For Haohi


“Oh, sorry! Sorry! Did I hurt you?”

“No.” The pink haired angel lied, wincing as the pain slowly ebbed away from where the comb had caught her ear. “It’s fine.”

The stylist cautiously continued on with her work, plying the soft angel’s hair in her hands. Haohi would have been more than content with fixing her own hair, but the organizers of the event were incessant that someone ‘professional’ would be in charge of hair and makeup.

‘Professional my ass.’ The angel mused to herself.

“Anyway, I still can’t believe that you girls are supposed to be going out there like…you know.” The stylist said, making wild gestures with her comb. Haohi tried her best to stay still
lest she catch the wrath of the comb again.

“I mean, I used to work in Vegas attending to showgirls and what not. And even then they didn’t have a costume as skimpy as that one.”

“It’s not a costume, it’s a uniform.” Haohi said defensively, correcting the over-glorified hairdresser.

From the corner of her eye, she could spy the stylist pluck a pair of sliver scissors from her belt. Haohi was suddenly gripped with fear at the thought of possibly losing the tips of her ears, and she held her breath for the inevitable. Nevertheless, she felt no pain but instead the soft, if not slightly itching, sensation of cut hair falling on her nose.

“You can call it what you like, its damn near ridiculous. I swear, I have trouble trying to believe this place is supposed art gallery.” The stylist continued, putting away the scissors and pulling the angels hair back, twisting it around her fingers before pinning it down.

The angel let out a sigh as she mused over her words. But in the end, she did have a point. The only difference between the gallery and some kind of high class porn convention was the fact that they were calling it ‘art’ here. But it was that very distinction that caught Haohi’s attention in the first place.

“Alright and…finished.” The stylist declared happily, holding out a hand mirror before the angel. “How does it look?”

Haohi quickly looked over herself in the mirror. Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, with her side bangs neatly framing her face. Although she wouldn’t admit it to the hairdresser, it seemed as though she did a superb job.

“Its good.” The angel declared in a monotone voice, pulling the bib off around her neck and handing it back to stylist.

“Why thank you…so guess all that’s left for you is wardrobe now.” She said solemnly. “Its two doors down from the left. I think the other girls are already there as well.”

The angel merely turned around and was about to leave when to her surprise, the stylist called out to her.

“Good luck out there…” she said with hopeful enthusiasm.

“Ah, uhm…thanks…I guess.” The angel replied awkwardly, caught off guard by the random well-wishing off the hairdresser as she left the small room and proceeded down the hall.

She had no idea why everyone was so nervous around her. Then again, this was the grand opening of the art gallery. So many things had to be perfect, and apparently, that meant the waiting staff as well. Her job was just that of a waitress, serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres, on a silver platter for the esteemed gusts and patrons tonight.

She had guessed that was one of the reasons why she was hired in the first place; what could be more perfect than an angel? Still, she wished that everyone stopped treating her like some sort of sacrificial lamb. She made her way into the wardrobe room, and true enough most of the other girls were there; two human girls wasting time on their phones, an Anubis and wolf monster girl comparing each other’s tails, a cat monster girl busily readjusting her uniform with little success, a kikimora who looked apathetically at herself in the large standing mirror, and lastly-

“Oh Haohi, you’re finally here.”

Haohi paused for a moment, rolling her eyes before putting on a fake smile and turning to the melodic voice that had greeted her.

“Hello Ceinwen. I almost didn’t see you there.” Haohi replied back with a little too much sarcasm in her voice.

Of course, it would be impossible not to notice the blonde haired angel, her long curly golden hair cascading down her shoulders. There was just something particular about this angel that rubbed Haohi the wrong way. Maybe it her haughty attitude, or just the fact that she was just a bit taller and her wings just a bit larger than her own but primarily, as Haohi could quite easily tell, it was the simple fact that her breasts were much larger than hers. The blonde angel casually sipped from a styrofoam cup, and closed the magazine she was reading before tossing it down on the table she was sitting at.

“Management was beginning to think that you were going to be a no-show. But I let them know you were going to be a little late. I mean, you were late to all the practice meetings as well anyway.” The angel whipped back at her.

Haohi’s eye twitched. There were only two practice meetings, and she was only late by a few minutes. But before she could retort back to the other angel, she suddenly spoke first.

“Anyway, better get dressed. We go on in ten minutes.” Ceinwen finished lamely, before picking up a difference magazine to flip through its pages.

For a split second, she considered finishing off the arrogant angel with her own comeback, but glancing to the clock revealed that it was indeed almost time. She instead huffed and turned around, making sure wings splayed open just a tiny bit to catch a bit of wind and rustle the pages of her magazine.

‘Really? Its the 21st century; who still reads magazines anymore.’ Haohi grumbled to herself as she made her way to the clothing rack.

It was easy enough to find her uniform, as hers was the only one still hanging on the clothing rack. Taking it off the hanger she ripped open the protective plastic cover and pulled the custom fitted uniform out. It was tailored specifically for her, her measurements taken and fitted during one of the practice meeting. The uniform itself was very simple; a set of panty hose, and a modified leotard with a red dyed custom made-tail coat, complete with a high white collar and accompanying red ribbon around the neck. It bore many similarities to a traditional playboy bunny suit, but with few a key differences.

Firstly, the tailcoat was backless, allowing for freedom of movement for her wings, something that she quite liked. Secondly, the bodice that was found on a bunny suit that would normally envelope the wearer’s breasts was nowhere to be found. Indeed, these uniforms defining feature was the fact that its wearer would be topless, their breasts free for everyone to see.

Admittedly when she first heard about the job, she was much more interested in the pay. But the more she asked about the job, and learned was required of her, and what she was required to wear, she had initially dismissed the idea. But the more she thought about it, the more she found herself lying awake in bed at night. Rationally speaking, there was nothing wrong with it was an art show. And even then, she would just be part of the show as well; and its not like she had anything to hide. After all, she had done things worse in the past. Eventually, she found herself caring less and less about the money and more about the actual event itself. The thought about it, with hundreds of people staring, appraising, gaping at her, made her heart flutter, that thrill of exfiltration causing her to shiver with excitement.

She found herself wanting to do this.

She quickly disrobed, slipping off her shoulder-less shirt and unbuttoning her jeans before sliding out of those as well, tossing the balled up pieces of clothing at her station. She stared down at her turquoise colored thong and quickly decided that those had to go as well, as it would be too easy to see through the hosiery. At least angels were naturally hairless and nubile, lest she worry about having to shave. Fully nude, she made quick work sliding her legs into the hosiery and pulling it up her thin but finely toned legs, the sheer fabric clinging to her like a second skin that came up to her stomach. Next came the leotard tail coat. She carefully balanced herself as she stepped into the posh leotard and pulled it up, the crotch of the leotard firmly nestling itself into position. She squirmed a bit as the fabric began to dig between her butt cheeks, fulfilling its intended purpose as she ducked her head and wrapped the collar around the neck before securely buttoning it together and tying it off with the red ribbon. Finished, she reviewed herself at her station mirror, and with some slight pulling and tugging, was mostly satisfied with the results. There stood a topless strawberry-haired angel, in a red tail-coat leotard that showed off her legs and wedged up her butt, her handful sized breasts free for the world to see.

All in all, she was quite pleased with the results. The uniform was fitted exactly for her, and everything was fit and snug, yet she could still move freely, her wings included. Yes, she was quite satisfied; especially since the outfit highlighted the three things Haohi was most proud of her body. The first was her uniquely colored hair, a rare shade even for angels. The second was her luxurious white feathered wings, the pride of any angel. The third was her pink perky nipples that almost matched the color of her own hair; at least she had that over Cienwen. The Anubis was the largest of them all, her California Golden toned breasts easily outclassing them all with her bouncy, at the very least, D class armaments. Cienwen was a close second, her creamy white boobs just beating out Haohi’s own plump, handful sized breasts. The rest of the girls ranged in a variety of different sizes, but the kikimora appeared to be in last place; although her lighter equipment completed well with her shy demeanor. Haohi glanced over herself in the mirror, her breasts heaving with every breath she took. She quickly turned around to examine the back of her uniform as well. Her wings were free of any loose feathers, and preened and groomed nicely. The tails flaps of the leotard covered most of her butt, but the gap in between gave a wide enough window to see the dark red leotard riding up her backside. In all honesty, she seemed to be quite happy with the results. The uniform was designed to make her look sexy but still retain an air of elegance; and it had done just that.

She ran her hands across her body, her fingers transiting from the suppleness of her flesh to the softness of the leotard, smoothing out any wrinkles. The only piece left to the ensemble was the heels. She quietly hoped that her feet could take the amount of walking she would have to do tonight. No sooner had she finished stepping into her heels, another woman burst into the room.

Ms. Natalie, her brown hair in disarray and white blouse drenched with sweat, no doubt the result of frantically running around and trying to coordinate everything, was the manager for this particular event, responsible for coordinating the staff and the waitresses as well. Haohi had only seen her once before, during the last practice meeting where she learned how to balance trays in heels. She got the feeling that she was a very busy woman. She never once looked up from her clipboard as she addressed the girls.

“Alright, everybody gather ‘round. Were already running late, guests are filling up the hall as we speak, and the lead violin in our live music quartet just canceled on us…. Oh Haohi, you’re here, good.” She spoke as-a-matter of factly, again, still not bothering to look up from her clipboard.

The eight waitresses gathered around her, already in uniform, making a half circle around the manager as she explained their duties to them.

“Okay, were going to have to improvise because we have way too many people in here than we thought we were going to have. So, everyone to my right here is on hors d’oeuvre duty, everyone to my left is on champagne. You will each make three passes around the hall.” She said hurriedly, like a drill sergeant addressing a new batch of troops.

Haohi hid the smirk she had as she was lucky enough to be assigned on champagne duty. If she was super lucky, she might even be able to sneak a glass or two if no one was looking.

“If your tray gets empty before you finish, come back here and we will restock you. Champagne girls, same idea; three passes, come back if empty. And for the love of god, keep an eye out for empty glasses and pick them up. I don’t want to see empty glasses out there.” She finished, breathing in deeply, as if her life depended on it. To Haohi’s surprise, she suddenly dropped her clipboard down and looked directly at the girls.

“And remember that this is an art gallery celebrating the natural beauty of the feminine form, so obviously theres a lot of nude art out there.” Ms. Natalie said in a sudden, serious tone.
“With that being said, you can consider yourselves a part of the show as well; if you feel that you aren’t be respected like any other work of art being exhibited here tonight, please inform the security staff and they will respond accordingly. Likewise, I expect the best from you all. And for the love of god, and all that is holy in this world and the next, whatever you do…” she said, holding her breath for dramatic effect.

“…don’t trip.”

Soon after the ‘pep talk’, the waitresses prepared to make their debut. Haohi found herself standing a brightly lit hallway along with the other girls as more of the staff loaded the silver trays that they would carry with a variety of hors d’oeuvres, ranging from the recognizable caviar to even more exotic looking treats. Haohi was surprised to find that all the fancy delicacies were pre-packaged and all the staff had to do was pop open the individual plastic containers and transfer the food over to the trays. The champagne was served in in much the same way, as the staff hurriedly worked to fill the crystalline glasses and carefully place them on the silver tray. Haohi simply smirked, bemused at the ironic frugalness they suddenly exhibited.

“Champagne duty, huh? That’s tough.” A voice behind called out to her from behind.

Haohi could only sigh as the Ceinwen stood next to Haohi, who was nearly eclipsed under the shadow of her much larger wings. The blonde haired angel with Styrofoam cup in hand, sucked the last of its contents dry, and finished with it, carelessly placed it down on the silver tray of champagne Haohi was going to carry.

“I know its just a show out there, but try not to spill anything. If it’s too much for you to handle, there’s no shame in backing out now.” The angel exclaimed, offering her own sage advice to the shorter angel.

Haohi’s ahoge twitched in anger and she turned to face the angel, about to tell the blonde haired bitch to eat a fat dick; something she had a hunch she had experience. Instead, the Styrofoam caught her attention, and a sudden idea popped into her head.

“Are you done with that?” Haohi asked, pointing to the white cup.

She didn’t even wait for a response as she picked up the cup and pulled the plastic top off. Inside were several half-melted ice cubes; just what she was looking for.

“What are you doing?” Ceinwen in an annoyed confused tone as Haohi fished out a partially melted ice cube.

She made sure to pinch the ice tightly between her fingers to ensure it didn’t slip before quickly pressing it down on her nipple. She stifled a gasp, inhaling sharply as she swirled the ice cube around her nipple, instantly causing it to stiffen. She quickly moved the cube over to her other nipple, causing her to shiver as the cube began to melt against her skin. Her pink nipples sufficiently stimulated, she tossed what was left of the ice cube aside and admired the sight of her perky breasts before looking back up to the astonished angel in front of her.

“Being best in show.” She replied back with a snarky grin.

Ceinwen’s mouth still hung open as the sound of applause began to echo down the hall. Ceinwen merely flipped her hair back over shoulder in response and turn around in a huff. That was their cue. The pink haired angel couldn’t help but smile as she bent over and carefully slid the tray off of the table, making sure not to spill the eight champagne glasses that were carefully perched on it. Gingerly, she balanced it on the palm of her right hand, just as she had done so earlier in the practice meetings and raised the tray to shoulder height. The human girl in front had done the same, already in position as one of the other staff members, armed with a walkie-talkie gave the signal for them to enter. One behind the other, the topless waitresses made their way down the hall, each of them passing through the threshold to finally enter the main exhibition hall, for all the world to see. Haohi held her breath as her turn came, a mixture of both excitement and curiosity swirled inside her; she suddenly regretted not wearing any underwear. She hoped her ‘excitement’ wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the bright light of the gallery floor while still keeping a gentle pace. It was vastly different than the last time she was here during the practice meetings, where it was then an empty stark gallery hall. Now the hall seemed to bustle with life and color, with expensive looking people in flashy clothes chatting and smiling to each other, while ‘art’ filled adorned the hall. It was sight to take in for sure. The walls were hung with various pieces of artwork. Some traditionally painted on canvas while others were super enlarged digital prints, life like statues, and some were even more exotic mediums of art; all portrayed the nude female form in some way.

But that wasn’t what interested the topless angel as she began to slowly make her way through the room, balancing the tray on her hand as she began to weave her way through the guests. Her red eyes scanned the reactions of the guests the passed by, eager to see what the reaction would to the waitresses. Haohi could already see a few wide-eyed expressions of some of the guests who turned their heads in her direction, as if they had just seen a mirage. She could hear a growing murmur run through the crowd, their eyes leering at her, hungrily devouring the topless angel. They parted for her, making way for the angel to pass through while allowing the best view of the half nude waitress. All the while, her heart fluttered with an insatiable amount of thrill. This is what she wanted; for people to adore her, to lust for her, but still be beyond their reach. If someone had told her that she was a vain person, Haohi would have had to agree with them. After all, humans once revered even looked up to the angels. Haohi couldn’t help but relish the thought.

‘That’s right. Worship me more.’ The angel thought to herself as she made every effort to show off her allure.

While others turned to stare at her, she saw one man in a burgundy tuxedo with his back turned towards her, oblivious to the near nude angel as he continued to converse with his associates.

How rude it was for them to ignore them to her. She turned and made her way towards them, gingerly traceing her finger along his shoulder blade before tapping his shoulder. The man turned around, his burgundy suit nearly shimmering in the light as his taller frame towered over the angel. Haohi watched his eyes, at first filled with bewilderment, quickly dart from looking at her, down to her exposed chest and then back up again. He wore a silly grin as he tried to compose himself. Haohi merely smiled back, holding back from giggling at such a cute reaction.

“Champagne?” she asked in a flirtatious tone, holding her tray to the side to offer the best view of her breasts to him and his associates.

He raised his eyebrow, a grin on his on his face as he and the others around all started to grab for the glasses. In an instant, her tray was empty. The man in the burgundy suit alternated between looking at Haohi, the champagne, and Haohi’s breasts. Although Haohi would wager that they were more interested in the latter. He raised the glass up to his lips and sipped, savoring the bubbly liquid before raising it up to Haohi in a toast.

“Exquisite” he said in a slightly Maltese accent, smirking all the while.

Haohi could only smile back with a wry grin; she got the feeling he wasn’t talking about the champagne. Her tray now empty, she turned around and headed back to the backroom to stock up on more champagne. She made sure to strut and give a show for them as she left, remembering that even with her tailcoat covering of her rear, it still afforded a more than ample view of her butt. She made extra sure to sway her hips, just to seal the deal. Her heart was racing the entire time, giddy at the fact that she could flaunt and tease so openly. She loved it.

But, as she soon discovered, it wouldn’t last long.

As the initial reveal wore off, she soon found herself doing more work than actual teasing and flaunting, ferrying back and forth between passing out champagne glasses and retrieving empty ones. She should have expected it really. At one point, the pink haired angel nearly dropped her tray at the realization that some of the life like statues scattered throughout the hall were actually live nude models, posed as living statues like street performers. Dragon monster girls and hellhound monster girls, adorned with body point or just nude in general, barely moving stood posed atop raised pedestals. If it wasn’t for the slightly heaving chests or the occasional tail flick, Haohi could have sworn they were made stone. She had to give props to them. Having to stand there completely nude for people to comment about their nude bodies right in front of them would have been too much even for her. But in that regard, on a technical level, she was actually one of the more clothed people in the exhibition hall. Which would explain why people began to lose interest in her; in an art gallery that displayed so much nude art, what difference did one topless angel make? Haohi let out an exasperated sigh as she finished trying to explain to an older, nearly blind foreign guest which way the bathrooms were. It looked like her thrill ride had come to an end; or so it seemed.

“There you are you little rascals!” a slurred voice came from behind her.

With the now empty tray tucked underneath her arm, Haohi spun around to find an obviously inebriated monster girl in a short yellow sequins dress stagger towards her. The dark skinned cheetah monster girl’s was swaying from side to side as she struggled to keep her balance. But somehow she still managed to keep standing, holding the champagne glass she hand in her hand with care; pinky out included.

She suddenly pointed towards Haohi’s boobs and exclaimed quite loudly for everyone near them to hear, “I see the girls are doing lovely today!”

The small group of patrons that were in ear shot quickly turned their heads at the outburst, shocked that someone had dared to say something so brazen, especially in such a high class environment. Instead, Haohi simply puffed out her chest and smiled, her ahoge waving back and forth; a compliment is a compliment after all. The cheetah monster girl’s black tipped ears twitched as she brought up the champagne glass up to her lips only to stop and sigh when she realized that she was out of the bubbly drink. Only then did she finally look up and notice the angel.

“Wait a sec…” the cheetah monster said, the gears in her head struggling to turn through copious amounts of alcohol. “You’re not my Alley…”

Haohi raised an eyebrow, bemused at the drunken guest. “I don’t think I am.” Haohi replied back.

That’s when something massive caught Haohi’s eye, parting through the crowd like a shark’s fin to where they were. It looked like, wings. Pushing her way through the guests, another monster girl, with massive white wings and bird like talons for hands, grasped the cheetah monster girl by the shoulders and cradled her in her arms.

“Nyra! Ian’s been looking everywhere for you! Where did you get that? You’ve already have enough!” The avian monster girl chastised her friend, taking away her champagne glass.

“Look at her tits, Alley! They’re glorious! Those things are just perfect!… I must touch them.” The Cheetah monster girl outstretched her arms and started to make groping gestures with her paws.

The poor avian monster girl immediately put them down and spun her around.

“You’re drunk. Go and find Ian, alright? He’s over by the marble statues. Do you remember where that is? “

The cheetah monster girl simply cocked her head and lazily nodded before the avian monster girl let her go and released her back into the crowd.

“And no more booze!” The winged avian called out once more as the cheetah monster girl disappeared amongst the throngs of people.

It was then that Haohi finally got a good look of the avian monster girl. She wore an elegant nightshade colored dress that seemed to hug her body cup her breasts, exemplifying her figure. The dress was supported by two thin like ribbon straps that met at the middle of her choker connected by a rather large brooch, allowing a full view of her ample cleavage and chest. The leg slit that ran all the way up her right leg showed off a fair portion of her hip and butt if she turned too much; Haohi keenly noticed that her feet weren’t of the talons like regular avian related monster girls, but instead lion-like paws.

“Do you think you should be leaving your friend alone?” The angel asked to what she now realized was a griffon monster girl. The sandy blonde griffon monster girl shook her head and smiled warmly.

“Honestly, I don’t think I could keep up with her.” The griffon admitted, her feathered ears flicking back and forth as she turned towards the angel.

The griffon suddenly turned towards the angel, quickly realizing at what had just happened.

“I’m sorry if she was bothering you!” she blurted out, apologizing for her drunk friend.

Haohi simply waved her hand, “It’s fine really. I’m already used to the attention by now,” she said with a hint of pride in her voice.

The griffon monster girl looked at her quizzically, before her eyes flashed downwards to the angel’s exposed chest.

Nervously, the griffon began to laugh. “Ha, well. I guess I see what you mean.”

Haohi couldn’t help but brag to the griffon, the familiar sense of superiority fueling her actions once more.

“It’s actually pretty fun you know? Making guys break their necks looking back at you, watching them struggle to keep eye contact; its just too cute not to tease them.”
She leaned in and puffed her chest out to the griffon, their wings nearly touching.

“I think you could pull it off too, you know? You’ve got some pretty decent…attributes. Ever consider being a model?” Haohi teased the poor griffon, her face starting to redden, unfamiliar with such forward advances.

“Ah actually…I’ve already done some modeling. But only once though…” The griffon monster smiled weakly, shrinking at the dominating personality of the angel.

Haohi held back a snicker as the griffon bashfully looked away, like a small child getting caught sneaking into the cookie jar.

The pink haired angel patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. If you play your cards right, you might even find yourself ending up on one of these walls someday.”

The sandy blonde haired griffon monster girl quizzically looked up, a perplexed look on her face. Haohi didn’t pay attention to her reaction however, and instead noticed the empty champagne class that was being held in the griffon’s nubbed talon hand.

“Oh here, let me take that from you.” Haohi said, plucking the glass out of the griffon’s hand. “I should probably get back to work as well, actually.” She admitted, remembering her duties.

No doubt she would get into trouble if anyone saw her conversing with a guest.

The griffon only nodded and waved off the angel as she disappeared back into the crowd to continue her route. Haohi smiled to herself at the conversation. ‘Cute girl’ she thought to herself as she weaved her way through the guests and patrons. It had made her night just a tad bit more enjoyable; at least for a little while.

As Haohi prepared to place the empty glass on her tray, she glimpsed a patch of gray through the sea of people. The angel froze. For a moment she didn’t believe her eyes, but as she callously pushed another guest out of the way and got a good glimpse of who was here at the exhibition, her eyes went wide shock.

“Unholy shit…” she muttered to herself as she began to push her way through the crowd.

She shoved the under her arm and carried the empty glass between her fingers, tucking her wings in to lower her profile as she squeezed between guests. She didn’t care if her breasts rubbed across their backs and guests. With a final squeeze, she finally arrived at the one person she didn’t want to see here. He wore a solid black tuxedo, offset by a red pocket square. His tall frame was easy to spot in the crowd, and he looked even more menacing as he stared upwards at the gallery wall. The man wore the suit well, contouring to his body and enhancing his build. She knew the suit very well in fact; she had taken it off of him multiple times before.

It was her husband.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she fumed, trying to control her anger at Akai.

Akai, who had been looking up at a piece of art with his hands in his pockets, lazily turned his head towards her. She watched his black colored eyes shift from looking at her before settling on her breasts.

“Nice to see you working hard,” He said sarcastically to her.

Her eyebrow twitched as she struggled to maintain her composure. She balled her fist, her fingernails digging into her palms.

“I am working. And I thought I told you not to come here!” she seethed.

Akai turned towards her, undaunted by her frustration.

“I think I recall a certain someone saying ‘its not a porn exhibition’,” He began by stroking his chin, “At yet here I find my wife, standing topless for the whole world to see, in a building filled with naked women and perverts.”

The hint of ire in his voice, as if he was accusing her of some crime, was more than enough for Haohi to handle. Like a well-trained fighter, her balled fist quickly stuck out in a jab that landed squarely against his sternum with a loud thud. Akai reeled back, clutching his chest with his hands in pain and at the sudden strike. Haohi took the initiative to swing her arm low and bring it in between his legs, firmly grasping his balls in her hand and bringing him in close to her. Akai winced and grabbed her wrist, hunching over to try and free himself from her grip but only gasped in pain as she began to apply pressure.

“That’s the last thing I want to hear from you after that alley incident. And if you think you can honestly…”

Haohi paused, her expression frozen as she slowly came to a realization of a familiar feeling she had often held in her hands before.

“Do you…have a boner right now?” she asked in accusing voice.

She could visibly see a flash of fear in his eyes as she hit the nail on the head.

“N-no! Of course not!”

She squeezed tighter on the orbs she held in the palm of her hands. His body began to writhe and fidget as other guests began to look on at the strange sight.

“Argh! A-And even if it was, its not my fault! There’s tons of naked girls here!” he said trying to plead with her.

But Haohi knew him better than that. And even then, the angel vainly believed, the only person that was allowed to get him aroused was herself. Akai, although a thick-headed moron at times by Haohi’s standards, was also unquestionably loyal to her, and few things actually set him off. He did have an infatuation towards one certain type of girl.

An image of Ceinwen popped into her head.

“Did you like that blonde bitch so much?” the angel demanded to know.

Was Ceinwen so much of a conniving slut that she’d make a move on her own husband? She wouldn’t have put it past her. All she had done ever since they had met was to try and one up her. Even if it was by coincidence, involving her husband was one step too far.

“Wha- no! Of course not! ” He replied back with sweat beginning to bead on his forehead.

Haohi began to slowly twist her hand little by little. Akai began to make a variety of faces as he struggled to remain standing.

“Ack! Okay! Okay! She’s attractive, but you can’t blame me for that! She’s got her pictures up all over the place here! I’m a guy, I can’t help it!”

Haohi released him from her grip, unsure of how to process what he had just said. Akai hunched over, his hands flying to his jewels to triage the damage.

“I-I think one of them popped…” Akai whimpered.

Haohi tried to process the information. Ceinwen wasn’t a part of the exhibition, nor to Haohi’s knowledge, did any of the staff have their pictures up. It was then that Haohi finally noticed what Akai had been looking up at before she found him. It was a passive printing of a nude griffon monster girl, her ass sticking out as she leaned against the glass of some sky scraper looking out against the city, her wings extended to their fullest with the orange light of the evening sun peeking at the edges of her feathers. The sandy blonde haired griffon had a seductive smile on her lips as she looked back at the camera. Haohi turned around and began to scan the various walls of the gallery. Every so often, she saw that very same griffon showed up again, her naked body adorning the walls like rich tapestry.

The topless angel’s mouth hung open at the realization that the timid griffon she spoke to just minutes before was actually one of the starts of the exhibition.
The next thing Akai knew, he felt a hand grab the collar of his tuxedo and begin to drag him away. His shoes slid across the polished floor as bewildered guests looked on. Haohi ignored them as she led her husband into one of the service hallways away from the main floor of the exhibition, the lights were turned off to discourage any trespassers. With a heave, she threw her husband against the wall. Akai raised his arms in self-defense, in prepare for the oncoming blows. Instead he felt a gentle hand begin to undo his belt buckle and pants. He put his arms down to find Haohi with a much softer expression.

“What are you doing?” he asked confused.

The angel paused for a moment before answering him, “Checking to see if I hurt you.”

Her hand dove into his pants and down into his underwear, where she gently began to cup his balls in his hand, her other hand still carrying the tray and wineglass beneath her arm, leaving Akai to gasp and straighten up at the sensation.

“They’re still there.” Haohi confirmed.

Her hand gently massaged his orbs before she trailed her fingers up and took ahold of his shaft. Akai took a deep breath as Haohi’s delicate fingers began to work.

“Do you feel that?” she leaned into him. “This belongs to me, and only me, understand?”

“So that means I can only get hard-ons for you, but you’re allowed to show off your tits?” Akai scoffed at her.

He winced in pleasure as Haohi lightly squeezed his dick in her hands. “Absolutely,” She said with hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

Haohi’s hand began to slowly work his shaft, letting it slide up and down her hand in his pants. Although far from secluded, Haohi used her body and the silver tray to try and block any curious on lookers as she began to pump him. She stepped in close to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Akai didn’t refuse the suddenly kind gesture, his head looking down both ends of the hallway before tugging down the front of his pants to allow his phallus to pop free. If anyone were to look down the hallway and spot the two, one would assume that it was just a staff member helping a drunk patron. When in reality, it was a very lewd topless angel giving her husband a hand job in the middle of a high-end social event. Akai’s head hung and his mouth parted as the angel continued to work him. She alternated between fast furious pumps and slowly twisting her hand and trialing her finger tips at the head of his dick.

“Holy shit….” Akai whispered in a shallow breath.

The pink haired angel grinned to herself at his reaction. She loved it when he was at her whim. She loved the thrill of being in control, of watching him squirm underneath her touch. It was one of the many reasons why she married him. Suddenly, there was a loud microphone feedback screech, interrupting their impromptu session. For a moment, the two felt as though they were caught. Echoing from the front of the exhibition hall was the voice of Ms. Natalie, making an thanking the exhibitors for and guests for coming out today; the closing ceremonies.

‘Perfect.’ Haohi thought to herself as another idea popped into her lewd head.

“What are you doing?” Akai asked as the silver tray was suddenly thrusted under his arm and Haohi got onto her knees in front of him. “Where gonna get caught.” Her warned her.

“Everyone’s going to looking away from here, which means I can finally do this.” She said with a cat like grin as she cupped her breasts together and firmly planted it between his erect shaft. He jumped at the sudden softness, hunching over once more as Haohi began to wiggle her c-sized beasts against his dick. She wasn’t the best at giving tit jobs, she admitted, but in this kind of outfit she just couldn’t help and try it out. It was a lot more laborious in her position, but soon Akai began to thrust himself between her cleavage. She looked up at her husband and watched his cute reaction as she rubbed her beasts up and down his shaft. Looking down at her chest, she could see his head bobbing in and out between her boobs, a hint of silvery liquid at the very tip. She stuck her tongue out and licked it, causing his hips to buck.

“Oh shit-close” he warned.

Haohi, thinking quickly, quickly reached down and picked up the champagne glass she held earlier.

“Here, use this.”

“What? Are you serious?” Akai asked jokingly and out of breath while the angel began to stroke him furiously with her hand.

“You can’t cum on me because I have to return the uniform, and I’m not letting you cum on the floor.” She warned to him.

She held the glass up to the tip of his dick, and with a few playful tugs and squeezes, Akai came, spurting out thick ropey strands of cum that filled the bottom of the glass. Haohi could visibly see his balls quake and shiver as they unloaded their contents. When he finished, Haohi tipped the glass to wipe the tip of his dick clean, leaving a crystal champage glass that was filled with almost an inch of cum. Haohi stood up and looked on in amazement at the silvery, translucent liquid. Akai began to redo his pants and make himself proper when he saw the pink haired angel looking at the glass filled with his cum, mesmerized.

“You could have just let me cum in your mouth.” Akai chastised.
Haohi looked back at him with a mild hint of annoyance before looking back at the glass. Before he could react, she suddenly tilted the glass up towards her mouth and drank the still hot liquid, the contents pouring into her mouth. To her surprise, it took two gulps to swallow everything. ‘Theres a hint of champagne’ she thought to herself. She let out a satisfying sigh as she finished the contents .

“That’d be a waste of a good champagne glass.” She said happily, finally able to sneak that glass of champagne of the sweetest nectar.

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3 thoughts on “For Haohi

  1. This story is just fantastic I love the whole thing , from Haohi’s arrogant if not bitchy personality to her physically traits that sweet strawberry hair on an angel with curls is just I humping beautiful. She won me over in personality I adore cute yet domineering mamono and Haohi fits the bill quite nicely.
    I love Cewien even if she is the scorn of Haohi’s eyes. she is so beautiful with those imposing wings, I am smitten and yearn to see a picture of her someday. her beauty won me over.

  2. Liked the story.

    Girls punishing and/or abusing their guy mildly and than proceeding to lovingly ‘make it up to him’ is so my fetish, and this short story hits that hurt/comfort zone flawlessly.

    Could use a femdom tag. And maybe hurt/comfort, cbt and exhibitionism too.

  3. Probably needs a femdom tag. What with the overreactive punching , almost breaking his balls, and the one-sided possessiveness and whatnot.

    “Akai, although a thick-headed moron at times by Haohi’s standards, was also unquestionably loyal to her, and few things actually set him off.”
    Then what was the alley incident that Haohi was pissed off about earlier, when Akai was upset over her not-quite-infidelity?

    Although I can’t believe that she expected him not to at least see what the deal was. Telling someone not to go someplace is pretty much a dead giveaway that something’s happening there that they wouldn’t like.

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