For Kitsch

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“It belongs in a museum!”

The young kitusne yelled out, struggling against her binds. The ropes dug into her arms as she tried to free herself. But no matter what she tried, she couldn’t wiggle herself out of this situation.

Not this time.

“No Kitsch, it belongs to the highest bidder,” the overly-dressed man sitting arrogantly across form her replied while palming the quite rare and exquisite fossil in his hand.
He was Kitsch’s longtime rival, and for as long as she could remember, the two of them had trying to thwart the other. The two couldn’t be more opposite of each other, squaring off on one corner of the world to the next, and it wasn’t uncommon for one to gain the upper hand over the other. This time however, Kitsch had made a grave error. She should have known that it was a trap. But careless mistakes and faulty equipment landed her in this situation, tied up and lying on the floor of one of the wealthiest collectors in the world, helpless while he gloated above her.

“Aldric, you bastard! You’re just going to put it in one of your vaults and hoard it for yourself! The world has a right to know about its history!” The young loli kitsune shot back, irate that this scum had the audacity to talk down to her.

The overly-dressed man, with chiseled features and a strong jaw, was more reminiscent of a male model, if not for his already graying slicked back hair and gaudy fashion statement. His opulent burgundy pin striped suit contrasted greatly with the gold embossed ascot he wore, and the slight Maltese accent didn’t help either. She didn’t even know if he actually needed the black onyx cane he seemed to carry with him, as she had seen him on multiple occasions walking perfectly fine; perhaps another statement to his opulent fashion sense. Nevertheless he seemed quite content with himself, his arrogant smile widening as he began to toss the fossil up and down in his hand, much to the young kitsune’s horror.

“I didn’t get to where I am today by caring about the world.” He replied.

He suddenly pushed himself up from his chair and walked around his massive mahogany desk to stand at the foot of the bound Kitsch, the black cane coming down with a dull thud, just missing her head. The blond haired kitsune had to strain her head upwards in order to look up at the corrupt collector.

“But, I don’t think you’ll be around long enough to care about this world any longer.”

Kitsch held her breath as he twisted the handle with a snap, her eyes widening as a long silver blade unsheathed itself from the hollow cane. Kitch didn’t know whether to laugh at the horrendously cliché sight of a cane-sword, or cry. She opted to close her eyes instead, and hoped that the pain wouldn’t last long. Instead, what she felt was a slight tugging and sawing motion from behind her and suddenly, the tightening sensation of the rope was gone, the strands falling limply to her sides. She breathed deeply, her eyes shooting open to wonder why her throat wasn’t slit open. Instead, the man sheathed his cane-sword and proceeded to shrug his shoulders let out a gleeful chuckle.

“Just kidding. What? You’d think that’d I would be so petty as to kill my enemies? How absurd. I’ve got better ideas for you.” He scoffed once more, running his fingers through his gray hair.

Kitsch pushed herself up, confused as to why he released her. He didn’t offer any signs of an answer as he pulled out his phone and started to fiddle with it.

“Now Kitsch, are you familiar with Canis Dirus?”

Kitsch’s ears twitched at the name. She had heard it before.

“The dire wolf? What about it?”

Aldric, peering from his phone to Kitsch, smiled knowingly.

“What if I said I had one?”

“Impossible.” Kitsch replied empathically, “The dire wolf went extinct thousands of years ago.”

“Rightly so!” he responded giddily, wildly gesturing with his hands, “Indeed, you are correct!”

“But some friends and I have been doing a bit of selective breeding. And were pretty sure we’ve come up with something that is very similar, or at least, is very reminiscent of what we believe the dire wolf would have been. Its been a little hobby of ours lately.”

Kitsch’s eyebrows furrowed at his explanation. She didn’t understand where he was going with this. But whatever it was, she didn’t trust him in the slightest. Even if he had a dire wolf, or something similar to it, she didn’t know what that had to do with her. She certainly wasn’t going to help him. The opulent man turned on his heel, carrying his cane in his hand as he approached the large wooden doors of his office. Without saying a word he stepped out, leaving the door open just wide enough for him to stick his head back in.

“Well the thing is, we’ve sort of hit a little snag with the breeding part. He’s been a bit lonely for a while and incredibly virile as of late, so if you could lend us a bit of your time, that would be lovely.”

And with that he was gone, ducking out of the office and leaving the door open for her. Kitsch stared flabbergasted at the open door. Was he letting her go? Was he asking for her help with his dire wolf? And what did he mean by virile? No sooner had Kitsch stood up from the floor that she heard the door squeak on its hinges. She looked up and froze. Through the door, something that stood almost as high as her, enough for her to look at it straight in its dull yellow eyes had come through. A wolf, although much larger and broader than any normal wolf she’d seen before. This was something new.

‘A Dire wolf.’ Kitsch thought to herself fearfully, ‘He actually did it.’

Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind the wolf, leaving Kitsch and the wolf alone in the room. It began to growl menacingly, baring its teeth at her like a rabid dog would, its fur bristling on end. But surprisingly, that wasn’t what caught the young kitusne’s attention. What caught her attention, and what filled her with primal fear, was the slowly increasing in size, throbbing, wolf dick. Splotched red, and twitching, she could already see a hint of silvery liquid forming at its tip, not to mention it’s massive base. Only then did Kitsch truly understand the meaning of Aldric’s words. And in that moment, the only thing she could feel was the utter sensation of primal fear. She panicked. She knew she had to get away from that thing. She turned around and took two steps towards the mahogany desk, but that was all she was able to take. It tackled into her, hard, knocking her aside like a child’s play toy. She could feel snapping jaws just whisk past her ears as she attempted to recover and tumble upright. The wolf had barreled into the desk head on, colliding into it with a loud thud.

This was her chance; she had to get out. There was only one exit in this room and it was the large wooden doors the wolf had come through. She bolted for it, sprinted harder than her entire life towards the golden door handles. Her heels dug into the soft luxurious carpet; a rising sense of relief came as she finally reached the door handles and turned them, throwing the door open to escape. Except the doors didn’t budge. The door handles turned but the door wouldn’t budge at all as Kitsh placed her hand against the door and tried in vain to open it. But it would not budge. It was then that she felt something latch onto her clothing from behind.

Any hope that Kitsch had of escaping disappeared.

The beast threw her aside, sending her colliding to the floor. Fearfully, she tried to crawl away on all fours, to get out of its reach. It quickly descended on her. Its front paws stepped in front of her field of view and suddenly she felt hot raspy breathing and a sharp pain around her throat as the wolf’s jaws clamped around her neck. It didn’t tear out her throat, but merely held her down as the wolf quickly lay itself atop her. Kitsch could immediately feel its body heat atop her, not to mention its thick coat of fur. She tried to struggle free, but the wolf snarled loudly, causing Kitsch to gasp in fear and freeze once more. She didn’t want to anger it now. After several moments in the beast’s jaws, it finally released her and resettled itself atop her. Kitsch could only hold her breath as something hot and slimy began to furiously thrust itself between her tails. For a moment, she thought it would be content with using her tails for relief. But its thrusts were methodically, and it knew what it wanted. It searched for her opening, going lower and lower. She yelped as she felt the hardened rod bounce off her ass several times. She whimpered and clutched at the carpet the whole while, wishing she wasn’t there, that she was somewhere else. Anywhere but here. The wolf, growing increasingly more irritated that it couldn’t find what it wanted growled deeply into her ear, before snapping its jaws once again.

Kitsch got the idea.

Cautiously she reached back and tugged at her underwear and shimmied it downwards to her thighs. Although she hated it, and as demeaning as it was, it was better to give in to it, than to be eaten she began to reason to herself. Humiliatingly, and doing something that no other kitsune would ever do in any other circumstance, she spread her legs and raised her hips to the wolf. She hoped at the very least, it would be gentle.

It wasn’t.

The wolf quickly homed in her fresh scent, and with the surgical precision, found her entrance. With a single thrust, it claimed her. She let out a gasp and a high pitched squeal as the wolf completely filled her, her fingers burying deep into the carpet. The Wolf seemed pleased, letting out a low and long howl that reverberated through its chest and that even Kitsch beneath could feel. It was announcing to the world that she belonged to him now. And with the primal lust and brutality of a wild animal, the dire wolf began to mate with her. Furiously ramming itself into her, it bucked its hips over and over again, trying to shove as much of its length into her. Kitsch could only hold on, whimpering and whining against her will as she propped herself up with her elbows, the wolf’s mouth just above her head. Its dick filled every inch of her, its intensity at fucking her nearly made the poor kitsune’s head spin. The sensation alone was something she couldn’t even begin to describe. She couldn’t even believe she managed to take it all. All she could do now was hold on as the wolf had its way with her. Each time its girth entered her, she couldn’t help but let out a gruff cry. This wasn’t slow and passionate lovemaking. It was bestial fucking, her whole body rocking beneath it.

To her sudden horror felt a euphoric sensation well upside of her. She told herself that she wasn’t going to cum from a wolf raping her, from being violated by this beast. But there was too much of him, and it was hitting all the right spots. With a reluctant high pitched cry, she came; hard. Her tails and walls quivered as pleasurable shots of bliss like lightening coursed through her body.

The wolf however, didn’t show any signs of stopping now. It powered through her orgasm, and continued its incessant thrusting unabated, causing her to moan louder at every thrust, extending her orgasm even more.

‘I just came from wolf cock…’ she thought to herself with mixed feelings of both disgust and euphoria, wearing a stupid grin on her face.

Her second and third orgasm were much the same, the two of them howling like animals as Kitsch began to lose herself to the carnal fucking, with sweat beading on her forehead and her feminine juices rolling down her legs. Kitsch’s tongue freely lolled out, her eyelids half closed as her mind struggled to think coherently. Suddenly, the wolf’s position changed, and Kitsch could feel the dick inside of her begin to lift her up. Wordlessly, she followed suit, propping herself up on all fours. One at a time, the wolf placed its front paws on Kitsch’s shoulders, taking up a more traditional mating style as Kitsch naturally arched her back for the Dire Wolf. As soon as the wolf thrusted into her, she nearly saw stars. Every time the wolf thrusted into her it was as if she was having a mini-orgasm, making her sing like a lewd cat in heat. She suddenly realized that the wolf dick was just tickling the entrance of her womb. The wolf seemed to notice as well, and quickened its pace. Kitsch knew that it would be coming soon. She didn’t know what to think at that point. In the back of her mind, something was telling her to get away, that she didn’t want this monster to cum inside her. At the same time, she was desperately excited to know what it felt like.

Suddenly the wolf stopped above her, its thrusting suddenly halted. Confused, she turn her disheveled head back to the wolf, and then gasped as something tried to push itself into her. She remembered now, why she didn’t want this. Something that her schooling should have reminded her sooner; Knotting. All canines did it, essentially a bulge at the base of the shaft to ensure a proper seal; and impregnation. That was what the wolf was trying to shove into her now. Kitsch began to panic. There was no way her tiny body could take all of that. It already filled her up now. Her previous orgasms would be her downfall however, giving more than enough lubrication for the wolf to fully push itself into her tight vagina. Kitsch let out a long and loud howl as the wolf dick penetrated not only her womb, but also because of the knot burrowing itself inside her. Her eyes nearly going cross-eyed as of result.

But that wasn’t the end. Inside of her, she felt the dick throb once, and then twice. And like a damn releasing its floodgates, a torrent of semen splashed against her womb and threatened to fill her up to the brim. Kitsch buried her head into the carpet, ass high into the air as she attempted ride the wave of cum. She felt like she was going to burst, the sheer amount of cum that was unloaded inside of her,completely stained her insides. The knotting ensured that not a single drop would escape. At the same time, the wolf let out a triumphant howl as it released its seed into her. The young loli kitusne however, couldn’t hang on however, and she passed out from sheer pleasure, hanging passed out from her hips, still attached to the wolf as it stood on all fours supporting the passed out kitsune.

Some time later, Kitsch blearily opened her eyes. She don’t know how long she was out for, but she knew that she couldn’t feel her legs. And the dire wolf was gone. She was left in the office, alone. She scoffed and let out a sarcastic smile; she couldn’t believe at what had just transpired. Out of sight, she heard a familiar but annoying Maltese accent.

“Remember that little thing I said about being virile? We made great lengths to ensure that he was. So hopefully, we’ll be seeing you in nine months, little Kitsch.”

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  1. Aside from the beastly which as long as its written well I won’t fuss about ethics and what not. This is a very good story kitsch is very cute and I do feel somewhat envious of that wolf for taming her. But thoughts aside I love this, the opening was attention grabbing the details were crisp and clear and the sex scene was very well done I’ll even say professionally done.

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