I used to wear these all the time when I spent that year in China!”

“Oh and how could I forget?” Victoria produced a black thong from the bag.

“Spun from the finest Chinese silk.”



“Sooo… Emi… She always like this?” Graham asked his friend.

“Only when she’s been drinking… Which is most of the time… It might be hard to believe right now but she can actually be pretty calm and engaging when you talk to her.” The Jinko’s husband said as the blue Oni bent over in full view of the camera to pull up the thong she had been given.

“Really now…” Graham said, keeping his eyes glued to the screen.

“Yeah, get her talking about traveling and you’ll have a great time. I guess you could say it’s her passion. She always has great stories to tell about her trips and has even put a few guide books together for me and Vanessa. Even though we may never go to any of the places she recommends…”

“Why not?” Graham asked

“Family of 5 going to India… Yeah with me and Vanessa’s salary that ain’t happening anytime soon.” Art looked back at the screen and saw Emi finish putting on the dress. 




“Ahh! I love it, love it, love it!” The blue Oni said as she strutted around. “The snug fit, the oriental design and of course the amount of leg it shows!” Emi stuck out her leg and did a high kick before bringing it back down with a stomp. “Ahhh, Fenfang. How I long for the days we spent together.” Emi said wistfully,

“Fenfang?” Asked Victoria,

“She was a Ren Xiongmao I stayed with during my time in China. We spent many warm summer days on hill tops training. I still remember a few moves she taught me.” Emi took up a kung fu pose and held up 2 fingers.

“As well as a few fingering techniques.” The wight blushed and looked and Emi with a mix of surprise and excitement. “Ahhh! I’m just messin with all of ya! Actually it was cunilingus.” Emi made a “V” with her fingers and stuck her tongue in between them.

It was at that moment the doorbell rang.

“That must be Johnny!” Sophie fretted.

“Go hide behind the screen and get yourself psyched up, we’ll get him primed for ya.” Emi shot her Minotaur friend a wink.

Emi opened the door and was faced with a surprised delivery boy.

“Oh! Uhhh, hi Emi. You look…different.”

“Heya Johnny! Come in, come in! You’re just in time- Me and my friends here were having a little argument that maybe you could help settle.” The loud Oni grabbed the confused pizza boy by the arm and pulled him into the house. She placed the pizza on the coffee table and shoved Johnny onto the couch. His face turned red as he notice started to notice the other guests wearing lingerie.

“Uhhh, I should really get back to work…” Johnny said as he shifted nervously on the couch.

“This’ll only take a few minutes! Live a little.”

“Uh O-Okay b-but only a few minutes.” Emi stood in front of the delivery boy and smirked.

“Now then, me and my friends here were just having a little discussion about who’s ass looks best.” Emi turned around and hiked up her dress a little. “Personally I feel that my blueberry ass looks amazing.” Emi gave her butt a few pokes. “But then Sakaali here came along and said that her tanned Desert Kingdom ass beats mine by a Blue Nile Mile.”

Sakaali took that as her cue and stood next to Emi and proudly stuck out her butt towards the delivery boy.

“And then Vanessa came along and said that her tight muscular ass puts both of ours to shame!”

Vanessa stood up next to Sakaali and playfully knocked her hips against her friends. Vanessa clenched and relaxed her butt, showing off the muscle definition.

“And then after that, Belle over here said that men just can resist her plump bear bottom!” Belle gave Johnny a little wave and stood next to Vanessa. The bear bounced up and down a little then looked back at him and gave him a wink.

“And finally that fox over there said that her ass convinced Al Capone himself to buy her a pearl necklace!” Mei rolled her eyes at Emi’s statement before standing next to Belle. The fox sunk her hand into her butt and pulled the skin diagonally. Giving him a ever so small glimpse of what might be under her outfit before releasing her cheek and letting it settle. “So Johnny boy, who’s got the best ass?” Emi said seductively.

Johnny crossed his legs, trying his best to hide the noticeable bulge in his pants.

“Uhhhh, I don’t think I can serve as an impartial judge of this, especially when my girlfriend is here. Speaking of, have any of you ladies seen Sophie?”

There was a crack of a whip and Sophie slowly revealed herself. Johnny’s eyes got wider and wider as the not so timid Minotaur proudly walked towards her boyfriend. Passion burned in her eyes as she propped a leg up on the coffee table.

“S-sop-” Johnny was silenced by a finger to his lips.

“You were 2 minutes late… That makes you a bad delivery boy… You know what happens to bad boys, right?” Johnny shook his head. Sophie stooped down and whispered in his ear “They get *punished*…” She said in a husky voice.

“W-what are you wearing?” Johnny whispered.

Sophie dropped the tough girl act for a moment.

“D-do you like it?” She asked nervously.

“Ye-yeah! It looks amazing.”

Sophie squeed quietly

“Now, w-where was I? Oh yeah!” Sophie raised her head and snapped the whip in her hands and flared her nostrils.

“Bad boys get punished! You’re gonna learn to do what I say when I say it, and if you don’t…” Sophie chuckled mischievously. “Well then I guess I’ll just have to put this whip to good use.”

Sophie removed the bow from her horn and bound Johnny’s wrists with it. For his part, Johnny didn’t look too interested in putting up a fight before Sophie slung him over her shoulder. Sophie looked back at her friends.

“Well, I should probably get going, Johnny here is in for quite a night!” Sophie gave her boyfriends butt a loving pat.

“C-can you not pat my butt in front of everyone?” he asked quietly. The ‘new’ Sophie ‘s response was to take the underwear she arrived in and shoved it in his mouth.

“No back talk…” The minotaur’s expression hardened for a moment before she turned back to her friends. “It was amazing meeting you all! I’d love to do something like this again!” Sophie gave a quick wave to Vanessa and Emi “I’ll see you guys at the gym next week!”

Sophie hurriedly made her way towards the door, Victoria called after her.

“Young lady! You’re more than welcome to keep the corset, but I’m going to need the bullwhip back before you- Sophie! Hello? You should really give me back the-” The front door closed and a few moments later the squealing of car tries could be heard as the two sped away.

“Guess someone’s short a bullwhip now.” Sakaali said as she nonchalantly ate a piece of pizza.

“I….I don’t think anyone paid for the pizza before he left, either.” the Wyvern noted dryly.

Victoria looked perturbed for a moment before she snapped her fingers as she realized something.

“You!” she said, turning to the young Wyvern. “We still need something for you to try on.”

Gwen blushed and timidly tried to scoot behind Vanessa in a vain attempt to hide herself. The Jinko turned around and gave her a little smile, “You don’t have to be nervous! I bet Victoria has something great planned for you.”

“I….I don’t know.” the wyvern said nervously.

“Would you care to tell us a bit more about yourself, my dear?” Victoria prodded gently.

“M-my name is Gwen Awyrlas, and I’m currently an Airman First Class in the United States Air Force…..” she began.

“What’s a wyvern doing in the military?” Emi asked as she pulled the cork from her seemingly bottomless clay bottle of sake.

“Gwen, darlin’….” Belle drawled smoothly, interrupting Emi’s interrogation. She could see the wyvern’s apprehension. “I know how you feel, but why don’t you give it a try? You got nothin’ to be afraid of.”

“V-very well, Miss Belle, ma’am. If you insist.” Gwen said before nervously turning to the Wight. “Miss Victoria, ma’am….I…I’m ready to try on whatever you have for me.”

“I just so happen to have something that can accommodate your rather sleek and powerful body style, my dear.” Victoria began. “It’s actually more in line with a swimsuit, but I think it could be redesigned as lingerie with a minimum of difficulty.”

Victoria handed off the wyvern something in a small deluxe paper bag before the petite dragoness stepped behind the privacy screen and started changing.



“Man- I don’t know if we should be congratulating that Johnny guy or writing his obituary.” Graham mused as the girls were talking to the petite dragoness.

“Now who’s this?” Art asked.

“I’m not sure- talk about a fresh face, though.”

The slight dragoness had shoulder-length sandy blonde hair framing her cherubic face. But unlike most proud and boastful dragons, she appeared to be very apprehensive and uncertain. Despite the wicked looking talons on her feet and wings, she seemed to be quite vulnerable.

Unlike the others, the somewhat timid young Wyvern was completely unknown to either Graham or Art. Graham recognized the uniform and insignia as a monstergirl friendly version of the US Air Force desert camouflage uniform, but other than that he drew a blank. Moreover, it seemed that none of the girls at the meeting knew Gwen very well, either.

His home had seen a pretty fair number of mamono visiting thanks to Sakaali’s affiliation with the Mamono-Human Integration League Small Businesswomen’’s Association, but the Wyvern remained something of a mystery.


“I….I’m still not sure about this.” the Wyvern said nervously as she stepped out from behind the screen. However, she held her arms close to her chest, her wings almost completely concealing the outfit Victoria selected for her.

“C’mon Gwen- don’t be so shy.” Emi shouted.

“L-ladies…..I don’t know, I mean…” the petite winged dragoness was blushing furiously.

Coochie coochie coo!” a sing-song voice from being Gwen rang out. Vanessa was running her fuzzy pawpads up and down the Wyvern’s side.

“Ah…..Mrs. Vanessa, Ma’am!…” Gwen said in shock as she squirmed. “Please….AH! I’m quite ticklish there.”

Gwen’s arm/wings were now out by her side as she feebly tried pulling Vanessa’s paws away from her abdomen.

When Vanessa saw what Gwen was wearing, she suddenly stopped as her jaw dropped wide open. The rest of the girls were now staring at the petite dragoness as well.

The Jinko didn’t think it could be done, but Gwen’s swimsuit was even more revealing than her green sling- if that was even possible.

Clinging to the wyvern’s pixyish frame was what looked like individual coils of rope. Sakaali had once clandestinely gone through Graham’s browser history and saw human woman and mamono photographed in erotic poses while bound in strict, intricate Zipangu style bondage called shibari.

Two cords around her waist held in place a little cloth triangle that went between her legs. Another cord around her chest held in place two triangle swatches of fabric concealing her modest bust- another string above each breast went straight up, looped over her shoulders and was tied together at the base of her neck.

Despite her small size and smaller breasts, Gwen certainly had very feminine and curvaceous hips and thighs to compliment her pouty, youthful face.

“Wow…Gwen. You look so…stunning.” Vanessa trailed off.

“Oh my, Gwen….that’s quite bold.” Belle spoke up.

“My goodness, Gwen- you have such a nice little bod!” Emi spoke up. “Why do you want to keep hiding it behind that unflattering uniform?”

“I….I don’t know….” the flustered wyvern said quietly.

Sensing Gwen’s unease, the Wight spoke up again.

“You know, my dear- besides what I brought for you tonight, I think tank tops could work quite well for you.” Victoria said as the wyvern continued changing into her new outfit. “Your wings could fit much more easily through there than the sleeves of a more conventional shirt.”

“I actually have a few of those.” Gwen said quietly. “But it would be nice if could find something to augment those for my civilian apparel”

“What else were you thinking of?” Mei asked.

“Sundresses, perhaps. But I don’t want to overdo it if I get stationed somewhere with a cooler climate.”

“I see….excellent point.” Victoria said as an ethereal disembodied hand appeared to be taking notes.

“As it is difficult to find appropriate clothes to accommodate my body type, I am usually required to use those that are more suitable for Harpies. However, they have proven to be more fragile than I anticipated”

“Can’t you just get them tailored?” Mei queried

“That is an option, but it is rather expensive to go that route.” 

“But you’re a dragon! You can afford a custom shirt, right?” Emi asked. “Don’t you have a treasure hoard?”

“Ma’am, I am a wyvern and an E-3 in the Air Force. And at present, my salary does not leave me with sufficient funds to afford such a considerable expenditure.”

“What exactly is it you do in the Air Force, Gwen?” Belle asked.

“I…I’m not at liberty to tell you everything, but I can tell you that it’s a pilot program by the Pentagon to utilize mamono in different applications in which human personnel would be either less effective or endangered.”

“You mean they’re using you as a weapons platform.” Mei said cynically.

“Not just that….” Gwen said defensively. “Perimeter security, search and rescue….even Special Operations Weather Technicians.”

Feeling the wizened Youko’s still-disapproving glare upon her, Gwen continued.

“My handler has already taught me many things. J-just last week, Sergeant Baxter and I spent several days in the Superstition Mountains, practicing techniques for Search and Rescue and Escape and Evasion.”

Seeing the confused look on the others’ faces, Gwen elaborated.

“Basically we were playing hide and seek for several days.”

“Sounds kinda fun.” Belle pointed out.

“Miss Belle, ma’am…..” Gwen began emotionlessly. “It was five days in rough, inaccessible terrain where temperatures regularly reached in excess of 110 F with little provisions and no signs of civilization.” Belle looked at her apologetically before she saw the slightest trace of a smile on the dragoness’ lips.

“It….it was the best five days of my life.” she said bashfully, her faint smile ever-so-slightly spreading.

“Ooo…tell us more.” Vanessa said.

“That much time away from the barracks gave me a chance to clear my mind and sort through my feelings for Sgt. Baxter. Those harsh conditions gave me a clarity I couldn’t experience back on the base. No matter how fast I flew or how high I could soar above him, my heart felt as though it should be tethered to the ground so I could remain by his side….”

“Mmmm….lucky you.” Sakaali sighed. “I met my husband while he was still in the Army.”

“I saw the pictures, Mrs. Sakaali, Ma’am…..he’s quite handsome.” Gwen said.

“So- did you two…..y’know?” Emi intoned lecherously as she thrust her left finger back and forth through a little ring formed by her thumb and forefinger on her right hand.

Gwen looked at her lap and blushed deeply,

“My….my handler and next up in the chain of command is still unaware of my attraction to him.”

The look on Sakaali’s face was one of shock and dismay as she heard that. Looking at the Wyvern, she almost pleaded with her other guests.

“…..No! We need to change that!” she protested.

“Our battalion has rules regarding fraternization, Ma’am.” the dragoness said forlornly.

“Fuck the rules! Life is too short, Gwendolyn! Love is love…. And in the name of Ra let me tell you, nobody fucks like a man at his sexual peak who lives each day like it might be his last!” Sakaali almost barked as she thought back to some of her and Graham’s first nights together. She had both paws on the svelte Wyvern’s shoulders and was clearly no longer respecting her personal space.

The Anubis felt a meaty paw around her waist.

“Easy, Sakaali. Down girl.” Vanessa said as she began to gently pull her away from the wyvern airman. “Maybe you had a bit too much.”

“But if you think about it, that’s so romantic!” the tipsy werejackal protested. “What could be more intimate? Who would know you better and rely on you more than your handler? He knows all of your flaws and quirks yet still trusts you with his very life! Duty to your country and fate have thrust you together! Your life in his hands, his life in your hands- intimate bonds forged and strengthened during times of both war and peace…..”

The Anubis’ urgent tone was uncharacteristic of her, but everything she said had struck a chord with those present.

The room fell quiet until the Blue Oni raised her saucer with more shochu.

En vino, veritas….” she said as she softly put it to her lips.

“Hey….hey….is he on duty tonight?” Sakaali asked. “I don’t know how it is in the Air Force, but Graham’s company would have an NCO on duty over the weekend in case anyone in the platoons got arrested or in an accident when he was still living in the barracks.”

“He is, ma’am.”

“Call him….”

“Ma’am, I don’t think it’s a good idea to-“

“Call him and tell him you need a lift back to the base.” Mei said. She could see where Sakaali was taking this.

“I assure you, I’m perfectly capable of flying back there on my own.”

“Not if you’ve had too much to drink.” the silver fox said coyly.

“But I haven’t had any alcoholic refreshm-” Gwen stopped mid sentence, as though she just realized what the Youko granny and others were getting at.

“Ma’am…..I’ll have a glass of that wine, please.” she said quietly to Sakaali.

“Atta girl….” Sakaali cheered as Gwen quickly downed the half-full glass.

“Perhaps I’ll need more to adequately persuade my handler that I am in fact inebriated.” Gwen said.

Vanessa reached over and poured the remaining contents of the mostly empty wine bottle into Gwen’s glass.

“Are we out already?” Vanessa said, looking up into the bottle as though it was holding out on her.

“I could get one of Graham’s beers….” Sakaali pondered out loud. “But I think he’ll be even more upset with me after-“

“Right here….” Emi spoke up, waving her bottle of sake. “I’m not letting anyone touch my shochu, but there’s enough sake to go around.”

Gwen didn’t need much coaxing as she reached out and took the ceramic bottle from the blue Oni.



“No! Don’t touch my beers!” Graham yelled at Art’s TV as though the participants in his wife’s lingerie party could hear him.

“Shh…..Graham- they can’t hear you, but if you keep it up you’ll wake the girls.”

“Never go after a man’s beer!” Graham said almost dismissively. “You don’t even joke about that sort of thing, man…”

“Easy….easy.” Art reassured him. “Looks like Emi is stepping in with her bottomless jug of sake.”

“Hee hee….as opposed to her bottomless China dress and blueberry jugs.” Graham tittered at his own joke before looking back to Art. “Sorry, man. I’m kinda buzzed and not really in any shape to drive.”

“Yeah- I figured. No worries, we planned on you staying here anyway.”

On Art’s TV screen, they could see that Gwen now had one of Sakaali’s housecoats draped over her shoulders.

“Poor thing must’ve gotten cold.” Art observed.



“Thank you again, Ma’am.” the wyvern said to Sakaali. “While this outfit is starting to endear itself to me, it’s still pretty cold for the current weather conditions.”

It didn’t seem like it was long before there was a knock on the door.

“I think I know who that is.” Mei said as she got up. “Now girls, behave yourselves.” she chided as she looked through the door’s peephole.

“Oh- good evening, sir.” Mei said demurely as she opened the front door.

“No need to call me ‘sir’- I work for a living, ma’am.” the uniformed man at the door quipped.

That line prompted some giggling from the tipsy Anubis, but the uniformed man seemed to pay her no mind.

“I understand one of my subordinates is here and has requested transport back to the base.” he continued.

“You came all the way over here just for her?” Emi teased. “She must be really special for you to have gone so far….”

“It’s a twenty minute drive, Mrs-“

“Miss” Emi said as she stood up and extended her hand with a mischievous grin. “Most people call me ‘Emi'”

Almost as if he knew what the Oni had planned for him, the uniformed man took her hand in his own without any hesitation and gave her a surprisingly strong handshake. With a minimum of effort, the NCO anticipated some mischief on the Blue Oni’s part and had managed to find the blue oni’s pressure point along her wrist before quietly going after it.

“Oooh! That’s an awfully firm grip you have there sergeant!” Emi almost squeaked in genuine shock before calling out in a surprisingly sweet voice. “Oh Gwen, dear! I believe your ride is here.”

“I’ll be right there.” she could hear Gwen reply as the man in uniform broke away from Emi and introduced himself to Belle and Vanessa.

“Hey- dragons usually get super turned on by stronger men, right?” Emi quietly asked the vixen.

Mei considers this for a moment

“I think so…”

“Hmm… Gwen must get her panties soaked every time she gets to watch him work out. He’s got one hell of a grip.”

The blue oni as she stretched her fingers open and closed them into a fist continuously, trying to get the muscles in her hand to relax and the blood flowing once more. 

“This would certainly explain why Gwen didn’t just jump him when she had the chance- this guy’s no pushover.”

“And this whole time he didn’t miss a beat with that Aw shucks, I’m Just a Country Boy act of his.” Mei added quietly as she saw him speaking with Gwen.

“Oh Sergeant….thank you so much for coming out here.” the Wyvern said. “I….I hope this isn’t too much of an imposition on you.”

“Airman- you did the right thing by calling me.”

“A-are you sure?” she asked bashfully.

“Better I pick you up from here than the hospital or stockade.”

“You aren’t upset at me…?”

“Nonsense- you’re entitled to a little R and R just like anyone else in the squadron.” the NCO said reassuringly. It was easy for the others to see why Gwen was so taken with him. He seemed to be poised and confident when dealing with his partner, but also had just the right amount of empathy while exuding a subtle down-home, folksy charm. “Maybe more so, given how hard you’ve been working….”

“Sergeant….I….I don’t know what to say.” the timid wyvern blushed.

“It’s OK, Awyrlas. Are you ready?”

As the Wyvern took two tentative steps towards her handler, a mischievous smile was on the corner of Mei’s lips as she put her foot down on a bit of cloth from Sakaali’s housecoat draped over Gwen that was on the floor.

“Oh….sergeant- we…uh- we’re still cleaning off her clothes.” Sakaali said as both the Wyvern and her handler looked at the Anubis. “One of us got a little careless and spilled some wine on poor Gwen’s uniform.”

Gwen took another step towards the sergeant and felt a little chill. She looked around for a moment and quickly realized that Sakaali’s housecoat was now in a heap on the floor behind her. The pretty but shy wyvern was now standing before the object of her affections in nothing but the swimsuit that looked as though it was little more than shibari style bindings.

Gwen made a desperate attempt to cover herself- the scaly wings along her arms were more than enough to cover her exposed body, but the sergeant had already caught more than an eyeful. He averted his gaze and tried not to show that he was blushing.

“Uhh, Awyrlas? Not to belabor the obvious, but you’re out of uniform.” he said, still looking away.

“I…I’m so sorry, Sergeant.” the poor wyvern was mortified.

“And…uh….I may be out of line in pointing this out, but that doesn’t exactly look like standard issue gear.”

“No sergeant.” she whimpered. Gwen just wanted to sink into the floor and never be seen again.

“And Airman Awyrlas?” he said sternly, seemingly having composed himself.

“Y-yes, sergeant?”

“I’m not complaining.” he said.

“Y-you like it, sergeant?”

“It’s a good look, Airman….but you know how cold the nights get out in the desert.” he said as he slipped out of his desert camo jacket. “Here- you can wear this until we get back to base.”

Gwen looked at the jacket in wide-eyed awe before taking it and slipping it around her shoulders like an improvised cloak.

“S……sergeant? Do you really mean it? You would want me to follow the human tradition of taking your clan’s name?” Gwen asked hopefully as her claw pointed to the name patch on the jacket her sergeant just gave her.

For the first time, Gwen’s commander looked a little apprehensive as he scanned the room.

Awyrlas! “ he bellowed angrily at his subordinate.

“Sergeant Baxter?”

Get your ass in the humvee before I write you up!”

The others seemed bewildered by his apparent change-of-heart.

“Y-yes sergeant.” the dragoness said meekly.

“I’m starting to wonder if you learned anything from this past week, Airman!” he berated her.

Sakaali and the others were clearly confused by his sudden change in disposition.

“Sergeant- I’m so sorry, I-”

“Save it, Airman. Once we get back to base, I’m ordering you to pack a week’s worth of provisions. We’re going back out to the mountains to review what you’ve learned during our E&E training first thing tomorrow.”

Gwen looked absolutely heartbroken until it dawned on her what Sgt. Baxter was asking of her.

“Of course….” she trailed off, still contemplating what the object of her affections was saying.

Dare she hope.

“And Awyrlas?” he continued in a much calmer tone.


“We’ll continue this discussion outside.” he said as he opened the door. The bashful wyvern quietly bid the others good night as she hesitantly slipped outside.

However, as soon as the front door shut, Sakaali, Vanessa and Mei each lined up, pressing their ear against the door to follow the conversation outside.

“Sorry about that outburst, Airman. First thing they taught us at Dyess was to never show weakness or hesitation in front of these mamono.”

“But Sergeant Baxter…….I’m one of ‘these mamono’ too.” Gwen began.

“No….you’re not. Not to me, at least. I’ve never met anyone quite like you, Gwe-…..I mean Awyrlas. No matter how hard I pushed, no matter how much I yelled at you, you never complained- you always bore down and completed your mission.”

“Sergeant Baxter….you of all people should know that our relationship is more akin to a dragoon and his mount from the ancient times.” Gwen said quietly, but increasingly confident. Feeling a bit more bold, she let his jacket slip a little further from her shoulders, slowly revealing herself to him. “In order to function cohesively during times of strife and conflict, a close bond needs to be forged between both the dragoon and her mount.”

Her blush was intensifying, but Gwen was feeling more and more confident. She wasn’t sure if it was the wine and sake her hostess and the other guests plied her with or the risqué outfit she had on, but it felt so liberating to ignore the rules and protocol regarding fraternization and go after what she truly wanted.

By Y Ddraig Goch! I’ve never felt so free! She said to herself as her head was swimming with thoughts of alcohol and the prospect of dressing her sexiest before getting ready to mount her ‘dragoon’.

“I meant what I said, Gwen.” Sgt. Baxter said quietly.

“About how you’ve never met anyone like me?” she asked hopefully.

“No- about grabbing a week’s worth of provisions. We’re going up to the Superstition Mountains for more E&E training first thing tomorrow.”

“Oh….” the petite dragoness almost moped.

“Feel free to bring that little number with you- I know this nice little hidden lake where we can bivouac.” he said barely above a whisper as he was pointing to her swimsuit that he couldn’t quite take his eyes off of now that Gwen had almost completely lowered his jacket.

“What’s going on?” Belle asked.

“I can’t hear anything.” Emi pouted.

“Shhh….” Sakaali said the the others as she shifted from listening through the door to gazing through the peephole.

“He says….’There’s nobody like you’ and that they’re going to the mountains.” Vanessa said, although she sounded a little uncertain.

“Fu fu fu….” Mei tittered coquettishly. “He also asked her to bring that scandalous little number with her and said something about a hidden lake, Victoria.”

“They’re leaving….” Sakaali observed. “Oh…I think she’s play-acting being drunk….now she’s leaning on him for support.” She turned to face the others. “I think they do make a rather cute pair, though.”

“Well now…” Mei began.

“Mei- you sly old vixen.” Sakaali said, even as she gave the silver fox a fist-bump.

“I suppose my work here is done.” the Wight said proudly.

“Uh-uh! Not so fast, blondie.” Emi said, holding up her index finger. “Someone still hasn’t taken their turn yet.”



“Damn it- what’s happening? There’s no way I can see anything.” Graham said as the action had moved out of the range of the nanny-cam’s lens. “I think they’re all clustered around that front door.”

“I’m gonna get some water real quick, just holler if anything crazy happens.” Graham gave Art a little two finger salute and rolled his neck.

Art made his way to the kitchen and filled up a tall glass of water. As he took a sip he heard tiny footsteps stop at the threshold. He looked over and saw Eva rubbing her eye and holding Frank. Frank was Vanessa’s old stuffed tiger, when the girls were born ownership transferred to them. However that didn’t stop Vanessa from stealing him back when Art was on especially long business trips.

The cub yawned and hugged Frank with both arms.

“Dad, could I have a glass of milk?” Art smiled “What do you say?”


“Of course” Art fished the milk out of the fridge and poured her a big glass. From the time she was a little newborn to now when she was up to his stomach, Eva loved milk. He could never figure out why though. Her sisters nor her mother particularly cared for it. Art always joked that if she kept drinking milk her fur would turn white. Whether she didn’t believe him or just didn’t care remained a mystery. Art crouched down and handed his daughter the glass before he placed his hand on her head and gave it a gentle rub.

“Here you go sweetheart.”

“Thanks daddy” Eva hurriedly gulped down the contents of the glass, causing some to dribble down her chin. Art smiled and sighed as he wiped off her face with the front of his hand.

“Fix the hole in your chin before you ask me for another glass of milk!” Eva wiped off her mouth with the sleeve of her pajama top and handed her dad back the glass. Art set the glass next to the sink and Eva held out her arms. Art put his hands on his hips and looked down at his daughter.

“Aren’t you getting a little old for me to carry you to bed?”

Eva tilted her head to the side and bounced a little. Art signed again and picked his daughter up. Eva gripped Frank tightly and rested her head against her father’s shoulder. Art planted a small kiss on the top of her head and carried her up to the kids room. He opened the door and set Eva down on the floor, the cub scampered back into the fort. Art peaked inside and found Anippe sandwiched in between Gabby and Layla on the air mattress. The three of them were snoring softly. Eva crawled back into her place and fell back asleep almost instantly. Art pulled out his phone and snapped a quick picture before returning downstairs.

“Did I miss anything?”

“Nah, I think its winding down. Looked like that guy in uniform was yelling at the Wyvern. I hope Sakaali didn’t get her into too much trouble.”

Art handed his phone to Graham.

“Aww….my little wag-a-muffin and your little bundles of energy wore themselves out.”

Graham smiled

“The day she brings home a boy is the day I pull this picture out for all to see.” Art sank into the couch.

“May that day be forever in arriving.” Graham said, raising his bottle in a toast before killing off the contents.

“You’re lucky that you only have to deal with one! I’m gonna have to worry about all three of my girls bringing boys home!”

“I guess that means you gotta stock up on embarrassing photos.”

“I mean I do have pictures of when they made cookies with grandma… But those are more cute than embarrassing.”


“Well it looks like our night, is coming to a close.” Victoria looked around the room

“Now wait a second- Aren’t you gonna do some modelin’ for us?” Belle asked. “Everyone else here had a turn….”

“But of course my lovely ursine friend! Since you asked, I would be honored.” Victoria slipped behind the screen and hummed a little tune.

A minute later a leg clad in a purple stocking appeared from behind the screen, Mei bit her fingers and let out a loud whistle. Victoria revealed the rest of herself clad in purple lace complete garters.

“And here we have my personal favorite. Simple, yet elegant and extremely comfortable.” The wight turned around and placed her hand on her hip, letting everyone take a look at her thighs and butt. Victoria walked as though she was wearing high heels and strut around the room. Her nipples could be seen faintly through the sheer fabric of the garment. The wight took a seat and crossed her legs. “It can be discreetly worn underneath formal clothing and is perfect for those unexpected intimate moments at home or even in the workplace.” The wight smiled. “Like when your assistant has been performing above expectations and deserves a little reward. Or when you have a five minute gap between meetings and the new intern needs to be reminded who’s in charge.”

Emi bit her finger as she imagined Victoria clad in business attire.

“Say, do you happen to have any openings at your company? I’ve been looking for a new job.”

The wight conjured a ghost like claw around her hand and with a flick of her wrist produced a small business card. The wight sauntered up to Emi and handed her the card. The stark white card smelled faintly of lavender and in a shiny violet font said the name of the company, BT&T (Butts, Thighs and Tails)

“Why yes actually, we’re always looking for new staff members. If you’re still interested, feel free to give me a call any time.” Emi flipped over the card in her hand and found what looked like a personal cell phone number scribbled on the back, next to it were the words “Call me” written in elegant cursive.

“We could set up an ‘interview.’” Victoria put her finger to her lips and winked at Emi.


“Welp, looks like that’s it. You mind if I crash on your couch? I don’t wanna head home and spoil any surprises Sakaali might’ve had planned for me.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Art was about to turn off the TV when he saw Mei standing in front of the camera. The silver vixen gave the camera a little wave and held up a small scrap of paper.

A closer look showed there was some handwriting on it.

Enjoy the show?” Mei giggled a little and winked before she blew kiss at the camera. Art turned off the tv and slowly looked over at his friend.

“Aw shit…”

“You think she’ll tell?”

“Hopefully not right away, this is something she’ll probably hold over my head for awhile, though…” Graham said.

“I dunno- you see that wink? I think we could be in trouble.”

“You have a point.” Graham sighed. “Art- we’ve only known each other for a few months, but I was wondering something.”

“What’s that?”

“When Sakaali finds out we were looking in on her little lingerie party, kills me and buries my dismembered corpse in a shallow grave out in the desert, can you take care of Anippe for me?”



Since Vanessa and Sakaali were still quite tipsy, Victoria persuaded Mei and Emi to help load all her belongings back into her hearse.

Still clad in their lingerie from earlier, Vanessa and Sakaali were attempting to tidy up the living room from earlier.

“Blondie and Silver Fox took off, but wanted me to say ‘Good Night’ on their behalf.” Emi said as she headed back in.

“Well all in all, it was a pretty fun night.” Emi began. “Vanessa- it was great to see you again! And YOU!” Emi pointed at Sakaali, the anubis jumped a little “It was amazing to finally meet you, you caramel skinned beauty!” Emi pulled Sakaali in for a hug and rested her hands on her ass. “You sure grabbed my by the horns in a way no man ever could.”

A red faced Sakaali looked at the blue oni with a mixture of flattery, intrigue and a hint of intimidation.

“Umm….it wasn’t quite by design. A-a-are you sure you don’t need us to call you a cab?” she asked the oni.

“You kiddin’?” Emi laughed “I’m barely buzzed! Seriously- did you know the cops have a separate sobriety test they have to administer to onis?”

Emi mustered a serious look on her face “But thank you for your concern sweet cheeks.” Emi gave Sakaali’s rear a meaty double handed squeeze.

“Easy there, Blue Hands Grope. Don’t forget that I’m a married Anubis.” Sakaali tittered at her own joke as she pulled Emi’s hands away.

“I can’t help myself….your husband’s a lucky man, by the way.” Emi pouted.

“Damn right he is! You should get that in skywriting….” the buzzed Anubis harrumphed.

It sounded like she could have gone on for awhile, but the conversation was interrupted by the buzzing of the Blue Oni’s cellphone.

A satisfied smirk appeared on Emi’s face as she read a message.

“That’s Victoria inviting me over for a late-night discussion about a position under her that just became available.”

Sakaali blush was even deeper as she watched Emi pull out of her driveway and ride off into the night. “Well… she was certainly an interesting character.”


The two women went back inside and sat down on the couch, Sakaali rested her head against Vanessa’s shoulder.

“Well I’d call this night a success! Thank you for being such an amazing co-host.”

Vanessa looked over at her friend and smiled.

“And thank you for being such a fantastic hostess.” Vanessa closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

“You can go home if you want, the party’s over.”

“I think I’ll hang out here till you fall asleep, don’t want you drunk dialing an ex or something.”

Sakaali smiled a little and placed her paw on Vanessa’s head, she began to rub slowly.

“Who’s a pretty kitty?”

“I’m not gonna say it”

“Come on! I already know the answer I just wanna hear you say it.”

Vanessa sighed,

“Me, I’m a pretty kitty”

Sakaali smiled wider and shifted a bit, “Damn right you are.”




Graham awoke to the smell of breakfast and a blanket draped over him. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eye.

“Hmm, wonder if Art made enough for everyone…” he mused, knowing of the cubs’ prodigious appetite.

Graham walked into the kitchen and was greeted by the cubs and Anippe enjoying a little pancake breakfast.

The little Anubis had a modest stack while the cubs had stacks that were almost as big as their heads.

“Good morning daddy!” Anippe said excitedly as her little tail started to wag.

“Good morning princess! How’d you sleep? Any problems with monsters?” The little pup shook her head.

“Nope! Gabby and Layla kept them away!”

Graham chuckled. “I thought so- nicely done, girls!”

The two cubs smiled at their friend before they went back to inhaling their breakfast.

“Jeez girls take it easy, pancakes can’t crawl away from you.” Art brought two plates to the table and put one down at an open seat and motioned for Graham to sit down.

“Aww, you didn’t have to do that Art.” Graham said with a little smile.

“Hey now, don’t mention it.” Graham started eating and looked over at his daughter.

“After you finish eating, looks like you and I need to head out.” Anippe’s ears dropped a little.

“Awww, can’t I stay for just a bit longer?”

“I know you had a lot of fun but you know how mommy gets when we don’t respect her schedule.”

Anippe pouted a little. “Yeeeah…”

“Besides, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of chances to play with Gabby, Layla and Eva some other time!” Graham motioned to the cubs currently licking the syrup off their plates “Who knows, maybe if you’re reeeealy good they can spend the night at our house.” Anippe perked up a little at her father’s words.

“You really mean it?!”

“Course I do” Graham winked at his daughter.



Vanessa woke up to a pounding in her head and a soft thing on her lap. The jinko inhaled through her nose and stretched out her arms.

“Ahhh, god where am I?” Vanessa cracked open her eye and took a moment to adjust to the light. She was in Sakaali and Grahams living room. Vanessa rubbed her forehead with her palm

“Jeez, I passed out on my friends couch. I guess I drank a little too much last night.” The jinko heard a deathly groan and looked down at the soft thing on her lap, it was Sakaali’s head. The anubis tried to raise her head from her friend’s lap but didn’t get more than an inch up before she crashed back down on top of Vanessa’s muscular thighs. Vanessa gently rubbed Sakaali’s head. “Hey big girl… you doin’ ok?” Sakaali groaned again.

“My mouth tastes like a toilet…” She mumbled. Vanessa laughed groggily.

“Come on, I don’t think we got that crazy last night.


Vanessa moved to pat her friends head

“I know, I know. You wanna go to bed?”

“Will you carry me, My big strong feline companion?” Vanessa sighed


“Then yes, I’d like that very much.” Vanessa picked up her hungover friend and carried her towards her bedroom. Sakaali wearily reached up to pat her friends face with her paw.

“You have very nice thighs.”

Vanessa chuckled a little

“Thank you, I work very hard to ensure Art has something soft yet firm to rest his head on.”

Sakaali laughed before her stomach let out a loud groan. The anubis scrunched her face in discomfort and put both paws on her stomach.


Sakaali rapidly nodded her head. Vanessa hurried to the bathroom and set her down next to the toilet. Sakaali threw her head in the bowl and motioned for Vanessa to come closer.

“H-hold mu-my hair please.” Sakaali said between a gag. Vanessa did as she was asked and pulled her friends hair back. Sakaali vomited and let out a little whimper.

“Ahhh, the proud and dignified anubis.” Vanessa joked.

“S-shut u-up yo-you-” Sakaali puked again and Vanessa continued to hold her hair and pat her back.

“That’s it, just get it all out of your system.” Sakaali vomited a few more times then lifted her head from the toilet. Vanessa delicately laid her friend on the bathroom floor and wiped of her mouth with some folded toilet paper.

“You good?”

Sakaali nodded her head. Vanessa picked her friend back up, bringing her to her bedroom before setting her down and helping her out of her lingerie. Sakaali worked on the bottom while Vanessa slipped off her top. Vanessa slid Sakaali’s lingerie under the bed and threw back the covers. Sakaali slowly crawled into bed and flopped down on her stomach. Vanessa stared at her friends naked body for a few moments. On her right ass cheek was a small, unobtrusive tattoo- a stylized maroon pitchfork with golden flames lapping at it. It was a bit curious- Sakaali certainly didn’t seem like the tattoo type. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Vanessa gently traced a claw-finger around the pitchfork tattoo. The jinko’s musing was interrupted when her friend wearily spoke out after tensing up a little.

“You’re not thinking of taking advantage of a only semi conscious anubis are you?”

“Not at all” Vanessa smiled and threw the covers over her friend and kneeled down. “I was simply admiring your body. You really are beautiful Sakaali.” 

“You’re so sweet… Look on the dresser, there’s something that I wanted to give you last night, but forgot with everything else that was going on.”

Vanessa walked over to the dresser and found a neat little stack of business cards. The cards had a fierce pair of tiger eyes on them. In a bold scratchy font was the name of Vanessa’s personal training business “Predator fitness” underneath was a little sub heading “Join the apex!” Vanessa placed her paw over her chest and smiled.

“You had these made for me!?”

“You like them? I had one of my Leanan Sidhe friends do the designs.” There was a loud creak as Vanessa hopped onto the bed and pulled her friend in for a massive hug.

“You are the most amazing, smart, diligent, kind and lovely anubis ever!!!” Vanessa squeezed her hungover friend tightly and started to chuff.

“Ahhh! Not so tight!” Sakaali wheezed. Vanessa quickly loosened her grip on the anubis.

“Sorry…” Vanessa got off the bed “How about I make you some coffee before I head home.”

“That would be wonderful, cream and sugar please.” Sakaali shut her eyes and tried her best to ignore the jackhammer pounding on the inside of her skull.



The drive home was pretty quick. So quick in fact that Graham and Anippe caught Vanessa on her way out.

Graham decided to lay it on a little thick.

“Hey stranger! How was the meeting last night? Any survivors?”

“Oof….good morning Graham.” Vanessa said as she squinted in the sunlight. Anippe was still getting one of her bags out from the truck “Guess our little get together got kinda out of hand- there was some wine and sake.”

“How’s my wife holding up?”

“She’s alright- probably gonna need a little rest today, though.”

“I see.”

“How about my girls?” Vanessa asked.

“Last I saw, bright-eyed, bushy tailed and massacring some pancakes your hubby whipped up for them.”

Vanessa could now see Anippe looking up at her.

“Hi Aunty V!” Anippe said enthusiastically.

Graham saw the jinko wince as the happy pup spoke up. It wasn’t too loud, but still loud enough to make Vanessa flinch and cringe.

“Heh- looks like you didn’t make it through last night unscathed, either.” Graham chuckled.

“Did you girls have fun last night?” she asked Graham’s daughter.

“Mm-hmm! You should come with us next time, Aunty V!” the pup suggested.

“I’d like that very much….count on it, kiddo.” the jinko said as she tousled the girl’s hair.

“Hey- thanks for taking good care of my wife.” Graham said as Vanessa excused herself.

“I should be thanking you for helping Art with the girls.” Vanessa called out as she gingerly got into her car.

“It was my pleasure. I had fun and more importantly, my little wag-a-muffin had fun.”

After waving to Vanessa as she pulled out of the driveway, Graham turned to Anippe.

“Mommy might be a little tired today, so if you want you can help her out a little, you can start by unpacking on your own.” he said.

The pup nodded and dashed upstairs to do as her father suggested.

Graham made his way up to his own bedroom and smiled when he saw his resting wife

“There’s my lady….” Graham said as his wife’s ears twitched.

“Ah…….not so loud, love….” Sakaali winced. “Things got a bit out of hand last night and I’m still hung over.”

Instead of saying anything, the anubis’ husband wordlessly went to a drawer and pulled a few items out. Walking up to the bed, Graham handed Sakaali a little note pad and marker while keeping a one of each for himself.

With a little smirk on the corner of his mouth, he began writing.


Sakaali frowned and went to work on her reply before holding it up.

Graham looked bewildered when he saw a pictogram of an eye, a river, a bird and the sun.

“ENGLISH, PLEASE” he wrote out on another slip of paper.

Taking the hint, Sakaali scribbled a line through the hieroglyphics and continued writing in English.


“YOU SURE YOU’RE GONNA BE OK?”  he scrawled out on his pad before holding up the note for her to read.

“SPLITTING HEADACHE AND KIND OF QUEASY, BUT I’LL BE FINE AFTER SOME SLEEP” she held up her note for him to read, but thought of something to add after a moment. “DID ANIPPE HAVE FUN LAST NIGHT?”

Graham’s face lit up when he saw the question- it looked as though he wanted to gush about how much fun all of them had- even before peeking in on the lingerie show- but thought better of it when he remembered his wife’s condition. “YOU BET! DID GREAT AT THE BOWLING ALLEY AND WAS ON HER BEST BEHAVIOR MOST OF THE NIGHT.”

Her mother’s brow furrowed a little bit, prompting Graham to continue. “THE CUBS WERE ACTING UP A LITTLE BIT, BUT IT WAS NOTHING ME AND ART COULDN’T HANDLE.”

Sakaali gave her reply a bit of consideration before continuing.


Graham nodded in agreement before he resumed writing. “I INVITED THEM OVER FOR A SLEEPOVER W/OUR GIRL THE NEXT TIME ART & VANESSA WANT TO GO OUT.”

Seemingly forgetting her hangover, Sakaali smiled as she went back to her pad. “VANESSA EXTENDED A SIMILAR OFFER TO US THE NEXT TIME JUST YOU AND I WANT TO TAKE A WEEKEND GETAWAY.”


Sakaali looked as though she was writing an earth-shattering manifesto.


Graham didn’t hesitate in his reply. “ANYTHING WOULD BE FINE AS LONG AS I’M HAVING FUN WITH MY GIRLS.”

The werejackal smiled warmly at her husband’s words. Graham could see her tail wagging slightly beneath the sheet. His wife’s written reply took the form of a heart doodled onto the notepad. A thought occurred to him and he wasted no time putting it into words.

“IT’S LIKE WE’RE WRITING EACH OTHER LITTLE LOVE LETTERS” He chuckled as he held up the note for his wife. Sakaali was absolutely beaming after reading that.

Graham continued writing.


The Anubis’ smile quickly turned into a pout as he finished writing out his thoughts.


A slight smile returned to her lips and Graham could see her tail once again lightly wagging under the sheet. Instead of showing him the note, she crumpled it up and tossed it at him.

“I’D SMACK YOU GOOD FOR SAYING SUCH A THING IF I WASN’T IN SUCH A SORRY STATE.” There was a doodle of a grumpy-looking Anubis to illustrate her irritation. Graham continued reading.


A wicked and playful grin was now on the corner of Graham’s lips as he hastily wrote out his reply.


While she was reading that, Graham reached under the covers towards the base of the bed.

“Ah- what are you-?” she hoarsely began to ask. Her words died, not because of the splitting headache, but the sudden feeling of her husband’s fingertips against the pads on her paw-feet.

Foot paw massages? Oh Ra- how could she stay mad at him after one of his world famous paw-pad massages? That just wasn’t fair.

The ailing Anubis let out a happy little whine as her husband’s fingers began dancing across the pads of her foot-paws that she didn’t even know were sore and aching until he worked his magic.

However, it wasn’t long before circumstances conspired to shatter this little scene of domestic bliss between husband and wife.

It was a guitar riff followed by female vocals.

The Bangle’s Walk Like an Egyptian, to be precise.

Sakaali’s ringtone.

The Anubis let out an agitated grunt as she reached out to pick up the phone, swiping her paw digit across the screen.

“Hi, Mei. What is it?” she asked, not doing much to conceal her impatience.

Graham froze up at the very mention of the Youko granny’s name.

This didn’t go completely unnoticed by Sakaalil, although her immediate response was to quietly urge Graham to resume his ministrations as she continued with Mei.



Vanessa rested her head against the steering wheel.

“Urrrrrg, I need to sleep.” she grumbled. However, the hungover jinko was aware that she’s almost certainly have to run a gauntlet of recently fed and energized cubs before making it to her bedroom.

The jinko got out of her car and walked to the front door. She stepped inside and stopped in the entryway. A few moments later a pair of eyes appeared around the corner, followed by another just above it and another just above that one. “Oh no…” Vanessa thought

Mommy!!!” The cubs came charging at their mom.

Art was busy washing dishes when he heard a loud thud come from the entryway. He dropped his work and went to investigate, finding Vanessa flat on her back and covered in cubs. Eva was rubbing her cheek against Vanessa’s mane while the twins rubbed their faces into her arm and leg.

Vanessa groaned “Art my love, help…”

“Girls- get off your mother, I think she had a long night.” The cubs slowly got off their mother and Art helped her to her feet. Vanessa rubbed the back of her head and rolled her neck.

“There’s my Mane Squeeze.” Art chuckled.

His wife simply groaned.

“C’mon- it’s not that bad a pun, is it? So-did you Have fun last night?”

“Yeah, tons, I’ll tell you about it when I’m not so tired.”

Art grabbed his wife’s paw and led her to the bedroom, Vanessa stooped down and whispered in Arts ear. “I didn’t want to say anything in front of the girls but I’m a little hungover. I’m just gonna go sleep this off, only wake me up if you really need me.” Vanessa pressed her lips closer to his ear. “Also remind me to show you something tomorrow, I think you’ll love it.” Vanessa licked his ear and slipped into the bedroom. Art smiled and walked away.

“I should ask her to do the downward dog in it.” He whispered to himself



Ara ara! I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time!” the vixen said loud enough to be heard without speakerphone. Sakaali held her phone a few inches away from her ear as Mei continued “I had a favor to ask you….”.

“What’s that, Mei?”

“Well- my great-grandkids convinced me to set up a dating profile on MONstr, but I thought I’d go bold and put a real attention-getting picture with my profile” the silver fox continued.

Graham knew what was coming next, but was powerless to stop it.


“I thought that little number I had on last night would be perfect and I was wondering if you could send me a copy.”

“Why would I have a copy?” Sakaali asked bewildered.

“Oh- I saw the little camera on the shelf and assumed that you were recording last night’s meeting. I mean the little light was on and-“

It didn’t take long for the Anubis to put two and two together.


On the other end of the line, Mei daintily held onto her vintage candlestick telephone as she heard the Anubis snarling.


Graham, you peeping tom! You loathsome WORM!!”

“Ah! Babe….babe…..I can explain……..”

“Fu fu fu fu…..” the vixen tittered. “Oh my, Sakaali- I certainly hope I didn’t get poor Graham in any trouble.”

No reply. Just background noise and what sounded like Graham trying to reassure her it was all ‘a misunderstanding’. However, the feisty werejackal was having none of it.

“Oh dear- I suppose I called at a bad time.” she mused before hanging up.




“Ow ow! Sakaali- c’mon!”

“When were you going to decide to tell me about your new hobby, husband?” Sakaali growled, forgetting her hangover in her anger.

“N-new hobby?” he asked nervously, hoping that playing dumb could buy him some time. “What do you mean?”

“You re-activated the nanny-cam for our meeting last night, didn’t you?”

“Wait- who told you that? Mei?” Graham asked. “You know her. She’s a trickster by nature…probably having a good laugh after stirring up a little trouble.”

Sakaali paused as if in contemplation for a moment.

To Graham’s horror, his wife’s phone rang again. This time it was Victoria. As soon as Sakaali answered, she put in on speakerphone.

“Sakaali, you sly dog! You didn’t tell me you had a camera set up for last night’s meeting.” The Wight began.

Glaring daggers at Graham, Sakaali replied calmly.

“Well, it’s customary for me to record the minutes from any MHIL small business women’s meeting I end up hosting.” the Anubis bluffed.

“Some of these images that Mei sent me are astounding!” the Wight gushed. “They’re giving me all kinds of ideas for bringing everyone back together for  a re-shoot. Of course, I’m a little short on capital at the moment, but I think I could give each of you a few shares of the company stock before it makes its IPO for your troubles”

“That sounds wonderful, Victoria.” Sakaali said in an impossibly sweet voice while glaring at her husband.

“Say- could you send me a few of your favorites over?”

“I’d love to- and thanks again for being such a gracious hostess.” Victoria said.

“Who’s that you’re talking to? Why don’t you come back to bed?” a voice on Victoria’s end of the phone asked groggily in the background. Neither Graham or Sakaali could be certain, but it sounded like Emi.

“I thought I’d make some breakfast for the two of us, lazybones.”

“Well I got a little starter for ya right here!”

“I was talking about real breakfast”

“Whaddaya talking about?! It’s a blueberry muffin isn’t it?”

Victoria hummed a little “Sakaali- I must be going, I have a guest over….but I’ll send you the pictures you asked for.”

“Perfect. Thank you so much, Victoria.”

Almost as soon as the call ended, Sakaali’s phone began buzzing with text notifications.

“Oh my- even though you haven’t had a heartbeat for decades, you can still send men’s pulses racing…” Sakaali commented on the first of the photos.

“Ohhh Belle- you shouldn’t look so pouty. Lots of suitors would find your curves attractive if you were a little more self-confident.”

“Let me see….” Graham began. However, as he tried to move in for a closer look, Sakaali firmly pressed her foot-paw onto her husband’s face.

“I’d say you’ve seen enough the other night, husband.” the Anubis growled impatiently.

“H-how did Mei get those pictures, though?”

“Graham….did you remember that the nanny-cam will periodically post stills to the cloud so that users can get updates?”

He didn’t remember until she brought it up, but he nodded.

“And do you recall that since Mei used to babysit Anippe, she would get those updates as well? Unless you changed the password or updated the settings.”

Shit- he did neither of those things.

“It’s just that I missed you last night and wanted to see how you were-” Sakaali’s husband began feebly.

“Don’t make your situation worse by spinning lies, husband. ” she snarled, pressing her foot harder onto her husband’s face. “Oh my- that green sling really shows off your…….well, everything, Vanessa.” Sakaali continued as she turned her attention back to the phone. “In fact…..I think she should see this for herself….”

Graham could only say a little prayer for his friend.

Art- your best chance is to lure Vanessa to the disco ball, shine a laser pointer at it and run while she’s distracted…” he said to himself, unsure of how his friend’s wife would take the news.


“Arrrrt, could you come up here?” There was a hint of irritation in the call.

Art put the last of the dishes away, he gulped and slowly made his way upstairs. Peeking into the bedroom and saw Vanessa clad in the green sling from last night. The jinko spotted him and narrowed her eyes before beckoning him in with a finger. Art timidly stepped in past the threshold.

“Woah! W-where did you get that?!” Art tried his best to sound surprised.

“Save it.” Vanessa said curtly, “Sakaali just texted me some interesting photos- apparently from a nanny-cam at her place that Graham was supposed to uninstall a while ago…” Vanessa slowly started to approach her husband, “Yet it was reactivated last night- imagine that….”

Art slowly moved back in response, “V-vanessa? Dear heart? Love of my life? W-what are you doing?”

The jinko remained silent.

“Y-you know how bad of a liar I am! If I tell people at work that I ran into a door they won’t believe me!” Art said as he brought his arms up in front of his face.

To his surprise his wife didn’t go for his face and instead went for the door. Vanessa gently closed the bedroom door and turned the deadbolt, letting the sound from the lock ring for a few moments before she turned around and faced her husband. The jinko started to slowly started to stalk around her husband with a gaze that bore right through him. Art stood stock still as he felt the sweat form on his brow.

Vanessa did a complete circle around him before she spoke up.

“I’m guessing you had plenty of chances to look away.”

Art timidly nodded his head.

“And I’m guessing you saw everything?”

Art nodded again.

“Emi licking Sakaali’s stomach?”

Art giggled a little “Yeah, that was pretty entertaining.” Art looked at Vanessa’s face and saw no change, and then looked down at his feet.

“Sophie’s tough girl act?”

“Yeah, wow. I’d never imagine her as a dominatrix.”

“That bear in her teddy?”

“Uh, yeah… She seemed like a real sweetheart, we should invite her over sometime.”

“Emi, changing in front of us?”


Vanessa walked up behind Art and wrapped her arms around him. “Ohhhh, my dear husband. What ever shall I do with you?”

“A-are you mad?”

Vanessa shrugged “Not really, I can’t expect you to turn a blind eye when there’s so much skin on display.”

Art did a mental fist pump “Not sleeping on the couch tonight!”

A mischievous grin crept onto Vanessa’s face. “I’m just worried that you might have forgotten that you’re taken by someone…”

Art gulped “Y-you were my favorite out of everyone last night!”

“Of course I was, but are you saying you weren’t turned on when you saw Sakaali’s butt?

“Well no, but!” Vanessa pushed Art onto his knees. She pulled his head against her stomach and rested his face against her abs.

“It’s like you said, love- you’re a terrible liar. And there’s the problem, you have visions of other women in your head when it should just be me.”

Vanessa giggled. “I know exxxxxxxaaaaaaccctttly how to fix this.” Vanessa rubbed his head with her paw and Art whimpered a little. Vanessa bit her bottom lip and smiled a little before she pushed his face harder against her abs. “Start licking, after we’re done everything you taste, smell, feel, see and think of will be me~”



“How long ago did I ask you to uninstall the nanny-cam!?” Sakaali growled.

“I…..I forgot…..I didn’t even know it was there until the other night.” Graham pleaded as his wife’s foot paw was pressing into his face.

“Who else did you see, Graham?”

Hoo boy… to come clean right now, but she wasn’t going to like the answer.





He was going to say something about Art benefitting from that more than him, but no point in throwing his friend under the bus- although he figured it would only be a matter of time before the jinko found out.


“Mei’s little dance of the seven tails?”

“That too. Old girl still has it”


“Oh God, yes….” Graham said wistfully before remembering his current predicament.

“Sophie’s Fifty Shades bit?”

“That was pretty hot too…..yes.”


“You mean the oni with the religious objection to privacy screens? Yeah- I think she likes you….”

Sakaali snarled quietly.


“The wyvern Airman…..I kinda liked her.”

Forgetting her anger for a moment, Sakaali let up the pressure from her foot a little bit.

“Why’s that?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“Reminds me a little bit of me when I first enlisted. Young, a little naïve, probably thought she was gonna grab the world by the horns- pardon the expression- when she first signed up, but kinda confused and uncertain of her place in the world now.”

Sakaali removed her foot altogether as her husband continued.

“But how did it go with her and the guy in uniform? Last I saw, he looked kinda pissed.”

“It was all an act.”


“Yeah- once he thought we couldn’t hear them, he was telling her ‘You’re so amazing’ and ‘There’s nobody else like you’ after making a big show of yelling at her.”

“Kinda like you were doing to me when we first met, so I felt a little bit of a bond with her even though we haven’t met.” Graham chuckled. “Still- it looks like she’s crazy about that farm boy in DCU’s that came to pick her up, and I’m happy for her.”

He didn’t see it, but the Anubis briefly placed her paw over her heart upon hearing those words from her husband.

Damn it- Graham seemed so thoughtful and earnest when he was talking about Gwen. It was hard for Sakaali to stay mad at him, but he didn’t have to know that.

The Anubis quickly flopped onto the bed, her inviting caramel toned backside sticking out..

“I’ve decided, husband. This quite egregious act of voyeurism and tomfoolery on your part shall not go without sanction. But you need to massage me most thoroughly if you are to expect any leniency on my part.”


“Start with my footsies once again and work your magic from there” she said in a sleepy, pouty voice as the pillow’s soft, comforting warmth beckoned to her.

As Graham resumed massaging his beautiful but hung over wife, he thought he could once again detect the slightest hint of a wag from her lustrous tail.

“It should go without saying that out of everyone there, I thought that you were the most beautiful.” Graham said, his fingers pressing into his wife’s sensitive paw-pads on the feet.

“Mm….I should hope so.” the Anubis said dreamily. “Now- less talking and more rubbing, husband.”

“Still- I heard what Victoria said about a re-shoot. I can’t believe I’m sleeping with a lingerie model.”

“You’re sleeping on the couch.” Sakaali told her husband sternly “Unless your footrubs and tail-brushing are to my liking.”

With that admonition, Graham resumed working his magic on his wife’s foot-paws in return for the pleasure of sleeping by her side.


Artwork by Ittla. Commissioned by Noizyboy
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    That right there is a fucking rookie move; Graham needs to step his game up – they don’t call it “porn mode” for nothing


    Ah, tsun-tsun-wan. How I’ve missed you.

    A few moments later a pair of eyes appeared around the corner, followed by another just above it and another just above that one.


    I enjoyed this episode of tipsy milfs and fluffy-tailed gilfs trying on lingerie; I don’t know if I’d pay 14.95 per month for the subscription but I’ll definitely download the videos off the pirate bay

  2. > Nanny-cam with recording light

    I’ve never had the need for a nanny-cam, but I thought the whole purpose of one was for the nanny to not know you’re recording them, making a recording light unnecessary.

    I just got that Vanessa’s speedo is a Borat speedo. Bor-cat.

  3. Bravo. Great story, excellent daydream fuel.
    A few suggestions to make it even better! Remember to start a new line whenever someone different begins speaking. Don’t forget ending punctuations. Run a spellcheck and grammar checker, but don’t always trust the computer.

    That being said, I particularly liked the use of different cultures’ intimates and behavior, along with a host of subtle (and not-so-subtle) puns.

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